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tv   Lou Dobbs Tonight  FOX Business  February 20, 2020 7:00pm-8:01pm EST

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are hispanic. they are not racist. liz: lou dobbs next right here on the fox business network. have a good evening. lou: good evening, everybody. the question tonight is how corrupt is our federal judiciary. amy jackson sentenced roger stone to 3 years in prison. despite the obvious bias of two members of the jury. today while handing down that sentence, ask judge jackson took a shot at the president saying this, quote, this case imem
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replyifies -- shows the demand for responsibility for sentencing falls on someone neutral, not someone who has a longstanding relationship with the defendant. not someone whose political career was aided by the defendant. and surely not somebody whose personal involvement underlined the case. president trump compared the sentence together members of the deep state and the top officials at the department of justice and the fbi who have yet to be held accountable for the biggest political scandal in american history. >> comey lied, mccabe lied. lisa page lied, her lover strzok, peter strzok lied. you don't know who these people are? just trust me. they all lied. you have people that's forged
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documents. you had people that wrote fake dossiers and brought them to the fbi and used people in the justice department to get them to the fbi. a lot of bad things are happening and we are cleaning it up, we are cleaning the swamp. we are draining the swamp. i just never knew how deep the swamp was. lou: we are getting a good idea. joining us tonight is robert ray, a member of president trump's legal team. good to have you with us. as we look at these sentencing guidelines and the experience in the federal system, roger stone just got slammed for 40 months for something that's typically a matter of 9 months. there are so many questions about her, judge jackson, her biases in this because she is
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politically on the other side. the remarks she made from the bench. your reaction to the president's outrage to what is happening to roger stone. >> laughter aside. you just played the clip. the president is on to something and it's something very serious. it does get to awed fundamental -- it gets toed a fundamental question. miscarriage of justice. before this is over i think the president intends to address that question. and it has aspects reflected the in the roger stone proceeding from the outset which you and i have suggested was heavy hand. lou: a miscarriage of justice, unfair -- one doesn't have to be and judge or prosecutor to understand fairness is at the
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bedrock of our legal system. this is -- i know some of the wags saying justice is supposed to be blind. justice right now appears to be very conscious of political affiliation and membership in the deep state or the radical dimms. it's truly upsetting to see a justice department rife with political corruption. millions of americans expect so much more from our public servants. instead of holding them to a higher standard of conduct, we are holding them to a lower standard in almost every instance. >> the attorney general has been subject to an enormous amount of criticism. and i think he's trying to right the ship of state here to restore honor and integrity to the department, its mission, the fbi and the public's perception
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that politics doesn't enter into the initiation of an as nation all the way through a sentencing proceeding. lou: i can assure you no one in this country has been more hopeful of what this attorney general can achieve, placing more faith in him in what he can achieve. he appointed him. edholds him in high -- he holds him in high favor. mccabe, comey, you name it, they are still free to express their outrage at having been held in limbo for two years just because they lied under oath and lied to the congress. this is appalling. that's what i mean when i talk about a lower standard. why isn't the attorney general moving? why is he making public comments
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about his boss, the president. why this preposterous ask comments from the national left wing media spaying the justice department is an independent ran branch. it's not. it's part of the executive branch. >> i think that has been completely missed by and large by the media. the president is the head of the executive branch. it doesn't take a big believer in a unitary executive to understand the president ultimately makes the call on all functions of the department of justice. lou: but it does take a believer in the constitution. we have gone from eric holder, the wing man of president obama to now the president is being
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criticized because he expects loyalty and he expects to be able to issue an order and have it followed. who when you start heading down the politicization of this process and when politics starts to trump the constitution, then we are treading -- we are treading on very, very dangerous territory. lou: we are in that territory. that's what disturbs me about the attorney general. instead of talking about what he is confronting in the deep state. the political corruption within the justice department and the fbi, the president's tweets he says are an impediment to him as a prosecutor? >> it's a little bit more complicated than that. there is a limit to what the
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attorney general can do right now because there are investigations ongoing. lou: we heard that for years. we are still waiting for the final report on the radical terrorist attack on benghazi. >> the wheels of justice turn slowly and i do understand that. juries, verdicts have to be respected. the system demands that. lou: even when politically tainted as the two of jurors were? >> that's a separate issue. it's unusual for the judge to have deferred that decision and gone ahead with sentencing when she has a motion pending as a result of possibly a tainted jury. i don't know what the answer is to that. but there is going to be an appeal here. this will be he val wear ited by another court.
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i hope roger stone remains on bail during pendency of that appeal. >> it's been an early morning raid on his home, for crying out loud. from the outset. >> and it was done because they were trying to draw information from him that he didn't have to give. that's where the president is right to have focused in on this. if there was no there there, why did he go through all of this? >> i think maybe for us to be aware of the fact we have prosecutors, many of them who worked for robert mueller and the special counsel, three of them worked as prosecutors against roger stone who got their training and thought they would be serving in the soviet union rather than the united states. >> they stood on their high
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horse. and they forgot who it is they work for. lou: they work for the president of the' united states, just like william barr. >> you are right to point that out, too. that's correct. lou: i will take the average. >> not bad. lou: i know in all case you want to defend part of the judiciary and the justice department. >> it's important to be careful, that's all i can say. lou: i have just got to be right. thank you very much. >> that's important, too. lou: be sure to vote in tonight's poll. do you believe much of the judiciary is corrupt? cast your vote on twitter @loudobbs. sleepy joe biden's support amongst african-american voters is supposed to be his campaign firewall against a total collapse.
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the midwest wing national media has -- the left wing national media desired that's going to change. >> african-americans are placing hope in bloomberg. >> it seems like younger african-americans are finding bernie sanders' pitch resonating with them. >> we think elizabeth warren is the best to most agenda on issues we care about. >> he put numbers to it? lou: do you think all of those folks got same memo? could michael bloomberg's save him from a brutal debate debut? we'll share president trump's reaction to it.
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>> he threw close to 5 nim young black men up against the wall. >> michael bloomberg owns more wealth than the top 525 million americans. he shouldn't have to choose between a candidate who wants to burn this party down and another candidate who wants to buy his party out. lou: saying in part that's michael bloomberg was bumbling and stumbling. everybody on the stage with bernie sanders said they disagreed with the idea that the candidate who just gets most delegates should necessarily be
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the party's nominee. the votes don't want matter. -- the votes don't matter. this from the same party who wants to do away with the electoral college. according to gallup 49% aapprove of the president's job performance. and that's higher than the 48% who disapprove. 45% of americans are satisfied with the state of the nation. among republicans that satisfaction stands at 80%. joining us tonight, charlie hurt, washington times opinion editor, fox news contributor. if that doesn't knock bloomberg,
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his performance out of the race, what will? >> i don't know. my first caveat is republicans need to be prepared every day between now and the election. the level of democratic hatred for this president is like nothing we have ever seen before. that said, that disaster, that clown show last night on msnbc was one of the most pathetic political exercises evidence ever witnessed. this notion they will do a triple bank shop shot and get michael bloomberg to be the quote-unquote moderate who can balance out the socialist bernie sanders, i don't think it's going to work. it's amazing that anybody thought it would work. only geniuses in washington
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would couple with a strategy like this. mike bloomberg is a terrible politician. he has always been a terrible politician. the guy does not like human beings. he loves himself. and a guy like donald trump who loves people and thrives off people will destroy a guy like that. lou: a guy like trump who has brains, wisdom, insight, instinct, none of the above. none of that was on display for the former mayor of new york city last night. none of it. >> didn't you feel bad for him a couple of times? lou: i did. i feel even sorrier for the democrats making a choice amongst those six. this is not a happy flight.
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>> this an angry bunch. and they hate america. the only reason i don't have sympathy for somebody like michael bloomberg is he could have been a legitimately moderate voice in the democratic party. the problem is the spinelessness of these people. all the democratic leadership whether it's chuck schumer or nancy pelosi or michael bloomberg. them kowtow to these children who want to give everything away for free. and they enabled this. in that respect i don't feel sorry for them. this is the party they allow to rot into wait is now. lou: the most surprising moment of many was bernie sanders
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basically said to bloomberg, you are having $60 billion more than the bottom 127 million americans, then it many immoral. and later bloomberg is validating his quasiing he's giving all his money away. i know what he meant but it came across as a validation of sanders' view. >> something that's really funny. watching all of them stand behind their podiums and raise their hands like squirming school children trying to get called on by the teacher. can you imagine donald trump sitting there on his tiptoes
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wanting to be called on to answer a question? lou: if these people will give up their dignity so easily, will they do anything to preserve ours? that's a troubling question to have about six people who want to run the nation. i have to put this on a positive note. i said i was concerned for my democratic friends, but i'm thrilled for my republican friends. this president looks to me to be a straight-on easy shot to the white house. i shouldn't say it that way. >> everybody should remain vigilant and verified until the election. i can't help but think you are right. >> when you and i think one hoots is right, i think that's a great place to wrap it up. >> either that or we are in
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trouble. lou: that's a prospect i was going to leave unsaid. we would like to hear your thoughts on all of this. like me on facebook and follow me on insta dram path "lou dobbs tonight." also tonight, i join tucker carlson. i will be defending my final exam championship all-world title against greg gutfeld. tucker carlson airs at 8:00 p.m. eastern on the fox news channel. according to another important contest. deadly drug cartels have left scenes of violence like this. they have 20% influence of the
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rest of the country. they have a new target in the united states. we take that with jaeson jones. stay with us. we'll tell you how the fight is going. we'll be right back.
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lou: the sheriff of france ignoring president trump's crack down against sanctuary cities. he says they will not help i.c.e. officers in the conduct of their responsibilities and duties. nor will they help deport any illegal immigrants. >> our department is not involved in immigration enforcement. we feel that's a federal matter. our realm of interest is public safety. lou: see the conflict, public
7:29 pm
safety and local law enforcement. an alarming trend taking place along the southern border were mexico. the border patrol says dozen of children as young as 12 years old are being recruited by the mexican cartels to smuggle drugs and weapons. arrests of children smuggling drugs and arms into the us rrp is on the increase. jaeson jones, retired captain from the counter-terrorism division. this is of all that is happening on that southern border, now to be recruiting children in large numbers, it's absolutely
7:30 pm
astonishing. >> it's terrible, lou. unfortunately it's nothing new. as the cartels began the transition from organized crime into an insurgency, that's when we in texas iman to sight. i have seen kids on that border as young as 12 years old moving 800 pounds of marijuana. what is causing this to come back. what happens in mexico directly affects the united states. as the cartels are battleling for territory -- are battling for territory, what is happening is they need recruits. and this is what they are doing. lou: the body count keeps risinger year.
7:31 pm
in gets worse and worse. at some point when do we top talking and decide to take action? the drug cartels are vicious, they are formidable, and they are frightening. but there is no match for the united states if we bring our forces to bear. why are we allowing this to take place and the collateral damage. the sex trafficking, the children and smuggleling. it goes on and on, and only the president has been standing up saying we have quo -- we have ge on the cartels. we have or 40 years of data proving what the department of justice is doing does not work against transnational criminal organizations. the cartels have evolved into
7:32 pm
terrorist organizations working as a parallel government to mexico. we need to recognize mexico can't fix this. we can't have our children on the southwest border being lost to the cartels the way they have done in mexico. lou: did you hear the democratic candidate last night who said she disagrees that we should designate the cartels as terrorist organizations. this is the mindset we are dealing with in the democratic party, the establishment, and throughout the country. why is there any good law enforcement reason, any public safety reason, any national security reason not to designate them as terrorist organizations and treat them as such? >> absolutely. everything you talked about from
7:33 pm
narcotics smuggling and human trafficking. americans can remember a time in this country when human trafficking was something that happened on the other side of the planet, not here. but because we have continually done the same things in not going after the cartels we are continuing to deal with the same issues. but we have in the house a bill by a new york democratic congressman to designate the cartels as terrorists. for the first time we are finally having that level of discussion at the national stage in a presidential debate. this is fantastic. at least we are starting to make the move forward. i hope all americans think about this one thing. the greatest institutions that are here to protect us, the department of justice, the executive leadership in the
7:34 pm
d.e.a. and state department. this is their job. they need to act. lou: maybe we can get them out of politics and working to overthrow a president and focus on the job before this nation. thanks for being with us. up next, john bolton, he struggled a bit, but he was a little more humble than we are used seeing him. downplaying the fact that he would have made any difference in the radical dimms impeachment farce. stay with us, please.
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call right now. lou: john bolton has found some small amount of humility. last night he down played his role in the dimms' impeachment process and any effect he had on it. he said i will bet you a dollar and now my testimony that my testimony would have made no continues to the ultimate outcome. i sleep at night because i have followed my conscience. former obama national security advisor was the moderator
7:39 pm
telling bolton she couldn't imagine withholding testimony with or without a subpoena. but she did lie to the networks with benghazi and refused to testify in the russia meddling in 2017. they want to revise history instead of just make it. joining us is jim hanson. a national security and foreign policy think tank. and kt mcfarland, former national security advisor to president trump. she has a new book called trump, washington and we the people. it will be released next tuesday so you can still beat the crowd. let's start -- i'm going to start with you. bolton and rice. bolton saying his testimony he doesn't believe would have affected the outcome.
7:40 pm
is that humility setting him at the margin or a man trying to get his book out. >> i don't want to cast aspersions on anybody working on a book. but i agree there isn't anything he could say to make a difference. but look at his actions, he didn't do anything wrong. lou: this president is the only person in washington, d.c. who is actually certified by the united states senate and a special counsel that he is absolutely as clear, pure as the driven snow. it's extraordinary. >> i find it comical that susan rice is giving john bolton a hard time saying she would
7:41 pm
testify. durham is coming back with some potential for indictment. she may have spoken a bit too soon. i will bet a dollar she has got some problems herself. lou: you and bolton are big spenders. i want to turn to trump bringing in ric grinnell. kt, what do you think of him as a choice as acting dni? >> i think it's a brilliant choice. ric grinnell understands the importance of not letting the world use huawei and the chinese government to build the 5g internet of the future. he talked about it and he understands the significance. as director of national intelligence, that will be one of his most important jobs. secondly he knows germany and europe will be the
7:42 pm
battlegrounds. >> i think it's crazy to listen to the left complaining about bring nell because he's a trump loyalist. the idea that trump should have someone who disagrees with number that position. only the left could be that stupid. and what about the first openly gay serving cabinet member. it's their usual hypocrisy. lou: hypocrisy and cynical politics. and grinnell, one of the things i admire about the man, he has been straightforward with the german and european government. they know where the president stands because that's what grenell is saying.
7:43 pm
he speaks for this president and the nation. >> the reason this is an important position,er morning the president would have an intelligence briefing. that will be a significant influence that grenell has he day with the president. lou: it's good to see someone who is loyal to the president and understands the constitution to be the director national intelligence. jim hanson, this is a place holder, the appointment of grenell. is there a straightforward obvious answer to the question, who would make an ask outstanding permanent director national intelligence? >> ratcliffe is someone who keeps coming up as someone the president could trust who has a deep understanding of the
7:44 pm
intelligence committee. >> i like ric grenell. lou: i inferred he did not want to hold the position. he has other portfolios that he's managing for the president. but i agree with you, that would work, too. jim hanson, kt mcfarland, thank you. appreciate it. just moments ago the president i'm told gave me a shout-out in colorado spring, colorado. let's finds out what he had to say. here we go. president trump: we have the great lou zobso dobbs. he says he's the greatest president ever. a year and a half, two years ago he said he's the greatest since reagan. then six months ago he said he's better than reagan. then he said a few nights ago, he's the greatest we have ever had.
7:45 pm
i said does not include lincoln and george washington? he said that includes them all. that's lou dobbs. lou: the ultimate seal of approval. i appreciate being the arbiter on that. and i believe that heart and soul. this one hell of a president. and this country should be deeply grateful that he took up the challenge. newly announced deaths tonight has experts questioning the logic of keeping coronavirus patients locked on a cruise-ship for weeks. we made usaa insurance for members like martin. an air force veteran made of doing what's right,
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7:50 pm
billion takeover of e-trade. it's expected to close by the 4th quarter this year. a reminder to listen to my reports three times a day coast to coast on the salem radio network. two passengers have died from the coronavirus. they were released from quarantine on the diamond princess kreus cruise ship. they hope to have the ship sailing again about it end of april. worldwide, the coronavirus killed more than 2,200 people, inspected 776,000. a gallup poll finds 76% of the americans surveyed are confident in the president's ability to handle the coronavirus.
7:51 pm
joining us tonight, fox news-medical correspondent, dr. marc siegel. are you impressed by the number of americans who have that much confidence in the trump administration? >> absolutely. i think the task force the president put together and his leadership on this is tremendous. i have followed health scares for many years and contagions. you know what's different this time? the messaging. it's infecting well over 100,000 in china in real numbers. the messaging has been here is what we are doing to try to contain it here. transparency. here is what the numbers are. here is how we are isolating people. it brings confidence. lou: every one of those people you mentioned, including
7:52 pm
yourself, have been straightforward, treating the members of our audience as adults. just because you don't want to overstate the situation. i understand that. but this has been a remarkable exercise for the american people. we are sitting here with 15 right now who come down with a virus. i think it's being managed well. the results speak for themselves. >> for people who want to criticize the american healthcare system -- lou: that's a difference in government. authoritarian versus a constitutional republic, free enterprise capitalist economy versus an economy in this country with some markets. >> they have excellent scientists over there who are
7:53 pm
being suppressed as well. we need cdc to be or there to help good it situation so we get even more information. >> it was irresponsible of the chinese not to have the best minds and trained today end in the world from our medical and scientists. it's discomforting to say the very least, that the chinese would risk so much for their own country when they are being offered help by the world health organization. right now i want to turn to the virus itself and what we know about it. the university of texas, the nih coming up with one vaccine that's very promising. others are doing the same thing. i think there are five channels of companies and scientists organizing with medical
7:54 pm
researchers to do this. it looks promising. i'm told what they are seeing to develop in the way of a vaccine. >> this helps calm fears. we are learning how this virus operates. it's like the flu. it goes to upper and lower respiratory tracks. the vaccine about a year before it's on the market. lou: we want it sooner. >> you had tony fauci on the show here. he's shepherding this. i would like to see it by next fall. that's when we'll see a resurgence of this virus. lou: it -- it behaves like a flu. and it's astonishing how deadly the flu has become. a very heavy d strain of fluff i
7:55 pm
understand is rehe morning and we are seeing people susceptible to the a and b strain. >> this an extreme lip bad flu season. but it infected 25 million americans. one more point i want to say before i leave. you had peter navarro on here talking about anti-viral drugs. that's another promising thing with the coronavirus. >> stay with us. we are coming right back. as a struggling actor, i need all the breaks that i can get. at liberty butchumal- cut. liberty biberty- cut. we'll dub it. liberty mutual customizes your car insurance so you only pay for what you need. only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty. ♪ you've been hearing a lot about 5g. but there's 5g... and then there's verizon 5g. we're building the most powerful 5g experience for america. it's more than 10x faster than some other 5g networks.
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lou: in our poll last night we asked you if william barr needs to clean up the justice department and the fbi and reserve his opinions about the president to private conversations. 96% of you said yes. president trump opening up with the roger stone trial, saying he won't step in for now. president trump: i'm following this very closely and i want to see it play out to its fullest. roger has a good chance of exan exoneration in my opinion. but roger stone and everybody has to be treated fairly. this has not been a fair
8:00 pm
process. lou: not a fair process by any stretch of the imagine nation. that's it for us tonight. thank you for being with us. we thank you for being with us tonight. good night from new york. [♪] trish: good evening, i'm trish regan, let's go straight to president trump speaking to a big crowd in colorado springs. president trump: they will take the top 10 out of the class. i said i will do it. i stood there for 2 1/hours in the sun. [cheers and applause] and i shook 1,156 hands. a lot of these kids are very
8:01 pm
strong physically.


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