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tv   Lou Dobbs Tonight  FOX Business  February 10, 2020 7:00pm-8:00pm EST

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having us in your home. lou dobbs is here on the fox business network. have a good evening. [♪] lou: good evening. breaking news. attorney general william barr has announced the justice department is taking legal action against sanctuary cities. the department filing suit against new jersey and king counties, washington for their actions preventing local law enforcement from working with the department of homeland security. the attorney general said those sanctuary policies are endangering the local community and the enforcement of laws against illegal immigration that is solely under the jurisdiction of the federal government. >> for local community
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frequently feel the effects of unfettered illegal immigration. and the effects of criminal illegal aliens. the only authority in the country vested with the power and responsibility of dealing with that problem is the federal government. no state can deal winds alone. -- deal with it alone. lou: it's the latest in the administration's efforts to protect the american people. the trump administration taking a no holds barred stands against the chinese and their theft of american he i.t. '. >> competition with china is happening inside of your state and it affects our capacity to perform america's vital national
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security sanctions. xi jinping is moving in the opposite direction. more repression, more predatory economic practices and a more aggressive military posture and it decided to exploit our freedoms pat the state and local level to gain advantage over us. lou: in china, the coronavirus continues to spread. the numbers of deaths in that virus surpass those who died from sars in 2003. overall more than a thousand people have died from the coronavirus. 43,000 are infected. 99% of those cases and deaths are in china. the director of the world health organization warn the cases outside of china are simply the tip of the iceberg.
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joining us, dr. marc siegel. these numbers were static throughout most of the day. this is getting to be a bit worrisome that the reporting structure is not as efficient as certainly the united states would expect. your thoughts? >> that's one thing. we are not getting case reports. the delays that suddenly another 2,000 cases occurred in china. it may have started as early as november. we already knew of it was delayed. but that means there are thousands of cases out there that never got properly diagnosed in china which means it may have spread asymptomatically. it could have gone to other countries, including here.
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lou: it could have. but we have such a sophisticated public health system in this country. the likelihood of that it seems to me are remote because we don't have any surprise surge here in cases in this country that i'm aware of. >> that's completely fair beyond mild cases. there may have been mild cases we didn't know was the coronavirus. just to give you have the numbers on this. 12 cases confirmed. 68 cases still under observation by the cdc. people who have been flown in and evacuated from wuhan, we have people' quarantined on military bases. it's disturbing that cdc is not allowed into china. lou: later on the show we'll
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update the number of cases. we'll find out the status. i want the return to china. now there is starting to be some consternation about the fact that we have not been able to get our teams into china. the world health organization -- the chinese have not allowed them to go in either. there is politics being played here in this country, in the world health organization in particular, wanting to go nice and easy with the chinese. i get that. but what i don't get is not being straightforward about it. there is a risk that not being straightforward with the american people about the fact that the chinese government is not permitting those teams in could lead to real scepticism about the other things the science and public health community and medical community
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are reporting to us. >> i want to point out gently that the number of the world health organization in charge of communicable diseases was an official in china for over 30 years. the w.h.o. is finallyin final -s finally being allowed in there. but we need cdc with boots on the ground. we don't have the same infrastructure over there. we have great hospitals here. we don't have the same healthcare there and it leads to more viral spread. lou: what else your sense? they denied the u.s. teams since january 6 in. it's the numbers -- if the dates are correct that this disease started at least a month earlier than we originally were told.
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what are the implications of that for the chinese. >> it implies almost directly they have been suppressing and hiding information. and it's very disturbing to a physician like me. the virus itself has been published online. two studies came out of china that shows most of the people that have died from this have either been elderly or immunocompromised. i would like to know the vast array of the real numbers and who is getting this and who is at risk. lou: you referred to the world health organization and the influence of china in the operations. they have a number of positions that chinese nationals hold. are you suggesting that's influencing world health organization decision making? >> i am.
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i think china carries a lot of weight because of their position in the united nations. i'm not saying the w.h.o. is complicit from suppression. i'm saying they should have been involved in the beginning before the virus was spreading to these countries. singapore, japan, an increasing number of cases. lou: when do you expect to see an abatement in the spread of this disease outside of china? >> we saw 14 cases in great britain. that worries me that it spread from one person to 14 others. in the united states we are doing a better job with everything under lock and key. i think in the spring, in april you will start to see this die out because of for no other reason is respiratory viruses don't do well in that kinds of
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climate. in the mean time be work goes on on anti-viral drugs. a vaccine is about a year away. lou: we have a report that an anti-viral has shown promise within a matter of hours treating one patient and a number of companies are moving ahead with vaccines as well as virals. anything in prospect right now in real terms? >> one anti-viral drug used against ebola. it was used against the patient in washington state an got better and went home. lou: the report is that he showed improvement within hours. >> absolutely. in thailand they are trying an h.i.v. drug along with a blue drug. that's showing promise. the third possibility is to piewls anti-bod -- is to use antibodies targeted against this
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virus. lou: it turns out one of the biggest customers for the broken app in iowa was a guy called mayor pete. we'll show you the amazing series of -- well, incidents and coincidences that led to perhaps the outcome in iowa. maybe the results aren't quite resolved yet. no maybes. they are not. and the suspicious case of the connections among competing oligarchs, the bidens, mitt romney and assorted others. we'll have all of that. and that's involves ukraine once again. what? i got it. alexa, start roomba. the lexus es. eagerly prepared for the unexpected. lease the 2020 es 350 for $389 a month for 36 months. experience amazing at your lexus dealer.
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or sits in the white house, that beautiful chair in the white house, the oval office. 1.5 billion people. we have 350 million people. but we have a special place and a special country. nobody is going to catch us if we have great leadership. lou: nobody knows for sure who voted for what or whom in iowa. most haven't figured out how the idea democrats figured the word viability. senator bernie sanders, former mayor:pete buttigieg have asked for a re -- a recanvass. he did get 14 delegates. sanders came in second so they say and got 12 delegates.
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the famous app developed by shadow inc to report the caucus votes didn't work so well. the democrats teamed up with a democracy group that harvard to run a test of worst case scenarios. the assortment around the stress tests included robby mook. the also the buttigieg campaign paid the app's developer $42,000. en the head of the company that's launched shadow is a
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buttigieg sponsor. tara mcdwowan is a former clinton-obama alum. and now serves as a strategist for the buttigieg campaign. and pacronyn, seth parman has donated directly to mayor pete's campaign. is it coincidental that the candidate who spent the most money and had the most friends and supporters in the company was buttigieg. a question other democratic candidates will likely be asking themselves. joe biden called a young female
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voter in new hampshire a liar in his own scattered way. >> have you been to a caucus? no, you haven't. you have got to be honest. you are a dog-faced pony soldier. lou: bind says he got that line from his brother who often quotes john wayne movies. there is this line from john wayne's she wore a yellow ribbon. here they are, the dog-faced soldiers, the 50 cent professionals riding the out post to the nation. lou: pony soldiers is tyrone power, not john wayne. those couple of choices, i understand there are more. but we decided to spare everybody. it just shows biden is a -- well
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we won't describe him. the voters have done that and we'll do it again as early as tomorrow. barack obama now hollywood royalty earning his first oscar as the producer of the netflix documentary. think about what this man has achieved. he has an academy award to go with his emmy. he has two grammys and a nobel* prize. and they have been out of office three years and they are worthed an estimated $185 million. a $50 million netflix deal. american factories directors, the documentary, showing their true colors in last night's acceptance speech. >> working people have it harder and harder these days.
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and we believe that things will get better when workers of the world unite. lou: i didn't think that was particularly original, did you? too joining us, former reagan white house political director, fox business contributor, michael goodwin. that sounded vaguey, i don't know, socialist? >> and obama is reportedly warning democrats against bernie sanders. a little off message, his mates on that production company. lou: can you think of anyone who won a nobel prize within a few days of taking a job and won a emmy, grammy and academy award?
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>> obama is going to be the door ling for the foreseeable future of hollywood if anybody cares. i certainly don't. at the end of the day their ratings were way down. it was a terrible show. lou: how can it go lower than where it has been? >> it can't. my wife was watching it, and every sunday -- she fell asleep halfway delight and i suffered through to the bitter end. lou: what do you make of iowa and what do you make of this firm shadow and pacronym? >> i think something went on there. bernie had 6,500 more voters going in.
7:22 pm
that's what people counted as you came in. lou: you take their word for that? >> i take that initial count. you walk in, who are you for? and he had 6,000 more. so by the time they re-did it 15 different times with five different rules -- lou: you are satisfied with the outcome? >> no, i'm not satisfied. it doesn't matter to me. at the end of the day when they pick delegates which is next june, it will be different again. lou: let's turn to dog-faced. >> lying dog-faced pony soldier. lou: that's quite something. than that was a bind supporter. >> if he laughed it might have been a joke. but it came across as a weird thing to say. to call her a liar.
7:23 pm
john turley the lawyer said he's going after voter suppression, he's going after his own voters. >> he's going to lose big tomorrow. he will come in maybe fifth. he had iowa to himself for a period of time and didn't do anything. he had new hampshire for a period of time by himself. today they have him on a teleprompter. they never have anybody on teleprompter in the closing days. i think he's dead man walk. i have never been a biden fan from the beginning. but i think he will have a fifth place finish tomorrow and that will be the end of him. >> i'm surprised he has lasted this be long. i thought he was shaky from the beginning. to hear him talk it was the biden-obama administration, not the other way around. he did everything. there is no reality to who he is
7:24 pm
or that he could ever be president. lou: of the democratic candidates, you have michael bloomberg always present, and now showing up in one poll at least as having 15% support. how in the world can the democratic party rationalize letting this billionaire upend the entire process? >> i think he will be one of the finalists. i think with the amount of money he spent there is a lot of people who aren't sure who the candidates are. the 15% is mike bloomberg, i saw that. but he will do good stuff. it's kind of like none of the above. obviously you are going to spend a billion dollars on television. whether he can be a viable candidate. i would never put him anywhere.
7:25 pm
>> he's going to be in all of the states on super tuesday, march 3, 14 states. he's advertised heavily. he's spending all of his time. and i don't believe he will actually win a state. so to me it's very hard if -- you can rack up some delegates but somewhere you have to win something, don't you? lou: no write-in in new hampshire? do you believe political polls? cast your vote on twitter @loudobbs. that does not include scientific polls like our own in which you are currently participating. we would like to hear your thoughts on all of this. follow me on twitter @loudobbs. a programming note. secretary of state mike pompeo,
7:26 pm
congressman devin anyone's and dr. anthony fauci among our guests tomorrow evening. up next here tonight, we take in the who kept silent as nancy pelosi had a very public fit sitting behind the president of the united states at the state of the union, outrageous. but these folks didn't say a word. why not? red storm rising. secretary of state mike pompeo with a very serious warning yesterday. stay with us. we are coming right back. ( ♪ ) ♪ the sun is risin' ♪ ♪ as the day begins ♪ time for reflectin' on family and friends ♪ ♪ and hey, we got somethin' ♪ ♪ just for you (sniffing) ♪ it's a cup of your favori-i-i-ite... ♪ (loud splashing) (high-pitched laughter)
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lou: a stunning silence from two of the biggest rino house speakers the country ever had. paul ryan and john boehner have
7:31 pm
yet to make any comment about house speaker nancy pelosi's outrageous, insulting behavior at the president's state of the union address. it's a silence that's raising more questions about both ryan and boehner than about the speaker herself. but there it is. the department of justice today charging four members of china's military for their role in the 2017 equifax data breach. 147 million files were breached. the four chinese officers were able to steal the personal data of the americans including names, birthdates, driver's license, social security numbers. the four defendants charged with conspiracy to commit computer fraud, economic espionage, and wire fraud.
7:32 pm
the attorney general making the point that the united states government identified the individuals and wanted to make a point to china that they could do so in making those charges. joining us is congressman jim banks. education and veterans affairs committee. first, a year and a half after eve question fax, it seems like a long time to figure out who that was. your reaction? >> that's right. up until now i hadn't heard anything about potentially china being involved in the see question fax -- in the equifax leak. but the american people are becoming aware of the astonishing ways the chinese are infiltrating our data. a reason why the president's efforts to combats chinese influence economi economically d
7:33 pm
militarily is so fundamentally important as we head forward as a country. lou: we have not seen any official government reaction. 147 million americans. the office of personnel management. under the obama administration, no reaction. individuals in the military, the prc being charged here. buff how can there be no reaction to these kinds of huge data breaches and cyber attacks against the united states, our government, our companies, our institutions? >> you are right. arresting four chinese who are involved or potentially single handedly culpable for this breach isn't enough. we haved to hold china accountable as a country. president trump has done that through his tough trade actions in holding china accountable. this seems to be part of the
7:34 pm
discussions. this is just skinning the surface. we are talking about half the american population whose driver's licenses, social security numbers, dates of birth being infiltrated by this breach. there are several layers to this that the chinese takes advantage of the americans. lou: we are getting hammered everywhere. we are getting hammered. and the president has bent only one to stand up and say exactly what's happening here. we are being played for chumps, fools and patsies. secretary of state pompeii over saying ask it affects our capacity to perform. we are watching as a nation is
7:35 pm
infiltrating us. stealing our interest electric tiewrl property and there is no -- stealing our interest electric tiewl -- ourintellectuo response. >> what the secretary of state told the governors over the weekend is unbelievable. you are being watched by the chinese. there have been reports -- lou: we are jammed for time. we know that. what i'm asking you is isn't it peculiar this administration has a conflict on the one hand talking about national security threats that are existent and ongoing from the chinese while negotiating trade deal with the chinese? >> no question about it. it's why the administration has
7:36 pm
to do so much more. this is the first president in my lifetime who isn't hugging the panda bear. as we near the election, this is the most important question before election day. almost you be tougher on china. that's the question of the day. lou: my question was what are we going to do about the conflict within their administration. congressman jim banks. thank you. up next, tom fitton. stay with us. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
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president trump: we hear, because you have possibleovers. i hear a lot of republicans will vote for the weakest candidate pops of the democrats. does that make sense? you people wouldn't do that. my only problem is i am trying to figure out who is their weakest candidate? i think they are all weak. lou: the president having some fun tonight in new hampshire with the radical dimms and their still struggling 2020 campaign. peter strzok and lisa page back in the news. they discussed using someone from mike pence's 2016 campaign
7:41 pm
staff to spy on the trump administration. a footnote in inspector general horowitz's report. suggesting the fbi may have considered using a connection between then member of pence's to further the crossfire hurricane investigation. joining us. tomorrow fit on. absolutely shocked that strzok and page strike again. >> there is no evidence of political bias, lou, can't you tell? we just sent newspaper seems between page and strzok showing they helped write the opening document for controls fire hurricane. -- for crossfire hurricane.
7:42 pm
when you look at these documents you will see they were writing it and guiding it and everyone else was following their lead. certainly peter strzok's lead. but more evidence of political bias. the fact these folks were involved is necessarily evidence of political bias. the i.g.'s analysis of this information can't be trusted. lou: it's important to remember john durham one of the s. attorney for connecticut that attorney general assigned to investigate the investigators made it clear they do not trust the inspector general's report. and we can take what solace we can to fuel our patience further. the attorney general going after sanctuary cities. i don't know why he didn't dig on new york at the same time. but going after sanctuary cities
7:43 pm
and counties, your judgment on the import of that. >> it's big news. he filed three lawsuits, one against new jersey, washington state and california. california doesn't want the feds to detain any illegal immigrants in the entire state. they outlawed private prisons. just a complete lawlessness in terms of this attack. it's hard to come up with any other thing. any other outray "just lawlessness in terms of standing in the way of the rule of law. you have to go back to the segregation of the south where you have the states in open rebellion in federal law. you have the attorney general thankfully talking about putting in jail potentially those sanctuary politicians who are helping aiding and abetting
7:44 pm
criminal illegal aliens. lou: do you believe he's sincere in that? i look at the cast of characters that have been fired from the fbi, the justice department, and no accountability whatsoever. one more threat, i don't think changes the balance here, do you? >> well, saying the right thing is a significant step forward. the fact they put folks on notice participating in this scheme to help illegal aliens and illegal alien criminals could be a violation of criminal law could be a good development. he has to push the attorneys to pursue these issues. you see roger stone being recommended for scene outrageous amount of time in jail. but barr has a lot of cleaning up to do. elements of the justice
7:45 pm
department continue to thumb their nose at the president of the united states. i don't know how you see this recommendation as anything but a brushoff of the president after his impeachment victory. the mascot from brigham young university pulling off an incredible stunt. a slam dunk from the three-point line. four men launched cosmo the could you garts to pull off the amazing slam stunt. we are going to see this. this is pretty good. but that was amazing. it's not just the bidens with corrupt connections in ukraine. there are a lot of other people. they. we'll take that after this quick break. stay with us.
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lou: a great dine wall street. stocks soaring to record she is. the nasdaq up 108.
7:50 pm
it's the 11th close of the year. those records we are talking about 27 trading days. not bad. gold at $15.74. silver finishing at $17. listen to my reports three times a day coast to coast on the salem radio network. joining us is lee smith, with the story of how devin nunes uncovered the greatest political scandal in u.s. history. burisma, all that's going on in ukraine. "politico" is attacking various
7:51 pm
people for having brought up the connection that is there for all the world to see. the latest attack on romney tie him to burisma. i don't know that you can tie him directly to burisma, but you certainly have associations are friends as well as associates of romney. your thoughts on this "politico" attack. >> i think it's curious what you see happening is the democrats and their attend damage media apparatus going add conservatives asking questions about romney's connections with burisma. it's the same thing that's been happening with the -- with the bidens as well. lou: dan bongino, breitbart. here we go again. suddenly mitt romney is the
7:52 pm
darling of the left because he cast a vote, if you will and a half a vote against this president assuring his name will live in infamy. i guess that's what he wanted. it's a shame. >> within living memory the last call announced under romney a racist and other nasty things, now's a hero as a member of the bipartisan anti-trump resistance. lou: it's astonishing as everybody watches this. this has been a great eye opener for the american people. if this is not a weakup call for what they can expect of their national media. and this party of hate. i don't know what it would take. >> it's absolutely true. just to come back to senator romney for a second. the president was elected. you talk about the swamp.
7:53 pm
the president was elected to drain it. the number of people of in the beltway. catastrophic foreign poll civic i shall toughs. senator romney might have defended the president's efforts. instead he says his conscience dictated that he hurt the president. it might have dictate that he defend the president and his efforts to clean out the swamp. lou: why would four senators not have to declare a conflict of interest and recuse themselves from the vote. why did romney if these associations are what they are being made of them. why would he vote at all? >> it's a tragedy talking about the media. it's a tragedy we have seen unfold here. it's going to take some time to figure out what's been going on.
7:54 pm
while we have breathing room to see what happened. one thing we'll see what happened is the press collapsed. it's a platform for information operation. lou: disinformation. >> precisely. lou: let's turn to devin nunes on the national security leaks and robert o'brien acting to remove some of the more infamous holdovers from the obama administration. devin nunes says all obama holdovers need to be removed from the nsc to stop the leaks. we know the nsc, we know -- let me rephrase that. we have been told the nsc is the primary source of all the leaks over the course of the past three years. >> it's one of the shocking things about the impeachment. this anti-trump campaign came not just from the state department, came not just from
7:55 pm
other places, the nsc staff. my understanding is to date in addition to some of the notorious figures there have been 70 people who have been removed from the nsc staff since o'brien has taken over. lou: it's clear he means to go further. he's got to clean it up. he just has to. all right. thank you very much. we appreciate it. stay with us. we are coming right back. and that will happen in just about a minute. ♪ do you recall, not long ago ♪ we would walk on the sidewalk ♪ ♪ all around the wind blows
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our fees are structured so we do better when our clients do better. at fisher investments we're clearly different. lou:th our poll last are you day we asked, if the dimms reaction to the president should be called the democratic derangement syndrome instead of trump syndrome. 88% said it should be the democrat derangement syndrome. president trump just moments ago in manchester, new hampshire promising strong results in the upcoming 2020 presidential election. president trump: republicans are energized. we are united. and months from now we are -- and nine months from now we are going to take back the house of representatives. we'll hold the senate, and we are going to keep the white house. lou: that's it for us tonight.
8:00 pm
secretary of state mike pompeo and devin anyone's and dr. anthony fauci among our guests tomorrow. see you tomorrow. good night from new york. [♪] risch tonight, my -- trish: my exclusive interview with the president of the united states right here in new hampshire. welcome to a special edition of "trish regan primetime." i'm trish regan live in bedford tonight. i was just at the president's rally going on in manchester. it's a packed arena. i spoke with him moments before he took to the stage. i have that interview coming up for you as well as the rally itself. but the president celebrating with supporters as democrats duke


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