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tv   Kennedy  FOX Business  February 6, 2020 9:00pm-10:00pm EST

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county everyone. pocahontas county how do you like that. she couldn't get pocahontas county. we'll see as she does in new hampshire next week. that does it for us tonight, have a terrific evening. right here tomorrow night learn gates monica crowley and many more, kennedy is now. ♪ ♪. kennedy: thank you trish, breaking news tonight that caucus chaos continues. it has been three entire days since iowa voters showed up to caucus and we still do not have the final results from monday's primary kickoff. tonight the associated press announcing they cannot declare a winner at this point because of a tight margin, and irregularities in the process. to make matters even worse and more crazy the chairman of the national parties in a fight with the iowa democratic party chair over a recount. tom perez, he called for a new on twitter, he quoted a nap is enough, in light of the
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problems that have emerged in implementation of the canada plan, i am calling on the iowa democratic party to immediately begin a read canvas. the chairman of the idp, says he does not take orders from the dnc, friend. and that a request for a read canvas needs to come from the campaign, not mr. hitler up there at the dnc, troy price releasing those statement imparts it quote should any presidential campaign in compliance with the iowa delegates selection plan request they read canvas,. [laughter] yet check on that. the iowa democratic party is prepared. ". people have been pointing fingers, hey you, i know you, i know you're trying to figure out who is to blame here according to report some of the results aren't in because certain tally sheets for sense
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and by snail mail. yep they dropped them in the old usps. your time saying some of trumps and minions flooded the hotline number four caucus organizers to bumble results further. i don't believe valid. not to mention the glitchy app called shadow ink which according to a separate report was founded by veterans of hillary's failed 2016 run and has ties to buttigieg. bernie sanders said it's the voters in iowa who got the short end of the deal. >> that screwup has been extremely unfair to the people of iowa that has been unfair to the candidates, all of the candidates. and all of their supporters. kennedy: especially the losing ones like joe biden. but both sanders and buttigieg claiming victory here and a little bit more from sanders earlier today. >> what i want to do today, three days late is to thank
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the people of iowa for the very strong victory. 6000 more votes. and from where i come from when you have 6000 more votes that is the winner. that's called a victory. kennedy: buttigieg release in the statement we had a historic net on monday, we had the momentum we needed. even president trump waited and said he's the real winner. >> the democrats, they can't count some simple votes yet they want to take of system, think of it. but, we also had an election out there and we got 98% of the vote. we have two people running, i guess you consider them non- people. but they are running. one was a governor, one was a congressman. kennedy: and they both with dingdong's. and breaking this the seconds, what? we just got one 100% of the
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iowa results in band p buttigieg, according to these numbers barely squeaking out a victory over bernie sanders with .1%, .1% that is so painful, adding salt to the .3% wound up bernie suffered when he lost to hillary four years ago. so what should be make of this fiasco? let's meet tonight's man panel and it is a good one. we have host of the award-winning podcast is a senior scoutmaster he is matt welch. and we have a comedian, very funny host of the everybody calm down podcasts and head writer of the best hour of your day big jim thaler and look at this, he's got four eyes in 2020 vision attorney and democrat strat strategist michael starr hopkins. i can't officially bang the the gavel yes. counties court comes up later.
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will this go to court? who will ask for the read canvas here. bernie's gonna take the loss? >> he didn't lose, people expect him to lose people really have a good night. they said people working to be the surprise and people laughed. kennedy: 's if you have the fastest time in the hundred meter sprint, but the other guys moved his little legs better, and the other guy with the fast lexi gets the gold medal you think no one some of this am okay with it? >> i don't think anybody had a problem with hillary clinton winning the popular vote but not winning the election. kennedy: is a difference between how the state decides to have a nominating contest and the united states constitution which for you mr. hopkins is barely a piece of toilet paper. >> at full of the bite ranked choice voting. kennedy: i think that's with a
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turnkey with the second place in the viability. speed. >> what is that tell us tells us a sanders people don't really know how to play nice with the other people as well. kennedy: but that's what winners do they don't put up with things shafted by an establishment and an app. >> that very well may be true but it may show that bernie sanders has a very passionate finite number of supporters out there in the world but there is a ceiling. kennedy: it's pretty big though it's not just a few, he came in even closer than last time and this is a crowded field where he's got a bunch of burning juniors running for his part of the party. >> what happened in iowa is a disaster for the party because they are on the verge of a civil war because they are passionate people the most conspiratorial and they have been screwed once and they are all stone. that feed told not hold narrative. >> this looks terrible i mean it does look terrible we
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couldn't get a result after three days. i think that is misleading a lot of people to think bloomberg has a lane. bloomberg has no lane but he's gonna buy his way into it. kennedy: but the more i think about him i think of these i love mayor pete. the bloomberg wouldn't be horrible? >> which are not a democrat democrats down. kennedy: it's not if bloomberg wins, and some people could vote for him but if he wins it's not the worst thing in the world. we are never get to get our person. but the thing that buttigieg has. kennedy: and that person is camille fox, where you now camille sumac i like to storm out from the greenroom camille. >> i don't think bloomberg has a lane every day he's viable they say he bought himself and we don't like billionaires. kennedy: here's the problem with michael bloomberg and i know he can use his money to educate voters.
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if this weren't happening on the republican side with the republican billionaire had spent $300 million before the very first contest, democrats would lose their mind. they would call for sorts of amendments and laws. >> we wanted to get rid of citizens united. bloomberg absolutely has a lane. what can happen is the first four stages can be different people letting each state. then we went into super tuesday. kennedy: what if he wins in new hampshire. he's knocking to do on south carolina or nevada. >> i think pete is going to be someone people should watch out for. i year ago he was an unknown mayor and now he is starting a movement. kennedy: gina who wasn't doing well this points in 1992 bill clinton. he came in fourth and iowa. so maybe joe biden has a chance. >> let's not overlook what a disaster this was for joe biden. the last polls had him basically in the lead around
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21 to 22% he ended up in what 1415%? he went up and he went down by points. b5 does that mean. mean anything. >> its perceived electability and as soon as he's perceived as not electable those voters are going to go somewhere and where they go. kennedy: but that's what's so exciting, you can't predict human behavior. it would be wonderful and convenient if you could. but humans as you know acted as you think they would in group and they don't necessarily which is a beautiful thing. but buck a lot buttercup because new hampshire, here we come. live free or die. that primary is just around the corner. the first abnormal votes of the democratic race for president are happening this upcoming tuesday. the front runners arnett and nextel according to a new monopole, and it comes from their top-notch performance and i'll appeared bernie
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sanders pete buttigieg is leading the pack by percentage point biden has not a shah and how. [laughter] worn is that 13%. when is she gonna pack up the headrest go home? alright bernie is also raking in the cash, over $25 million in january alone. sanders campaign using the money to increase staff and boost ad spending. mean meanwhile little mikey bloomberg spending hundreds of thousands of his own dollars. even though many mike is not an aisle or new hampshire because he didn't get on the about in time. he is doing a nationwide campaign to take on trump directly. he is hosting more than a thousand events this weekend alone. so is a socialist sanders officially the new front runner? or should he worry about buttigieg and billionaire bulimic? what's going on?
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>> we got a three way race. sander buttigieg, they both have enough money to last a long time. if pete falters bloomberg is there. and that's where the thing is going. kennedy: what if bernie falters. >> i don't know where he would falter though he's going to keep workers floors app. kennedy: but he wants the supporters, he wants the database he wants the e-mails and he wants the money because even if he's not the money this time is gonna take all that a put it towards aoc. >> he's getting a kingmaker or a queen maker in the party. >> i think bloomberg is going to be the son -- the emergency brake. >> he is the insurance policy. his supporters are going to biden supporters saying grandpa might not make it past tuesday. with biden in third place, he was leading a new hampshire three weeks ago. kennedy: he was leading by double digits a capable months ago. [inaudible] sumac i think warren might get as much as he is.
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>> one of the downsides of getting off the bus in new hampshire and calling in vermont's every other day that does eventually catch up with you. kennedy: but the maple syrup is slow periods. >> new hampshire maple syrup he doesn't have a clue what's going on. my word on bloomberg's he's viable within the party, i don't think he's viable nationally. bluebird for real he is a new york comedian. there are plenty of comics in new york to get huge support from the crowd when they do anti- trump stuff. they think they are a lot better at this and they are. for many travel 100 miles west of new york everything comes out of your mouth dies because it's really not that substantive and good. bloomberg's policies, are huge on the coast with new york and california, the middle of the country is a big problem. because values are not there values and they don't like that overreach in their life. kennedy: and people don't want their guns and their soda pop. taken away. >> and bates he is the biggest funders anti- all that stuff. i was struck by the super bowl
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com commercials. you never stop and frisk i didn't apologize until i realized politically is gonna have to if i had a shah in hell. kennedy: here's what i see between bloomberg and trump. it's not enough of a contrast. if you are going to have someone unseat him it has to be more contrast. i think that is where sanders comes in. i thought in the beginning it was, harris. because she provided the greatest pendulum swing. politics is subpar i said it's going to go away when the opposite direction. i don't think bloomberg has an fi think bernie does. >> i don't think people in bloomberg they think he's going to beat trump. he has money. [inaudible] kennedy: he's got the private plane and everyone gets on the private plane because they want to have a good time. >> he is actually a businessman and successful. >> but hillary goes four to one. the money is not as relevant as people think it is. but if your argument as meaning somebody who can fix the economy.
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kennedy: what about the likability i last mat does have a likability that hillary lacks? >> he is disliked by that more than hillary. kennedy: but they want his money. the superdelegates could swing to him if he promises all of them because the superdelegates are elected officials by and large. and party bigwigs and they all want that sweet sweet bloomberg cash. a follow-up. >> i think mayor pete has a plausible explanation of thing on the new fresh face from the outside you're not going back to some miserable old status quo with joe biden. democratic voters want to be excited they're not going to be excited by bloomberg, they're not going to be by biden they will be about bernie and they might be about pete. >> if bloomberg were to pick a light harris or cory booker in sales only get it in one term. kennedy: i don't see cory booker but i see kamala harris. when she is in the senate and he really bears down on people
9:15 pm
she is very, very effective. >> bloomberg kamala harris we are not ready for a ticket of a combined height of 62. kennedy: also combined caceres and rate. >> one has passed his reform zero strike policy. [inaudible] kennedy: they both hate weed. the man panel returns shortly, first up the post impeachment battle rages on as speaker pelosi and president trump go head-to-head with dueling speeches. they will debate he was winning, that is next. and it is game night with kennedy court with the craziest crime stories you ever did here. we will decide who is guilty. that is coming up ♪ ♪ so you only pay for what you need. only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty. ♪
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♪ ♪. kennedy: turn it up, that's right. president trump taken the victory lap over his impeachment acquittal today at the white house and when he wasn't holding up the cover of the "washington post", he was slamming democrats for holding up the nation. take a look. >> we were treated unbelievable unfairly and you have to understand, we first
9:20 pm
went through the russia russia russia, it was all bowl bleeped. adam schiff is a vicious horrible person. nancy pelosi is a horrible person, and she wanted to impeach a long time ago when she said i pray for the president i pray for the president she may pray but she prays for the opposite. they brought me to the final stages of impeachment. but now we have that gorgeous word, i never thought a word would sound so good. it's called total acquittal. kennedy: that's two words, but while the president was spiking the football on impeachment and during the shuffle, there's nancy pelosi restoring the challenge flag in the inky state of the union speech. watch. >> he looked to me like he was a little sedated. he looked at lester too. what happened instead was that the president using the congress of the united states
9:21 pm
as a backdrop for reality show. i tore up a manifesto of mistruths. i don't need any lessons from anybody, especially the president of the united states about dignity. next year we will have a new president of the united states that is an absolute imperative for our country. kennedy: that's why she went to the whole impeachment gambit its own enough to make you want to rip up a speech on national television. so is nancy right to say the president will hit the road jack in november or will she end up hitting the bottle even harder? join me now to break it down it is jon a caldwell and kevin walling. welcome gentleman. so kevin i will start with you, you can say which you want, i am sure democrats are going to defendant nancy and demonize donald. but they really do need it rather don't they? >> they do and they are a match made in heaven i think
9:22 pm
you saw nancy pelosi in a press conference had liberated. i think she has been taking attacks by this president for over three years but i it was during the final straw during the state of the union when he is disrespecting the chamber that she runs. former years in the diss of the handshake and the spectacle with lies. kennedy: so obviously the presidents and his allies took the low road. so why not go hi kevin? >> because that doesn't work anymore. we become a theatrical nation with this president. kennedy: and don't complain about it, how about that. >> i'm not working to take the fight to the president and call them out. there were lies every two minutes in the state of the union and it unhinged and our nap program from the east wing was just nuts. i think nancy pelosi was the only one that can get up. kennedy: that was amazing. so gianna why no nancy pelosi she said the president is going to carry the scar of impeachment for life, but the
9:23 pm
present being insulted by impeachment is like a porn star being upset when she called the slot. [laughter] i have got -- here's my think of petty pelosi pelosi very ago that's how it goes. [inaudible] >> she had it precut. you know what nancy pelosi has been one who's been in the chamber for decade after decade who should be a senior statesmen are woman if you will should be above what she considered petty politics. she is definitely been a part of that culture and we see now with the rhetoric of what she gave today in today's press conference that she has every intention as a democrats have been doing using every vehicle, every government resource, taxpayer dollar within their possibility of their hand, they want to use whatever they can to take this president out. because they know and my colleague on the other side knows there is lies lies lies. they know the only thing they
9:24 pm
have is lies lies lies. they did not create any policy to benefit the american people since i took over the house. kennedy: they certainly didn't during the senate impeachment trial. so she is viewing the state of the union address only through the lens of hate, that is shortsighted. i do agree that nancy plus he would do herself, and a lot of democrats could have done himself a better service by standing up for some of those moments. i realize those moments were written into this speech to troll democrats. because they are damned if they do and damned if they don't. if they stand up and applaud the president's words they are worried their supporters assume they are supporting the president. but if they sit down for things like school choice, minorities and women having better economic prospects, they look petty. >> will look in, the airmen, the last one living, and
9:25 pm
9-year-old black girl, you think about black unemployment during the obama administration there were 11 times were unemployment in the african-american committee were 60% or higher. now we have the lowest unrecorded history. kennedy: so why not applaud for that, kevin? >> i think the democrats applauded where is appropriate. >> black and employment that's on appropriate customer. >> democrats see through the charade's b5 the black people are working as is charade? >> that was a total ploy by the president. [inaudible] [inaudible] did. kennedy: a what about president obama inviting a wounded veteran to come to his state of the union. every president does the same thing. this president is just a little more effective. when you promote someone to brigadier general while they are still live in front of their great-grandson, that is a very touching moment. >> democrats applauded that
9:26 pm
the medal of freedom should have gone to the hundred-year-old airman not rush limbaugh. as patty politics. kennedy: i will correct to the presidential medal of freeman is the highest civilian article. as an army man the brigadier general is the highest when he could aspire to and he got to realize that in front of the world and nation in his lifetime. that's a good one. >> : powell was awarded the presidential medal of freeman. and he wadded up third of the white house fence. >> phuket award that two military people. >> you cannot combat with facts, they have combat with lies. we know that 93% of the media when it sees that it comes to this president is very negative. african-americans have pulled away from him to 30%. kennedy: that something. [inaudible] it's very targeted as being effective.
9:27 pm
kennedy: you got five seconds respond kevin. >> huge study nine out of ten african-americans in this country think donald trump is a racist. kennedy: not mutually exclusive. >> the same polls of said is a 0% of the black voting at 8%. kennedy: [inaudible] schiano and kevin, thank you so much. you are both glorious. i've got a great game called kennedys court, crazy crime stories and we decide, with the help of attorney michael starr hopkins he will be the defense lawyer the rest will be good jury and i will be the judge. are they innocent or guilty find out next. ♪ ♪ t t for your clients. that's why we're a fiduciary, obligated to put clients first. so, what do you provide? cookie cutter portfolios? nope. we tailor portfolios to our client's needs.
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♪ ♪. kennedy: well, we cover a lot of crazy criminals on this show, here we are. justice are rarely meted out. the bail buck stops here. on this installment of hear ye, "kennedy's kourt", this is how it works, i will read you a ridiculous but true headline. [laughter] michael starr hopkins -- anthony michael starr hopkins. [laughter] the rest of the panel maps and jim they will decide if the suspect is guilty or not guilty. i will deliver the final verdict. let's get started. "kennedy's kourt" now in session lets out case number one gents. a florida man thought it would improve his basketball skills of the played naked. police in florida responded to a call, the man playing basketball naked at a park, they found 29-year-old jordan anderson and all of his glory. he told cops he thought he could get better at the game of the practice naked. he was arrested and charged with indecent exposure. how defendants?
9:33 pm
>> i don't see anything indecent about this. if you have been a florida unit how human it gets how hot it gets. sometimes you just gotta play basketball naked. it's either that or you know i've done a little skinny-dipping, i've never played basketball. kennedy: skinny-dipping dribbling? [inaudible] >> a lot of loose balls on that court. based on the mug shah you guys just showed, i do believe that he believes this was okay. but it's making me revisit my own youth camp experiences because apparently i was lied to by a counselor. kennedy: oh my god. >> i actually do think he's guilty, come on man even in florida you can be naked. there's a term in florida it's called swamp. would you ever want to go to florida like benton, no. but it's not supposed to be everybody else's problem comments must be your problem. he is just living his truth.
9:34 pm
>> jury nullification outlays not guilty. and he says guilty? kennedy: i say not guilty i think nudity, clothing like rates are social constructs. [laughter] >> and to get pulled over. kennedy: >> he identifies as trans clothing so he doesn't have to get dressed. >> that's the thing why not. kennedy: alright here's case number two. a tennessee man smoked a joint while in court for drug possession. alan boston was facing a simple marijuana charge before he began to lecture the court has over the need for illegal marijuana to emphasize his point. he allegedly pulled out a rolled marijuana cigarette, also known as a joint, let it out officers immediately kept him in the judge issued another charge of disorderly conduct and possession. what say you attorney? >> chocolate jewelry notes and tend nullification.
9:35 pm
this is just a bad law. sometimes law should not be filed. i made a list of four laws that are the books that are because brick in the state of why you can't have more than one alcoholic drink in front of you one time. kennedy: what i have violated that. several times. >> forget me, my 11-year-old kid, it's illegal to for one drink special. kennedy: what you can't both go in georgia? this is the same thing. this fella, no he is guilty. >> guilty. you cannot light up in the courtroom at civil disobedience. he's proving he's a hero, don't get me wrong. >> he didn't inhale. >> he would get a hero for that hair and teeth combo. kennedy: if you want to buy me marijuana flowers ♪ ♪ go ahead now ♪ i would say this, i think that it should -- cannabis should be legal ever it's annoying when they smoke weed
9:36 pm
and inside settings. so i would say he did the crime now is going to do the time. but simple possession he will be fine. guilty. kennedy: here's case number three. michigan state student relieved himself off a balcony onto female students -- mizuho, no wasn't mazzeo spartan jack was in a florida nightclub he originall urinated on to females striping them on the hand and head and arms. he was intoxicated at time of his arrest and booked in the county jail and was subsequently free after posting a 1000-dollar bond. how do you take on that tingle? [laughter] >> let me first say some people pay for that kind of stuff. >> although. >> those. kennedy: that has to be consensual. >> it was involuntary act, he was drunk he had to relieve himself. we have all been there when you have to going up ago. kennedy: no you don't get so
9:37 pm
drunk you pm them. >> he was not clumsy, he did not see you then. >> which. kennedy: and chuck berry. [inaudible] >> he dislikes to watch. >> this once off the rail. >> when jimmy failures standards and practices as part of the show you can't pr off the balcony onto anyone if it's nonconsensual, unfortunate. we've got a great gotta go but not off a balcony. kennedy: and not on other people. kennedy: i draw the line at peeing on people when they are not asking for. >> accidentally peeing on them. kennedy: there's no accidental if you're good to get boozed up don't get so drunk. >> let's be clear he was definitely doing it on purpose. kennedy: by the way guilty ttp p's virginia postal worker rented a storage unit to dump
9:38 pm
the mill was unable to deliver each day. jason bella cruz spotted by a witness, he'd dumped over 5000 pieces of mail into a $49 month storage unit. witnesses snapped the whole ordeal. delacruz said he would get around to delivering it eventually. he was charged with delaying delivery of the male and has since resigned from his job. how do you defend that? >> give that man a medal of honor. how much junk mail doing it every day? kennedy: who decides? who decides. the government gets to decide what i get to see? jim? >> no he is guilty again, i don't want to be the long arm of the law but you don't know what he should have delivered. you don't know what is expected in those packages and he probably has a feel for what's going where. and it looks like he has a very particular interest in a certain type of package. >> thank him for showing us that the post office should be privatized. kennedy: amen privatize post
9:39 pm
office guilty as charged. well done gentlemen "kennedy's kourt" now adjourned. thank you to the glorious man panel. coming up president trump's flavored vaping band going into effect today. it's going to backfire and i'll tell you in my why am i memo next. ♪ ♪ urance." i think we're gonna swap over to "over seventy-five years of savings and service." what, we're just gonna swap over? yep. pump the breaks on this, swap it over to that. pump the breaks, and, uh, swap over? that's right. instead of all this that i've already-? yeah. what are we gonna do with these? keep it at your desk, and save it for next time. geico. over 75 years of savings and service.
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yeah? who's peter? well sweetie, he's your great-great grandfather. here, does he look like me? yeah. your family's story is waiting to be shared. at
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the president has had a phenomenal week but it can't be all acquittals in iowa meltdowns. his shortsighted heavy-handed partial vape band is an effects and it is iraq. critics of vaping squeal about teen vaping rates dabbling in the last three years. but the good news is combustible singer used by those rabe adolescent greasers has actually plummeted. it's down 50% for 12th grade michiganders, restriction us tend to hyperfocus on a very narrow problem and then apply a wet freedom crushing blankets and response. and this ban is no exception.
9:44 pm
jewel ceo crosley reported 50% of adult jewel users quit actual smoking with the product and guess what flavor they like? the fruity and dessert ones just like the pimply teen counterparts. that congress now threatening to ban those flavors fully and outright. i have a teenager and they do dumb things. but when you limit their bad choices they tend to make even worse ones. we got here because the kids were huffing illegal thc vape's laced with liquid vitamin ee and they seared the lemon malarkey out of their young lungs. fifty-nine people died and that is awful. but do notes worse? contracting the legal market which then in turn expands the black market of bad products and deadly consequences. if congress is going to legislate bad teen behavior, can they please make it illegal for my 14-year-old daughter to steal my good conditioner? and that's the memo.
9:45 pm
oh hi, i'm kennedy it's great to talk to me. anyhow, congress is currently toying with the regulation that could take this bait ban even further. but should washington try to curb legal vaping. to hear me tonight's senior editor at reason magazine it is jacob sullivan. welcome back jacob. so for you, what are some of the worst consequences we have not even talked about or discussed at this point? >> it's clear that it's very well established that e cigarettes are much less dangerous than conventional cigarettes. it's much less dangerous for adults who smoke and switch to vaping it's also less dangerous for teenagers who otherwise might be smoking and are vaping instead. so while there is some justifiable concern about the fact that vaping has gone up sharply among teenagers, the evidence indicates that the teenagers who are daily vapors, are overwhelmingly
9:46 pm
consecrated men teenagers who have smokes. and this suggests that in fact he cigarettes are replacing conventional cigarettes which is a big win for public health. even if you focus on the teenagers. and certainly for adults, doesn't make sense because teenagers have access to a product they are not supposed to be using. therefore you should restrict adults that they overwhelmingly prefer. the same flavors that the teenagers like the vape shops are selling the peoples they buy when they buy jewel pods and the ones a survey show adults prefer. adults want to get away from the flavor of tobacco, which is one of the few ones that will be left. tobacco and menthol will be the only ones left of the cartridge -based systems under the fca band. they prefer the other flavors and should be able to get them. kennedy: rightly so they probably taste better. for some people to very enjoyable experience. let me ask you this. i know you're very smart analytical person you have surveyed the landscape.
9:47 pm
so when we do have something like medicare for all, and the government has the greatest investments not only in our healthcare insurance, but our overall health, you think that there will be more restrictions on things we put in our bodies in the future and how do you see that going? >> yes, for sure. you often hear that argument to justify government intervention in personal decisions that ultimately taxpayers pay. but in this case this is a win-win situation. from a public health point of view, from an economic health point of view from the point of view of medical expenses, it clearly makes sense to encourage or at least allow the shift from smoking to vaping. because that reduces the disease, reduces premature death, reduces medical costs, and so it really, the fda and state governments that are banning flavored tea cigarettes, are actually undermining public health in the name of protecting it. kennedy: yes they are because your going to send more people
9:48 pm
back to buying combustible cigarettes, but also here in new york city where the flavors are demands, kids defined them. they do and unfortunately that servicing the most problems. if you are trying to tackle a deadly vaping problem, making everything illegal is the worst way to go. should this be left up to the fda had not decided by congress? >> the whole thing with the vaping related disease is because these cases involve according to the cdc's research, overwhelmingly if not exclusively involve black-market thc products. so we are talking about two completely different things. you are right people have talked about the outbreak of respiratory illnesses and it justifies the ban on e-cigarette flavors. when in fact there is no connection between us. kennedy: there is no connection that's a great point, topical storm is next. ♪ ♪ lease the 2020 rx 350 for $419 a month for 36 months.
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kennedy: and orlando boy was trapped inside the claw machine, not white claw that's coming up at about ten minutes. add a video arcade likely he's okay but it took police over 300 quarters to get him out. grab your prize because this is a topical storm. topic number one, let's start tonight at a drive-through safari that's bringing in a town of bread.
9:53 pm
this a bear made a fantastic catch. he got to pause inbound so the staff called this the best the bear video in the history of topical storm but impartially cannot confirm that because our new votes counting app crashed. there's a glitch. never get tech support from an iowa democrat. 2million people watch the video and you want to see even more bears, you can always check out our producers accounts. when kitty wink wink. there's concern on internet commenters that the bear could charge the car and beat up the bread tossing cameraman. luckily is a chicago bear and they never beat anybody during the season. oh well, where's jay when you need him. topic number two. we already did it. hooters announcing its giving away free chicken wings to single people on valentine's day. it's only funny because they
9:54 pm
said it as if any other type of people are going to hooters on valentine's day. don't get me wrong plenty of guys take their preference to hooters on valentine's day. but they are single at the end of the night. the paltry purveyors will give free wings to brings a picture of their acts and put it into a paper shredder, very classy move. it's about time somebody shredded papers besides nancy pelosi. and i'm sure it might be disappointed spend valentine's day alone or hooters, but trust me you're not half as disappointed as the waitresses parents. i don't know, i have set the hooters girls. i'm about to get a ton of poorly spelled hate mail. if you are in the market for hooters hoedown they are giving the company anyone attends a free subscription to bumble, so even if you don't like chicken, you can still get crabs. [laughter] topic number three. two florida criminals were busted this week after they got ratted out by their bagman.
9:55 pm
cops stopped a vehicle and saw the bag full of drugs on the passenger seat so they search and found another bag full of drugs to search yielded cocaine, ghb, few are unfamiliar with that congratulations you've never been on a date with bill cosby. joan judge me? he's the one that did it. perv. as of tonight's the boneheads are out on bail and they have even found a new way to stash some dough. look at bad just look at that he lays there. just like my prom night. topic number four. it's no secret our viewers have a love-hate relationship with the show. they love watching it, but they hate being sober. say get problematic like what i'm about to share. traveler tweeted just discovered you, embarrassing
9:56 pm
lady. [inaudible] jennifer added canady stop with the weather. jennifer used sack at the pipefitters union meeting. mary joined the roast with you're the grin she is, canady. and its postseason bus alike appeared billy sent us home with canady is kooky and a good way. all right, i will be right back. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ wherever we want to go, we just have to start. autosave your way there with chase. chase. make more of what's yours. (woman) no matter what business you are in, digital transformation never stops. verizon keeps business ready for what's next. (man) we weave security into their business...
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for the exact same drugs. but they aren't listening. they've just raised the prices of over five hundred drugs. president trump supports a bipartisan plan, that would force drug companies to lower prices. but the senate won't act. tell senate leaders to stop drug company price gouging and lower drug prices now.
9:59 pm
kennedy: thank you for watch
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