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tv   Kennedy  FOX Business  February 27, 2020 9:00pm-10:00pm EST

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to them. aoc is a prime example of that. it's got to stop. tomorrow, i will see you right here. we have doctor king, kt mcfarlane, and many, many more. kennedy begins right now. night night. ♪ ♪ b5 well hello darling thank you so much trish. the world is going to hell in a handbasket, hope you brought the pure help. coronavirus outbreak is freaking people out from coast-to-coast. can our lawmakers set aside their differences and come together to help solve this crisis? no. earlier today the cdc confirm the first coronavirus case of unknown origin although it was close to that air force base where they are quarantining a bunch of people with the virus. the california patient did not travel to anywhere the virus is actually hit and is not been in contact with anyone in the wuhan clan. on top of that the golden state monitoring 8400 people. while, i bet they're all
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living on the streets of san francisco one that befell him to become the homeless crisis. this afternoon mike pence said the administration is on this like white on rice. watch. >> while the risk to the american public remains low, as the president said yesterday, we are ready. we are ready for anything. and i promise you, we will continue to bring the full resources of the federal government to bear to protect the american people. kennedy: that sounds like a more surveillance he's taunting the virus bring it, you want some of this? yeah you do, corona. but for folks like nancy pelosi, that's not good enough. >> the trump budget has a slashing almost $700 million from the center for disease control. and this is the budget that came out after we knew about the coronavirus threat. and now it continues our
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health needs by ransacking other human health needs whether seeable a fund or other. kennedy: that's what you do, it's government nancy, it sucks. it is all taking. but then there's the liberal media, the lame stream media after the president's press conference yesterday, talking heads had a collective meltdown watch. >> the sheer volume of things that are not true that have been said by this president and by some of his aides, does not inspire credibility. >> the trump administration war on science is left is vulnerable. >> i found most of what he said incoherent. he surprised 25000 to 69000 people each year die of the flu. that just tells you how little he actually knows about public health. he just revealed how ignorant he is about the situation. kennedy: he's done many hates science, and i've got glasses. this evening the present put a nice bow on it. >> politics aside, but when it
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comes time to talk about pandemics or whatever they want to call it, you've got to get away from politics. with chuck and all these people, nancy, you can't go out and just to say terrible it's terrible. we are doing incredible. think of it, 15 people out of billions of people, 15 people. they are getting better in soon they are all going to be better. kennedy: who's hallelujah in the back, testify, sing a girl. is there any chance were going to stop bickering long enough to actually tackle the living crisis? joining me tonight trump 2020 campaign advisor jason meister is here along with democratic strategist and self strategy kevin walling, and comedian in host of that jamison show, it's don jamison from mtv houston floor with my mom mercifully.
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[laughter] i would not say mercilessly. kennedy: is that the true story? he correspond with my mother without her knowledge and then she sent him cookies. [laughter] kennedy: and then he would wake up in the hallways house your mom. [laughter] i told my mom you are on and she said that was so nice. [laughter] we could actually make that happen. so are you nervous to fly right now? i think that's the big question. are you changing anything you do because of what might be lurking in airplanes? >> i'm not changing for that reason and i do travel a lot doing stand-up comedy. i was performing on a krewes recently, that did not worry me. the only thing that did were me was joe biden came out today and said 150 million americans have died from coronavirus today. [laughter] i will scared. kennedy: that's what he's doing so wellin south
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carolina. >> to the sewing question, i have seen a noticeable increase in facemasks, everyone is wearing when they travel. i think it's a precaution. it's great for anarchists. you don't know who's behind it. >> but to the president's point in the press conference is just common sense precautions that everybody should take when we are in the midst of flu season and with this new virus that's out there. for anything. >> don't cough on people, don't sneeze on people. kennedy: don't get sneezed on. the worst part about flying as if you would be infected but it's the people who smell bad. it's not the flying and the seeds is not the coronavirus i think we need to keep things in perspective here. but what i want to know is i understand the presidents approach last night in the press conference, he was trying to disarm the situation a little bit and put people at ease. there is a time for panic, there's a time for alarmism
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but were not there yet. if this administration does handle this outbreak effectively, when will they get credit work? >> never and we all know that. the liberal mainstream media and democrats are to a large extent to blame for the selloff in the market and their reaction to this. look, the flu, i think this year there were 29000 people in this country. 16000 people died from the flu. we have had no deaths get in this country from coronavirus. i think it's being totally blown out of proportion. look, it's one thing to make a political and to be critical of the president and how he reacts to things. but to cause such chaos and pandemic, or scare the american people, i think it's totally out of place. kennedy: when you scare people for just political purposes i think it is wrong. when is it right to scare people? >> if they come see my comedy show that's a pretty good time to scare people we haven't had
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one death here but yet every day -- there are more stories about the coronavirus about ads for bloomberg for president. [laughter] i feel like i can't leave my house here. kennedy: what if he had the coronavirus running as his vice president? [laughter] kennedy: it's funny because it's not funny but it seems like some of these people were running for president now are like fire were president there wouldn't be a coronavirus. by sheer worn president. i would shake the virus down to its very core and it would not be able to mutate to this. >> it which is silly in that regard it's all of the candidates speaking to commander-in-chief decision-making processes they would make. i mean the vice president had a good moment in that town hall yesterday, april had a pretty good moment on the debate stage. you look presidential talk
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about their bola response. kennedy: but you look at joe biden and he looks presidential but it's like a grandpa. sometimes your grandpa's totally plugged in and can give you all the advice you need on your banking and your love life, and other times it's like where's my slippers wire they made. [inaudible] >> i think he's been good this week at least with that town hall yesterday the debated think is doing better. >> i think we are more prepared for this because of a lot of policies is present has put forth. securing our borders, tightening illegal immigration. [laughter] kennedy: [inaudible] >> put them on a cruise ship. kennedy: you cannot make that connection yet. those are two separate things going on the same time. we have immigration issues that the democrats and republicans should be working together on. we've got a potential deadly virus outbreak they should also be working together on. it does not mean in the same
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thing. >> we got to be tough on china which she's been doing. kennedy: 's we want to tank their economy fun time customer. >> we don't attack the economy but want to fix the issue. see micah think of this president was actually tough on china he would demand our scientist go to china and evaluate what's happening. he has. kennedy: at the sovereign country you can't just go to the hungry and say we are here guys are a guys got shields with that squishy things,. [laughter] >> we got squishy things there's a sovereign country that we want in and there. kennedy: and their economy is just about identical. siberia, china,. >> we could bring the international community together. kennedy: will do that just a moment the man panel returns. first up how do you know if you have coronavirus customer that is a very good question because it has been a little bit perplexing according to a study by the chinese centers for disease control and prevention.
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more than 80% of the cases are actually very mild. and the symptoms could be similar to a bad cold or a case of the flu. and that could make the spreading easier and detection harder as infected individuals continue about their normal lives. and now the director general of the world health organization is saying is up to each of us to fight the outbreak. watch. >> once again, this is not a time for fear. this is a time for taking actio action, now, to present infections and save lives now. fear and panic does not help. but the most important thing is to calm down and do the right things to fight this very dangerous virus. kennedy: everybody calm down meanwhile some medical professionals might not even be handling this the right
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way. according to a whistleblower the department of health and human services, americans evacuate from wuhan china were handled by u.s. government workers who had no relevant training and were wearing no safety gear. set the pros don't know what to do, i held hope we have. here with us now vice prison for research kevin is back. so let's talk about this a little bit. i do think it's a good question, how do you know if you have it? how is it a different? >> that's one of the tricky things about this virus its flulike symptoms for 80% of the cases they are fairly mild. 5% get severe and. kennedy: you would know that on the market in the response. you think is essentially respiratory ebola. but you're saying very small percentage of cases that require that level of hospitalization and intubation? >> 's significant virus and that it's contagious the mortality rate is higher than the flu. but it's something -- is not
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going to kill all of us it's about a 2% mortality rate from what we know now. as we start finding more of those mild cases, starting more testing, those overall fatality rates will probably go down. kennedy: interesting, one of the biggest problem sells a testing kit. the cbc sent them out but that a faulty component. and now the patients in california are trying to figure out how that person got coronavirus in the first place, wasn't tested for about five days even though they suspected that he might have had the illness. they didn't know and they could not confirm it. doctor marc siegel set a clinician will be able to spot it. you have the same level of faith? >> again if the symptoms are not that unique, then it is tricky to just spot it on a part with all the other respiratory infections coming around. the point that it's woefully unprepared for what ended new disease does emerged we have the tools to detect it and
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snuff it out right away? kennedy: do we? >> we need more. we need to think back is not just a u.s. issue it's a global issue. not most the cases are not in the u.s. at the moment. you can't just think it's another country's problem to deal with diseases. kennedy: look at the one flight attendant who threw through lax and now people there are kind of panicked about the whole situation. you've been on planes, you have coworkers who research in china and other parts of asia and all over the globe. they are flying constantly. and you said we are living and the pandemic aid what is that mean? >> were living in a new pandemic era there are more of these irises that are pandemic potentially sars, mers, cova 19 there's more of them. they're coming from areas, three quarters of them jump from animals to people. they're coming in areas where they are mixing with these
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animals there's a lot of environmental issues going on they have influence on the planet and then to the travel and trade networks. kennedy: i read one story where there is a level four lab in rouen and might have just escaped the lab and did not emanate from the wet markets there what you think about that? >> there is been a panel of experts already convened on that and all evidence has its faults. the genetics of the virus and other points of evidence say it is a natural origin and a jump from an animal to a person. it happened multiple times of multiple animals, we don't know that peace. it was a single event or multiple pole events in a single location likely and now we are trying to mop up this mess. i think investing our infrastructure and tools with partner nations to really detect and respond in the sins of their source is the key. kennedy: will nanotechnology
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be the key to detecting instant viruses? >> i don't know about that. kennedy: is pretty exciting of the good things about it forces the mechanisms in the process so much, and it puts pressure on pressure on it that you can't have in real life. i think we could see something phenomenal come from this. >> solutions can sometimes be very low-tech. so preventing that wildlife markets or people are eating these crazy animals as are coming out of the forest is a low-tech solution by washing your hands in the market and stopping that trade. or you can have vaccines and therapeutics that take longer to develop more costly but are more effective after-the-fact. kennedy: so next year we will all be fine until then bathed in puerile, don't touch people, don't leave your homeless you don't have to. so you're saying? >> wash your hands. kennedy: that the same version. thanks a much contact you. the fbi tried on the truck campaign in 2016, with the lawmakers have the guts to
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awesome. so while moving may still come with its share of headaches... no kidding. we're doing all we can to make moving simple, easy, awesome. go to to get started. kennedy: one of the key provisions of the patriot act is about to expire in problematic section 215, that is had called details of many innocent americans is pretty
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much the poster child of all that's gone wrong with the surveillance state. the president has been at odds with his attorney general comment which is unsurprising given that the president's campaign was erroneously spied upon by the architect of the nsa program. that's right, 1992 bill bar south is deputy robert mueller on his lap and hammered out a crafty program for the dea that will allow them to access lots of information on bad guys undetected and then that thing was beefed up in juice and be the meditator suck vessel that was finally exposed by and 2013. bart is one hurt his baby in and he is recommending a clean extension of 215. the president is furious that the fbi peed in his punch bowl by lying and spying on carter page, which launched the mueller probe and pave the path to impeachment. it does not matter that these plans have saintly intentions, or that specific instance, or
9:21 pm
17, allows the system to fail. if the whole thing can be abuses easily, we'll maybe the system has to go. no one has the nordstrom pulled the plug on these unconstitutional freedoms numbers, and only a few brave liberty defenders have a plan to neuter the goose. rand paul is been whispering in the presidency are getting him into a lather about the seven ease of abuse that almost brought down his administration. and rang the bell that would and data collection under 215 which would make another bill, bar, equipped with this passage. the time is now common in every presidential hopeful doesn't immediately get on board with serious reform, and none of them deserves a job at all. where you at bernie and that's the memo. kennedy: section 215 and two other surveillance provision set to expire on the ides of march unless congress re- authorizes them. so will our lawmakers let them lapse or will the spine continue? joining me to it discuss
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tonight cato institute senior fellow and technology and privacy this is really his wheelhouse. it's julian sanchez, welcome back. so things are have me. kennedy: what you see the most problematic aspect of this legislation and what can actually be done about it? >> there seems at this point to be a pretty broad agreement that the records component should just be allowed to die. this is the successor to the bulk collection program that's been revealed. we knew it was massively invasive, they weren't quite willing to kill it at the time, so they watered it down and neutered and a little bit. but we know now, this is despite -- nominally not being bulking and warrants a program where they have collected 4,500,000,000 records a year, even though there are only about 11 orders last year. we know that it was massively expensive, cost about $100 million over four years. and they got out of that
9:23 pm
exactly two unique leads which one of which was a dead end. it's a number of programs with compliance issues and they were not lawfully collecting information they're entitled to. repeatedly. the nsa basically found it so problematically and uselessly voluntarily shut it down. kennedy: even with a voluntary shutdown, there are still abuses. >> there still holding a lot of data there. part of the problem is they suck to this information in, and there are procedures to purge data that is not foreign intelligence information. usually the standard that supplied not just in this program but across of fisa you keep it until you determined it is not foreign intelligence, which assists there until you're absolutely certain it couldn't possibly be for an intelligence. kennedy: you have spoken about the part of this surveillance apparatus that was most easily abused and that was the part
9:24 pm
that was used against carter page. because once he was identified as a target, and the warrants application was rubberstamps, then they essentially had to gather all of that information, all that sensitive banking information, and not just metadata it was spying on someone. also getting information from people who knew him. so tell me about that. >> this is a big missing piece in the horwitz report. we heard a lot about the results for content surveillance in that application process. but before that would happen they would have uses other authorities to get again telecommunication, internet, phone, and financial information about page certainly. but also about people in connection with him. and this is a case where as the statute is written, the fisa court doesn't have an option as to whether they
9:25 pm
grant that. once they open the counterterrorism investigation on a target, and they opened on page before anyone had a with of the steele dossier. they did that almost before he was part of the trump campaign. everyone who is known to or in contact with him, their records are automatically relevant to the investigation. kennedy: think of why this is so unsafe. nevermind it was a republican presidential candidate nominee. anyone, at this high level, if you have one person that's all they needed was one person on the campaign to spy on, and anyone who spoke to him they now have access to all those records. you're telling me there's not something dreadfully wrong with that program? >> i think that is exactly right. the standard now as he got suspicion, correct suspicion or incorrect suspicion about one person, everyone in their social network effectively becomes fair game as well. that seems rather shockingly overbroad and unreasonable.
9:26 pm
there's additional reason to believe there is justification for scrutinizing something as sensitive as the records of people's internet activity, records of people who they are e-mailing and calling. kennedy: that's why say anyone running for president, you better sure as hell hope they put some breaks on these runaway trains. >> even if you're not running for president. kennedy: absolutely those of us were civil libertarians have been warning lawmakers and various demonstrations about this for years. julie do you do great work at cato, thank you so much for taking the time tonight. >> thank you. kennedy: got some wild new polls, they could blow the democrat race wide open. that's next. ated. as your broker, i've solved it. that's great, carl. but we need something better. that's easily adjustable has no penalties or advisory fee. and we can monitor to see that we're on track. like schwab intelligent income.
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everyone's surprise including joe biden surprises to running for president. are we done yet? and at least one state he is still the front runner, good job buddy, just two days there's going to be a primary there, at new monmouth the poll shows joe biden demolishing the poll in south carolina. got a 20-point lead over second-place socials bernie sanders. sleepy joe supporters shouldn't get their hopes up just yet. the new fox news poll shows sanders knocking biden out of the first place position nationally among democratic primary voters in the first time since he announced his campaign. and now, the burn is up by 15 points. even if biden's get the big w, and the palmetto state and i don't know if he can, the man panel is back. jason meister, kevin welling, don jamieson. we're gonna start with you at our table of goodness. i think bernie is kind of unstoppable.
9:32 pm
i think they're panic to democrats coming to terms with that. not unlike when president trump was closer and closer to going to the nomination with every state. so good point candy, he had that blow out in nevada leading by double digit. kennedy: and they couldn't stopped on by the coalition. >> they couldn't stop talk coalition i think fox news poll is the reflective of the big victory in nevada. i would be interested to see in the polls next week after south carolina joe biden is able to win by double digits. kennedy: in order to be viable he has to. it can be like a couple points. so act can be smelly and blow them out of the water. he's skating on south carolina but that's three days before super tuesday which is the whole ballgame. if he heads into super tuesday with good press for 72 hours, i think he is the only one position to stop bernie. kennedy: adam up anyone can stop bernie. you are so excited. >> i just don't think it matters. even if he won double digits have the time the guy doesn't know what sadie's end, half the time he thanks is running for the senate.
9:33 pm
>> it's hard to watch. look at bernie sanders, he really effectively is a thought leader of the democratic party. everyone of these candidates are pandering to where he is. all the enthusiasm is with bernie sanders and to some extent elizabeth warren. i think the far left is taking us away. kennedy: i don't think warren has as many excited supporters, they dislike it when she punches mike bloomberg in the face. she's better and has like 3 inches tolerance only 51. do you feel bad for joe? >> i don't feel bad for him. and i disagree when he says. joe biden predicted from day one that he would win south dakota and he has been proven correct his cufflinks have spoken. many of you guys don't know him and obama they ratified south carolina's estates and they also created the word ratify. [laughter] so there you go. kennedy: lata fine gratified. [laughter] >> get back on that
9:34 pm
cruiseship. [laughter] i have some stuff from the ted nugent collection. kennedy: i love ted nugent when he can run for president customer so that's it 2024 ted nugent is the old enough? thirty-five? he's not old enough. another 30 years is still his oldest bernie. kennedy: as the democrats include nancy pelosi for the cameras today putting on a brave face and shiny set of teeth. promising to promising to stand by the primaries winter. >> unity, unity, unity, whoever i nominee is, we will support. with respect for his or her positions and hopefully with their respect for our positions as well. so, we have made a decision to win, and as i said to the members, if you make a decision to win, you have to make every subsequent decision to win. no friction, no nothing. just stay on the path to
9:35 pm
victory. kennedy: is our decision to win perry's are just now, just now you think we should win? because i was thinking the whole time we should not. that's what she saying in public. but in private she's throwing bases like hillary on election night. and other democrat establishment leaders are panicking over bernie surge. i've sound so kinky when i say. i divided primary vote could give them a chance to do something about it the other candidates can peel off enough votes. and delegates to force a brokered convention. superdelegates with established could decide nominee, so a policy move to undercut the senator and if she does will the bernie come back and get behind another democratic? there's absolutely no way, if that's what they do, they are praying for a second ballot and i think they're gonna push bernie out of the way, that way, it will destroy the party. >> it's a nightmare scenario. i'm the democrat here and we cannot have a brokered convention. it would be a disaster for the democratic party.
9:36 pm
the view that it's taken away from bernie sanders' core supporters still have hard feelings as we talked about from 2016. and donald trump coming to certain degree is really smart to play that up as he is involved. kennedy: he's like poor crazy bernie, they just won him out-of-the-way. >> it would be a disaster obviously for the democratic party i don't think it's gonna happen. think we will have a clear nominee. kennedy: so what is nancy pelosi doing customer what is her thought process saying i would support bernie i like bernie. so i think she's in a really tough position and she's probably going to try to broker some deals with the moderates if they are still remaining. but i think bernie is taking us away. i think they're going to take it away from bernie. as you pointed out all the bernie bros, they're gonna set out. they are not gonna vote. kennedy: nobody wants to be talked down to. all we talk about all day long, it doesn't matter you are, how old you are, people talk about politics. they pay attention and they know it can happen because everything weird, and they are not going to get away with it. >> they are definitely not
9:37 pm
going to vote for bloomberg, multibillionaire only arc. kennedy: never bloomberg. you love mike bloomberg though, you came of the bloomberg backpack. [laughter] 's - i'm on two phonebooks right now. what you didn't see that clip is nancy posey said i will hope agenda wholeheartedly back whoever the nominee is as long is his name does not ride with sure me. kennedy: anyone is going to represent the democrat party, not a socialist independent. i went to college with alexander hamilton, i know. i know i wrote the constitution. she didn't really. she was a couple years older than him. [laughter] i do think that this is going to play out in such a way, this has been a huge shakespearean drama. is going to play outwards not going to be bloomberg at the brokered convention, it's going to be hillary.
9:38 pm
>> i hope not. [laughter] we have talked about this so much, she cannot write in on that white horse. but to a certain degree that fox news pull your reference is bernie and the party, that same poll shows that biden is beating donald trump by eight points. that bernie sanders is beating saddle truck by seven points. so all the routing for bernie sanders could actually backfire a little bit. kennedy: hillary two weeks before the election was beating donald trump by 20 points. >> about 14% of bernie supporters in the primary switched over and voted for donald trump in the general election. kennedy: said 28% of demo go for donald trump for his reelection because now is a known quantity. that is a real thing. >> look, i think they're going to try to take away from bernie and if biden was somehow clinched after south carolina, and actually clinch this and when the election, maybe hunter biden could get the contract to sell the coronavirus to the mainland china? he's got the relationship. kennedy: they've already got
9:39 pm
the virus and hunters already got a lot of money. and probably a few viruses two. on his computer course. [laughter] >> oh god no, no comment. >> hillary was winning, you have to member the time her pollsters were the houston astros, so you can't trust anything that they say. [laughter] the only polls i trust of the crazy horse linen vegas. that's all i'm saying. kennedy: secretary of defense. [laughter] she just won the election, take your shirt off. [laughter] so is attached to i can't. kennedy: and got noxzema on it. alright, well man penalty think? who's gonna win customer. >> i think joe is going to win, obviously double digits in south carolina. then it's anyone's guess what happens to the other candidates running. i know you love mayor pete. kennedy: who's good to get the nomination? >> joe biden absolutely. >> no, he's definitely in
9:40 pm
south carolina he's going to be the pack like they are corn pop and he's got a 6-foot chain. i think hillary is coming in on the white horse i really do. kennedy: i thick it's going to be hillary too and i hope it manifests. >> i think it's bernie that they take away from its bloomberg he buys it. kennedy: i don't think so i think bloomberg is very damaged. see mickey's very damage from the debate. kennedy: will take his money and say sure i endorse him. he is awful. in his heart, the author of very racist policies and i don't trust him. thank you man panel. the coronavirus care, we are getting back to blasting stocks, crushing 401ks in your dreams, can you protect your finances? you can, you may be panicking needlessly. i will tell you how to relax next. ♪you make everything... groovy...♪
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9:45 pm
because much more barren. look what happened today with the dow down 1200 points. some sectors that could be hardest hit, tourism especially from china, exports to china like computer chips if americans begin to fear public crowds. so what coming do to stop or at least slow down the bleeding? here with me to it discuss the author of the next revolution on the fox news channel sunday nights it nine easter did steve hilton, welcome back. >> hello kennedy, hello steve. i am with you i thank you so much of this reaction is truly overblown. people truly love to panic. that's why they go see scary movies because they love that feeling of big and total fear. but in the end whatever thing works out, that's what you live for. it is going to work out, isn't it? >> of course it is. people are addicted, especially politicians are
9:46 pm
addicted to hyping things up like this. and making it into big drama because it means they can get to put on their grave faces and take responsibility and call for more resources and expand the role of government. that's what they do the whole time. i was listening this morning to the press conference, gavin newsom he was there in that grave manner saying how seriously they are taking it. one after another the officials coming up there. the first bit of sense we heard was from the head of the public health agency here in california. she said, which is the truth, the common cold is a coronavirus. she pointed out that over 85% of the people get it, and hardly anyone is getting it, but those who get it, over 85% have mild or zero symptoms. but yet it's being hyped up into something that's basically knocking on deaths door for all of us. it is completely ridiculous. as you said, the real-world effects of course we feel very
9:47 pm
terribly for anybody who does catch it and suffers and worst of all dies. that is true. but lots of people die of lots of different causes. every day. to make this the entire focus, basically the entire worlds of media and government system, is totally over-the-top. kennedy: we have lost perspective. the good news is we also don't have an attention span for anything. so unless it gets exponentially worse, people will move on from it. they will decide that they've gotten their masks at walgreens or amazon, and they do have their sanitizer and enough candid chili to last them a good 14 days. that is going to be the end of it for most people. will stocks rebound in the same way? >> they will because actually in the end that markets reflect the information out there. but the fundamentals of the economy are really strong.
9:48 pm
more people are working than ever before. things are going up, that's what's powering the economy. these kind of panics don't reflect the real economy. i suppose the sum real-world effects are positive for advice on is one of those people we were next-door yesterday and for the first time i can recall he saw the hand sanitizer and he said we got to get some hand sanitizer. we are turning into coronavirus wrappers with hand sanitizer. kennedy: i don't have any problem prepping a thick it's fine. he think it's always good to be prepared, to pay attention to your surroundings when you're walking on the street or you're on a plane. and i love your attitude, because we are in a very good position. and it will get better. steve hilton, thank you very much. topical storm is next, how about that? ♪ ♪ te right so you can save big. get a no-fee personal loan up to $100k.
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kennedy: disney's cut a kissing scene for the chinese version of its new live action belong because an offended chinese audiences. which means they're going to have to cancel the sequel, mulan gets coronavirus. you are sick, that is a sick joke. and this is a topical storm. topic number one. it's february and you know what that means, frozen butt cheeks. [laughter] and baseball.
9:53 pm
in the shenanigans arty starting at major league spring training. look at this heavy hitter. david on third base for the chicago cubs which is also how i spent my prom night. watch bodie get drafted to pitch, and a gender reveal from a couple about to have a cup of their own. watch this. and three, two, boom. it's a girl. that means she's going to grow up to throw like a new york mets. the couple celebrating with bodie, there they are, they find out he's also the father. that's fun. would you expect, the man is a swinger. this took a curve didn't? [laughter] very familiar. topic number two, we turn to los angeles were body shaming has gotten out of control. the suspect is now in custody after he reportedly stole a hearse from a funeral home and drove away with a dead woman in a casket in the back.
9:54 pm
it was reckless, but still safer than a life woman driving. hey yo, when he tracked down the vehicle using the find my cadaver app. the pursuit and in a car wreck in rush-hour this morning a lesson for all the kids out there, steal your corpses off peak, please pay despite a bumpy ride the pass and read no complaint and she qualified to compete in an upcoming pine box derby. while the suspect is still was sentenced to 45 seconds the topical storm. good job, it's a living hell. topic number three, french fries have traditionally been an indulgent side dish like cornbread or stormy daniels. now according to my trusted physician, doctor pepper, they could be good for you, sure. researchers in minnesota claimed to have developed a new technique to turn french fries into a health food. they say they have invented a new type of world that combines a taste of vegetable oil with a heart healthy qualities of all of oil.
9:55 pm
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kennedy: i am singing you to sleep, thanks for watching the best hour of your day you can fellowman twitter an instagram at kennedy nation facebook kennedy fbn and e-mail kennedy fbn at what made them this weekend customer got buying some gold. see you on monday. jarrett sitting in for the vacationing lou dobbs. the coronavirus pandemic is worsening. as the virus spreads, so do fears. concerns continuing to rock global stock markets. the dow, the nasdaq, the s & p plummeting 4%. each of them suffering the biggest point drop in their history. the trump administration doing its part to alleviate concerns and reassure the american people it's fully


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