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tv   The Claman Countdown  FOX Business  February 19, 2020 3:00pm-4:01pm EST

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borrowing and the corner offices are pretty much optimistic. >> we are was optimistic because you are one of the best and we appreciate it. thank you very much. >> thank you. >> the dow is up 160. >> very thick at the dow, nasdaq and s&p are at a record pace. thank you. the emphasis of the trade, green on the screen. as the market go on 2000 deaths from virus. it is very real for the 13 americans quarantined in these states displaced in america and possibly the world. coming up in a foxbusiness exclusive, we are going to take you inside the doors and air vents and everything else. the only federal union in the nation. mark zuckerberg just one of the many testaments shuttering in their shoes at this hour as the
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european union revealed its new digital strategy focused on protecting privacies by things like facial recognition and artificial intelligence overreach. is it all really aimed at dismantling u.s. meditech to give your technology companies alike up? the former trade minister romania, he's going to tell us what they believe is the eu's real motive. what might be and whether he thinks is the right way to go. plus trumps oracle fundraiser, who's got the biggest ahead of the debates tonight in nevada and charlie brexit. let's look at the closing bell and for countdown. ♪ breaking news, following this horrific crash on monday night during the final lap of the daytona 500, brian newman was
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released from medical center earlier today. his wife, we've got the pictures day, tweeted out this photo and his daughters at the hospital before his release. after going through all about. we are watching this very closely. we look at this to you. even as the markets touch highs right now, investors are being and blue apron stocks. record lows right now at the reporting of 33% drop in fourth-quarter revenue and 9% decrease in its customer base. it's not helping, they announced it was evaluating a broad range of strategic options including a potential fail of the company or possibly going private. as you look at the screen, this was once $24 stock that now stands at $3.47.
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twenty and a half%. investors can also get a discount on group on shares, the online group on coupon company hitting record lows following disappointing fourth-quarter earnings. investors are also not thrilled at group on its ditching a good for sale and instead focusing on experiences that were allowing a stronger group to emerge. stocks strong right now, is down 41% to just a dollar 79. flip this coin over right now. a navigation tech company, shares certain, seven and a third% to a mere decade high of 30 cents underreporting better than fourth-quarter earnings but the outlook. they seem to the top of revenue pack, it's business trackers division which increased 34% last quarter. carmen seeing it's best today and for funds. as we face another record close, the nasdaq and s&p, we do have two warning lights are blinking we need to tell you about.
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number one, the global fund managers reveals they make up for just 4% of clients portfolios. that's the loudest reading of cash since march 2013 and generally signals that investors are so confident right now that they are highly exposed to the stock market. second blinking light, the sku indexed published by the cboe. the sku index measures the s&p which helps indicate potential risk in the market. generally, it's the sku is hi, investors see around 2015, i started to get really high but 2020, it's not high. investors are worried but as you can see, the index as trending down for about the last year. also recently, the lowest reading since 2013.
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teddy, you have been bullish and you have been correct. does it look to you, with those two pieces of information, a survey in sku and asked that investors are complacent and at worst, overexposed to equities for selloff? >> i don't think investors are overexposed. first of all, i think we are talking about fund managers and i would say that the fact that they are carrying low cash positions in a sense, reinforces the positive scenario for the market. i think in the folks we talked to, there are a lot of people that quite frankly are not in this market for various reasons. i think in general, there's still a lot of cash on the sidelines. whether it fund management barrel or the general public but the fact is, there are plenty of people who are nervous, enough
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people are still nervous at the market will probably continue to climb this proverbial war. >> we are only getting about 1.5% return on a ten year yield but was it look like to you? we could have had this same conversation a year ago where people saw a lot of trough, at least some and they could be careful and get the market continues to climb. >> in 2018, after we had that big drive down, balance sheet and we've been on the run. the last couple of them, it's from china saying they're going to do whatever they have to do to keep the economy going. you've always got to be invested, nobody config hi in those but when you look at the sku index and then you look at the volatility levels, if you're going to be invested in the market, only some volatility, it's all time low. so you have to be invested in the market on good balance
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sheets and volatility in case something happens and something is bound to happen. >> with that mean good balance sheet companies are the opposite of the world, big technology companies that most of us use and certainly a lot of us own? >> well yeah, listen. you can look at all of these indicators and you can say hey, this is time to get out -- >> look at gold. $1600. >> because china is stimulating the economy. if gold were the only risk factor here, why is oil up today when gold is up? usually it would be counterintuitive. the other thing is the index. it's making new highs but more base, not so much on the run up and gold was the fear about the coronavirus but now it's a financial reaction to all the economic stimulus happening in
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china right now. >> we've got the u.s. dollar index the highest since may 2017. strong goals, strong oil, strong stock market. very strange but let's go with the flow. good to see you all. investors are clearly hitting it over and over, president trump is bringing up campaign donations at this hour. the president just arrived in socal this afternoon for an event hosted by oracle founder and billionaire, larry. tickets range from $100,000 -- $250,000. you get to play golf and get a photo taken of the president. it's not without controversy. more than 5000 oracle employees have signed an online petition asking that they canceled the event. hillary and rachel were the president's reelection, they said i don't care, i'm not canceling the event. >> that's right. his rendezvous is coming at an
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opportune time for the cofounder larry who is suing amazon in court over a 10 billion-dollar cloud contract with the pentag pentagon, oracle plays the bidding process was right all along thank amazon tried to hire two pentagon employees working on jedi at the time. today allison will get valuable baseline with the president and learn high dollar donors, something hundreds of thousands of dollars to go to the private golf club. today's fundraiser is a first, it will help add to trump's reelection work. some billionaires on the democratic side are self-funded. right now, trump is trailing mike bloomberg who has 200 million in his own campaign cash coming out of the fourth quarter. stier has 156 million. trump is outpacing bernie sanders so far with 45 million
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in his work test to bernie 34th million. today's attendings are paying top dollar. the baseline tickets, $100,000 gets them a t off with trump and a photo for a quarter of a million dollars, you can also get face time with trump at a roundtable event later this afternoon. >> thank you very much. paying it forward with the closing bell ringing in 50 minutes, industrial up 152 points. we've got to ask, what's at the top? it's walt disney but then it's jp morgan chase. right up there at the top on the fourth. u.s. bank is the front runner to handle the for billion-dollar listing of i telling payments on the board. it will be one of europe's biggest this year. from europe to china, a tragic turn, the director of the hospital at the center of the coronavirus outbreak.
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he has died. killed by the deadly pathogen. before you start asking why didn't he adequately protect himself? we are going to take do is take you inside the hospital where doctors figure out exactly how to seal themselves off. one of the few places in the nation in the world capable of treating patients of ebola and yes, the coronavirus. thirteen americans have arrived there, she's here on the deadly mistakes the world is making. it's a foxbusiness exclusive next.
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so this is a bit of a brave new world situation here. you know, we know there were some cases initially that were probably you know, possibly asymptomatic and some symptomatic cases on the ship initially e when the quarantine happened. >> people were told to go to the state room. this is difficult scenario. a cruise ship has a lot of people on board. hard to keep number one, people in the state room and provide for needs leak food and things like that they will need if they're in quarantine. the was volatile. i don't envy people making those decisions because there were a lot of difficult choices that were made? liz: more than 170 decide and
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more than 2,000 killed by the coronavirus. dr. liu who ran the hospital was one killed by the virus. obviously he is a medical professional. he took precautions treating patients but still succumbed to the disease. from what you know so far, now virulent is the coronavirus? >> it does seem like the virus is fairly easy to transmit to individuals. like with other viruses. influenza is close like that, if in contact or not close contact you chance to contact influenza. this is more trains missable than the previous coronavirus we've seen, both sars and merz were coronaviruses, you need close contact to transmit those illnesses. this seems to be easily transmissible person-to-person.
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liz: your voice is calm. i'm getting nervous. that could be water droplets or somebody. sneezes, can you dig down a little bit? >> we don't know that yet. definitely close contact with someone who is ill a high-risk for acquiring this illness. is it transmitted with droplets, which means sneezing, coughing people in very close contact versus transmitted the airborne route which means smaller droplets. not necessarily being in the close contact, being able to acquire the disease. not much is known about that. does seem to be easily transmissible person-to-person especially close contact. liz: talk about your medical center. how you do what you do. can you describe what it is that makes this a biocontainment center with patients who had ebowl lo could come and not spread it anywhere. >> the nebraska biocontainment unit was founded in 2005. to make a point the fact we've
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been here for a long time, practicing these protocols, getting ready for this exact scenario and for ebola as we took care of three patients with ebola in 2014. biocontainment unit is different than a hospital room. it has negative controls. negative pressure and bringing air into the unit as opposed to a regular patient room where there is not those types of controls. we also have our own air handling system. we don't share ire with the rest of the facility. we have other engineering controls in the unit that make it different from a regular hospital setting. but what really makes a biocontainment unit and the ability to care for patients with these type of pathogens is our team and we have an excellent team of nurses, physicians, lots of people who are trained and who are volunteers and who are ready to take care of patients like patients with coronavirus or ebola or anything else. it is that training and those rules and things that make a
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biocontainment unit a team. liz: looks like they wear full-blown suits and facemaskses, way more than paper and cloth masks. as you just talked to our audience, what would you say about those masks? i saw people on a flight to and from puerto rico wearing them. are they doing any help? >> there are different types of masks. in the biocontainment unit we have different types of equipment we wear. surgical masks which are the ones you're mostly seeing people wearing are very good at preventing people sick from transmitting that illness. if you have a curve or sneezing it is an excellent idea to put the mask on. we do it in department when people come in with a mask or influenza or anything else. surgical mask may help with large droplets, block large droplets getting in if you're trying to protect yourself from
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illness. other masks are more effective. and those are the type that health care workers taking care of patients. liz: dr. hewlett, thank you for the entire team, what they're doing, putting themselves at the epicenter at the american fight against this. thank you so much. >> thank you. liz: dr. angela hewlett at the university of nebraska medical center biocontainment unit. 13 patients there, folks and she said it is more spreadable than sars and merz. we're watching this very closely. you know here at the show we felt the numbers were underreported. i believe that. we need to get american numbers versus chinese numbers. i don't know how we're going to manage that. meantime, let's get to go this. bloomberg hours from taking the stage, with the closing bell ringing in 38 minutes. the dow charging ahead by 145 points. former new york city billionaire mayor, now presidential candidate about to stroll into the lion's den into nevada for
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the first debate of the 2020 campaign. former vice president joe biden is already roaring as he releases an attack ad against bloomberg but he has to worry about senator bernie sanders who has jumped in the polls. we go straight to sin city when "the claman countdown" opens right back. ♪. d out before he could even inspect the damage. that's how you do it right. usaa insurance is made just the way martin's family needs it - with hassle-free claims, he got paid before his neighbor even got started. because doing right by our members, that's what's right. usaa. what you're made of, we're made for. usaa
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we are just over five hours away from the latest democratic debate in las vegas nevada. just three days before the nevada caucus, we got the latest abc news goals shows bernie sanders asserting out of the competition. double lead of 32% here. look at this. former new york city mayor bloomberg flashing that lead as he gains but also takes the
3:28 pm
debate stage for the first time tonight. las vegas, we find peter, who's getting all the oxygen? >> all the oxygen, right here on the front page of the las vegas review. the billing are not in the nevada race, he's not on the belt. he's going to be on stage there. just because we have not seen him debate yet doesn't mean we don't know what's coming because some of the bloomberg campaign opposition research is on display in a new ad. >> mike has what every a public official should have. passion, principal, legacy extends well beyond the five boroughs. >> joe biden has a long record. sonos michael bloomberg. >> truth is, the fact of the matter is, we have a business,
3:29 pm
this guy talked about those pictures. >> biden might not be the man to be according to a bloomberg internal campaign memo we got our hands on. part of us has the bottom line is, if biden buttigieg and klobuchar remain in the race despite having collecting, they will prepare sanders to an insurmountable lead from michael bloomberg with no upside for themselves. amy klobuchar is trying to be in new hampshire, credited by posters with helping her in a surprising third-place mayor. she might have some things to say ahead of tonight's debate about bloomberg campaign gurus thinking she should drop out. >> oh boy, it's going to be heating up right there in vegas. thank you. a skeptic terms bullish and the
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stock spikes. closing bell ringing in 31 minutes. spiking up bernstein analyst, raised his rating to outperform, admitting his skeptical view was wrong. the chipmaker beat earnings and raised guidance last week. he also praised targus to $360 from 300 and $311 right now. up next, the european union taking aim at silicon valley's tech as it looks to regulate data and all kinds of other things. at the same time, also the tech startups compete with the likes of the giants. facebook, amazon and google, the former business and trade minister of romania, he helped his nation grow and compete by
3:31 pm
getting up with america, not against. why he thinks the eu has it all wrong. the countdown is coming right back.
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european union is coming for facebook, apple, google, tech already under assault after being subjected to antitrust on both sides. the u.s. is launching an investigation also. eu regulators today unveiled a strict set of new roles and at placing restrictions on artificial intelligence in fields ranging from public surveillance cameras to cancer scans to self driving vehicles. this much needed or back storm way and for eu tech companies to get a leg up, up on u.s. giants? the youngest european union trade minister ever to hold the position, to improve the economy
3:36 pm
by working with u.s. companies. he's now the founder of smartstart usa, the new one put forth by the eu, they are very questionable in the global market. live in a foxbusiness exclusive. good to have you back, yvonne. let's get right to it. some people will look at it and say wait a minute, looks like they are protecting high privacy and holding back on big monopolies. >> nice to be with you again. i think everybody needs to understand three things before getting an idea about the entire situation. number one, the artificial intelligence regulation will change the entire industry in the global market and second, we know today we have more and more online together with ai. this is affecting the entire industry. number two, when you're creating
3:37 pm
rules, you're creating new markets. that means you are creating new rules and markets which means for the big players, they have to adapt which means in this way, they are basically creating a policy which is basically the development of the united states economy. number three, you have the big players who see that as an additional cost because you have three parts, you have to contr control, then we will trade for profit and in this way, the companies also will apply massive caps on research and innovation. in the regulations this way, there will be rules for all these all over the world. right now, what i believe, the european union is trying to find a way in which to prepare for
3:38 pm
potential digital war with united states and china but i think it's creating a lot of damage to the european union economy, especially in research but also small businesses. i want to say, romania can be a partner for the united states, the member of the european union because i think we can still change some things from most regulations, it will be change but you need a strong partner in the european union and i think being a partner so far in the united states recently signed the 5g agreement so this is the way i think we should proceed right now. we should find the right balance, at the end of the day, they can create damage to the global economy. >> i'm all for the free market and i hear what you are saying. however, when you talk about facial recognition, so that could be misused.
3:39 pm
a, even elon musk of tesla has been concerned about anything any ai used, he tweeted about this, it should be subject to regulation and then he wrote including tesla. he said all organizations who develop in advanced ai should be regulated including tesla. aside from that, and again, i'm a free market tier, it feels like the europeans are way stronger on protecting people's privacy than the americans are, which is odd because this country is founded on privacy and certainly allowing people to go for the life, liberty and pursuit of happiness. >> this is the way of the european union responding to what's happening on the situation today around the globe. we have the economy between the united states and china stoker.
3:40 pm
we are getting some things there and i think europe is trying to also doing that. as i told you, i digital war can be something very serious but at the same time, they will put in place those regulations. it can change the entire environment and the planet at the end of the day. they can print rules all over the world if they want to work with them. >> i would say your company smartstart usa is brilliant because it is working with america to engage in exchange and is a job creator and we've got to run but we wish you the best of luck. it's a thrill to see you again. former trade minister of the romania which is part of the european union and a smartstart usa. burger king's mold move, have
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you seen this? we are about to show you this, the closing bell closing in 20 minutes. up next, a whopper of an ad to promote a change to its recipes. find out why a furry burger is the centerpiece to the campaign. stop the video. we'll show you what happens in a moment.
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growing mold and rotting over the course of 34 days. a little for right there. more than 400 burger king locations are already selling whoppers that have no artificial ingredients with the remaining source to follow by the end of the year. burger king is moving slightly lower today but it's up 8% year to date. does that make you want to run out and order one? when i was pregnant with my first child, i craved a junior whopper. couldn't be whopper, had to be junior whopper. >> not with hair. i would -- you should have done that whole story on camera with that video. i would have taken your word for it, i wouldn't have needed to see harry berger. it's weird.
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>> oddly mesmerizing. >> very good. have some stories coming up next hour after the bell, a story involving amazon, the judge is going to talk to us about it. a case like this over the years were people sue amazon, they buy something third-party and usually they do pretty well, they are not usually held liable but in this case, they've already lost once, there was a woman walking a dog, but a lesion on amazon and apparently there was a faulty leash. she claimed she was blind in one eye, it recoiled and hit her in the face. they lost this once and we are watching closely to see how it goes. >> thank you. >> oddly mesmerizing. thank you. i'll see you at the top of the hour. closing bell ringing at the top
3:48 pm
of the are. elon musk, another happy jig. tesla stock surges past $900 a share. that's right, fire up. charlie in the studio. charlie breaks it on what's next for tesla, count on.
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ninth minute remaining in the final hour in the s&p 500 and nasdaq are closing in on brand-new records. i would make it three in a row for the nasdaq which is up 80 points. >> he wore a dress, too. >> i don't think he did. >> yeah, he did. someone check me. we met i want to be right. even if i'm wrong, i do not want
3:52 pm
charlie to be right. tesla putting a pedal to the metal after getting a price from sandler. analyst has raised his target to $928 from 729 and by the way, it passed that earlier today back down to earth just a bit. 968 earlier right now, 917. it's the highest you price target in the 31 analysts covering the stock. even so, it's below tesla's all-time, nearly nine. >> that tells me tesla trades one 100% of its vote every week now. that means whatever shares outstanding turns over every week. there's so much trading in the stock, so much weird retail interest and other interesting propelled by "wall street" that a couple of things to keep in
3:53 pm
mind, it's not the only stock going crazy, apparently uber is up. rub? something called plug, i don't know where that this but there's a bunch of them that are like up 100 -- but they are all up 100 -- three 100%. momentum play going on in some of these stocks and i just want to tell this investment before you get into this, it's somewhat divorced from reality in these finances. there's a momentum play going on here, is not just affected tesla, it's affected these other things and it is definitely some irrational thing. i'm not think tesla is a bad product, it's this case that they are going to skate serious revelatory penalties despite the probes as we spoke about last week. sec, maybe a d.o.j. definitely sniffing around. asking for information tesla is
3:54 pm
voluntarily giving that. investors are saying white house is not going after them. remember trump made the comment about musk, we need to protect him, he so brilliant? there something else bumping the stock as well. >> by the way, it's up 260. >> that's what i'm saying. there's a momentum play going on here. uber, tesla, they are trading wildly so it's a heard thing going on with some traders. >> but they are getting crushed. >> another thing people are betting on his is going to container forever but russia has really got it, one of them, tesla evaporate. >> where's your barber? >> down there. i'm just telling you, there's another side to this story here.
3:55 pm
did not say selling, just said you know what. [laughter] he's russian, give him a break. the other thing is, musk is asking much more rationally. i think that helping the stock as well. you don't see him smoking pot, he's not saying 1000 secured. what did he say? 1000. he's asking acting more normal. this is more normal. if he was smoking a joint, that would be a whole different story. so put those together and i'm telling you, getting this from a very sophisticated trader, he's not making it up. that there's some weird stuff going on with the trade and stock. tesla is up with trades one 100% every week now. it's insane.
3:56 pm
here's another one. as pce. what is that? >> that's the freaking electric. >> uber and grubb all up 100 -- three 100% in october along with tesla. there's a weird trade here, careful here. that's usually what they call highs but maybe i'm wrong. maybe it's 5 million. >> charlie, you were actually right which kills me. he called the ranger game. >> i was right about him yeah, that's right. by the way, wasn't there a thing with that? >> charlie, yeah. they say april showers bring may flowers, new homes blooming this spring. january nothing, a new 13 year
3:57 pm
high with 1.5 million filed in january. thanks to gains and single and multifamily housing units. that's up homebuilders, they are on the move. the new york stock >> good afternoon, liz, the reason market is higher, positive sentiment. a 13-year high for building permit and housing starts fell but less than expected. so a lot of people are saying look, there is some housing strength out there. if it continues that means the economic expansion could content as well. look at names here. tri.hopes up 5%. beazer up more than 5%. hovnanian up more than 9%. green brick seeing a almost a 4% gain. we're seeing a gain of the dow almost 125 points to the dow.
3:58 pm
liz: if you're too squirrely or squirmish investing in homebuilders, our next guest says he has tools and ideas to help cash in on improving housing market without buying homebuilders. with 11 billion unmanagement, angle low capital advisors, chief investment officer of public strategies sam dunlap. sam, great to see you. what is this idea. it is not materials. we've seen that before, oh, just buy the materials. you say you have an interesting way into the home building craze or at least the momentary heat without investing directly in them. what is it? >> we focus predominantly structure credit and focus on mortgage credit because of favorable attributes highlighted by today's start numbers. the home building sector and housing generally speak something supported by robust supply and demand dynamics. the low mortgage rates we've seen recently. that is really supporting home prices and housing activity
3:59 pm
which really support as backdrop for residential mortgage credit which is an area we favor in this credit environment. liz: specifically, non-agely residential mortgage-backed securities. over government sponsored entities like fannie and freddie, right? give me a way to buy into something like that. >> there are a variety of fixed income instruments that target areas of structure credit and predominantly mortgage credit. we favor, we favor mortgage-backed securities that are not guaranteed by the government sponsored entities as you mentioned, fannie mae and freddie mac. just due tote high current credit spread, high current income those bonds offer you with relatively speaking shorter duration profiles or less interest rate sensitivity in this environment. protecting investors perhaps from a big rate move higher but giving that high stable current income. liz: specifically a fund, plx and dlbtx. those are the ones that mimic
4:00 pm
exactly what you are talking about. [closing bell rings] sam, thank you for your ideas. sam dunlap. another all-time record close for the nasdaq and the s&p too. that will do it for "the claman countdown." melissa: new highs on wall street. all three major averages ending the day in the green. the dow up 14 points. i'm melissa francis it is a good day. connell: very good day. up 115 as we settle in. i'm connell mcshane. this is "after the bell." for the s&p, it is a record close and third straight record close for the nasdaq, 16th of the year. nasdaq up 84 points. so that 16 record closes for the year is more than half the number of record highs all last year for the nasdaq. it is what, is it february something. february 19th my watch says. we'll have


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