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tv   Trish Regan Primetime  FOX Business  February 6, 2020 8:00pm-9:00pm EST

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trish: a major victory lap for the president as markets hit new highs. this president is winning. the left knows it. wait until you see their reaction tonight. good evening, i'm trish regan. the united states law has spoken. our constitution has spoken. the people have spoken. the senate has spoken and most of the mainstream media print media has spoken. look at these headlines. the president acquitted. president trump: i did nothing
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wrong. i did nothing wrong. i have done thing wrong in my life i will admit. not purposely. but i have done things wrong. but this is what the end result is. the only good headline i have ever had in the "washington post." trish: today was sort of like a mini white house rally. president trump: they took nothing. they took a phone call that was a totally appropriate call. i call it a perfect call because it was. and they brought me to the final stages of impeachment. but now we have that gorgeous word. i never thought thought a word would sound so good. it's called total acquittal. trish: all of that, yet cnn, or at cnn, they couldn't help themselves. i want you to seat banner they ran during the entire speech that the president gave today.
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take a look. it reads trump vindictivive at impeachment acquittal sell celebration. they call him vindictive. then they went on and said trump vindictivive and vulgar. are we watching the same thing here? are they bias orbite or -- orbir much? they fold it up. >> this was a disturbing for the country. it was dark because it's made clear that his mind is dark. this is somebody in deep psychological distress.
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self-pitying, insecure, angry. trish: did he and i watch the same speech? since when did he become a doctor over there at cnn. dean psychological distress. he goes on to say his mind is dark. come on. this is unbelievable. this is the same reporter to ask that rather notorious question at another network, infamous debate. >> is this a comic book version of a presidential campaign. >> it's not very nicely asked question the way you say that. trish: the democrats just tried to overthrow an elect. they tried to unseat a president-elected by the american people on bogus charges. the obama administration, they put the wheels in motion complete with the fake dossier
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bought and paid for by the children to be team. president trump: we first went through russia russia russia. it was all [bleep]. they knew we were totally innocent. but they kept it going. they kept it going forever. because they wanted to inflict political pain. trish: you can't make it up. you know what? let me tell you, the president should be under all kinds of stress right now. most normal people would be. but instead this president has kept work and work and work. and the market is at an all-time high. we are actually fighting back on the trade issue with china. have you seen how many people have applied for unemployment
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benefits? that number is straight down since donald trump became president. this is not a political statement. this an economic one. he is delivering on the economic front. and you know what? america notices. america cares. trump's job approval rating has risen to 49%. nearly 6 in 10 americans, 59% of the country, they say they are better off financially than a year ago according to gallup. contrast that kind of success that the democrats can't decide which socialist they like best. meanwhile, nancy pelosi holding a mini rally of her own today complete with lots of jabs at the president. >> i tore up a manifesto of mistruth. i don't need lessons from anybody, especially president of the united states about dignity. that was not a state of the
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union. that was his state of mind. next year we'll have a new president of the united states. that an absolute imperative for our country. trish: an angry woman, don't you think? she is angry. cnn is angry. adam schiff, the squad, aoc, ilhan omar, they are angry. they bet big on a series of lies, and guess what? they lost. i'm keeping score. 0-4 now. this kind of behavior will cost them in november. and that might be the healthiest thing in the world. our government is for the people, by the people, and no one can orchestrate a hostile takeover. we the people control our defendant any. and that's tonight's intel. joining me, former republican
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california party chairman. they want to take over. >> they do. and they can't handle the hit parade. you watch that speech. i thought two thing. most of the country doesn't get to hear this. if they watch some other channel than you, they don't hear 10 million people are some of welfare or 10,000 new factories. trish: most of the countries knows it, they feel it. that what's incredible about this moment, tom. maybe they are not watching economic numbers like initial jobless claims like i do. but they feel it, they know it. when i go anywhere in this country people say wow, look at my 401k. isn't this great, i'm employed. it's up to me how much i want to work. i can keep working because that
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opportunity is there. the democrats can stomp their feet and tear up as many speeches as they want. but it doesn't actually affect the lives of everyday americans that want a chance at success. right? >> 100%. the other thing i was thinking about, they have sold government for so many years. people know it in their own lives. this is an existential moment for them. they are scared. people don't need government to succeed. web re obama said what do you have, -- remember when obama said, do you have a magic wand? the american people are the magic wand. that was a scared person, nancy pelosi on that stage. trish: it's a lot of fear as well. tom, it's good to see you tonight.
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tonight another trish regan primetime pop quiz. what county in iowa did elizabeth warren take fifth place in. i will give you a behind. president trump: according to elizabeth poke than as, warren. let's vote for poke than as. trish: the answer later in the show. did divisive nancy pelosi break the law when she ripped up the president's state of the union speech? it seems the liberal media finds faith when it's convenient to them. >> i want to say thank you to mitt romney. >> it's about his faith. >> because of romney's faith. >> his religion and his faith. >> but they didn't always love mitt romney's more man
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relationship. remember when lawrence o'donnell called it an invented religion? >> houses of worship contribute to gay and leftian suicides. every religion is simply wrong. trish: we will be taking on the media and back stabbing mitt after this break. con liberty mutual solo pagas lo que necesitas. only pay for what you need... only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty. ♪
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trish: pretty amazing the turnaround mitt romney has seen in his reputation since becoming such a valiant trump hear it. celebrity endorsements piling in from hollywood. rosy o'donnell, about it mid letter. alyssa milano, they all love mitt romney. anyone who is not with mitt, well, they need to have their face re-examined. their faith in god questioned by the leftist media. >> he spoke about the oath he took to god he's a man of faith.
8:15 pm
>> a lot of the other 99 insist faith is essential to their lives. >> he will sleep soundly. his children will look at him with pride. >> it's about his faith. >> his religion and his faith. trish: there was a time i do recall when the media pretty much hated mitt romney. they didn't like this faith and they saw him as the enemy. remember? >> insulting women. he kenneled his irish setter and strapped it to the roof of his car during a road trip. >> what mitt romney has? common with the kkk. >> he plans on sphandersing one of his homes by adding a car elevator. >> who can feel anything in common with mitt romney.
8:16 pm
>> mitt romney makes comments about 47%. he probably sows an apology. >> when you make that comment you are denigrating americans. >> american places of worship contribute top suicide among lesbian and gay youth. >> every known brands of christianity including catholicism is simply wrong. trish: i see, but suddenly he's such a godly man. a man of such character and courage. in the atlantic today, the atlantic reads, a profile in courage. senator mitt romney's decision to vote to convict president donald trump is an extraordinary act.
8:17 pm
as "time" magazine so illustrated, joining me, mercedes schlapp. you play the tape from 2012 when he was the republican nominee they had it him. he was from a strange religion. now that he joined their side he's a great, great guy that even rosie o'donnell and alissaa milano is cheering on. >> the media is a group of convenience. they love you one day and convict you the next. i think while today while i'm praying for mitt romney, you know, i mean, they have made this decision that he fits the message the media wants to sell. that's why he has become this hero to them. i mean, i think "politico" in playbook said it perfectly.
8:18 pm
on the train that goes between washington, d.c. and new york city, you are very familiar with it. they were applauding him. who goes on that train. the media elite. the politicians that take the train unto new york. that's the gripe's appealing to. it's to the elite. one day the media will love him and the next day they will say you are not important anymore. trish: why dose want to be in with the in-crowd. >> for mitt romney i think it's more of a personal problem he has with the president. he has made the decision to align himself with adam schiff despite the fact that we know in the house the process they had held was unfair. there was no due process rights for the president. they only allowed the witnesses the democrats put forth. that's acceptable to mitt
8:19 pm
romney? it's shock he would have decided to move in that direction. i think at the ends of the date many jealousy and personal vendetta against the president. i think that why mitt romney decide, i need to be relevant in this discussion so i will be the chosen one to standing against the president. i have to say, it's unfortunate. trish: you should put your country ahead of yourself. >> it sheens impeachment. what he has done is say we are going to lower the standards of impeachment. it will lower the standards so any president can get impeached for anything. here the president did nothing wrong. there was a lot of hear say coming from these witnesses. yet mitt romney wanted to stand alone in this process. and he's basically saying i don't care. i'm going to be the anti-trump figure. but he used the president when it was convenient.
8:20 pm
convenient. for mitt romney for the senate race. he asked the president for his endorsement. trish: when he first was elected he wanted the endorsement as well. it's a sad world out there, mercedes. i don't envy you living in the d.c. area. >> it's a tough place. but what i love is the fact that president trump, you go outside of the swamp, you go outside of the new york bubble. you go to real america and talk to the people and they say the process has been unfair to the president. these are independents voters. if the democrats want to continue down this pathway. they will go for impeachment.0. . -- impeachment 2.0. go for it.
8:21 pm
because the american people will see through it. trish: what county in iowa did elizabeth warren take fifth place in. president trump: elizabeth pocahontas warren. you see pocahontas is slipping badly. trish: this one is kind of tough. also tonight, someone get some tissues. the liberal media isn't taking president trump's acquittal so well. >> dictator-like, monarchs do that. that what tallin -- that what stalin did. trish: they are suggesting d.c. can impeach the president again. but first something is rotten in the state of see you what. new details emerge being the
8:22 pm
democrats responsible for screwing up iowa. was it rigged deliberately against bernie sanders from the start? we are talking all about it and exposing the details next. >> their pete declared victory almost immediately like he had inside information what the votes were. this whole thing is a scam. it's terrible what they are doing to bernie. they are afraid of him. because our way works great for us! but not for your clients. that's why we're a fiduciary, obligated to put clients first. so, what do you provide? cookie cutter portfolios? nope. we tailor portfolios to our client's needs. but you do sell investments that earn you high commissions, right? we don't have those. so, what's in it for you? our fees are structured so we do better when our clients do better. at fisher investments we're clearly different.
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whoof! so get allstate where good drivers save 40% for avoiding mayhem, like me. sorry! he's a baby! >> we are back from iowa. wow! but here i what we know. >> i'm not going to sugar could it. we took a gut punch in iowa. the whole process took a gut punch. >> it has been extremely unfair to the people of iowa. it has been unfair to the candidates.
8:27 pm
trish: new details as new details emerge about the company responsible for counting iowa's votes. the company blight or did it. while there is no official winner, mayor pete is saying he's the guy. bernie was predicted to win and some wonder whether the establishment is trying to rob bernie sanders again, this reporter included. last night i told you about the company, shadow inc that was responsible for counting the votes. buttigieg's campaign advisor's wife runs the parent company of shadow inc. just to keep that in perspective. it would be like paul man fort's wife running the company that
8:28 pm
counted the votes in the new hampshire primary when donald trump was tonight. and pete buttigieg's campaign contributed $42,500 to the company. across the rest of the company lots of clinton-obama establishment people on the board of directors. and we know they don't want bernie sanders to win. shadow is considered a dark money group, meaning it does not have to report its profits due to its special tax status. so we don't know where it gets its money or how much money it has. what is this company and why didn't anyone in iowa ask about the conflicts of interest? it's reported by the associated press that it got the gig thanks to secret meetings between the dnc and iowa state democrats.
8:29 pm
joining me now, amy tarkanian. i am no bernie fan, but if i was, i would be pretty mad. if i were bernie sanders i would be saying who! what just went down. the guy running my come pet yoorm campaign, his wife runs the company and he wins. >> not only did he have the 2016 elect stolen from him, now it's happening all over again. it's not so secret. even the day before the iowa caucus took place, tara mcgowan posted a picture of her with the iowa chair. now on their website they pulled
8:30 pm
information since this has come to the forefront. they claimed th the acronym. i don't buy that. trish: they said they are just investors. if you are the ceo of a company and you have various companies part of your entity, you are in charge those companies, you care about them and you know what's going on. it's just a major conflict. like said, it's paul ma -- if pl manafort' wife had a company in new hampshire and the campaign donated money to it. it kinds of stinks. >> it's as dirty as it can get. the information they pulled down
8:31 pm
from their website is the term acquisition. and their business and tax records are registered at the same address in washington, d.c. trish: you don't need those shenanigans going on. it's like church and state. i am sorry, your wife's company can't get the gig because it's a conflict. the american people matter most and the sanctity of the votes in iowa. >> it only fans the flames when people say conspiracy theory and corruption at every corner. it's true, it wham we are firing at every corner. i watched it in nevada in 016 with the democrat convention. and i hope it's not that case, i don't want to be embarrassed by the state of nevada.
8:32 pm
but i don't know. trish: what county in iowa did elizabeth warren take fifth place in. here is a hint. president trump: hok -- pocahons is not happy. trish: think about it. i will tell you the answer at the end of the show. accusations of divisiveness. nancy pelosi has now broken the law, they say, when she ripped up trump's speech. we'll have the details on that. here we go again. hillary clinton looking to steal the spotlight after trump's acquittal suggesting she could run in 2020. would a dems civil war ensue? here is the sounds after this. >> did you wipe the server?
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if you ride, you get it. geico motorcycle. fifteen minutes could save you fifteen percent or more. >> if someone asked you to be vice president would you do it? >> it's not going to happen, but probably no. >> you don't know that's not going to happen. >> i think i do. >> what if they did? >> i never say never but it's not going to happen. trish: hillary clinton just can't help herself. never say never. she can't even rule out vp. >> never never never say never. and i will certainly tell you i am under enormous pressure many, many, many people to think about it.
8:38 pm
i certainly feel the urge, i feel like the 2016 elect was an odd time and outcome. maybe there does need to be a rematch. obviously i can beat him again. trish: if you have been watching this show, you would know, steve bannon on this set has been predicting a hillary run for months. >> she is running. i think people don't think hillary clinton is going to take a very hard and very long look at this and at some point in time elbow her way into this primary season. trish: did you see my eye roll there? joining me is brad blakeman. >> run hillary, run. tell me where to write the check. i do believe she is raisey enough to do it.
8:39 pm
the question is how does she do it? trish: crazy or self-centered enough. >> that's crazy. if you are that self-centered you borderline if not full-blown crazy. the country has had enough of the clintons. even their own party is done with them. but they don't seem to be done with their party. so anything is possible. the only way she does it though as i see it is through a brokered convention. trish: that leads to ohio and new hampshire and the lack of voter enthusiasm we have seen in iowa. we'll see how new hampshire pans out next week. our last segment was on how many big wigs from the clinton and obama side were part of that company that was calculating the votes in iowa not to mention peept buttigieg's campaign
8:40 pm
advisor's wife runs the company. they don't have. and the sanctity of the voting process is critical. and they basically by the giant screwup caused people to think that something funny might have gone down in iowa. there are people right now that wonder if it's in any way deliberate to help joe biden or maybe hillary clinton. >> i don't think they are not smart. it come down to greed. a lot of these democratic open raw toughs understand there is millions and millions to be made and it has to be made quickly. they feed off their own. if you can't run a caucus, you can't run a country.
8:41 pm
the same operatives that form these corporations take advantage of campaign cash are the same people look for government contracts should their candidate win. there is no room for republicans in their world. they want to make cash, they want to make a lot of money and they want to make it quick. trish: is she rooting for a brokered convention? >> you bet she is. the more kay some created the better -- the more chaos created the better for the clintons. she wants to be a player. she is not content on the sidelines. that would and great benefit to president trump hillary meddling in the democratic primary. trish: the more i watch our economy and our markets climbing higher, it's the economy, side.
8:42 pm
i don't know how they will fight this. they have proven they don't have the moral high ground with this whole impeachment sham. brad, it's good to see you. what county in iowa did elizabeth warren take fifth place in? do you need a hint? president trump: crazy elizabeth warren or as i affectionately call her, pocahontas. trish: the answer at the end of the show. the liberal media is celebrating the acquittal of our nation's president. >> dictator-like, monarch-like. that's what stalin did. >> this is a cover-up plain and simple. trish: cnn suggesting they can impeach the president again with the same flimsy argument.
8:43 pm
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[♪] president trump: they stuck together and they are vig as hell. and -- they are vicious as hell. they will probably come back for more. the republican party's poll
8:47 pm
numbers have now gone up, instead want to go heal our country and fix our country, all they want to do in my opinion, it's almost like they want to destroy our country. trish: mr. president, i think you might be right on this one. the democrats are already gearing up for round two. >> there is no limit to the number of times the house can impeach. >> we'll not stop. whether that leads to another impeachment activity i don't know. >> we could get his bank records and finds out he's owned 100% by the russians. trish: they have help from their friends at the liberal media. >> double jeopardy does not apply in politics. as the new revelations come out
8:48 pm
whether it's the bolton book or emails that shed light on the controversy. in the context of up require many over, but it's not over. trish: if at first you don't succeed try try again. you know what it will cost them. joining plea, madison jes -- gesiotto, and can you believe they are coming up with this. >> at this point they are the propaganda arm of the democratic party. but this is much larger than just this impeachment and donald trump. this sends a clear message to any political outsider that if you are an outside were and if you dare to take on the
8:49 pm
establishment washington, it's not enough to win the primary or the election. you will be dragged through the mud by the darkest and most terrifying parts of washington by the deep state and the democrats who want nothing more than to stay in power and keep outsiders out. trish: democrats have no respect for all those deplorables, all the people who voted for donald trump. they don't trust them to go to the ballot box and do it right -- right being their version of what they think is right. >> not only do they not have respect. they lack a complete sense of self-awareness. we look back at 2016. the democrats had their minds made up before president trump became president trump. when he was candidate donald j. trump they knew they wanted to
8:50 pm
get rid of him. first the russian collusion hoax. $32 million spent on that. countless hours of fbi manpower. there was no russian collusion between the trump campaign and vladimir putin. they said they had evidence beyond a reasonable doubt. not true. next we move on to impeachment. not true. keep in mind the american taxpayers are funding this. they elect them. they put them in office because they want things to get accomplished. this isn't what they want. and we are going to see a republican majority in november. we'll see president trump re-elected, while it's great for us and for his supporters and the deplorables out there. this is not good for people who love the constitution. it's bad for the process. trish: emma, when i was in school they taught you history,
8:51 pm
and american values. and we said the pledge of allegiance every day and all that good stuff. we were taught about wonderful our constitution was. and how great our country is. we are one of the very few places that has a constitution that has lasted through time. probably the only country right now. everyone else is tearing up their constitution and moving on. this is what's separating us from the banana republics who have a new constitution every time there is someone new in power. to think that we have succumbed to this, it tells me we are no better, thanks to the democrats, we are no better than the banana republics or any crazy country you see that can't get its act together. >> you bring up a good point when you talk about the constitution and the declaration
8:52 pm
of independence that inspired so many good things around the world. the democrats tried to use the constitution to incriminate donald trump and they have not been successful. americans are getting tired of this. they don't want to hear about this anymore. and they are going to vote for who they want to vote for. the democrats aren't doing themselves any favors by beating this dead horse and vilifying donald trump. this is not a popular thing for them to be doing. trish: nancy pelosi should have followed her own advice way back when we she was saying there is not going to be an impeachment unless we have bipartisanship. and i don't count mitt romney look for his 23 minutes of fame as much in the way of bipartisanship either. emma and madison, thank you very
8:53 pm
much. my favorite part of the show. kennedy. kennedy: trish, it's game night. kennedy court is almost in session. that means i will read a bunch of cases. we have a defense attorney who will argue to have these people exonerated and the rest of our panel will decide guilt or innocence. trish: i have got a little game of my own coming up. did pelosi break the law when she ripped up trump's speech? what county in iowa did elizabeth warren take fifth place in? president trump: crazy elizabeth warrener. >elizabeth -- elizabeth warren.
8:54 pm
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trish: tonight, congress and magnates is filing an ethics complaint against nancy pelosi after she disgracefully tore up the president's speech during the state of the union the other night. it's an ethics complaint against nancy pelosi with the ethics committee. i'm watching it again, it was just such a lousy, classless
8:58 pm
thing to do. really. you can have your disagreements, but for goodness sakes impeach the guy because you don't like him you actually impeached him and then he gets a state of the union where he talks about the successes that we have had, in this country. what you do you rip up the speech? going back to him mike gates complains that her conduct was beneath the conduct of the speaker of the house, and of the house. he's right on that. it was beneath her. this is terrible conduct. it should not have happened, but you know what? in some ways it's a good thing it did because now america can see how nuts it really is there in the swamp. meanwhile, another pop quiz. i've been talking about all show, remember when far left presidential candidate elizabeth warren claimed to have native american ancestry? >> what are the facts say,. >> the facts suggest you could
8:59 pm
absolutely have ancestry in your pedigree. >> my family history is my family history. my aunt bea has walks by that picture at least a thousand times, remarked that he -- her father my papaw had high cheekbones like all of the indians do. [laughter] well, remember elizabeth warren claiming she was of native american ancestry for at least 32 years. so the question i asked you tonight is, how did iowans feel about warren's decades of line? regarding her heritage? and how did they respond about? which county was clearly not a fan of elizabeth warren? which county did she come in fifth place? [laughter] answer now and we needed normal to help pocahontas county everyone.
9:00 pm
pocahontas county how do you like that. she couldn't get pocahontas county. we'll see as she does in new hampshire next week. that does it for us tonight, have a terrific evening. right here tomorrow night learn gates monica crowley and many more, kennedy is now. ♪ ♪. kennedy: thank you trish, breaking news tonight that caucus chaos continues. it has been three entire days since iowa voters showed up to caucus and we still do not have the final results from monday's primary kickoff. tonight the associated press announcing they cannot declare a winner at this point because of a tight margin, and irregularities in the process. to make matters even worse and more crazy the chairman of the national parties in a fight with the iowa democratic party chair over a recount. tom perez, he called for a new on twitter, he quoted a nap is


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