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tv   Kennedy  FOX Business  February 19, 2020 9:00pm-10:00pm EST

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and people are blindly following her and listening, and believing her. have a great, great week coming up, more stuff tomorrow night i will see you right back here 8:00 p.m. eastern kennedy is next. the nine buckle up washington of the is coming to town. president trump roger stone is with a sensing at last. it comes after the president his self comes back to get the sentence reduced. will the judge listen to the president? i am judge napolitano in for kennedy tonight. here's a video of roger stone at fort lauderdale airport earlier today before he jumped on a plane to washington. ever the showman, he tipped his hat at reporters and smile this way all the way through security. he is under gag order, but tomorrow could be a very different story. as you probably know.
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that sentence recommendation of nine years infuriated the president. as the story goes, the president directed attorney general william bar to intervene. the next day, the trump administration retracted the sentencing memo and suggested a lighter punishment. and then, the prosecution team withdrew from the case in protest. and all four of them left the case, wanted them resigned resigned from the department of justice. since then, more than 2000 former federal prosecutors have demanded that at attorney general william bar step down. but that is not deterred the president. yesterday he continued to fight for his buddy roger stone. >> have you pardon roger
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stone? >> i have not given any thought but i think he's been treated very unfairly you look at roger stone for a tweet, somebody has to stick up for the people. napolitano: some yeses stick up for the people, political firestorm overshadowed the original case. but is the president correct in calling for less prison time? here to discuss his federal former prosecutor my long time friend doug. being i would think of the original prosecution of seven to nine jail on triton nine years in jail? >> way too much away to close you look at the other cases we've all been involved in, i've been doing this for 30 years. but in the case called lying, serious conduct but it would be more the range of two to three years. napolitano: so what did you think of the attorney general publicly withdrawing the recommendation that the line prosecutors actually tried the
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case. and what did you think of their lead in the case? >> there are ways to look at it and some of the way you look at judge are not political. that's why you have me here. so united states attorney direct may doug burns to change a recommendation in court. the attorney general can intern direct the u.s. attorney to the same thing. so that doesn't drive political narratives, but that's the legal thing. but apparently here this is what happens is the united states attorney in d.c. said you really should not be going for that kind of recommendation. and that u.s. attorney backed down. and then what happened just as wind of it and said no and then they quit. it's been nine have you ever seen a case in your long career were all four prosecutors resigned after the verdict of get before the sensing? >> i met alike urinal like my answer, the answers know but i've never been a toxic situation like this.
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we are getting the hot button rhetoric, these were mueller people, some apparently warm. be nine you had friends and colleagues among those 2000x prosecutors. you are one of those assigned one of those petitions that he that attorney general should resign. is there ethical or principle involved? invite howard cosell. tell like it is. but joking aside, i don't see that this fact pattern that i just laid out where the attorney general said and this is important recommendation is not binding on the judge sentencing is just up for the judge. so very often the prosecutors come up with too high of a recommendation that helps the defendant because the judge throttles back. the point is i cannot see how it prosecutor consigned that unless some political angle is involved. because frankly, the conduct of bill bar, and i have no dog
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in the hunt, but his conduct in this matter does not warrant anywhere near resignation. i want to talk about the judge she denied it. she is now confronted with a motion for new trial because of prejudice on the trial the fourth person. the fourth person's prejudice the fourth person as a lawyer. is ambiguous and unmistakable. shouldn't the judge clarify that first? how did you get on the jury? why didn't it tells the truth before she sends a stone? >> not to over dramatize, but i feel like beyond hard to understand why the judge would go forward tomorrow with sentencing when you have a very important issue about what juror number one, became the foreperson and is a lawyer, as you just said judge was not forthcoming with certain aspects that would've been highly relevant to exercising a challenge either for cause or for preemptory to remove her. then they go to the trial. so why in the world, rhetorically asking, why would the judge go to sentencing
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tomorrow without resolving that? napolitano: maybe we will have an answer to that about 12 hours. so on one hand some people say first down the punishment fits the crime. others say this sentence was insane. among then the deputy independent counsel during the whitewater and monica lewinsky investigation by longtime buddy so wise and burn who said this today on fox news channel. >> the average sentence for someone sentence under the obstruction guideline with little or no criminal history like stone has, is not nine years, it's not seven years it's a 9.4 months. the original recommendation by the original prosecutor was a farce. it was within the guideline, but it was absolutely ridiculous. napolitano: said tell us what you really think so. should the judge throw the book at stone? or kick the president's advice.
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let's meet our panel attorney, author, liberal danielle fox news contributor my longtime friend judy muller, and comedian and a host of the everybody calm down podcast and former writer of this show it's jimmy failla nice to see you dressed up for the show. napolitano: all right danielle, what should the judge do should she show judicial independence and she and put him in first six months to show shows she's drugging the present lysates? >> she should do what she knows is the right thing i trust her to do that. i believe given nine years for that is too high. when i first heard about i thought it must be pretty agreed his conduct from stone with the resignations and withdraws were pretty much unheard of. by think she needs to do what she feels is right based on the facts and the evidence. napolitano: judy you have been
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more victimized than anybody i know we won't get to the facts. [laughter] are you surprised that prosecutors became political and decided they hated the president, hated stone and ask for a sense that nowhere resembled the crime? >> i am shocked on look about gambling in this establishment. [laughter] i agree danielle the judges can do it she's going to do. i think the problem here, as usual and as bill barr had to point out that the interference of donald trump personally in this case. light has exacerbated everything and thrown everything into chaos and disarray. i am shocked, shocked. but she will do what she has to do. yes, i think in general, for a crime, of a first-time offender with a severe recommendation. but as a person by
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intimidating up person by threatening to kill their kat. [laughter] napolitano: what does the crowded carolines in the stand up say? [laughter] she owes me for this pitch tonight. >> on this show they are very anti- kat, they advocate for that nine why are we talking about the chc because the threat to the witness was the threat to kill the witnesses cat. does roger stone have the ability to do that? >> first about none of us knows the cat. i could've been worse it could've been a dog. knife got the # trump should pardon him right now get it over with. and i really mean that. i'm not even kidding about this. the political theater of this arrest, with a swat team rating the home of a nonviolent offender, white-collar criminal, who would otherwise have turned himself in peacefully 9 9099 times at a hundred, they
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showed up with the swat team and a camera crew. napolitano: probably said you had to call him on the phone i'm not immune assigned baileys and walk out of courtroom. just trying to intimidate stone to turn on the president? an arrest like this? >> it clearly it was, and it did not succeed in anyone who does roger stone for it to vick succeeded it would've had the opposite effect. napolitano: should the president pardon stone? >> i don't think so but i think he will. it's part of a broader conversation about parting power and how it should be used. the politicization thing it's a problem. napolitano: meanwhile the tweets about the roger stone trial had put attorney general bill barr in the hot seat. multiple sources say he is hard to do his job and thinking about resignation. he said himself it's hard to do his job.
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spokesperson for the d.o.j. is trying to pour cold water on the rumors. the attorney general has no plans to resign. but even trump admitted he made billy barr's job a hassle. watch this. >> i do make his job harder, i really do. he's a very straight shooter, we have a great attorney general, he is working very hard. napolitano: we are laughing but the honesty is just overwhelming. does the president really need attorney general anyway, just a few months after he said that the president kind of took the title for himself watch this. >> i am allowed to be totally involved. i'm actually, i guess the chief law enforcement officer of the country. but i have chosen to not be involved. napolitano: is all of this gossiper are the ag's days are numbered. you are a good lawyer, a lawyer whose opinion we respect. is there any problem with him
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saying he is the chief law enforcement officer of the land under the constitution? >> that is exactly what he is under the concert tuition. his commander-in-chief of the military, we have branches of the government he is executive and part of the d.o.j. and the fbi's apart. i think the differences there's interference or at least the appearance with friends or allies. it has to be at least the appearance has to be in equality under law which is very important. napolitano: 's or judy, in my view, the greatest attorney general of my lifetime was the brother of the president. don't you think they talked about these things? don't you think jack said to bobby you can indict me? >> i think we've decided maybe you shouldn't appoint your brother as attorney general. napolitano: but some of you talk to express your opinions too. >> yes, but not when it comes to the middle of the case which is exactly what happened here. judge come as you know it's a
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real problem once again is that bill barr believes in the president's expansive view of power. but he has even come as barr said he's made his job impossible so where is the breaking point for bill barr? i interviewed him before he was confirmed and i know he has when i just unawareness. napolitano: can roger stone get a fair trial? >> no not be have a fourth person who is tainted and biased. the actual behavior of the prosecutors, to me, despite what doug said earlier comes off as petty and personal. the idea they didn't get their way here because the judge hasn't ruled yet it's not completely out the window. but to the ag bar point i think he really did seriously consider quitting and who wouldn't with this much book money flying around. napolitano: do you think attorney general statement to abc news, the constant tweeting makes it impossible for me to it do his job. does he really mean a brush
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back pitch to the president is that whistled to the president? >> my sense of him is he really meant it, he was really telling people around him i think i am approaching a point where i just can't continue. he decided not to resign, i think that is also clear from the justice to sparkman spokesperson. there is a line for bill barr, and i'm just not sure when the president. napolitano: your intriguing me because i feel like you might know where that line is. why does the lie untied left think about bar? >> they think he mumbled the mueller report it was truncated with the summary there was an executive summary. i think he should be in the camp of the american people. napolitano: do you think stone will be sentenced tomorrow and will get jail time? or will she do the right thing and address the integrity of
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the trial first? >> i think she's going to sentence him. she has stated that astern tension. but the question is whether roger stone will ever spend a single day in jail or will the president immediately pardon him? napolitano: you think the pardons that came down yesterday setting the table for more controversy once in the future like it may be manner floor, flynn, and roger stone himself? >> idea was a pardon party that was a politically motivated one that does exactly that and neutralizes that. >> have your name pardon jokes two pardons walk into a bar. napolitano: thanks panel they are free to speak their minds and they are doing just that. the recipients of two high profile presidential pardons rod blagojevich and bernard characters speaking out belligerence on the justice system. plus pardon me to it from
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julie in a stage the president of the united states promised him his freedom if you would do just one little thing. we will tell you what it is him with the white house is saying about it. stay with us. ♪ ♪ liberty mutual customizes your car insurance so you only pay for what you need. only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty. ♪ now you can, with! no more lugging your clubs through the airport or risk having your clubs lost or damaged by the airlines. s ahead no more lugging your clubs through the airport or risk with makes it fast & easy to get to your golf destination. with just a few clicks or a phone call, we'll pick up and deliver your clubs on-time, guaranteed, for as low as $39.99. saves you time and money. make it simple. make it ship sticks. ♪
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napolitano: former governor tran five praising president trump and calling himself a trump o kratt after spending his first night with his family after eight years in prison. thanks to the pardon from the president. rod blagojevich was charged with corruption charges for trying to sell, then president elect barack obama's vacated senate seat in 2008. illinois house republicans called rod blagojevich the face of corruption and showed no remorse for his crimes. tonight on fox news he seems to agree with that. - i broke no laws come across no lines. they use a standard to convict me that if it was applied to those congressman and every senator that same soul would've happened to them and again without a promissory threat, there is no crime there is no quid pro quo, there wasn't in my case and i appreciate the congressman are saying, that they ought to point those statements to the
9:21 pm
prosecutors and not the did this to me. many of them of the same people are doing this a president trump. napolitano: he is one of 11 to received clemency among others would be bernard kerik to his conviction 2010 on eight felonies including tax fraud and lying to white house officials. he seemed to take a different tact than rod blagojevich touting his works good works instead of redemption. >> the president have executive power presidential pardon. i think my total commitment to service, my 30 year career of heroism and meritorious service, my time fighting for criminal justice and reform, i think that is what the president considered in making this decision. napolitano: no question the president is acting within his constitutional powers in these cases. but was justice serve? the panel has returned
9:22 pm
danielle, judy, i have often said justice and mercy are the opposite. justice is what you deserve? mercies what you don't deserve. is there a limit to the president's ability, judy, to exercise mercy? >> even though shakespeare said the quality of mercy is not strange, i still believe that what the president's pardon show that white-collar crime does pay and if you have enough celebrity friends, and people in the right places, you are not going to serve your full sentence as the system of justice recommended. napolitano: dear lefty buddies agreed that? >> i could call out the lefty buddies for bill clinton's pardon of rich. if you have any integrity and say that would be wrong. napolitano: but when you say pardon is wrong, you don't mean honest constitutional or
9:23 pm
unlawful you think of morally inappropriate in my putting words in your mouth? >> i am an institutionalist and it's their black-and-white and the constitution pray there is a process which was not in the constitution was designed to make sure they are applied in a way that has -- makes people feel. [laughter] >> i do feel like 14 years would agree sounds egregious, you're talking about rod blagojevich? yes. i know about prosecution because they fashion police want to give me life in jail for this jacket, they want to cemex the electric chair. i love it i love i have a friars rose going with the judge tonight. we will settle this on the radio tomorrow. this does seem a little this is the thing, the man on the street, this is an issue with
9:24 pm
the political talking heads care about very much as the roger stone case. but i want to say this, it does also kind of chip into that narrative that the president is fighting corruption because what rod blagojevich did in said this thing is gold. napolitano: judy can't the president pardon anyone he wants to as can dictate or been convicted of a federal crime? >> he can but should he do it. napolitano: politically or morally? >> both politically it sends a terrible signal under equal justice under law. it undermines his own credibility. i don't think pardoning somebody like rod blagojevich because he is on the apprentice for a time or two. [inaudible] napolitano: let me put a theory out there, do you think the president did these pardons now in order to set the table for three far more controversy a pardons after election day?
9:25 pm
men afford, in general flynn common stone himself. >> we know the president is an avid consumer of news and public opinion. he is interested in what people think. it is genuine and propels his career. he did reality tv example. i think it is a trial and i think it's a problem i go back to alexander hamilton and what the founders thought about when they thought about what this meant. it's meant to push against corrupt prosecutors and the legal system. there's a lot of problems within our legal system in the they dense and really good things that are right. napolitano: dear member who prosecuted rod blagojevich? fitzgerald. in who is his most celebrated person today jim comey. >> is certainly could have entered his mind. >> wow congratulations.
9:26 pm
how do hair get so white? it's been on the panel returns later, but first the constitution, once again under assault from lawmakers who want the ability just new bonner phone calls and e-mails without a warrant. so how can we stop them from extending this awful section 215 of the patriot act? west point graduate, notre dame graduate warren at davidson joins us next.
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napolitano: while we were all consumed by impeachment, piece of legislation was slowly and silently making its way through congress. it is a renewal of section 215 of the patriot act which authorizes the federal government to capture, without a warrant or records of all people in america held by third parties. do we really want the federal government meant to spy
9:31 pm
without warrants? think about it. after the constitution was ratified in 1789, it was amended to recognize the existence of natural rights and to keep the government from interfering with them. 140 years "after words", supreme court justice wrote to the most comprehensive's of those rights was a right to be let alone, which today we call privacy. to secure that right, the fourth amendment was ratified to prevent the government from utilizing general warrants and to require judicially authorized search warrants issued under narrow circumstances. with a general warrant a general warrant was a document issued by a secret court in london, authorizing the bearer of the document, usually a british soldier or intelligence agent, to search wherever he wished and seized whatever he found here in the colonies. the applicant for the warrant only needed to demonstrate to the court that the warrant was intended to unearth something the government was interested
9:32 pm
in. because these warrants did not specify the object of the search, it was quite literally no limit to them. hence, the language in the fourth amendment, preserving privacy by preventing the government to invade it only upon a showing under oath of a probable cause of crime. and then requiring the warrant to specify in writing the place to be searched or the person or thing to be seized. after 911, and utter disregard for oath to uphold the constitution, congress enacted the patriot act. the patriot act authorizes one federal agent to authorize another to search and seize whatever the latter wishes to seize and capture so long as it is in the with a third party without warrants. over the years, the definition of financial institution has been radically expanded by both legislation and presidential executive order.
9:33 pm
so as to include nearly every conceivable entity that has records about anyone in america, including that faithful entity the post office. while the patriot act has been expanded, the national security agency has been capturing the records of every keystroke touched by every person in america. and every telephone call transmitted over fiber-optic cable. that includes every e-mail, text message, and every piece of data, even what you think you have deleted. this warrantless mass surveillance continues today unabated. in 19208 justice brandeis wrote that there is more to life than owning material goods. there is the fulfillment of spiritual, intellectual and cultural goals. and the achievement of intimate aspirations. none of which are any of the government's business. section 215 is set to expire in less than a month.
9:34 pm
so will congress be brave enough to leave this unconstitutional boondoggle in the ash heap of history? joining me to it discuss now orosz ohio replicant house financial services committee member and house freedom caucus member warren davidson. congressman davison, welcome. sue met judge, it's an honor to join you and thank you for laying out the issue so clearly. napolitano: dear colleagues realize section 215 that's about to expire is the most flagrant, direct violation of the constitution since the acts of 1798 punished speech? >> i love the way you're thinking i wish all of my colleagues agreed with me on trent you and clearly some don't that's how we got into this mess. thankfully there is a bipartisan between conservatives and progressives called for this bill. and that's of the safeguarding americans privacy private records act. it's all about that. we've got a shot of moving this to the judiciary committee.
9:35 pm
napolitano: i was surprised that i wonderful and articulate p0 this morning, when i saw art next your name. so how many are for republicans in the house of representatives agree with you and me that the fourth amendment means what it says and one fbi agent simply cannot authorize another fbi agent to engage in mass, marlis surveillance. the vast majority of the freedom caucus would agree and the bill that's moving forward has three republicans and three democrat senator daines and senator wyden, one republican one democrat makes it not just bipartisan but we are excited about momentum behind it. napolitano: aware is pelosi on this? >> the easier ones we have a little bit of momentum and the house. unfortunately adam schiff and nancy pelosi will be united. i am not confident worshipful bea, don't think he will go as
9:36 pm
far and i hope you will, i really speak and trent helped speaker pelosi follows the constitution and then we will be fine. in the senate, i don't have as much confidence this would go through lindsey graham's committee. and while he has been great on helping us get good judges, frankly he is for a lot of authority for the federal government, including surveillance powers. napolitano: what happens when somebody gets into congress and goes along with things that are so obviously and flagrantly violations of the constitution. even the strong pro- truck folks like lindsey graham and senator mcconnell. trump himself was victimized by this warrantless spying. don't they see the damage it causes? don't they realize it violates not only the spirit but the very words in the constitution itself that they have sworn to preserve, protect, defend? >> i do think more people realize. so if you go back to when the
9:37 pm
patriot act was passed in post- 911, overwhelmingly was republicans that push the bill. and i think a lot of people have seen, hate those of us have been trying to sound the alarm and say this is so ripe for abuse, have been proven accurate. not just by the actions taken against donald trump trump, but the actions of the horwitz report, related to it and then you look to the fisa court finding on october 8. they found systematic abuse by the agency's complete disregard for the law. including violations by the fbi. the idea we're going to let these same people that have ignored the existing law, reforming themselves without congress saying no, we've got to have a different framework altogether for this. it should not happen. we have to unite and change the system that is happening today. we can still be the greatest intelligent gathers in the world, while respecting the civil liberties and constitutional rights of citizens. napolitano: congressman davidson it's a pleasure thank you for joining us.
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coming up did president trump offer julian assange a pardon for him saying russia did not hack the national committee? that is what julian assange's judge was told today what is that mean for the president? ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ every day, comcast business is helping businesses go beyond the expected, to do the extraordinary. take your business beyond.
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napolitano: president trump, as you know granting clemency 11 people this week. and now another potential pardon is in the news. this one's for wiki leak foundered tran seven, he is currently locked up in the united kingdom fighting extradition to the united states on espionage charges. but today, in a london court one of his lawyers claim that the former california congress visited julian assange when he is held up in the embassy in london paired the lawyer went on to say that president trump
9:43 pm
directed congressman to offer a quote pardon or some other way out, if mr. julian assange had russia had nothing to do with the computer leaks. the leaks he referred to are the embarrassing hacked e-mails from the dnc and hillary clinton's 2016 campaign that wikileaks famously published about the campaign in 2016. the white house slammed julian assange's saying it's complete fabrication and live. in former congressman said in a statement today this. at no time did i offer julian assange anything from the president because i have not spoken with the president about this issue at all. however, when speaking with julian assange, i told him that if he could provide me information and evidence about who actually gave him the dnc e-mails, i would then call on to president trump to pardon
9:44 pm
him. so would you believe? joining me now on the phone, consumer advocates, co-author of fake president and 205 time, i exaggerate former presidential candidate my friend of 45 years, ralph nader. ralph, you old dog, welcome to the show. >> thank you very much judge. napolitano: why is julian assange in jail in the first place and as a surprise to the lawyers told the london judge of this unbelievable offer made by the former congressman? >> it's amazing that people like a julian assange that disclosed that widespread evidence of constitutional out blurry inc. crimes for example by the nsa in terms of violating the fourth amendment rights of all americans in terms of search and seizure without probable cause. so it's amazing that they expose all kinds of crimes, crimes of law of war, crimes
9:45 pm
against people's constitutional rights, and they are the ones being prosecuted, not the official criminals who are being promoted inside the executive branch. by the way, andrew, did you know the national security agency multibillion-dollar agency, has no statutory authorization that was set up by executive order by president truman. it is not even have a statutory authorization. the ninth yes but it gets billions and billions to spend. so how is that the government can charge julian assange with espionage? you and i know well the pentagon papers which stands for the proposition that it does not matter how the publisher gets the information, no matter what level of secrecy it is, if it's in the public interest, the publisher is immune from the consequences of the publication. >> that is right, first they tried to make it like he was not a member of the media. he was a saboteur. and then, the government is the outlaw.
9:46 pm
you hear trump saying last july that with article two i can do whatever i want as president. he's proceeding to improve it. he has discovered this new presidential power that he thanks is without a limit. that he can pardon himself, he's mused about that. you know as well as other constitutional experts, andrew, that the pardon part is limited. you cannot go against their bill of rights you cannot override the judiciary protecting these rights with the pardon power. you can't pardon yourself as president. you can't issue pardons that deal with bribery and obstruction of justice. and you can't block congress from restricting the power to pardon based on the constitution. napolitano: ralph before i let you go, there's eight months left in his presidential campaign, when you bring a hat the ring? [laughter] listen, but we've got to do in
9:47 pm
this country is open up the opportunity for all kinds of candidates and parties. to get voters more choice and a broader agenda, more views about where this country can go, and voter choice and voter rights are inextricable with the candidate rights and candidate access to the ballot. and that's what we've got to focus on. the great civil liberties civil rights pattern. but wait and see what trump does with the pardon power. he really thanks is unlimited at as transactional and he can get political. napolitano: i think we're going to find out soon. ralph nader, always a pleasure, thanks for joining us. coming up a new poll shows a path for the democrats to defeat president trump in the general election. and they could not be more afraid of it. why these new numbers have them worried. plus the leaks campaign memo that has a primary candidates almost literally at each other's throats. that is next. things i love to do.
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napolitano: oh boy, the democratic primary has thus far been a free-for-all and now it appears to be free for all. it could speed the party platform for a new abc
9:52 pm
"washington post". bernie sanders, leading the entire democratic primary field by 15 points. with joe biden plummeting double digits to second place and mike boone bloomberg climbing to third period and m are simple are you ready for this? nays and bernie sanders is the only democratic candidate who can beat president trump in the general election by a razor thin margin in the popular vote of 51 to 49. but tonight's democratic debate, all eyes and all arrows pointed at mayor mike. this was his first time on stage with the other candidates, and they held nothing back. accusing him of sexism, racism, and buying the election. but bloomberg, arguing he is the only candidate who can stand up to trump with the experience to govern the country if he wins. so can democrats get behind bernie? or will mike put the fire out before the party feels the burn? ber n. the panel is back.
9:53 pm
danielle, julie and jimmy. [laughter] can mike pull this off? >> let's just say this is his first debate and hopefully he will improve. [laughter] you are personal friends with some of the senior people around him. they exude nothing but confidence. is it a realistic confidence? >> i think there is a narrow window for mike. two things have to happen. the democratic field has to still remain really muddled and biden has to keep falling. and if neither of those things happen, i don't see mike has the power? i don't know if they can accept mike. their leader, course bernie sanders is hammering him tonight that he's a billionaire and is trying to buy the election. an important point of course as a number of moderates breaking up the moderate vote. we have bernie sanders and elizabeth warren earning delegates from the far left.
9:54 pm
so the moderates can coexist, bernie sanders is in trouble. napolitano: is it realistic that the sanders left in a bloomberg or trump race make them stay home? be mike there is unusually high crossover from the bernie sanders supporters and trump supporters. it's up to bernie at that point, right question asked if we get to invention and bloomberg gets the nomination everyone has to get behind the nomination. napolitano: can anyone else on that stage. [inaudible] [laughter] look at them. [laughter] >> this sixpack makes it a little more refined. napolitano: bloomberg tried to ban. [inaudible] [laughter] >> only coke, not beer. >> i feel bad for bernie because he is going to get railroaded again. he's got a double-digit lead in the polls.
9:55 pm
napolitano: what he mean railroad a question might. >> you know how they got amount of the nomination in 2016 they felt it seem that way. this is a problem the democrats have. bernie is a lot like trump was in 2016 and that a crowded field is splitting most of the vote while the popular guy with the fan bases running away with it. if you hate something long if you become it. the democrats and become toy 16 republicans. napolitano: will hillary clinton run for vice president with michael bloomberg? >> never i never say never but that's a pretty good bet that's not going to happen. >> i don't see it. at a feel for bernie, the democrats say they support them. napolitano: will the superdelegates take the race away from bernie? >> it's possible and moderate democrats are surely hoping that's going to happen. otherwise they fear. thank you all for joining us, we'll be right back. as a struggling actor,
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friends analyzing what is coming for roger stone. my dear friends from new york, defending freedom every day of the week, trying to fill kennedy shoes. good night america. lou dobbs is. [♪] lou: good evening, president trump addressing the crooked cops and just the is department today who tried to overthrow him. he tweeted, there must be justice. this can never happen to a president or our country again. the justice department appears to be spiraling out of control. attorney general william barr has yet to bring any official to justice. now a report that barr is complaining again about the president's tweets. even thr


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