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tv   WSJ at Large With Gerry Baker  FOX Business  February 15, 2020 12:30am-1:00am EST

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lou: not only has the coronavirus killed more than a thousand people, it has exposed the united states' dependency on chinese pharmacies and products and medical supplies. we are dependent on them and they are in the midst of an extraordinary national crisis. scott gottleib warned a senate committee the spread of the coronavirus in his judgment will affect supply chains of american drugs and it may cause a shortage of products around the world. he told the committee that 100%
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of our ask ask ask ask ask -- 40-45% of our imports of penicillin. china producing 80% of the entire supply of american antibiotics. china is the world's largest producer of active ingredients. the united states is dependent on drugs that are either sourced from china or include apis sourced from china. outsourcing american jobs and our production to china. in effect, administration after administration of both parties has permitted big pharma and all sorts of healthcare companies to sell out not only american
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workers and our national security to improve profits. those administrations allowed drug manufacturing companies to render us dependent on a country that's in crisis. despite china's production of half the world's sanitary masks. the coronavirus has led to a major shortage of masks in this country. china is importing masks as well, adding to the shortage here in the united states. joining us, peter navarro. assistant to the president, the president's trade czar in the white house.
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peter, let's start with -- i know you are busy -- >> a wake-up call on steroids. lou: let's talk about that. what are we going to do about the absence any production capacity for pharmaceuticals in this country? i want to focus on that. peter i'm going to ask you to respond to my question. that's what i'm going to ask you to do. >> go ahead. lou: you missed the question. >> you asked about the production facilities in the united states. lou: how are we going to respond to that. >> vaccines are what we'll need. we have five companies here in the u.s., a manhattan-style project to get us the vaccine hopefully as early as next
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november. get 50 million doses. it there require effort in research and development. in terms of the treatment, there is a drug that looks promising. the thing that we need absolutely to do is get that into clinical trials. we have been having trouble with the chinese cooperating on that. so we are going down a different avenue to get that done. if we get that done we can ramp the production up. lou: how soon can that vaccine be ready? the prospects are bleak that we'll avoid it over the course of the next year. >> the vaccine -- it's a manhattan-style project. november. lou: that's amazing if you can get that done, there will be a
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grateful nation. >> in order to make that happen, we have to have the fda voft, the epa involved. lou: i am going to interject now. that's your problem, your job, this administration's job. now let's go to treatment. how soon and how much can we count on? >> we have the drug made by gilliad. it's promising. we need to get it quickly through clinical trials. we have 3,500 doses on hand and another 100,000 we can produce at 5,000 a week. we can be as early as the end of
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this month to mid-march to star this production of the additional 5,000. we are moving at trump time. lou: peter, thanks so much and thanks for all you are doing. dr. marc siegel joins us after stay restless with the icon that does the same. the new rx. crafted by lexus. lease the 2020 rx 350 for $419 a month for 36 months. experience amazing at your lexus dealer.
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lou: china has reported more
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deaths in hubei province along with 2,000 more confirmed case. worldwide there are 1,500 deaths and 60,000 confirmed cases. dr. robert redfield issuing this warning for the united states. quote, this virus is probably with us beyond this season, beyond this year. and i think eventually the virus will find a foothold and we'll get community-based transmission. translation. pandemic. there have been 15 confirmed cases in the united states. joining us, dr. marc siegel. the outlook from the cdc is somewhat bleak and it doesn't seem to be supported by the
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obvious facts on transmission and the straight ahead of the disease within his country. >> i think the concern from coming out of cdc has to do with the fact that there are so many more cases in china than we were told originally. we kind of suspected that. even the number you put up tonight of 66,000 is probably way under. it's probably over 100,000. people can get a virus in the united states and we wouldn't necessarily know. lou: what i'm sort of stunned by in all of this is the surprise that there are 60,000 cases in china, principally hubei province, wuhan, the epicenter. we were just told by peter
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navarro, the president's man on the case to fight this virus in vaccines and anti-virals and treatment. he believes that he will have treatment and vaccines both the treatment beginning in the next month and perhaps vaccines by november. that's a much better outlook than we heard good any other quarter. this is the man, and this is the president responsible for contending with this emergency. did these declarations surprise you from peter navarro? >> they encouraged me. i know it's been very successful in scene malls. -- successful in animals. i talked to phone -- talked to y fauci about the vaccines as have
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you. i think it's optimistic, but it will be a full court press. lou: despite our immense dependence on china or pharmaceuticals and treatment drugs and all sorts of equipment, it looks like the administration is making a heroic effort to turn all of that around after decades of and surpt outsourcing of jobs. >> it does look like it's going to come here and spread to communities here. 7% of all antibiotics are made in china. we are in trouble in terms of antibiotics. there are many there in wuhan. 80% of prescription drugs are
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made in china. we are in huge trouble unless we turn this back towards the united states. lou: we are talking about 139 deaths coming out of wuhan. >> i think it's well beyond that. 15% of the cases linked to this terrible pneumonia. 5% of the cases ends up in the i.c.u. this is a very serious infection and it definitely can be deadly. lou: be sure to vote in our poll tonight. do you believe the justice department and the fbi are politically corrupt and may just be plain old crooked.
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cast your vote @loudobbs. here is a story that rights itself. michael avenatti, remember him? he went from creepy porn lawyer to convict in less than two years. he was found guilty of trying to extort millions of dollars from nike. he faces two more trials coming up including embezzling thousands of dollars from a paraplegic. this is just extraordinary. it's just sickening what this man has done. recent phenomenons, phenom nap, make it feel like the end of days. these are locusts you are looking at.
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nasa says a potentially hazardous asteroid will miss by a few million miles early tomorrow morning. in astronomical terms it's a close miss. if it were to have hit the world, it would trigger mass extinction, some scientists say, and nuclear winter. mass extinction of course would make nuke ca -- nuclear winter . president trump's record on religious liberty means nothing to the national left-wing media. pastor robert jeffress joins us right after the break. stay with us. we'll be talking optimistically about the world we face right
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lou: a mixed day on wall street. the nasdaq up 19.
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it's 14th record close of the year. the dow up a full percent to end the week. the s & p climbing more than a percent and a half. crude oil up a percent. gold finishing over $1,500 an ounce. listen to my reports three times a day coast to coast on the salem radio network. the national left wing media attacking president trump on religion. "the washington post" with this headline. trump mocks the faith of others. his own religious practices remain opaque. this headline targeting a president pushing religious freedom including forcing planned parenthood to withdraw from public funding and becoming the first president to attend
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the march for life. joining us tonight, pastor robert jeffress, pastor of the first baptist church of dallas and fox news contributor. i want to talk to you about attacking the president on his faith. this is -- i was going to say a new low. but it's not really. it's just more low from the national left-wing media. >> this reporter happened to talk to me and she was asking about the president's prayer life and bible reading. i said five years ago when i met mr. trump for the first time, i said people are going to ask me about your faith. what would you like me to say to them? he said tell people my faith is
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very important to me and it's very personal with me. most christians don't care about his personal piety, what they care about is his pro-faith policies. he's proper ridge liberty -- he's pro religious liberty be. lou: a new pew research poll shows christians are not going to vote for a socialist. >> there is a new poll out that shows bernie sanders is the number one choice of democrats and of atheists. that tells you everything you need to know. he could probably win the democrat nomination without religious voters, but you can't win the general election with
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them. america is still primarily a christian nation. bernie sanders doesn't have a prayer of a chance of becoming president. but he's the democrat nominee, that's a gift from heaven to donald trump. lou: some republicans would think that's a sign of the ends of days. the locust and th -- and the the plague. certainly there will be and dem pandemics. and a asteroids. we just have to make sure we
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know the lord. lou: stay with us, we are coming right back.
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- what i pray is that you won't turn your eyes but you will look at their suffering and your heart will be changed. - [presenter] with your gift of just $25 we can rush an emergency survival package to help one desperate elderly person for a month. call right now. lou: in a poll last night we asked you if aoc and the dimms will give president trump credit for reducing carbon emissions more than any other nation.
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97% of you said no they will not. defense secretary mark esper told reporters in germ any that border security is national security. he was responding to left-wing nags in the media over there about the diversion of pentagon funds for the president's border wall. there should be no surprising with the president made it clear since 2015 what he would be doing. president trump blasted open border radical dimms at an event for the national border patrol council. president trump: while we work together to protect our country and save countless lives. unfortunately the far left want to do things that are he bad for our country, and so bad for security. lou: border security is certainly national security.
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we thank you for being with us. fred fleitz, michael pillsbury. and please have a great weekend. we'll see you monday, good night from new york. [♪] trish: tonight, a great injustice. a career fbi bureaucrat and clinton crony walks free. while a trump associate faces maybe 9 years in prison. both men are accused of flying federal investigators. but only one is paying the price. the department of justice announcing it will not pursue its indictment against andrew mccabe who was deputy director of the fbi under president obama and fired by president trump over his quote lack of candor. translation, lying.


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