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tv   Bulls Bears  FOX Business  February 25, 2020 5:00pm-6:01pm EST

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quality grape at same price point of last year. back to you. melissa: all right robert, thank you it is friday, quite a show. connell: tuesday. see you tomorrow. melissa: "bulls and bears" now. david: stocks taking another major dive, dow down 879 after more than a thousand point drop yesterday, world health organization and cdc issuing warnings to prepare for more outbreaks, as democrats say that the administration is not doing enough. senator daines will join us to respond. this is "bulls and bears," thank you for joining us, i am david asman, joining me jonathan hoenig, caroll roth, adam and burnett. jackie in the markets. reporter: another brutal day for
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the dow down 879. combine with more than a thousand point loss of yesterday, it is drop of over 1900, this steepest two day drop of dow has seen in history. this is significant, also remember, dow less than 500 points from correction territory that is down about 10% from the highs, we saw a big flight to safety today, continued one, which is also a red flag, yield on 1 10-year note a little bit higher than 1.3%, also hitting record lows, now latest coronavirus numbers is what is spooking the market. in china more than 77,000 cases, in italy 322 in iran 95. and that spread outside that took investors off guard. this selling all on the back of more concerns that you could see the spread come to the united
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states today cdc warning it is not a matter of if, but when the virus hits the states, and how many people will contract a severe illness. you had hhs secretary weighing in on that. >> there is now community transmission in a number of countries including outside of asia. that is concerning, community is spread will make successful containment at our borders harder and harder. reporter: there is concern here. larry kudlow, made comments a little bit earlier today to speak to what is happening in market, he said our economy is in good shape, the virus is not lasting forever we've contained it and long-term investors should look at this market, taking a good hard look on whether they want to add to their position or not.
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david: thank you very much. >> jackie telling us, kudlow saying that virus and its impact will not last forever, but the market, how much worse do they get before they get better? >> i think there are a number of facts on that we should are considering. as numbers roll out with coronavirus. it will continue to spook the market, in general the market had gotten very ahead of itself and people were looking for an opportunity and a pullback. this kind of gave people an excuse. and people are not talking about as much that bernie sanders making more headway on political front. it looks like he is the nominee, that is strengthens that wares in the mark -- weighs diswo inte market, i see a lot of volatility, i would not be jumping back in right now, but i would be making a shopping list. i think there will be
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opportunities. david: ad adam. >> as donald trump is is not a stock market prognosticate or, larry cuddly is not a viral -- or epidemiologist. no even the best expert has no idea how long it will last, that is what investors know for sure. they tee don't know much. >> economy proved to be an interconnected hole, you cannot separate out china or the rest of the world. looking at selling today, cruise lines demolished. and oil stocks, many at multi year lows this is a harbinger of a weaker economy at large. don't catch a falling knife, for
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me this market is still a falling knife. david: we had viruses before, with sars a dozen years ago. as bad as they get market recovers, usually in 6 months market is back too where it was from where it dropped. >> we know past performance is no guarantee for future success. but we look past -- in past regarding these issues in terms of sars and other diseases, it did not go beyond two quarters, that is what we should look at, yes there will be supply chain disruption, com communication, n information glo flow is very critical at-this-point. they need to communicate in terms of timely. how they are
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impacted we should create a buy list, like chery caroll pointed. >> not everything they say will lead to confidence. i think our leaders are doing a good job of communicating, apple for example, amazon saying they don't look good. not some supply chain disruption this is potential massive it isy chain disruption. >> looking at names, a name that i own facebook, if it spirals out of control, that is all people will be able to do sit at home with facebook. david: then there is disney with news that bob iger is stepping down as ceo, still very involved, but how does that affect this stock. >>? long-term this is a big issue. i am president of the bob iger
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fan club in terms of him being a visionary ceo, he has done a tremendous job in setting this company up for success, they have been planning this for some time, he it reup his contract, surprising he will step away. i think in short-term disney is fine. but if you are a 5 or 10 year investor, likelihood next ceo will have same level of vision of bob iger -- >> but, i agree you would say next 10 years for disney will be more difficult than last 10, this is a pretty big move, disney had 7 ceos in 100 plus years as public -- company. and you know, they brought their game with disney plus, are they going to be able coto coto compe withugh.>> netflix. >> adam what do you? >> >> the surprising part is,
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another than times, total surprise. is they didn't name kevin mayor as a ceo, he is the guy who is overseeing the streaming effort and who most people i talk to assumed would be the next ceo, they statement chapek. >> a merchandise guy. >> running the theme parks. we'll get a lot of commentary on that. that surprised me. >> i don't see walt disney going way of ge, i see them as investing in to streaming, they are a step ahead, i think that ceo under the tight -- of iger will do a good job. david: caroll is hoping so, she bens our ears about bob iger. we'll bring you any developments as we gets them on virus and anything else happening real-time, president sparring with top democrat over timing and amount of money that
quote quote
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administration requested from congress to combat coronavirus at home, is it really too little too late, senator steve daines sits on senate appropriation and health committees and he will join us next to tell us. (woman) no matter what business you are in, digital transformation never stops. verizon keeps business ready for what's next. (man) we weave security into their business... (second man) virtualize their operations...
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david: trump administration sending an emergency request to congress for 2.5 billion to help fight coronavirus, but democrats bash him over his response. chuck schumer said today. >> even now after the virus has already become a worldwide health crisis with rapidly growing economic risk. the trump administration is scrambling to respond. we have a crisis, and trump administration is trying to build an airplane while already in mid flight.
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the fact is, trump administration has shown dangerous incompetence with the coronavirus. david: president firing back with a tweet, crying chuck schumer is complaining for publicity purposes only, i should be askeshould be asking , if i ask for more, it will be too much. let's bridge in a member of senate health care subcommittee. to talk about this senator, daines with us. senatorsume. >> senator schumer was vecking his own political bias into his comments, even senator shelby suggesting we're low balls in
5:14 pm
aim of money. >> president, has been aggressive in addressing with what is going on in china. the end of january, shutting down travel between china and u.s. 2 1/2 billion is a substantial down payment, we will do what we need to do to ensure this is contained, a lot will be invested in vaccine, we have 3 months to get it developed and a year of field trial. that is where a lot of investment will be in, is protecting us with vaccine. and containment. and president and his administration have been aggressive in working containment descrea strategy wi, it has spread on korea and iran and i heard austria and switzerland, it comes back to basics, if you have a fever and the sniffles stay home, don't go
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to work. the basics we were tough taut a. >> you say that the vaccine might take unto a year, we want this done in this quarter no later than june. you know i'm hearing metrics terms how widespread and death. i am not hearing other patient metrics with individual that are contracted disease, how quickly do they get back to normal and other patient information that might quell some of the fears. >> that is part of the problem, you have fever and sniffles you don't know what you have, important to get to health care professional immediately and diagnosed. i think it is important to keep it in perspective, i spent a lot of time in china in the 90s, we
5:16 pm
lived close to the market ground zero there with the sars outbreak. that went from bats to humans, and in wuhan, from bats to a pangolin. this important to look at chinese government, it has been the petri dish where a lot of the viruses have started. but these have all run their course, this is not first time we've seen these serious outbreaks, we saw it with sars, and now coronavirus. i tell you 2 1/2 billion is an important down payment it will take time to get genetics down right in terms the vaccine and field trial to make sure it is safe before administers across the country. >> senator, caroll roth, sars and mrsa and ebola.
5:17 pm
how does response to coronavirus resemble that others dealing with them. >> i have watched this with sars outbreak. we do have -- i say government aggressively worked to contain it, the challenge now, we're not always getting perhaps transparency and accuracy from what is happening in china, the big challenge we face are the numbers even accurate, are they under stating when is happening there now in iran and south korea. and you should not travel there. we have to keep a close eye oni don't want to minimize what is happening, but this is not first time we've seen something like this happening and run its course. the administration is doing a
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down payment that will work on containment side, that is protective gear. and personally working on vaccine. melissa: a lot of money but -- >> president obama had an ebola czar, and president clinton and bush had aids czars, should president trump appoint a coronavirus czar. >> i first liked the idea of more federal czars. >> a lot of money to manage. >> it important, i think i applaud this administration as being selective and targeted. i have confidence here, good fiscal conservatives, president has his various agencies that run the organizations, the money needs to be spent wisely, but important that congress because act and give the president what they believe he needs here. david: i was never crazy about the czar thing. >> i'm not. david: i'm with you.
5:19 pm
>> i'm an anti-czar guy. david: you have a busy day still, senator daines thank you. >> thank you. david: last week mike bloomberg, this week bernie sanders, he will be the target on the debate stage, can bernie's socialist agenda survive scrutiny of candidates who are anxious to get in as he locks on the nominee and wait until you hear bernie's new comments on fidel castro andro china, next. and real-time goal tracking online. ameriprise financial patients that i see about dry mouth. they feel that they have to drink a lot of water. medications seem to be the number one cause for dry mouth. i like to recommend biotene. it replenishes the moisture in your mouth.
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david: we're hours away from tonight's high stakes democrat debate in south carolina. this is make or break for many,
5:23 pm
candidates. can we expect sparks to flying peter doocy is in charleston. reporter: because of polling changes. which their is first debate that bernie sanders will be by himself center stage. bloomberg people are signaling they are getting ready to turn heat way up. >> bernie has this loopy stuff in his background, women get cancer from having too many orgasms and toddlers should run around naked and touch each other as je genesis. >> and high believes that castro was not that bad, and he hints if he gets a nomination his running mate will not be what he calls a old white guy.
5:24 pm
but joe biden still leader here. >> i am joe biden, i am a democratic candidate to u.s. senate, look me over, if you like me see vote. reporter: not a candidate for the united states senate, he is running for president, but i spoke with someone from campaign said, he misspoke. no big announcement there. >> he has done a lot of that, thank you peter. >> bloomberg was a target last week, bernie sanders is going to be target in tonight's debate. now, he is giving his rivals more ammunition with latest comment on castro and now chinese dictators. >> fedele castro came to power, he initiated a major literacy program, teaching people to read and write is a good thing. i have been consistent and critical of all authoritarian
5:25 pm
regimes in the world, china is, becoming more and more. but can anyone deny, the facts are clear, that they have taken more people out of extreme poverty than any country in history. >> to be clear, chinese communism killed between 40 and 50 million people, including a unnecessary famine in the 50s, not until they allowed for private farms and companies in 1980s that many were brought out of poverty, will this record be brought had his attendtion tonight. >> no, how many people did castros kill in cuba. for today's democratic party socialism is not a dirty word, they educated some people that makes it okay. this state of today's democrats, bloomberg, boasted about building a business, you heard
5:26 pm
crickets nobody cares, bernie is most consistent and his support is from young people they have been taught to respect and admire people like bernie sanders, collect vists from day one, that is why he is leading party, they have gone that far left. >> let me agree partly and disagree with jonathan. i, agree that it does not matter, you sort of purposely got china part wrong, he said same thing that multinational corporations and globalists say, in the past 40 years, not period you talk about. and chinese brought more people out of poverty. david: he did not say that. >> true, does not matter, in eitheneither does cuba nonsensee democratic party is not socialist. >> who is their candidate? >> adam. >> i love you, i can't let that pass. you mentioned me. the fact is that he did not mutt
5:27 pm
iputit in time frame he broad he said china brought millions off of poverty killed, chinese communist government killed tens of millions. >> hold -- >> you -- david, a very fair point, i'm saying we know he was referring to the last 40 years. david: i don't know that. >> adam, ad adam, even if was lt 40, the reason why they were lifted out of propert poverty be they moved more toward free market and capitalism, not socialism, at en of the day this is what needs to be called out iin debate. whether government or public owning significant part of the economy whether praising pa ma o or castro, they need to say, do
5:28 pm
you still believe this, if not, when did you stop believing them and why were they wrong. david: he has been pretty specific about all of programs that he wants -- we added up the programs. by the way, manhattan institute added them up, a price tag the there. 97.5 trillion what it will cost over 10 years. american wealth in 18 the same, you would take every penny of every mor american household. >> that is what he wants to do that is his dream. david: that is a transfer are property from private sector to government. >> if i were joe biden i would tell america on hold to your wallet, bernie sanders is about to pickpocket america. >> biden, he should let everyone else attack bernie, and go after bloomberg.
5:29 pm
why i? bloomberg is trying to bump him out of that lane, he needs to set himself up with all these gaffes and blunders, set himself up as alternative to socialism and can carve out that moderate lane. >> the whole point. democrat don't want an alternative to socialism. >> i disagree. >> i don't think you are right about that. >> they are strikin freaking ou. nobody in democratic party wants bernie sanders. >> because -- bloomberg is in the race because of bernie sanders, he does not want. david: adam. >> if we become -- come back it china and exeub cuba stuff. for sanders supporters, it does not matter more than nonsense donald trump has been speaking.
5:30 pm
>> >> the nonsupporters that we're concerned about. >> agreed. >> i agree. david: it would not matter what he said, his supporters are with him no matter what. morgan stanley dean witter chase going green. jpmorgan chase going green, will their critics be satisfied. >> a look at shares of disney down 2% after hours on news long time ceo bob iger, one of caroll a favorite person in universe is stepping down from ceo position, more to come. ♪ ♪ everything your trip needs, for everyone you love. expedia. for everyone you love. tto examine investmentgo opportunities firsthand,
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david: jpmorgan chase announcing it will no longer do business with coal companies in future. and restrict financing companies that drill in the a arctic. >> move comes after years of pressure, involved similar acted by other big unistutions, according to a report, j.p. morgan is world's largest funder of fossil fuel companies, is this a smart b business move. >> this is unfortunate, a business move brought about by political considerations. the greens look for any
5:35 pm
opportunity to hurt mankind, putting political pressure, it may not be popular but they are productive for mankind, this will make i more expensive to dr oil, and at worst time for a lot of companies considers low place of oil. this is not going to help. >> okay, first, i will be a little bit more sens cynical and idealistic, coal is not a growing industry. arctic drills is not the only place to drill for oil and gas. they are not stopping drill -- financing the drilling for oil and gas, they are doing two things, maybe just maybe, they believe this, that they should not be investing in something that fouls the environment for beautiful nature. >> we know jame diamond loves making money. and maximizing profit, look at
5:36 pm
energy market and the oil price, it is breaking the 50 dollar mark, if anything that not above 65 per barrel is not a good investment, from investor prove, jamie dimon says, looking out in terms of next 10 to 20 years, allocating capital to other areas is most profitable in terms of looking at return of investment. >> i am not one to give jamie dimon advice on how to run a business, he is pretty good, but, what bothers me is bending a knee to rage mob, as a business, if you do that, that is a sentence for death, it will never be good enough, won't you show them you are willing to heed the call of one group, then another group will come then another, and soon you will not be able to do business with anyone. if it is a be decision --
5:37 pm
business decision that fine. >> they should have just stated that. >> result of outside pressure. don't forget, united states is not j.p. morgan's only market. people take this stuff seriously in europe. david: shoul >> it should be to economic pressure, and to your point, j.p. morgan saying we'll not fund anyone without a woman on the board or someone of a particular race on the board that top of mob mentality. >> goldman sachs back said that. david: school administrator this seattle ending a program they call racist, but a lot of parents' to keep, our panel weighing in on that, coming next.
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david: seattle school board officials making a controversial decision to shut down the gifted student program at one of public schools claiming it is rooted in racism. angry parents are in uproar saying this goes against state law. dan springer in seattle in middle with details. reporter: the seattle school superintendent said shy want sho end gift thed student program, replacing it with a stem curriculum for all of the kids. white students are over represented in gifted program, relative to their district wide numbers, and black students make up 15% of district, but 1.7% of gifted program.
5:42 pm
>> the testing that put the kids there flawed, identification and assessment has been flawed. that is what needs to change, more students have an opportunity to get there. about 3 million public school students are in the gifted programs many are grappling with same equity issue, some in new york called to end, i miami on a sliding scale, and advocates say far better to get creative than end oprogram. >> they know everything that going to be taught that year. that is why we need advances services for these students. reporter: we talk with some parents who want to take step of selling their home to move to a district where kids can stay in a gifted program.
5:43 pm
>> thank you. >> john, who is right? school system or the angry parents? >> this is progressive mind set gone wild. , they always come out with these policy moves that destruction from -- distraction from real issue, that real issue is failing public schools, if you invest, make sure that there is a equality from, k through 1, all races regardless of zip code that fixing problem. as long as you have failing schools, a failing teacher union that protection teachers are who are not teaching at optimal level, with a decade's old model, not what skills that are needed going forward. >> so maddening, they don't want to hurt everyone else so we'll not help those who are doing
5:44 pm
well, like we're not saying we'll not have a varsity basketball team because not everyone is a good basketball player, and there are not enough whites on the team thatmen fundy stupid, it is a challenge for the students who are gifted, if you are board you may create other problem. >> i think report handled had well, correct solution is not eliminate program, but to fix it. or make it more equit able and there are all sorts of ways of getting there, numbers show there is a problem, then question is, what do you do about the problem. david: jonathan, john pointed it oughout, this highlights deficiy of public education, parents need more choices, in particular poor parents they don't have, options for school vouchers or
5:45 pm
more charter schools. >> poor parents, think about a poor parent of a gifted child, a kid who could make a way for themselves purposely held back by a system that i can only describe as racist. they are evaluating students not by their ability but their skin color. david: we have should more time for that. we come back. >> justice sonia sotomayor accusing her court of putting a thumb on scale in favor of triple, hetrumpadministration, w president trump is firing back. ♪ limu emu & doug [ siren ]
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what will you change? make the world you want. >> president trump slamming justice sotomayor and ginsberg, saying they should recuse themselves from cases involving administration, after claims that sotomayor accused justices appointed by trump administration of pro trump bias. >> it was really highly inappropriate, trying to shame people with perhaps a different view into voter her way, ien to see how thedon't see how they ct recuse themselves. david: joining us author of witch-hunt, gregg jarrett.
5:50 pm
do justice's cod code sotomayor political basis disqualify her. >> no, they kept qualify under u.s. code or code of judicial conduct. that involves things of outcome or a relative involves in the case. this is sotomayor expresses an opinion, she politicizes it in a dissenting opinion. justices do that all of the time. thomas did it a few months ago, scalia did it all of the the ti. >> i don't really understand what the president is trying to achieve, i feel if you make that argument that sotomayor and ginsberg are bias against him. could you make that same argument the others are bias today him. >> all federal judges, including
5:51 pm
justices are political ash appointment, you, say they have different judicial philosophies, they are borne of political views. and every time the president does something he gets sued. and a judge issues an injunctiontio to stop the president, he has to go to supreme court to lift those where he successes, the bias is most pronounced in lower district courts. >> i'm only a lawyer when i watch law and order. i am youngest of 7, a principle in my family, you argue behind the scene, not in public. i know what you said before, in terms of previous justices
5:52 pm
putting 7 like indirect political points but this really britailittle bit--blatant. >> this is not. as scalia accusation of political decisions made. it -- the money of matter is that you know all of these federal judges in the judiciary bring with them certain points of view. some are originalists, some strict construction of the constitution, liberals have a more elastic view. it influences their decisions, and you have this natural politicalization of the federal judicial system. >> does that hurt the system? bill barr talked about president's tweets making it
5:53 pm
more difficult for him to serve. does this make it more difficult. >> i don't think it does. i think, you know, shooting a message over the bow of liberal federal district court judges, ted cruz said under george w. bush, there were 12 injunction issued inn in 8 years, and oba, and 3 years of donald trump 55 nationwide injunctions again him, many of them almost all have been reversed. from the travel ban case to military funds used for border security. to this most recent visa case. >> you make a very reason able point that justiced so soatd soe her comment in an opinion, but you don't see concern with
5:54 pm
president criticizing to supreme court justices -- not something that presidents do. >> listen, you know, we have heard past presidents grouse about supreme court decisions that did not go their way, remember when -- not abou. >> not about the specific justices so much. they have complained about the results. >> remember barack obama state of the union, messaging one, one of supreme court justice sitting there in chamber, mouthed word that is not true, or something like that. that is pretty much tells the story that presidents and supreme courts that issue adverse decisions have this sort of indemmic animosity. david: we have to go. but i have to ask, how quickly the russian, new russian collusion story evaporated what happened. >> new russia collusion.
5:55 pm
david: you know. >> it was overstated. it turns out that intelligence information given to house committee was not true. david: gregg jarrett thank you. >> amazon rolling out new check out free grocery story, could it pave the way for future of super markets or an industry killer? that is next. with sofi, get your credit cards right by consolidating your credit card debt into one monthly payment. and get your interest rate right so you can save big. get a no-fee personal loan up to $100k.
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david: big news from amazon, rolling out a store without cashiers. amazon will allow prime members to scan their app, enter the store. you grab whatever you need and leave. no human interaction required. will amazon change way all stores do business?
5:59 pm
adam? >> interesting thing they didn't inhaven't this when you think about this, david. we used to go to the bank teller. now we go to the atm. that ask what is going on here. david: wow. >> there are more cashiers than school teachers in this country, david. this is a great opportunity. elevators operators and chimney sweeps a lot of cashier jobs they will go away. new jobs will be created. not great for amazon's stocks. >> this is big concern for the grocery store. you need to step up your game in technology. the absolute worst part of grocery shopping experience is waiting in line to get checked out. if you're kroger or one of these companies you should invest heavily.
6:00 pm
>> my heart goes out to the cashiers. why? i was 18, 19-year-old working at pathmark. you know what? that helped me out a lot. david: a lot are minimum wage earners. keep up minimum wage people will go electronic. see you next time. liz: i'm elizabeth macdonald this, is the evening edit. the markets sharply lower on the fourth day on coronavirus fears. we're back at november levels. markets added equity value $11 trillion under the trump administration. this as cdc warns americans to begin quote preparing for expectation that a coronavirus outbreak here in the u.s. mite be back. not a matter of if but when. hhs then says there is no immediate risk here. the virus is spreading in iran, the virus is


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