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tv   The Evening Edit  FOX Business  February 5, 2020 6:00pm-7:00pm EST

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inequality. in addition to the environmental stuff. she is claiming that people shouldn't be able to have the privileges that she is using. >> that's right. my point was that liberals are willing for other people to lose their jobs but not their own jobs. david: last word. we'll see you next time. liz: okay. we'll begin with the breaking news. more information coming in about the senate's acquittal of the president on both impeachment charges. let's get right to edward lawrence in washington with more. edward? reporter: articles of impeachment came down party lines at the end, largely along party lines. article i, one defection. senator mitt romney. vice president mike pence within the last 30 minutes or so addressed this. listen to his comments. >> just a little while ago the united states senate voted to acquit president donald trump of both articles of impeachment. [cheering] reporter: you hear the reaction of the crowd there. as i said came down almost
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mostly on party lines. article i, senator mitt romney, abuse of power voted guilty on president trump saying he had to do that because the president denied his oath of office, went against his oath of office. the senator knows this may put him on an island with other republicans. other republicans calling this is a show. this is not protecting the presidency. this is about hatred for the president. senator lindsey graham says the exoneration will come during the next election when trump is reelected. listen. >> if you think you've done the country a good service by legitimatizing this impeachment process what you have done is unleash the partisan forces of hell. this is sour gripes. this is not about protecting the country. this is about destroying the president. reporter: senate majority leader mitch mcconnell says this is now in the rear view mirror. democrats not letting it go. representative jerry nadler
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hinting today he may subpoena john bolton in front of his hoist committee to see what he has to say. the president's lawyer jay sekulow within the last 45 minutes saying this is a victory for the constitution. the president himself says he will address the nation tomorrow about this at about noon eastern time. liz: edward. thank you so much for your reporting. we know that house minority leader kevin mccarthy is really blasting nancy pelosi on the floor of the house. edward, we don't expect you to be a constitutional expert on this but there is also talk that kevin mccarthy is saying quote, he wants to get this off the books, maybe a push by the republicans to expunge, wipe the slate clean of impeachment. we know andrew jackson, his censure was expunged. i don't want to get all wonky in 1837. maybe we'll see that next. >> that is something we've heard grumblings about. what happens next is the elections. if the house flips, which under president bill clinton when the
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republicans impeached him the house in the next election ended up flipping from republican to democrat. if the house flips you may see a stronger push on that front to try to nullify the impeachment. there are grumblings related to that. at the moment house minority leader as you said really going after the house speaker for this impeachment. liz: we'll stay on development there. edward lawrence, thanks so much for joining with us your reporting. bringing you up to speed, history unfolding after three years of trying to get rid of the president, impeachment comes to an end. this is the way polls indicated the american people want it. another victory for the president after the president took an 80-minute victory lap last night in the state of the union address. saying quote the america's enemies are on the run. america's fortunes are on the rise, america's future is blazing bright. look who is here, house member debbie lesko from the house
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team. >> we knew it would be all along but its not over until its over. it was a sham impeachment. it was totally unfair process. didn't give any due process to the president in the house of representatives but the democrats just kept going on. they kept wanting to get rid of him, influence the 2020 election. thank goodness the senate overwhelmingly acquitted him. liz: congresswoman, i like your reaction to this. democrats have been criticized for their rhetoric. nancy pelosi breaking news, going after the senate for quote, normalizing lawlessness. watch the rhetoric here. watch adam schiff. >> trump could offer alaska to the russians in exchange for support in the next election or decide to move to mar-a-lago permanently and let jared kushner run the country, delegating him the decision whether to go to war. because those things are not necessarily criminal, this argument would allow that he
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could not be impeached for such abuses of power. of course this would be absurd. more than absurd, it would be dangerous. liz: that was in response to alan dershowitz his line of argument. the head of the national republican congressional committee blasted the democrats saying this should finally slam the door on the quote, sick obsession these socialist democrats have with harassing the president and his family. nancy pelosi needs to learn some self-control by suppressing her hatred of the president so she can get things done for the american people. your reaction to that? >> i agree. we saw it last night after the state of the union, president trump was wrapping up the final comments, talking about god and country. and nancy pelosi stands up there dramatically rips up his speech. it was just unconscionable. i can't even describe it. it was so classless. you know, this just shows how angry they are, how, they don't want to work with us at all to get anything done. they just so hate president
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trump that they're willing to say anything, do anything. when you see adam schiff constantly making up these stories and hypotheticals that are even anywhere close to the truth, i hope the american people see this for what it is. it is a total political hit job. they hate the president. they're trying to take him out. they're trying to gain power in the senate, keep it in the house, gain the presidency. they're going to fail. i mean, the, iowa caucus that thing was a tote disaster. they can't seem to get anything right. liz: congressman, there is indication, news breaking now, adam schiff is still not say, not decided whether to continue to try to bring in john bolton. we know jerry nadler saying we'll go back to the grand jury, get mueller probe documents, do another round of impeachment. we heard the legal analysis
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digging down why exactly the senate acquitted. you have to dig into why. here is susan collins. i don't believe the house met its burden showed the president's conduct, however flawed showed a step for removal. we should entrust people of the united states to do that in the vote. the president's call was improper, poor judgment. there is conflicting evidence about his motivations. in other words all of the argument we've been hearing for days on end now never rose to the level of removing a president, that is at issue, right, that is the standard. >> that is exactly right, the house had the burden of proof to prove beyond a reasonable doubt that president trump commit ad impeachable offense. they didn't. they didn't even come close to proving that. they admitted that they don't have a statutory crime that he ever did. none of their witnesses, democrat witnesses, remember, republicans were not given their own witnesses. none of them was able to point
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to impeachable crime or offense the president did. in absence of knowing that they totally failed, they're not giving up. as you have heard chairman nadler wants to keep going. they want to keep going. this is nonsense. it is insanity. liz: do you think it backfired on nancy pelosi and the democrats? she said no to impeachment in the spring. the president's approval rating under gallup at personal best at 49%. your reaction? >> it is totally backfiring and the american people are sick of this. all they see is the bickering back and forth. nancy pelosi, the speaker of the house, i mean that is an important position. she is acting like a kid ripping up stuff? while the president is finishing up his speech, talking about god and country? what in the world is going on getting things done. liz: sorry to jump in. breaking news. a new republican red solution to
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condemn nancy pelosi for ripping up the president's speech. would you vote for that? >> most definitely i would. and if it is the one i know about, i got a copy on the floor today, it is well-written. i certainly support it. liz: on what ground, on what ground, what else is in the resolution. >> it is just condemning the action. i don't have the exact words right in front of me but condemning the action because it is really juvenile and beneath the dignity of the u.s. house of representatives. i feel like we're back in kindergarten or something. this is getting ridiculous. liz: also an official document. debbie less co, thank you very much. >> thank you. liz: congresswoman debbie lesko. how the president turned this moment into a high point of his presidency. democrats believed this would be the president's crash and burn moment. we have the warning signs and wake up calls democrats didn't listen to.
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liz: dow trading at new record highs. payroll data best in five years. 44 year economic highs optimism. best approval ratings for the republican party since 2005. reaction is pouring in to the president's state of the union address, what he said about the economy and the blue-collar boom. let's get the update from grady trimble. reporter: liz, unemployment during president trump's first three years in office is lower than any of the five previous presidents. i want to show you the numbers for comparison. as you know president trump took some swipes at president obama in his speech last night. trump said the economy benefited because he reversed some of his predecessors policies. for context though as you look at these numbers, it is important to remember obama took over in the middle of the recession. in terms of that blue-collar boom we've been talking about, the number of manufacturing factories has risen under trump after falling for are years. you can see they were down 16%
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under george w. bush and barack obama. those factories in turn have led to more manufacturing jobs. president trump has added nearly 600,000 during his presidency. much more than obama three years in who later said those kinds of jobs are just not going to come back. the president also made the claim everyday workers have seen returns on their 401(k)s between 60 and 100%. it is hard to say whether those blue-collar workers have 401(k)s. you can certainly see that the stock market has reached new records under president trump. liz? liz: grady trimble thank you so much. great to see you. next up it has been a rough week for democrats. major failure in the iowa caucus. votes there being tabulated almost two days after the vote was taken. impeachment ending in acquittal after a three-year push by democrats. nine articles and 10 resolutions in an attempt to out of the president. folks are asking who is dividing this country?
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what will swing the undecided voters? bring in my next guest, former california republican gubernatorial candidate. he is john cox. >> great to be with you. liz: your reaction to all of this. >> i think the people are reacting to the good economy. the president was right to talk about the great gains. he is a businessman. he focuses on results. let's face it, we did certainly recover from the great recession but the economy was stagnant when he took office. there was a big boot with taxes and regulations that have been wildly increased by barack obama this president reduced taxes, reduced regulations. what that meant, businesses like mind, liz, my business is doing pretty well, i will be honest with you. i'm able to pay my people more money. they're able to save more. afford more vacations. they can do more. that is what people want to have.
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that is what the president delivered. i think that will reassure his re-election in november. liz: reaction pouring in. social media tearing into nancy pelosi for ripping up the president's speech that applauded military heroes, comeback stories, single moms, children and crime victims and parents of a syrian aid worker tortured and killed by isis. breaking news, your reaction the republicans pushing on a resolution condemning nancy pelosi for doing that? your reaction? >> the people of this country elect their leadership to get things done. not necessarily to fight with each other and bicker and do hand movements and tear up speeches and do all these things make it look like they're not working together. we need to get things done. we need a infrastructure bill. we need a solution for immigration and better border security. we need better education. i am so glad this president talked about giving parents
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school choice. it is criminal that so many kids are not getting preparation for business and a future they deserve. we'll fall behind other countries. i think it is gray it the president talked about that. liz: news coming in, cnn, anchors, reporters were not invited to the president's state of the union white house lunch nbc, abc, cbs was invited. reaction which one of these takes analysis about to come in, which one will bring in the swing voters? cbs john dickerson, if the country hears bickering and unhappiness. its challenge for democrats. tearing up papers not one of their strengths of the listen to this. >> nancy pelosi tearing up the speech, i could argue that that maybe wasn't the best idea. >> of all the democratic responses i have seen in my lifetime, that was the most effect. liz: claire mccaskill was saying that. that was her reaction. what do you think? >> well i think that people are
6:19 pm
disgusted with ault shenanigans and all the political bickering and fighting. they want leaders working together to solve problems. i've seen some tape of people calling in to shows who are lifelong democrats, who are saying they're just not going to vote for a party that wants to foment a lot of fighting and isn't really getting things done. people want to live a good life. they want affordable health care. they want to have an affordable house. they don't want the backbiting and fighting that goes on. it is notable by the way, that my opponents in california, mr. newsom spent last night sitting there tweeting insult after insult at the president. he is not governing this state. he is making the state unaffordable and unliveable for people. i think people are going to get sick and tired of that. they want something done. they want to have a good life. liz: many took to twitter saying, pelosi, quote, got played. that she is heralded as a master
6:20 pm
strategist but the gop could run videos of this all the way to the november, november victory. we know don't if that will happen. we're not prognosticators here. my question to you is, you have a pretty good pulse what is happening, what the voters think, what the swing voters and undecideds are thinking. what are you hearing in your state? >> oy, in my state especially, people want better services. they want affordable health care. they want affordable housing. they want water, roads. they want a better school system. again, they want security. it was great that the president talked about the border being secured. he talked about the border patrol being, given resources and support they need and you saw nancy pelosi sitting on her hands as they're talking about these important issues of education, security, affordable health care, and that just puts a huge contrast between the efforts the president is making to deliver these things for the
6:21 pm
people and her, just wanting to fight with the president and get an electoral advantage. i think people will see that difference and will vote on it based on their ideas on how they will deliver those important services. liz: john cox, great to see you. love having you on. >> great to be with you, thanks. liz: coming up, we have the warning signs and wake up calls that democrats missed. if you've been watching us, we started reporting this two years ago. you can't win the white house via impeachment. more on this debate. is the undecided voter focused on policies that help families to improve the country? the debate and analysis coming up. liberty mutual customizes your car insurance so you only pay for what you need. only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty. ♪
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new cases. that number coming in, 27,000 cases worldwide. breaking news, those are new numbers. it is now spread to 28 other countries. now a dozen cases in the u.s. are official that we know about. the cdc just confirmed a coronavirus in wisconsin along with other cases in washington state, california, arizona, illinois and massachusetts. now infectious disease specialists now warn that it may be more contagious than the data is showing. more contageous than the seasonal flu. experts fear a rapid acceleration of cases that china may be underreporting cases by listing pneumonia as the cause instead of coronavirus. taiwan news, breaking news there, they reported tencent, that is a chinese tech giant that runs social media there, briefly listed more than 150,000 cases and nearly 25,000 deaths in china. so we're staying on this story.
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oil prices boomeranging up and down. saudi arabia and russia talking about new production cuts of up to one million barrels a day to make up for a potential prolonged drop in chinese demand. we'll again keep you updated on any further development. back to the warning signs and wake up calls that the democrats missed. if you've been watching "the evening edit" we started reporting two years ago you cannot win the white house via impeachment. we also reported a plunge for viewer ratings for democrat debates could be a signal of poor voter turnout for the democrats. we also reported that "the cook political report" had forecasted no front-runner until super tuesday. it is a race in chaos. it is all happening now. the five-alarm fire in the democratic party has begun. that is what the media is saying. welcome my next guest, "wall street journal" editorial page writer jillian melcher. great to see you. your reaction to everything you just heard? >> it is up in the air which candidate will pull forward but
6:28 pm
what a fiasco in iowa and i think it is kind of shocking we still don't have the full data there. this is the democrats who want to take over our health system, who want to remake energy, they can't even pull off a iowa caucus? that is pretty embarrassing in my opinion. it does a disservice to the democratic candidates, with the exception of bernie sanders who will come out of this claiming both victory and underdog status. expect him to politically game this. liz: "the washington post" report this is, around the country democrats found themselves engulfed, battle by circumstances gulfing their party. we have a lot of media reaction what is going on. show the full screens if we can. we have also this, cnn john king, trump is at the strongest political place of his presidency. msnbc's chris matthews said i think regular people will like the president's address last night. barbara boxer stunned at what is going on. barney frank, joe trippe.
6:29 pm
james carl develop, on and on. the dems raising the alarm this is a real issue, a crisis of legitimacy for the democrat party. >> i think there is a real concern in that camp that they overplayed their hands. we found impeachment really broke down along partisan lines. he didn't see a lot of republicans coming over. you didn't see american public who want trump impeached stayed in the camp. people who thought it was bogus investigation pretty much stuck to their positions. there is risk of democrats overplaying their hand with the progressive agenda. there is a real question whether anyone can win the primary can also win more moderate voters, independents, the general electorate. they're veering so far left it is putting their odds at risk of winning the general election. liz: does senator marco rubio are tired of talking heads
6:30 pm
treating politics as a political game? like glitzy contact sport, politicization of everything in their lives, sports, hollywood, pop music. americans are tired of that. they want kitchen table policies. they're worried about the coronavirus. >> we saw high theatrics with the hand sheikh and ripping up the speech. culture war battles on twitter. more americans are concerned with is my family doing better than before? it was right decision for trump in the state of the union to focus heavily on the economy, tax reform, and deregulations delivered for the american people. if he can stay focused on that he will have a lot more easy of a time winning more moderate voters frightened by what the democratic wing of party, progressive wing of the democratic party. liz: as we're reporting it is about turnout. we reported on our show the democrat debates, the plunge, 2/3 drop in viewer ratings could portend poor turnout.
6:31 pm
we thought bernie sanders grassroots machine would bring out iowa caucus there. what happened? >> that is certainly where the energy on the democratic party is. liz: turnout was worse than in 2018? >> i do think you see that reflected in donations, in some of those, more grass roots volunteers around the campaign. is it going to be enough. liz: buttigieg is so far leading. we don't have the final. >> heed that a good ground game. many ways is similar to bernie how he is organized. the democratic party has a problem what will win in the general election won't win in the primary. energy is on the far left now. it will not be that way once they finally settle -- liz: really important base. it is bellwether. african-american voter. they correctly selected the presidential winner four out of last seven times since 1992. van jones is saying watch out democrats, the president threw a lifeline to black colleges in his address last night. he talked about criminal justice reform. opportunity zones. will that make up for all the
6:32 pm
attacks on the president for negatives, perceived as racist remarks about blank hole nations and like? >> trump administration is making a play for black democrats. that is interesting dynamic. you see even here in new york, with housing and urban development, going after the black vote. trump administration saying we'll fix that. is that enough to skew them towards republicans? i'm not sure. you look for on the margin. liz: jillian melchior, thanks so much. great to see you. great analysis there. ahead, this is what dnc and democratic establishment is dealing with now. they say they don't want the ballot box poison in their party. they don't want socialism. a big voting bloc, fled socialism overseas. they don't want it either. democrats slammed the president's socialist push last night. more on this hot debate next. ♪.
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♪ liz: here is the dilemma for democrats, can the dnc, democrat establishment stop ballot box poison in their party? socialism. >> party leaders, they say they don't want it. a poll shows a big voting bloc, hispanic voters some who fled socialist regimes overseas don't want it either. president slammed democratic socialist push last night. here is democratic strategist james carville going on a tear about it on msnbc. watch this. >> i'm 75 years old. why am i hear doing this? because i'm scared to death. that's why. we got to decide what we want to be. do we want a idealogical cult or majoritarian instinct to be a majority party? liz: kayleigh mcenany, trump 2020 press secretary. are you hearing that the democrat party establishment will stand up to say once and for all, bernie sanders, aoc,
6:38 pm
you're done, no mas, no more? >> i'm certainly hearing their internal efforts in the background to rig the election. in fact there was a "politico" report indicating the dn talked about changing rules, superdelegates infamous stole it from bernie in 2016. took them off the first ballot. put them on the second ballot. only a brokered convention individuals not representative of the party vote get to cast a ballot for the nominee. there are rumors now, that reporting actually in "politico" they're talking about bringing them back on the first ballot, which would doom bernie sanders. liz: interesting. >> that is definitely happening. michael bloomberg told "axios" that bernie sanders ideas are so far to the left they're not practical. joe biden is saying sanders would taint all democrats, all democrats as socialist. >> if senator sanders is the nominee for the party, every democrat in the america, up and
6:39 pm
down the ballot, blue states, red states, purple states, easy districts, competitive ones, every democrat will have to carry the label senator sanders chose for himself, chosen for himself. he calls him, i don't criticize him. he calls himself a democratic socialist. liz: kelly, here is analysis. we know that voters are saying they don't think the economy is fair. they want the government step up. we heard iowa results from the polls. they want the government step up to six things. college tuition, president barack obama, stepped in there, didn't fix underlying problem, tuition costs exploded. president trump said job training, 42 different programs, billions of dollars in cost. uneffective says the gao. your response to the idea that the government should fix inequityies?
6:40 pm
when they're enabled, deregulate, lower taxes, fixes the problems, point being, trump administration problems put in place. last need he said, he laid out the facts and statistics bottom half the income spectrum is gaining in their paychecks more percentage wise than the top 1%. so the economy stablizes. we get to a place of equality, equal opportunity when we enable the market to work as it should. we enable the american dream. liz: no government can follow everything happening in an economy. that is not, that shouldn't be the job. we pay the government to, for security and other things. i want to get to the president. slammed democrats socialist bush for venezuela collapse an communist dictator and government take over of health care. watch this. >> maduro is an illegitimate ruler. a tyrant who brutalizes his people but maduro's grip on
6:41 pm
tyranny will be smashed and broken. please take this message back, that all americans are united with the venezuelan people in their righteous struggle for freedom. socialism destroys nations but always remember freedom unifies the soul. 132 lawmakers in this room have endorsed legislation to impose a socialist take over of our health care system. wiping out the private health insurance plans of 180 million very happy, americans. to those watching at home tonight i want you to know, we will never let socialism destroy american health care. liz: venezuela, you know this, interim leader juan guaido was at the state of the union. he stood up. got a round of applause. breaking news coming in, nancy pelosi scheduled a photo-opportunity with juan guaido tomorrow. your reaction to that? >> yeah, she should talk to members of her caucus who are
6:42 pm
not on board with the kind of freedom that president trump was describing because all of her candidates in the 2020 field would take us to a place of socialist health care policy, biden's public option or bernie's elimination of employer provided insurance. if she loves freedom and juan guaido on principle that anna mate the american dream perhaps she should talk to the 2020 democrats to share that news. liz: you're right. good point. aoc supported the communist dictator of venezuela. bernie sanders has. this is a thriving economy, once greatest in the world. took a generation to wipe out, put an end to communism and socialism. your reaction to this trend. we've been here before and this desire to have a ref nation nary change. there is always push for change. we saw that 1932 with fdr. republicans with barry goldwater in 1964. george mcgovern in 1972.
6:43 pm
now we see it with bernie sanders and the socialists. your reaction to this movement. >> president trump is the change. evidenced by the fact that the "gallup poll" came out, literally satisfaction on basically every issue, economy and paychecks and strength on the world stage, it is at highs. 60 to 80% on many issues. president trump is the change. bernie sanders wants to take us the way of venezuela, implement a failed system that has failed everywhere it has been tried, socialism. that is not the kind of change that america wants right now, i can assure you. liz: kayleigh mcenany, great to see you. come back soon. >> thank you. liz: next up the big hot moment in the president's state of the union address last night, one of them, when the president blasted sanctuary cities he got booed. he talked about states like california citing a notably brutal case in california. nancy pelosi, she is from the the gold state. she wasn't having it.
6:44 pm
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lou? >> liz, thank you very much and it is acquittal day, hallelujah. celebration underway all across the country and joining to us night the president's personal attorney, rudy giuliani. the president's vindicated exonerated by the senate against charges that never should have been brought. former reagan white house political director ed rollins joins to us take that up and trump legal team member, congressman jim jordan on the epic failure of the radical dems. rino mitt romney joining up. we'll have the latest on coronavirus with fox news medical correspondent dr. marc siegel. the latest on china with expert jonathan ward at the top of the hour, liz. that is all i have got to say for right now. liz: lou, thank you so much. sad news out of hollywood tonight, hollywood legend kirk douglas passed away. the oscar-winning actor 10 years old. he was one -- 103 years old. he was one of last surviving
6:49 pm
stars of golden age hollywood, starting in hits like "spartacus". kirk drug last -- kirk douglas passed away. president blaming sanctuary city and state policies responsible for preying on the public. passing legislation that victims of crimes by illegal aliens would let them sue the cities and states as angel family members wiped tears in the gallery. nancy pelosi and democrats not having of this, brandon. your reaction? >> i think the vote for sanctuary cities is vote against the american public. you have to stand with the citizens ever the united states, we will protect them first and foremost, then we'll look and look at all the legal immigration avenues that we can bring people to the united states legally. but to stand up and say that
6:50 pm
we're going to protect illegal aliens over our own citizens is horrendous an flat-out wrong. president trump has it right. liz: criminal illegal aliens. >> absolutely. criminal illegal aliens all illegal aliens here in the united states should be subject to our justice system especially the criminal illegal aliens but for these sanctuary citizens to harbor, protect these individuals, you're going against the american public who you were sworn to protect. liz: understood. the president last night cite ad notable murder spree two years ago in california. california released, the community there, an illegal alien with five prior arrests including robbery and assault. he went on a gruesome spree. he shot to death 52-year-old rocky jones. rocky's brother was in the gallery last night. he went on to shoot and wound two other people. he hijacked a car. he led cops on a high-speed chase. he decided when he crashed.
6:51 pm
jody jones was in the gallery last night. i wanted your take on the president slamming sanctuary state of california. watch this. >> the state of california passed an outrageous law declaring their whole state to be a sanctuary for criminal illegal immigrants. a very terrible sanctuary with catastrophic results. liz: so you know, the point this hurts also, in other words, criminal illegal aliens often prey upon immigrant communities. you're reaction to nancy pelosi not having that? >> you're absolutely correct. as somebody who puts on a uniform and goes out to patrol the border and tries to protect the american public, it is policies like this absolutely boils my blood. it is policies like this makes the law enforcement community stand up to get behind president trump because they know his only agenda is to protect them, to protect the people that we're
6:52 pm
supposed to be protecting. when nancy pelosi goes against her own constituency and nobody does anything about it, we have to ask, this is all about politics. we have to say this is absolutely wrong. liz: let me clarify. nancy pelosi was not having the president's remarks last night, not in reference to what i said about criminal illegal aliens preying upon immigrant communities. brandon judd, thanks very much for coming in. appreciate it. >> thank you. liz: we had other news today. the head of the fbi faced heavy fire today at a house judiciary hearing. lawmakers not believing him when he said the fbi has cleaned up its act in the scandal over fbi alleged spying abuses on the trump campaign. the details next. ♪. i'm your mother in law.
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>> mr. durham is looking specifically at the origination of the investigation. we have been cooperating fully with that investigation. and investigation of the sort at issue in the crossfire hurricane context would have to get approved both by the director and by the attorney general. liz: this is the next big news
6:57 pm
cycle coming out of d.c. that is fbi direct you are christopher wray saying the fbi is cooperating with the criminal probe. senate republicans ready to launch their own hearings into this controversy. joining us now is former federal prosecutor, doug burns. >> now that the impeachment dust will settle, they can focus on this. a lot of the major newspapers and tv stations did not want any part of this story and it was immediately dismissed that it's a conspiracy theory. now you have the director of the fbi saying it was improper and we are going to take all these
6:58 pm
measures. also congress can adjust the statute. liz: we are showing what we found in the footnotes of the watchdog report. the action is always in the footnotes. we found how misleading the fbi was to the nice a court. wray didn't completely back down from political surveillance. he said go to the attorney general' to obtain you are vails veilans authority. >> a lawyer falsified information that went into a fisa warrant that very, very serious. with the director admitting there were serious problems, come on. liz: when we timelined it, when
6:59 pm
the dnc got hacked, the democrats went into action. the dnc and the hillary clinton campaign funded the steele dossier in the summer of 2016. then the fbi hid the information that the photo was internet rumor. it was even more misleading. >> they had information that was not properly vetted or looked at. >> you make a great point, look at the rico statute, it's for mobsters, but it can be used here. they misused it. that's the real story. i hope they look at it. liz: the reports coming in, they
7:00 pm
jumped a shark. thank you so much for watching. lou dobbs next on the fox business network. have a good evening. lou: the senate today acquitted president trump of both charges fabricated b d by congressional democrats to carry out the most egregious partisan attack against any president in our history. president trump has been the target of the radical dimms and the deep state for more than three years now, whether fbi investigation, the special counsel investigation, then this fraud meant partisan pretend impeachment against aan


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