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tv   FBN AM  FOX Business  February 10, 2020 5:00am-6:00am EST

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had -- regulations that obama had put in there. lou: yeah. i guess that would be strategic momentum. ed rollins are, always great to see you, my friend. >> thank you. cheryl: it is 5:00 a.m. a. here are your top stories at this hour. president trump vowing to win his new hampshire primary tomorrow but for the democrats, two candidates are neck and neck and joe biden has another awkward moment on the campaign trail. lauren: president trump's 2020 budget et expected to be released in just under one hour and it gives a big boost to our military and the overall economy. cheryl: and you it wouldn't be the oscars without political punches, brad pitt taking aim at president trump impeachment acquittal and the comments not sitting well with viewers this morning. it is monday, february 10th. "fbn: a.m." starts right now. ♪
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♪ i belong with you. ♪ you belong with me. ♪ in my sweet -- ♪ hey, ho, hey, ho. ♪ i don't think you're right for him. lauren: good morning, welcome to "fbn: a.m.." i'm lauren simonetti. cheryl: good morning. i'm cheryl casone. lauren: let's take a look at how your money is moving this monday. we've seen a small he setback on wall street, the dow is down 41 points, nasdaq down about 6, this after friday's selloff but taking that into consideration, the major averages ended last week with gains of at least 3% each. cheryl: gas prices down the last 19 days. we're watching oil. this contract is off about 20% from its january peak, traders waiting to hear how the coronavirus is affecting demand, especially in china. lauren: stocks in asia, mixed performance, the shanghai actually higher, dwayneing half
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-- gaining half of 1%. cheryl: breaking news in the u.k., four more patients have now tested positive for the coronavirus. the u.k. now has eight confirmed cases. the concerns about the contagion of the virus affecting all of the european markets, a lot of red across the board this morning. our top story, in less than one hour the white house expected to unveil the budget for 2021. the $4.8 trillion plans calls for increased military spending and more money for nasa. it slashes 4. 4.4 trillion overe next two years, including money cut from safety net requirements, including food stamp programs, $70 billion star getted for stricter requirements for disability benefits. democrats control the house so
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it's unlikely all the proposeals would be approved. lauren: the latest on the coronavirus, 60 new cases of the deadly virus reported on the cruise ship quarantined in japan. the world health organization is sending a team of global experts to wuhan, china. cheryl: todd piro joins us live. we heard that a lot of those folks on the japanese ship were americans. >> reporter: it's a tough scene, all throughout the world. good morning to both of you. some medical experts saying the issue is the sheer number of patients that no country can be prepared for the numbers that we are seeing right now. right now, 910 people have died from coronavirus, 908 in mainland china, one in hong kong and one in the philippines. and while china leads the way with more than 40,000 cases, 25 other countries now have the virus on their shores. not to mention that diamond princess, 60 more people aboard
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the ship have tested positive, raising the cruise's total to 130 with japan saying it may test every person aboard the ship. in the u.s., there are 12 confirmed cases in six states, mostly in california. the world health organization director general tweeting that experts are being sent to china to break down the data and the genetics of the virus. here's the chinese ambassador to the uh uhs on the who getting involved. >> we're coordinating with the world health organization. we're certainly welcoming american experts to join the group that the who is assemblingnd a i'm sure they will be going to china very soon. >> reporter: the new york times reporting that china is telling doctors to use ct scans to diagnose coronavirus instead of just that testing kit. the latest change as doctors scramble to come up with some answers, but this is obviously not just a health situation, as you've covered. this is an economic and
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worldwide situation. cheryl: it's going to be affecting the economy in china as well. todd, thank you for that live report. we certainly appreciate it. well, switching gears, we are one day away from the new hampshire primary and the democrats are hoping for smoother sailing than they got in iowa, that's for sure. bernie sanders is asking for a par a recall recanvas of the iowa caucus results as he and pete buttigieg run neck and neck in the polls. lauren: hillary vaughn is live in nashua, new hampshire for us this morning with the latest for us. this is the eve of the first in the nation primary. what's the latest, hillary? >> reporter: good morning. former vice president joe biden over the weekend said he wasn't planning on winning in iowa b ad isn't counting on winning in new hampshire and he says it doesn't matter to hi his overall strate. >> it was a little bit confusing in iowa, number one. let's assume it was all --
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everything was exactly right. it doesn't necessarily say how you're going to win pennsylvania, how you're going to win michigan. i consistent t grat late pete, i -- consistent t gra congratulat. they were really well organized, better than we were in iowa. i viewed from the beginning and i mean this, that you have to take the first four as one. >> reporter: senator bernie sanders is of usually calling for a recanvas of results in iowa after the final results showed mayor pet pete buttigiegh a slight lead. the polls in new hampshire show sanders in the lead with mayor pete buttigieg 5 points behind. >> i'm running against some guys, pete buttigieg among others who have raised campaign funds from over 40 billion -- 40 billionaires.
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>> reporter: while bernie blasts buttigieg for billionaire voters, mayor peat i pete is slg sanders for pricing policies like medicare for all. >> senator sanders admits he has no idea how it is supposed to be paid for, raises the question about whether the american people deserve -- >> reporter: there is momentum and interest and over the weekend mayor pete's campaign said they broke the record for largest crowd at any democratic presidential camp pain event of the season, right here in new hampshire, over 1800 people turned out. lauren and cheryl. lauren: thank you. you've got to parallel that to the president's, president trump's big rally going on tonight. we might see 10,000 plus. hillary, thank you so much. tom steyer wants a higher minimum wage.
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he said he would propose paying workers at least $22 an hour if he wins the white house. he is challenging joe biden, the former vice president in south carolina. he's trying to breathe new life into his struggling campaign after losing the iowa caucuses to pete buttigieg. biden faces a possible defeat in tomorrow's primary in new hampshire, the latest gaffe, you can't believe what he just told a potential voter. we'll have that in just a. cheryl: in the political world, nancy pelosi is on the attack again. but she is wading into business. she's going after facebook. the house speaker calling out the company over their refusal to remove anil teared video of her -- an altered video of herlyinherripping up the state e union. it shows her ripping up the speech after each remark the president made. elon musk says ditch facebook.
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in a tweet saturday he wrote, hashtag, delete facebook, it's lame. musk has been critical of facebook in the past and says he doesn't use it. still, he's obsessed about it. lauren: sad news to bring you, a very dangerous weekend for police officers right here in new york city. cheryl: targeted attacks that new yorkers are following really closely. tracee carrasco has that story. tracee: a saturday night, a man ambushed two officers sitting in a patrol van in the bronx. one of them was shot in the neck. the alleged suspect did not stop there, just a few hours a after the first attack officers say he opened fire in a bronx precinct, shooting a lieutenant in the arm. the man surrendered and is now facing several charges including attempted murder. well, pentagon officials identifying two soldiers killed in afghanistan. sergeant first class javier
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gutierrez and antonio ray rodriguez died in a fire fight with a gunman during a mission with afghan troops on saturday. six others were injured. both were promoted to sergeant first chat class and awarded the bronze star and purple heart. a record for british airways. a 737 left new york and landed in heathrow airport in just under five hours, setting a record for a commercial aircraft to fly between the two cities according to flight radar 24. the previous record was held by a nor h norwegian air flight wia flight hour of 5 hours 15 minutes. period of pre-car birds of prey -- birds of prey did not fly high with theater goers. despite taking the top spot at
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the box office it only made $32.5 million, that's the lowest opening of any film in the dc extended universe. cheryl: can't keep track of them anymore. tracee: there are many of them. cheryl: take a look at futures this morning, we'll be tracking your money, you can see that we've got more red arrows this morning and despite the blowout jobs report on friday, and the trump economy continuing to fire on all cylinders, red arrows right now, dow down 57. a new study says that history proves the trump economy is going to lead the president to another four years in the white house. lauren: and how far would you go for a friend's wedding? how one bride's big day has a big app that it's costing her guests a lot of time and a lot of money. keep it here on "fbn: a.m.." ♪ monday morning. ♪ it was all i thought it would be. ♪ and when you open a new brokerage account,
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cheryl: the white house says that president trump's proposed budget plan will balance the budget in 15 years if the economy averages 3% growth. our next guest says that rate of expansion not really a guarantee. david dietz is here. well, yeah, 3% annual growth over 15 years does seem a little pie in the sky, we've got to be honest, based on history. >> absolutely, since 19 1950 or
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3%, the last five to six years, we haven't seen anything close to 3%. one of the big things is the aging of the american population. as americans get older, they're less productive and that's a drain and population growth is not increasing as much as it used to. cheryl: if you look at where we're at really with the markets and kind of this budget plan and everything, it's interesting where they're adding and cutting. he is going to increase military spending. that will be good for defense stocks, lockheed martin and. he's giving more money to nasa. there's a big increase for the nasa budget. that would also i would think be a market positive. >> well, certainly -- cheryl: for some. >> yeah, i mean, certainly anything to do with the infrastructure, kind of helps build our capabilities, increases transportation options, provides insight into how we move things from point a to b is a positive. the trick to increase the gdp is
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more targeted investments into growth, pro growth, lower taxes on capital investments, lower taskses general -- taxes generally, less regulation, that can help push us toward that 3%. spending on social programs, that doesn't help produce for the next generation, that's not helpful. cheryl: that's where he's cutting. you're right a trillion on infrastructure, i'med glad you brought thunderstorm watch -- brought that up. and border wall funding, he's asking for that. economic indicators suggest that president trump is going to be reelected. we've been talking about that for months, run on the economy and you've got a good chance of winning the oval office again. >> with the old slo slogan, its the economy, stupid. people are saying the market's are at all-time highs, unemployment rate is 50 year low, wage increases have a three hand handle, what's not to like. that's a big part in terms of the possibility of his being reelected. cheryl: the jobs report that we got, january jobs report was very strong.
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the coronavirus unfortunately turned the market down. but overall, you're right the picture is good for the president. he runs on that he might have a chance. >> basically, taxes have been reduced on corporate america. taxes have been reduced, the top rates have been brought down. i think that is helping spur the economy. that's a positive going forward. of course, less regulation. cheryl: you bet. david deitz, thank you, sir. lauren: let's take a look at your money this morning, the dow, nasdaq and s&p, slight losses right here in the premarket. some worries about the extent of the coronavirus is spreading. well, it wouldn't be the oscars without some political punches. >> they told me i only have 45 seconds up here, whichs is 45 seconds more than the senate gave john bolton this week. lauren: brad pitt's move not going over well this morning. mike gunzelman is here with the big moments and the big winners from last night's oscar. cheryl: the department of justice makes a rare move in the
5:18 am
bernie madoff case. could the man behind the biggest upon. >ponzi scheme ever be freed from prison? details ahead on "fbn: a.m." ♪ kick them up, kick when they're down -- president trump warned the drug companies. it's unacceptable that americans pay vastly more than people in other countries, for the exact same drugs. but they aren't listening. they've just raised the prices of over five hundred drugs.
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president trump supports a bipartisan plan, that would force drug companies to lower prices. but the senate won't act. tell senate leaders to stop drug company price gouging and lower drug prices now.
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cheryl: from unexpected performances to triumphant wins, history was made at last night's academy awards. lauren: was it exciting? mike gunzelman joins us with more on the big night last night. what did you think of the oscars. >> it was quite something. i'm still kind of confused as to what exactly happened. let's get into everything you might have missed. it was hostless this year. we found out the monologue would be given by steven martin and chris rock. they were funny, had jokes here and there.
5:22 am
one of the biggest things people will be talking about, chris rock poked fun at jeff bezos who was in attendance and here's how that went. >> jeff bezos is so rich, he got divorced and he's still the richest man in the world. steve, do you have anything you want to add about mr. bezos? >> no, i like getting my packages on time. >> as far as actually awards went, parasite won best picture, best director as well for bon ju ho, the first non-english language film to win best picture. one person that did not win was the 1917's sam mendez. his social media team didn't know that. they accidentally sent out a tweet and instagram for his upcoming broadway show called the layman trilogy and they gave
5:23 am
him best picture, best director. they jumped the gun on that. cheryl: and then he didn't win. >> a lot of talk about netflix this year, irishman nominated for 10 different awards, shut out. lauren: not a single award. >>0for 10 10 right there. laura dern won for marriage story. somebody had to get political because it's the oscars and take was brad pitt. he won best supporting actor for once upon a time in hollywood and here's what he had to say. >> they told me i only had 45 seconds up here. which is 45 seconds more than the senate gave john bolton this week. i'm thinking maybe quinton does a movie about it and in the end the adults do the right thing. >> that was brad pitt mentioning the trump impeachment, et cetera. joaquin phoenix won best acthe tore for joker, renee zellweger won for judy, they brought up
5:24 am
politics, humanitarianism. cheryl: what was the eminem thing? >> eminem is probably most people are talking about, he randomly came out, they did a montage of best original songs throughout the year and eminem comes out and he does his hit song, lose yourself, which he won back in 2003. nobody knows really why he did this. the crowd had no -- like the crowd was shocked. more so confused. and also one of the best viral moments is martin scorsese actually fell asleep during the performance. cheryl: during eminem? >> there he is, his eyes are closed. lauren: that's not his genre. >> it was quite something, like i said. oh, boy. there you go. listen, i watched so you didn't have to. cheryl: we'll get the ratings later today. we'll see. lauren: mike gunzelman, thank you very. cheryl: let's take a look at futures. we've got red arrows.
5:25 am
the coronavirus is still a concern, new cases out of the u.k. confirmed overnight. the dow is down 52, s&p is down 4 and three quarters, nasdaq down 10 and a quarter. well, coming up next, we are going to go to hong kong where our next guest says the coronavirus is spreading much worse and much faster than china is letting on. lauren: from old iphones to dusty atari games if you held onto them over the years, you could be in luck. the old tech items fetching pretty big bucks. keep it here on "fbn: a.m.." ♪ don't leave me hanging on the telephone. ♪ ght by consolidating your credit card debt into one monthly payment. and get your interest rate right so you can save big. get a no-fee personal loan up to $100k.
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we can rush an emergency survival package to help one desperate elderly person for a month. call right now. cheryl: here is your morning cheat sheet, the top headlines to get you through the day. democrats ramping up attacks on their owe poe meants ahead of the new hampshire pry mayor youly. sanders and buttigieg neck and neck in the polls right now as amy klobuchar sees a late surge in the most recent poll. president trump expected to
5:29 am
release his fiscal budget in just about a half hour from now, calling for increased spending for the military and nasa, it also cuts $4.4 trillion over the next 10 years. well, the deadly coronavirus infecting 60 new passengers on a quarantined cruise ship off the coast of japan, around the world 910 people have now died from this virus including one american. there are 12 confirmed cases in the u.s. china committing $10 billion to control the outbreak amid a shortage of medical supplies. right now, a team from the world health organization is on the way to. lauren: for more on this, we bring in peter chun, the founder of silver bear capital, he is in hong kong. how are you? >> very good. good morning. lauren: can you describe the situation in hong kong, if you're getting the information you need, if you're worried? >> everybody is extremely concerned about the situation
5:30 am
here. i mean, the virus is affecting 28 countries and territories around the world and is one of the biggest breakouts in history since sars, with more than 900 people dead. i remember it was 40,000 cases, infected casessed already, so it's quite a big issue here. lauren: how has your business been? you're in hong kong, you're affected by the virus and by the protests we've seen for months in hong kong. how is business? >> the business is slow because the restricted traveling issues we have, everybody was promoted not to meet each other on the streets because of the nature of the virus and how they transmit to each other. the blockage set up by the government between the border and hong kong has been established so it had dramatically reduced the amount of people traveling across the border which is one of the main business gateways between china
5:31 am
and hong kong as well. lauren: how would you rate president xi's handling of the coronavirus? >> well, i mean, right now the standard precautionary format that they have will check people out if they are potentially infected and if they're infected they get on the list. however, the handling would only be effective if you caught somebody when they were infected. but because the virus itself does not show symptoms within what's so-called 14 days period of time, so this number can actually multiply real quickly without being seen to be infected because people are not being seen infected until 14 days later. lauren: the london school of hygiene and tropical minis saying in the middle of the
5:32 am
month or late february we could see one in 20 residents in you wuhan infected with coronavirus and that spreads the worry that the numbers we're getting from china and the who just going in now on their way with an advanced team to china are not giving us the information that we need. would you agree? >> i would agree. the early fatality rate was estimated 2% but now it's 21%. the incubation period in the beginning was thought to be two to 14 but probably we'll extend it again. so i think no one should underestimate the outbreak this time because it's going to be serious. lauren: peter chun thank you for joining us. best of luck. >> thank you. cheryl: well, fica recently announced they're making changes to the credit scoring model. likely, it will have a negative effect on millennials. let's bring in tim rood.
5:33 am
good morning. these millennials are -- this generation is trying to get out of student debt, trying to get out of their parent's basement, trying to get work, these new rules will hurt them because they are credit card dependent. will that be an economic negative, do you think? >> i think it will be. one of the things going into this, we're going into a home buying season which now you've got a home buying season that's fueled by millennial prospective home buyers. this is one of the bigger issues about this. what they've done is basically changed the you way they calculate your credit score. it will affect 110 million credit-worthy borrowers. they'll look at your utilization of credit and look at your performance with credit and they'll be more negative associated with folks who are over-using credit or not paying. the challenge as relates to millennials, particularly in the home purchase segment, is that they tend to be very minimal
5:34 am
users of credit. they might use a debit card but they might have a student loan debt that's on deferment. some of the legacy, more kind of legacy credit systems like fico will be exclusionary and they won't see or pick up 20% of those millennials, they won't be able to score them, won't be able to qualify for credit. that's why you've regulators and lawmakers pass law to embrace new credit models like van tang score that will -- taken damagee that will score more people. cheryl: to your point, going to the real estate market, we've got prices that are going higher, inventory is low and we need the millennial generation to start buying homes, especially as baby boomers retire, down-size of. that house needs to be sold to someone that's younger. i think it's like 40 million people because of the change will watch their fico score negatively get affected.
5:35 am
we have a graphic to h show our viewers. a lot of people have no idea what their fico score is. it goes up to 850. i think most people are between the fair and good range. it's going to be interesting to see how these numbers shift over the summer, tim. >> one of the challenges is already millennials have a deflated score. you compound that with changes that fico is putting, it puts a bigger barrier in terms of the millennials who are trying to fight their way out of their parents' basement, break into the home buying market, participate in wealth building opportunities. if they can't qualify because of the credit changes and other things it's a downer for the housing market and sets millennials up for a life of renting and a losing that wealth he creation opportunity of home ownership. cheryl: if any millennials are watching, what you don't want to do under this rule change is to
5:36 am
get a personal loan to pay off credit card debt and re-rack up the credit card debt, bad idea under the new law that's going to be hitting the new guidelines this summer. tim, thank you very much for being here it's good to see you. >> you too. lauren: let's take a look at your money this monday morning. we still have the markets down but marginal declines for the dow, nasdaq and s&p this morning. up about a tenth of 1% across the board. well, is this the beginning of the end for joe biden? the strange encounter he had with a young voter that has the former vp on thin ice this morning. cheryl: bill murray committing a faux pas on a legendary golf course. the caddie shack style moment coming up on "fbn: a.m." ♪ why don't you hit me with your best shot. ♪ hit me with your best shot. ♪ fire away. from lonnie's lumber. if you need lumber wood, lonnie's is better than good.
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>> ever been to a caucus? no, you haven't. you're a lying dog faced pony soldier. lauren: that was joe biden giving a puzzling response to a student during a campaign event in new hampshire yesterday. let's discuss, howard franklin and john howard are here. thank you for joining us, gentlemen. >> good morning. lauren: howard, we'll begin with you. you just heard what the former vice president said. are you worried about this latest gaffe and what it means for his standing? he could be on the eve of the first in the nation primary 0
5:40 am
for 2 in the first contest of 2020. >> i agree. i think a lot of democrats are worried about his standing. in fact, the question that i think was prompted by the young lady, the student, was also about his willingness or ability to actually win the new hampshire primary and what it meant to go 0 for 2. i think this is an a issue that a lot of democrats are grappling with, i think it's why mike bloomberg entered the race, i think it's why the democratic field is unsettled even though we've had one caucus and are on the eve of another primary. lauren: mayor pete buttigieg may be 2 for 2 after a strong showing in iowa and he's got the enthusiasm factor on the democratic side so far in new hampshire. john, what do you make of it? >> he does. for pete buttigieg this is a must win state if he wants to have a shot at winning the nomination. he can't come in second or third. he has to beat bernie sanders and polling's been conflicting over the weekend. it looks like bernie has a slight edge here but this is a
5:41 am
must win state because he's going to get into joe biden's potential firewall in south carolina and he's not popular with the african american block. lauren: it would be awfully hard, don't you think, howard, for pete buttigieg to win new hampshire where bernie sanders' state is right next door. >> it could be hard but he has beaten expectations in iowa. everyon.i do thinks he's got thy to shock everybody tomorrow night and i'm sure he's pulling hard. i know he and bernie and biden also have been kind of sniping at each other the last couple days. i think it's an acknowledgement that the three of them are all in must-win situations. lauren: the other thing we're seeing, john, is democrats continue to tell voters that the economy is not good r, that the trump policies are not helping them. after you saw the jobs report we got on friday and the fact that lower wage workers are seeing
5:42 am
faster wage gains than upper class workers, how do you defend against that? >> the democrats are going to have to twist themselves into pretzels to make that argument. you saw tom steyer shifted his argument saying none of you in the field can take it to trump on the economy. i don't think quite frankly any of them can. here's the problem. talking to a voter is meeting them, their perception is their rel at. voters think -- reality. voters think they're doing better economic clifally and no campaign ad is going to convince them otherwise. i think it's a tough sell. lauren: when you have no recession before an election, the incumbent will most likely, almost always win, however, there's a wild card. and that wild card is voter turnout. howard, from what you're seeing on the democratic side, is there enthusiasm for any one particular candidate that could
5:43 am
combat the big rallies that we see from president trump? >> you've got to acknowledge that trump has done an amazing job of rallying up his base. i would tell you, i think most americans would agree, no one he believes that we're operating solely in the trump economy. president obama resided over a -- presided over the end of the economic recession and the beginning of job creation or the shrinking of the unemployment rates. i think a lot of democrats are looking for ways to beat wage stagnation, beat the rising cost of -- whether it's housing, transportation, healthcare, a null better of issues that we've seen -- number of issues that we've seen democrats succeed at the ballot box on in 2018. i think it's a mixed bag. people are enjoying the economy but it could always be better. lauren: we'll give you the last words there. >> you're right, it could be better, trump says give me four more years, because the best is
5:44 am
yet to come. that's the problem. lauren: thank you so much for the time. cheryl: let's take a look at futures right now. fears over the coronavirus affecting markets globally. the dow down 35, s&p down 3, nasdaq down 4 and a quarter. check the attic and rummage through your closet, do you have an old ipod or vintage computer? the blast from the past items that are fetching big bucks. lauren: from big bucks to a big ask, how one bride's cost-cutting idea is giving her guests a big headache. keep it here on "fbn: a.m." ♪ we're on vacation. ♪ having lots of fun. ♪ what do you think? i don't see it. only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty. ♪
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♪ sh show me the money. lauren: you could be saying just that, show me the money, if you held onto old school technology. cheryl: let's bring in brett lateson,bring in brettlarson, w. >> the key here is factory sealed. you could be sitting on serious cash. i love this. of half the things on the list i actually have. not necessarily factory sealed. the atary 2600, does anybody remember that. cheryl: i had one in the '70s. >> if you have one, it could be -- does that say $100,000. lauren: cheryl, where is it? cheryl: thrown out in the '80s. >> some of the games are worth several thousand dollars. there's a game called red sea crossing, it was discovered in 2007, people weren't aware it was still out. it got $10,000 when someone went to sell it.
5:49 am
it's not necessarily what you have, it's also what someone else is willing to pay for it. if you have a copy of the et game which ended up in a ditch somewhere, you are sitting on cold, hard cash. lauren: what about a regular old iphone. >> the original from 2007 it can be worth up to $1,200 if it's in good condition, if it's factory sealed. i have one sitting in a desk somewhere. remember the original mac? that's worth several -- from 1984. cheryl: the '80s. i saw a commodore 64. >> minte mint condition, $1,2u can get the commodore cars 64. the ipod classic version, the black and red one, $90,000. if it has the u2 songs on it, it's worth even less. because nobody wanted that to begin with.
5:50 am
i'm making that up of. and vinyl records, this is -- vinyl is starting to make a comeback, everybody is starting to re-collect vinyl records so go through your collection of vinyl records, and again, this depends on what you've got. if you've got factory sealed original copieses of like the beatles or elton johna john alb, you are sitting on a gold mine, so-to-speak. lauren: brett is making us money this morning. cheryl: i'm going to look for my snow white play station 2 when i get home. >> who knew that was such a link. lauren: i wonder what we should keep sealed for the future, like what items do we have that we want to keep in mint condition. >> do you have the original apple watch in a factory seal, is it going to be worth something? cheryl: i have a sealed ipod that's a decade old. i never opened it. i'm heading home, like i'm out. >> there is someone somewhere willing to pay you serious cash for that.
5:51 am
lauren: she might not be here tomorrow. you can catch brett on fox news headlines, 24/7, sirius xm channel 115. minnesota got hammered with snow over the weekend. cheryl: take a look at this. southern states seeing their first snow of the season. this video shot near atlanta. the storm system swept across the country, expected to cause a messy monday commute. janice dean joins us with what we can expect. >> more snow i in parts of georgia than new york. new york city has had less snow than the northern parts of georgia. we are dealing with a mess of weather for much of the workweek, an active we r there pattern setting up -- weather pattern setting up, the potential for heavy vein for parts of the south, th to the md atlantic. the next several days, flash flooding will be a concern, we'll see the potential for severe weather, west of the
5:52 am
front that's where we could see the snow piling up over the midwest, the great lakes, interior northeast. look at the snow that's going to happen over across parts of the southern rockies and southwest, up towards the northwest. the bottom line, it's going to be an active weather pattern this week. tomorrow, primary day, will you be affected by weather? it's possible. there are your current conditions right now, we have snow flakes in the forecast and tomorrow we'll get a bit of a warmup relatively speaking, some rain in southern sections of the state. and we will certainly keep you posted but don't make the weather the bad guy. go out and vote. cheryl: in new york it's been nice. >> you know what? sometimes we get snow in march, though. cheryl: janice, thank you. well, the department of justice making a rare move in the bernie madoff case. lauren: tracee carrasco has those details. tracee: the justice department is asking for input when it comes to bernie madoff and his push to get out of prison early due to bad health. officials are asking thousands
5:53 am
of vicks tips of the convicted -- victims of the convicted ponzi schemer you how the how td feel about the request. the scheme lured investors by guaranteeing massively high returns. elizabeth holmes is looking to dismiss four counts of her indictments that deal with patients. she ran a blood testing company until it collapsed two years ago. she argues her case in a motion saying the indictment does not allege that a single patient received an inaccurate result from a theronos test. she onc is due in court today. living large, a california ranch bigger than all of san francisco is up for grabs. it's on the market for the first time since the 1930s. $72 million buys you about 50,000 ache aers across -- acres across four counties, touted as the largest single land offering
5:54 am
in the state. and actor bill murray puts on a show after missing a putt at a golf tournament. >> [ applause ] tracee: the ghost buster star tapping the ball in without looking and tossing you tossinu putter shoug. cheryl: not good golf course behavior. lauren: the generation that's spending big and expecting bigs this valentine's day. cheryl: would you sit through a time share presentation after spending thousands of dollars on someone else's destination wedding? how one bride has a very big ask. keep it here on "fbn: a.m." ♪ going to the chapel and we're gonna get married.
5:55 am
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♪ a nice day for a white wedding. ♪ it's a nice day to start again. cheryl: speaking of weddings, one couple is apparently taking their destination wedding to a new and possibly very inconvenient level for their guests. the pair is expected to say i do in ca can cun, mexico. on top of this being a destination wedding, where all
5:58 am
the guests have to pay their way to get there, the hotel, et cetera, the poster says as well that the wedding is going to be on a monday and there's more. besides having to take off work and pay for that hotel, the pair want all of their guests to sit through a time share presentation in order to attend the wedding. the woman who posted this says she's been hesitant about going. do you think? a majority of people online say she should skip out. would you go. lauren: no, not at all. not a chance in hell. would you? cheryl: no, no. lauren: gift, be on my way. big hearts, big wallet, how much are you willing to spend on your sweetie this valentine's day. adults, the expectation is 1 5* dollars, millennials are expected to spend $208 on their special someone and that is expected to fuel cupid's market with a record $27.4 billion in spending. that according to the national retail federation, it's 32% more
5:59 am
than last year. mike gunzelman is going to ask people how much they're spending on valentine's day. cheryl: what's interesting, though, can you really put a price on love. isn't it about the romance, folks, or no? good question for you. we're on facebook, we're on twitter, we're on instagram, let us know what you think. that should have been our question of the day. we just decided that on tv. yeah, it's interesting, the economy is doing so much better. more people are working. we got the big jobs report on friday. lauren: and we have a market that turned around in the premarket, the nasdaq is higher by 10 points. it was the best week last week for the nasdaq since november of 2018, rising 4%. it's continuing this morning, s&p is up a point. dow down just 6. we see a little bit reversal of fortune this morning. that does it for us on "fbn: a.m." cheryl: we send it over to maria bartiromo this monday morning. maria: good morning. happy monday everybody. thanks for joining us. i'm maria bartiromo. it is monday, february 10th. your top stories right now, just before 6:00 a.m. on the east
6:00 am
coast. president trump's $4.8 trillion budget, find out where spending is increasing and where there will be steep reductions. we've got the latest on the budget to be announced today. coronavirus crisis continues, death toll is now topping the sars death toll. the economic impact being felt across the globe right here. futures searching for direction, take a look at markets this monday morning with the dow industrials down a faction, the nasdaq is up a fraction. the battle for new hampshire is on, candidates making their final push. pete buttigieg and bernie sanders remaining the frontrunners. biden is ratcheting up attacks on his opponents and voters as well. s history made last night, a look at the winners, the losers, the outfits, the moments everyone is talking about this morning. think twice about paying with cash or debit card, you could miss out on thousands of dollars. find out why. debunking medical myths, does eating at night make you gain weight? should you


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