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tv   Mornings With Maria Bartiromo  FOX Business  February 19, 2020 6:00am-9:00am EST

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coupons on things, and provide city commission bernie kareck as them on more experiences services that seems the trend going forward, interim cfo well as michael milton among 11 thomas going to take over people pardoned or commuted by permanently. >> tesla this morning because president trump, on the list they are trading higher, we've michael milken after 2 years got upgrade from sandler, a hike on price target to 8928 after 10 years and meanwhile sin dollars -- 928 of dollars over city showdown, democrats looking where trading bernstein hiked to get lucky in las vegas for to 730 morgan stanley 500 well presidential debate tonight and under where we are right now maria. target will be on michael maria: jackie thank you so much, jackie deangelis wall bloomberg, taking the stage for street still ahead is your the first time tonight, a royal cash becoming trash? rebrand after spending thousands millions of americans have of dollars on new royal website, unused money hiding in will with aets are you one of them? we check it out next up. the queen banning prince harry and meghan markle, meghan and harry are spending thousands of dollars but they will have no choice to rebrand.
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attorney general bill barr no option to resign. the president acknowledging the claim. mornings with maria begins right now. ♪ ♪ as someone with hearing loss i know what a confusing and frustrating experience getting hearing aids can be. that's why i founded lively. affordable, high-quality hearing aids with all of the maria: we kick it off with top features you need, and none of the hassle. stories we are watching this morning, finally free, i use lively hearing aids and it's been wonderful. passengers aboard the diamond it's so light and so small princess cruise ship who tested but it's a fraction of the cost negative are disembarking after of the other devices. being trapped for weeks of where they cost thousands less. the boat docked off in japan, it's insanely user friendly. you take the hearing test online, 545 cases linked to that ship, the doctor programs in the settings. countries including australia, you don't even need to go into an office. they're delivered canada and now the uk organizing to your door in a few days flights to get residents back and you're up and running in no time. home. it connects via bluetooth to my phone. coronavirus death toll topping you can stream music
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2,000 with at least 75,000 cases and you can answer phone calls. confirmed across the world, this the audiologist was so incredible as new cases of the virus and she's full of all kinds of little helpful hints china are reportedly slowing down, 27 countries now affected by the highly contagious i feel like i can take on anything. it feels great to be in control of my hearing. illness, we have all of the latest this morning, a judge rejecting lawsuit by hauwei, the better hearing has never been this easy. try lively risk-free challenge banning federal for 100 days. agencies from buying product visit that's why we (whistling) beyond the numbers. products from chinese giant and there's a company that's talked than me: jd power.people have power to restrict business 448,134 to be exact. from hauwei and zte, pieces of they answered 410 questions in 8 categories national authorization act violated its rights and harmed current and future business, maria: welcome back, 2020 about vehicle quality. hopeful michael bloomberg pledge to go sell media empire if he's and when they were done, amazon making some changes in elected president, former new chevy earned more j.d. power quality awards across how it recruits employees, technology giant says it's york city mayor could sell the cars, trucks and suvs than any other brand company for as much as over the last four years. hiring fewer graduates from $60 million, this is a big so on behalf of chevrolet, i want to say story, i think, because one elite schools and putting more thing that it does, dagen, it "thank you, real people." you're welcome. stock on virtual meetings, the puts bloomberg limited partners, we're gonna need a bigger room. company apparently looking to puts bloomberg news in play, now bring on nba from a broader pool we know that this is his end of candidates and to work with goal, he will sell it. workers with both technical it's not like he's planning on, skills as well as business you know, giving it as
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savvy, amazon extending to 80 inheritance, his end goal is to sell it, the company is if play in my view. programs reaching beyond mit dagen: yeah, absolutely and we school of management and texas a should point out that the bloomberg reporters say you're not allowed to investigate the bloomberg campaign. [laughter] dagen: it's completely off & m. limits, this in terms of the wall during final dollar the dollars and cents of race this weekend, car flipped this entire endeavor that over and skidded across the bloomberg is undertaking, spend track, the 42-year-old driver $2 billion, that's roughly based was rushed to the hospital where he was listed in serious on my back of envelope calculation, roughly what his condition. our top story this hour, sin income or the dividend would be city showdown tonight, 6 off of this business every year, he's worth 63 billion, he owns democratic candidates getting ready for debate, michael 88, almost 90% of the company, bloomberg will make first just based on the revenue that appearance with 20 rivals a new we know about as private company, he doesn't have to responsible show senator bernie sanders jump to go double digit in national lead while the answer to really no one but himself in running the company, former vice president joe biden his seen support drop by some 11 it's never been publicly traded, points, let's talk about that, so it will be interesting to see joining the conversation michael lee strategy founder, michael what happens as we get into the lee is here, fox business dagen mcdowell and the new york post primary season, i don't i don'te say the election but he's not editorial board member kelly
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the nominee yet. torrence, good to see you this maria: incredible by valuable, i morning. >> good morning. don't see another news source >> i'm excited, first time we that competes with the bloomberg will see michael bloomberg on stage tonight and i wonder if terminal, it's that good, he's been able to -- really candidates will go after him interesting, he's been able to after he promised to spend connect markets globally as a maria: welcome back, hidden 2 billion no matter who the result of the bloomberg terminal treasure could be right in your candidate is, i wonder if and now he's turning around and wallet, nur survey from candidates don't want to make saying, well, we want more finds americans are him too angry and not spend that regulation for financial ignoring free money, half are money, the moderators will have services, meanwhile he spends a carrying around unused gift to ask him plethora of career connecting markets globally which have been cards and credits recordings, him saying things that most democrats really think incredible by effective, i think are racist. 60 billion is low. industry analyst ted rossman. dagen: i had a long conversation maria: i think bernie sanders about this over the weekend, will go after him. it's astonishing that this i'm one of those people, i have dagen: elizabeth warren is business not just survived but already going after him on a ton of gift cards that i don't use. >> i'm one of those people too, thrived during the internet era, the average value is $167, this campaign trail and has been because she's desperate, states kept a strangle hold, started is real money, take advantage of out as bond pricing and the news it, buy something for yourself is quite frankly irrelevant, it or a family member, a friend, and weeks to come, mayor michael was a throw away. you could even sell it or give it away to charity, do something bloomberg is going to have to maria: yeah. >> more to do with transactions avoid talking to the candidates with it, it's doing no good as if they work for him, as if in between firms because bloomberg is a trusted source so being able to settle trades gathering dust in the drawer.
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they are employees, minions, between various financial firms, you need a bloomberg terminal if dagen: in the future give people you want to exist in fixed cash in an envelope, i've got a historically how he kind of treats people, it's sr. income. barney's gift card, didn't have maria: that's exactly right, for that much money on it. interesting and purpose out in him to say i would sell it, the sense because you know they that's not going to do me my that's will attack his wealth. good now, is it? he could find lane where he says it. it's in play. >> i can search, i can find it, i earned it, i am the american thereis going to be a lot of dream, i'm worth $63 billion and a card, i can't keep up with my wallet, i will lose it, e-mail. i built this giant company and so that's a way to position interest. dagen: he's 77 whether he runs himselfment he's on the for nomination. democratic debate stage but, maria: i'm not talking about the again, still backs up how many tv business, the terminal. moderate voters in the dagen: the terminal that they >> consider selling it, sites democratic party feel about have tutorials on air, if you like card pool, you can get 70 success, yes, you have to pay hit the codes and keywords, here your fair share to use that to 80 cents on the dollar, i've you can look up wine prices. phrase, but he could really maria: exactly, quick break and done this, do something with it. stand out here, he's like i maria: i have to find them now, then we are coming up the price built my fortune, what have but, ted, thank you. is right on hiatus as drew kerry y'all done? i want to thank michael lee, maria: also mean that he's not dagen as always, kelly torrence. going to go to extremist deals with the death of former policies, raising taxes, can you imagine a financial transaction fiancée. right to stuart varney, take it texas, what that would mean in trump pardoning michael milken. away. terms of paperwork, in terms of stuart: good morning, everyone, this is varney & company, we are all about politics and money, the kind of efforts that would inside the president's legal
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go into everything you do, today it's politics first. move for one of the wall everything transaction you make it's going to be a fascinating you are getting taxed on. street's biggest names, stay with us display of split-screen must-see >> well, i don't know why there's a company that's talked to even more real people michael bloomberg will be on tv, 9:00 eastern the president stage tonight, i don't see the holds another big rally n -- in upside for him, it's two-horse race between him and bernie and phoenix, arizona, 9:00 eastern by allowing all these other than me: jd power. democratic hopefuls to attack 448,134 to be exact. the democrats debate in las him he just opens himself up, i don't -- i think he's getting they answered 410 questions in 8 categories vegas, this time michael bloomberg is on stage, bought poor advice. about vehicle quality. his way in and now he's a maria: he's got to get out there and when they were done, target, on one picture the chevy earned more j.d. power quality awards across cars, trucks and suvs than any other brand >> he's not even on the ballot. dagen: you don't show up you over the last four years. so on behalf of chevrolet, i want to say look like a weak link and a "thank you, real people." you're welcome. loser, that's what happened. he's positioning himself, he's we're gonna need a bigger room. running the ads and you brought this up very early on president barack obama praising him, people who have seen the ads, many of them, anecdotal think that president obama has endorsed him. maria: that's exactly what i said last week. dagen: he can do that because he
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has the money and joe biden doesn't. maria: i think quietly did endorse it, i don't think that president obama is going to sit there and allow somebody to use his pictures all over commercials without at least a conversation, i'm not buying it. soft endorsements of michael my body is truly powerful. bloomberg because he knows he's i have the power to lower embarrassed to say i can't my blood sugar and a1c. endorse somebody and not endorse because i can still make my own insulin. and trulicity activates former vice president. no way michael bloomberg running my body to release it like it's supposed to. ads without obama's blessing, in trulicity is for people with type 2 diabetes. it's not insulin. my view. dagen: what has happened is that i take it once a week. it starts acting in my body from the first dose. mayor michael bloomberg has trulicity isn't for people with type 1 diabetes positioned himself as the most electable or the best to take on or diabetic ketoacidosis. donald trump, that as been the don't take trulicity if you're allergic to it, messaging and a lot of these you or your family have medullary thyroid cancer, democrats, they will throw away or have multiple endocrine neoplasia syndrome type 2. the purity test and they will throw away the hatred of wealth stop trulicity and call your doctor right away if they think that michael if you have an allergic reaction, a lump or swelling in your neck, bloomberg could take on donald or severe stomach pain. trump. maria: maybe. serious side effects may include pancreatitis. dagen: maybe beat him in taking trulicity with a sulfonylurea or insulin november and that's been his
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game. he raised taxes in new york but increases low blood sugar risk. side effects include nausea, diarrhea, vomiting, belly pain, also turned deficit in surplus and decreased appetite, what happens on fixed income and which lead to dehydration and may worsen kidney problems. bond markets and ballooning debt in the country and i have it within me to lower my a1c. 1 trillion-dollar deficits, that ask your doctor about trulicity. could be a very effective thing. maria: he released wall street plan and in addition to financial transaction tax that he's talking about he wants to permanency and -- merge fannie can you help keep these iguys protected online?? easy, connect to the xfi gateway. what about internet speeds that keep up with my gaming? and freddie, rolling back let's hook you up with the fastest internet from xfinity. regulations, michael bloomberg what about wireless data options for the family? wants to ramp them up. of course, you can customize and save. dagen: create division on justice division, that's can you save me from this conversation? something that right, center, left people are calling for, that we can't do, but come in and see what we can do. they don't understand that more people didn't go to jail, look we're here to make life simple. easy. awesome. at mike milken going to jail, he ask. shop. discover. at your local xfinity store today. went for 2 years, 2 of 10-year sentence, bernie ebers went to
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prison, all of these vims -- maria: there's a difference between criminality and stupidity and there was a lot of stupidity going on during the financial crisis -- dagen: all parties, people wanted heads to roll. maria: he wants to strengthen the consumer protection bureau michael bloomberg, that's been so effective, the consumer financial protection. dagen: that's warren's creation. she said it was. maria: president trump issuing >> he is left-lean tyrant, power high-profile pardons, kristina partsinevelos. of the state above else, open >> one that you know very well is michael milken, known in the borders, repeal the second amendment, somehow he's painted as the moderate, he's not, he's 80's as the junk bond king, convicted of security fraud but an easier, he's an easier become very phone for his version to handle of bernie donations and charitable giving sanders. to most -- we were talking about maria: is there a moderate on the stage, amy klobuchar? this before medical research in i can't find the moderate. cancer as well, we have the president that weighed in >> you have elizabeth warren specifically on michael milken
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calling for 30 trillion in new taxes over decades and someone yesterday, listen in. >> we have mike milken who has like mike bloomberg calling to done incredible job for the world with all of his 5 trillion, he start to look researching on cancer and he's like a moderate. done this, he suffered greatly, maria: president landing in las vegas, he's in las vegas today, he paid a big price, paid a very later today he's headed for california for several events before going to phoenix for a tough price, incredible job. keep america great rally tonight, so he's basically going where all of the debates are >> this pardon does not allow and, you know, rallying up the him to reenter the security's entry, he would have to reply people to vote for him. for a license, we have a great >> it's very clever strategy and article on especially donald trump rally is far more entertaining and interesting to watch, let's face it, i mean, they get better ratings than the democratic debate. today that's the furthest thing maria: we will see, maybe from his mind, fully dedicated tonight will be different with to continuing life-long crusade mike bloomberg. dagen: people are curious to see to curing cancer. how thin skin is mike bloomberg, others on the list from again, $63 billion buy you -- buy you a shell to protect yesterday, the former city police commissioner convicted of tax fraud and lying to the
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yourself. among all voters, 53% approve of government, 14-year sentence for how mr. trump is handling the attempting to sell u.s. senate economy, a new high. seat, i will end on this, maria, maria: there you go, we are just we will move forward with the getting started. story, roger stone scheduled for protest at oracle, thousands of employers are going against. thursday. maria: i'm happy for michael hitting treasure, more americans milken because he has done so much good, make no mistake, the ignoring money on piled unused death rate of prostate cancer gift cards, state of emergency victims was rising until michael in alabama this morning, state cleaning up after devastating flooding, markets this morning milken came on to the scene and are looking to reverse course after sharp decline yesterday, forced leading doctors to share we have a bit of a bounce, dow research and as a result he's futures up 69 points, nasdaq single handily the reason that we -- we are seeing the numbers futures up 31 and s&p 7 and a half, what's driving markets completely reverse course and coming up. now there are curious, there's what a team marry off duty michael milke, in the last time he was here in studio back in august '18 on work that he has police officer during date night, we will tell you what done in medical research. dagen: contribution to this country is really astonishing,
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even beginning with his -- his happened. creation of high-yield debt. maria: real innovator. >> if he knows that cancer is in your family, he's personally generous with time and efforts and i think it really speaks volumes which you pointed out last hour that rudy giuliani was attorney overseeing office that prosecuted mike milken sent him to jail and rudy giuliani when he was diagnosed with cancer who reached out to him, mike milken. maria: kristina, thank you, the price is right on hiatus as drew deals with death of exfiancee, we will take a look at what happened here. democratic debate as billionaire makes debut on stage for the
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maria: welcome back, futures pointing to gains this morning, take a lieu, nasdaq up 32, s&p up 7 right now, apple, of course, driving the markets yesterday, negatively on news that revenue this quarter may will low e than forecast as a result of coronavirus quarantine and supply chain disruption, morgan stanley analyst projecting china's growth could fall as much as 3 and a half percent growth this quarter if the outbreak not contained fast enough, manufacturing production does not resume at normal levels, we will see sharp decline in growth in china according to morgan stanley, 3, 3 and a half percent overall, 6% last quarter. good to see you. >> thank you. maria: how worried you about
6:16 am
corporate america taking a hit as a result of the supply chain disruption because of coronavirus? >> probably as worried as i've been in the psych angle from the very beginning, things were looking real good this year, however, all undone by the virus, what the markets are telling you is that this has to be contained relatively quickly maria: welcome back, thank you and that's what we are so much for joining us, i'm discounting today, however, if maria bartiromo, wednesday it isn't, then they'll be a february 19th, top stories 7:30 a.m. on the east coast, significant draw-down on markets markets higher, futures and global economy for sure. indicating a gain with dow maria: what do you want to do as futures up 76, nasdaq futures up an investor? 36 and s&p up 8 and 3 quarters, >> good reason to think that things will get contained and mixed day yesterday but even so we did have another record high, worthwhile sticking around because if you stick around what the dow and the s&p were lower you will do or get big stimulus as you can see but the nasdaq hitting another all-time high out of china and easy money that with gain yesterday on wall exist on worldwide basis, street, european markets this however, if it isn't, there's morning are mixed, take a look, ftse 100 now turning negative significant drawdown, the way down 5 and 3 quarters point, cac i'm playing it effectively along quarante up 32 and dax up 56, the markets, primarily the u.s. right now we will get the but with very tight stop, minutes from the last federal
6:17 am
reserve meeting at 2:00 p.m. indicates that things are not eastern, asian markets mixed going to get contained as overnight, best performer was quickly as we thought. >> to you think there would be japan, almost 1%. michael bloomberg making 2020 meaningful impact on gdp this year? debut tonight. >> absolutely, tune of 3.5% in cheryl: good morning, ninth the first quarter just out of democratic debate in las vegas ahead of caucuses, while he may exports into china and tourism not be on the ballot in nevada, and things like that, absolutely, the markets are looking through this, they are expecting things to rebound very former city mayor michael quickly and i think for that bloomberg qualifying at the last things have to be contained minute, in total 6 candidates will face off, here they are. first before you can get to the next step. >> do you think the growth that all right, sick of robo calls, we will lose in the first get ready to lawyer up, a new quarter we will lose in third or app do not pay helps you fourth quarter? >> we will see stimulus out of register on the do not call list china for sure and that will and if you keep getting calls give, revive global growth again helps you track offender and file lawsuit, you can win up to but, again, the key thing for it to be contained just peeking is $3,000 per call, tom brady pointing a pointed message to what markets think so it can do all haters as he put it during workout with his wife, patriots quarterback had this to say, i'm
6:18 am
well. grateful for you doubting me and well, i think i'm sure they'll i'm determined to prove you be some of that but this is a wrong again. and you think you have seen the real stuff where things -- things are not getting best of me, important note, manufactured in china, they are guys, he's expected to become a not being shipped, people are free agent next month. not traveling over, this is -- i think the patriots might be dagen: i'm saying there might be something else going on company by company and you won't know until the fog clears and the hanging something on that. virus clears. >> absolutely. maria: it's about the duration [laughter] in terms of how this will be, maria: i like it. cheryl, thank you. meanwhile a tragic case out of there are sectors that will los angeles to report, the cause probably be hit harder than of death now revealed for the others, for example, health care, nobody is talk about the fact that 70% of prescription exfiancee of drew carry, she drugs come from china and india, we will see backlog at some point and feel thattan the earnings figure out what and died of blunt force injuries to move to manufacturing and her head when she was shoved off there's components in the parts of a third-floor balcony by her that go into technology products, there's that as well. i think apple is not sort of, ex-boyfriend, police have arrested and charged man with
6:19 am
you know, a clear indication of murder, production of the price corporate america as it relates is has been postponed. to china because apple, someone what a mysterious, case, judge? said to me if it's 1 to 10, apple is a 10, not only is it >> there are witnesses to the fighting and witnesses to the noise and yelling and screaming counting on growth, the demand story, everything is made in between the boyfriend and this woman and suddenly she's hurdled china. >> sure. maria: apple is not indicative of broader markets but there are off a balcony and there's witnesses to that. other sectors that would get the medical examiner's report harder hit. that the way her body was found >> supply chains have gotten and the -- the way the damage extended everywhere, s&p 500 has was done to the body with the become far more global than 30 pushing off is pretty clear that this is a homicide. years ago. all will have significant impact it's affected hollywood because on global growth and s&p 500 drew is to popular and the show profitability, hopefully all of that is temporary, i think it's is to popular, exfiancee but had looking like that on the back end of it, china will stimulate its economy in a very relationship where he asked substantial way and that's what producers to take a week off, so the market is expecting. all that is understandable. maria: certainly looks like dagen: you know what's horrific, that, you're still buying though, that california actually had the first antistalking law stocks? >> i'm buying stocks --
6:20 am
in the nation, it was implemented after the murder of maria: good to see you, sir. rebecca schaffer but john >> thank you. maria: president trump's busy day, we are taking a look at robert, deranged fans but laws that when we come back, seeing red, ready to roll out a branded still don't stop it -- >> they were together in an oreo, yeah, oreo cookie is apartment, this did not occur on a public street and whether she making sweet buzz this morning wanted to be with him or not she after the break. found herself on the balcony and the next thing we know she's dead 3 floors below. maria: so when will we know more, they believe it's a blunt object that pushed her off. >> the blunt object that killed her was the ground. maria: blunt to head and torso, what does that mean? >> he pushed her off and used gravity and the earth as the ♪ means to kill her. to me this is -- this even a ♪ trial, it's a guilty plea
6:21 am
everything your trip needs, because the evidence is overwhelming. for everyone you love. dagen: might have been an apartment but there's a story expedia. about her being award show and witness that the man was stalking her there, the laws don't protect the women. >> correct. maria: let me ask you about the harvey weinstein trial, 7 men rather and 5 women received case yesterday, sent their first questions about 40 minutes into deliberation including request for floor plan of weinstein's apartment and definition of terms like consent and forcible compulsion, what does that tell for everyone you love. hi with the world'se first invisible trailer. you? >> a couple of odd things about the case, this is the first rape invisible trailer? and it's not the trailer right next to us? case in memory where there's no this guy? testimony from the police, now you don't believe me? hop in. the police investigated this, good lookin' pickup, i will say that. oh wow. silverado offers an optional technology package with the police interrogated the up to 15 different views - including one enhanced view that makes your trailer appear invisible. witnesses, did the police not wow. - that's pretty sweet. - that's cool. bereave the -- believe the oooohh!
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that's awesome. where'd the trailer go? i love it. witnesses? it's magic. maria: at no time it sit in manhattan? >> yes, it did. and when you open a new brokerage account, on the flip side of that, the your cash is automatically invested at a great rate. questions that they asked in my that's why fidelity leads the industry in value view astute and tell me they are while our competition continues to talk. methodically going through the evidence and trying to ♪ talk, talk understand the judge's instructions, can behavior after the event manifest consent at the time of the event, so if there was a sexual encounter between harvey weinstein and the women and then they stayed his while our competition continues to talk. and with the sxfinity stream app, screen is your big screen. which is free with your service, you can take a spin through on demand shows, friend and e-mailed him and continued to work for him, or stream live tv. there's that negate force and download your dvr'd shows and movies on the fly. compulsion that the state has to prove at the time of the event, even record from right where you are. that's what this jury has to decide. whether you're travelling around the country dagen: i want to point out the or around the house, behavior of one of weinstein's keep what you watch with you. defense attorneys, dona rotano. download the xfinity stream app and watch all the shows you love. this was in podcast in new york times, she said among other things, this is last month that
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she had never been sexually it's our most dangerous addiction. assaulted, quote, because i would never put myself in that so we took our worst vice, position, more recently she and turned it into the dna for a better system. wrote an article in newsweek we created bionic magazine, if you can call it and put the word out with godaddy. that, addressing the -- what will you change? make the world you want. essentially addressing the jurors in opinion piece to imploring them to do what is right, why hasn't the judge cracked down on that? >> almost unheard of that a criminal defense lawyer would publish op-ed during the trial which as dagen points out another way to speak to the jury unfiltered by court rules, this is a profound violation, who maria: welcome back, president knows if it's going to have an trump using executive powers for effect on the jury. when the prosecutors raise this moves yesterday. >> we have the president that to the judge, she said, i did was on clemency spree, he this a while ago, back to started pardoning rob, attempt newsweek, it wasn't a while ago, it was 2 or 3 days ago, she has to go sell a u.s. senate seat, a serious ethical problem, will the president spoke to reporters about the length of the it affect the case, we may never
6:24 am
sentence, listen in. >> he would be able to go back home after serving 8 years in know. maria: accused of murdering jail, tremendously powerful friend susan burman and caught ridiculous sentence in my opinion and opinion of many on hot mic seemingly admitting to killing saying what the hell others. >> georgia e illinois governor who showed appreciation to the did i do, kill them on, the mic president, listen. was hot, the line was doctored >> ever lasting gratitude for in postproduction. president trump, he didn't have >> i'm only smiling, how many to do this, he's a republican murder trials is this guy going president and i was a democratic to have, how many people has he governor. >> well-known pardons as well killed. of 49ers,ith eddy debartolo, he has the great defense lawyers in houston defending him but they are confronted as you pointed out with this admission, the question is how do they address it, do they acknowledge gambling fraud, faced million it and say it was doctored, can dollar fine and bernard, former they explain it away because new york city city police it's virtually a confession to commissioner who is convicted of this murder. tax fraud and lying to the dagen: which murder is he in federal government and last but jail for because there was the not least we have a well-known -- >> he's in jail for the murder figure milken, back in the of a guy that lived across the
6:25 am
80's, known as the junk bond hall from him who supposedly was king, he was convicted of his friend and then the guy's security fraud, he's been very body was found dismembered, well known in the industry for that's the one he's in jail for, all of the donations, his work got him acquitted twice, and milken institute and convicted twice and now this is released statement, lauren and i the fourth time. maria: wow. celebrated wedding anniversary along with children and grandchildren are grateful to >> defending bob who is a the president, we look for many wealthy guy we all know -- years on pursuing efforts, maria: judge, thank you. medical research and public >> thank you. health. ill like to say that the pardon maria: judge andrew napolitano does not mean he can go back into the securities industry, he on that. has to get a license, sec makes oracle employees not happy with the decision but overall the president trump's fundraiser president pardoned or commuted this week. michael bloomberg taking the stage tonight, billionaire makes 11 convicted criminals of his debut in las vegas, stay federal crimes. maria: very few individual who is have done more to change the trajectory of prostate cancer with us. than mike milken. mike milken has done so much in terms of health care and research around cancer and he really should be commended for this week on mornings with what he has done, i know him maria, tomorrow federal reserve
6:26 am
very well, full disclosure, the chairman powell says no recession on the horizon, president and i had a conversation and i supported legendary predecessor greenspan mike milken and told him mike offers intake, friday, you turn the tables on me, time for the milken after having done his time should be given a nod to audience to ask maria the what he has done in the last 20 questions that matter mostll to you all right here on mornings years, he was one of my first interviews ever on cnbc, i went with maria. to first prostate cancer events at home in lake tahoe and at that time he would not give any is there a little nutmeg in there? money to any prostate cancers, oh it's my mum's secret recipe. >>you can tell me. it's a secret. prostate cancer doctors unless >>is it cinnamon? they shared they research, he it's my mum's secret recipe. call geico and see how easy was incredible, he had all the saving on homeowners and condo insurance can be. leading doctors at his home, i i'll come back for the plate. was there and interviewed him about this, they said them, the only way you get any money if you share research as competitor, what did he do, there's a cure for prostate cancer and changed trajectory completely on prostate cancer.
6:27 am
great op-ed, he's tone incredible work since. dagen: what he did in terms of developing, financing through high-yield debt, that led to the finance business after business. quite frankly it was a malicious prosecution using rico statutes which was used against the the mob, we should point out that rudy giuliani was running the u.s. attorney's office that prosecuted mike milken and he was one of the people that urged to pardon milken. maria: helped rudy giuliani when he came out, he helped him, rudy giuliani supporting mike milken's pardon, there's that. i think there's obviously a lot
6:28 am
of happy people this morning as a result of what president trump did yesterday, you're right, he didn't have to do it. kristina, thank you. kristina partsinevelos on that story. coming up state of emergency in alabama, massive cleanup effort after devastating flooding, plus real dynamic duo, check this out, married off duty police officers potential robbery during date night. we are back right after for saving on homeowners and condo insurance can be. apps except work.rywhere... why is that? is it because people love filling out forms? break. maybe they like checking with their supervisor to see how much vacation time they have. or sending corporate their expense reports. i'll let you in on a little secret. they don't. by empowering employees to manage their own tasks, paycom frees you to focus on the business of business. to learn more, visit
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maria: welcome back, founder of oracle and chairman hosting fundraiser for president trump but ellison facing backlash from own employees, thousands of those employees signed petition saying that the president does not, quote, affirm oracle's core
6:30 am
values, kelly, what's your take on this? >> well, you think the founder might know about the firm's core values, does seem little strange for the employees to be telling him what he should be thinking, but, you know, this is yet another case that, you know, a lot of people on the left don't think that supporters of president trump are -- are really valid human beings, i mean, there's so much hatred and vitriol, it's just disgusting, the idea that you can't host a fundraiser, he's not using the employees, he's not using company property, you know, he's allowed to have personal opinions. maria: this happened at google, right, because the google employees protested that they wanted google to stop doing business with the u.s. government and they -- they as a result walked away from a very important contract with the defense department which ultimately was gotten -- was given to industries who we have had on the show.
6:31 am
have employees run everything and we don't want anything to do this for president trump, what do the employees know about policies that he may very well put in place? dagen: employees that stir up trouble are putting jobs at risk. i talk with people that work in the technology industry, these large tech companies, google, facebook, something like larry ellison's company oracle, they are so flushed with cash that they have people who work in the companies who don't do anything maria: alabama's governor but stir up a stink and paid declaring state of emergency, cheryl casone with details, good agitators and if you're creating morning, cheryl. a problem like this, you better cheryl: coming recovery efforts be careful because they are going to look at your job and in alabama, flash flooding in say what are you actually doing the forecast today, heavy rain here, by the way, larry ellison expected in tennessee and in is so rich, i don't give a damn georgia and in louisiana. money. maria: i think that's the way he's going to react to this. well, president trump landing in las vegas for a busy week of i don't think larry ellison will campaigning, later he will attend a fundraiser in rancho say, oops, i will change what my plans were because employees don't like it.
6:32 am
mirage, california and the president to travel to phoenix dagen:i will go to hawaiian for first of 3 campaign rallies, supporters camping out, some island which i own. waiting in line for more than 30 hours at this point. >> do favor for better man of your country and shareholders president trump in colorado tomorrow and back to las vegas regardless of politics, i think a lot of the ceo's are pretty on friday before the nevada caucuses. apolitical and looking out for amazon is now requiring ring number 1 and a lot of situations doorbell security camera owners to use 2-step authentication to when you employee that many people might not be bad thing. protect their account, a lot of maria: do employees understand the fact that their prospects companies are doing this, this is after a few high-profile stories come to light of how got better under president trump? >> if you're a conservative you hackers can gain access to security systems, users will believe liberals are mice guided have to enter password and pass and if you're liberal you code, sent to either cell phone believe conservatives are evil, everything is the end of the or or their e-mail, they will world, everything is historical and everything is outraged and have to verify it that way, based on a lot of the comments finally there's this, two that bloomberg has made i look after-duty police officers forward to similar protests from raising into action on their date night when a burglar holds -- companies where the ceo's a cashier at gunpoint, you can support michael bloomberg. watch it on the screens, chased >> i don't think you will get it, mike. >> i don't think so either. and drawing their weapons, they dagen: by the way, several employees at google that were protesting the company's work were seen out of raisin canes, with customs and border
6:33 am
protection, they got fired for the couple that arrest together, data violation, data privacy they stay together. [laughter] maria: love that, that is violations within the company, that's still in dispute, google awesome. more on latest coronavirus said, what are you doing here and they did get, they got shown numbers, disease killing 2,000 the door, this was late last people, more than 75,000 people worldwide have now been year. maria: they still walked away from the contract and department of defense, it was the employees that didn't want the company to affected, passengers are being work for ice and border patrol which is just incredible that evacuated, virus spread is google actually followed what slowing down in china, watch. the employees said and walked away from the contract. we will be watching what oracle does. 2020 democrats are taking the >> i think president xi is working very hard, i spoke with stage tonight, billionaire him recently, he's working michael bloomberg will be making really hard. it's a tough problem, i think debut, we have the preview he's going to do, look, i've coming up. seen him build hospitals in a short period of time, i really believe he wants to get that done and he wants to get it done fast. maria: meanwhile the wall street journal reports that 3 of its
6:34 am
reporters have been kicked out of china over an opinion piece questioning china's handling of the virus, joining me right now the author of the coming everyone uses their phone differently. collapse of china gordon chang, always great to see you. maria: somebody said not sure if they are building hops or they are building prisons, somebody informed on the situation, how is xi jinping handling the situation right now? >> i think he's desperate, you know, obviously what he did for more than a month, december and 3 quarters of january was suppress information. and then all of a sudden he decides o, we have to impose the draconian measures and people in china are now questioning it especially because state media itself said that on january 7th xi jinping presided over meeting, talked about coronavirus, wasn't reported at the time, people are saying in china, of course, that xj jinping completely allowed the virus to spread when he knew
6:35 am
what was going on. shortages and that's why xfinity mobile lets you design your own data. parts and what it means for the economy, so there's that end of you can share 1, 3, or 10 gigs of data between lines, it but there's also the situation where there's enormous mix in lines of unlimited, and switch it up at any time. pressure on xi jinping over all with millions of secure wifi hotspots this, you pressure of the coronavirus with 2,000 people and the best lte everywhere else. dead, you've got the protests in hong kong which by the way you it's a different kind of wireless network, designed to save you money. don't hear about anymore, but what kind of pressure is all of switch and save up to $400 a year on your wireless bill. and save even more when you say "bring my own phone" this meaning for xi jinping, i into your voice remote. that's simple, easy, awesome. know he's dictator for life, is click, call or visit a store today. he, could the military take him out as a result of this? >> yeah, every option is on the table. you can't rule anything out, the reason xi jinping is right now is certainly under pressure because it's his policies responsible for the spread of the coronavirus, on the other hand, he's been imposing draconian and totalitarian controls and those will survive even after the epidemic passes, there's going to be competition, chinese people are livid, not
6:36 am
talking about how angry they are about the policies, they are talking about a change in government that was because of death of a doctor who was the whistleblower, right now xi jinping is under pressure. maria: that's what i'm saying and i'm wondering -- when does it become enough pressure to actually push him out in terms of being dictator for life because a lot of people tell me that this country has gotten even more authoritarian after xi jinping, they started cracking down on anyone's independence in terms of tracking citizens. >> even before the outbreak of the coronavirus, you had the social criticism, you give everyone a score over all behavior. maria: if they don't like the fact that you smoke, maybe at the end of the year you won't get a ticket to travel on the train. >> jaywalking --
6:37 am
maria: these are -- this is the kind of things that go into the social ticket that -- >> surveillance cameras that are supposed to be in place this. maria: welcome back, sin city maria: a trillion pictures of showdown tonight, six 2020 people. >> a trillion pictures. democrats to get lucky in las i think the answer is when does vegas for tonight's presidential this become too much for him, debate, expected to go after when the economy goes into michael bloomberg taking the contraction, oil demand now 20% stage for the first time, griff jenkins covering the story right year on year, all events being now, griff, in las vegas. canceled, factories not opening >> hey, good morning, maria, you on time, the economy is see the welcome sign behind me but the welcome not being rolled contracting right now. maria: for sure, also impact on out to michael bloomberg as he joins the debate stage for the u.s. economy, we could see 3 and first time, look at the tweet a half percent growth out of from elizabeth warren, pretty china, if they are going to tell harsh she says, it's ashamed us 3 and a half percent it might mike bloomberg can buy himself be negative, we don't know if it in the debate but primary voters was 6% when high niece said it was 6%, what about the impact on the u.s., i reported this on the on how he can get live demonstration on how we take on show about a week ago that i was on the phone with leaders from several hospitals in new york ego maniac billionaire, and they told me that they had bloomberg followed by buttigieg, contracts with chinese companies where they were waiting on sanders, warren, klobuchar and things like plastic gloves, masks, all of the stuff where biden, already bloomberg's name they were on the shipsen on is coming up at town hall last
6:38 am
their way to the u.s. and the chinese government said, no, no, night, here is what they said. turn around, we need the stuff, they are not keeping up with any of the contracts they had in >> if mr. bloomberg wins and i certainly hope he does not, i place because they have massive shortages in china, even if they will support the democratic nominee, as of now we have not have contracts with players in taken, we don't have a super the united states, how is anybody going to trust china in pac. >> sure, i'm not going to reject terms of keeping their end of the help because it came from a the bargaining in business? wealthy person. >> well, you can't. >> now, maria, to be clear, it's because of the shutdown of bloomberg's name is not on the the economy, you are going to ballot on saturday's caucuses have supply chain disruptions in but nationally he's rising in the united states and i think the polls, look at the latest abc news poll, you have sanders essentially people after this passes are going to say, look, on top at 32% opening we need to manufacture closer to home and manufacture in other double-digit lead, biden second places, this whole idea of at 17 and bloomberg in third at 14%, warren at 11%, buttigieg 7 proximity manufacturing will pick up steam and also china's and klobuchar 6, meanwhile reputation is reliable member of president trump also making supply chains for the reasons you mentioned and for other appearance here, actually landed here late last night in las reasons it will take big hits. vegas for the night at trump maria: it's more than that, hotel, he has an event in people are not paying close arizona and rally here in nevada enough attention that 70% of but he also, the campaign taking generic drugs come from china out a full page ad in las vegas and india, i mean, you know, all
6:39 am
of this, you know, manufacturing review journal today so for a cheaper way in china and president trump certainly doing business across the world, inserting himself on everything happening here, maria. all of a sudden you turn around and you say, wow, some of the maria: all right, griff, thank you, exciting night, griff most important things that we jenkins live this morning in las need as a country are vegas, what do you guys think? manufactured in xinzen. >> some people say more are >> elizabeth warren gloves on, off, she already went off bernie manufactured in china, sanders harshly, they were penicillin, all the stuff that's supposedly friends. critical for many americans, she pulled the gender card, once this coronavirus disrupt it revealed the private conversation and now to go after is supply, you know, we will feel this in a very tangible mike bloomberg ego maniac billionaire. way. maria: i'm thinking it's the maria: you have donald trump, third quarter. the first real estate titan from new york quarter in china is shutout it and then you've got, you know, takes a quarter or so to rear its ugly head, third quarter? michael bloomberg making billions from his new york-base >> absolutely right. maria: let me ask you about company connecting markets hauwei losing ground on 5g, gonely and, of course, hillary clinton waiting in the wings, where he had andy purdy, chief great new york story. dagen: elizabeth warren has security officer of hauwei, u.s. nothing at this point and that's judge dismissed the lawsuit over why you will see her go after bloomberg particularly on the 2018 law barring from doing
6:40 am
allegations of misogyny as business with federal agencies, the judge said in the ruling reported over the weekend, but i this, contracting with the will quote one of my favorite federal government is a privilege, not a constitutional movies broadcast news and albert ity guarantied brooks as eric altman, wouldn't right as far as the court is this be a great world if aware, your reaction? insecurity made us more >> i was surprised, i thought attraction, maybe but it's not, hauwei might win the suit, but desperation and internal revenue security only make you look desperate and insecure. nonetheless, this shows hauwei maria: you made a good point in is going to get no break in this the commercial break. >> i don't think elizabeth warren is angling for a position in bloomberg administration, everybody besides bloomberg and sanders on the stage, country. interesting to see them watch hauwei is lying to people, i'm happy is not winning court attack with eventual nominee, we are in a two half horse race cases, whatever the constitution now, who wants to be part of the says. maria: chinese in general have administration, who is going to been lying and they didn't tell be, get the curby job on the world about the coronavirus until after symptoms and you could get contracted from it, back end. did you see the article in "the new york times" about xi jinping sanders administration, with admitting he knew on january 9th trump you have rick perry and ben carson, ben carson doing of coronavirus, he took early great job for the president, that's the nature of the beast steps meanwhile they knew about
6:41 am
it at the end of 2019, fine, as the herd thins they look for january, ninth, that's an the next step. dagen: i want to quickly point admission he knew before he sent huge delegation to washington to out bernie sanders pulling away, sign the china phase 1 deal and pete buttigieg, amy klobuchar shake everybody's hand and doing well, they came on the largest delegation ever sent to cable network in cable news for davos that's an admission right there. 18 years. >> grossly irresponsible. maria: fox news. when you think about all of the dagen: they know that's how you people who were in the east room reach all voters and the other on january 15th for the signing ones, well, you see where they of the phase 1 deal, all number are in the polls. of event that is have occurred maria: they don't want to talk with chinese officials up until about january 20th, and then they decide, oh, we should tell the world. this is just -- more maria are they going to be able to keep up to half of the country. one talented dog, learning how all the purchases, $200 billion to play connect four, you heard that right, next hour, wait till you see this, mornings with maria continues, back in a of agricultural products. minute. truggling actor, i need all the breaks that i can get. >> on a market basis, no, they at liberty butchumal- cut. can't. liberty biberty- cut. we'll dub it. remember, they can force liberty mutual customizes your car insurance companies to buy stuff and
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so you only pay for what you need. warehouse them, they are doing it for high niece goods, they only pay for what you need. should be doing it for ours. ♪ liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty. ♪ maria: gordon chang, president trump spent yesterday commuting sentences, royal no more, prince harry and meghan markle banned from using certain branding, the queen's decision coming up right after this.
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6:44 am
maria: welcome back, good wednesday morning. thanks so much for joining us.
6:45 am
i'm maria bartiromo. it is wednesday february 19 top stories right now just before 8:00 a.m. on the east coast, a new case of coronavirus con confirmed in california death toll rises now tops 2000 people dead, the passengers on diamond princess ship allowed to disembark. >> 6 2020 hopefuls looking to get lucky in he is very ag 9th debate michael bloomberg takes the stage first-time. >> 11 people pardoned sentences xhooutdz by president trump breaking down pardons coming up no plans to resign attorney general bill barr staying put despite a report that the president's tweets are making his job quote impossible to do. groupon shares down falling more than 20% premarket take a look at this stock down 25% right now down to 2.27 a share. turning your cash into trash? millions have unyou'd money in
6:46 am
wallets you could be one "mornings with maria" live right now. >> we kick off with markets futures indicating gain start of deregulated this morning at highs of the morning right now, dow up 39 nasdaq futures up 47 s&p futures up 101/4 we will get federal reserve minutes the end of today going maria: welcome back, michael to find out what the fed was bloomberg appearing to be talking about at last meeting, positioning himself as next there is some optimism as sheriff of wall street, china has pledged to support announced ambitious plan to crack down on the financial businesses, as they reopen, in service's sector, bloomberg said wuhan. yesterday's close stocks mixed in statement, it's not working nasdaq about edged higher a second straight record high for most americans, stock market with dow and s&p 500 lower at all-time high but gains are yesterday. dow industrials down 165 going to a small number of points the close yesterday. people, joining us senior fellow a lot of people are expecting china to cut interest rates, of national taxpayer's union and president of forward strategies rets check global markets right here, european indices mattie dupler. right now higher across the board, as you can see the ft mattie, good to see you. 100 back-and-forth positive, negative now up 2 1/2 points he made all his money in financial service's industry but the cac quarante paris up 372 says he's not working for dax in germany up 66. everybody else, though. in asia overnight markets >> interesting that bloomberg is mostly higher, except shanghai
6:47 am
composite, although there is are a wide belief that the pivoting, there's not unique central bank in china, will content here, bloomberg to try lower interest rates perhaps this week, and government is to get more progressive than record but not quite as planning to assist give cold progressive as rest of the rivals in democratic primary, cash to the airlines, of course, a shock as a result of financial transaction tax, one of the things he's proposed in coronavirus some stories watching this morning, wall street plan, that's a bernie sanders idea, that's been coronavirus death toll topping around for several years, that's 2000, the number of confirmed a problem too because that would cases more than 75,000, cross levy on top of financial the world passengers trapped transaction that creates barrier for retail investors but will aboard diamond prince cruise ship tested negative getting off the ship in japan. put downward pressure, the stock the "new york times" is reporting new cases of the virus appear slowing however in china. market would degrade -- fwhoern disease countries maria: al wants to raise taxes, confirmed cases of the coronavirus including united let's compare his plan on new states alabama under a state of emergency this morning the details of bernie sanders plan, declaration coming ahead of bernie sanders is setting higher massive flooding recovery corporate tax rate, sanders efforts, the state bracing for wants to take tax rate to 35%, heavy rain mississippi georgia we were at 35%, mattie, louisa preparing. >> nascar driver ryan newman awake talking we are told president trump and the house cut it to 21% and moved the following terrifying wreck at
6:48 am
needle on economic growth, your daytona 500 hit a wall crashed reaction to bernie sanders wanting a 35% corporate tax rate? >> yeah, the trump during final lap remains in a administration was very clear that cutting the corporate tax hospital his team said ryan rate would be the cornerstone of and family have expressed their appreciation for the tax reform because it would make american businesses competitive again, now a 35% corporate tax concern hearfelt inches across the country president trump on rate, that's where the obama a clemency pardon spree, the administration was, even the obama administration with every president commuting the sentence of former illinois single one of the budgets proposed cutting corporate tax rate down to 28%, now when you democratic governor rod look at the european average, blagojevich partnered bernie 26% or so and the american kerik banker michael milken known in 80s junk bond king system you have to take into account state corporate tax convicted of securities fraud rates, anything that doesn't get us close to 26% rate, that's become nonfor philanthropic going to create a problem for american businesses to compete since released from prison especially medical research a clip of my interview with worldwide. milken in 2018. maria: you mention average, thee >> we used to think, of all these cancers being different but now mutations appear, and seemed very naive to assume that you would have ae i can on point of cutting tax rate to make it in line for other or prostate or your colon, now nations, if you have a corporate we see that for example in,
6:49 am
tax rate that's strangling you pro tate cancer mutations will move your company and move to ireland which is what a lot appear in 81 other forms of of companies did. dagen: which is what we were cancer so when you solve them, seeing, the corporate tax cuts for prostate cancer mutation have slowed to the work, ranking file workers and even people who you solve for other cancer don't have high school also. >> i can't think of another education, people who don't have college degrees, their wages single individual has done have been growing so much faster more for cancer reach than than the rich in this country, michael milken specifically it's been a complete reversal of what we saw under president pro tate cancer faster cures obama, under president obama because so much of that growth when i met michael milken dagen he had a prostate cancer was driven by the federal event at home in lake being reserve and the bond buying and the low, low interest rates, tahoe i went there he had that inflated asset prices, that leading doctors cross the world told them same thing unless you share your research doesn't benefit regular folks, it benefits the super rich. with your competitor another doctor i am not giving you and you've seen a reversal of money they all wanted his money to help fund research, they shared their science and that, one thing i will point on shared their research what happened he changed the mike bloomberg, he believes and he did this in new york, he trajectory of prostate cancer done a lot of good. raised property taxes, he raised dagen: in career, he changed the hotel tax which hits
6:50 am
the way that you raise more than, and corporate finance, with his -- the with his use tourists, mike bloomberg believes in taxing consumers in essence to change behavior of high yielded they call it potentially, you saw the ban on junk bonds back then which is large sodas, he's not against that and i hope some of his pejorative, high yield debt a really incredible career i democratic opponents push him on this, it's not just, again, think in hindsight unwarned cigarette taxes to change people's behavior banning smoking in bars which -- but he prosecution, of anybody, certainly deserved. maria: kroo he did his time, thinks -- he's not just for he was in prison, once came taxing the rich, ultimately he out of prison focused all of believes in taxing everybody for different reasons. his energies on medical research as well as education, maria: mattie, what does that do by the way, the milken for the economy, dagen, you were not here yesterday when we institute another institute talked about president obama making news this week during that he runs hosts globalists, tweet that says that he zeros into subjects like health care, as well as basically is the reason that the education. >> you have to i keep thinking economy is booming because he of democrats people like signed one, you know, 10 years bernie sanders, aoc, they talk ago today the -- the -- i'm about people with money as if they are evil as if something sorry? wrong with making money. the recovery act. look what he has done with so dagen: he's trolling president much of his wealth as you say trump, you see in the poll that
6:51 am
maria so much good imagine, 42% of people polled by fox news this is cancer research how many lives it saved how many gave credit to president trump and the republicans for the families, it ise has touched current republicans, 9% for this idea making a lot of obama and the dems because money, is just bad i mean president obama is not the people can do a lot of good president anymore, you have with money, you know you got about 6 in 10 poll by gallup michael bloomberg spending you know half a billion dollars on that say that their financial situation is better than a year ago, highest in 20 years, that's television ads mike michael milken has done a lot more all you need to know, again, good with money. >> he does -- he continues to president trump's rating on the focus on he life-threatening economy is the highest it's been in the wall street journal poll. diseases. >> people forget, how famous people know. maria: there you go. >> the jobs are never coming back, how can you take credit milken was in 80s i was when they do? because i am older i remember maria: good point. mattie, great to see you this it, the highest paid man on morning. >> thank you so much. wall street making, hundreds like 180 million dollars, in a maria: stay with us, we will be single year just on wall street, back threaten those were unheard of. right back. 844-214-2424. maria: i was honored to offer support to the president when asked i we i agree he should there's a company that's talked to even more real people have been pardoned i think great he is going to continue doing with a he has been doing
6:52 am
on coronavirus situation chinese communist government according to larry lindsey they have reported major general has been deported to wu lan to oversee activities than me: jd power. was listed as rooefrp medical 448,134 to be exact. institute economy military they answered 410 questions in 8 categories sciences she was china's top about vehicle quality. person in biochemical warfare and when they were done, pointing out that is been sent chevy earned more j.d. power quality awards across to wuhan to oversee activities cars, trucks and suvs than any other brand there, so trying to figure out over the last four years. where coronavirus started. >> this is one of the reasons so on behalf of chevrolet, i want to say that we don't know is that as "thank you, real people." you pointed out many times you're welcome. we're gonna need a bigger room. maria the chinese government will not let anyone from cdc in america in, you have to wonder why, why don't they want help of greatest experts in the world. >> members of cdc world health organization. >> you are right cdc told no, we don't need your help this is leading institution in terms of disease cross the world. dagen: i wonder if this is
6:53 am
china chernoble. >> we kill people intentionally or accidentally. >> she what this does to president xi jinping facing pressure not just coronavirus hong kong protesters you don't hear about anymore we've got a lot coming up coronavirus economic casualties to discuss it's our most dangerous addiction. warnings signals china gdp could plunge as low as 3 1/2%, and to get the whole world clean? that takes a lot more than an alternative. last check it was 6% if outbreak is not contained. so we took our worst vice, we are going to take a look at that, president trump on the and turned it into the dna for a better system. road again kicking off four day western swing this we can, materials made from recycled plastic woven and molded into all the things we consume. distracting democrats head-to-head inedh in nevada we created bionic is cash being becoming trash and put the word out with godaddy. millions have unused more than in wallets could you be one what will you change? don't miss that squashing rumors justice department make the world you want. confirms attorney general bill barr will not resign, not going anywhere just days after saying president trump's tweets make it quote impalpable for him to do his job sin city showdown tonight
6:54 am
democrats look to get lucky in las vegas for tonight's presidential debate michael bloomberg takes the stage for the very first time, back in a minute. ♪ ♪ t. rowe price experts go beyond the numbers to examine investment opportunities firsthand, like innovations in agricultural research. because your investments deserve the full story. t. rowe price invest with confidence. maria: welcome back, time for morning buzz, first up prince
6:55 am
harry and meghan markle reportedly being force today start over when it comes to branding, banned from using the phrase sussex royal and still not clear if they are using royal. dagen: they are trying to make money in north america, nobody in north america can pronounce apps except work.rywhere... sussex without cursing. why is that? is it because people love filling out forms? >> i love her majesty, they want to have it both ways, they maybe they like checking with their supervisor to see how much vacation time they have. wanted to be in and they wanted to be out and she said, no, they trademark a long list and the or sending corporate their expense reports. queen said no, the royal family i'll let you in on a little secret. is not about using the title to they don't. make money. by empowering employees to manage their own tasks, maria: of course, how about this? paycom frees you to focus on the business of business. millennials hitting the midwest, minneapolis topped the list as to learn more, visit the most desirable location for millennials, almost 22,000 of them moving to the city in 2018, some incentives include affordable housing, low unemployment and outdoor
6:56 am
lifestyle. >> if you can handle the cold it's a beautiful city, as someone who was born in cleveland, ohio, go to midwest. maria: it's a cost situation? >> it's much affordable to live and if you make good amount of money, there's a lot going there. >> cold weather, though. maria: how much would you pay for a pack of oreos, oreos cookies, $3 you're in luck. limited edition red cookie, supreme logo right in the middle, $8 for a pack of cookies, kelly? >> you know, i understand why you might want to spend a lot of money on brand-name stuff because you are out there wearing it. how do you make sure someone see that is you're eating the supreme oreo unless you leave the red crumbs on your face. maria: we will take a break, showdown in sin city tonight, 6 democrats lining up this evening for the first democratic debate
6:57 am
featuring michael bloomberg next hour right here mornings with maria, stay with us. up. if you taste something bad, you want someone else to try it. it's what you do. i can't get it out of my mouth! if you want to save fifteen percent or more on car insurance, you switch to geico. it's what you do. dog, dog, dog. ♪ do you recall, not long ago ♪ we would walk on the sidewalk ♪ ♪ all around the wind blows ♪ we would only hold on to let go ♪ ♪ blow a kiss into the sun ♪ we need someone to lean on ♪ blow a kiss into the sun
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♪ all we needed somebody to lean on ♪ the new xc90 plug-in hybrid electric. xc90. recharged. general bill barr has no plans to resign according to the department of justice, this is days after saying president trump's tweets make it quote impossible for him to do his job the department of justice denied the report, barr was considering resigning if president trump keeps tweeting the president weighed in on this yesterday. >> i do make his job harder i do agree with that i think he is a very straight shooter social media -- has been very important, because it gives me a voice. because i don't get that voice in the press.
6:59 am
maria: former pelt associate roger stone set to be sentenced tomorrow joining me right now tennessee senator member of the senate armed services consumers judiciary veterans affairs committee marsha blackburn. >> bill barr, how is he doing? any -- what are your thoughts going into what has been really a whirlwind of speculation about bill barr since he made those comments to abc? >> i -- my hope is that bill barr is going to stay. he is doing a wonderful job. he has the trust of so many of us, in washington, we know that he has brought an apps except work.rywhere... incredible amount of why is that? experience to this job. is it because people love filling out forms? he is cleaning up the doj making certain that the fbi maybe they like checking with their supervisor to see how much vacation time they have. refocuses their efforts, and i am certainly one of those that or sending corporate their expense reports. wants to see him stay. maria: is he cleaning up doj? i'll let you in on a little secret. senator? i mean, you know, look what is they don't.
7:00 am
by empowering employees to manage their own tasks, going on in terms of all of these people he who we know paycom frees you to focus on the business of business. lied to congress, leaked to learn more, visit information to media. >> that's right. maria: tried to frame donald trump in 2016 election they are getting off right? just the other a day we hear maria: welcome back, good andrew mccabe will not be wednesday morning, thank you so much for joining us, i'm maria charged jim comey out and bartiromo, it is wednesday about trashing the president february 19th, top stories right jaim john brennan where is now 7:00 a.m. on the button on the east coast, coronavirus accountability here as if we know has a full plate if you death toll is topping 2,000 as passenger who is have tested will, and your expressing some negative for the virus are of the frustration i hear finally able to leave the every single day from diamond princess cruise ship tennesseeans, i think this is after 14-day quarantine, the president's frustration. showdown in sin city, michael the american people look at what is happening in bloomberg will finally make washington, and they feel like there is a two-tiered justice debate stage making debut in las system they want to see people vegas. president trump issuing pay for the things that they have done wrong. high-profile pardoning. and for the violations of law. and people every day will bring up things to me. oracle employees not happy with the founder, staggering amount about jim comey, andrew
7:01 am
of money americans are missing out from unused gift cards. mccabe, loretta lynch how can people get by with this? we can't get by with things ready to take over, the video like this this they resent goes viral, mornings with maria is live right now. what federal government is doing to them through federal first up futures showing a gain agencies, donald trump at start of trading, take a look understands that have president has done a great job, of trying to get at futures, nasdaq futures, the government off your back and out of your pocketbook. now, attorney general barr has to feel like he is playing line this morning that seems to whack-a-mole every single day, that he goes into his job. be circulating, we are because there is so much to investigating, yesterday markets clean up. when you look at the fact that finished mix for second straight record close, dow and s&p 500 the fisa abuse took place and were lower, nasdaq unchartered we still don't see that reconciled. >> that is what i am saying. >> the durham report -- there territory, 9732 is where it closed yesterday and begins is a lot to deal with. yesterday in new high record both on at the personnel and territory, we are looking at the procedural end, i think gains across the board, cac let's having -- want him to quarante in paris 35, stocks stay i think the president wants him to stay. >> department of justice came out jed said this is
7:02 am
absolutely not true, but, you were up except for shanghai as you can see there, down a third know, the president also went on a bit of a tweetstorm of a percent, all the stories yesterday, threatening lawsuits over the two year coming up and helping know break long mueller probe fisa abuse said if i wasn't president would i be suing everyone all over the place but may be i still will, he said, senator, because he knows and we know, , we have optimism over as our audience knows that coronavirus, we have negative there was a cabal of about coronavirus, not a lot has individuals used the tools we changed. yesterday was the selloff, i'm use against terrorists against going buy today. >> exactly, i think that's something that people look to then candidate donald trump markets to try to figure out, leaks wiretapping to lies. though, people who don't know a >> you are exactly right, and lot. this is why at judiciary maria: markets don't lie but at committee we are going to the same time there's so much continue to look at this. information that's going into it we are going to hold hearings that you can't point to one on durham report. thing as this is what's >> when holding hearings that necessarily driving. is the follow-up question. there's times when you can when president trump tweets >> when holding the hearing. something, sometimes you'll see >> after we get the report he a big jump but something like hopefully we get that report this so much going on right now. early this spring. maria: john durham report. maria: exactly, you have money >> correct. on the line, what does the that is correct. market say today? people want to make certain
7:03 am
>> what's driving the u.s. we have the greatest labor market that that those working and as a result the consumer is on fire, two third of 70% of gdp outside the law held to and on top of that it looks like account the mccabe decision things will improve this year, disappointing i agree with you not decelerate but it's on that, look at it puff important to always to remember you've got doj with violations you've got irs that is it's the u.s. that drives gdp an overstepped its bounds, you've not the other way around. got epa that has shut down different industries. the sunrises and sets here in america as it turns to in >> all agencies have been relation to the economy. dagen: two countries that have politicized, you are right -- been adding debt, i have been knowing, and weaponized -- studying the numbers and put together an excel spreadsheet good word knowing vitriol on because i have no life, the united states and china, so we've been adding debt and china both sides how are you going to get anything done do you has been adding debt as trade expect anything done legislatively this year war continue, that's over but senator? >> we are going to continue nevertheless billions to bail judges, confirmations, out farmers, for example, our legislatively i do think you gdp -- our debt to gdp las been will see us move forward with something on only privacy. going up 1 trillion-dollar deficits an at some point it's going to matter. only data security, we are maria: for sure, with rates continuing to work on that. where they are markets haven't we would very much like for been unnerved about it but it's the house to agree to work on -- it won't matter until it the transportation bill.
7:04 am
matters, some of the stories that we are following up this morning, more than 2,000 now but we have some not that interested in transportation dead from coronavirus, the over there. number of confirmed cases topped i don't know if speaker pelosi is going to be able to get her 75,000 across the world, passengers of the diamond house members focused on anything other than impeachment >> we will leave it there princess cruise ship are finally getting off of the ship, more senator always a pleasure to see you. thank you so much. than 2 dozen countries across >> good to see you. the world, confirmed cased of >> marsha blackburn, the the coronavirus including the coronavirus economic united states, firefighters coming to the rescue of a man casualties new warnings signals china gdp could plunge stuck on the border wall in as low as 3 1/2% if outbreak california, look at this, crews is not contained soon. used a 35-foot ladder to get him president trump on the road again this week he landed in down near san diego, no injuries las vegas overnight for west reported and no word on what happened to the man after he was coast campaign blitz strakdz brought to safety off of that democrats going that he had to headed in nevada he is hoping. border wall. billionaire george soros calling back in a moment. for facebook ceo mark zuckerberg >> ♪ i can't wait to get on the and coo sheryl sandberg to be, road again. on the road again, going quote, removed from control of the company, the billionaire places that i have never been seeing things that i may ♪ financeer repeated claim that there's a company that's talked to even more real people zuckerberg is in mutual arrange ment with president trump to get reelected.
7:05 am
tony stark made competition, video out of dubai shows a pilot flying a fiber suit taking off and flying 6,000 feet, the first autonomous human flight with vertical takeoff by dubai jet man and sin city showdown tonight, 6 democratic candidates are getting ready for tonight's debate in las vegas, michael policewomen berg has made the list in 2020 debate stage, joining us former pennsylvania governor and dnc chairman, special counsel ed randell, thank you very much for joining me. exciting debate, we finally get to see michael bloomberg and how he will deal with other candidates, what are you expecting? >> well, i think bloomberg will take the most incoming today, he hasn't been tested an this would be a real test, democratic voters are interested in someone who could win and bloomberg's than me: jd power. resources are clearly at an
7:06 am
advantage, democratic voters 448,134 to be exact. look at that as an advantage and they answered 410 questions in 8 categories can he handle fire against about vehicle quality. donald trump, that will be and when they were done, tested tonight and that would be chevy earned more j.d. power quality awards across a very important thing to see how it rolls out. cars, trucks and suvs than any other brand >> ed, kelly torrence here, for the last 5 years or more people over the last four years. so on behalf of chevrolet, i want to say have been talking about the battle for the heart and soul of "thank you, real people." the republican party, but what you're welcome. does it say about the democratic we're gonna need a bigger room. party that the two front runners are people who are only recently joined the party? >> well, it shows that michael bloomberg has spent $400 million on tv, you get some sort of a boost. >> he's a handsome cat. >> right, tremendously successful payor of new york, he has legitimate credentials as candidate, no question about it, the battle is between the more progressive wing and the more
7:07 am
moderate wing of the party but i think in the fall they'll come together because one thing that motivates everyone across the board in democratic voter field is the desire to get rid of donald trump. maria: will they come together for bernie sanders? bernie sanders is in the lead. >> he is, but awful early, you know, it's interesting, we are being advised, our rules are you have to get 15% in any congressional district to get a delegate, look at the poll that came out in california today, bernie has 32% and the other 5 candidates are all between 10 and 15%. joe biden 15, if joe biden falls to 14 in congressional districts, he would get no delegates, that's not likely to happen, conceivable bernie can come out with 200 delegate vote
7:08 am
lead just in california itself, so a lot has to happen, michael bloomberg has to continue to grow either klobuchar or buttigieg or warren have to bounce back strongly and some people are holding out hope for the vice president to come back but he will have to do fairly well in nevada and win south carolina to be viable going into this super tuesday. dagen: governor, it's dagen mcdowell, other than michael bloomberg and bernie sanders with very loyal base of maria: welcome back, the impact of the coronavirus on supporters who are willing to give him money that people who the chinese economy morgan stanley vooeflg beijing donate money to candidates, once economic growth could fall as they smell the stench of failure low as 3 1/2% growth for the first quarter that is due to illness the report says they will not give you any money chinese factories only at 30 to 50% normal levels as of any longer, he started with last week, will only reach 60 to 80% capacity by end of the month joining us right now $9 million, unless they do -- brandy global fixed income portfolio manager jack mcentire a pleasure to see
7:09 am
you. thanks for being here is what your expectation on impact to china and its economy given >> that's the problem. its large percentage of the global economy all flights in they would be able to raise and out? have been stalled. money, buttigieg, klobuchar and you got businesses closing warren or whoever it is. shop. left and right even though xi but one thing about bloomberg as jinping is now encouraging businesses to open once again even though, about the a candidate is i think to coronavirus is still there. >> yeah. so you know forecasting how this is going to impact china more than a science. bloomberg. the 3.5%, decline in this growth or to that level certainly reasonable but it could be zero percent, 2, 4%, to me what i am focusing on >> former new york city has not necessarily the severity in qone, but the duration of drawn criticism -- it's a this slowdown because that is you are right that is the linkage allow going to impact companies in the u.s. i mean companies globally in u.s. in particular have been running very lean inventories, and it is supply chain impact, that process, you dig a hole and put the seed in and you add water.
7:10 am
first is officially going to hit u.s. u.s. xheekts ignoring enormous cohort of black and it but if this drags on another couple weeks, i don't latino males age let's says 6 to think they will. >> it is the duration for 25 that don't have jobs, don't sure, but i don't know where have any prospects, don't know morgan stanley gets 3 1/2% how to find jobs, don't know kelly if the activity no one is on the street they got mad what their skill sets are, don't know how to behave in the at u.s. fire eliminating travel to china they have got workplace. maria: wow, xerox them, will the people locked up in homes. >> let's face it not getting out of their homes to going on comments couple with the reports last weekend that bloomberg trips to united states or russia which also now has settled several sexual banned traveling from china, harassment case. jack i was wondering what are you looking at in china to figure out -- you talked about the whole question is duration, i mean how do we know how lock it is going to be about how big it is going >> we have a president that has to get how well china is dealing with it? are there signs we could be more sexual assault cases than looking at? any democrat, is that a fact? >> so one of the things i look >> more complaints? at again going back to u.s. equity market i think out of is that a fact? focus on this is the stimulus that is in response, to this >> more complaints, a guy that china stepping it up, from this standpoint the other
7:11 am
bragged about it. thing i think president xi maria: we are talking about mike realized this crackdown on bloomberg, the activity and virus doing more economic harm behavior of bloomberg is than probably virus itself they have got to pull back on incredible by misogynistic, i that, i am looking for more signs of that to say hey maybe had dinner with a woman and said we are starting to see more economic activity uptick in china. maria: before you go given she can't get away and no now, your focus on fixed income are you expecting anything out of minutes from the fed do you several women who accused him of think fed on hold this year or might we see cut quick. harassment. >> pregnant worker who he said >> i think irrelevant more kill it and it's confirmation that he actually said that to important going forward her. >> well, we have to see how all because of impact of the virus. this rolls out, i remind you >> thank you very much we'll be right back. remember when kamala harris 75% persistent cardiovascular risk still remains. attacked joe biden for busing, many have turned to fish oil supplements. terrible controversy, it will hurt with african-american others, fenofibrates or niacin. voters, in the months that but here's a number you should take to heart: followed biden remained strong, zero-the number of fda approvals these products have, voters are looking for one thing, someone to beat donald trump. maria: i got you, before you go, when added to statins, to reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease. ask your doctor about an advancement governor, you have been a student of politics for a long in prescription therapies with proven protection. time, you were governor of the visit
7:12 am
great state of pennsylvania, how do you feel that michael ♪ yes i'm stuck in the middle with you, ♪ bloomberg can come in with billions and basically buy on to no one likes to feel stuck, boxed in, or held back. the stage? >> well, with all he had done especially by something like your cloud. businessman and then he was trying to buy it, i feel it's a problem. but the ibm cloud is different. it's the most open and secure public cloud for business. frustrated by that, again, let's it can manage all your apps and data from anywhere. remember michael bloomberg not just a successful businessman so it can help take on anything, but very successful mayor of new york city and you can make a from rebooking flights, on the fly to restocking shelves on demand. case, maria, that that's second without getting in your way. executive toughest political job ♪ ♪ in the country. maria: how about mayor pete? >> a town with 50,000 people. dagen: i said that, governor, that it is going to be if you get mayor michael bloomberg up against mayor pete of south bend where you had a bunch -- a murder rate that was high for a city and black officers underrepresented on the police force there and none of that
7:13 am
ever changed and that position could hurt buttigieg. >> no question. maria: go ahead. >> no question. i don't think there's ever been a perfect candidate yet and the president isn't certainly perfect candidate, they have all baggage, look tonight how they deal with the problems, i think that's very, very important. maria: we will see -- >> one thing about donald trump, donald trump is a great deflector, he's going to put pressure on whoever the democratic nominee is and the nominee better have the courage and guts to stand in there. maria: i was going to stay i know that bloomberg's peeps do not want to attack any other democrats, not allowed to attack democrats, i want to know what bloomberg thinks of new bail reform law in new york, lute of debate about that, governor, we will see about that. good to see you this morning, thank you, sir. >> have a good day. maria: and to you, coming up this morning right here protest
7:14 am
at oracle, employees going after larry olson for fundraising of president trump this week, we are taking a look, don't miss that. stay with us. and gain new perspectives. that's why we go beyond the numbers. t. rowe price. invest with confidence.
7:15 am
back. good wednesday morning. thanks so much for joining us. i'm maria bartiromo. wednesday, february 19 top stories right now 8:30 a.m. an o east coast we are -- .5/10 of a percent gain on ppi, this is much higher than expectations, the january producer price index out housing starts building permits also out ppi is up half of 1%, the estimate on
7:16 am
ppi was gain one/10 of a percent breaking news happening we are waiting for market reaction we've got to look further into this this is a big number. given the estimate, the january year-over-year ppi 2.1%, versus estimate of 1.6% this is a lot hotter than anybody expected, request unlived rate 1.45 million respectively, those are estimates, we have been looking at a situation dagen mcdowell request zero inflation, we have not seen inflation we know there has been inflation in china. given the surge in food prices, but this ppi number at first glance to me looks worrisome. dagen: very hot, of course, we got to wait and see how much of these cost increases are passed along to consumers overall consumer prices core pci personal consumption expenditures fed watches the core number running well below
7:17 am
2% i think 1.6% most recent reading, this is very hot north 26% on wholesale prices, core number was up half of 1%, but 2.1% year-over-year? you got to watch can we put up 10-year treasury money has been pouring into treasurys yesterday 10 year closed 1.55%. 210-year yield that is. money -- the 10-year yield that is can we take a look at 10 year. >> 1.57 not much movement of money out. maria: in surprised at this that this no reaction there has to be more here because there is not a big reaction to the fact this ppi this inflation number, is much hotter than we have seen in a long time, building perts near 13-year high building permits different story built ppi inflation data much worse than anybody expected. >> people worried about economic growth, that is why,
7:18 am
issue economic growth because in partly of coronavirus one of the reasons you have seen money flooding into u.s. treasurys u.s. fixed income. >> we've seen real inflation in china, we, of course, have been reporting about the swine flu, that sent prices for pork soaring, food prices, have been soaring pretty much across the board in china real inflation there it has had no been exported to the united states for the most part you have been seeing 1/10, 2/10 moves ppi and cpi we have not seen this passed to consumer because consumer price index has been muted but this number makes you wonder. dagen: i point out that the housing starts permits number came in for january, well above expectations. maria: right. dagen: so that goes to the health of our economy would offset concerns potentially, so people are -- more -- more positive than they are negative about the
7:19 am
implications. >> for sure. >> last time we saw a number so outsized versus estimates 1/10 poorz expecting this is 5/10 of a percent. >> core up 1.7% year-over-year relatively campaigned above expectations expectations there was -- 1.3% growth. >> not much reaction dow industrials gain of 84 points, as you saw rates steady as well gets to the other news of the morning, that is the coronavirus reportedly not delaying all apple predicts cheryl casone with details. cheryl: that is right, maria. coronavirus may take a bite out of apple sale target for current quarter outbreak apparently not delaying launch of iphone, the inside phones debut next month going to look like iphone 8, 399 dollars bloomberg reporting ipad pro-would be pushed back watching coronavirus apple stock up almost half a percent
7:20 am
prenarcotic european union unveiling plan aimed restrictions on machine learning technology, ai. -- self driving cars cancer scans restrictions for u.s. chinese companies that develop test how they handle sensitive data as facial recognition or even medical records. >> so finally ladies a dog in toronto achieving something pretty amazing, the cockapoo villager video playing connect four posted on instagram. watch. >> you got it you got it, yeah, good job! cheryl: okay, internet seems the owner says he is not that good it is a game. the dog is playing connect four -- >> i love that. >> wow. maria: so sweet. i love that dusty had to play -- >> please do. >> i think cheryl, a sin city
7:21 am
showdown six democratic candidates reckless disregard for tonight's debate in las vegas michael bloomberg making first disappearance on 2020 debate stage despite not on saturday' nevada caucus ballot fox news contributor richard fowler with republican strategist joseph pinion thank you so much for being here. >> what should we expect relinquishards kick us off. >> interesting debate i their you are going to see people throwing blows at the michael bloomberg i am not sure why michael bloomberg has no delegates not on ballot in dplj not south carolina, nevada ballot very interesting debate to watch indeed, as who is fronted runner i think the reason front-runner up in debate mayor pete has more delegates bernie is leading in polls very interesting to watch. >> a you don't know why i know why he has all this money got himself on the debate stage, he gave the democrats more than 100 million dollars last year it working.
7:22 am
they won majority back what do you think joseph. >> i think money talks, and fourth place finishes fifth place fishes wake somebody like michael bloomberg god bless him running best funded artsdz project history american politics i think still needs to be somebody with money spending to drag him into a broom closest tell him not to get on that debate stage it might burst bible i think look you have to acknowledge bernie sanders right now is the front-runner the revolution riverside to not talk about that we focus so much on how well buttigieg has done in iowa, also in -- in new hampshire we neglect the fact to say when does he again, nevada south carolina, democrats with proportion difficulties encrypt emmy awards ability to to get a critical mass of delegates. >> when are we going to start seeing people dropout we lad
7:23 am
dropouts people never really had a shot the mess that wasi away nobody directed to dropped out so inconclusive when do you think we start seeing that. >> look, me personally i think again democrats faced a permanent dilemma worse than republicans faced in 2016, amy klobuchar, i kind of think is akin to somebody like john kasich overperformed in place like new hampshire at the same time doesn't have the time or the resources to build up that infrastructure, nationwide, somebody again who you know, like elizabeth warren believed she can make a last stand on super tuesday includes her home state akin to somebody like marco rubio. >> it seems overstatement here is what is happening we give up a portion of delegates we believe our party huge big tent to sit here say bernie sanders pete frontrunners where bernie and pete have problems with voterss a large population black voters have not cast a ballot a large
7:24 am
population of latins have not cast a ballot hard to say either is fronted runner there is a bloomberg factor has to get in doesn't get on ballot till super tuesday. >> is if a big tent. >> what is the big tent i feel like they all have the same policies i will raise taxes want big government programs, they want the green deal they want to give illegals drivers' licenses what is the big tent? where is this at no time i keep hearing about i don't see it. >> when it's comes to ideas we all believe somehow expanding everybody's efforts to health care methodologies to i did not pete buttigieg wands to fanned affordable air cataract bernie sanders wands "medicare for all" folks believe best way to solve environmental woes working in the system with businesses to get it done sort of plan mayor pete as well as joe biden as well as bloomberg giving you versus "green new deal" bernie sanders is giving you we are a part of diversity in people we have african americans lgbtq
7:25 am
folks. maria: dagen jump in. dagen: enjoying to bring up abc poll in terms of black voters people of color how it is and sanders picking up steam, joe biden -- but i need to correct you on something amy klobuchar is not john kasich klobuchar is a very positive candidate one of the reasons performed well in new hampshire her appearance when on the debate stage, john kasich is more like bloomberg a big old grump that was a huge problem just had this look on face ihats wrong? and, but quickly richard this is abc poll, that langer research did for television networks, and found that biden's support among blacks i fully con cede states with people of color have not gone to polls yet support among black voters declined from 51% last month to 32% now, overall
7:26 am
nonwhite voters accounts for half all democrats democratic wleeng independents have gone from 35 to 28% biden, sanders last month 35%, 22%, sanders-biden so split. >> i think has split one of the reasons it split the fact that everybody sees bern having momentum that being said i think your point is right to point out many voters went to polls none have voted if you look at intofrmths, into? a. do matter in democratic primary, biden has few endorsements from black being elected about about officials very, very early. maria: endorsement isbreakbreak intoefg michael bloomberg he is all over his commercials. >> barack obama you can't just used sound booits of barack obama without check right. >> nobody else used barack obama the way michael
7:27 am
bloomberg has used barack obama in ads all over ad so that i think that is a something that you should -- ask president about if talking about obama will tell you barack obama de facto leaders last popular he go elected president. >> how come not subordinativing anybody. >> he is leader of the party going to wait the democrats take white house -- >> the black vote for president trump going up we had somebody on "sunday morning futures" said 36% in some polls in if you are talking about what is going on with african american community democratic pundits for years almost about to years he telling us joe biden had this firewall in south carolina, forget clintons had nearly two decades good will with african american community took third place fsh in iowa for fire wall to melt i think looking at something what happened with joe biden i say again a fourth-place finish followed by 5th place black voters not a monolith when you look at majority all
7:28 am
african american voters number one criteria obviously, their only criterion who can go toe-to-toe with donald trump. dagen: black voters in clintons what was being said, by bill clinton and even hillary clinton duringuring 2008 when she was running for nominations against barack obama she said they asked why she wouldn't drop out she essentially aloud to do robert kennedy's assassination, that was that sticks in memory of -- many people in this country. maria: talking about hillary clinton collapse i am not talking about 2008 i am talking how she finishes third plays in iowa the front runer against by the time to south carolina, barack obama is going around i think that is because, again, when you look at older african american voters they are looking for somebody can win why you see the -- >> the reason in south carolina, bernie is not leading, south carolina what you see black voters are for from -- conscious of this country conscious of democratic partied going to
7:29 am
look at every voter look over once look over stwiz look over three times think which candidate most likely to win when candidate most likely independents to give donald trump best run -- >> i can tell you right now, i could guarantee bernie sanders will have a hard time in south carolina. >> the point is you have so many delegates what you see the window very large for african american voets what it doesn't include socialism. >> i am glad you you brought up socialism -- he proportion delegation as much as you say bernie a front-runner what you have in this this delegate race pete buttigieg -- >> that isn't the point. >> it is. >> no, it does matter if talking about right now of democrats faith a scenario. >> you want to do -- >> for me could be gravy looking at scenario bernie sanders wakes into the town because bernie sanders walks into positive the. >> how does bernie sanders do -- >> hold on don't interrupt.
7:30 am
>> -- >> go ahead, go ahead bernie sanders walked into convention most delegates has not cleared threshold walks out without nomination quite possible same way how soon we forget republicans even up until before president trump closed nomination trying to find way to make sure he was not he nominee if bernie walks into convention without nomination walking without the nomination all hell is going to break loose. >> to some believe because markets at railroad highs seeing rally underway j.p. morgan report part of the reason is because bernie is in the lead, they feel bernie there is demo way he can beat donald trump. so that is is why the markets are rallying that the policies stay in place of donald trump, what is your characterization of the african american vote for president trump. >> i think look right now president trump, he doesn't have to get 50% doesn't have to get 99% we talk about that in hyperbolic terms at the end
7:31 am
of the day if you can shave off few points with african american males again i think twofold because not only is we are talking african american votes we are talking about if fact you have stocker moez not black mothers going to their -- you know book club about meetings look back in black unemployment giving nonblack voters ammunition to talk about record low unemployment talking about all different things as well. dagen: i want to hear what richard -- >> look i think that there is an opportunity and i think what you see trump campaign doing i think digit bye after african american men one democratic party has outreach towards african american men we've got to do better with that said i think for trump campaign to win election they have to take off 2, to % i think won 10% last election he has to do work has to be more than look at unemployment rate
7:32 am
has to build african american voters -- >> when you say more than unemployment what they are reacting to in my view are policies, it is the policies of creating opportunities for different -- >> i think. >> community, than the prison reform all this stuff. >> democrats do have -- to answer to these six million jobs are real they pretend not real those are real families, four years ago now the africans put food on table as long as they kept -- can't -- refuse to acknowledge reality talking about somehow it is the -- obama economy i am still old enough to remember it would be. >> one -- >> if you say the economy is not going well then you can't have barack obama saying the economy is going well, because of me. >> no, i think i give president high marks on economy i think for black voters they are voting own more than just economy i think voted on issues what is happening in the local communities, i think they are voting on what is happening in
7:33 am
the criminal justice system. maria: those two things exactly what the president is doing -- >> far beyond just president's i -- i think communities of color how they do of playing planning voter is not monopolistic voting a formula to get that vote if president wants this vote he can get it has to really understand the formula has to go after it more than saying unemployment rate. >> pete buttigieg has to talk about that in his -- >> i agree. dagen: his -- mayorship in -- o. >> at a buttigieg and bernie sanders have a problem with they are throwing policy preparations. >> you've got -- not having a real conversation you got bloomberg aftermath of very own access hollywood meltdown again talk about throwing against the wall turns out when you have all individuals who are offended by locker room talk of president trump suddenly they have gone mute when it comes to accusations against michael bloomberg. >> i talking about.
7:34 am
>> i talked about it i am not talking by personally but was very -- very. >> we have. >> the polling numbers suggest there are many africanmen voters willing to hold nose if they believe he can deliver victory. >> we will see great conversation lively we eshprit richard fowler, joseph please come back soon groupon on sale for sure the stock taking a big hit on weak earnings plans to drop he promotions foro 2.15 30% sell-off. >> tesla shares speeding higher up 27% we tell you why right after this. ♪ ♪ you might as well be wealthy ♪ ♪ ♪
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maria: welcome back, groupon loser of the morning down 29% right now disappointing quarterly results, jackie deangelis on the floor of the new york stock exchange with more. >> good morning to you maria ugly board look at it $2.15 groupon reported fourth-quarter earnings missed expectations revenue miss 8 cent miss, actually ceo williams said quote we did not deliver the financial performance we expected during the fourth quarter we recognize that we must move swiftly to put groupon on growth trajectory all eyes
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