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tv   The Evening Edit  FOX Business  February 19, 2020 6:00pm-7:00pm EST

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the song there. that is kevin mccarthy. of course. he is a california representative who may become speaker of the house if republicans win the house in november. let's listen in. ♪. where at least i know i'm free, and i won't forget the men who died who gave that right to me and i gladly stand up, next to you and defend her still today ♪ liz: president speaking in bakersfield, california, how he is helping farmers. the president is moving underneath what california has been doing, the president is about to say california has been undercutting farmers. the president is taking a counterpoint there to explain to farmers, how he is helping them. here is the president. >> hi chloe.
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hi, chloe. thank you, before we begin, thank you very much. it is a great place. you have great people on the stage with me. i want to tell you warriors, fighters and they love the country. they love our country. i want to just start though by saying two brave firemen as you know died last night in porter ville. i want to pay our respects to them. i heard they were two great people with incredible families and i want to pay my respect toes their families and friends. that's a tough job. we met some firemen backstage. that is tough and dangerous job. the country respects that profession very much. we really respect you a lot. [cheering] you can add the words law enforcement to that group. nobody respected more than those people, i can tell you that. so thank you very much. thank you very much to the
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families. thank you very much. [shouting] [cheering] >> we're doing well with you, thank you. we had a poll that is we're doing very well. that's great. we love you too. i want to thank kevin, aloe to bakersfield. i heard a lot about bakersfield. [cheering] didn't you have a great tennis player years ago named dennisra? he was a great player. is he still around, i hope, is he? i don't know. somebody will let me know. he was a great player. thrilled to be here today as we take historic action on behalf of our incredible farmers and ranchers, growers in communities throughout the central valley, all across the great state of california. what they're doing to your state is a disgrace.
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after decades of failure and delays and insuring critical water access for the people of the state we are determined to finally get your problem solved. the state is not doing anything to help but hopefully they will eventually come along. now they're rationing water for people, i heard, very shortly the governor says, you get 50 gallons. 50 gallons is okay. people tell me it is nothing. you time you do showers, hand and dishes, 50 gallons is very, very little. can you imagine a state being rationed, when you have millions and millions and millions of gallons poured out in the pacific ocean when you could have more water an than you know what to do with? crazy, crazy. [cheers and applause] we're honored to be joined by a warrior, a real warrior named
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devin nunes. [cheering] elizabeth, thank you, because you have to put up with it, elizabeth, wherever you may be. but mrs. nunes is here. she is a fantastic woman. devin has been from day one, the day i met him, you know, this all started because i was driving -- what was the highway, devin? 99. everyone know 99? [cheering] i kept saying, devin, why are these fields all brown and they look like desert, they like like they were starved. too bad you have a drought. i would see little patches of the most beautiful land i ever seen. then i go to the next, i would see acres and acres brown, really horrible looking stuff. then i see a patch of the most beautiful farmland i ever seen. what is going on? too bad you don't have a drought. we don't have a drought. they won't allow to us have water in the state of
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california. that is how this all started. believe it or not that is how i got to know devin nunes. then he became a hero because he found out what was going on in government. that he found out about the hoax and the witch-hunt. [cheers and applause] and all of the hosch things that have gone on. we really got over the fact i said, boy that is a beautiful area but why is everything else barren? it is because of water. you send millions and millions of gallons out. we have n.o.w. given full permission that you don't do that anymore. we have given, the hard permits were by the way the federal permit. the state could do this with a flick of the governor's hand. we hope he will do it because it makes so much sense. i want to thank devin for being an incredible warrior. likewise, kevin mccarthy. [cheers and applause] who, i think we can say, everyone, we have to work hard. we can pick up seven seats in
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the state of california. seven seats. [cheers and applause] i want to thank, he said, get rid of pelosi. that is okay with me. [cheering] a lot of people agree. look what's happened to san francisco. so sad what's happened when you see a slum where it is a slum. it is worse than a slum. there no slum like that. what they have done to san francisco is a crying shame. and it is something that, we're going to do something about because if they don't fix it up, clean it up, take care of the hopeless, do what they have to do, clean up their city the federal government will have to step in. we'll do it in los angeles and san francisco. [cheers and applause] and, i want to thank judy because she has to put up with these long hours that he works. where is judy? >> right over here.
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[cheering] >> thank you, judy. thank you, elizabeth, thank you both. what you have to put up with. long hours but you know the people appreciate it, they really appreciate it. nobody doing a better job than these guys, two of you. [cheering] you have also somebody here who is another warrior. he is a warrior in the waiting. he has been successful all his life and he running for the 21st congressional district, david valdejo. [cheering] go get them, david. he is an incredible, he is an incredible guy. i hear you're doing great. always pretend you're about one point downs right? [laughter]. but you're not going to have to worry about it. he will be fantastic. we really need him badly in washington. so hopefully you will be sending
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him there. [cheering] good luck, david. and where is mark wayne? markwayne mullin. >> right here. come on up, mark. >> come on up, mark. and his son jim, who is a great wrestler. who is a great athlete. mark wayne, thank you very much. [cheering] [shouting] >> the wall is being built. we're up to 122 miles. [cheering] you think that money, that was not easy. but we got the money. we're building it. we won a lot of cases in court. we were sued all way along the line. we're up to 122 miles in a very short time. we'll be over 500 miles. it is already had tremendous impact. so the wall is moving along.
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but i want to thank you, jim, thank you very much. stay up here, okay? i will be signing a very important legislation, piece of legislation, that is going to give you a lot of water and a lot of dam and a lot of everything. you will be able to farm your land and -- [cheers and applause] you will be able to do things you never thought possible. it is true though, i think, devin, you can say, i really look, i never forget. it is so bad. gee, it is so bad, i never knew the drought is so bad. he looked at me, what are you talking about? we have so much water we don't know what to do with it. this would take care of los angeles, take care of everything. would have more water than you knew what to do. you wouldn't have to be rationing water. it is absolutely insane. hopefully the governor will get his act together and you will get this done. [applause] i also want to thank, we have many, many state and local officials with us, including a lot of the law enforcement,
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firemen, men and women, we appreciate it all very much. thank you. [cheering] a man who is been great is david bernhart and he is working with but i have to mcclintock and he, i call, i call devin, i would see him on television. there is nobody that represented us during the impeachment hoax, there is nobody that represented us better. i said that guy could represent me any day. he was tough and strong. that face was good-looking i have to say. in the me-too generation we don't talk about looks anymore. he is a good-looking guy. where is tom? tom mcclintock. come here. [applause] he was fantastic. but we do. we have some great fighters and with us today is secretary david bernhart. very important man in terms of what we're talking about.
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[applause] and david's leadership has been incredible on this sub wreck. we're talking about something that will change this whole area. actually change, if you think about it, kevin it is going to change the whole state. if we can do this. [cheering] [applause] it is an easy word but a very complicated word, when you think of it, it is called water. we need water in the state. you have so much water you don't know what to do with it and this is the man is going to help us. david bernhart, secretary of the interior, please say a few words, david. [cheers and applause] >> good afternoon. it should be obvious to everyone in government and to the american people that when president trump gives clear direction he expects us to hit our target and in the fall of
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2018 the president directed the secretaries of interior and commerce to address the challenges facing the folks in the valley and throughout the west relating to water operations and to do that we assemble ad wonderful team including commissioner brenda berman, the first female commissioner of the bureau of reclamation. skip, first african female director of the fish and wildlife service and led by paul souza, a career ses executive. we have come up with a plan, changing our operations to use real-time monitoring, better technology, and provide more efficient utilization of water so it won't be wasted and that is just the beginning. it is because of this congressional delegation bringing this to the attention of the president and the president saying let's get it done. [cheers and applause]
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>> come on up, david. come on up. you will be a congressman soon. let's get him up here. come on, david. thank you very much. [cheers and applause] sew as a candidate for president i promised to help the water crisis crippling our farmers due the chronic mismanagement and misguided policies. that is what it is, misguided policies and mismanagement. for too long authorities needlessly flushed millions and millions of gallons of fresh, beautiful, clean water, from up north straight into the pacific ocean. you know what it means? like nothing. we're talking about the pacific. [laughter] i think they think we're helping the pacific. like a drop, like a drop but it can help to us a level that nobody can believe on the basis of old science, obsolete studies
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and overbearing regulations that had not been updated in many, many years and sometimes for decade, the resulting miscalculation and misallocation of water helped turn natural droughts into man-made catastrophes. it is a catastrophe, when you think, farmers own land, paying taxes on the land not allowed to farm the land they're actually taking away your land, if you think about it. [applause] that is the state. because the federal government we've done our part. that was supposed to be the hard part. we got it done fast. commerce worked fantastically with you, david, i know that, right? we got it done fast. to confront this problem in 2018 i ordered the administration to update the outdated scientific research and biological opinions that helped to determine water allocation in the state of
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california. in other words how much is available for agricultural producers, communities, for all the people that live in your great state. a lot of people speak badly of your state. i love your state. i understand your state. you have the potential like no place else but you need the right government, you need the right government, you need the right governor. [cheers and applause] so much, i was explaining on the way in, cars, you could build a car for $3500 less. it would take a tiny bit more, just a glass of fuel more, but that will take many cars off the road because people would be able to buy many cars that are obsolete what they call gas-guzzlers. the new car would be safer because it would not be made out of papier-mache. it would be allowed to be a little bit heavier a little stronger, a little safer. would cost you $3500 less. because of your rules and
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regulations in california we'll end up with a court case with your positive. it is so crazy. we're already in a court case over a train. over a train. [booing] billions and billions and billions of dollars. it was originally supposed to go from san francisco to l.a. that didn't work out. so now they did this, in order to get the cost down, it keeps -- pretty soon it will be like a mile long, okay? it is very sad when you see some of the things but think about the car situation. in order words, get a less expensive car, by $3500 on average, that will be safer, that will look better and that will work better. and you get a lot of gas-guzzlers off the market because people will be able to afford because they will want the car because it is a better car. we'll have to fight it out in court but we'll win. we always win. [cheers and applause]
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today i'm pleased to announce that this update is complete. we've done the full, complete update on water and water allocation. a major obstacle to providing more water for the region's farmers has now been totally eliminated by the federal government. the federal government is tough to deal with. we got it done quicklyt request of devin, kevin, works out well, devin and kevin. they're very similar people. they're tough. thank you. but we got it done and we got it done fast. you also worked with some of the other congressman and women. we had a lot of our, a lot of help from a lot of the women that worked with us, i tell you we're very proud of the job we did. we can do it very quickly if we can get the state to move. you can take away the water allocation for people, 50 gallons, 43, 42, throw it out the window, you don't have to worry about it anymore. what a difference that would be,
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right? [cheers and applause] going forward we use the latest science and most advanced technology to monitor water distribution in real time, insuring that the environment remains protected while directing as much water as possible which will be a magnificent amount, a massive amount of water for the use of california farmers, ranchers, all of these communities are suffering from a lack of water. you can't water your grass. we don't have the water. you look and see the millions and millions of gallons wasted, poured into the great ocean. we want to make sure you get the water that you really are paying for by being citizens and paying taxes and all of the things that you do. you deserve water. you have the water. there are communities that don't have the water. you have the water. this is an easy one. [applause] here with us today is general any halderman, a fourth generational monday farmer here
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in kern county. jenny, come up to say a few words. jenny? [applause] thank you, jenny. [inaudible]. >> thank thank you, president t. i'm proud to be a fourth generation california farmer, married to a fellow fourth generation california farmer. i was raised by strong parents who showed me the farming lifestyle, taught me the importance of conserving our resources and the necessity of water to grow our food. today it is not uncommon to find three generations on our family farm daily. however because of the inis are certainty of water delivers i'm worried we may not have a family farm to pass down to my children, my niece, my negative few. as almond farmer we can't fallow acres with less water. we have to have reliable water. without a reliable water supply
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hundreds of thousands of farmland can be taken out of production. families like mind could be abandoned to sell a orchard or family farm. we are an industry of families. we do not farm the same way generations before us did, using new science and technology, all monday farmers today use 33% less water than they did 20 years ago. our water infrastructure should be handled the same way, using updated science and new infrastructure to keep water flowing, to families and family farms across our state. i want to thank our president for cutting regulations and supporting the american farmer. [cheers and applause] president trump is fighting for farmers with our best interests in mind and he was working to bring water back to the central valley. thank you. [cheers and applause]
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>> thank you, jenny. and you know, jenny reminded me of something. so as you know for businesses, small businesses and farms and on small farms, most all small farms, we got rid of the estate tax or the death tax as they call it. [cheers and applause] so now all signed, all done, part of our tax cuts. so now if you love your children, and there are some people that don't. [laughter]. and if you don't love your children, this doesn't matter so much. don't listen. but if you love your children it is nice they don't have to mortgage the farm is the expression. you know the words, they will mortgage the farm and they will lose the farm. if you love your children you have no estate tax to pay. you have no death tax to pay. you can look down to your children, they're doing a nice job or doing a lousy job, but at least they won't go to the banks
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and mortgage the farm. very well-known term because it never worked out too well. so you have no more estate tax to pay on your farm, when you leave it to your children. [applause] that is a big point. doesn't pertain to water but probably it does, right because the farm will be a lot more valuable if we can pull this off, a lot more valuable and if we do it is because of the people right here. joining us is matt fisher, a local citrus farmer. matt, please come up. matt. [applause] thank you, matt. thank you very much. >> thank you, mr. president. i vividly recall the day that you were elected. that day gave my family and i such a tremendous feeling of hope and optimism about our future in agriculture. [cheering] liz: this is the evening edit on fox business. we are covering the president's
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speech to farmers and ranchers in the state of california, live right now. the president making news. he said quote, the federal government will step in to clean up san francisco and los angeles. he is speaking now about legislation to get more water to the drought-stricken areas of california. let's welcome now tom delcaro, a top republican in the state of california, listening to the president speaking now. he is taking the fight right to the heart of the democrats power base there. tom, your thoughts? >> this is a great appearance because this is a great contrast with michael bloomberg who derided these people, but remember the central valley helped end world hunger and in california the democrats actually believe that farming hurts the environment. so this is a great opportune for the president to value these people who feed america, feed the world and do a good contrast with the democrats trying to run
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farming out and michael bloomberg on his make-or-break night and the derision that he poured upon farmers. it is a great contrast. liz: insulting remarks from michael bloomberg will be likely brought up in the debate in nevada just a few hours. explain to the viewer the misguided policies the president is pointing out in he is calling eight man made disaster to california. if the president comes back to the microphone we'll break analysten to the president. tom sit tight. we're going back to the president. >> this meeting kevin as saying long before kevin and devin set it up. long before we heard mini mike hates the farmer. long before we learned about his hatred of the farmer, disrespect of the farmer. i don't know, i don't think he will be the candidate to be honest with you. we'll have to start working on crazy bernie pretty soon. [cheering] but it was set up a long time
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before that. we just found this out about two days ago. on top of regulatory failures california -- liz: okay. we'll take a quick break. we have to make money here at fox business. we'll be coming back in to the president's speech to the farmers and ranchers in bakersfield, taking the fight right to democrats. back in two. stay right there. >> the cost of water increased by 127% in san francisco alone. liberty mutual customizes your car insurance so you only pay for what you need. and now we need to get back to work. [ applause and band playing ] only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty. ♪
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s ♪. liz: we are monitoring the president speaking to farmers in california, saying quote what the democrat leaders of that state in california is doing to thegrace when it comes to man-made disasters like droughts. the president is taking the fight to the democrats. we have an action-packed night heed ahead. the president is kicking off a west coast tour going to three states. he is going to arizona for a keep america great again rally tonight. he will go to nevada as the
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democrats take to the debate stage tonight. that caucus is saturday. we're at the rally in phoenix with kevin corke. he is live. give us update on the rally in phoenix. reporter: always great to be with you. the addition of california, that that he enjoys a sizable pores of support in the grand canyon state as he conducts a keep america great rally in the grand canyon state. counterprograming to be sure how this is seen in most circles. it is important to point out for a chance for him to build energy and enthusiasm for the president's own re-election bid. now trump campaign officials tell us, it is doing great. he will get reelected, despite what some polling says about which he said this on twitter. take a look, internal real polls
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show him beating all the dem candidates. fake news polls, here we go again like 2016 show losing or tied. their polls will be proven corrupt on november 3rd. that is election day, just like the fake news is corrupt. he may have been referencing this "washington post/abc news poll." it shows the president in its latest survey losing to joe biden by seven, losing to bernie sanders by six. and you guessed it, losing even to michael bloomberg by five percentage points. what really matters how the particular candidates do in tossup or swing states. now that said we do expect a fairly, i would say traditional fare here tonight. the president will talk about how great the economy is. he will say the military is stronger than ever and we expect him to say we're safer than ever before. plus i'm told by a trump campaign official, may get a surprise or two tonight.
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we'll have live coverage. back to you. >> great reporting from kevin corke at the keep america great rally in phoenix, arizona. the president seeking to flip state in 2020. democrat debate in las vegas is two or so hours away. fox news's peter doocy on location there with more. peter? reporter: liz, the big news here in las vegas on the front page of the review journal, see it here, debate debut for billionaire bloomberg in nevada faces test. we've not seen him on the debate stage, the campaign is hinting what kind of opposition research they will roll out this evening. >> mike has what every public official should have, passion, matched with principle. their legacy extends well beyond the five boroughs. reporter: joe biden has a really long record but so does michael bloomberg. >> the fact of the matter is, -- talking about. using barack pictures like he is
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good buddies. talk about the record. reporter: biden is not the man to beat according to the internal bloomberg campaign memo we got our hand on in part, if biden and buttigieg and klobuchar remain in the race providing no path to collect appreciable delegates and they will propel sanders to seeming insurmountable delegate lead and no upside. klobuchar strong debate showing in new hampshire where she finished a strong third place. she might have a thing to say about the bloomberg gurus saying she should leave the race. liz. liz: peter doocy. thank you for your reporting. we'll get you updated on this story. the justice department pushing back against reports that attorney general william barr is considering stepping down. in a statement the doj says the attorney general has no plans to resign. this as the president says he is the chief law enforcement officer. fox news leland vittert in washington with more. leland?
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reporter: liz, sources are telling our john roberts that william barr has considered quitting but this tweet from the doj spokeswoman says she he not going anywhere. here is the tweet, addressing beltway rumors, the attorney general has no plans to resign. those rumors are seen as barr again trying to assert his independence but it hasn't stopped the president's tweets and statements about the roger stone case. >> there is a long precedent of presidents talking about various cases that are on going as you well know. the president can make his opinion known. he has the right to do that and does so on a routine basis. reporter: former assistant attorney general sees this as unusual time in the relationship between the commander-in-chief and the attorney general. >> i think what the attorney general was doing was trying to signal to the president that this is a very serious issue. that he wanted the president to understand how powerfully he felt about this, so powerfully he was willing to go on the
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public record and put himself what i think will ultimately be a very difficult position if the president continue his tweeting. reporter: denoted "wall street journal" columnist kimberly strassel seemed to caution the president along a little bit the lines you just heard saying that mr. trump needs bill barr as attorney general far more than bill barr, liz, needs his job as attorney general. liz: leland vittert. thank you so much for your reporting. great to see you. bring in republican greg steube from house judiciary. great to see you, congressman. your reaction to these reports? >> i am glad to hear that bill barr is staying. he is a great attorney general. he is doing a great job. the left-wing media would want nothing more than bill barr to resign. great he is staying keeping up great work. liz: republican leaders, mccarthy, graham released a statement in support of william barr. justice department prosecutors we reported this, said they were blindsided by the excessive over
6:36 pm
the top sentencing recommendation for roger stone at nine years. your reaction to this story and how it is being played in the media? >> well, yeah. if you look what the average sentence is for rapists and other people that have committed horrendous crimes, for a guy with a first offense that lied to congress, certainly nine years is not commensurate with what the crime that was committed. if you look at andy mccabe who lied four times, ig report said he lied four times and he has not gotten sentenced or tried with anything, you know a lot of americans are very frustrated by that. so, i hope that the durham report comes out and some of these people get justice for some of the crimes that have been committed. a lot of americans are seeing a lot of injustice for republicans and overly justice for republicans an injustice for democrats. liz: there is question whether roger stone should get a new trial because the foreperson on that trial was quite vocal not liking the president or president's supporters.
6:37 pm
there is questions too, if that foreperson misled about any bias or prior knowledge of roger stone in her initial interrogatories. she reportedly was unsuccessful democrat for congress in memphis. so these are the angles of stories, of the story we're covering. your take on that? >> well, she was biased and she withheld that during their jury deliberations or their jury selection then she absolutely should be removed and roger stone should get a new trial. so that is something they definitely should look at, if they had bias when those jurors were selected. >> all right. there is a concerted pushback against the attorney general from a group called protect democracy. it got signatures from at least 2,000 former doj officials calling for his resignation. this group, the media reports they are non-partisan, non-profit but it is home to many former democrat aides to do democrats like chuck schumer, adam schiff, senator elizabeth warren and obama officials are in the group. we know there are republicans in there too but seems to be led by
6:38 pm
former democratic officials. your reaction to that? >> yeah. it is a bunch of deep state democrats from the swamp. of course they want bill barr gone. just like they don't want the president there. they started these fisa abuses in the investigation of the trump campaign. it doesn't surprise me at all there is bunch of people calling for his resignation. look what they did to kavanaugh of all people? i think the attorney general is doing a great job. i commend him what he is for our country. liz: you think what is happening to the attorney general is the same thing that happened to brett kavanaugh. >> the same type of thing. left-wing media, cnn msnbc, saying he should resign. same type of thing they put kavanaugh through. it is sad such political bias going on in our society today. liz: congressman, great to see you. come back soon. >> great to see you. >> we're in breaking news mode. we'll be right back. we'll have this story. even msnbc says what other democrats don't. chris matthews says, quote, bernie, you're full of it. he said that.
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if he is the nominee democrats will lose 49 states. the story is next. ♪ president trump warned the drug companies. it's unacceptable that americans pay vastly more than people in other countries, for the exact same drugs. but they aren't listening. they've just raised the prices of over five hundred drugs. president trump supports a bipartisan plan, that would force drug companies to lower prices. but the senate won't act. tell senate leaders to stop drug company price gouging and lower drug prices now.
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♪. i don't rod blagojevich spoke out today after the president commuted his 14 year sentence. matt finn in chicago with more. matt? reporter: hi, liz. the former governor spoke for about 20 minutes right outside of his front doorstep of his home here in chicago. today a crowd greeted him. some people cheered him on, welcome back. others booed him said he should go back to federal prison in colorado. blagojevich says he doesn't look younger with his gray hair around he got serious, that his freedom was taken from him, convicted on multiple corruption charges including allegedly trying to sell president obama's vacated senate seat.
6:44 pm
blago as he is called, spent 3,000 days in a prison like a tomb or squalor. he thanked president trump for commuting his sentence and will have every lasting gratitude. >> president trump is a man who is outspoken has a kind heart this is an act of kindness. i also believe beginning of the process to actually turn an injustice to a justice. reporter: blahing go says he is no longer a democrat but a "trump-ocrat" and joked he will vote for president trump if he can but he is not sure since he is now a convicted felon. blagojevich says the criminal justice system is racist and discriminates against people of color which he claims he met in prison. illinois delegation to the house issued a joint statement saying it is disappointed, writing we believe he received appropriate, fair sentence which was the low end of the sentencing guidelines. blagojevich is the fairs of public corruption in illinois.
6:45 pm
not once has he shown any reforce. history which r will not judge rod blagojevich well. a representative for the family says in that infamous recording blagojevich said he will not give up the golden thing he has for nothing, he was not referring to the vacated seat by president barack obama, but rather the spokesperson insisted he was referring to political leverage. liz? liz: matt finn, thank you for your reporting. lou dobbs joins us now with a look what is coming up on his show. lou, quite a day. >> a great day, a super day. these are all amazing days in washington without a doubt. liz joining us tonight will be "washington examiner" chief political correspondent byron york. we'll be taking up what is now a very public fight between the president, the attorney general, the radical dems and the deep state and we'll be joined as well by the president of the national border patrol council brandon judd on what is happening at our ports of entry and our southern and northern
6:46 pm
borders. and coronavirus expert dr. anthony fauci on the very latest in controlling this disease before it becomes a pandemic. china expert gordon chang, military expert jim hanson, all of that, coming up at the top of the hour. please join us. liz, back to you. liz: lou, you always have great guests and interesting topics. good to see you, lou dobbs. we'll be watching. >> thank you. liz: besides a list of bold-faced names that president pardon like michael milken and rod blagojevich, were women whose cases were not as well-known. the president is championing criminal justice reform. the president commuted sentences for three women convicted of non-violent drug or fraud offenses. the cases of hall, judith negron and kristin munoz were supported by alice johnson, a criminal justice advocate who had her life sentence commuted by president trump in 2018. bring in heritage foundation legal fellow, hands von
6:47 pm
spakovsky. this is a interesting story. the president is one doing criminal justice reform and commuting these sentences. your reaction? into it is funny no one in the liberal aisle wants to give him credit for this. and look, these are all very, very excusable pardons an commutations. in each case the pardons or commutations were supported by many people including in one of the cases, judith negron, she is such a model prisoner even the warden of her prison supported the commutation of her sentence. so, contrast this with some of the terrible pardons that prior presidents have made like president obama and bill clinton and you can see there was nothing unusual about this. i think this was very routine. this was really far from fair to be criticized. liz: some of the pundits will say, oh, this is a play for swing vote like minority votes. this is about humanity.
6:48 pm
>> it is. liz: it is about appealing to all of our hearts and mind about what is the right thing to do, what is justice and, about caring for each other as human beings. alice johnson is taking on bernie sanders's criticism saying the president was doing, helping only the politically-connected. watch this sound bite. >> i wasn't politically connected and i know that three of my friend, judith negron, christa munoz and tanice hall were granted commutations today. they definitely are not politically connected. anyone who thinks that these women should not have been granted clemency have not looked at their cases. they should be celebrating that these mothers are being reunited with their families. their stories are very, very compelling. >> i think it is fascinating. >> i'm thankful, yes. liz: mothers being reunited with children. i will ask my team, team, put up
6:49 pm
the image of clinton stewart. he is a man, this other case, just this past january, released from colorado prison. president obama denied clemency for clinton stuart. he was released, non-violent offense he is in prison for i think for seven years. the president signed the first step act. when he was, stepped out of prison this gentleman said, the president is, we have a president in trump who did more than pay lip service to criminal justice reform. your reaction? >> oh, no, i think that's very clear. this president actually did something about an issue that prior presidents and others simply been talking about. again, contrast what the president did with these ordinary, everyday, nonpolitically connected folks, contrast that with for example, barack obama pardoning chelsea manning, someone who had disclosed secret, classified military information that put
6:50 pm
our men and women -- liz: he commuted the sentence. >> he commuted the sentence. but he commuted the sentence of on one who put our folks fighting in iraq and afghanistan at risk. contrast that with happened here. liz: we're coming up against a hard break. say that again? we have to go to break right now, right, team? we'll take a break. so sorry ran out of time. >> that's okay. >> we had the president's speech earlier this hour, covering it live. hans, we'll have you back on, great to see you. >> thanks. liz: more show coming up. we have a hot debate coming up next. thanks for staying with us. ♪. everything your trip needs, for everyone you love. expedia.
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liz: critics are saying msnbc's chris matthews is saying what other democrats won't. who nobody says the obvious. bernie, you are full of it. none of this is going to be passed. you will be a miserable president, you are not going to get free medicare for all and payoffs of student loans. you have got to get out there and say i disagree with socialism. i think he's wrong and this country will never go this direction. and by the way, this country
6:55 pm
will lose 49 states. liz: we have been reporting for years now bernie never got 0 votes for anything. >> he's not a consensus builder and he's not popular with the folks in new york city and the helping funds money. the democratic party has been playing footy with the hard left under obama. there is a populist anger and outrage at people who have been telling them what's good for them and telling them capel tallism isn't working out for them when it is. but what chris matthews should worry about is bernie sanders becoming a barry goldwater figure who loses the election but changed the country and
6:56 pm
paves the way for ronald reagan. liz: let's show the legislation echo sponsored with senator warren. it would wipe out health plans. the pentagon's tri-care plan for soldiers would be gone. it would be one system. one size fits all. critics are saying it wouldn't work. taking bernie's dong up to a whole new level, a whole new art form. bernie's press secretary is saying any requests for medical records, he doesn't t -- he doesn't have to release them. he says if you are demanding them, it's birtherism. she is saying michael bloomberg has suffered heart attacks too,
6:57 pm
and the bloomberg campaign is denying that. if you look at what the media was demanding of senator john mccain and president trump, you are seeing the double standard at work. it's probably of interest to the american people the health of their executive-in-chief. and maybe choose a younger vice president because of his health. liz: obama officials are saying why should voters go for what he wants because her in got 60 votes for anything. four out of ten people in new hampshire i they don't want it. you see the data right here that we have been researching. listen to senator warren. >> i think bernie has a lot of
6:58 pm
questions to answer here. and i'm particularly worried about what happened to the attacks on members of the culinary union. particularly on the women in leadership. that is not how we build an inclusive democratic party, and it's not how we build donald trump. we don't build on a foundation of hate. liz: text messages, phone calls, records of the bernie bros bullying the labor union. watch bernie sanders saying, i don't believe them. >> the idea that anybody who works with me would make a vicious attack against the union leader just because we disagree on the issue is incomprehensible to me and i'm not sure that's true. liz: let's show what the nevada independents put up.
6:59 pm
chris, take this on. >> conservatives have been the victim of radical attacks in the streets in berkeley shutting downtowns and ports. it's interesting to see elizabeth warren finally clue into what's going on with the level of passion, inner and vitriol coming from an activist base. hoops. liz: he's trying to downgrade his cop number of. your take on this? >> he wasn't an 18-year-old communist. he was a 40, 50, 60-year-old communist. very different. liz: you don't believe him saying i am following the nordic model. >> no. liz: and still not saying
7:00 pm
nicolas maduro of venezuela should step down. >> of course not. liz: thank you for watching. we had a jam packed hour. lou dobbs is next. [♪] lou: good evening, president trump addressing the crooked cops and just the is department today who tried to overthrow him. he tweeted, there must be justice. this can never happen to a president or our country again. the justice department appears to be spiraling out of control. attorney general william barr has yet to bring any official to justice. now a report that barr is complaining again about the president's tweets. even threatening to quit over them, according to those


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