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tv   Kennedy  FOX Business  February 10, 2020 9:00pm-10:00pm EST

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important. trish: the president speaking to me exclusively tonight in new hampshire. we will be back with more of that interview plus a special special addition at 10:00 p.m. eastern tomorrow nights after the primary results. kennedy: the new hampshire primary just hours away, democratic presidential candidate scrambling for every last vote. and the president just wrapped up doing what he does best, pharmaceutical grade rolling. >> we have more in this arena and outside of this arena than all of the other candidates, meaning the democrats, put together an multi- untrammeled wide by five. [cheering] a lot of republicans tomorrow will vote for the weakest candidate possible of the democrats. is that make sense? who would do that? >> my only problem is who is their weakest candidate? i think they are all awake. kennedy: you are the weakest
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link in to buy. they might be saying that to joe biden tomorrow night. the president might have reason the epidemic crowd race and disarray. with the nation's first official primary upon us that polls are showing bernie sanders has opened up a huge national lead according to the vermont socialist in front with 25%. joe biden clinging to dear life and second with 17 but, hold the phone, many mike bloomberg has leapfrogged liz moran, kinky, and mayor pete to steal third place. the same poll shows registered voters in the former new york city mayor has the best shot i've leading the president. joe biden still thanks he's the top dog, despite what all the pesky polls suggest. taking a joe periods. >> i don't see any national support, i'm still leading nationally. so the idea that this is -- if you come in third or fourth in the first two primaries, caucus and a primary, that knocks rather box.
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we are just getting going. trish: we are very much in the box. sleepy joe keep saying things like this. why should the voters believe that you can win the national election? >> it's a good question number one, i was a democratic caucus heavy benchmark caucus to caucus? you're flying dogface pony soldier. kennedy: euro that in your moon pie, i don't what that means. so if biden comes in fourth or fifth, is he finish? has the real momentum? bernie, bulimic, or pete? joining me tonight kristin sold this anderson is back with this. >> thanks for having a spirit i just married two of your nays, congratulations. [laughter] >> yay. kennedy: let's talk a little bit about bernie's enthusiasm because he was declared a non-
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winter so far in iowa by .1%. but he has opened up much more of a lead in new hampshire since friday night after the debate. what happened? >> so bernie and peter both came out of iowa with more momentum. bernie sanders affirming he is in the top tier of candidates. and mayor pete proving that of the folks trying to fight for the more moderate lane of the party, he was able to best his rivals putting him at a very strong position. so the two of them remain at the top of the polls here. i think mayor pete, he has got to come in seconds at least, because his problem is when he has onto the next two states, nevada and south carolina et cetera, he runs into the mike bloomberg's buzz saw. he also runs into the fact that his support base is not terribly racially and ethnically diverse. to state like south carolina, joe biden is holding onto the lifeline that his strong support of the african-american community. but a judge doesn't have that. he has got to blast off and
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get out of orbit. he's got to get into orbit and out of the field of gravity in these two contests if he wants to have a real shot moving forward. kennedy: alright, so if he comes in second, that is good as first for him since he is not a senator from new england? >> i think it's all about expectations and right now i think he has managed expectations well enough that a second-place keeps him live, but he will need to then come in top three in these next two states to really push back against this idea that look, he has only ever won election in a small town in indiana. kennedy: are you surprised to still sing so much movement in the race? sumac no i'm not surprised at all. new hampshire, likes to defy what iowa did. incense is completely unclear what i'll did. [laughter] still at this point. new hampshire voters they wait until the last minute to make up their mind. you also have a lot of volatility nationally, because
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you got somebody like mike bloomberg who is spending a ton of money on ads on tv and hopes he can move states further down the field. so pretty much everyone in each state is different in this contest. kennedy: it is crazy. we saw what happened to jeb bush four years ago coming out of the gate, slow, he is not our president. let's say joe biden finishes fifth, what happens? 's. >> joe biden will be in big trouble if he's in a finish fifth. he's trying to manage expectations that hang third or fourth doesn't mean you're out. fifth bright would be really bad. if amy klobuchar satan able to take a big enough. kennedy: and in some polls she is pulling ahead of him and liz moran. so he would have to go to south carolina, do extremely well, and then somehow convince people not to go to mike bloomberg as the sort of emergency valve, that he is still the guy. he think it's going to be tough for him. kennedy: wonders that happen?
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when to eat meat moderate critical mass? >> i think it will be of joe biden is unable to win south carolina or unable to make top two in nevada. if he can't pull up both of those things, that's when folks will get really nervous. because of his campaign runs out of money, if democratic elites stop giving him checks, bernie sanders doesn't need democratic establishment checks. he raises tons of money online from his supporters to give small bouts of money. he noted that while time and time again. joe biden needs the establishment to help his campaign. if they don't think he's a good investment he'll go elsewhere. kennedy: if michael bloomberg's for some reason not the nominee and is really trying to buy it, who do you think he gives his money too? >> it's unclear at this point who winds up being -- coming out of the field. on one hand he got bernie sanders with elizabeth warren and kindness interesting -- she try to play for his lane but his supporters were more
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loyal, she couldn't peel any of them off. on a moderate sign or the more moderate side i suppose, there were so may folks in each of them has a claim to say look at there's a contested convention, i could be a vice president here. i want to have chips to bargain with. nobody's dropping out. kennedy: that's the issue, every single candidate has a massive deficit. and no matter what case you put forward, it is easy to pop anyone's balloon, come brokered convention time. doesn't make it any less interesting. i do love the horse race and there is still plenty of ponies running around the track. kennedy: meantime, want to know how much the democrats hate the president? this is going to blow your mind. according to a new poll from the university of massachusetts, 64% of democrat voters in the granite state would rather see quotes a giant meteor strike the earth extinguishing all human life
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than see the president reelected. yes, a total global apocalypse is somehow better that a trump second term. everyone dead. not just the dinosaurs. this from a party he was not even figured out how to get the results from the isle caucuses. mayor pete still has a slim lead in the hawkeye state over burning, but both candidates want to do a re- canvassing. i understand why bernie wants to take another bite of the apple, but why pete? if they re- canvas, and he loses, then what? will the party ever get ila soft or should they all start praying for that meteor? let's meet tonight's party panel, it's a good one we got bigger host the guide bench and show political editor guy benson is here he's joined by the host of the richard fowler show and also a fox news contributor it is richard fowler and civil rights brooke goldstein running things out. so everyone's conquered tom
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perez's head. and when i say everyone, made, aoc, and martha fudge. the three amigos. >> that's a hell of a good squad. sumac this tom perez survived the iowa meltdown? >> he should, he's doing a great job at his party is stronger than ever and he should stay right where he is the only one doing a better job as the democratic party of violent who today a press conference and the sign fell off the podium. the iowa democrats little logo. kennedy: they had use all the tape to stick the results together and slip them in the mail. >> a lot of democrats may be praying to slightly send that meteor to iowa. it's a complete mess and the more i read, i have kind of gone down the rabbit hole on this one. all of these heart core data nerd said but this is a mistake, and this is been counted twice, and this one
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was done wrong. i don't think were actually gonna know who won. kennedy: i think that's the point of bio isn't it? sumac that is why iowa should not be the first caucus state. here's the truth of the matter, we are big party ten and i was a small part of that party, so many other states would be better. >> that's why tom perez at the head of the dmc. >> i'll coccus. >> yes he promise keep iowa first that's how we won. >> i was wrong for that election i think there were other things that play he was a former president's choice to get that party chair. b5 what else was a former president's choice customer go be helpful to break the tie. >> to talk about barack obama he is the leader of the party that he's going to weigh. kennedy: because everybody else has imploded. >> because he was the former president of the united states. he's one of the top most admired people in the world paid so he's gonna sit this one out a little bit and see where it this primary looks like in may, june, july. i think right now he tucked the democrats they our number
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one goal would be beyond getting struck by meteor, is to be to donald trump. i think why there's so much influx in the field is because every candidate has a different theory of the case. it's a lot of democratic voters. kennedy: i like the look on brooke's face. >> i am just so shocked when i read polls like that, it's amazing to me, just put a good candidate for it. the beauty of our democracy is every four-year, power changes without a shocking fire. put a candidate forward. what is so shocking to me also but ila, is that the democrats seem to make this pr move. okay forget it, forget, let's just move on to new
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hampshire. this is the party of -- you always plate complains about disenfranchisement who is all about the popular vote. every vote counts. kennedy: you have a guy flipping a coin and when he put the coins on his head and looks that it flips again, then turns it to decide he wants and says it's heads. >> it totally delegitimized process and we remember also. kennedy: and we truly know about this franchise of voting. >> left simon bernie sanders is that the lead, they have to give it to hillary clinton. and now he's in the lead again in new hampshire where they gonna do to elevate bloomberg court customer. kennedy: president obama said he was gonna come out and campaign against bernie if he really got some traction. it is to be too little too late if he wins a new hampshire? >> this is too early we've only had one statement given out 41 delegates. we've given out 41 delegates, to be the nominee you need 2000 delegates. we have a lot more delegates to go. this race is still early, i think the good points is this for people to judge and bernie sanders. kennedy: feel like between them. >> i don't have any. kennedy: pick sides. >> neither of these candidates are going to have to go to south carolina. [inaudible]
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i'm an undecided democrat watching this. >> but if we lose let's all be struck that immediately. there is an outrage effort just bring in the asteroid. [inaudible] 's b5 what about bringing the scent of fresh am trial, get them out of harm's way. this will happen in coronavirus will be dead. >> it's early in the state for bernie and rebooted judge when they get to south carolina, when they get to nevada, they are going to have to deal with the more diverse electorate. and how low they do? kennedy: i love joe biden should pin all of his hopes on that. because guess what, no matter what color voters are in any state, they look at someone is losing momentum and they go i don't know if i like that guy so well. maybe these people know something i don't know. so i'm not going to just put all my eggs in joe's basket because he touched my clavicle's. >> i think in the biden campaign face they made a tactical error. after iowa i would skip new
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hampshire altogether were to south carolina, that's where he's the strongest. kennedy: bernie race seven and $50000 in the last week of january. joe biden has 14000 that's always got. >> those numbers might be slightly off? 75million in a week that's very impressive. kennedy: the party panel returns just low but the perception have to talk about the coronavirus. getting worse by the deity of your mask? they put the blame squarely on the secretive commies, he is not wrong. that is next. ♪ ♪ liberty biberty- cut. we'll dub it. liberty mutual customizes your car insurance so you only pay for what you need. only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty. ♪
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kennedy: the coronavirus in china, the crisis is getting much much worse were claiming that for the first time more than 100 people died in a single day. the global death toll now said to be over a thousand. meaning it's now killed more people than the emphasis must sars outbreak. nearly two decade go the largest outbreak outside of mainline china is on a crews ship docked off the coast of japan where thousands of passengers have been quarantined in their rooms for almost a week. and at least 24 americans are infected on that vote.
9:19 pm
china has thus far failed to stop the spread of the virus. they are being accused of covering it up for weeks or even months to downplay the threats. the global number of coronavirus cases now exceeds 42500. one world born health organizations" we may only be seeing the tim of the iceberg so is china doing enough to stop a? it as a selling appearance turning out to the house to the next revolution in author is steve hilton's back. i blame china for a lot. but especially this. >> especially this. what is coronavirus and chinese? i'm very interested in how they say it. maybe you can enlighten us? kennedy: we will make some calls, put everyone on speaker, and it's hard to understand through the mass. >> it is their fault for two reasons. first is the origin of it is clearly within their disgusting animal welfare practices. this whole thing. kennedy: you're racist if you
9:20 pm
say that, i learned that on twitter. sue hackett's not racist is factual. what would phoenix say about the wet market? >> he should be told in her this one. >> that is indisputable. that is a scientific fact. they've got all -- not this one but all of these epidemics we have seen for the last few decades have all originated from china from the same kind of place. >> it's animals not meant to be in proximity to one another in virus goes from one to the other and then to humans. and then mutates to go from humans to humans and a lot of people are going to die of embarrassment because the chinese government knew, because research and doctors had warned them that it already mutated and was being transmission diverse and the person. >> that's a second reason the finger of game should be squarely pointed at them. they covered it up to start with bird why? because it's an authoritarian communist regime top-down. no one can speak the truth,
9:21 pm
everyone thanks their heads will be chopped off if they dare question authority. they have no freedom of expression. so for the first few weeks, i think, it was actually months when is being transmitted, the crucial point were actually if you act quickly, you could do something about it, it was all just ignored and brushed off. in fact the people who did report that were hounded by the authorities. kennedy: they were arrested and detained and slightly reeducated. and the first dr. who tried to on a social media app warned his colleagues, just died from it. >> we've got to be practical and try to stop it. we've got to help them in their being resistant to that. hopefully they will be a bit more open. kennedy: up to the thing they're not letting a sin. we are not going to steal all of your great stuff. >> that's what they do to us. imagine if it start spreading there, they are going to have to really confront all this
9:22 pm
but the real truth is this is going to cost the rest of the world a huge amount of money. kennedy: on the face of it you say maybe they china deserves that they been stealing stuff from us, they do treat clinical dissidents of badly, and often times they disappear. maybe they had it coming. but, this is a global economy and you have a lot of u.s. companies that manufacture in china and not just the u.s. there are car companies all over southeast asia that can't operate. and korea, they have come to a grinding halt because they can't get parts. >> the quarantine is going on in california, all the stuff. so we need to sue them but we can't sue the chinese. but this may be a case where there's some sort of corona terrorists we can put on and get some money out of them to pay for the cost of the problem they have caused directly. kennedy: we sow this can pitch a late in during the trade war that infected their slow economy is really hurting them. >> it's really hurting them.
9:23 pm
kennedy: i can't imagine they are ever going to admit they have to be terrified because they have not locked this up, it's going to get worse before it gets better. soweto different here? >> they are slowly realizing their response was really, really destructive. you have the president out yesterday in the public trying to take some responsibility out of his mask trying to show leadership. kennedy: was at a winnie the pooh mask. >> don't say that they'll come for you steve hilton it's always great to talk to. coming up democrats, there running for president. they have a lot of terrible ideas about mayor pete has one plan i'm quite in love with. i will tell you what it is, there's my sassy friend, that's coming up next. ♪ ♪ ahh no, come on. i saw you eating poop earlier. hey!
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possession incarceration but the small town mayor has some big ideas when it comes to keeping people out of the pokey. it's hard to find too many flaws and booted judges near perfect execution with this big iowa win. the presumed front runners are trying to disarm this young gone and they picked on him friday night in the debate. but he spoke the truth which will hopefully set millions free if he ever becomes president. although several 2020 hopefuls have been insistent on lowering incarceration rates and further reforming our justice system. mayor pepys, is taking the most heat from curmudgeon to drug warriors who are trying to scare the electorate straight. our own chris wallace pressed him on the definition of decriminalization applying that the path to liberty losers. >> mehr you not only want to decriminalize marijuana, you want to decriminalize all drug possession. your website says decriminalize.
9:29 pm
it would not be illegal. >> or could be a misdemeanor, the point is, not the legal niceties the point is that there 40 years of a failed war on drugs, that criminalizing addiction doesn't work. not only that, the incarceration does more harm than the offense that it's intended to deal with. this is not saying these substances are okay, it's saying that when somebody develops that kind of addiction, throwing them in jail or being in a situation where jail is the closest thing they will ever get to inpatient treatment, shows a profound failure in our country's mental health and addiction treatment system. kennedy: hallelujah sweet pete is absolutely right. the drug war has failed and tossing people in cages like human garbage for simple possession does far more harm than good. we have to expand treatment options in this country, not to mention a vulvar compassion for illness and come up with better systems for functionality. this decriminalization jag has been the only slightly
9:30 pm
libertarian thing we've heard from this pack of commies and i for one, welcome mayor pete sexy logic. i hope he kicks everyone's crusty teacher in new hampshire tomorrow night, and i hope the light of liberties soon illuminates the rest of his positions. and that's the memo. kennedy: will president trump flip this script on mayor pete today and praised the authoritarian regime and how they handle drugs. >> states with a very powerful death penalty and drug dealers don't have a debt drug problem i don't know that our country is ready for that. if you look throughout the world, the countries with a powerful death penalty death penalty with a fair but quick trial, they have very little if any drug problem. that includes china. kennedy: no drug problem but try to throw them in the prison to die. who has a better solution? mayor peter president trump or let me answer that for you,
9:31 pm
mayor pete. party pineal has returned guy, richard, and brooke. on one hand the president praises his criminal justice push for reform by highlighting alice johnson at super bowl bowl add. now is bad to aren't these guys are great for killing people. >> that is why -- this is the problem with the president you're not shortsighted issue he's on. the thing that makes the pete argument so salient for me as we live in a world where our newest cases of drug addiction are illegal substance. it's not an illegal drug it's opioids. [inaudible] kennedy: these are lawful substances that is because a lot of people. >> they're doing the most harm in the arts your right to point that the war on drugs is a failed war on drugs. we still have a drug problem after having all these years of the drawer and drugs. kennedy: its shaming people doesn't decrease their appetite for substances and mine alterations. i'm all for?
9:32 pm
no. i'm not all for a lot of things,. >> i have to disagree minutes a key permit, but i think the war on drugs did not work. but deep criminalizing everything even hard drugs and meth and heroin? so i don't think he was clear about that. kennedy: he said possession several times. >> he said it but his website is not clear. excellent decriminalization, there's everything from possession for your personal use for possession of a massive amount intended for trafficking and selling to minors. i think it is totally irresponsible to take that type of position. kennedy: and you don't have legal markets what you have a pool of ration of? black markets were people sell drugs to kids and i don't know within them, they put them in their bodies and they smoke illegal thc. >> so decriminalize the selling of these type of drugs to kids as opposed engage in the prison reform?
9:33 pm
kennedy: legalize drugs you know what you're putting in your body. >> but most drugs are illegal. kennedy: you know there is a difference between legalized and condoning or acquiring. >> i just can't believe you, kennedy expect me to it sit here and pontificate about drug policy view just said to the world in a shocking blow to me that mayor pete is now your sexy gay boyfriend? i am supposed to just sit here and take it? it took at all of my professionalism to not burst into tears and march out of the studio. and yet i will be a professional and respond to richard's point. sometimes president trump go off in sales start sorts of things you say it's unclear where he stands on a ship. fair enough, but on criminal justice reform is fair to ascribe to him the views of the law that he actually signed into existence. he couldn't save this or tweet that, he signed criminal justice reform into law and i
9:34 pm
think that probably outweighs an outburst here there. kennedy: bitte p had his way and i don't think this is set policy. it's almost like investigating the bidens. he indulges in these lines of thinking, but doesn't necessarily act on them. but if this were reality and he had his way, alice johnson would have been executed. >> i don't know about that. >> that's way literally just said. this is part of the problem. when you are the president of the united states, the leader of the free world you can do one thing and say something else because you can't do what i say enough they would i do. i can't work with you the president. >> it has been working okay at some point for three years. >> it's a walking contradiction. >> he will walk into gum on contradictorily in the second term. and then you will all meet them media. >> he has all sorts of illiberal impulses -- speaking
9:35 pm
of that water bridge to utah. senator mitt romney said he quotes unimaginable consequences as a result of his vote last week to remove the president from office. it appears he is right. the chairman of the conservative political action conference suggest yesterday that it cannot -- the gop disdain is so intense for romney that a lot of but they things are going to happen. that's what needs to and i quote here and reading his words we will credential him as a conservative, i suppose everyone succumb as a nonconservative and debate an issue with this, may be in the future we would have them come. this year i would be afraid for his physical safety. people are so mad at him". he tweeted today he wishes romney no harm. but this is just another side of how destructive our political climate is right now. brooke. >> one actually first read the headline, i was thinking of when the truck was being driven into the gop tent. i thought that was an actual
9:36 pm
friends on romney's life. then i read and should read the quote was obviously wrong what matt said. number one romney should not have been disinvited to the conference. the whole point is to approach your constituents and debated out against free speech and democracy. i also don't believe in blind party allegiance. even though i disagree with romney, it was his conscience and let him go undefended at the conference. that should have been a little more careful with what he said. kennedy: it up in when she began rinsing safety goes to the events, by the way if mitt romney went, it would be a massive media events. he should say i'm the guy in charge, i will make sure not a hair on his perfectly cropped head. >> you cannot control security your own conference, that's telling. with that being said i think this is going to a larger point that the the republican party said over and over again we are a party with the diversity of ideas. and clearly their diversity of
9:37 pm
ideas not that party. and he said here. kennedy: of you seen the top five in new hampshire? >> he's the president of the united states attached spread he had a pity party where he attacked mitt romney. be very clear about this romney is not a rhino. he is a republican nominee. that romney was with the president 90% of the time. and they had romney signs and teachers on to say here now and say he is no longer. [inaudible] i am just pointing out the hypocrisy in the republican party. >> used to give people cancer and torture dogs and all these terrible things. [inaudible] i probably voted for mitt romney. kennedy: and now richard fowler wants to hear about mitt romney and what about john boehner? >> i hear bolton as a tool of the left, tall scrambled and weird. i hope matt was joking about the security issue because somebody is invited to a conference should of course be able to show up and not feel physically threatened by anyone. i also feel the purpose of
9:38 pm
gatherings that call themselves conservatives should not decide the bellwether of what counts as conservative based on fealty to one person. conservatives are conservatism rather is a set of ideas, and sometimes those lead people to different conclusions politically. i disagree with romney's ultimate belt, some of the reasons he gave in his speech were valid, but to make this work, and this is become a broader problem among conservatives, or defending trump is the witness test of conservatism, to me just makes no sense. >> especially when they had a very strong reaction against the president. he had slim people very excited, but he had a lot of people within the party doing whatever they could in the early winter of 2015 to make sure he was not the nominee. oh wow did that blow up in their face. [inaudible] what about trump of the process of impeachment it's
9:39 pm
got part of the net as a constitutional issue. kennedy: kavanaugh is next. if mitt romney has his way he is done. don't think you also much for being here. what a night, what a guy. [laughter] >> sexy gay boyfriend, pete buttigieg. i'm in a car in your shoulder. >> is a good monday night coming up a new poll showing small business owners are super engaged in the upcoming election, which candidate do they support the most? the answer may surprise you. brian explains next. ♪ ♪ our trashy back ribs? oh, that sounds great... everything is locally harvested, farm to dumpster to table. uhhh, what do you... what else do you got? (stammering) w-we have a melon rind stew. comes with a pork and bean reduction. yeah, we're going to just do a lap and we'll come back. okay. well, we'll be here. man! why isn't this working? my mouth is watering. i think that's just your rabies flaring up. with geico, the savings keep on going.
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9:44 pm
business, a new grout dell pulp says 52% of american small business owners think their businesses will be better off in president trump's hands for a second term. only 41% think they would be better off of the democrat nominee with the exception of maybe michael bloomberg. bloomberg is the only democrat presidential candidate favored to beat president trump among small business owners in a head-to-head competition. fifty-two to 40%. still a lady there thin margin most business owners say they benefited from the 2017 tax cuts and jobs act. which some democrats are threatening to reverse. so will that be reason enough for them to stick with president trump and stick it to the socialist? joining me to it break it all down professor and chair of the program and business and finance at the king's college brian this is brian onyx. bret welcome back. is it a surprise to you that small business owners are leading toward the president is paul? >> no, 2020 is a huge election for them. what we are hearing is from
9:45 pm
the leading democratic candidates as they are going after big businesses. if they when they are going after the wealthy and big businesses. but small business owners really understand what that means. they understand the fact that big business can deal with big government. big business can deal socialism. kennedy: and bio politicians and write laws in the favor. sue mexican get armies of lawyers. small business owners know if we get a lot more regulation and a lot more taxation which are the big issues for small business owners. it's going to fall on them. so there really get engaged in this election cycle because if the election goes hard left progressive, all of their growth opportunities dry out. all their hiring opportunities dried up and they are left eating the scraps of whatever it gives them. kennedy: it's already hard enough with the push for $50 minimum wage across the country in various cities and states. and they bear the brunt of that. in the much harder for small
9:46 pm
businesses to stay in business, they also have a much harder time borrowing money. so what they want is less regulations they want lower taxes. >> and its ticket of regulation you don't think about it unless your small business owner and you are trying to do something simple like higher a person or make an investment. you want to buy some property want to develop a new piece of property. you meets those regulations, the environmental regulations which are often coming from a federal level. all the said you are tied up for months and you don't have cash to do that. so they get that, and that's exactly what they are looking at getting under a sanders, under sworn, look under bloomberg as well. i'm interested in this poll because bloomberg gets his favorable rating from small business owners. speed five they see him he's got $52 billion you understand us. >> eyed heat they do and i get that but it's kind of the bloomberg of 30 years ago or something.
9:47 pm
he does not govern that way. he does not govern like a guy who understands small business. he governs like a guy who has made billions of dollars, feel slightly dirty about that, and decides get entire videos how to do their business. kennedy: is one of those people that runs a giant empire make sure authoritarian and he's a busybody. so would he be a president that's more concerned about the markets are more concerned about the small business environment? >> i don't know if he's not concerned about either. i think he's at that point in his political evolution where he just really wants to rule. he has his pet priorities, and is going to go after them. he doesn't even care if you want to come along. i don't need your money i will buy this election and do the things. there -- you use the word authoritarian i think he just wants to rule. small business owner said when a business man as president but he is so out of touch with reality at that point they are not getting a businessman, they are getting a nanny. he is going to tell them how
9:48 pm
to run their business. >> that's all he wants to do. your grandma wants to tell you how to run your life. >> small business owners are favorable on him and i think they would be preferred someone with a business background as to someone who does not. kennedy: a socialist like elizabeth the warner bernie sanders has no idea they are heartless when it comes the backbone of this country. thank you so much brian. topical storm is next, grab your umbrella. ♪ ♪ sfx: [sneezing] i am not for ignoring the first sign of a cold.
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kennedy: on the stand 1989 the world wrestling federation had to admit in court that it wasn't a real sports. okay, golf fans, now it's your turn. oh that's a real kick in the knickers. and this is a topical starboard topic number one, parasite is not just hunter biden's job description it is also a korean drama that last night became the first foreign language film to win best picture at the academy awards. it's a story of an unemployed team of deadbeats who scheme to each off a wealthy professional spread which coincidentally is bernie sanders healthcare plan. but no matter what language you speak the most puzzling words of the night came from best actor winner phoenix.
9:53 pm
watch. >> we feel entitled to artificially inseminate a cow, and then we take her milk that is intended for a calf fully put in our coffee and or cereal. [laughter] so much. [laughter] i'm not to say. it was a very moving speech. teets up, but way too accusatory. i for one take my coffee black. like my prom date, and my cereal with goat's blood. because i'm an american. topic number two. from incarceration too, intoxication there is a kingpin of beers. the daughter of locked up mexican drug lords help troppo is launch a craft beer in his name. it's the only drink that kills your brain cells and your family. the company spokesperson said the goal is to one day have it stocked in bars. another words barr ownership two choices, take the logger or the lead.
9:54 pm
now for sale in mexico you can have ice cold el chapo for just under 70 pesos. that's quite a drug deal. or you can swing by the colorado super max and try his toilet wine for a carton of cigarettes. anyway, such a pretty chopper number three. walking phoenix is not the only blowhard in the news, last night a record-breaking 2800 and whatever had it pounded that much fireworks detonated over colorado ski resort. it turned the sky bright red. fireworks expert said he spent hundreds of hours developing the bulky bottle rocket over the course of seven years. and youth thought that was a waste of time. he attempted to set the world record last year but failed when the shell exploded before lifting off the ground. that is the process notice of beethoven being. but he is officially set the record for the world's largest
9:55 pm
aerial firework explosion, the record for the largest ground explosion is still held by failed presidential wannabe eric swallow. move my coffee cup. [laughter] topic number four. if you are craving your favorite chicken sandwich, this winter you might be plucked. a new report says chick-fil-a, popeyes and mcdonald's could all soon run out of their signature chicken sandwiches. the poultry predicament sensor a shortage in a specific type of chickens that are used for fast food companies -- that's right. the ones with coronavirus. actually it's a special breed of small breasted chicken that require less labor to insert into a sandwich. configure the corporate pigs would put less effort into flat checks. i must, must, must, but of course you can get plenty of breast meat watching reruns of
9:56 pm
the super bowl halftime show. i am just milking these through the jokes. i waited minute i totally get it now. >> and then we take her milk that is intended for a calf, and we put in our coffee and or cereal. >> yet we do. that cited. we'll be right back. your mom just texted. she is on her way to our house. what? i got it. alexa, start roomba. the lexus es. eagerly prepared for the unexpected. lease the 2020 es 350 for $389 a month for 36 months. experience amazing at your lexus dealer.
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kennedy: ♪ ♪ this one is by request. ♪
10:00 pm
♪ ♪ ♪. kennedy: thank you for watching the show, tomorrow night i'll join you live for the new hampshire primary special night. evening. breaking news. attorney general william barr has announced the justice department is taking legal action against sanctuary cities. the department filing suit against new jersey and king counties, washington for their actions preventing local law enforcement from working with the department of homeland security. the attorney general said those sanctuary policies are endangering the local community and the enforcement of laws against illegal immigration that is solely under the jurisdiction of the federal government. >> for local community


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