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tv   WSJ at Large With Gerry Baker  FOX Business  February 8, 2020 12:30am-1:00am EST

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- lou: joining us tonight. two of my favorite folks. diamond and silk. great to see you. welcome back to the broadcast. the president acquitted, vindicated, exonerated. he's on the offensive, hallelujah. what say you? >> amen. >> we are so happy. i love our president. despite all the things that have happened. you will the democrat conspiracy theories and shams. the president is still working
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for the american people. he's still doing right by the american people. a man who gives his money away and works for the american people for free. he's vindicated, exonerate, and i want them to leave him alone i want everyone to make sure you go out and you vote red, remove every democrat. you can remove them by voting red for republicans. lou: i thought you were going to spell it redd. i was talking with dan bishop. i am talking about following the president, and he didn't want to talk straight about following the president and getting him to november and winning back the house. can you guys get out there and
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work with these republican candidates who think they have a right to be dull? >> it's time for people to man up and stand up behind this president. it is what it is. our president is doing a hell of a job for all americans. especially black americans. if he helps you get into your position, you need to help this president get into his position. 2020, we got this. lou: president trump in the polls amongst black voters, the numbers are so impressive. they are historic. to see van jones over at cnn actually acknowledging this president is the guy who is really doing things for african-americans and their community. actually helping historically black colleges, actually creating opportunity. driving wages. the lowest you be employment
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rate while others, the radical dimms, are all b.s. >> absolutely. we was at the state of the union. when president trump started talking about the low unemployment among black americans. you had the democrats sitting down on that. lou: they have been sitting for decades, doing nothing. >> almost half a century. the american people are tired of it. and we have a winner. these democrats are so used to losing, they don't know how to win. lou: diamond and silk, great to see you. come back soon. >> we'll. lou: no journalist is more keyed into the deep state's lock be standing investigation of this president. we'll take up the left's endless
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lou: president trump has recalled the u.s. and bass doer to the european union, gordonsondesland. the announcement follows the removal of the never trumper alexander vindsman and his twin brother from the national
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security council. he will likely return to the department of defense. and mark esper publicly contradicting the president giving vindman a soft place to land. >> we welcome back all of our service members anywhere they serve. i would refer you to the army for any more detail on that. we protect all our service members from retribution or anything like that. lou: where in the hell did is per come up with a suggested threat of any kind of retaliation? during his confirmation hearing he said his views were more in line with jim mattis than the president. is per also contradicted the president on possible targets in iran and soleimani's threats against our embassies when he was taken out.
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this guy is in need of serious, serious reality checks. and he should remember that there is a chain of command particularly since he is in the defense department and better start saluting from time to time rather than contradicting the commander-in-chief. rick gates told special counsel robert mueller almost two years ago that a key piece of the allegations of russian collusion found in the ukraine black linger were entirely fabricated. john solomon reported several officials sold mueller's team the ledger had suspicious origins and could not be corroborated. but nonetheless it was never used as evidence in paul manafort's trial or mueller's
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final report, bit was useful to the prosecutors to begin their investigation. joining us now, john solomon. no one has come close to john in the extraordinary investigative reporting on spygate and all that attend it. the editor-in-chief of his new media outlet "just the news." >> thank you for that kind introduction. lou: let's start with that black ledger. i can recall vividly because i have been remind of it by my colleagues, june 20 last year talking about your suspicions about that black ledger and your reporting on it, and here we are with validation. it's stunning what that group of investigators -- i am talking
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about the special counsel, the fbi did. >> that final report was a place where we could have resolved some of these issues. it would help us to judge the "new york times" which reported on that ledger and gave it such credence that president trump had to fire paul manafort. there were two pieces of evidence that drove the russia collusion story, the steele dossier and the black ledger. this is how extensive this dirty trick against donald trump was. lou: you use the word dirty trick. i call it an attempt to overthrow the president of the united states. the president likes to call it a witch hunt and a hoax. to me it doesn't express the depravity of the deep state and the absolute evil of the radical
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dimms who tried to destroy this president. they tried to destroy his family as well as the republic. >> they couldn't find time in their report to tell us the ledger was a fabrication. but the ukrainian courts have tried to signal to the u.s. that they thought it was an attempt to harm donald trump during the 2016 election. people ask how can he ask for an investigation into 2016 interference? because of this evidence. it was a dirty trick used in ukraine to influence ouree recollections. lou: are you amused chagrined by the radical dimms who want the president to move on from
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here. forget the attempt to destroy his life and presidency. the viciousness, as they attack his family as well as him. and just forget about christopher steele and the democratic campaign and the democratic national committee and what the deep state continued to do to subvert this president. see you had an interview with the president that was long before he was cleared by mueller. he said the reason i'm going to fight this so hard is so it never happens to another president again. if a government agency and political party can conspire, we had to stop it for future
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generations of americans. it's good to see the house members and lindsey graham, so every person who participated in it is held accountable. lou: i couldn't agree with you more. thank you for being with us and making sure the good guys are preserved and the values of this great nation are preserved as well. up next as the dimms descends into chaos. and the president soars to new heights. we discuss the president's victorious week. radio host buck sexton joins us next. fun fact: 1 in 4 of us millennials have debt we might die with. and most of that debt is actually from credit cards. it's just not right. but with sofi, you can get your credit cards right by consolidating your credit card debt
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elected. you look at the collapse of the impeachment farce. he was acquitted. you have a president who gave a state of the union address -- i am usually somebody who says state of the union address who cares. but this was memorable and i think democrats to their core should realize, this is the guy we are up against? and the jobs numbers. lou: nancy pelosi behind the president with her silly nonsense and ripping up her copy. that is the most pathetic display i have ever seen. she has melted down to the point where she has very little standing. >> one of the primary symptoms of trump derangement syndrome is
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a lack of self-awareness. lou: i'm starting a movement tonight to call it what it really is, the radical dimm derangement syndrome. they are venal, choking on their own bile. and trying to destroy the greatest president of any. >> he says the democrats effectively lost it and he's begging for someone to come forward and represent a democratic party that's palatable. lou: who would want to be their standard-bearer of adam schiff, jerrold nadler? the list is pretty sordid and i
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think sorry. >> for their own purposes, schiff, nadler, they view this as a win. they think this will put them in good stead. they will get fancy profiles written about them. i think they will impeach the president if they have a majority. get ready for that. so is a republican party, hallelujah. this president unified the party. congratulations monday. the hypocritical radical dimms say they are praying for president trump. we are, so why shouldn't they? we take it up with pastor robert
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lou: be sure to vote in our poll for tonight. do you believe the dimms reaction should be called the democrat derangement syndrome instead of the trump derangement syndrome. dds we call it here. joining us, pastor robert jeffress. his new book is this one. it's called courageous.
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10 strategies for surviving in hostile world. you have been work, helping, supporting this president throughout. this week has been glorious. it's so much fun to see him victorious, holding his standard high which is by the way the american flag and the radical dimms just like what they are. >> i had the chance to be with the president right after the acquittal. he's positive, upbeat, he's focused on the future. he believes they are going to keep coming after him and i think everybody needs to know he's right. these people trying to take him out are evil people. and they have motivations and evil values like unrestricted abortion like they are trying to perpetrate on this nation.
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the greatest obstacle standing between the left and their vision of a godless america is president donald trump. i believe everybody who loves this country, everybody who loves their god needs to stand up and stand with this president and make sure this never happens again. lou: amen. and i hope every congressman, every senator running for reelection heard every word you said and will take it to heart and follow as they have the president month, this president. they are unified and it made a historic difference for this nation. >> the president should not have to try to stop this himself. we as the american people ought to demand that it happen. we know the attacks are going to come, the old game whack-a-mole. i sthif mitch mcconnell -- i
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think mitch mcconnell needs to get up with his mallet and whack, take him out right there. lou: i have to say, a compelling illusion. i couldn't agree with you more. this is a time where people have to understand the difference between good and evil. and what we are witnessing as a part i has chosen -- it's become a party of hate. it's chosen to attack a sitting president. legitimately and absolutely correctly unlawfully trying to tear him asunder. >> correct. lou: where is every god-fearing, every american citizen? >> people say why do i get
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involved in poll sniks you are a pastor. why do you do this? this is not a war between democrats and republicans. or the left and the right. it's a battle between good and evil. it's time for god's people to stand up and taked a stand. you can't be a christian and vote for somebody who purports to believe in unrestricted abortion. ripping a baby out of the womb and destroying it in the 9th month of pregnancy of the mother. that's barbaric and evil. lou: this president is abouter working man and woman, the middle class. including life for the unborn. poom -- pastor, what a sermon yu have give be us tonight, i thank
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you for it. >> you can take up the collection. lou: we have learned and we have been inspired. that's it for us. we thank you for being with us. we hope you have a terrific weekend and we'll see you here monday evening. trish: democrats carrying on about election security claiming president trump will steal the next election. for a bunch of people of so concerned about election security, can't they fix their own? they used a shell company tied to a democrat super pac that delayed the results for days. there are calls to recanvases results. i'm trish regan.


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