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tv   Making Money With Charles Payne  FOX Business  February 13, 2020 2:00pm-3:00pm EST

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raising. i was so busy watching that i missed the call from adeal because of the taylor swift thing with charles payne. it has been a crazy two hours. charles: she is looking great by the way. neil: indeed she is. charles: thanks, neil. hello, everyone, i'm charles payne. the s&p andat all-time highs. this after being down most of the session. reports of sharp spike in coronavirus virus cases in china. the numbers may not be what they seem. we'll get reaction from florida senator rick scott from the lack of transparency from china on the coronavirus. president trump welcoming one of his toughest critics to the white house any moment. new york governor andrew cuomo as they debate sanctuary states. senator marsha blackburn gives
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us her take in five minutes. what she thinks about the taylor swift documentary that seems to be all about marsha blackburn. all on "making money". charles: after a monster session yesterday, the major indices opening lower on news that the number of confirmed coronavirus cases surging in the hebei province this is due to a new method tallying those who are affected. they look to see the impact of on u.s. growth they posted on companies that corporate earnings. we have katherine rooney vera. your sense overall. this market. the result has been mind-boggling. even today the dow is off 200 point at the open. we saw buyers materialize almost instantly. >> that's true. buyers do materialize instantly, charles.
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every time there is a dip seems to be a lot a buy be opportunity. there is a lot of complacency in ♪. charles: the feds wanted some the market right now. roger stone. the economy is on good footing. they thought they had him. i don't discount political risk. they wanted the republican i told you and your audience, operative sentenced up to nine years in prison for lying to charles, a put option is a great congress and obstruction. option for march expiring, it looks like the tables are november expiring, in event we turning after fox learned that a get a bernie sanders nominee. juror posted anti-trump and stone messages online after i think the market would take the turn for the worse. charles: here is my theory on attorney general bill barr that. agreed to testify next month on yesterday was a perfect example. the doj decision to recommend a look at biggest winners. lighter sentence. joining me national republicans among them united healthcare. lawyers association member, went up to $315 a share. harmeet dhillon. great to have you in studio. when elizabeth warren was >> thank you, charles. charles: this brand new surging, unitedhealthcare stock development this morning with was sell lacked. social media posts by one of the in fact she had the biggest poll jurors. numbers in the summer or late i read some of them. october, that is when the stock i'm not a lawyer. was hammered. seems to me the market is it feels like she had bidding up unitedhealthcare on preconceived animosity towards bernie sanders win. president trump and those either they don't think he will associated to them. be the nominee or they think >> if you're a trial lawyer you trump will crush him? rely on jurors to fill out >> the reason that happened, charles, bernie just eked out a question nays correctly in the
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federal system. victory in new hampshire. the judge examined the jurors it wasn't a double-digit victory a lot of people feared. herself and the question is that is the reason i think whether the juror lied about her health care moved higher. bias. the market is pricing trump we aren't there but what comes out she concealed her views re-election or bernie sanders is which would have caused a lawyer not the nominee. if you get one of those two to strike her for cause. and so, if that is the case, events that actually occur, that could be, that would be trump is not reelected and grounds for a mistrial. sanders is the nominee, health charles: speaking of the judge, care will fall. president trump pushing back charles: let me ask you about today's session specifically against the judge amy jackson. because while the coronavirus gets a lot of the oxygen, they what is your thought on this? make the headlines, as i looked are judges above it all? through today's winners it seems should there not be any to be all about fundamentals criticism? because you look at the best because there has been some negative articles that trump has performers, real estate, is gone too far? >> it is awkward. being led by iron mountain. as a lawyer who appears in front of these judges obviously it is iron mountain crushed it on earnings. utilities. our duty not to show contempt duke energy had amazing report. for the court. that is one bucket. the president is sort of the boss of one branch of the so while there might be some government. this is another branch. so there is complexity there but knee-jerk moves to safety if you judges are human beings. will, the fundamentals still judges commit error. matter, don't they? we have a member of congress who >> absolutely they do. was impeached as a federal consumer confidence is not highs judge. clearly they're able to commit
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not seen since decades for no some serious errors, reason, right? consumer confidence is very alcee hastings. i think it is appropriate for high. small business confidence very the president to express his high. that induces, combined with real frustration. but ultimately the legal system wages being on the rise, that induces consumption that has to take its course of the judge in question is not provokes investments so all of overturning the guilty verdict. these things are fundamentally so now likely to have to go to sound. the economy and markets like a court of appeals. charles: real quick. country that is moving in the bill barr will speak before direction less government, not congress. many are saying this is an more, less regulation, not more and i think if we continue in impeachment effort number whatever. this is now, we're on the next that trend markets will continue path of resentment towards the to move higher. charles: i wish we had more time president will be centered around bill barr. to talk as you were speaking >> absolutely. market going up even more. eric swalwell from my neck of we appreciate your wisdom. >> charles, thanks. the woods already said that. charles: president trump it is unfortunate for them. welcomes governor andrew cuomo i don't think they will get a to the white house, folks. better out come than they did the democrat is trying to with the president. persuade president trump to charles: harmeet, thank you. reverse the call to ban >> thanks, charles. charles: breaking news for you. new yorkers over global entry because of the state's sanctuary the senate approving bipartisan resolution to restrict president status. trump's war powers when it comes hillary vaughn at the white house with a preview. to iran. this coming after the president this could be a donnybrook. did not seek congressional reporter: it could be, charles. approval to take out the rogue
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governor cuomo is proving to thousands of new yorkers he is regime's top general last month. doing everything he can to get them unbanned from this traveler the vote was 55-45. program like global entry. cuomo says he doesn't believe feds are to forgive the administration's reason for why they need access to these 200 billion, with a "b" of student loans. why should folks who didn't go dmv records for people applying to trusted traveler programs. to college bail out people who probably earn a lot more money the administration says it is all about national security but than they do? cuomo says he thinks it is all talk about income about politics, punishing states redistribution. like new york that give driver's are harvard and yale funneling foreign money into their licenses to illegal immigrants. programs? how deep overseas influence is plaguing our ivy league educational system. >> it will hurt tens of thousands of new yorkers ho will talk about campus craziness? we'll be right back. be an convenienced for no reason, no logical reason. just pure retaliation. you can't penalize new yorkers for your political poster. that's an abuse of government how did you make someone i love? and that sill legal. that must be why you're always so late. reporter: the president ahead of i do not speed. the meeting tweeting this, i'm and that's saving me cash with drivewise. seeing governor cuomo today at the white house. my son, he did say that you were the safe option. he must understand national security far exceeds politics. and that's the nicest thing you ever said to me. new york must stop all the so get allstate. unnecessary lawsuits and stop bossing.
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where good drivers save 40% for avoiding mayhem, like me. harrassment, start cleaning itself up, lowering taxes build this is my son's favorite color, you should try it. relationships but don't bring in [mayhem] you always drive like an old lady? [tina] you're an old lady. fredo that is a jab at the governor's brother chris cuomo. it is off to an interesting stuff. charles: it is, hillary, thank you very much. senator marsha blackburn is working on a plan to block funding for sanctuary states issuing driver licenses for illegal immigrants. >> thank you, charles. we're hard at work on this. charles: explain how it would work. >> what my legislation will do, stop green-lighting driver's licenses for illegal immigrants. this would block sanctuary states giving these drivers licenses. there are 13 states in the country doing this. we understand virginia is looking at it. they would be the 14th.
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it would block them getting the department of justice grantss jag grants used for law enforcement. you have this money goes to the states or to the state and then to local entities or to local entities. and we think that taxpayer funds ought not to be going to people that are circumventing federal law. charles: this is poignant as i read edward brrr! memorial justice assistance grant, the jag grant you named after the new york city police officer assassinated by drug gangs, that hits home a little bit more, doesn't it? >> it does. charles, when you think about the real i.d., which is the driver's license where you have to prove who you are, that went into effect after 9/11. that is a federal mandate. states and our citizens are in the process of complying with that. and i listened to governor cuomo. i think, how quickly you forget
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that you had all of these lives lost and you had these 9/11 hijackers who overstayed their visas and what had they gotten. what did they use to bored those planes? a state issued driver's license. this is a national security issue. it is a local security issue. charles: right. >> it is something that does concern our citizens. and, if someone says, well, you know, it is going to have state use only on it. then are you saying you're depending on everybody that looks at that to note that somewhere on that i.d. is stamped state use only and be aware of what that means? how restrictive it is. >> that is being disingenuous without a doubt. >> yes it is. charles: before i let you go, i'm sure you know, you were the major top i can of a new taylor swift documentary. you and i were featured in it
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together. i want to share it with the audience first. i want to ask you about it. >> yes. >> marcia blackburn is up in the polls. >> congratulations. you have a little momentum up there. >> this is third poll in a row that showed you in the lead. >> really not happy with me right now. [inaudible]. not that i want to step into this. i can't not at this point. charles: senator, she made claims about you in that documentary i that bristled at because i've known you for a long time. >> yeah. charles: and i just think they were so inaccurate. they portrayed you as a woman that hated other women. have you had a chance to reach out to her? charles: breaking right at this moment a judge temporarily blocking microsoft's pentagon do you think this is example why cloud contract over a lawsuit we need to articulate these from amazon. retail giant claiming that the messages beyond the media? department of defense shunned >> of course it is, a reason them over president trump's bias that we need to be able to against their founder, articulate these messages but, jeff bezos. taylor is an incredibly talented if you thought student loan
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forgiveness was only something young woman. that the sanders or warren i am so happy that she calls platforms were for, wealthy nashville the center of her again. creative universe, her home. the congressional budget office says over the neck decade the and of course there in campaigns united states government will forgive more than $200 billion in student debt. put out information that is here is the worst part, folks. inaccurate and that is the information that she had. benefits mostly go to those that hopefully some day she will come work with me on passing a attain graduate or masters degrees. "wall street journal" jillian legislation for women's history melchior joins us now. people have lost their minds on museum, fighting human twitter. they should. somebody comes out of high trafficking and making certain that we make this world a safer school. don't have money to go to mace for women and children. college. charles: would love for you two driving a cab, working a as a plumber. you take their tax money, for to sit down and talk about it. you will find more common than somebody making more money than not. senator blackburn. they are are. that is income redistribution in thank you. >> thank you very much. a way i thought we would never >> this should make bernie sanders happy, the united states see. >> the federal government is the government set to forgive biggest student lender right now. you see incentives we create get $200 billion in student loans, student loan debt. the results incentives logically i will tell you hot biggest would. you're creating incentive for beneficiaries are. i can tell you be ready to be students to go to school to outraged. pursue majors that may or may speaking of outrage, president
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trump blasting what he calls not be lucrative in the future quote the justice department or may or may not be able to over the roger stone case. repay the loans. you're creating incentives for top gop lawyer harmeet dillon the universities to continue will join me next. making college more expensive because you have a free flow of ♪. begin to tell you... government money pouring into it and build up their administrative basis. we're not only offering education. we're offering comfort animals there and play-doh rooms for students that feel triggered by the contents. it is all purpose four year getaway. charles: it is a vicious circle. it did start when the government, it pushed, got worse when the government pushed out the middleman. hike tuition. government has to cover it. taxpayer will pay it. where does something like that end? >> i don't think it will end anytime soon. we see the same incentives, when you look at what democratic presidential candidates are doing. intervention in the education screwed up that market. get the government subsidizing health care. let's get them subsidizing housing. let's get them involved in every
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how bright you shine. aspect of the american life. i think here you have a really how strong you are. good example how government money is not necessarily the how brilliant... answer. charles: yeah. >> that anger from people who unique... actually made responsible how you're... my rock. choices was reflected with the my diamond. iowa voter, the dad who said i for the diamond in your life, scrimped and saved for years to there's only one diamond store. insure my daughter had a college education. charles: that is something by it's the valentine's day sale. the way, people are not get 25% off everything. resentful that the government is paying. including these special deals. they were proud that they did the right thing. >> yep. at zales, the diamond store. charles: that is the thing. do i want my kid to grow up and know they can do something like this simply is not right. i think, i saw more people offended by at that than the government actually writing a check. >> a matter of incentives. the girl whose dad scrimped and saved her entire life will study harder, do a better job than somebody knowing the loan comes from the government, it won't matter in 25 years. charles: if you take something seriously it -- jill nan thank you. we started the session on the coronavirus had a lot of people wondering if there has been a coverup with the actual number
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2:18 pm
joining me now, florida senator rick scott. senator scott, thanks for joining us. >> great to be here. concerned about china. they have never been transparent or honestbo china. i called on the president to declare a national emergency. really look about restrictions coming into the country. did the right thing. we need to look at all the products coming in. i got a briefing yesterday. the fda pulled back and other federal agencies inspectors in china. what is not getting inspected? we need to know exactly what is getting inspected. i asked the w.h.o. to go into china and let's get the real facts here so we know exactly what is going on, what the mortality rate is, all these things. charles: you have been the main senator, the main voice in d.c. actually raising these concerns. i immediately thought but last night when the news broke there is a new process, new
2:19 pm
methodologies being applied. hence the massive spike in confirmed cases of the coronavirus of the does that kind of give, give you more of a feeling yes there is more to this? the fact that they still eventual loud americans to come in there to help out? >> well, i mean, yeah, they don't allow americans in. they're not transparent enough. so, i mean, if they, if they need to be transparent. this is, this is, i hope this does not spread. that is all what we all hope. my heart goes out to everybody impacted in china and other places it is impacted i hope it doesn't spread but be transparent. on top of that, charles, look what they're doing. they don't let taiwan and w.h.o. this is not a political fight. this is a fight how we keep people all over the world safe. china as we know they're not transparent, they're not direct. the information coming out is sketchy so i'm very concerned. charles: well the w.h.o. which by the way we pay 24% of the budget, by far more than any
2:20 pm
other country, seems to have been really trying not to upset china with this whole thing from the first major press conference and many are wondering if they're being sincere enough to keep the rest of the world safe here? >> well, step one is, the w.h.o. should hold everybody accountable something as simple letting taiwan be a member? this is not a political issue. this is about world held. the world health organization should not be controlled by china. communist china should not tell people who can be a member. that is what they have been doing. i'm concerned about china. i'm concerned about what the w.h.o. his i'm getting briefs by nih i know they're doing their best to get information out to us. charles: just a minute left. senate confirmation hearings are going on. appointing a seven member federal reserve board governors, including president trump's pick judy shelton. a lot of president trump's picks have been shot down.
2:21 pm
you have unique opinions on the debt and federal reserve. how do you feel about judy shelton? >> i haven't met her yet but my concern is the size of the federal reserve balance sheet is, why are they buying so many government back bonds. $4 trillion. i sent a letter to chairman powell to get a response. that is what i will ask shelton about. charles: shelton in the past made comment about the gold standard, things like that. also a lot a lot of fellow senators across the aisle concerned about the independence of the federal reserve. where do you stand on that because yesterday senator kennedy he made it clear he thinks the federal reserve should be independent? >> i believe they ought to be independent but my concern is that where does this end? how much of the, i think they own a little less than 20% of our treasurys and a little less than 30% of all government backed bonds. where does it end? is 30ers the right number?
2:22 pm
is 50% the right number? >> i'm concerned about the size of the balance sheet. i will listen to health done about it. charles: we're all concerned. that is also maybe a little bit more accountability. senator scott, always great having you. we appreciate it. >> thank you, charles. charles: more of mike bloomberg's old comments are starting to come back to haunt him including a video from 2018 that resurfaced showing bloomberg blaming the housing crisis on the end of red lining. that is an old bank policy which often discriminated against black and hispanic neighborhoods. take a listen. >> then congress got involved, local elected officials as well. oh, that is not fair. these people should be able to keep credit. once you started pushing in that direction, banks started making more and more loans where the credit of the person buying the house wasn't as good as you would like. charles: joining me now maryland republican congressional candidate ken clasek. congratulations. you're the official nominee.
2:23 pm
i know you've been talking big time about trying to help inner baltimore. >> yes. charles: when you hear the criticism, okay, how do you do that? how do you get the private sector to make loans or make investments where you have a majority of people who may have lower credit scores. how does someone go about something like that? >> for me in baltimore it will take a lot president trump's opportunity is how we buildout. charles: how you bring the private sector? >> exactly. we have 40,000 vacant homes in baltimore city. a big chunk of district seven i am running west baltimore where lot of vacant homes sit. we can do a rent-to-own program. we can utilize the port, we have the second largest port in the country. we're not utilizing it. we can bring so many careers to baltimore. it is time to make a change to do something for the people this time around. charles: this would be unique working public/private sector
2:24 pm
kind of thing governments thrown money at these situations for so long. it has got worse. we're talking billions and billions of dollars. when you say 40,000 vacant homes, it is hard to fathom that sort of blight. >> what is so crazy about it, senator bernie sanders was in baltimore during the riots. he said this area looks like a third world country. i thought it was interesting. he turned around went to capitol hill and didn't say anything else about it. but we know for a fact red lining which bloomberg talked about is one of the most racist practices in american history. in 2018 because of predatory lenders they target ad lot of black communities and baltimore was part of that. we have to do something. we have to be transparent. we have to hold people accountable. i would love to know where all the money went that was poured into the baltimore area. charles: what are citizens telling you? the election is in april. you hit the ground running. talked to a lot of people.
2:25 pm
from outsider it is poverty and crime, particularly the violence and murder rate. what are the people telling you? >> they're tired of it. we had 300 murders the past five years back-to-back. we had over 700 shootings the past year. 400 carjackings. each year we go up. to date we have 39 murders. that is up 10 murders from last year. people are tired of the numbers. they want their community to do better. they're polling people for the mayoral race they're talking about education is number one. it is important. we have to do something about it. charles: do you find it interesting, particularly cities like chicago, when progressives talk about these things, they blame guns or, inanimate object. still take as human being to pull the trigger. >> absolutely. charles: is there honest conversations who is pulling the trigger? why there is this much deep-seeded animosity toward people that look just like you?
2:26 pm
why do you have so many people in your community living in fear? >> i hope we have more of those honest conversations because the guy i'm running against. he was in congress prior to elijah cummings. this is the reason elijah cummings ran saying woe fix baltimore. i will get a chance to debate him to talk about what is going on. we can talk about guns in baltimore but most violence were from guns not purchased legally. there is a lot we can do. charles: punishing legal gun owners is never the solution. that is a specious argument. congratulations. >> thank you. charles: hopefully next time we see you we'll have a different title for you. >> thank you. charles: by the way we reached out to kim's opponent. we have not heard back as of yet. ray dalio, superstar billionaire hedge fund manager in damage control, trying to clean up his comment from the coronavirus. wait until you hear them by the way. how much influence do foreign
2:27 pm
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♪ charles: the department of education launching an investigation into harvard and yale over funding from china and saudi arabia. edward lawrence is live in washington with the story. edward? reporter: the crackdown on the universities had an effect the 10 universities come forward reported previously unreported finances, gifts they got from foreign companies, countries, 3.$6 billion worth. they include a big list. cornell, university of colorado boulder, university of texas andersen cancer center, mit, university of chicago, penn, boston university, texas a&m, yale, carnegie mellon. they launched an investigation into harvard last july and also yale. yale alone failed to report $375 million in foreign exists. this money can buy influence and
2:32 pm
access to research. comes from countries like china, qatar, saudi arabia and united arab emirates. he used to prosecute cases like this. this is the just the beginning. >> this is the opening salvo. the administration wanted to make a splash. that is why it went after harvard and yale. this affects juts about every college and university in the united states. folks at those institutions are concerned because they're typically not subject to this kind of enforcement scrutiny. reporter: the office of science and technology policy inside of the white house believes countries like china and others see that universities as soft target. the director says that they want to make sure that this money does not buy influence to get to the research. he agrees. >> china trying to influence what's happening in the united states. china trying to steal trade secrets and this to me is a whole of government response
2:33 pm
from the united states government. we don't expect this kind of thing from the department of education and that's why this is so unique. reporter: the department of education found that from 2014 to 201815 u.s. schools received more than $15 billion from hand ban alone, a propaganda arm of the chinese government. last july the office of science and technology policy created a hub for all departments as well as universities to try to track this kind of thing as well as cut down on the fact that this money could open doors to get that research. back to you. charles: edward, thank you very much. so what can we do about the amount of nefarious foreign influence over our higher education system? for that i would like to welcome independent women's forum senior policy analyst. this is mind-boggling. numbers thrown out there. the department of education start as probe. all of sudden there coming out woodwork.
2:34 pm
we forgot 3.6 billion. they had 15 billion over the years. they want something for this money. >> dealing with political opponents like klein, confucius institutes are come anyone across the united states. nothing wrong with countries setting up departments to learn the language. spanish departments, they communicate with the spanish government. it is different when it is a geopolitical enemy. they are hand selected, regime selected teachers who teach a regime approved propaganda course on american universities. we're paying for these. student loans are funded 90% by the department of education. charles: also this stealing trade secrets, there was a case couple weeks ago involving an ivy league school. this is worrisome. why would the schools allow this? is this idealogical sort of kinship there or is it just the money, the billions of dollars being too much to resist? >> well i guess the u.s.
2:35 pm
taxpayers billions and trillions, 1.6 trillion in student loans backed by u.s. government, the taxpayers billions weren't enough so they had to go hunting for other billions. this is primarily about money. there is a lot of money coming into universities through programs like this and through foreign students, especially for public universities, the difference between in-state tuition and full tuition they can charge to people from other countries is a big moneymaker. charles: they often pay in cash. something happened, near and dear your heart, the house removed deadline from the equal rights movement. you have been very vocal about all this what is your reaction? >> there is a massive mistake from the house. billing this equal rights, sounds good, language is broad and happy the reality this could really backfire on women. there are enormous radical consequences to this amendment. for example, not having women's and men's restrooms. they're having debate in the
2:36 pm
transgender context. this would make it cohe had. women's sports teams on public universities completely coed. we don't need to treat men and women exactly the same in every situation. that is radical and dangerous. charles: looks like it could become a reality. >> goes to the senate. that is to remove the deadline congress added in the 1970s and early 1980s. this process is mockery of the article v process. we have it going over 50 years, right? this amendment, listeners might remember when it was a big deal in 1970s. charles: sure i remember, yeah. >> this is totally illegitimate process. they're telling states you have no right to change your mind. we'll not have this really important national conversation about those consequences to give americans time to sort out the gazi language from the real consequences and reality of this amendment. charles: inez, thank you very much. appreciate it. >> thank you. charles: meanwhile the treasury department is cracking down on
2:37 pm
crypto. treasury secretary steve mnuchin says the department will roll out new regulations to improve transparency around all cryptocurrencies like bitcoin and other transactions. here to discuss "claman countdown" host liz claman. liz, your thoughts on this? >> yes. charles: steve mnuchin cracking down on cryptocurrency? >> yeah, they're piling on the regulations. charles: they are. he made his opposition to it pretty clear. i thought it was interesting because you have the trump administration not too happy with it. you have maxine waters not too happy with it. wall street banks not too happy with it. but the american public, there is appetite for cryptocurrency. >> look at it. it punched through the 10,222-dollar level. the question, what is driving this rally we've seen of several thousand dollars moving to the upside even as this atmosphere of regulation on behalf of the u.s. treasury department continues to pile higher and deeper. what i find so interesting,
2:38 pm
charles as well. there is one country that has just filed 84 patents to create a central bank cryptocurrency. can you guess which country that is? charles: china. >> exactly. china. charles: ding, ding. >> yea, charles. that plus ray j scooters can get you a nickel. we're looking at this very closely because we're wondering what's behind the rally. if china is ahead of us, more regulation. we'll talk to andy bromberg. he is a genius. he is the guy that vet as lot of cryptocurrency. he is the cofounder of coin lift. we'll ask him what is behind the bitcoin rally and does it have legs. charles: up almost 50% already. can't wait to check out the show. check it out, the claim man "countdown" at the top of the hour. also coming up at the top of the hour, president trump set to welcome governor on a drew cuomo to the white house what i'm sure
2:39 pm
will be a contentious meeting. we're heading into the final hour of trading. we're off the session lows. wonder if the cp effect can get us into the green? i have great news for you. stay with us. ♪. president trump warned the drug companies. it's unacceptable that americans pay vastly more than people in other countries, for the exact same drugs. but they aren't listening. they've just raised the prices of over five hundred drugs. president trump supports a bipartisan plan, that would force drug companies to lower prices. but the senate won't act. tell senate leaders to stop drug company price gouging and lower drug prices now.
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charles: all right. the market opened down big-time but the s&p and nasdaq, already back in the green.
2:43 pm
in part the strong earnings from applied materials. is it too much of a good thing? i want to ask pointview wealth management's david dietze along with keith fitz-gerald. keith, let me start with you. first of all, the coronavirus, the change in numbers, certainly a shocking headline and it's something you have expressed some anxiety about, and adding to the frustration, there was sort of a coast is clear yesterday. ray dalio set that up. people condemned him for it. he came back with a series of tweets including one that says i think that i am a blank blank relative to experts on the subject so i shouldn't be asked, but if i were to guess, there's a wide range of possible outcomes. that was just two of four posted tweets there. where are we with this? because you have expressed some real anxiety about it. >> well, i tell you what, not based on personal experience, i have been in china when i have watched them lock down hotels during, for example, the avian
2:44 pm
flu. that information wasn't reported over here. so the fact that we've got just 60,000 cases, according to data coming from china, really makes my skin crawl. i think the number is probably twice that, maybe even three times that. i don't think the markets here have even remotely factored that into the pricing. to me this is very much get ahead of the news, fade the back page situation. charles: it's not just getting ahead of the news, yesterday we had an upgrade on wynn which gets 89% of its revenue from macao. today we had an upgrade knowing these stocks are down in part because of coronavirus on caterpillar, starbucks, semiconductors. wall street is saying buy this right now. >> i mean, if you study history, the burden is on those who would say get out of this market and go home because when you look at the last 20 epidemics going back to 1980, typically the market is up by about 10% a year after the onset. remember the pivot point is when that world health organization tells you it's a global health
2:45 pm
emergency because at that point, everyone knows there's a discount in prices and of course we will buy a solution. charles: if an american passed away in this country on our soil, i would be looking maybe to trim my own portfolio. you know, keith, david and i were talking during the break about the violent dips. there really has not been a dip but a great example of that was tesla. tesla said they would raise $2 billion. the stock gets hammered at the open. it's down to $735, now it's at $818. a 100-point swing. is this sort of the poster child for where we are right now, where it's just buy, buy, buy, buy, buy? >> well, you know, in some parts, yes. part of that's got a lot to do with elon musk himself. david makes a very good point. this is the speed bump that's associated with this event or any other negative market event over time proves to be a buying opportunity in the rear view mirror. the only question is a matter of perspective and timing. so to me, this is a lot like being at the rodeo.
2:46 pm
you want to ride to the buzzer until you have a reason not to. charles: pretty tough when the buzzer goes off and you are flying off them broncos. did i use the right terminology? believe it or not, i have been to a rodeo. okay. one thing i do want to get to real quick, there is some fundamental stuff, like today, the groups that were up early, real estate, utilities, materials, all being led by companies that posted great earnings reports. so earnings still matter, despite all of the other news that seems to dominate the market these days. >> a lot of the worry, looking at last year and saying earnings were flat, this market was up 31%, i would turn it around on them. earnings are flat which means comparables will be easy to beat this year. of course, a lot of companies went into this year worried about trade negotiations, worried about other things, cutting costs and now we are seeing 71% of stocks are beating expectations and 65% are beating revenue, even more important. charles: beating by a lot wider margin than wall street anticipated. thank you both very much. always appreciate your expertise. the dow is off 41 points. there's a chance that could be
2:47 pm
erased. remember yesterday, the last hour of trading, liz claman, the dow finished up 275 points. buckle up. we're ready. liz: you're looking at the red but we are looking at the green. the s&p and nasdaq are on track once again for brand new record closes. we've got our eye on it. but the coronavirus correction is fading at this hour. maybe that is what's punching these markets up into the green. markets earlier had seen steep losses. but now they have cut it. the losses were triggered by news that we warned you about for two weeks here on "the claman countdown." china has been seriously underreporting the number of those sickened by the deadly pathogen. the dow down by 33, the s&p
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