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tv   Kennedy  FOX Business  February 5, 2020 9:00pm-10:00pm EST

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tomorrow night congress or mark green is here plus 2020 trumps senior adviser ms. mercedes is here tomorrow night. have a terrific evening everyone kennedy begins right now. ♪ ♪. kennedy: finally, praised sweet baby jesus that after hundred and 34 days, the third impeachment trial in the history of these united states is over. president donald j ciampa has been acquitted on two articles of impeachment and will remain an office, house speaker nancy pelosi's making the case that the president is forever impeached. while a gop says that trump is forever acquitted. so who is right? one thing will definitely go down in history book, mitt romney became the first senator to vote -- to convict a president and his own party. he voted in favor of removal only on the abuse of power
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article. he told chris wallace in a fox news exclusive today that he had to follow his conscience, man. >> i believe the act he took, and the effort to corrupt an election is as destructive an attack on the oath of office and our constitution as i can imagine. it is a "high crimes and misdemeanors" within the meaning of the constitution. and that is not a decision i take lightly. it was the last decision i want to take. kennedy: other than romney it was strictly along party line. according to reports we could have seen a defection of joe manson or set amount even alabama senator deb jones thought about it. in the end, he made like whatsapp and listen to his heart ♪ ♪. >> i believe the president deliberately and unconstitutionally obstructed congress by refusing to cooperate with the investigation in any way. kennedy: annie, is there any way he'll get reelected to the
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u.s. senate from alabama? no. so screwed up. pelosi and her punchdrunk pals refusing to quit while they're behind. in fact, house judiciary committee chair jerry nadler says they are just getting warmed up. >> it is likely that your committee or some combination of committees will subpoena john bolton? that's your saying? has a speaker sign off on that? >> i don't know. kennedy: i don't know. maybe. i'd like to ride the stick. are the president he is so over tweeting earlier today i will be making a public statement tomorrow at noon pm from the white house to discuss our country's victory on the impeachment hoax. so is america ready moveon customer care with me now congressional correspondent chad pergram cataloguing the drama from capitol hill. >> good evening, that is the big question here. what are going to be the electoral consequences here as
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they go on. nobody really knows. talk to republicans and they think this gives them the opportunity to read when the house here. they are talking about the speakers conduct over the last couple of days. obviously ripping up the speech, they will try to use that against democrats. on the other side of building democrats want to use these votes by these five vulnerable republican senators from swing states against them. those who voted to acquit, but mitch mcconnell, the senate majority leader says those senators who have competitive races on his side of the isle they are in a better place and they were before impeachment started. kennedy: said basically doesn't move the needle at all and it's all just a big waste of time. >> that is going to be something to watch, especially if they go into investigations. you heard what jerry nadler said, i talked with adam schiff that house of the intelligence committees if they would continue with their probes. when he called when he summoned john bolton he said those decisions have not been made yet. democrats know that the polling looks best of works
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best for them when i talk about legislation, prescription drugs, healthcare, insulin, even infant structure that was mentioned last night. can they balance potential continued investigations and not overplayed their hand after this. and also work on some of those bread-and-butter issues. that is going to be the problem here when you talk to democrats they will tell you they are depressed right now because the president was acquitted. they didn't think they would get away and in the senate, but it's a one-two punch. it's that and what happened in iowa earlier in the week. kennedy: iolite was. what are you hearing more about? the state of the union speech in some of the bigger aspects of that including rush limbaugh getting the presidential medal of freedom and the airmen getting promoted to brigadier general, the dad from afghanistan who was reunited with his family mid speech, are you hearing about that? are you hearing about nancy ripping up the speech?
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or the iowa kerfuffle? >> it seems like now people of already moved over to that. there's going to be a resolution at the house want to consider the next day or so that republicans have offered that say that the speakers conduct was inappropriate, and brought discredit on the house. this is something they're going to have to work on. the other issue that is out there is mitt romney. we are just hearing everything about that ice dock to and she said mitt romney, the courage that it took to be recognized to stand alone, that is significant. this is not just any republican, this is the republican 2012 standard. there may be a little bit about iowa but you can hear a lot more about the speaker ripping up the speech and mitt romney. kennedy: i was just wondering what aoc granted that if joe manchin or kristin sinema had voted not to convict to the president, if they had voted to acquit on one or more of
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those articles, which she granted they were courageous? >> that's a balancing at the democratic party has to work right now. you have to look at the states. her district is very different than the state of west virginia. joe manchin represents word president trump carried about 42 points buried in arizona that's a swing state right now. she asked on a willingness to buck the party, the votes. kennedy: she was one of the few democratic senator that stood up and cheered last night for some of the economic good news, which i think it's a smart thing for anyone to do. because you want to at least seem happy for people who are doing better in this country. you don't want to cheer for economic doom. that makes a bad person. chad, you are keeping a handle on everything, thank you so much for putting in these long days. >> thank you. kennedy: joining me now for much more for a look back california former congressman he's former house oversight committee chair darrell issa is back.
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welcome back. >> good to be back. good to hear chad's voice. he is really a man of a house that does follow, not just what is happening but why it is happening in the house. kennedy: yes good point. perhaps he will be following you again one day like a stocker. but let's talk a little bit about what happened last night in the house chamber for the president's speech. what did you make of the speech itself? the moments that were clearly trolling try to get democrats to stand up and didn't take debate and made them look back? and the tearing of the speech? your choice. >> i think it was a great combination of the present, quite frankly taking a victory lap while at the same time reaching out his hands, recognizing that at least figuratively his handshake was not accepted by most democrats in the house. and then at the end of it all, the hissy fit by the speaker is going to be remembered for very long time. as a matter of fact, i would
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be willing to pay, be the high bidder for that horn into speech signed by the president. i think it is going to be a unique piece of history. kennedy: but we think of sinead o'connor on saturday night live, we don't rub the musical performance we remember her tearing up the picture of the pope and getting a lifetime ban. so here we are, in the shadow now of impeachment, did mitt romney do himself any favors? what is his strategy for him voting to convict the president? >> mitt romney was a businessman who did business deals for years. he should have known better than to try to think that he could judge based on his own moral compass, whether the president did right or wrong. rather than what trey gaudi, jason chafed us, and mark meadows, and jim jordan nine oh, which the last president and the president before asserted these same things, offered the same sort of
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activities and. kennedy: in the same rationale frankly. >> so at the end of the day, it mitt romney has held president trump to a different standard than the presidents that came before him. and that is his flaw. his flaw is the standard to be judge, was what does president after president do. what did the democrats do when president obama withheld information? when president obama saying he didn't have authority to do something and did it by executive order. the answer is you can't hold president trump to the double standard, and yet jerry nadler, adam schiff, clearly tried to and failed. kennedy: bissau chairman nadler there saying he wasn't going to subpoena john bolton. what happens then? you talk about chad taking us through the jury and forward-looking, what happens in the future if in fact they do subpoena the former national security visor?
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nadler was my ranking member and with any luck when i return as the chairman of that committee, he will be my gate ranking member again. kennedy: take that gerry. >> as he sat next to me time and time again, he would still talk about things he did during his 16 years in the new york house. this is somebody who never lets loose of anything continues to live in the past, right now chairman nadler is living in the past, thinking that another round is going to do anything but further deteriorate the american people's belief that the democrats actually want to legislate. kennedy: i'm so sick of politicians feeling sorry for themselves, lacking self-awareness and operating out of utter jealousy. when i look at jerry nadler, mitt romney, hillary clinton, that's what i see. they are so upset they are not in the place they want to be, you know what neither's jason garrett but is going to the offense of coordinator for the giants because the guys going to go work. good for him.
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>> kennedy, instead of looking at the great's honor we have serving in the house of representatives and doing the job that is expected, it seems like most house members and certainly every senator seems to want to be the president. they don't necessarily win, but then they want to second-guess nominations, somehow think that is their job to run foreign policy. it makes them feel better, but guess what? our founding fathers put all of the faith in the one person, and then said hold them accountable, but let them do their job. kennedy: you cannot try to force someone out of office for maladministration. so you better sit on your comfortable coattails there, met. >> you said it better than i did candy. . kennedy: will see you soon. now the ultimate case of bad timing nancy pelosi, trump, all forced to sit in the same
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room for the state of the union address. but it was anything but business as usual. first the president gave nancy the cold shoulder alliant shaken that girl. and speaker pelosi ripped up the president's speech and a lot happened in between. she told reporters she had no other choice. >> why did you read on chat ripped the speech up? >> it was a courteous thing to do. kennedy: over the other alternatives? i think she was. [inaudible] some democrats believe lee walked out. ohio congressman walked out and tweeted i just walked out of #s rtu i've had enough. it's like watching professional wrestling, so fake. the republicans were saying the quorum of the tradition is ruined. what drama? it's like the end of trump meet c-span. set its tantrums the real state of the union let's meet tonight's party panel to goodwill. i got the host of sincerely
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kat captains, and bloomberg 2020 campaign poster and advisor to president clinton at the duck showing, and senior director of policy rachel bovard is here. welcome everyone. doug, i will throw this to you. you know professional wrestling better than anyone i know. it's amazing he is an encyclopedia should write a book. and number two, democrats are taking a victory lap today should they? >> no, i'm a democratic i'm working for mike bloomberg and i've worked for him for 22 years as an advisor. i'd like to tell you this is a great day for democrats. it's not a bad day for mike bloomberg because the democratic chaos, but that democratic chaos makes the reelection of donald trump all the more certain. how could you have a better week than the impeachment fails, iowa was a complete joke, the speaker does
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something that to my way of thinking was unfortunate, the first time worse than unfortunate the third or fourth time she ripped the stuff up. she looked petulant at best. and the president is going to take a victory lap tomorrow. how is this anything better than the best week of his presidency? kennedy: his poll numbers have gone up and i have set the whole time, let the record show i said from the beginning he should hope for impeachment because this is going to happen just like it happened to president clinton. >> and i was there for that too. >> if you look at the last two years that's when he had his highest ratings during and after impeachment. nancy pelosi said, this president is unacceptable, his did behaviors abhorrent and he is an undignified president. but then she goes and does that. >> and the fact is nancy pelosi didn't want to go down this road she got dragged on this road. >> to rip things up.
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>> no 40 impeachment. >> what he mean for the exorcist thing? you're not considering she's possessed by satan? >> so she did a pretty ripped to make sure the ripple would go foley in without any accident. kennedy: that's why she was looking down so much when she wasn't rolling her eyes. this speech was written to troll democrats. it was written and constructed in a way that you would be a bad person to sit down for 80% of it. and when you are sitting there, and you are normal american putting the kids to bed and you're making dinner and watching this, you're saying wait a second he's talking about women and minority having the lowest unemployment in history and they're sitting down? you are talking about a 100-year-old man that was just promoted to brigadier general who filed in three wars for this country and there sitting down for that? >> unfortunately for all those people who were sitting down, the people who are going to be
9:16 pm
the most hurt by that are them and their credibility. in it helps trot more than anything else. i didn't filter trump last time i'm not for voting for him this time. i always vote libertarian down the bow. emmett is the libertarian i ride my cats name. he would make an excellent comptroller. when you make it so clear that no matter what trump says or does juergen have a problem, you make it hard to tell people hey, i have this specific issue or this specific legitimate reason. you've already showed people that you don't need a reason you've shown your hand. kennedy: you let the world know that this whole impeachment thing is because you don't like him. you are sitting down because you don't like him it's not about. [inaudible] kennedy: or take a quick break in the panels in a stay right here. we have so much more to discuss including or walk us, because in iowa. were still waiting for the
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kennedy: at the iowa caucuses were a movie, it would be the irishman. there bunch of old white people fought it out in the whole thing lasted way too long. we are now two days removed from the first contest in the democratic race and let me just reminder those two days we have the state of the union address and the president was acquitted is his impeachment trial. he buttigieg leading bernie sanders by less than 1%. it's always the 1%. with 92% of precincts reporting. the democrats refusing to say when we will get one 100% of the results. i'm sometime after new hampshire, both candidates are certainly one. watch. >> some of you may know, they are still counting votes in iowa. [laughter] i assume that one of these years that vote count will be completed. but as of 70% of the account we are winning the popular vote and. [cheering] we thank the people of iowa. in iowa they have a
9:22 pm
complicated system it and there's a real line vote will win that as well. >> we are thrilled we certainly believed this would catch on and carried to a good result. what we arty know is a phenomenal victory. kennedy: we the royal, i would democrats continue to blame the counting catastrophe on an app created by country called shadow link. they bout it won't be used in any of the remaining primary contest. so will the dems get the vote counted before the end of this president second term? the party panel has returned we've got kat attempts doug schon and rachel bovard. i don't like socialism by bernie sanders personality looks like once again in iowa feeling the burn is getting the shaft, what is going on? >> if i could tell you what is going on i would be a much better man than in fact i am.
9:23 pm
let's be clear, bernie won the popular vote but will lose. kennedy: how can that be did they make it complicated so they can manipulate the outcome? >> is sort of what i think, the whole thing is completely ridiculous. the other thing that's ridiculous as the democrats could've censured donald trump. they could've gotten votes but they did a great job turning a certain victory into an obvious and foolish defeat. >> and you'd be the only the second president to be censured. mike bloomberg is my canada because the democratic candidates are looking worse and worse. kennedy: this is really interesting, because you have pete buttigieg, and i know he got a lot of heat for, but he came out monday night, amy klobuchar off with spouse and come out first. she didn't say we won, we did better than anyone thought which was fine because all the cameras were there her was the
9:24 pm
only speech all networks took in its entirety. but peak comes out so the eye pretty much once a how great is that. he got some heat, but was that smart? from a pr perspective buddies must do it that point. >> so i was a dumpster fire you either jump off flap your hands in a gallery and jump off backwards. >> and nobody thought to put the fire out. kennedy: nobody thought to have a fire extinguisher. >> it's wednesday and we don't even have a hunter percent and. democrats managed to take what's the most transparent and analog way of voting in his country and completely screwed up because someone is like you know we need? an app. kennedy: so let's talk about this app. so i understand that a lot of counties in this kind tree has moved to electronic voting. that is fine. but this was almost completely untested and obviously full of glitches. so who's to blame? >> it's weird, i went to bed you know you're kidding it's
9:25 pm
christmas on think when i go to bed and i'm in a wake up in christmas morning santa will come. you wake up and you're placed santa with an app and you don't have any stuff. i have a terrible joke about the app i'm knocking the telex it's really bad. but it can't stop myself. it's an insult naming it shadow. >> insulting to america's most loyal and dependable golden retriever. i have a whole hour of homework bound material i don't know what to do it. it's a complete and total mess. the fact that we still don't know. kennedy: yes, is to in three percentage points separating bernie and mayor pete. and now it's less than a percentage point and who knows what can happen without fuzzy math in the end. but you know who doesn't need his abacus? it's sleepy joe biden. he got a wake-up call. from iowa where the hairs sniffing is currently in
9:26 pm
fourth ways barely ahead of amy klobuchar. >> i am not going to sugarcoat it, we took a got bunch in iowa, the whole process did. this is not the first time in my life i've been knocked down. kennedy: i get knocked down and i get up again unless it's in new hampshire ♪ ♪ michael bloomberg announcing plans to double his tv ad spending, is already dropped an unprecedented three and $14 million. with only seen the first caucus state. that is more than every serious candidate and also tom steyer strategist believe he's siphoning moderate voters after the biden bus. so is joe biden gone from malarkey to no chance? what happens, doug schoen if joe biden loses new hampshire? >> it's hard to see him doing wellin nevada, and south carolina was down to five
9:27 pm
points lead for biden. kennedy: he was well into the double digits. in december. >> and that will evaporate to preet i can see joe biden losing the first pool for and losing them badly. kennedy: how does he make it super tuesday in that condition? >> was spit and vinegar and a few prayers and no votes. kennedy: sounds like my salad dressing. so can't you feel bad for joe biden because you like them, you want to like him, but is it michael bloomberg's money that is only having its effect on his mojo? >> i know it was a bad side when he was trying to tell people you might not like me, but i might die in office, in fact it very well may happen. kennedy: like i'm a really old guy vote for me anyway because all die. kennedy: on the plus side i'm going to have one of the vice president candidates will be
9:28 pm
some lady -- one lady or the other lady. >> it's crazy because the votes themselves don't really matter. it's the message that he has been his entire campaign has been i am the most electable. while they are not electing you. kennedy: that's the hardest know when your biggest push as i can donald trump because i'm the most electable but now the people who are electing are not electing him. >> he's getting beat by buttigieg. it's all emotions. >> it's like i'm electable but i am also, i take selfies of barack obama, that is been his entire campaign and it's not working anymore. he's actually benefiting from the dumpster fire because were talking about that is not how bad his is. kennedy: it almost looks like they put off the results to help him. we don't know monday night that he's the biggest loser in
9:29 pm
tuesday's the state of union wednesdays the acquittal day. >> they have made the biggest -- in a roundabout way it was a conspiracy theory. they do not what sanders to have this momentum. kennedy: i understand that but there has to be somebody else behind it. >> maybe they will buttigieg? this is basically self spy five it was like that food vendor that was specified a revolution because we let these authoritarian tunes cannibalize their own people. i'm nothing but democrats. >> democrats are many things we are not autocrats. we are not muslim extremists or islamic extremists. kennedy: i don't thing designing wrong with that. >> i don't think there's a lot wrong with that. let's put it this way she is exception that proves the
9:30 pm
rule. i can't disagree with what is obviously clear and apparent. so i stand corrected. kennedy: more from the panel, correct? no, thank you panel you are great. go enjoy the cheese plate. it is free and gluten-free. >> look for the results we will be up all night. kennedy: absently right fbi director surveillance abuse against 2016 were unacceptable and cannot be repeated. reaction of subjects from those very fisa and abusive carter page, that is next. lease the 2020 es 350 for $389 a month for 36 months. experience amazing at your lexus dealer. (crowd noise)arella stick! lease the 2020 es 350 for $389 a month for 36 months. (bell rings) when heartburn hits. fight back fast.. with tums chewy bites.
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kennedy: welcome back fbi director testified on the hill today since the first ig report damning the surveillance abuses on trump's 2016 campaign. he defended fisa, the courts that signed off on this but criticize his beers failures.
9:35 pm
watch. >> the failures highlighted in that report, are unacceptable. and they cannot be repeated. i already ordered more than 40 corrective actions including significant modifications to our fisa policies and procedures. kennedy: sounds like he's just doing stuff to look busy because it certainly can be repeated the fbi made 17 airs or omissions when they applying to the fisa courts for warrants to spy on former trump campaign aide carter page. he is now suing the dnc and a law firm for defamation because they were involved in commissioning the shady dossier that justified the warrants. here he is foreign foreign policy adviser to president's 2016, carter page. welcome back. when you read that ig report, what with your head? >> really, it has been the tip of the iceberg, candy, the more, every page -- it starts
9:36 pm
exposing a lot of wrongdoing. but actually having lived through it, there is so much more beyond that. and so i think we need to have a more definitive's big steps forward, and. that clip you've just shown, i'm not exactly sure how much progress we are making as of yet. kennedy: i think christopher wray has to do a lot more than just offer a little bit of lip service. because of it so easy for lawyers and agents to withhold information, then the fisa court should be the ones who are betting that information. they are not doing a good job either. so they both need to be overhauled. was it the omission in your case that were the most egregious here? >> there are so many egregious elements. the most egregious i would say is just the complete lies. it's this brought in paid for fake dossier, which is pumped out to the media and pumped into our justice system to
9:37 pm
abuse this court. there really has been little to no accountability. i think listening to your last panel with doug schoen and kat timpf and team, the level of digging into details and talking about hard facts was much more impressive than anything i heard on capitol hill today. kennedy: it's unfortunate that civil libertarians, when this administration, past administrations were bolstering surveillance, we were warning that what happened to you is the natural fallout of what can happen when someone just kept secret. and so many agencies are so incredibly powerful and can transparently pass information. because if they can spot you, and you had contacts, you are helping the cia. they can essentially spy on anyone. so what is the one thing they can do to overhaul the system so this doesn't happen like it
9:38 pm
did to you, to the next person? >> @happen to so many other people and i think having some accountability and so many families, all of my communications with the trump campaign, so many members of the trump administration literally no accountability less far. so i think they need to cut some steps forward, i hope to be able to contribute to that over the weeks and months ahead. kennedy: are you filing this lawsuit because you want justice and accountability and if you got a handsome settlement from them would that be enough for you? >> i think we are in the very early stages, and we will have to wait and see what happens. but there are so many unanswered questions and so much clear evidence of wrongdoings on an unprecedented level. and massive election interference campaign that a lot more needs to be done. kennedy: by the way you are the basis for this.
9:39 pm
christopher steals the sources said the information that was given to federal law enforcement and surveillance at about two was wrong and flawed. that was never included. i think you deserve a payday. i would also like to see people thrown in prison and the fbi, fisa, and the nsa all completely overhauled. carter page, thanks much it's good to have you. today marks a very special holiday its national weather person day. let's go celebrate the face behind the fox news fox cast. it's our very own janice dean. she is an attack about predicting the weather. you are not going to want to miss this, she is amazing, that is next. ♪ ♪
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kennedy: narratives, today's national weather person day it's a holiday that kennedy nation celebrates annually with extensive booze and new zealand music.
9:44 pm
but this year we have been given special access with fox news senior meteorologist janet dean is kind enough to let me into the sacred fox news weather realm show me the green screen or ropes. roll it. >> this is the greatest weather person in the nation in today's national weather person day. so what other way then to celebrate with the janice dean. >> kennedy, i will tell you in 17 years here, i have never had somebody come up and actually appreciate me like this. kennedy: janice you are not only the weather machine you are a dream come true. >> i will tell you doing this was harder than actually predicting the weather. here's a little trick that i used to use. so this is the west coast and this is the east coast. so i used a product east on my hands i used to write it on my hand like cheat notes and west on this hand. you have to learn to kinda present like here i am talking about the central u.s. and there's my friend kennedy and
9:45 pm
then on the east coast right here it's 46 in new york and 39 in cleveland, isn summit sake don't point, that's harsh. so i use hand gestures like this. and there are times side that was a band hand gesture. there are times, this green button if you push that green button and he. kennedy: and here we are heading into the hills. wow is that the window map? >> this would be radar writer tells us where the moisture is so the blue here on the map see there's the east coast. writer here. so there is the reign system. kennedy: there's a weather system. >> we think the white surface. kennedy: cloud. >> there will be clouds. so the radar shows the precipitation satellite shows you where the clouds are. we are gonna move on into the nearest city area. c. kennedy: there are blue goes
9:46 pm
flying over the eastern seaboard. janice that is amazing i don't you do it every day. >> that's the most fun i've ever had on a green screen. kennedy: you are tremendous i marvel at people who i imagine you have to get up in two or three in the morning. >> i get here at 330 and my first report is around five or 10:00 a.m. on fox and friends first. kennedy: you are meteorologist? >> i am a broadcast meteorologist. when he started out i thought it was good to be a work order or are journalist or dj for the rest of my life. somebody actually asked me if i add if i did a classic rock dj is what i do now? i say absolutely because it teaches you your ad-lib skills. people don't realize meteorologist don't have a script. it's all ad lib. kennedy: you told me that i can't believe it. >> everything we do in front of the green screen or if i'm outside is all up here. so if we get it wrong, we can't blame anybody but ourselves.
9:47 pm
kennedy: now, when there's a big catastrophic storm you are hear from morning until night. that's all we do is watch the news. so do you like that? >> i do. i feel like we are doing a service for so many people who are in potentially harms way. so i take this as a really big job of mind to warn people in advance. and listen, if we get it wrong we hear about it. we have had snowstorms backed before we said were gay get a foot of snow in summit goes outside and says you want to shuttled out partly sunny out of my driveway? and i'll take that. because the most important thing to me is making sure i give the best forecast i can so people know what to do it within when they are in harm's way. kennedy: janice dean, the weather machine, the goddess of weather and beyond. >> and we put that on a business card? kennedy: and a plaque.
9:48 pm
thank you janice dean for giving us a glimpse and allowing us to appreciate euro legendary godlessness. kennedy: >> i want to think the producers i want to thank my husbands and kids. kennedy: national weather person day, janice dean. >> i love you kennedy. kennedy: can't tell you what was in those cups a wink. i will tell you can see the full video after this show at kennedy nation i will post it. there is some stuff we could not show on tv for legal reasons. topical storm is next. ♪ ♪ voya. be confident to and through retirement. ♪ ♪
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kennedy: some show business and catch up on ratings were down over 15% for this year's puppy bowl. mainly because if you wanted to see leg hopping about sniffing, you could have just watch the super bowl halftime show. shake what your mama gave you because this is a topical storm. i ain't your momma. topic number one, j.lo trends a start tonight in kansas city where the chiefs had a party crasher at their victory parade. and this is why you never hire a new bird driver who gets paid in whites clause. this fella try to drive the parade route but cops flagged him for it. he came up shorter than michael bloomberg trying to get on a ride at six flags the
9:53 pm
cops rammed him, ramming speed, and locked and loaded him up. and to make matters worse, his friend went to bail him out of the kansas city jail in kansas, because he follows the president on twitter. so we have both sides here folks. just like the capsid for this car. of course this is the only chief story making the round coach andy reid will definitely visit the white house to celebrate the team's victory. self not because judging by elizabeth warren's poll numbers this is the only chief headed to the white house. topic number two. 711 testing at a store with no cashiers because apparently the big bite hotdogs excel a lot better but you don't have to shamefully look another human being in the eye before you buy them. they computerize cashiers use an app that runs on predictive technology. for instance if you walk in wearing a bernie sanders sure, predicts you will need rolling papers and visine. if you walk in and order a tequila prediction will need
9:54 pm
the bathroom key. and if you walk in and order a double big gulp, it predicts you will get your foot cut off because diabetes. yes this joke goes on for three weeks. like the iowa caucuses. the only differences, this app actually works. topic number three. a florida woman was arrested for hazing her husband after he asked for separation, the good news is she put the spark back in their marriage. the bad news is prison. pamela carr she is 68 and was upset that her husband did not want to 69. cops say he has to break up which she gave him some shocking news of her own, we won't say which body parts she hit because this is a family friendly program. it was a package deal. yes, her best cereal is twig and berries. and i know those jokes are a
9:55 pm
highbrow for this show. that happy housewife has been released after posting $1000 bail. took him on a road trip to reconnect. this time they both got tased. like my prom tonight. topic number four, dominoes giving away a 9000-dollar engagement ring to one lucky customer. they were going to sell it, but figured anybody with that much money they are not eating dominoes. feast your eyes on this pizza shaped diamonds which is perfect if you are proposing to a ninja turtle. if there's a human woman involved there is a pizza engagement ring, chances are you will be single in 30 minutes or less. the only ring you will have is the one around dry after she belts you and then tasers your privates. if you are in the market for pizza. mobile this is run exclusively
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twitter an instagram at kennedy nation, facebook kennedy fbn e-mail andy give me 20 minutes i'm going too post the real janice video. mike chase and a new session of kennedy's, it only gets better. ♪ ♪ he senate today acquitted president trump of both charges fabricated b d by congressional democrats to carry out the most egregious partisan attack against any president in our history. president trump has been the target of the radical dimms and the deep state for more than three years now, whether fbi investigation, the special counsel investigation, then this fraud meant partisan pretend impeachmentin


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