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tv   Trish Regan Primetime  FOX Business  February 17, 2020 8:00pm-9:00pm EST

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the existing department of justice. but if it not quickly, then yes. >> how quickly? >> another week or two. lou: good night. see you tomorrow evening. trish: on presidents' day our country is on the brink of a metaphorical civil war. ignoring the warning signs as they happen. nbc is announcing the release of a movie "the hunt," an alleged satirical movie where liberals hunt conservatives. it ask delayed the release because they thought it was inappropriate. they should have stuck with that.
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i stead they are releasing their film all about how elites hunt conservative trump supporters for sport. >> we actually believed we were hunting human beings for sport. >> but you are. >> we have an opportunity here to teach these people. trish: this is supposed to be funny. right now when the left thinks anyone who thinks differently than them is somehow sub human. >> anyone who supports this is supporting racism. >> you could put half of trump supporters into what i call the basket of deplorables. racist, sexist, hypophobic. >> if you vote for trump, you are the bad guy. >> you make choices in life and
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there is a cost to being an accomplice to this cruel, deceitful administration. trish: that's not funny. you know what else is not funny or cool? the left's attempt to smear president trump when he and the first lady took a historic lap in the beast. the latest celebrity, the group ping floyd's lead singer admits in his latest interview or admitted is calling the president quote a mass murderer. he also likes to blair this across the screen. while the telling a crowd meanwhile at a recent event, this is a man who has failed at fing everything in his life except becoming the biggest mass
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murderer and tyrant and destroyer of everything we might cherish in the world. these people are so irresponsible. it's so beyond comprehension. who might i ask has the president killed? that's a pretty preposterous different' pretty insulting. and it's pretty kis -- it's prey despicable to say this. he went on to say united states of america is not a fool's paradise, it's a fool's ask cup. if he loves socialism so much, why doesn't ping floyd make tickets free for his concert or donate proceeds to bernie's campaign.
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practice what you preach. maybe there will be a loophole in bernie's utopia for entertainers and musicians. this pink floyd singer is falling in line with the group think. remember that hold star who once said this to his 11-year-old daughter. >> you better be ready friday to meet with me so i can let you know how rude you are. you are a rude, thoughtless little pig. trish: he considered himself the morality police on "saturday night live." we are talking about alec baldwin. he's using the hitler comparison for president trump. writing on twitter, it's official, the american government as lawless as
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dictators we headed in world war ii. you wonder how they took over in the aftermath of world war ii. their sniffling lack of courage. how can someone who lost a loved one that mite may have fought for our freedom and our allies' freedom in world war ii. for these pompous intellectuals to lecture us, give us a break. >> you better be ready friday the 0th to meet with me so i can let you know what a rude little pig you are. you are a rude, thoughtless little pig.
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trish: the cite sip is being generated from people who clearly have no moral compass of their own. meanwhile, if they had anything going on in their head they would understand the importance of fighting on policy at the voting box rather than the wild untrue accusation stream they hurl at the president and world history. insulting every single american out there. every american just trying to do what's right and earn an honest living. leftists are fighting back with insane rhetoric and temper tantrums. case in point. every time i see it. it's stunning to see. nancy pelosi ripping up the speech. accusing her opponent of being
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on drugs. >> that was not a state of the union. that was his state of mind. like he's a little he dated. he looked that way last year, too. trish: i candidate the president about nancy pelosi and how she was acting behind him and whether he had even seen her tearing up those papers. >> she was mumbling behind me all night long. i get very nice reviews the speech. she was bumbling all night long behind me. trish: bottom line, the dems are mad as hell because this president did egg they could not. president trump is imroag our economy, creating value in the stock market, he negotiated usmca, bringing jobs home.
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he negotiated a china trade deal and put in place prison reform. the guy they thought was a disaster is winning. wing honor measurable economic metric. they resorted to encouraging violence now to stop it. >> you get out and you create a crowd. and you push back on them. and you tell them they are not welcome. >> they go low, we kick them. that's what this new democratic party is about. >> you cannot be civil with a political party that wants to destroy what you and for and what you care about. trish: you know what in they are getting what they want. an increase in violence. days a go a florida man drives a van into a tent where they were registering voters. he tells police he doesn't like
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trump. a 15-year-old boy is assaulted by this man for wearing a make america great again hat. a policeman is attacked for wear ago red hat someone thought was a maga hat. in sacramento, a republican is assaulted on campus. >> what have i done? >> you are harassing me. >> that is not okay. stop. mother [bleep] >> henry, it's okay. you are going to end up dead. trish: watch this. i want you to see this. this is the rhetoric. an anti-trump person on a college campus in arizona. watch this.
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and you hear nothing, nothing from the mainstream media. like none of it is even happening. to get this straight, the left is out there inspiring and encouraging this behavior, then ignores it completely when it happens. it's the height of irresponsible built. they should be ashamed. like we always do we'll rise above their pain new rhetoric and hateful actions. tonight we are united. we all want what's best for our country and for your children. as we celebrate presidents' day, you are watching this show, let's remember the good that's in america. let's remember what truly unites us, a common belief in a better economic future for all of us. we want that. we crave that.
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we need that. and we'll prevail as the number one economy in the world. thanks to around optimism. and leadership from a president that believes in leveling the playing field for every single american. we are optimists that look forward to a strong tomorrow. the circus the left, indicted's a circus with their violence and hate. they are spewing and encouraging violence. we are so many better than that. and we always will be. that's tonight's intel. happy presidents' day. we have a heck of a show for you tonight. coming up, nancy pelosi is still in denial about president trump's acquittal. >> he was acquitted by the senate. >> the headlines can say
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acquitted. but he's impeached forever. trish: the media is wondering why he can't personally stop this coronavirus. we have the idiotic sound courtesy of cnn. a new report, far left voter insulting billionaire michael bloomberg is considering hillary clinton as his running mate. remember what she said about u.s. coal jobs? >> we are going to put a lot of coal miles an hour and coal companies out of business. trish: bloomberg dismissed farmers and farm workers in recently found sound. maybe they are mutually bad for each other.
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risch some people don't know when to call it quits. reports that hillary clinton and michael bloomberg are considering a partnership. but we told you about it first, didn't we? >> she is running. she is trying to decide -- i think people are kidding themselves. they don't think hillary clinton won't take a long look at this and elbow her way into this primary season and try to have a rematch of ali-fraser. a rematch of donald trump. trish: bloomberg's money and clinton's connections. this is the dems' dream team? i am charitable. i will start with the good or at least the not so bad. bloomberg isn't sanders.
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he's not entirely a socialist. he may be a control freak on how much soda you drink. he's trying to pretend he's against stop and frisk. stop and frisk worked in new york city when he was mayor. >> if one of them takes the description, exor ox it and pass it out to all the cops. and that's where i real crime is. >> michael bloomberg doesn't get people. he may not even like people that's. that's fine and well if you are a billionaire. but if you are the president of the united states you have to kind of like people.
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saying stuff like this about farers. >> the agrarian society lasted 3,000 years. and we could teach processes. i can teach anybody to be a farer. it's a process. you dig a hole, you put a seed in, put dirt on top, water and up comes the court. the information ask ask economy you have to know a little bit more. trish: michael bloomberg doesn't seep to get the alcohol -- doesn't seem to get the challenges people face. some people are farmers and some are factory workers. you should be proud of every american doing the right thing and trying to take care of his or her family. the difference between michael
8:20 pm
bloomberg and donald trump is president trump respects people regardless of what they do for a living. president trump respects work ethics. without hepathy, michael bloomberg cannot win. and he picks hillary clinton as his running mate? >> you can put half of trump supporters into what i call the basket of deplorables. the racist, sexist, homophobish, xenophobic, you name it. trish: he hasn't picked her yet. you want a drab personality to accompany a drab personality. you couple with bloomberg and clinton. you want to align you're sell with hillary clinton? that's bad. and that's the ugly. a bloomberg-clinton duo will be
8:21 pm
perceived by most americans as the ultimate establishment ticket. you have a man who bankrolled so many politicians' careers. the ugly here is that they are the ultimate establishment. they are everything president trump and his supporters have been fighting against. joining me right now, trump 2020 national press secretary, kayleigh mcenany. what do you think? >> oh, wow, you could not dream a more pathetic matchup than a bloomberg-clinton ticket. you have two elite why its who between their commentary managed to insult 75% of the electorate. these people are so out of touch
8:22 pm
it's incredible. but everyone is assuming bloomberg is taking or the biden lane and he's the new guy. but don't underestimate joe biden. he's doing well in south carolina. trish: could hillary clinton consider teaming up with biden? it sounds like she wants back in. >> she truly believes that in her heart of hearts that she won the 2016 election. there is no way president trump pulled off the electoral landslide that he did. you have hillary clinton who believes she won. and don't underestimate the scorned ego of a politician like hillary clinton. she wants in. trish: the liberal media stumbling over each other trying
8:23 pm
to figure out how they allowed this disgraced southern star attorney michael avenatti into their fold. >> joining us is michael avenatti. >> michael avenatti. >> michael avenatti, thank you very much. >> he's out there saving the country. trish: i'm showing you the liberal media's so-called apologies and backtrack. it's official. the media blaming president trump for absolutely possible ily everything. they are wondering why the president can't stop the coronavirus. but first what are the stages of grief? nancy pelosi is still in denial about president trump's acquittal. i have got that for you next.
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trish: nancy pelosi is still refusing to accept reality tonight. he was acquitted, his poll ratings are high. >> you can't have an acquittal unless there is a trial. and you can't have a trial without witnesses and documents. the headlines can say acquit. but he's impeached forever. branded. trish: the senate voted to acquit president trump. why is the leader of the democratic party continuing to insist he wasn't. how does this help the democrats, to completely deny reality? does she want a constitutional crisis? joining me, senate armed services member senator martha
8:29 pm
mcsally. it's wonderful to see you again. last time i talked to you times were crazy, now they may be crazier. you have nancy pelosi completely refusing to admit reality. how do you characterize washington and the dems? >> you can't make this up. i think nancy pelosi should share a grief support group with adam schiff and jerry nadler. i was on the floor. president trump was acquitted from the partisan sham they sent over to us. they are still in denial about the 2016 election. now i think they are doing it in advance for 2020. they are freaking realizing president trump is on the path to reelection. they look like a circus. trish: i don't think at this point it's political.
8:30 pm
i think it's about protecting the country and what they have done is extraordinarily banana republic-like. i spent a lot of time covering those economics and political environments. this isn't going to stick, so they are bringing out other things, meddling in the roger stone case, whether it's elizabeth warren talking about did he hold up puerto rico funding for political purposes. then he shouldn't have fired lieutenant colonel vindman. he shouldn't have fired him. when does it stop? >> i don't think it's going to stop until we flip the house. the american people are disgusted with how they are acting with their investigations
8:31 pm
and impeachments. so many more people are working. wages are going up, we are rebuilding our military. things are going well. their agenda is extreme and harmful for the country. and they can't figure it out. it breaks may hearts someone who roar the uniform to defend our freedom. trish: i haven't worn the uniform and it breaks my heart sitting on the sidelines. the economy is doing great. i'm a business journalist. former president obama is trying to take credit, actually tweeting today, quote 11 years ago i signed the recovery act. so he's apparently gotten their talking points. does this recovery have anything
8:32 pm
at all to do with obama? >> of course not. he oversaw th -- he oversaw the worst recovery in history. president trump is cutting taxes, and regulations. with all respect to president obama, you didn't build this, to use his own terms. trish: that's good. senator mcsally, good to see you. coming up, brian seltzer in his seemingly wisdom and knowledge just loves now disgraced michael
8:33 pm
avenatti. >> one of the reasons i am take you seriously as a presidential contender is because of your appearances on cable news. we are going to play his so-called apology for you. but first it's official. the media blamed president trump for absolutely everything. now they are criticizing him for his coronavirus response. we have the sound. at fidelity, online u.s. stocks and etfs are commission-free. and when you open a new brokerage account, your cash is automatically invested at a great rate. that's why fidelity leads the industry in value while our competition continues to talk. ♪ talk, talk
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8:38 pm
darn thing on president trump. >> you haven't had a lot of support it sounds like from the state department. >> i found it problematic for an american president to be praising china's president for his handling of this. >> we have not seen the creation of a special czar for handling this issue as we saw under president obama. president trump is not somebody who is deeply even meshed in the nuts and bolts of government. trish: unbelievable. that's what the media says. regular folks, people far outside that media bubble, they get. as cnn bashes president trump, americans on the ground in quarantine are thanking the president. watch this. >> i just want to thank president and the u.s. government. there has been and lot of silence on this. now we know the silence has been putting together a brilliant
8:39 pm
plan. trish: is this just another case of liberal media using -- using anything they can. betsy mccaughey and tomi lahren. good to see you both. the media. tomi. on the one hand they tear him down he's the devil, but on the other hand they think he's god and can control the coronavirus. i think it' good that there are as limited number of cases as there are. what's your reaction to his response? >> i think the on thing worse than coronavirus is our favorite trump derangement syndrome. we have barack obama taking credit for the economy and at the same time they are blaming president trump. everything that goes wrong is
8:40 pm
trump's fault, and all the wonderful accomplishments must be because of barack obama. but the media, they do it with a straight face and believe their own lives. trish: i give you credit because you say it with a smile. i spent a lot of time covering barack obama's economy. and the liberal media was trying to prop it up in way they could. i want to get back to coronavirus. it's all president trump's fault. >> the world is emulating what the president did very decisively january 31. as soon as the truth began to leak out of china about the seriousness of the coronavirus he announced that americans returning from china would have to be quarantined for 14 days, and foreign travelers would not be permitted inside our borders.
8:41 pm
he understood it was whether to fight coronavirus over there than to fight it there. and we owe hip our safety. there are so few cases in the united states because of that. and the globalist health officials will try to push him to open the borders. and plenty of these people at cnn. but he stuck what he knew with practical and most other countries with the exception of africa have copied him. trish: they were saying it's a form of xenophobia to shut down the borders and he said i don't care. >> he knows keeping americans safe is his number one priority. and the media criticizes him for everything he does. from this coronavirus the way he handled this to his travel ban.
8:42 pm
everything he does in the interest of the american people, the media hates him because they want to say he's a xenophobe and homophobe and a racist. but at the end of the day he's protecting the american people. and that's why we have so few cases. let's keep it from spreading. i think donald trump is the man to do it. trish: to me number one thing you have got to do as president is protect the country. >> that's right. trump has great foresight warning the health establishment span manufacturers. we must bring back to the united states manufacturing of medication and hospital supplies. we are over 0 person * dependent on china. in the coming weeks and months we'll experience a shortage of tamiflu *.
8:43 pm
antibiotics. breast cancer medication. they are all made in china. it's a major national security thing. thing. it's not trump's fault. alex azar has not he acted on it. it's not trump's fault. trish: the liberal media is trying to find out how their beacons of truth missed michael avenatti's corruption. he's donald trump's worst nightmare. >> joining us once again is michael avenatti. >> michael avenatti. >> he's out there saving the country. >> he may be the savior of the republic. trish: we are showing you the liberal media's so-called apologies and backtracks.
8:44 pm
a message from the deep state. 1,000 former justice department employees calling on trump attorney general william barr to resign. did they have the same type of letter thing with kavanaugh? several of the names happen to be on cnn and msnbc. they are analysts over there. is it not enough for the liberal media to secretly ask work against the president as well as their airwaves? t. rowe price experts go beyond the numbers to examine investment opportunities firsthand, like innovations in agricultural research. because your investments deserve the full story. t. rowe price invest with confidence. tit's great actually, i've been listening to audible. it's audiobooks, news, meditations... gotta go!
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some people say that's ridiculous. age is just an illusion. how you show up for the world, that's what's real. what's your idea?
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i put it out there with a godaddy website. trish: more than 1,000 former justice department officials calling on william barr to resign. guess who is on board with this? none other than current cnn and msnbc analysts signing their names to this petition. they are all out there politicizing this moment because they are angry because william barr is suggesting a lighter sentence for mr. stone.
8:49 pm
all this as mr. stone calls for a new trial. >> bill barr happens basically decimated and cut the legs out for career public servants. >> the tweets make it harder for bill barr to help him be corrupt. >> bill barr made it clear his interests and the president's interests are aligned. >> who wants to be known as the attorney general who really is fixing criminal cases on the president's behalf. trish: one commentator wants thousands of prosecutors to resign in protest of barr's quote authoritarianism. >> there are 5,000 federal prosecutors. if 2,000 of them resigned tomorrow, that would be a thing. we are asking a lot of people to put their careers on the line.
8:50 pm
during authoritarianism much must be asked. trish: can we put politics aside? how does anyone think this is actually a fair trial when the woman who was the foreperson on the jury was out there tweeting all trump supporters are racist. we found the tweet. how is that okay. she was out there on social media making fun of roger stone when he was arrested. there is a calm tomorrow we'll finds out whether he gets one. but for them to be suggesting what they are suggesting when the guy never got a fair shake to begin with is outrageous.
8:51 pm
joining me now, former florida congressman greg steube. they are say everybody should resign. they want william barr out. has our government gotten little crazy and has the left gotten a little crazy with their rabidness. >> if they disagree with barr's leadership they should resign, then barr can fill those slots with people who support the administration. i'll bet if you interview people in florida and ask them if they have faith in the department of justice and the fbi, they wouldn't will be wouldn't have faith with what they have seen with the fisa abuses. andrew mccabe lied four times. trish: he's not totally off. i think when it comes down to
8:52 pm
reexposing what actually happened, he's going to find himself in a lot of trouble. the idea that mccabe was able to lie to the fbi and walk away, no problem. he admitted -- we have him on tape lying. and then after the fact the transcript of his interview with the prosecutor where he's like, yeah, i did. and then roger stone gets potentially 9 years. you don't lie to the fbi. you don't lie to congress. but why the double standard? >> if he didn't get a fair trial and if there is evidence a juror was biased for political reasons, he should get a new trial. our justice system calls for impartiality and looking at the facts and applying the evidence and the facts to the law. if that didn't happen,
8:53 pm
absolutely he deserves a new trial. trish: the calls for william barr to resign. i don't know, this ways they do in banana republics. they don't admit the president was acquitted. they go after the attorney general. >> the majority of american could care less what cnn and msnbc reporters think. i think bill barr is doing a great job and should keep it up. trish: isn't this a reason we need to get back the house? can you imagine another four years of this? >> i 100% agree with you and i think we are on our way there. if you look at numbers of the
8:54 pm
independents in these districts. i have never seen numbers so low as nancy pelosi's numbers. trish: i think you need to have some kind of structure there. and if you continue to have this divided government,le you will continue to have this divided nation. all the more reason for you guys to work adressively to be -- aggressively to be on the same page. we have seen a dried house, a nancy pelosi-led house will not result in good things. brian seltzer, just loved now disgraced michael avenatti. >> looking forward to 2020 one of the reasons i am looking forward to you as a contendser is because of your presence on
8:55 pm
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well, before us, there were your great, great, great grandparents. turn questions you've always had into stories you can't wait to share; with ancestry. trish: the liberal media michael avenatti coming to a crashing halt now that he is a convicted felon.
8:59 pm
a big get this instead of admitting fault for putting avenatti on this giants pedestal, then media is blaming him for duping them. watch. >> i feel kind of snickered because i take them seriously. >> there is one suggested that he could be a serious candidate for president, was a stupid on my part? >> that's what really drew a lot of trumps critics to him. was this idea that he could be to tromp at his own game. they were basically buying into -- they are being played by that very strategy, his ability to manipulate the media. trish: news flash you weren't manipulated you are blinded by hate for our presidents, hence this. >> he is donald trump's worst nightmare. molars not going to take tromp down i think avenatti's going to take trump down. >> donald trump is terrified of michael avenatti. >> michael avenatti for
9:00 pm
president 2020? >> looking at 2020 and looking as seriously as a contender because of your presence on cable news. [laughter] trish: you can't make it up. have a wonderful night everyone see you back here tomorrow night kat temps is in for kennedy next. >> the knives are out for michael bloomberg the white house and the fellow democrats turning up the heat just days before the next debate and the nevada caucuses. but does many might have would it takes to beat them back and grab the nomination? i am kat timpf in for kennedy. over the weekend the former mayor fought an avalanche of at critics of his contenders among them bernie sanders claims bloomberg is trying to buy the election. >> now mike bloomberg is struggling, he's down to his last $60 billion life is hard, you know food prices


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