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tv   FBN AM  FOX Business  February 28, 2020 5:00am-6:00am EST

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bookstores just about everywhere. thanks for joining us. hope you have a great night. cheryl: it is 5:00 a.m. here are your top stories at this hour. the wild ride continues this morning, we're looking at another triple digit loss at the open amid fears of the coronavirus spreading. another major american company warning it's going to hurt their bottom line. right now dow futures down 449. lauren: been a rough week. joe biden is looking strong ahead of tomorrow's south carolina pry mayor rim new polling shows bernie sanders is close on his tail. cheryl: you will never forget this once in a lifetime opportunity, a unique stay offered today on airbnb. it's friday, february 28th. "fbn: a.m." starts right now. ♪
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♪ gonna happen in the city. ♪ be with my girl, she's so pretty. lauren: i think everybody has friday on their minds today. welcome to "fbn: a.m.." i'm lauren simonetti. cheryl: glad it's friday. that is for sure. what a week. good morning, everyone. i'm cheryl casone. lauren: you know what, the selling is not over yet. take a look at how your money is moving this morning. just to remind you, we had the biggest point declines ever yesterday, the dow and s&p in correction territory. this morning, dow is down another 450 points, s&p down 51, nasdaq down 165. everybody's looking for the bottom of this market. cheryl: we had a major selloff in oil yesterday. take a look at that right now. that selling is continuing. look at oil right now, down almost 4%, again, the concern if you've got a global recession on your hands, you are going to see
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crude demand fall and that is what we're seeing in that contract. what's interesting here is gold is actually down about three quarters of a percent. we had seen gold rising. lauren: let's take a look at the close in asia. it was an ugly one, red across the screen, three plus percent declines in japan, china and south korea. cheryl: european shares slumped and the biggest decline for the week since the financial crisis in 2008. as you can see, the ftse down more than 7%. cac 40 in france is down more than 3 and-a-half percent, tax x is down more than 4 and a quarter percent. the top story is the coronavirus, 33 people have tested positive in california while more than 8,000 others are being monitored for the illness in the golden state alone. lauren: that's the deal, in china the numbers are going down, everywhere else they're going up, including in the us. aishah hasnie has the story as a
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whistleblower says broken safety protocols may have put more people at risk. aishah, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, lauren and cheryl. all eyes are on california right now as there are a whopping 8,400 people being closely monitored for any coronavirus symptoms right now. and that one patient who mysteriously got the virus without ever going to china turns out wasn't even tested for four whole days despite requests from hospital staff. this is a state that only has about 200 test kits left. governor gavin ne newsom on thursday the cdc is stepping in to help. >> the testing protocols will be advanced with urgency. we have just a few hundred testing kits in the state of california and that's surveillance testing as well as diagnostic testing, that's simply inadequate to do justice. >> reporter: meantime, a
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whistleblower claims health and human services sent employees to evaluate those 0 hundreds of americans rescued from china without the proper protective gear. the department says it is taking this complaint seriously and it's looking into it. and overnight, president trump hitting back at democrats, complaining that the white house is unprepared. he tweeted so the coronavirus, which started in china and spread to various countries throughout the world but very slowly in the u.s. because president trump closed our border and ended flights very early is now being blamed by the do-nothing democrats to be the fault of trump. and vice president mike pence also facing critics of his own as he heads the country's response. he assured sean hannity that the threat is low at home, thanks to the president. >> the reality is that because of the actions of president trump that he took last month,
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literally ending travel, closing our borders to people coming in from china, establishing a quarantine process, setting up a task force, if the president hadn't taken those unprecedented steps we would be in a different place today. >> reporter: at last check there are 60 confirmed coronavirus cases in the u.s. and, again, that is expected to grow. lauren, cheryl. lauren: aishah, thank you very much. cheryl: the coronavirus outbreak has been slamming the stock market as you all know. one federal reserve official doesn't think it's time for the bank to cut interest rates. chicago's fed president, charles evan, was speaking in mexico estimate he said the central bank should see how the coronavirus is affecting the economy before they make any changes in monetary policy. he's not a voting member of the fed but we listen to his comments. the futures market is pricing in a 92% chance of a fed rate cut at next month's policy making meeting. lauren: that is a big number. meanwhile, facebook canceling
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the biggest event of the year because of the virus. the developer conference was due to be held in can important ya in -- california, but that is not happening. hong kong's government says the dog of a coronavirus patient has now tested positive for a low level of the disease. the dog has been quarantined until it's known whether it actually has the virus or if it's carrying it in its mouth and nose. cheryl: oh, poor baby. 33 turkish soldiers were killed in an air strike by syrian government forces overnight, the attack more than doubling turkey's military deaths for the month, raising the chances they're going to launch a full-scale operation against russian backed syrian government forces. a senior official says turkey will no longer stop any syrian refugees from reaching europe. this is related to the nearly decade long syrian conflict.
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lauren: let's go to the south. it's crunch time in south carolina, democrats are making last ditch efforts to break down joe biden's lead as president trump plans to rally his base in the palmetto state. cheryl: griff jenkins is if north charleston this morning. we are one day away from the primary. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, lauren and cheryl. it is the final push with what a battle it's going to be between biden, who leads here in south carolina, and bernie, who leads nationally after three strong early state finishes. yesterday, both candidates just going after each other. take a listen. >> senator sanders' medicare for all will be a long, long expensive slog, cost over $35 trillion and the patients can't afford to wait. >> we've come along way. when we started the campaign, we were 30 points behind. we're closing the gap every day. we can win in south carolina. i think we're going to do well on super tuesday all across the country and i think we're going
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to defeat donald trump. >> reporter: let me show you the latest polls. it is a 16 point lead for biden in the emerson poll, you see biden at 41%, sanders at 25%, followed by steyer and buttigieg at 11, klobuchar at 6. come over to the post and courier poll, biden is at 28%, sanders, 24, steyer at 16. warren at 12, buttigieg at 11. meanwhile, i am standing in the parking lot in north charleston of where president trump will hold a rally. you can see at this early hour people are starting to gather. i tried as best i could not to wake them up. good morning to you. how are you? we were out here yesterday, lauren and cheryl, asking folks do you think any of these democrats can beat president trump in november. here is what they had to say. >> they have no chance in the world to beat him. he's going to win the election. the democrats don't have a chance. >> i watched the last debate. seems like a lot of them were echoing his policies, rehashing things he's already
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accomplished. >> i think trump is going to be a winner again. >> i think he's doing a fantastic job and i think he's going to get reelected. >> reporter: that's the situation here in north charleston. it's going to be a big night, the rally tonight at 7:00 p.m. eastern. and tomorrow of course the voting begins and they're expecting a large turnout already, absentee ballots have exceeded that of 2016. cheryl: griff jenkins in south carolina, thank you. we continue to follow another brutal selloff on wall street this morning as invelvetters grow more concerned about the impact of the coronavirus outbreak on the global economy. the dow industrials, the s&p and nasdaq are now in we should say correction territory, that 10% move that you get from a recent high. the dow plunged nearly 1200 points yesterday. i want to bring in david ragland, investment strategist. the markets seem to be really selling off in the unknown of
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the coronavirus. what do you make of what we've seen this week? >> well, i think what we've got right now in short term is the market's going to be moved by two things. number one is fear. number two is greed. people are fearful of the virus and they'll be anxious about that and selling more. on top of that you've got the greed side where you may have hedge funds and other options and futures traders pushing the market down artificially, which could create a whole lot more volatility. that's why we've seen such a dramatic move in one week because of more passive investors, less active investors and these less active investors creates more volatility for the overall market. cheryl: i'm glad you brought that up. there's a really good piece in the journal this morning, the invisible forces are exacerbating the selloff. it talks about the fact that you've got a new breed of trader on wall street and they're doing options trading and they're playing the volatility and it's
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the kind of trading where if you see the market start to go down, they double down on their contracts and that is actually making things a lot worse and that goes to your point about greed. maybe we are seeing that on wall street once again. >> no question. i mean, if you can make a buck really quickly, why not is what the options traders are going to same we've got to remember, they push and they push and they push down but the market's not going to go to zero. at some point in time you're going to get that huge snapback. so i tell people right now if you're an individual investor, stick with your plan, number one. if you are buying stocks, think about this. you've just come to the five course meal. the market at open today may be close to down 15%. no reason to go the buffet. go to a five course meal. eat the first course a little bit. a little bit maybe today. a little bit on monday, tuesday and wednesday. stick to your plan. let's don't eat that much. let's make sure that we continue to stay smart with our
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investing. cheryl: look, for the entree i'm looking apple, some microsoft, you've got these companies coming out and saying earnings could be flat, really affected by the coronavirus. but the virus didn't just make apple and microsoft and a lot of the big tech names into terrible companies overnight. do you have a sector that you like that you could advise our viewers about? >> yes. you know, making money is 20% financial, 80% emotional. stay with the quality companies. stay with the companies that you know and you like and you trust because we're not talking about five days from now or five months from now. we're talking about five years. do you like apple's products? do you like microsoft's products? do you like amazon? stick with the products that you like. stick with the quality company. stay out of the garbage bin for the long term. you're going to make a lot of money. cheryl: david ragland, great advice for all of our viewers. thank you for being here and giving us some strategy as we
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look into all of this. >> absolutely. cheryl: we are going to be taking a closer look at the impact of the coronavirus on the global economy when white house economic advisor larry kudlow will be joining our very own stuart varney on "varney and co." this morning, 10:00 a.m. eastern time, always a great interview, they have a great dynamic. lauren: can he take the temperature down. the markets are looking, well, panicked this morning. looker, it took six days to send the s&p into correction territory, the fastest plunge we've ever seen. it's down this morning by 51 points. the dow is down 451 points, the pass dabbing is down 161. coming up, as fears of the coronavirus continue to spread, including to right here in the u.s., how can you best prepare yourself? cheryl: and joe biden is looking strong as we gear up for the south carolina primary tomorrow but a new poll is casting a little doubt on his path to the nomination. you are watching "fbn: a.m." ♪ what's confusing you is just
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companies. costs will cover engines deliver in 2019 and this year. the move is meant to help ease the burden on the production delay which has been on hold since january. well, south korea taking a different approach to the coronavirus. some parts of the country are offering drive-through testing. currently there are more than 2300 confirmed cases there and demand for checks are on the rise. the first case of the coronavirus was first reported in south korea on january 20t january 20th. officials say the driver -- drive-through clinics cut down testing time by as much as a third. faith in the government is at the highest. in 2002, 65% of americans believed lawmakers had their best interest in mind. but when asked the same question last year, only 46% of people felt so. germany saw the biggest drop with confidence going from 86% to just 48%. and finally, forget a hotel when you can sleep inside of a wooden
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elephant. lucy the elephant, one of the country's oldest roadside attractions in margate, new jersey is available on airbnb. one night stays are available from march 17th to 19th for $138 a night. the funds will go toward a renovation project. cheryl: they're trying to save her, by the way. she was a bar at one point, she was a hotel. they're trying to save lucy the elephant. by the way, just fyi if you want to stay there. not only do you have to go into the hind quarters to enter, but the bathrooms and the showers are a trailer outside of the elephant. just want to warn you if you're going to -- just be careful. lauren: no thanks. tracee, thank you. cheryl: all right. well, pete buttigieg is still the winner in the iowa caucuses. the state's democratic party says the results remain unchanged after the recount. they say buttigieg has a narrow
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lead. the recount was requested after the technical disaster earlier this month. lauren: it's a bernie, biden battle in south carolina. joe biden looks like he will win in tomorrow's south carolina primary. new numbers show that's not the case nationally. check this out. fox news poll has bernie sanders knocking biden out of first place. sanders capturing, here you go, 31% of the vote among primary voters compared to biden's 18%, the first time a fox news poll has sanders in the first position. what does all this mean? let's say good morning to former georgia republican congressman, jack kingston and democratic strategist and former advisor to president obama and vice president biden, david mauery. let's say biden wins south carolina tomorrow, should the moderates drop out so it's a battle between biden and bernie? >> it's going to be tough for
5:20 am
them to drop out. it's been said the easiest thing is to get in a presidential campaign, the hardest thing is to get out of it. the moderates are chewing up each other's support. if you were bloomberg, 32% of the moderates, biden, buttigieg, and klobuchar, are taking away your share versus warren's taking away 12 to 14% of bernie's share. i think the challenge for biden will be resources after he wins on saturday. he's certainly going to win. by how much, looks like a bigger victory. they tend to under-poll the leader in south carolina. can he carry forward for super tuesday? lauren: that's a great question. let's say bernie sanders comes in a solid second place, the question for you, jack, how does socialism play out in the south in a state like south carolina. >> it does not play very well at all. i'm a part-time resident of levy, south carolina, and i have family who will be voting this
5:21 am
weekend. if you're joe cunningham, the democrat congressman who flipped the mark sanford seat from red to blue, you're scared to death to have bernie sanders on theic the et. remember, when -- on the ticket. remember, when barack obama was president over 1,000 democrat elected office holders lost their offices because of his policies and in a pre verse way because of his lack of coat tails, the coat tails that were more negative than positive. david is correct, the moderates are going to be very interesting because if klobuchar finishes well in south carolina, then she stays in the race, particularly if she surpasses warren. then you have tulsi gabbard who doesn't go away and then steyer, if he does hold a third or second place showing, that's going to be significant. going into super tuesday is going to be very interesting. the only way you can get away from a mike bloomberg ad is to go into the shower or maybe stay
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in that elephant you were talk about. lauren: not if you have a smart shower. >> you're right. lauren: i have a few seconds left. there's a gallup poll, says there's 56% chance that president trump gets reelected but there's also a goldman sachs note sarks look, this coronavirus could cost trump the re-election because it could cost him his major talking about which is the economy. circle the square for me. >> there is no square to circle. we just don't know. i mean, he's the favorite. he's about 50%. you have a billion clark's you're above 50%. the coronavirus, the economy, something else unknown, we just don't know. when trump is in the race, the rules go out the window a little bit here. we just don't know. lauren: yeah. all right, david, jack, thanks for joining us this morning. we appreciate it. have a good weekend. cheryl: let's look at futures. we have a selloff this morning, it's been a really rough week for the markets. the dow is now down 352, s&p is down 37 and a quarter, nasdaq is down 119 and a quarter.
5:23 am
all three major averages are now in correction territory. that's when you've got a 10% drop after a recent high. so we're seeing that. we're also watching this. amazon now facing their biggest threat yet. there is a big competitor out there who is taking amazon head-on. lauren: a court date is set in the college admissions scandal. the new evidence may be lori loughlin's ticket to freedom. keep it here on "fbn: a.m.." ♪ every year, our analysts visit thousands of companies, in a multitude of countries, where we get to know the people that drive a company's growth and gain new perspectives. that's why we go beyond the numbers. t. rowe price. invest with confidence. that's why we go beyond the numbers. ♪ yes i'm stuck in the middle with you, ♪ no one likes to feel stuck, boxed in, or held back. especially by something like your cloud. it's a problem.
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lauren: amazon may face some prime competition. cheryl: prime the big word heemplet let's bring in brett larson. you knew this was coming. >> you have to compete with them. you've got the world's largest
5:27 am
online retailer is now up against the country's largest brick-and-mortar reterrell, walmart. -- retailer, walmart. this is fantastic. walmart has locations all over the country. they're going to test out a walmart plus, like a prime membership situation, and they're throwing a lot more stuff than walmart -- excuse me, walmart is throwing in more stuff than amazon can do, discounted gasoline purchasing, same day delivery purchases, this is a win for the consumers. amazon bought whole foods and if you're a prime member and you have a whole foods in your town you get a slight discount but whole foods is pretty expensive. even with the discount, it's not -- it's kind of mediocre competition. when you look at walmart, walmart you've got super wal-marts with grocery stores, when you let people get discounted groceries and free same day delivery, this is hard to beat. lauren: do we have a price tag yet? >> the existing delivery service
5:28 am
vieis $100. i would love to see it something like 49, $59. cheryl: i thought prime was an annual basis. >> i'm sorry. yeah, it's an annual basis. cheryl: i'm like i'm not paying $100 a month for prime. >> it is clearly friday. i haven't had enough coffee just yet. it is annually 119 a month for prime. that's like $50 range in an annual budget, that's a pretty good price point. walmart -- lauren cheryl: we'll see if walmart customers go with it. wireless carriers are in hot water over data privacy concerns. so this is at&t and verizon. >> at&t and verizon, t-mobile, sprint. they're facing $200 million in fines from the fcc. this is a big deal. the wireless carriers collect millions of data points about everybody every day, constantly. there's a huge database.
5:29 am
and they have to do it. they have to know your location because you're moving around, you need to have that connection. there are services that have been buying some of that data and reselling it. there's huge privacy concerns with this if those databases are hacked, the fcc stepping in and saying no deal. this could be big for privacy going forward. cheryl: we're being tracked. that's it. >> we are. we absolutely are. cheryl: brett larson, thank you, sir. lauren: you can catch brett on fox news headlines, 24/7, sirius xm channel 115. let's show you your money this morning, it's looking went we wer--looking better. the dow is down 257 points, 1%, a 1% decline for s&p and nasdaq down 1.1 this morning. three trillion dollars in wealth wiped out this week, by the way. prince harry and meghan, speaking of wealth, they're learning the difficulties of life outside the castle, it's pretty tough. the latest blow to their bid for
5:30 am
autonomy. cheryl: coronavirus fears are spreading. how much should you tell your kids, your grandkids about the outbreak. we'll go behind the psychology of the coronavirus. you're watching "fbn: a.m." ♪ [ applause ] thank you. it's an honor to tell you that liberty mutual customizes your car insurance so you only pay for what you need. i love you! only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty. ♪
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cheryl: here is your morning cheat sheet, the top headlines to get you through the day. market selloff continues amid fear offs the coronavirus outbreak and how it could affect the global economy. investors bracing for more selling at the opening bell. after 33 turkish soldiers were killed in an air strike by syrian government forces, a senior turkish official says they will allow syrian refugees to reach europe and enter turkey. 33 people tested positive in california for the coronavirus while 8,000 others are being monitored tore th for the viruse
5:34 am
golden state. there are at least 83,000 confirmed cases worldwide. amazon is taking action, barring more than 1 million products the website that falsely claim to defend a person against the coronavirus. amazon removed tens of thousands of deals from merchants that were attempting to price gouge customers. the company is monitoring the site for price spikes and false claims. lauren: the outbreak is sparking concern around the globe as the number of cases continues to soar. but how do we prevent getting infected and prevent panic at the same time? we bring in psychologist eric fisher this morning, happy friday, thanks for joining us. >> my pleasure. lauren: so how do you do that? how do you make sure that people are protected but make sure that they're not scared? >> well, i think we have to look at that. i always teach that fear has a purpose and its purpose is to let us know when we need to protect our self. and that's that very positive emotion to have because it's what's helped us survive.
5:35 am
beyond that, look at the progression from logic to terror. because as we move from logic, we go to concern, which is saying we've got to act on something here, what are the things we need to look at to make some decisions, if we don't act there we can move to worry, beyond worry we get to fear and passenger and terror where we can feel immobileized. the more we move toward that, the less rational and logical our thinking is going to be. so when it comes to handling this issue, it's really important to trust reliable sources in the process and make sure you're not just listening to the media but you're looking to trusted sources. lauren: should we steer clear of crowds? should we not go to the shopping mall, should we not go to the airport? >> what we have to look at, each person has to make their choices and we have to make our choices based on what are we hearing, what are we understanding. the cdc has great articles on it. what they're talking about is
5:36 am
take the same steps you take if you were not wanting to catch a cold. we're still learning a lot about the virus. i think that we have to make sure that we don't fear monger, we have to make sure that we're pragmatic about the decisions we're making. we don't have -- depending on the area where you're in in the country, be aware to monitor what's going on around you and make sure, again, that you're asking questions. lauren: what should we tell our children? >> i think what we want to do is first you want to ask them, what do you know about this. because if as a parent you're assuming they don't know anything or you might assume they know more than they do, ask them what they know. ask them if they have questions. and depending on their age, if you're younger, you might want to do some of your own research to answer some of their questions carefully and/or you might want to do the research with them if they're a bit older so you can be part of the process to help them learn to vet information accurately, to make sure they're taking care of their health responsibly and -- lauren: should we constantly
5:37 am
disinfect where our kids, where ourselves, our work spaces, and the issue of masks, a surgical mask is something that you should use if you are sick but if you don't want to get sick, that's when you get the respiratory mask, is that correct? >> well, i think a lot of people are wearing masks. the risks for the virus are really with people who are young, old, and also have compromised immune systems. lauren: that's everybody. >> well, compromised immune systems, not necessarily. you have to look at your ages when you're probably beyond -- i'm not a medical doctor, so i can't comment on this specifically but i think, again, if you're in that school age to maybe 50s or so, and your immune system's fairly healthy, there's not as high a risk. it's the higher mortality rates are in the elderly and those with compromised or chronic illnesses. lauren: i guess seeing people in masks makes people more scared. dr. fisher, thanks for joining
5:38 am
us. >> it can. thank you. lauren: we have a programming note. susan lee discusses the impact of the virus on apple's operations in china with ceo tim cook. >> it feels to me that china is getting the coronavirus under control. you look at the numbers, they're coming down day by day by day and so i'm very optimistic there. on the supplier side, we have suppliers, iphone is built everywhere in the world, we have key components coming from the united states, we have key parts that are in china, so on and so forth. when you look at the parts that are done in china, we have reopened factories, so the factories were able to work through the conditions to reopen. they're reopening. they're also in ramp. so i think this is sort of the third phase of getting back to normal and we're in phase three of the ramp mode. lauren: he's sounding pretty optimistic. you can hear more of that interview with mr. cook on fox
5:39 am
business at noon and 3:00 eastern time today. cheryl: well, here is what you need to know today because tomorrow is leap day. february 29th. it only comes around every four years. popeye's announced a way to get a famous sandwich for free to celebrate. anybody who makes a $15 purchase from popeye's through post mates received a coupon for the sandwich, only good for tomorrow, february 29th. lauren: plastic bags will soon be a thing of the past in new york. starting on sunday, a state-wide ban goes into effect, including some grocery stores and shops that collect sales tax. shoppers can pay their own -- can take their own bags or pay five cents for a paper sack. cheryl: happening today, police in arkansas are releasing a psa on the coronavirus. the sheriff's office is telling people to get their meth checked, the illegal drug. and they're even offering to do
5:40 am
it for free. they will check your meth for you. this is a little tongue in cheek. some commenters warning this is a trap, people. do you think? lauren: i think. i think that's a trap. we're not defending any criminality out there. cheryl: take your meth into the police. you will -- nothing will happen. all right. we've got a lot happening this morning. let's take a look at futures. we have -- it's been one of those weeks, folks, a major selloff for the markets on the coronavirus fears. concerns about a global economic slowdown, even recession talk, and we are in correction territory for the major market indices right now. dow is down 342 in the premarket, s&p is down 38 and three quarters, nasdaq is down 133. have you ever felt regret over the degree that you chose in college? lauren: i have, actually. have you? cheryl: no, no, broadcasting. no. lauren: okay. cheryl: you are not alone if you feel that way. the number of americans who wish they could go back to college is actually kind of a big number. lauren: and the college
5:41 am
admissions scandal is heating up. why the case against lori loughlin may not be as solid as you might have thought. you're watching "fbn: a.m.." ♪ ♪
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and when you open a new brokerage account, your cash is automatically invested at a great rate. that's why fidelity leads the industry in value while our competition continues to talk. ♪ talk, talk cheryl: a judge setting the date for lori loughlin's trial as new evidence may prove her innocence. let's bring in to discuss, trial attorney misty marris.
5:44 am
this is fascinating. there are reports that rick singer, the mastermind of the scandal, actually -- he may have been telling his clients these were quote, unquote donations, that's lori loughlin's whole defense. >> yes, absolutely. i know. the plot thickens with this case every day, we find out more information. look, her defense attorneys are going to use these notes to try and yo attack the intent elemen. that's a critical part of the criminal case. they have to prove she intended to have a bribe as opposed to a donation, which would not be illegal and now these notes, defense attorneys are going to go crazy using these to show, hey, look, what was singer actually telling the parents, lori loughlin and will that be a solid defense. cheryl: it gets even juicier in the art k it talks about the fact that the fbi is the one that was trying to push him to say these are donations. we'll see if this -- this could be part of his defense as well. but also with her, her defense
5:45 am
lawyers wanted the trial pushed back to 2021. looks like it going to be set for october. >> set for october. it's a complicated case. i understand why they did that, especially since the notes were only turned over recently. that's something that the fbi had in their possession for quite some time. so that's really interesting, that aspect of it, the prosecutors actually had them but hadn't turned them over. that's going to change the game. i think the defense attorneys will really be focused on singer, we knew this. they're going to say you don't have such a great star witness and try and undercut the criminal accusations by using that fact. cheryl: they defame him like in the lori loughlin trial, because everything else has been plea deals. every other defendant was like no, it was me, i'm guilty, felicity huffman on down, the hock pock -- hot pockets heiress. >> there's always an
5:46 am
opportunity to strike up a plea deal. i don't think prosecutors are going to go there at this point. it's gone on for so long. really no coming back. cheryl: it's going to be so expensive, i hate seeing that with taxpayer money. i want to move on to harvey weinstein, obviously a huge week in that trial and conviction on some charge, not all. now he's in bellevue, he's sick and then you've got the california case coming. where are we at with harvey weinstein? does he go to jail for the rest of his life? >> obviously, his health is a concern. he's 67 years old. so the top charge that he was convicted of in new york carries a maximum of 25 years. and a minimum of five. whether or not he gets the maximum, i don't actually think he will. there's a lot of factors that go into the decision. but he's seeing significant time behind bars and the prosecutors in la have said, looks, we're not going anywhere. we're still intending on prosecuting these cases once your new york situation is figured out. he's going to have another trial to face at some point.
5:47 am
cheryl: does he go to california and physically participate in a trial or does he go to jail in new york? >> what's probably going to happen is he's going to go to jail in new york and prosecutors will work with new york to see how do you get him there for the trial. it becomes more difficult to levy your defense behind bars. that will happen while he's incarcerated. cheryl: we thought the markets were fascinating this week. it's been legal. lauren, over to you. lauren: take a look at your money this morning, dow down 300 points, 1.2%, s&p down 33, nasdaq down 116. all three major averages in correction territory and worst point declines ever yesterday as coronavirus fears spread, confusion about this outbreak, it's causing a headache for one popular brand. cheryl: and park goers having a real adventure after a popular disney world ride malfunctioned. you're watching "fbn: a.m."
5:48 am
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cheryl: so most of the country is feeling the cold but how long is that actually going to last. lauren: oh, boy. senior meteorologist janice dean is in the fox weather center with the answer janice, good morning. >> happy friday, ladies. two-thirds of the country feeling below average in terms of temperatures and with the wind chills feels like teens and 20s and 30s as far south as atlanta, georgia where it feels 27 degrees. that's going to last today and through much of the weekend and then temperatures will start to moderate. we've got blizzard conditions downwind of lake erie and on ontario where we're seeing snow
5:52 am
and blowing snow. travel is next to impossible in some of these areas, especially in parts of upstate new york and pennsylvania. so we're going to watch that. the temperatures are going to remain chilly today and tomorrow and then sunday things start to mod moderate. we're still going to see the lake effect snow machine up and running this weekend, colder winds over the warmer waters of the great lakes, so we'll watch for that. not a lot of forecast precipitation. we'll see some left over snow for parts of the appalachians and the great lakes. rest of the country looks pretty good this weekend. back to you. cheryl: janice dean, thank you, janice. lauren: there's been a lot of attention on income inequality, a new report shows ceo salaries continue to grow despite their performance. cheryl: wish i had that gig. tracee carrasco's got that story. tracee: a nonprofit organization analyzing ceo pay has released a list of the most overpaid ceos of fortune 500 companies. oracle's ceo mark hurd an d & sa
5:53 am
katz top the list, followed by bob iger who stepped down on wednesday from disney. the criteria for the ranking included the ceo to worker pay ratio and total shareholder return during the previous year. well, the mlb making history, kerrwin danly named as the first african american crew chief in history. he called his first game in 1992 and is known for his cool head behind the plate. a new survey showing college grads wish they could do it all again. which part? according to the result, 61% of graduates would change their majors if they could go back, with most saying they would want to pick a major they were more passionate about. 82% of grads agree college was a good financial investment.
5:54 am
amid the coronavirus outbreak, corona beer taking a hit. 38% of americans saying they would not buy the beer under any circumstance now and some of those who do drink it would not do so in public. cheryl: seriously? tracee: about 16% of those surveyed said they were confused about whether the beer is related to the virus, despite there being no connection. lauren: this can't be true. tracee: i have no words. cheryl: america, i know you're all watching, corona beer is not coronavirus. in fact, after this week on thee markets, i think people need to have a corona beer or some kind of something today. lauren: i agree. cheryl: just throwing that out there. lauren: maybe start right now. tracee, thank you. go enjoy your corona. cheryl: again, we're coming back, maybe we're okay. you may not need that corona just yet. lauren: there's volatility. cheryl: right now, dow jones futures are down 284. s&p is down 32. nasdaq is down 106. lauren: coming up, after
5:55 am
winning hearts around the world, one bullied boy is now sharing the love. what a story. we'll have it for you when we return. ♪ with over 75 years of savings and service, geico is the easy choice. we could even help you with homeowners... oh! not again! oh, thanks! you know automated lights are just the beginning. pretty soon they're gonna have eyes... everywhere. well goodnight. geico. over 75 years of savings and service.
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lauren: well, she's not the queen, meghan and harry will find protect somewhere, canada will no longer offer security for the couple and baby archie. the canadian police offered services because the couple is protected. harry and meghan forced to pay out of pocket or turn to dad for future security. cheryl: who does have the money, we should add, prince charles. wild ride in guests when boat took in water, on-lookers caught footage as the boat became fully submerged. it is unclear what caused that ship wreck and that's a very popular ride at this disney world we should add. lauren: then there's this boy, bullied australian boy raised
5:59 am
over $470,000, the 9-year-old had been bullied at school for car. , has gained worldwide attention. the family says they would be donating the money for charities to help other kids with same condition. cheryl: australia and then went global. the mother as well came out and said she was grateful to hollywood for taking such an interest in her son that it resinated around the world. lauren: we hit for social media for everything that's negative, in a way. maria: happy friday, friday 28th right now. we are looking at a serious
6:00 am
selloff. market is extending the losses this morning and markets selling off across the globe in correction territory. extending the loss of the head of the dow after all saw largest point declines ever yesterday. stocks on track for worst week since the 2008 financial crisis. the dow losing over 12% of the last 6 trading days but down 9% for the month. keep in mind markets did hit fresh new highs back on february 12th. let's take a look at interest rate, the yield hitting new low, 1.20%. down 8 basis points. coronavirus case obviously the reason for the market disruption, the cases are growing worldwide. now we are talking over 83,000 known


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