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tv   After the Bell  FOX Business  February 13, 2020 4:00pm-5:00pm EST

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situation amazon gets back in. we -- [closing bell rings] liz: thanks to nick. no records for the major averages. a slight pullback here. under 1% for the dow. fractions for the s&p and nasdaq. connell: not a great finish though. you're right. it was much worse for a while. back and forth throughout the day with all three major averages ending the day in the red. reversed gains. coronavirus fears are in the market today as surge in cases was reported and the dow settling lower by 123 points. a day after closing at record highs. there you go. glass half empty, could have been worse. i'm connell mcshane. melissa: that is glass half-full. come on now. i'm melissa francis. this is "after the bell." the s&p 500 turning negative, snapping a three-day winning streak. more on the market movers but
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here is what is new at this hour. pure retaliation. andrew cuomo taking his fight over the global entry program to the white house. president trump sitting down with the new york governor after the administration blocked new yorkers from programs that allow travelers to skip long security lines. we will bring all the headlines from that meeting. cracking down on wall way. the justice department handing down a massive indictment against the telecom giant plus what is really going on in china with the coronavirus? we're going to speak to one doctor who just returned from the country. he is working with officials on the ground. he is now providing details of his experience to experts in d.c. he is known as the virus hunter. you don't want to miss that meanwhile fox business team coverage. edward lawrence is live in washington deirdre bolton is on the floor of the new york stock exchange. deirdre, start with you. reporter: what a crazy day here. at point i thought we would talk about another record for the
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s&p 500 and the nasdaq. not the case as we can see, red on the screens. the dow never really made it across into the green territory. there were lower losses, limited losses earlier in the session. you can see we closed much closer to where it was the low of the day. let me tell you what was movingmost on the dow, the laggards, ones that weighed on the average, cisco, dow, pfizer. the ones that limited some of these losses. walmart, proctor & gamble, american express. so that pattern pretty much went across the broader markets as well. the groups limiting overall losses were real estate, consumer staples. the worst energy. when we look at oil prices even year-to-date down something like 15% with the story. the story on oversupply. overall volatility, traders talking about the threat and spread of the coronavirus and how it is beginning to have
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longer term effects on a lot of different industries. obviously consume every electronics, travel, gaming. mobile world conference canceled in spain, not even in asia. the organizers said it is impossible to put on. we're following amazon and microsoft in context for the amazon suit. the judge at least awarding call it a temporary block, if you like of microsoft contract with the pentagon worth pen billion dollars. amazon said the evaluation process had quote, unmistakable virus. melissa: deirdre, thank you. connell: talking about two stories related to china making headlines around the globe. the deadly coronavirus outbreak could be worse than the chinese government is letting on. edward lawrence with more on that this afternoon. reporter: deirdre touched on it. the cases exploded the last 24
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hours or so take a look, 60,000 cases worldwide of the coronavirus now. johns hopkins see all the red on the map. 1400 people about have died in china from this. administration sources working on the coronavirus say they believe china has underestimated the number of cases by at least 100,000. also sources say they severely underreported the deaths. sources told me china has not allowed the cdc or the world health organization to the actual site where this started. scientists want to get there. it is important to see exactly how it began and how it spread to be equipped for the next virus. the white house says the efforts were successful in the u.s. to make sure so here. >> the virus is contained in the united states. we don't know if it's contained in china. we thought they were tailing off in their headcount.
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turns out that might not be the case. so, we are engaging in china of the president is engaging with president xi. we have a very good trade deal with them so forth. but on this particular matter we are quite disappointed in china's response. reporter: bottom line minimal impact to the u.s. economy right now even though we've seen 15th case here in texas. the concern that the stuff we buy coming in from china with their factories now starting to reopen might have a supply impact but as far as the virus itself administration sources saying it attacks the upper and lower respiratory systems. they're concerned it is potentially could be worse than sars. >> we need to know more about the virus. it has asymmetricom tank on. you don't have any symptoms so you could be still contagious. that is problematic that people can still be around. we shouldn't be on panic but a
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situation of alert. reporter: including huawei on that front, new indictments of the chief financial officer of huawei coming out of canada there. she is in the process being extradited back to the united states. three new charges here related to selling tech to iran. also concealing shipments to north korea. doing so, they took the logos of huawei off the boxes as well as the equipment going into north korea. back to you. connell: number of china-related stories. edward lawrence in d.c. to our panel. gary b. smith joins us. fox news contributor and erin gibbs from gibbs wealth management where she is chief investment officer. on the coronavirus fears so to speak, gary, how do you work that in. it is tough to get a handle from the government's point of view what is happening. what about from an investor's point of view? >> there are two sides of the
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coin. one i keep coming back to the number of deaths that we have just from regular influenza every year. we have on average 10,000 people that die in the u.s. alone per year on regular flu. probably, 50, 60,000 worldwide. when you hear the numbers, look no one likes to hear any death but what was sars, 800? now we're at on the coronavirus like 12, 1500? so it is really not significant so far obviously. the other, but, on the viruses,, merz, anyone, sars, we've seen the market is always gone down from the first reported case to, basically cured. connell: right. >> right now the market is still
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up. i would expect more downside. connell: to gary's point, the market hung in there, erin. we've had a few days like this. for the most we've been moving up throughout the out take. what is your take? >> we know there are major areas, emergency materials, travel, high-end retail. those are the areas where you're seeing a hit. another thing most likely it will end up being pent-up demand. we're seeing a slowdown in production and then maybe three, let's hope three, but possibly six, nine month. it all comes back. a matter of picking areas cheap right now getting hit. figuring out at what point is that demand going to come back? that is a real game. there is such little transparency coming out of china. melissa: golden state exodus. california blue wave causing a majority of the conservative residents to consider leaving the state with politics cited as the top reason.
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fox news's william la jeunesse is in los angeles with the details. william, you're not leaving, are you? >> no, i'm not. but i will say that california, people are considering it. california has 20% of all the delegates needed for the democratic primary of the state is growing wealthier, more liberal and more expensive. 52% are thinking about getting out and 71% as you said of conservatives many businesses already have this aircraft company you're looking at left l.a. for texas which adds 80,000 californians a year. that state scheduled to add three congressional seats, california losing one. >> we went back and total our employees we're thinking of moving the company to fort worth. 90% were onboard. >> if you're running a profitable company the number one reason to leave california is taxes. not only taxes on your business but taxes on your employees that
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are so high. reporter: ceo magazine calls california the worst state for business, quality of life for u.s. news. traffic, almost 700 companies have left the last two years yet the state is growing. thanks to immigration from abroad. it is a diverse economy. among the world's largest attracting more college grads than any other state. >> high-skilled people move here regardless. they can afford it. they want to live here. they want jobs. access to the companies, they are moving here and will continue. i will tell you this while that is successful economy. it is not a successful economy for all. reporter: the very rich and some retirees are leaving. the state is adding more residents making over 125 grand a year and losing those priced out of the market. the latest rcp poll showing sanders leading going into super
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tuesday march 3rd. melissa: william la jeunesse. thank you for that report. gary b. smith and erin gibbs are back. if you boil that down, liberal policies around the liberal governments in california are driving the divide between rich and poor. they're making it so expensive to be in the state due in part to high taxes. high gas taxes price of being there. they're driving out the middle class. all you have left according to the report are very rich people who don't care about how much they're going to pay and then really poor immigrants? >> it is the ultimate irony, isn't it. california the population overall william is saying was growing. here is the interesting part. more and more of that tax burden as you imply will fall on the rich people.
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it will become like connecticut if you will. at some point you wonder how much they can raise taxes, maybe for the billionaires and these hollywood stars that are making 50 million a year, doesn't matter. but you wonder for for the poor guy making a million dollars a year, he will finally be crushed and then have to move. melissa: absolutely. erin, what do you think? >> we see this in other states as well. california is unusual that they still have a positive flow. but most states that have liberal policies as well as high taxes are generally seeing outflows in some highest immigration out of the states. melissa: yeah. >> i think one those businesses leave, we see more and more businesses move away from california -- melissa: no middle class jobs. >> no middle class jobs. you will see a trend. melissa: very wealthy and then the service providers. thanks, guys. connell: we are going to the white house in a moment, see if they find any common ground. the governor of new york is there, andrew cuomo meeting with
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president trump over the administration decision to block new york state resident participating in travel programs. what comes out of this meeting? we are live with the latest. melissa: i bet they make a deal. connell: yeah. melissa: taking extra precaution. coronavirus fears spreading across the u.s. we'll talk to one doctor about his self-imposed quarantine after returning from china. he is known as the virus hunter. he has the latest on what's really going on the ground there. you don't want to miss it. that's coming up later. connell: sending shockwaves through the sports world, the astros players speaking out for the first time since that sign-stealing scandal broke. the public response is actually adding more fuel to the fire. details later in the hour. ♪. ♪ we would only hold on to let go ♪ ♪ blow a kiss into the sun ♪ we need someone to lean on
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>> it is going to hurt tens of thousands of new yorkers who will be inconvenienced for no reason. no logical reason. just pure retaliation and i want, i want to know that i did everything i could to stop that. reporter: dhs says they need access to dmv records for national security reasons to keep borders and airports safe. dhs spokesperson said in a statement, quote the acting secretary is clear that cpb requires full access to the data fulfill the law enforcement and custom and trade and travel statutory responsibilities. where new york is once again sharing critical law enforcement data with cpb. the governor's office says banning new yorkers from the programs has huge impact on local economy. over 250,000 people have global entry passes in process or about to expire. this ban stalls the passes from going forward.
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it is not just airports this could impact but also travel across the new york and canada border. the governor's office says under the ban 30,000 drivers lose access to certain features part of the fast program. there are 6500 trips that use the fast program for faster screening and that could stall trips as well. connell: hillary vaughn from the white house. melissa: first of all governor memo says this has nothing to do with anything, just pure retaliation. your thoughts? >> he doesn't understand the issue or he lying to his constituents. the travel program way it was formed you can't be part of the program with a conviction of dui or serious felony traffic offenses which you only find in a dmv database.
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he didn't do his home or he is lying because it is a part of the program. melissa: i heard this morning. we don't know what is going on inside the room. the deal cuomo was going to offer, give you access to the database on case-by-case basis but we won't give you unfettered access to dive into the database. is that reasonable in your mind? >> no, i don't think it is reasonable. governor cuomo needs to do what every other state in the union is doing. give law enforcement officers give access to the dmv database without putting constraints on it. 12 other states given driver licenses to illegal aliens. they give law enforcement and cbp access to the database. he is making it a political issue writing into the law that i.c.e. or cbp can't access into the database. melissa: this is the only state
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that federal officials are walled off from going into the database? >> new york state. melissa: how important with if somebody has drunk driving conviction? what does that have to do with the safety of traveler. >> i didn't come up with the program. the requirement you have to have clean criminal history. dui is public safety offense. over 10,000 people a year die from that. it is part of the program. you cannot have dui convictions. >> you're a criminal if you've done that. that is basically where the line is drawn. >> yes exactly. melissa: how will it resolve itself. he can't gave, the governor. he will look super wimpy. he has to claim a win somehow. what would be acceptable? >> i think first of all, to have access for criminal investigative purposes, not just for, not just for the trusted traveler program but i.c.e. as you know, half of i.c.e., they arrest criminals, u.s. citizens
4:22 pm
every day. they need access to the database because when i was an agent that is the number one place to get a picture of somebody you want to serve a warrant or kick in their door with a search warrant. this is the picture you use. every law enforcement age sent goes to the dmv database to get pictures and warrants. this is not just about trusted traveler program. i.c.e. needs access for criminal investigations. not having this access. not having full access, knowing the person, what he looks like, it is officer safety issue. i would think the governor would understand officer safety issues. melissa: it is so interesting. you say, you're taking a pictures of illegal immigrants and putting them in the system. you wonder, do you really volunteer to get your picture taken if you're here illegally? i wonder how many pictures are in the system? they encourage people here in new york. it is safe. come in, get an i.d. an interesting question. thank you for your insight.
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we appreciate it. >> thank you for having me, liz. connell: coming in "fox business alert." roku numbers about. stock is up 8% in after-hours trade. reported fourth quarter results. they were strong. beat on revenue. reported a smaller than expected loss. as well. and roku says its users are now streaming nearly 12 billion hours of content in a quarter. that is what they did last quarter. which sounds like a lot. roku saying it benefited -- melissa: is that just you, your 12 billion hours? connell: just one of those numbers they benefited from new services disney plus, apple plus. melissa: not feeling the burn. critics are worried over the idea that the possibility bernie sanders may end up being the democratic nominee. seems like a good possibility. mike bloomberg taking advantage of social media. how the billionaire is teaming
4:24 pm
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melissa: enforcing international law. the navy announcing a u.s. warship seized a stockpile of iranian weapons heading to rebels in yemen. arming those rebels would be a direct violation of the u.n. security council. lucas tomlinson is at the pentagon with the details. lucas. reporter: this is the first time in over two months the u.s. navy intercepted iranian weapons bound for its proxy forces in yemen. this u.s. navy video show sailors from the cruiser normandy commandeering a boat carrying over 150 iranian tank missiles, first time surface-to-air missiles, drone parts and other advanced weapons in the arabian sea. they nabbed the iranian weapons on sunday of the images were released minutes before the u.s. senate voted to rein in
4:29 pm
president trump's ability to wage war in iran. a veto from the president is expected. earlier this week iran marked end for 40-day mourning period for its top commander, qassem soleimani. he was killed in the drone strike in baghdad. iran vowed regeneral including attacking jerusalem. a mortar landed in a base but there were no injuries. the same base where american interpreter was killed in september, leading to the assassination of soleimani. melissa: thank you, lucas. connell: some are not convinced senator is the front-runner for the primary and just about won the iowa caucus. the latest example from the tech industry. tom bevin "real clear politics" mr. to talk about it. there are a lot of examples. the stock market is another one. there is a story out there about
4:30 pm
technology executives. they were quoted and over and over how worried they were about elizabeth warren becoming president rand policies and it would hurt and hardly anything said about bernie sanders. he is the real front-runner. almost are people denying it is true? assume it won't happen. what do you make of all this? >> i don't you have to worry about elizabeth warren. her campaign is on the downswing he is leading in national polls as you mentioned. won most popular votes in iowa and most popular votes in new hampshire. well-positioned for leading contests. there is ease to construct a scenario where bernie sanders is the nominee. he has most money, solid base of support. it is much harder to construct a scenario for other democrats as you go through the list. whether pete buttigieg or amy klobuchar or joe biden. people ignoring bernie is the
4:31 pm
leader. they are in a bit of denial. there is anxiety. there might be you would say panic with the democratic establishment they can't stop this guy. you know they will be fighting back all along the way. the question whether they can get any traction against him. consolidate behind one candidate. it is not clear they are able to do that. connell: the real clear average, biden will slip. he already has. warren had a terrible new hampshire showing. so it is bernie, mayor pete, probably mike bloomberg at some point and if those are the three, i'm not only one to say this but there has to be some analogy to 2016 here. the whole never trump movement that never materialized. there was never anyone that took him on directly. people said, he will not win. he doesn't have enough support. he has a ceiling, all the rest. seems like history, i don't know if bernie rhymes with trump but history is rhyming a little bit. >> absolutely and the problem in
4:32 pm
the 2016 on the republican side. wasn't that they didn't take on trump. too many candidate were in the race. we have a fractured field. democrats are afraid of. elizabeth warren still has money. she will stay into super tuesday. joe biden says he sticks around through south carolina. that is another two weeks away. so you know, it's pretty much muddled on the democratic side right now. connell: if you were advising wall street investor, maybe they know this. probably do. maybe they're betting he would lose to president trump in the general which very well may be true. if you were advising them, would you say, better wise up to the fact he could easily be the nominee, maybe the president? >> i mean i would absolutely say they better wise up to the idea that bernie sanders could be the nominee. there is no question about that. you look ahead to the general election you can argue that both way. some people think bernie is a real flawed nominee and trump would wipe the floor with him. we don't know what the economy will look like in eight or nine
4:33 pm
months. bloomberg is a question mark. they say he is the answer democrats are looking for. i'm not sure. he hasn't stood on the debate stage. opo research is just coming out. he has a long way to go to prove that he needs to reach 15% thresh hold in congressional states to get some delegates. if that does not happen, then he is going to be really part of the problem, not part of the solution for the establishment. connell: he will stay in to spend money even if he is not the nominee. good to see you, tom bevin. melissa. melissa: "fox business alert." attorney general william barr sounding off on president trump's tweets, telling abc news the tweets and other public statements make it impossible for him to do his job. the interview comes after president trump's public comment about the roger stone case. barr says the president never asked him to do anything in the criminal case. very interesting. we'll see how the president
4:34 pm
responds to that. jumping by nearly 15,000. the number of virus cases surging overnight after chinese health officials adopted a new tracking system. i will be speaking with the doctor known as the master virus hunter. he is in a self-imposed quarantine after returning from china. we will talk to him next. connell: then the day of reckoning for the houston astros. the baseball team offering the first public remarks since the cheating scandal that engulfed major league baseball. the response may be further inflaming some of the critics. melissa: spice up your feet? kfc and crocs are teaming up to debut the new bucket clog. limited edition shoe covering in fried chicken print. it doesn't stop there. on top of the fried chicken it is scented with three defried chicken charm. it can be yours for only $60 this spring. i want my feet to smell like
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fried chicken. connell: this is a great country. melissa: it really is.
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connell: "fox business alert." nvidia. strong after-hours report. revenue better than expected from the chipmaker. it has significant chip operations in china. it had to revise out look on revenue downward by $100 million to account for potential impact from coronavirus. that is in this but investors
4:39 pm
are focused on the positive. 60,000 confirmed cases in mainland china. nvidia surprise earnings up 6 1/2%. melissa: master virus hunter. fox business's edward lawrence is reporting that two administration sources believe that china is under reporting the number of coronavirus viruses. what is it actually like on the ground there? via skip because self-imposed quarantine returning from china, dr. lipkin director of infection and immunity from columbia university. thanks for joining us. describe what you saw and what it was like. >> the streets were deserted just as they were in 2003 during sars. stores are closed. it is a very difficult situation for people trying to go about
4:40 pm
activities of daily life. melissa: what did you see? when you encountered patients, what did you learn about the virus itself? >> we don't know a lot about the virus itself. obviously we determined it is genetic organization. we know something about the proteins it makes. we have some insights what might be good candidates for making vaccines but we still don't have any drugs. and the diagnostic assays we have identifying people infected are still not idea. melissa: what do you think of the new estimate today that there are 60,000 confirmed cases? what is your gut reaction to that? do you think there are many more? >> i think there are more. we don't have yet the anti-body tests to figure out how many people have been infected. because the current tests used have been challenging. they have also been challenging here in the united states. this is frequently the case when there's a new way infection.
4:41 pm
we're still in the process of standardizing and improving these tests. melissa: i read in "the new york times" that you have seen 400 new viruses at your tenter since you started in 2002. is this -- >> actually more like four times that. melissa: okay. >> a lot of viruses. >> why is this such a big deal then? if there are new viruses that often why is this such a big deal? >> because this virus is highly transmissible between humans. many other viruses we find are not. we don't know a lot about the virus. it is a new coronavirus. we don't know yet what the impact will be on human health. melissa: where do you think it came from? >> we think it came from wildlife. probably adapted through some sort of animal that was located in a market close to wildlife and from there it spread and jumped to humans. melissa: i'm sorry. what is the worst-case scenario.
4:42 pm
i don't want to run out of time before this is done but people are trying to envision, what is the impact of this? what do you think is likely. what is the worst case? >> right now the number of fatalities we've seen is low. if you're among those 1000 people it is a big number. but when you compare this with seasonal flu, where we lose half a million people a year, it's a very modest situation but we've only had a small, much smaller number of people infected. if this becomes like seasonal flu where 25, 30% of the global population becomes infected, we might see a great deal more and morbidity and mortality. and that is our worry. melissa: the chinese government t this is man made. it was part of a weapon. there are all these rumors flying. i wouldn't bring it up except they responded to it, they said that is not the case. what do you think about that? >> i don't think there is any evidence at all this is
4:43 pm
something that was deliberately engineered by any scientists anywhere. we have viruses like this that emerge all the time. a few years ago when we put out the movie contagion there was discussion about this being a bio weapon, this particular virus. they said no need to do that. nature does all the bioengineering all the time. viruses jump hosts. that is what happened here. melissa: sounds like you're not that worried? >> i'm not. i would love to get out of here. aside from that, i'm fine. melissa: dr. lipkin, i hope when you're out you come on the show maybe we can talk to you before then too. thank you for coming on. we appreciate it. great information. >> my pleasure. melissa: that answer as lot of questions. connell: that is the guy to talk to. melissa: he is virus hunter. he came back. i don't know. connell: more politics in a moment. not only is he out there spending a lot, also getting creative. how one billionaire presidential candidate is betting on social
4:44 pm
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connell: "fox business alert." we heard from chad wolf, acting secretary at department of homeland security. here is his statement. today i joined president trump and governor cuomo for a productive meeting.
4:48 pm
the relationship between new york state and the federal government very important has been made difficult by the unilateral actions of new york state regarding the sharing of critical security information with dhs. new york's the only state that restricts cpb access from their data across the board. for law enforcement customs, trade, travel, facilitation purposes. despite that we will continue discussions with the state of the new york to find a mute allly agreeable solution. bottom line, president met with governor of new york. no resolution. melissa: that we know of. connell: that we know of yet. cuomo left the white house without speaking. melissa. melissa: disrupting the 2020 campaign. mike bloomberg outspending all other democrat candidates combined $250 million on tv ads and 45 million-dollars on digital ads. he is going on a charm offensive to partner with social media influencers to court younger voters.
4:49 pm
this is brad blakeman. race with money? more money than all of the other candidates put together? and win delegates? he is hired something called meme 2020. he is hiring social media influencers on instagram. if you see jessica simpson saying i love michael bloomberg, she has probably bade. do you think this works? >> it doesn't work. you can't substitute money. you can't substitute energy. you can't substitute grassroots. just because you have deep pockets. that has to be organic. people have to be out there working phones for you, volunteering, going door-to-door. melissa: he can pay people. he can pay people to work the phones. he can pay fake people to be out on the side of the road cheering for him. >> you can fool some of the people some of the time but not enough of the people to be elected president. that is the state of the union right now and that's a good
4:50 pm
thing. melissa: one thing that is interesting he is rising in the polls. he is getting all this attention. he hasn't faced any real scrutiny. he has not been on a debate stage. he hasn't had any hard interviews. he is rising in the poll. can that translate into delegates, do you think. >> no. eventually when he has to get on the debate stage he will have to face the like. there is a storm coming for bloomberg. you cannot think that money is going to get you to the white house. certainly is not. others have tried it. donald trump as a matter of fact, said that he would self-fund. look what happened. people came out of the woodwork to support him. he raised millions upon millions of dollars. look what the rnc is doing now with his campaign? shattering all records. melissa: brad, thank you, come back. >> pleasure. connell: harvard and yale for a moment. those schools are under investigation by the department of education. two ivy league schools being asked to disclose records of gifts and donations from foreign
4:51 pm
governments such as china, russia, iran and saudi arabia. so talk about this with david asman, joins us ahead of bulls and bears. what do you make of the story? >> those countries only do what is best for americans. you're talking about iran and everything. by the way, felicity huffman goes to jail for bribing her daughter into college. these people i'm sure that some of those millions of dollars just happened to coincide with the donors getting their kids into those colleges and universities. so you got investigate this. particularly by the way. it could be more serious than that. we had the incident of the head of the chemistry department of harvard getting arrested apparently working for the chinese that is the charge anyway. we don't know if it is true or not. china mine something a problem we have to look at for all the colleges. meanwhile i could andy mccarthy will be up on the screen. he will be our guest on "bulls & bears." in addition the president of the new york state association of
4:52 pm
chiefs of police will be talking about the trump and como dust-up today. we have a full show. connell: see you at top of the hour. david. >> sure thing. melissa: act of contrition. houston astros with words of regret about the team's sign-stealing scandal. details next. ♪ do you recall, not long ago ♪ we would walk on the sidewalk ♪ ♪ all around the wind blows ♪ we would only hold on to let go ♪ ♪ blow a kiss into the sun
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connell: they issued there are first public apology since the scannedalscandal broke, some ofs of houston astros. >> imreall i'm really sorry aboe choices that were made by my team. by the organization, and by me. i have learned from this. and i hope to regain the trust of baseball fans.
4:57 pm
i am sure that satisfies a grand total of no one. >> that was pretty weak. if i were astros, i would make sure we had right people to talk to the players tell them what to say, not to say, there is a former pitcher from bluejays, who filed a lawsuit in l.a. supreme court this week, claiming that astros derailed his career in a terrible outing, he got shelled, he knew everything that of coming he got sent down never called up, this guy says oh, this is not a victimless crime, astros players could they have not said due toa going legal matter, we can't talk. not like they are in court, and have to speak, anything they can say will be used against them. alex breath -- said we're baseball players we make mistakes, we're human, okay. i heard what sa alex rodriguez t
4:58 pm
busted for steroids he kept saying we were just kids we don knowedidn't know what woe we we. connell: there is money behind this, people lost money. players and the other team. they won in 2017. he said -- >> chief can you hear me david asman here. >> you know this didn't impact the game. we had a good team. we won the world series, we'll leave it at that. connell: we're all go let's go home. >> didn't impact the game. >> 50 seconds later, he said, i didn't say it didn't impact the game. astro owner fired general manager and manager, just after they were suspended, he said he doesn't think his players should be punished they did not receive proper guidance from our leaders, who is the big leader
4:59 pm
of the team, jim crane? connell: he said he is not be punished. >> are we to believe he did not know what was questio know whatg on. connell: they were a great group of guys, they -- great group? they cheated. >> astro have seen the team go from we would love them a couple years ago, a feel good story after hurricane hal harvey, sudy astros are most disliked team in major league baseball, they will be until ruling comes on boston red sox. connell: you think that players on field handled it, astros better look out, people throwing at their hitters. >> we've seen never other plays in steroid scandal, so many did not say they were guilty it is terrible, we see all these player now. connell: even pete rose wants in after this. jared max. >> you are really fired up.
5:00 pm
connell: we will talk about it after the show. melissa: i am still stuck on the chicken shoe. what if you have dogs, a mailman better not wear a chicken shoe. connell: it was a crazy story. melissa: it was, "bulls and bears" starts right now. david: attorney general bill barr responding to pleasure to a firestorm of criticism from the left, why he is now sounding off about the president's tweets. more on that with mr. andrew mccarthy, and but first a show down at white house this afternoon, new york governor cuomo meeting face-to-face with president trump. to strike some kind of a deal with administration after homeland security banned new yorkers from enrolling in trusted traveler program. that meets just wrapping up. we have a live report from the white house, coming up. this is "bulls and bears," thank you for joining us, i am david asman, joining me on panel today, jonathan hoenig, caroll roth, gary kaltbaum and jack


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