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tv   Bulls Bears  FOX Business  February 6, 2020 5:00pm-6:01pm EST

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gap there than most of us have done in our lives. she is great. dow up 89 today. up tomorrow. melissa: not mars buclose. "bulls and bears" now. >> we were treated unbelievably unfairly. and you have to understand we first within through russia, russia, russia. it was all bull [bleep] but now we have that gorgeous word, i never thought a word would sound so good, it is called total acquittal. david: the president taking a cele--celeb -- victory lap overs acquittal and calling the trial evil, as nancy pelosi explains
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why she tore of the president's state of the union speech, this is "bulls and bears," thank you for joining us, i am david asman, joining me on panel, gary kaltbaum, liz peek, and robert wolf. nancy pelosi still under fire for tearing up the president's state of the union speech, where he tightetouted his economic po, she started tearing process during the speech positive. here how she is defending her actions today. >> it was a -- in my few a manifesto of mistruths, he did not inherit a mess. he inherited a momentum of growth in our economy. he still has not matched president obama's growth in the stock market, if you call that a real measure of success. >> so. gary kaltbaum. is that acceptable excuse? >> complete and utter bad form in my mind.
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forget the economy for a moment, you have tuskegee airman, you had the sole soldier coming bac, fart of th,part of the speech, e numbers people off welfare, and new jobs we could compare to obama or roosevelt, the fact is that numbers are darn good. but again, bad, bad form, she is out front and center today this is was goal. >> it was despicable behavior it is not acceptable, i read facts checking on president's speech there are little things that people took issue with. the truth is we have a better economy than under kroab kroab t obama, up of story. >> not surprisingly, i would question the word she is under
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fire. if you talk to the democrats they feel pretty good. 40% of the country likes this president, 40% of country does not like the cente president. we're starting to the lows the center. he had in his last 3 years versus trump's first 3 he had better unemployment numbers. both sides, we had 11 year recovery. we should feel good we had a recovery, in my view, to say that one side versus the other -- >> thank you, robert. >> whether you actually look at hard numbers, or go by you on people are feeling. the working class americans are actually feels this economy. you look at obama, people had to work two jobs. we became a part time nation.
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as gary mentioned people are off welfare, they are back to work, they are spending money. wages are higher, stock market is higher this pa president has accomplished so much. david: even van jones said, a lot of people in black community may dislike the president, but they are aware of progress they have seen under his administration. >> absolutely. david: they go with progress. >> this president, during the state of the union, he just not only talked about his policies, and promises he made and kept. he put faces, results to the policies. that is huge. >> i want to pile up on that -- >> i'm sorry. >> i have polling data, i think goes to what you say. for example, american overall qualify of life, 84%, satisfy with that up from 80%, i could give you a thousand statistics, i won't,.
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they prove the case that american people think we're better off than we were under obama. yes, i agree, obama did a pretty good job. of holding us together but things have gotten better. >> we could go back and forth. david: we could but we have a guest, the house voting this afternoon against republican resolution condemning speaker nancy pelosi conduct at state of the union, here is congressman jim banks. you know, i think it is fair to say that most americans want to move on right now. perhaps, big contention of democrats' to stick on this but most americans' to move onevertheless, jerry nadler said he will subpoena john bolton and continue the process of investigating the whole ukraine mess. i just wonder, do you think that democrats have learned anything about the public feeling on this investigation? >> it appears, even jerry
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nardler has not tal talked to speaker pelosi about that, she appears to be blindsided by that news, that tells us that democrat party is spiralling out of control, it has been a very bad week for democrats. a good week for president trump. you are sort of seeing and feeling that. that is what you feel on house floor, they had enough of this as much as the american people have had. they don't know where to turn, they are confused, they don't know what do next, they know that at least at-this-point. they lost this war over this shameful impeachment mess. >> thing is, that you know republicans are putting points onboard. should we engage in tit-for-tat? in terms of this regular or -- resolution or trying on attack speichespeaker, or should we jus
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on what president has done and break that message to american people. >> i somewhat agree, it is time to move on get back to work. the president laid out the issues in state the union, and in his remarks at white house, i was there to listen to today. he talked about infrastructure, he talked about prescription drug cost overall. healthcare reform that is what president wants to focus, but there also a component, you have to re recognize mean of us -- my of us never want to see another president go through what this president went through, we do need to go back and investigate the leaker and joe biden and hunter biden, and lindsey graham said this week, he is intend on doing that. senate judiciary committee focused on, that we can do that, and go back in a bipartisan way on issues that matter, but
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bottom line no president should ever have to go through. this, you heard the president apologize to his family today. in front of american people tuning in, live to watch him, he had to apologize to his family for dragging hem. them drug through this travesty. that should never happen. >> congressman, this is gary kaltbaum. the democratic presidential candidates are like to raise taxes, bernie sanders is going to 29,000 and up to raise taxes, any chance of tax cuts 2.0 before the election. at least to offset what they are trying to do? >> i hope the senate will go there and force the house's hand, i don't see speaker pelosi going down that track, because she knows tax cuts 2.0 could be as popular or more popular than
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first version. the bottom line, you heard speaker pelosi' delusional remarks about obama economy better than president trump economy. we all know that is the case, polling was clear this week, overwhelming majority of americans say they are better off now than they were the day that obama left office, american people see what they get under this president. under republican leadership, and congress, by growing this historically good economy. and another round of tax cuts could make it better. >> the question was about whether nancy pelosi there should be a vote on her conduct, which is a farce we should have a vote, i think you would agree, but you bring up hebe hunter biden and joe biden but you don't want to see poll to -- joo was in the room, you can't have it both ways.
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the house has over 300 bills they passed sitting on senate table reading to be approved, gun reform, healthcare pri prescription don't you want to see that be approved or sounds like you want to go backwards if you want to go about after this stuff. >> really, honestly, i don't want to see a number of radical big government bills that have passed out of house go anywhere, i am glad that mitch mcconnell -- >> you like that the usmca. >> speaker pelosi held usmca hostage for a year when farmers in my district could have been benefiting. the differences are stark and clear between speaker pelosi and democrats run for president, their agenda and president trump's agenda, i have no question, here that president trump will be reelected in november because of this strong
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economy. strong track record of rebuilding military, keeping america safe and secure, what he has done for veterans -- >> you lost bik lost gov 94 -- r ship in louisiana to kentucky. >> final question. >> electtion day in 1020 will be different when the president trump voters come out and vote, they will reelect president trump, and reelect -- elect republican up and down the ballot, i have no question about, that democrats have had a disastrous week from fumbling iowa caucuses on monday t nancy pelosi's childish dea halfior at state of union address, they are giving the at. >> i, agree with you about the caucus. david: we'll end with that. an agreement, we're overdue for a break, congressman thank you. >> good to see you jim banks.
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david: iowa caucus fallout getting messier with sanders and buttigieg declaring victory. we go to mike tobin in des moines. reporter: this is convoluted. the dncchair demand all worksheet from each 1800 plus
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precincts be reviewed. reading enough is enough. in light of problems emerged, i am calling on iowa democratic party to immediately begin a recanvass. this follows reports of human error, paper record sent by snail mail, and reliance on a smartphone app. the chairman of iowa democratic party said they need to finish original tally and request for recanvass needs too come from campaign, here is part of the statement from troy price: reporter: senator bernie sanders who is in a close second place in iowa, declared victory. >> i got 6,000 more votes.
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from where i am come, that is regarded to be the winner. reporter: score card that counts is state delegate equivalent in that particular count, pete buttigieg maintains a slight lead. buttigieg campaign said nothing changes, they have enough momentum going forward. david: all right mike, let's see what happens, liz, is this a black eye for democrats that will fade before the election. >> they will get over the fact they had a technical mishap. the problem is that really raises suspicion amongst the bernie crowd they are out to get him. the more have you problems like this in the election cycle the more bernie ar army will gotten- >> they are not talking -- >> bernie people are.
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>> they are not. david: we heard it on are. >> it was a debacle to begin with. iowa caucus all about bringing momentum to party, and bringing what i would say widdling of the field, we do no either of that -- neither, no one came out with any momentum. totop voters came out in 20%. we have no true front-runners, we didn't widdle the feel, we have another 10 people on debate stage, just all in all a bad night. david: will it be forgotten by election time. >> absolutely not? yes there was a debacle. but let's highlight the issue. a lack of leadership. how it was handled, locally with iowa state chair and come tom perez, how do you come out three days later?
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in absence of communication? people conjure up all kinds of ideas and grow recent -- resentment based on outcome as reported in trips over last couple of days, they will question the final result. why? because they already don't trust the process. >> i would have given by new york met baseball cap and a couple of pieces of paper let them do it manually, it would have worked better. new hampshire may come in before we get the results on iowa because, they don't know where they are at-this-point. and let me tell you, one thing we have not talked about, what about the volunteers that have been working their you know whats off for months, going door-to-door. in the cold weather, what about people who have been rooting, yelling and scream figure their favorite candidate, what happens to them, momentum, gone.
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>> now in iowa, joe biden still in fourth place. he is in third in a new "boston globe" suffolk university poll for new hampshire is biden's campaign still viable. >> absolutely. if you are a true democratic insider you would not think that joe biden would do well in iowa to begin with. it is 9 percen 90% white and a g college environment, he is mainly older white and mine orbitieminorities, that not iow. i would say he is viable, he is looking more to nevada and south carolina. david: 15 second. >> we know we will do better in south carolina, one thing about iowa is turn out of the low. i think that speaks poorly for democrats that includes joe biden. if he is frontrunner where was his crowd. david, agree -- that. >> travelers beware, popular
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david: if you have not signed up for global entry program and you live in new york, you may be out of luck, homeland security blocking application for renewals for trusted traveler program in the state -- said because new york new green light law. >> that law that does it prohibits access to both i.c.e. and cbp, access to dmv data,
5:25 pm
they use that as they build cases and criminal networks. they look up a individual date of birth, and they use that as they build that case, they can no longer do that because of what new york did. david: dhs said if they can't confirm your information they can't grant anyone clearance on travel screening programs, with us now judge andrew napolitano, democrats claim this is political retaliation against new york, true? >> i don't know. but i know it will be undone by the first federal judge who sees it. you are important -- punishing people for what someone else did. david: punishing is different from saving people's lives, because they may get on a plane with someone who a terrorist. >> wait, department of homeland security is assuming that because someone came to united states illegally and has a driver license, they are a
5:26 pm
terrorist. there is no basis for that assumption. david: but one final follow-up, new york state changed its application procedure for a driver license, nows that one where you don't have to share a lot of information about authorities about who you are to protect illegal immigrant. >> so why should everyone watching now be punished because some illegal got his driver license, that is what a judge will say. >> i went to do global entry, a took massive amounts of forms and bill cop t copy to prove my address, and why don't they just make it more rigorous and keep letting people do it. >> perhaps suggestion that david made this is trump administration trying to punish the cuomo administration? >> that is -- >> that is what democrat say not david asman. >> right, i do for constitution that prevents government from
5:27 pm
punishing you, who gave them all that information they wanted because someone else who can't give that. >> if it is a drear driver licet is now faulty bring in another piece of idea. >> why does not government think as clearly as you do. >> this is a historic week, i will make it better, i disagree first time ever. >> are you announcing a political candidacy. >> i disagree with use of word punishment. >> this is. >> this is risk mitigation. >> this is withdrawal of a benefit made available to people because of what third persons have done. people who are suffering are not the one twos have done anything wrong. >> new york -- >> that the due process violation. >> new york tate passe state paw nerps of nterms of no bail, theg crazy things. >> we have to get it together.
5:28 pm
>> you are really piling it on. >> i like the colors today. >> met colors. gary. >> gary kaltbaum, this is where i'm confused we've been told that number one job of government is to protect the citizenry. and we know from a certain events how there is some issues with call airport and airline and things like that, we have part of government telling us, we have some issues with this, we need to address this. i don't understand where anyone would have a problem with it, someone would have to go through a little bit extra to make sure we don't have bad guys getting on the plane. >> government is not offering an opportunity for little bit extra, that is a great idea, the government i is saying if you le in new york you go to jfk we're not process you, new jersey has same driver license rule as new york, you can get this in my work. david: maybe they are next. >> it trump administration punishing statement with
5:29 pm
democratic majority, bobby? >> we know the answer, i will agree. it is if they want -- >> would you listen to him. >> if that i want to change federal rules, what tsa, and precheck, then it should be across the board, change rules. it should not be a state driven environment. david: if a particular state does what new york did, and what new jersey has done could you are right it is not conis sis ce are reason to be concerned about identity of someone sitting next to me on the plane, i want those concerns resolved. >> no different from various places in texas. has different rules, you will hammer all of texas, a red state? >> in california, allows people all over illegally with a driver license. >> all i an. >> it should be federal let's
5:30 pm
looked open know. >> all i -- >> hol holds on. >> should feds demand that rules be changed. >> they can't, but the feds can demand more proof of identities from the humans that are applying for the program. david: that would make sense. >> or renewal, i would like mine back. david: we entered a point of agreement. 94 case oanother case of corona. the doctor who discovered the disease has died. we have a infectious disease expert on how much worse it could get before it all gets better.
5:31 pm
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david: u.s. now has 12 confirmed case of coronavirus, this in wisconsin, president trump is meeting with coronavirus task force at white house, department of health human service, and centers for disease control, also gave an update this afternoon. fox news jonathan sarey is following it in atlanta. reporter: department of health and human services asking department of defense to identify additional military installations around 11 major u.s. airports with enhanced screening capabilities for incoming passengers from china.
5:35 pm
a in case the facilities reach capacity and they need additional space to house people under temporary quarantine, the state department continues to arrange eva evacuation flights o return u.s. citizens from china. >> these people live in wuhan, the epicenter of thou outbreak. they are classified as high-risk of exposure. reporter: among 540 passengers who have already arrived on the flight, 6 were taken to nearby hospitals for testing after developing fevers or coughs, that includes a child who arrived last week that child tested negative for virus and now back to military installations where the child remains under quarantine. in japan, 10 more passengers
5:36 pm
aboard a quarantined cruise ship tested positive for coronavirus, that brings total to 20 confirmed cases from diamond princess cruise liner, that 3 americans. and in u.s. there are 12 confirmed cases, most recent reported in wisconsin, a traveler who was visiting beijing china, not in epicenter of this outbreak. but had exposure to some known coronavirus cases in china. lands in wisconsin immediately went to university hospital and tested positive for virus, this appears to be a mild case. the patient is doing well. was allowed to go home, self quarantining, and recovering in isolation. >> jonathan thank you. >> china's official reporting on virus outbreak has been criticized. in particular since many chinese
5:37 pm
doctors have done detained by authorities for reports on spread on social media, one of the doctors, he has reportedly died today. after contracting the virus himself. he was detained by the police. forced to write out a phony confession, we bridge in dr. steven morri more morse, thank . >> thank you. david: to treat a hero, like doctor lin as if he were a criminal is disgusting to most decent people. i am wondering if you are worried that chinese government is covering up a bigger problem. >> there was early in outbreak. i think that china has been somewhat more forth coming, but i doi do agree, this doctor and those people who gave us early warning are essential. had we acted then we might have been able to prevent some of
5:38 pm
further spread, if would have been in china's best interest to do, that because they are suffering the most. this man was a real hero. david: does that give you several misgivings about whether or not they are being fort coming now -- forth coming now. >> we'll never have all of the information we want, we will get some. in general they have gone fairly forth coming, we don't know what they have not told us, but we know a lot of key information. >> gary? >> dr. morse, this is gary kaltbaum. about 10 days ago, we were told that a vehicle -- ac vaccine wod be a year away, but a couple days ago from china they said a vaccine is ready now do you believe them? >> after it is here, a year is probably reasonable estimate, there are a couple candidates in development right now, china can
5:39 pm
do this faster. they might be i'll to do it in a few months if they had something on-line. they could do it perhaps a little bit sooner. it still will be a few months at best. >> i'm in the someone that wants to make a mountain out of a molehill, but it started with a city in china that was quarantining over 10 million people. then china for most part brushed it under the floor. now it is in i think near 20 thrucountries. we're seeing people wear masks now and do different things, as a doctor, what would you say we in u.s. should -- how should we think about? what should see be doing? more nervous than we are? >> we should take same precautions you talk during flu.
5:40 pm
until we have a vaccine, or something else that you know could be used to protect everyone. some time maybe a year or 6 months from now. right now, you can stay home when you feel sick. cover your coughs and sneezes, wash your hands and don't touch your nose or mouth after you sneeze. and be careful if you have been around people who are sick. >> a follow-up please. that just seems so minimal. i hate to say, we're reading about coronavirus are day, the doctor from i don't know if it why he was from said in new novel disease it unknown. >> it is novel. it, it has been spreading person-to-person that is also unusual, the earlier coronaviruses coming from bats originally, like sars. everyone remembers remember. that spread in hospital setting, this is spreading
5:41 pm
person-to-person, but it spreads like the flu, maybe faster. so, right now, there not really a vaccine there are some medications, on-line that are tested in china. right now there is a lot of vigilance screening at airports, and i worry more about cases we have not found. david: let's hope that chinese finally get message about live animal markets, they should have learned it from sars, thank you dr. morse. >> bernie madoff asking for a compassion release from his 150 year prison term.
5:42 pm
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this round's on hey, can you spot me? come on in. find your place today, with silversneakers. included in most medicare advantage plans. enroll today by calling the number on your screen or visit david: bernie madoff sentence to
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150 years in 2009, he said, there is no cure for my disease, i have served 11 years already, i have suffered through it. so, john, does madoff deserve mercy? >> i feel he has all my compassion, but you know you look at number of lives impacted, they -- some have not even rebounded yet, the thing is, do your -- you did the crime, do your time, i have compassion for you, for bernie madoff and his family, but it is what it i'm sorry. >> he is a miserable bad guy. he deserves to stay in prison for his life. that said, i probably would let him out, he costs taxpayers a lot of money. >> i would see if there was a hostile for convicted felons put him in that. david: he does meet u.s. prison
5:46 pm
criteria for being released early because of his terminal disease. one of his victims said, he terminaly ill, i am terer -- i m terminally broke. do have you sympathy. >> zero, a met a 80-year-old woman who lost 800 thousand of her 800 thousand dollars her life was changed forever, i would love her to be an arbiter on something like this. >> of all-time during an election year, they remember not so distance past in terms of being impacted. whether or not housing crisis or stock market. and you know, people like bern madoff, they made off with a lot of money, why should he be given special treatment, we need to stop. >> i have a good friend whose
5:47 pm
life was ruin by this man, i have no compassion, i figure he is not a threat to society, we're spending a fortune keeping him in prison. >> i want to show compassion but i think we is she comba compassy a hospital jail. >> there are several reason for prison term, one is punishment. the other disyour courage people from doing - discourage people from doing same thing. people might think there mercy. >> if there is a law book on it, he will get out, this was a nightmareish domino affect on mill -- tons of people, i think his son commit suicide, just bad all the way. >> awful situation, well who paid a higher tax rate last year, you or amazon? tech giants coughing you of more than 0, but is it enough.
5:48 pm
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so, you can really promise better sleep? not promise... prove. and now, during the ultimate sleep number event save 50% on the sleep number 360 limited edition smart bed. plus 0% interest for 24 months on all smart beds. only for a limited time. david: amazon paying a tax rated in single digits last year, they paid 1.2%, that 162 million on more than 13 billion in profit. institute on taxation, sounding off saying. this means instead of a voiding 100% of income tax liability tie they avoided 94% of the tax bill. should amazon be forced to pay more in taxes? >> our tax codes dedicate this is what they pay, i presume because of many years of generating big losses tax laws carry forward protect you now. does it look bad, yes, could it
5:52 pm
be a big political issue, yes, it will. government i think will probably figure out some way to change it. but as stands now it is legal, that is the way it should be. >> there are tax arbitrage. we should change it, i know democrat and republicans say we should look at lowering corporate tax rate, getting rid of bells and whistles, but any company north of a billion should have minimal tax rate. david: joe biden has said that. >> for years we've been hearing something should be done but we continue to have tax code, it 80 thousand pages, you have to hire
5:53 pm
machine, pay them big bucks to figure it out. they are doing what they should be doing, if you don't like it change the law. >> rule of law. they follow the law. the thing is we know how they get away with it they are setting up different tax structures, hiring high powered attorneys to figure out, we'll generate profits offshore, and we'll generate losses or transfer losses onshore. that is how they get away with it we need to approach this but changes tax code to make sure you know, what companies do pay their taxes, but i don't like terminology pay your fair share, they are paying based on law on the book. >> i remember phil gram working with me at ubs, a republican texas, he said, we should pick a number. get everyone senator in a row to
5:54 pm
vote up and down on every loophole, let's see where it comes out. >> a great idea. >> -- he said no one would get in line. david: would you be in favor of getting rid of all loo loopholes having a flat 15% rate. >> i would but, not 15% for smaller companies, i would say -- >say -- will knoll chang will not chy business bigger is lobby. that will never change. >> it is a global firm. you have a lot of different country with different tax structures, we need to make sure we're not cutting off an american company. david: flat tax, leave it. >> animal right activist group, peta saying the way to you refer to your four-legged friend, may
5:55 pm
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♪. david: if you have a dog or a cat, chances are you referred to to it as a pet at one point or another but watch out for the peta police. the animal rights group is now saying using the term, pet, is derogatory, adding that it patronizes your four-legged friend. peta suggests using more inclusive term like companion. is all this is a little too much, gary? >> kind of amazing, peta the first three letters is pet? david: that's right. of the. >> what does it matter? my dogs are my pets. i have 15 fish in my fish tank. they are my pets. david: we're looking at your
5:59 pm
pets now. that is cosmo and winston? >> you got it. i marvel at people sit down in the boardroom that decide things that don't matter to nobody. think of something else. >> this makes this organization look foolish. in 2012 they sued seaworld using slave labor. referring to killer whales. you can't sound more ridiculous than that. >> peta is being a pest about pets this is ridiculous. that is going way too far. you know what you should not be called a pet owner right? give freedom to pets this is ridiculous. >> i don't even know what to say, seems absurd to me. i don't have pets but i would call them pets. david: i have a wonderful pet luna, as you all foe. there is little luna in my daughter's lap. dogs were made by god for human
6:00 pm
beings, doesn't make them human beings. >> what would they call us? david: that is a great question. i'm all against cruelty to animals. don't get me wrong, but pets are pets. that does it for "bulls & bears." see you next time. melissa: the president came out gunz blazing today, slamming nancy pelosi and adam schiff as quote vicious. calling james comey and his fbi team basic, quote, dirty cops. nancy pelosi doubling down, claiming the president looked quote sedated. the brickbats are flying in d.c. the war may be over but the battles are just beginning. polls show voters say d.c., move on. fix the country. the debate. will all of this cost democrats the house? as democrats keep us locked in washington fights. could president's re-election be hit again by impeachment 2.0? we have details of that. could


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