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tv   Kennedy  FOX Business  February 26, 2020 9:00pm-10:00pm EST

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and give them free tuition their georgia family are at it. right? kennedy begins now, i'll see you tomorrow night. i have a great evening we have a very big week ahead. ♪ ♪. kennedy: president trump says the nation is fully prepared to deal with the coronavirus, the public health officials are warning americans to prepare for an eventual outbreak. earlier today the president addressed the nation from the white house and try to calm some of our greatest fears, watch. >> the number one priority from our standpoint as the health and safety of the american people. that's the way i viewed it when he made that decision. because of all we have done, the risk to the american people remains very low. we have the greatest experts, really in the world, as most of you know the level we have had in our country is very
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low. those people are getting better, or we think in almost all cases they are better or getting c5 everybody's going home but health and human services alex azar said that could change at any time. >> what every one of our experts and leaders have been saying for more than a month now, remains true. the degree of a risk has potential to change quickly. knowing these potential steps now can help keep the risk to you and your community low. kennedy: he needs to shave the beard is going to survive this with the facemask. the trump administration critics as the white house is facing a credibility test because the president keeps contradicting his advisors in the situation abroad. that keeps getting worse. 80000 cases worldwide, 20700 reported deaths. china still the epicenter, but south korea has seen a major spike in their cases. it's beginning to spread in europe, after a major outbreak in italy, and the middle east
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also becoming a hot bed, and now there is a case in brazil which is the first in latin america. but today the president blame the liberal media for scaring the people intent king the markets. coding low ratings, fake news, msnbc and cnn are doing every thing possible to make the coronavirus doodled look as bad as possible. including panicking markets. in the do-nothing democrats are all talk and no action. usa is in great shape. so does the white house have a solid plan or she would just sell head for the hills and bury our faces and or comforters? joining me tonight an actual doctor and u.s. senator. it's louisiana senator republican doctor health and education labor it's bill cassidy because he deserves it and thank you so much for being here. i want you to give me your honest threat assessment.
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because cdc says not if but when. the president says were not in bad shape, just wash her hands. so what's the truth? >> the president said a little bit more than that in fairness. there is a reported case and tonight in california who is not had contact with people in china. this is a community acquired case it's brand-new. that would show that if that's true, it has been confirmed by cdc that it actually has emerged into our community. now cdc is going to swoop down, find out for the person had contact with an attempt to put a ring of quarantine around these folks. but at some point, most likely is going to be more broadly spread in our society. what we hope is we postpone that until we have improved our ability to diagnose, our ability to tree, and understand more about the best way to support someone through the illness. that's were shooting for. kennedy: it's a fascinating process because normally, as we heard from anthony fauci at
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nih the process for coding the actual virus and getting some sort of treatment on the market is a very lengthy one. instead of the matter of years we are talking a matter of months. is that problematic? or is this a massive turn in the course of human events that could see diseases like this treated much more rapidly? so scientists have rapidly progress will be able to look at the genes of a virus, snip out a little bit of a gene and hopefully make a vaccine. the chinese are doing their best, we are cooperating. we are learning from what the chinese are doing. they are taking some of these medicines and applying them to see which work center which setting doesn't work. so as we cooperate internationally, that benefits us. we wish to hold it off as long as possible will take advantage of what we learn from elsewhere. kennedy: the problem with china's they haven't been straightforward.
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they have used a sleight-of-hand to put it mildly, in order to disseminate some of the critical information about the outbreak. they also did not allow the cdc interest china i understand we are learning from them, but these are the united states of america. we certainly could teach them a lot more if we were allowed access to your grade? >> i agree with that. but we are giving them access to the antiviral drug that would be helpful. they are publishing articles in the new england journal of medicine from which we are learning, and learning for example if you have no symptoms are you capable of communicate that a virus? yes. if you have minimal symptoms are still shedding the virus? yes. so we are learning from them, even despite their initial they didn't handle it very well. kennedy: what's the best mechanism we have for fighting this? >> the best would be if you haven't had your flu shot to get your flu shot. that just eliminates one whole
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aspect if you don't feel well why it is. make sure you are careful wiping hands, washing hands. when i get on a plane now i bring on these lysol wipes and i wiped on the counter to make sure if i sit there, but it's now going to be clean. kennedy: defines a mass? >> no i don't but i do wash my hands regularly. i teach my children and i myself sneeze into my arm. just do what you're gonna do to keep from infecting other people. kennedy: that's of the president talked about and i really appreciate that because it's common sense and it is how these things are transmitted. what are the chances, we are talking little bit about this i tend to not air on the side of hysteria. i tend to believe that when the virus actually presents itself here, we do have the best physicians and technicians and researchers in the world. if you're going to get a handle on something you're going to get a handle on it here. our stage manager asked if what happens if the entire new
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york city is quarantine? >> 's account to your response is the best response. you can't leave your life and fear. if it enters new york city, there's a risk stratification. if people are over 60 and they have underlying heart or lung disease they are at greater risk. if you are child, you don't have much risk it all. and there's different risk in between. if you are sick, don't go to work. if you feel you have the flu don't suck it up and going no matter what. just stay at home. just do common sense stuff. kennedy: i agree completely and i do think that this is happening at probably a good time economically and that you have to take all of these things into view. whether to stock market or the upcoming election, we are heading into a warmer season. every health expert has said that the virus will naturally be tamped down. so i think that is good news for the president economically and possibly politically. but what about
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internationally? will the olympic company ford in tokyo? >> we will have to see. the cdc gave a briefing to the senate yesterday and said something about travel advisory. in three weeks we will know a lot. a lot more than we do now about what travel advisories should be. to the case number zero, somebody visited northern italy came back on the plane, and is now in brazil in it's carnival season. he flew on a big project, so we are going to see what happened to those other folks on the jets. we are going to see all the contacts he had. kennedy: you also had a light attending to work for south korean airlines who flew through lax and people are worried about that. we know we can't contain everything, but we will keep an ion that's three week timeline. thank you so much for your expertise. soccer games are being canceled, flights are being suspended and as i just said even tokyo's olympics, now in jeopardy. is this the beginning of significant lifestyle changes in response to this coronavirus outbreak? fox senior correspondent asset
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request and watch. >> what would you say to americans out there who are looking forward to this summer or the upcoming months and saying to themselves should i make myself my summer plans and travel abroad customer. >> hopefully they're going to be able to do that. we think and we hope it will be in good shape by that time. but you know, there can have to be a low bit flexible. probably not going to be going to china. they're not going to be going to certain countries where the problem is far greater than it is the united states. what it's going to do is keep people home and they are going to travel to places that we have. kennedy: like the refrigerator so as a coronavirus going to change your plans have you thought about that yet? let's leave the party panel and decide. we have attorney and strategist alexandra wilkes, we have leslie marshall and dynamic money ceo and radio host of the crisper and show it is appropriate name, chris
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burns. welcome everyone and psalm ash wednesday to you. thank you for much for being here. let's talk a little bit about this. i know this could have a greater impact on the global economy because of fear in and of itself. the president touched on this a little bit and you think about curtailing your summer plans, but chuck schumer and nancy pelosi are being a little bit irresponsible when they are talking about, really fanning the flames of coronavirus hysteria in order to tank the market because they know if the economy suffer so will the president. >> i think the president did exactly what he has to tonight. he was the calm, collected, commander-in-chief. we have the situation under control and bring in the vice president because i'm blending to the seriousness of the situation it deserves. but at the same time americans should not panic but be flexible when it comes to making plans. he has said when he needs to
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say, but i do think if you are the democrats right now, there is a little bit of a political calculation as there is in everything these days. and saying to yourself while our debates were a disaster, our candidates are no good, let's stoke the fears and so some chaos into the news cycle. it's a new cycle that lends itself nicely to a media that counts on clicks and likes to fuel the coverage. kennedy: when you talk about his stereo really don't have to correct your own record. which is problematic. if you think the president did a good job in terms of transparency? he did have alex azar there he did have anthony fauci there as well as vice president pension multipronged response. a little bit more comprehensive than what we see in the past, did that make you feel better? to make it maybe better to hear from medical professionals and not just the
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president of the vice president. because politicians printing an tempered teddy to be doctors or just one offering and brushing it off. funding was cut to the cdc, just last year this administration that was a problem democrats, myself included were angry about that just in case something like this happen. we are not prepared paired my husband is a physician we are not prepared for this. one of the reasons is the world health organization, not just the united states which has incredible medical technology, so does the uk, sodas italy, sodas germany. we work with them on international global level with the world health organization to try to come up with a vaccine. one of the prompter this virus, we had in the 50s, it's a different strain. the probably the strain is a lot of viruses word of the fatalities occur? peoples whose immune systems are compromised. this virus know, the people who are dying if you look at the people who have lost their lives they are not extremely
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ill, they're not extremely old. or extremely young. >> the politicians are trying to spend this it's not primarily apollo little issue you cannot say check schumer and nancy pelosi or primary micro- drivers or donald trump. kennedy: fear is the market driver. but people changing their behavior or selling things, when that's rooted in fear, that's when it's dangerous. >> with the groups that start that selloff or institutional massive money managers not individuals. these are politicians responding to the fear the market already has. it's not because a politician started. >> what they can't can't ring that bell? so that's a good point but they're not in control the stock market going down. when i watch the press conference tonight i saw a mixed message of the politicians they'll sit every thing was fine larry cutler came outside its contained and then bring the medical professionals on its well we should all remember this does expand into the country, we should wash our hands and felt
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like a lot like a 1950s cold war, get under the desk and we will be okay scenario to me. it did not reassure me we have it under control. >> we don't. kennedy: i disagree though that's what survival is him is. you don't assume any go outside it's the end of civilization it means you're smart and you're prepared for. i don't have a problem with that but i don't live my life wrapped in a prophylactic bubble hoping that someone doesn't sneeze on me. so i don't know why you will doubt honestly should. going back to the markets the reality is people are freaking out about this on individual level now. the point is no one knows. the director of the ins says we just don't have enough information. so everybody's freaked out and more concerned about the economy and the markets and the people dying could be. >> we don't make chelsea upset she's yelling in my ear. the panel sticking around coming up 2020 democrats
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...that if it's connected, it's protected. even that that pet-camera thingy. [ whines ] can your internet do that? xfinity xfi can because it's... ...simple, easy, awesome. [ barking ] kennedy: last night six and have democrat candidates hit the stage in south carolina.
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so mics to little. it was loud chaotic it until driven. everything they've called the president for three years now. >> tom i think she is time that my plan not yours. >> i think we are taught not math it doesn't take two hours to do the math. >> let's talk about. >> let's talk about. [inaudible] so here's nothing. >> doing nothing is what will happen. >> senator sanders. [inaudible] >> listen to the moderator guys. is it my turn? kennedy: moderator is my term? always with the filibuster, the socialist it was great entertainment but it did not inspire much confidence in any leadership or governing ability. for the potential for the party to come together to support a single trumped challenger. the primaries this saturday. the biggest day of the primary season, super tuesday is just three days after that. so can the name-calling and hostility repel any of the
9:20 pm
edits across the finish line? and cares it's fun. joining me now to break it down krista wilson is back, welcome back. >> thanks have me back. kennedy: ocean big take away from the debate last night? >> for a winner standpoint it is really, for any of these candidates aside from bernie sanders, to be a winner they have to add tax sanders pair you showed a clip who was most contentious of the night. everyone coming at him because he can explain any of this. but that was a few fo short seconds of a big debate the winner would be bernie sanders because none of them knocked him off his perch. kennedy: what they had to do with bernie is what they did to mike bloomberg last week. they eviscerated bloomberg. and bloomberg had a slightly better night, but i don't know if that really helped? i do think that the voters are
9:21 pm
so savvy and they talk about politics so much. they are not going to be bought by somebody like bloomberg who doesn't take support for granted i want to know your opinion on this he bought the crowd less night how weird is that? >> he bought the crowd he claims he bought the majority in congress it tried to bite super tuesday. if you want to go with the top losers mike bloomberg. he had a better performance but what he did not nevada is installed his momentum. get some himself rising to the top and every pullets come out since then use the install. in fact in california and shows him dropping back down. so it looks as if, very quickly, he was trying to buy his way into a first, second, third place finish and there has not been a lot of polling out of many of these states. but the fact is that we have seen it completely go away. kennedy: super tuesday so go-ahead so also's only hope is for joe biden to come out
9:22 pm
of south carolina with a big win. invited when south carolina's able to stay in. if he loses alkaline it's over and it's bernie's to take. but if biden is able to win it gives bloomberg an opportunity stay in. but minus that, it's almost becoming a two man to a one-man race. with the who the other one is. look at the sanders strategy moving in. the two most recent rallies he announced her in minnesota and massachusetts. he's going right into klobuchar and warren try to knock them out of the race. kennedy: are running out of time i want to ask you about liz warren. she has been effective in the last two debates dismantling bloomberg, but that's the not enough her candidacy. what is the end of her run look like? >> i think i would give her an incomplete or a pass fail type rate for last night. what she was doing is look at me, i can be an effective vice president. put me on a ticket and i can get audited debate, i can
9:23 pm
memorize great lines, i can take somebody apart like she did to mike bloomberg on the need to nondisclosure. kennedy: he needed an enforcer. that's a good point, i think i wouldn't be surprised if they reinstate that here in 2020. i don't think warren has long for this world. our amy and pete going to stay even though moderates are begging them together is? >> no, i think after super tuesday there to be hard-pressed to can raise money to continue their campaign. to grant to see them say goodbye. going to be at 23 man race. blame bloomberg is gonna stand as an anti- bernie super pac. when it gets down to it is gonna be a big shock to take this nomination away from bernie. kennedy: they still don't know how to do it. burning is a lot tougher than people give him credit for. he's a lot harder to pin down because that's insane his ideas are so bad but he's a likable person. when chris you are a good man
9:24 pm
with a great heart, chris wilson thanks so much. >> thank you kennedy. kennedy: the democratic debate was not an entire gerry summers screaming match although that was the part we love. at one point he became a reality show confessional. thanks "big brother" the canids were asked what they thought was the biggest misconception the people had about them. and like a job applicant ask about the greatest weakness these that opportunity to gush about themselves. >> i am defined by business success and money. >> the biggest misconception is i'm boring. >> i have more hair than i think i do so misconception or hearing it tonight, is the idea that some talking about a radical. they are not. so don't eat very much in fact eat all the time. >> not passionate. i get that i'm kind of level, some say unflappable. i don't you want a president's flap of all. but it's precisely because i'm so passionate. so that i'm 6 feet tall.
9:25 pm
kennedy: justly, entertaining and lively and vulnerable but any of these canids looking presidential? the party panel has returned. alexandra wilkes, leslie marshall, chris burns. when the talk a little bit about pete buttigieg. he says people sam not passionate. this is where i disagree with him he said in order to be a great leader you have to be a servant. and i think that shows a little kinking's, which i kind of like. [laughter] >> i think these answers just came off is so cardboard last night. i was comparing it to being in the room for a lot of those debates on the republican side in 2016 where president trump would deliver these lines, these big lines, and supporters and non- supporters in the audience alike, he get this big laugh out of them. i think he brings to the debate stage the fun factor. were some of these other candidates, they don't look
9:26 pm
like they're having a particularly good time. kennedy: or that they're listening. and that's one of the issues you haven't debates like this. but they are all kind of playing the same game. the moderators at cbs, that took a lot of shrapnel on twitter for losing control the debate. but that's of they want because the more candid the debate is the more people watch. and that's with the candidates want they want to go after each other. they don't want these stupid restraints, they want to be able to answer each other and take apart ideas. was it as bad as people are saying? >> no it wasn't. when people say the president said it's a hot mess, and by the way if i wanted a jokester president i would like bozo the clown. when we look at these people, and you go back to the 2016 before the election, i was looking at that as a hot mess. people talk about hand size red name-calling like we have never seen on a presidential stage. did you say we are ready for
9:27 pm
president? honestly think anything goes now because trump has changed the bar. gaffes are okay, lies there okay, personal attacks. kennedy: socialism is fine. >> personal taxes good. socialism was fine in 2016 to millions of people who supported bernie sanders. socialism is fine to a lot of americans like medicare and social security. and he likes to support government healthcare just for $15 minimum wage? >> of trump wins this debate is not even there. elizabeth warren says the biggest misconception she doesn't eat very much. how about she's an american that's a big misconception. because it would show some personality. >> it's not about why being honest. >> no one said that. that is the dumbest thing. that goes back to a near interviewed about what your greatest weakness, i care too much, i love work so much. my entire life suffers. and it's like i don't eat, no
9:28 pm
one ever said that. there's no website or meme or # you better through a sandwich down lives. >> it's not like she is a defensive high school cheerleader. >> i totally eat so much. [laughter] >> how about being straightforward. bloomberg. >> if you think the debates aren't about entertainment and this presidential election isn't about entertainment that's not a factor would americans, the average americans are watching it. i think the democrats series lemus underestimate what president trump is going to do. kennedy: the president tweeted a lot of crazy stuff over they are speaking of that coming up we're going to play one of our favorite new games called trump or false. the panel decides if it's a real tweet or phrase from el presidente or are we making it up and you complain along at home. car insurance
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kennedy: long before he became our 45th president, donald trump was famous for tweeting things that were hard to believe. so we have decided to vent and brenda game called "trump or false". i will read a statement, our panelists will decide if is something donald trump is really set or tweeted before or during his political career. or if the statement is false. like nancy pelosi's. [laughter] the panels ready to play, alexander wilkes, leslie marshall, chris burns. a ready? is goodwin? >> me. kennedy: we got game face on p look at that. his quote number one, what happened with trump university had nothing to do with me, but i will say that it's one of the finest schools in the country, like harvard or oxford, but better. "trump or false"?
9:34 pm
show your paddles. everyone says that his fake news, everybody is on the board with one. wonderful. one point of peace. here's quote number two. "trump or false" did he really say is hillary clinton can't satisfy her husband, what makes her think she can satisfy america? is that "trump or false"? did he really set? and leslie is now in the lead with two. he said it april 16 on twitter. while running for president he shared tweet that said this but then deleted it. that's fun. alright you guys ready for quarter three? that's right. you can have all of the technology in the world, i am a professional at technology. "trump or false"? they are saying it's real, well,. >> you can have all the technology in the world i'm a perfectionist technology. look at that he really said it
9:35 pm
obviously. he said it during a departure talking about the border wall with this technological expertise. leslie still in the leads it is a nailbiter she has a one point advantage over alex and chris. >> affiliates and middle school all again. kennedy: here's quote number four, don't dip her ponytail in the inkwell please. [laughter] phony l and trent indian elizabeth warren is on fake news nbc calling me a dictator. i am not even 11204th of a dictator but i would still be more of a dictator than she is a cherokee. "trump or false"? very good chris that is fake but it is a good one. so chris you and leslie are now tied. they actually have a ouija board and they channeled it. >> thank you called him and said what he said. kennedy: there not leave jobs it'll have a direct line. shout out to you lou.
9:36 pm
crying chuck schumer a total buffoon is crawling on his hands and knees begging for a deal on healthcare. sorry chuck, i only negotiate with real men, not whining little babies. "trump or false"? they are torn, leslie had the last-minute switch and it puts her back in the lead. that is false. goodbye leslie, trust those instincts. >> i think he said something like that but it's not that. kennedy: that's a tricky part you have to know the nuance of the president. leslie clearly is. >> is the answer we need change it. kennedy: here's quote number six isn't it crazy, i am worth billions of dollars, play thousands of people, and get libeled by moron bloggers who can't afford a suit. wild. "trump or false"? and zero look at that chris and alex back on the board.
9:37 pm
alex you have three they have for a piece. he said that on twitter in 2014. his network i worth is still not known but they have attempted to figured out forbes says it's about 1.3 billion as of a couple weeks ago. here is the next quote, "trump or false". my fingers are long and beautiful as it has been well documented are various parts of my body. "trump or false"? do do do do do do do do alex and chris say it's fake, everybody goes fake and everybody gets it wrong. it was of the new york post in 2011, that is true. >> i knew the first part was true. >> carter was editor-in-chief at the time called him a short fingered bulgarian and pages of a spy magazine and said
9:38 pm
wrong they are long, beautiful fingers and other parts. >> i did a member the other parts. kennedy: because you're obsessed with the president ♪ ♪. here's our next quote, "trump or false"? did you hear about nancy pelosi's little accident on capitol hill? somebody get that old hag a diaper. "trump or false"? [laughter] >> it's just crazy enough to be "trump or false" they all say it's fake, they are all right. only separated by point. chris you and leslie tied with four apiece, alex has three. how are you doing at home there? here we go, next quote. i am just thinking to myself right now, we should just cancel the election and just give it to trump, right? why are we even having it? "trump or false"? [laughter] well did he really say? >> i'm just thinking to myself
9:39 pm
right now, we should just cancel the election, and just give it to trump, right? what are weaving having a four? [laughter] >> he's talking about himself and the third person. leslie and chris still tied alex you are one point away. so anything can happen here on game night. here's an x quote. my whole life people been asking me donald, they used to call me donald now they call me mr. president, i say call me donald they say no you're mr. president now we can't call you donald but they say donald why don't you have your own cartoon? "trump or false"? [laughter] and leslie and chris still tied. you are now two points ahead of alex and this is a three-point question, it's the final question. so anyone could win. >> did you make up that real? kennedy: i can do whatever i want. here we go. next quote. tell me which is cooler, my
9:40 pm
induction into the debbie we policy or my star on the hollywood walk of fame? "trump or false"? kennedy: chris burns you are the winner! >> i hate you. kennedy: he trumps the competition he's the newbie. fun noticed thank you so much a fantastic panel everyone is returning very soon. coming up harvey weinstein looking at decades in prison and hundreds of bologna sandwiches. is that a euphemism? find out next. (coughing) hi susan! honey? yeah? i respect that. but that cough looks pretty bad...
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blood pressure following is a monday conviction. any day now the disgrace film producer will get a rude awakening when he's transferred to rikers island jail it's the roughest joint in the country. he'll be locked up in a tiny little celt with little more to eat than bread and water, far cry from mansions and caviar an awkward party buffets. but now weinstein will be getting extreme measures of protections, why? because the nearing city corrections department is not one of the jar after he abstained. can they keep them safe? joining me now former prosecutor randy zell in. weinstein actually benefits from epstein's suicide? >> he does and he doesn't. it has been documented and historically shown that even prisoners in protective custody can still be injured. so it is certainly not a failsafe. >> somebody got the living crab beat out of them said he felt his bunk bed.
9:46 pm
>> if i'm harvey i going to stay in that hospital for as long as i can. and till. kennedy: of course is like a tiny hotel room there. >> i say in the hospital and i don't feel well and it's hard to disprove that. kennedy: he's got like ten medications he has surgery his doctors say he is legally disabled. >> stay there all the while your lawyers are preparing a couple of motions. one, they are making a motion to set aside the verdict based upon all of the appellate issues they're going to be presenting. based upon juror misconduct, anything they can think of and at the same time say he should be out. >> are they gonna get them out? see magnus a writ of habeas corpus and as they protas the body for the judge. then they are going to make a motion the the moment he is sentenced they'll make a motion for bail pending appeal they will make a motion to set
9:47 pm
aside judgment. kennedy: they say is a flight risk. >> my argument would be if there's ever was a time he was in a split it would've been before trial. steffi didn't slow before trial. kennedy: he also thought he was completely innocent and there is no way he was going to be convicted. el chapo thought the same thing. would you like to represent him in l.a.? >> everyone is entitled to a defense even the indefensible. >> that's not what i asked asked if you would like to represent him. >> yes, but he's got, and the proof is in the putting author and crew they tried a helluva case, they walked him on the two top accounts, they tried that case for an appeal item my humble opinion, that case will be reversed. you speak about l.a. there's an interesting other thing going on here. kennedy: what happens in the transfer from new york to l.a. >> l.a. once him they need him
9:48 pm
to arraign him on the indictment. he is entitled to be in court, in l.a. for every stage of the proceedings. if i'm harvey weinstein, and i'm choosing between jail in new york, jail upstate, once he sentence, he's going to go to a god awful place upstate. i'm going to choose l.a. get me out of here get me over to l.a. and let me stay in l.a. for as long as is humanly possible. let me get my credit. i think i would rather be in a local jail in l.a. than it upstate penitentiary once i am sentence. kennedy: i don't know if this is true but if heard a rumor that they don't like rapist in prison. there's certainly a hierarchy in terms of respect in jail. if you kill somebody, that actually could be respectable if you are raping young women that's probably closer on the spectrum. kennedy: people on the inside have sisters and daughters and
9:49 pm
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kennedy: today is ash wednesday, rembert justin trudeau is just her forehead, you know, that's a black mark on canada. and this topical storm number one. how would you like to press your lips with your second favorite hostess? i'm not talking about maria, check out the latest lotion for your pie hole. yes, it's twinkie lip balm it's now available at dollar tree were everything cost your pride. i love dollar tree. it's gonna go great with my lunch a bulls perfume. pick up yours today and give your lover the sweet taste. i'm try to myself at the reviews say it's like the balm. bal m. that's a crummy joke. topic number two. something was missing in scotland today and i'm not talking about a lot of teeth. listen how the house of tourism event introduced
9:54 pm
prince harry. >> sussex and we are all just to call him harry, so it ladies in general and please give a warm scottish welcome to harry. [applause] kennedy: your pretentious harry the ginger ninja, has snapped requesting not to be called by his official title, prince, it's his latest to the throne since exiting the royal family to become meghan margo's voice of her age and stepping away from his royal duties which now will be called dumped. [laughter] get it for the record prince anderson wants to be called daddy, and meghan insists she be called beyoncé. right. topic number three. the costal foodcourt has become american institution were hobos and bernie sanders supporters can gather to share chemicals and burps. the parties over. starting in march costco will be closing its foodcourt to non- members.
9:55 pm
greats, now what am i gonna differ thanksgiving? twitter users mashing their keyboards in frustration when freeloaders think the fact that costco is now requiring membership to eat it the foodcourt is very upsetting. i mean 16 bucks a year? who am i british citizen harry? shame on you costco, this is the worst non- customer service i've ever received. and you make me take home everything in a box. you know easter is coming up and was planning on not shopping at costco for. now i will not shop at walmart topic number four. a stunning development in the field of technology, now robots can make you feel things and not just in your nightstand. whew. research in colorado have developed artificial intelligence it can write poetry. the ai started writing it because i wonder shaggy alexis. one of the sideboards said
9:56 pm
heard, a song of joy, sound of happy sound fills the air he breathed. to him i sing to him icing the happy song. oh good lord. it's not shakespeare but that robot is good enough to write for cnn. i'd hire me here but our show is already written by my roomba. [laughter] we'll be rightht b back. talk to your doctor, and call 844-234-2424. hey there! i'm lonnie from lonnie's lumber. if you need lumber wood, lonnie's is better than good. we got oak, cherry, walnut, and more. and we also have the best selection of plywood (clattering) in the state... hey! (high-pitched laughter) man: dang woodchucks! (wood clattering) stop chuckin' that wood! with geico, the savings keep on going. just like this sequel.
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and then what happened? where's our family from? was he my age? so nana and pops eloped? ...and then what happened, daddy? well, before us, there were your great, great, great grandparents. turn questions you've always had into stories you can't wait to share; with ancestry. kennedy: how did it feel to
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watch the best hour of your day? it's all done hear from here. follow me at instagram and twitter kennedy nation topical storm facebook kennedy facebook inc. kennedy facebook@foxbusiness see on the numbers couched noonan tomorrow. [♪] lou: good evening. we join president trump holding a news conference on the coronavirus. that news conference is in progress. here is the president. president trump: we would rather talk about this right now. >> the cdc said yesterday they believe it's inevitable that the virus will spread in the united states. it's if not when. president trump: i don't think it's inevitable. but whatever happens we are totally prepared. we have the best people in the world. the


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