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tv   The Evening Edit  FOX Business  February 28, 2020 6:00pm-7:00pm EST

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in detroit, think a little musical. >> i had an old carnegie deli hat which is the same color as the mega hat. unbelievable. we will see you next time. liz: welcome to the show i am elizabeth macdonald. "the evening edit" starts right now. you're looking at a live shot of the presidents rally in south carolina happening in less than a half-hour. the president taking the fight right to democrats. right to the front yard, we've never seen a president do this. he is getting right in their face, just as he did in nevada, iowa new hampshire, this rally again will likely fee fill the a spotlight and steal the funder from the democrats on the team of the south carolina primary. we have all the angles covered fox news jonathan on the ground at the presidents rally with all the action. and we have jackie deangelis at
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the florida new york stock exchange, it was another brutal day, stocks pulled back from today's lows, this is the dow worst weekly weight loss in the context of an historic breathtaking run, $11 trillion added since a president was elected. the administration breaking news it is pushing back on a washington post story that the president is now talking about emergency tax cuts, we will get to that in just a second period the federal reserve says it made to undercut tax. it is now back at levels last seen in june of last year. let's get to jonathan, the crowds have been gathering for hours at the rally in south carolina. good to see you. really good to see her. some of the people in this crowd are waiting in line outside of the coliseum in north charleston since 7:00 a.m. yesterday warning to ensure they could get into the rally.
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before leaving washington president trump spoke briefly with reporters about the stock market jitters driven largely by uncertainty of the coronavirus outbreak, he tried to put the outbreak in perspective especially when it came to the u.s. response, here's what he said. >> there have been no deaths in the united states at all. a lot of that is attributable to the fact that we close the border very early and again, we have not seen an increase in people are getting better, almost everybody that we see is getting better. were watching it very closely and we don't want any bad surprises. reporter: it is no coincidence that president trump is speaking here in south carolina on the democratic primary. the gop is not holding a presidential primary, instead automatically giving the nomination to president trump even though he faces opposition from a former republican governor mark stanford while
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that is a clear endorsement of the income that president by state party leaders democrats have been enjoying the media spotlight, they campaigning and debating all week. by visiting here, president trump is hoping to steal some of the spotlight. take a listen. >> it is a great opportunity for president trump to come here and speak to his base to remind them how important voting in november will be but also just to track some of the attention to his own candidacy at a time right now really all the focus has been on the democratic candidates. reporter: president trump well after this will hold a rally in charlotte, north carolina. that being on monday on the of that state's primary on super tuesday. both parties holding primaries in north carolina. back to you. liz: great to see it. it sure is loud but we heard you. good to see you.
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reporter: it is indeed, i can barely hear you. liz: we heard you loud and clear. the market dropped, it is a fast move to the downside, the fastest in history georgia bank says. this is a clear signal about the magnitude of the uncertainty of the coronavirus and wait for this, wall street tells us is about the bernie sanders nomination. we will get to that in a second for the president has been moving to act, here's the other lines crossing traders desks, markets have been the forecast of j.p. morgan one and half% growth to the coronavirus, goldman sachs said the virus could not one percentage point offer gdp get locked up, freeze up, don't do the regular consumer activity and at the end no earnings growth for the s&p this year. wait for this, historically stocks try to find the bottom historically you do see a
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snapback rally on average it comes within a years time. jackie deangelis is at the big board with more of today's action. reporter: good evening, the coronavirus rattling the market, seven straight days of selling and all three ending and correction. many declines of more than 10% from record highs. it was the worst week on wall street since the financial crisis and the dow closed down 357-point but for the week, the iconic index lost 3580 points. rushing out of equities and oil, the riskier assets, moving into the safe haven of u.s. treasuries. the ten year note seen record lows under one point to percent in terms of the yield. the volatility today unnerving traders on the floor and investors alike was back-and-forth at session lot, 1085 before the market was able to less painful flow.
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the federal reserve weighed in and jerome powell saying the fed will use the tool and act as appropriate to support the economy. liz: thank you jackie. remember we've had a pretty complacent called market. volatility has been historically low. let's get to kelli, the spokesperson for the super pack. america first, it is great to see you. thank you for coming on. i want to talk to you about the coronavirus politic, and news is breaking, house republicans stormed out of a closed-door coronavirus briefing today with trump health officials, why they attacked the president, your take on this? >> i think it is really sad but we see the side of the democratic playbook, basically never let a good crisis go to waste. and this virus is just tremendous. new york times ran an op-ed saying the trump virus, if you're feeling bad, you know who
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to blame. the democrats and their allies in the mainstream media are hoping that somehow this takes the economy, the virus spreads, where a pandemic levels and that's really sad at a time when everyone needs to come together, the unified front and tackled his head on. >> we have talked to a lot of people on this and they say in the history of the country they have never seen such intense blowback in trying to score political points off a deadly illness. here is the other thing going on, we covered cnn attacking the president in india when the president was on a world stage with the record-breaking crowd of 110,000, i want your reaction to the president moments ago ripping into cnn before leaving for the rally in south carolina. >> i think that cnn is a varied disreputable network, i think they're doing everything that
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they can to instill fear in people i think it's ridiculous and it's very disreputable and the democrats are doing it the way they should be but some of them are trying to gain political favor by saying a lot of untruth. the fact is, i made one decision that was a very important decision and that was to close our country to a certain area of the world, that was relatively heavily infected. liz: he did on january 29. the media did not really cover that. we track the headlines, why, they were in mast and impeachment that's what was going on. >> cnn is just the attack network, attack trump all the time, 24/7, there's no conservatives on the channel, no trump supporters on the channel. they use every opportunity they can to try to discredit the president and get the public out there to not to trust the
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presidency. but there was a fox news poll that just came out that two thirds of american polls had faith in the government and of this president to tackle and confront the coronavirus. but cnn is going to work every day to try to drive those numbers lower and lower if there's any hope for a democrat when in 2020. liz: i want to talk about the president strategy. we've never seen anyone do what he is doing. go to the front yard of the democrats primary and caucuses of the evil of them to do rallies, super tuesday, four days away, mike bloomberg, bernie sanders is the nominee, the democrats will lose the house, the white house and the senate. watch nancy pelosi may be pushing back against bernie deepening alarm concern against 40 moderate democrats who are watch nancy pelosi smack down about bernie sanders how nominees when the delegate
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about. >> delegate support -- >> that is not -- the person who would nominate would be the person who has the majority. liz: that's it. that's it. what she's saying, let's break it down, can you break it down for the viewer. >> she is basically saying, if she does not get the majority of the delegates, this will go into a second round we have the superdelegates voting. andrew saw the debate stage a couple weeks ago were all the candidates except for bernie and 70 has a majority should they be awarded the nominee status and they were like no, we have to play by the convention rolls. there really is a huge shift in the democratic party toward socialism and its moderates versus a socialist. nancy pelosi knows how she wants that and i was in 2018 would be moderate democrats campaigning on kitchen table issues, they veered far away from promising medicare from all, open borders,
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some of the stuff that bernie sanders is campaigning on in nancy pelosi wants to maintain her spot as become the house so i know she sees bernie sanders as a threat. and we see it in our internal polling numbers when you look at a state like florida where democrats have to win. bernie sanders is underwater in the panhandle and the court or in down in the miami-dade area which is a typical stronghold for democrats. liz: if you lose florida you don't win the white house. nancy pelosi is saying democrat rules are this, you have to have the majority of the delegate, 50% plus one. if you not the most number, like 30%, bernie is and if i have plurality i should get the nominee. but in 2016 did he say yes it should be the majority? >> yes, this is unfortunately the dnc had to change the world because of bernie sanders in 2016 when he said hillary
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clinton and the establishment was going against him. he did do that and now that he's a front runner he saying anyone who has the plurality vote, not the majority plus one should be the nominee. it's intriguing how it's backfiring. liz: it's kinda concerning they have a democrat nominee saying get rid of the electoral college, pack the supreme court, they keep talking about the roles being raked against them but they're raking the world. [laughter] liz: how can they say get rid of the electoral college in campaign and the smaller state where protects the smaller states. i'm telling you the electoral college is a vivifying genius behind civil rights in this country, it is behind minority rights, final word to you. >> the electoral college is the reason why we don't have new york city in california dominating the country. it gives voice to middle americans in super important that everyone has a voice. liz: that the majority reenrolled. good to see you.
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next up stick around for this conversation. we have a guy coming on, he is heavily followed inside the white house, inside d.c., inside china, world renowned china expert michael pillsbury, he will talk to us about what is right and what is wrong about the various countries response to the coronavirus outbreak. more on the pushback against the media for ignoring the steps that the trump administration took five weeks ago because the media was consumed with impeachment, that story is next. ♪ can my side be firm? and mine super soft? with the sleep number 360 smart bed, you can both adjust your comfort with your sleep number setting. but can it help keep me asleep? absolutely, it intelligently senses your movements and automatically adjusts to keep you both effortlessly comfortable.
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liz: let's welcome my next guest michael pillsbury, he runs chinese strategy at the hudson institute. studying and getting ready for the hip. great to see you michael. thank you for joining us. your reaction to the global response to the coronavirus. it matters, the government response, this thing spreads fast, people are contagious but show no symptoms, that is a scary part. your reaction. >> it is true. i think various countries have been rated by the public health systems, the united states is one of the best in the world, a
6:18 pm
lot of african countries get really low scores and cannot detect or react to something like the coronavirus. so if you want to be worst-case, the countries that have the worst public health system become infected by the virus and that's really, really bad, i think president trump is right, he can do really well against her virus in these correct to impose instilling fear in people and people are exaggerating. liz: you say a couple things, the single-payer government run system does not do well and put them in your the president is trying to calm the waters is that what you're saying? >> i'm stressing president trump's really successful role so far and talk initiation xi je times, and the several things he has said, he made clear they come for president xi jinping
6:19 pm
that's a forecast for april may and may be tougher for the virus to spread. president xi jinping also made a speech saying it's time for china to get back to work and ordering chinese workers to go back to the factories and no longer have quarantine in large areas. liz: a couple of things going on, talking about seven and half billion dollar funding package for coronavirus, israeli scientists claim three months time israel will have a vaccine, that's according to israel science and technology minister. they are racing in the u.s. for a vaccine. all outcomes depend greatly on a government response. to your point about china were seen at 2.9% fatality rate in hospitals in china covering up the issues. but when you look at fatality outside of the hospital is less than a percentage point. >> the fertility rate is something that china has analyzed and released, they did a study that 15% fatality is for people 80 years old or older. sorta like the younger the lower
6:20 pm
the rate goes. it's fairly optimistic forecast. in lecture 80 years old or older. but the important point the president has been stressing, we don't know a lot about this virus. the good news if a star's to come in and cases are declining in china and the israelis are onto something, any big bunch of good news to send the stock market skyrocketing because the level of ignorance and fear is so high the last six weeks or so. >> because people are asymptomatic and contagious without showing symptoms, i think the market is digesting that. the best time to inform people is before the epidemic. by the way that we backup, the mortality rate is about 11%. that is pretty high. i would like your reaction to democrats piling onto the president but we have another democrat saying knock it off. watch this.
6:21 pm
>> there is alarm and it's not just the president talking about the economy, there's a real sense that this is spiraling inside the white house. >> quickly giving vice president pence his history of governor dealing with a recent public health crisis in terms of hiv in indiana, is he the best equipped to lead the effort in the white house? >> i don't think this is a time to take shots, it's a time to work together. coronavirus is a potential threat. liz: not the time to take political shots. >> i think that is right, i think nancy pelosi was an ally of the president in her comments and eunuch when they asked you support his policy. she had a lot to say it about the dangers of always. but the coronavirus, too quickly in my view started attacking the president for doing too little, too late so this is tragic to me because the speaker of the hou
6:22 pm
house, even if she is only speaker for one more year she will play an important role in the coronavirus in the public health issue. i hope she will change her mind and move back to a tactical alliance that she has of the president on china policy. liz: let's listen. >> i think there's a great irony in that the radical democrats who would destroy the pharmaceutical industry have to confront the fact that if there is any hope for china, it's probably american pharmaceutical. it's amazing to watch the other total dishonesty and irresponsibility of the democratic leadership which wakes up every morning saying i know donald trump did something terrible, i wonder what it is. liz: your reaction, your laughing. >> i think the speaker has a lot of insight looking for something to attack president trump on out of general frustration that they
6:23 pm
lost power. president trump soper has done really well on the coronavirus crisis if you will. liz: are you worried about the outbreak customer's. [crowd boos] i'm worried about the unknown, some trunks of good news coming and over the coming week could turn around the stock market is just too much dangerous ignorance about the virus. this is where china is responsible, they could've held more, they have this delusion, i argue this in my book, there the next leader of the world. they want to exclude foreign help, they turned down president trump, they are claiming they're going to find a vaccine themselves, they are the model for the world and taking care of the virus. liz: michael pillsbury, great to see you. come back soon. my next guest is the market pro, donald, he just tweeted this, in the green room ready to join liz
6:24 pm
mcdonnell. we will be talking about bogus burning, he does not understand freedom and capitalism, it turns out bernie does not understand socialism either. that is next. ♪kn gain new perspectives. that's why we go beyond the numbers. t. rowe price. invest with confidence.
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liz: we have news for you, the president exiting air force one, he's on the way to the rally in south carolina on the democrat primary. the president has taken the fight right to democrats, taking their thunder in the media spotlight from them. the president has arrived in charleston south carolina. let's welcome my next guest, great to see you donna. we caught your tweet, here in the green room, ready to join liz mcdonnell. we will be talking about bogus bernie, obviously he does not understand freedom of capitalism it turns out bernie does not understand socialism either. >> i used to have a certain
6:29 pm
amount of sympathy for bernie sanders and think of him as slightly psychotic old man in the park he was shaking his fist at the sky. what i realize now he is just a bogus wire he fashions himself as socialist, nondemocratic socialist, he idolizes norway and denmark and sweden, he has no concept how those economies actually work. he does not know the kind of taxes he's talking about imposing are not imposed there, other taxes he will not admit that he will impose the repose there. here's my favorite, norway is a gigantic oil and gas producer. it is like the texas of europe. that is how they fund their super cushy welfare state. what does bernie want to do now that the united states is the largest oil producer in the world, he wants to outlaw fracking, he wants to do the green new deal that will
6:30 pm
eliminate production. socialism works until you run out of other people's money. in norway, it works until you run out of oil and he wants us to stop producing oil. liz: when you say that he doesn't understand the nordic model, the washington post would agree, it's blasting bernie for misleading his supporters and bernie socialist model. he praises communism, just as past year he's been citing the nordic model, they do not have the taxes bernie wants, they don't have inheritance taxes or wealth taxes. they don't have the minimum wage, they do have high taxes on the poor which bernie wants. he wants to raise the minimum wage but jolting the high taxes on the port and middle class. that's what they're in sync with. he's in sync with what scandinavian countries do. >> here's your explanation, this is why all he ever does, wave his hands around in shout and
6:31 pm
get red in the face and if anybody asks him about details, he will not tell you so he either does not know or it's a kind of dirty little secret that the liberal, washington post is calling him out on. why would the liberal washington post do that, going by jeff bezos, the richest man in the world, maybe he doesn't like the idea bernie sanders seizing power that would take amazon fortune away. for that matter breakup amazon and antitrust jihad. or maybe they don't want bernie sanders to run against president trump because they know something bernie sanders does not know. he will never win. liz: the nordic -- the health plans in the scandinavian countries have copayments, high deductibles, more open to free trade in the u.s., fewer regulation on business creation, by the way bernie socialist model tanked, between 1970 and 1995. sweden did not create one single new job in the private sector
6:32 pm
under that version of socialism until 1990 when it turned around the free-market capitalist form. your take on bernie applauding things, he focuses on the good and communist states like subway systems, literacy programs when the reeducation programs. but he does not focus on human rights abuses their first. >> where do i begin, i love the thing about cuba's lib literacy program. that's like saying, i'm not a fan of muzzling a day makes the trains run on train. i'm glad we got that out of her system. the secrets we did today, you know when it's a prosperous place, they let people get rich, you know who's almost as rich of jeff bezos, the founding family of ikea. anybody getting a bookshelf there, they are putting money in the pockets of a swedish billionaire family and isn't it
6:33 pm
lucky the sweden's let these people exist, what is bernie sanders logan, billionaires have no right to exist. liz: now he wants to tax retirement savings. good to see you. come back soon. just ahead, it is not a good look to voters when bough politn fight over intelligence powers to spy on political opponents. and not reforming the abuse, that happened under the obama administration. watch this coming up next, house democrats and open for political warfare with each other. we will name names, we will show you who is taking sides, it's getting nasty out there. ♪ they get that no two people are alike and customize your car insurance so you only pay for what you need. almost done. what do you think?
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6:38 pm
criminalize topics, i've said that over and over, the point is, you have legitimate crimes, organized crime, drug dealing, violent. liz: terrorism. >> excellent point. now you turn around and say this guy lied about a memo, maybe it is technically a violation of the law but at the same time the criminalization of topics in both directions is a terrible thing. i've said it many times. liz: jerry nadler, adam schiff locking fisa reform, they canceled a markup bill, rejecting a push, they are saying how about a friend of the fisa court to critique a monitor government wiretap. >> think of the irony of this, the democrats should be the first ones to say, we want better fisa procedures, we want better transparency, we want better vetting of information. but when it's a nonpolitical dustup, then all of a sudden they are against it. one of my good friend said, whose ox is getting gored, the
6:39 pm
point is they should be in favor of these reforms, the democrats and they are not, it is very troubling and goes right into the point you started with which is, how could you be against improving fisa procedure. liz: think of it this way, say with president trump, the candidate obama said we are going to go easy on you and then you have the flip on that. they would be against it. i want to get to this wall street journal amber lee says this, democrats locking fisa reform, the status of leaders under latticed casualty abusing the fisa corporate adam schiff has not held a single hells intelligence hearing on this scandal in decades, this scandal could alter the fabric in the dna of our democracy. to your point using intelligence powers to spy on political opponents. >> again, taking the incredible that when it does not support your narrative of the president did something wrong but flip the
6:40 pm
hypothetical working out the way you did it, let's say there was some issue that drove one of their narratives that they like inconsistent with the narrative was the idea that you had to clean up fisa. they would be racing to do it. liz: is adam schiff trying to bury the fisa reform talk? because it would undercut the memo he put out in 2018 that basically exonerated the fbi. >> 100%, that's a whole thing. the minute it does not contradict the narrative that were being driven which russia corrosion, but you remember, act on your show and others, the idea that they were spina carter page in the trump campaign. absolutely ridiculous, that never happened, that's a talking point. the more it starts. >> that'that's a problem. liz: the incoming administrati
6:41 pm
administration, here's the thing, we have a debar saying he may have his own set of reports for the fisa court, this is what he is pushing on, senator rand paul says the president agrees with his fisa reform, don't do wiretapping of americans inputted into domestic court. we understand you have to do for terrorist but the powers of this what is meant for terrorist turned on regular citizens is a big deal. >> in other words it's designed for a particular purpose, terrorism just like organized crime, but it can be abuse. don't spy domestically on u.s. citizens, also have requirements which i did predict about giving better vetting and better information about the information that is presented to the court. the point is, they completely omitted that hillary clinton campaign was involved and a lawyer presented misinformation and there were 17 mistakes.
6:42 pm
if we were in this toxic climate they would be more open-minded to reform. liz: good to see you. vice president pence saying it was freedom not socialism that gave us the strongest most prosperous nation in the history of the world. we will show you how far the democrat party has fallen away from the message of freedom. we have a story for you next. ♪ lennials have debt we might die with. and most of that debt is actually from credit cards. it's just not right. but with sofi, you can get your credit cards right by consolidating your credit card debt into one monthly payment. including your interest rate right by locking in a fixed low rate today. and you can get your money right with sofi. check your rate in two minutes or less. get a no-fee personal loan up to $100k.
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>> you hear no better than most it was freedom not socialism that gave us the strongest and most prosperous nation in the history of the world. [applause] it was freedom, not socialism that ended slavery 12 world wars and made america a beacon of hope for all mankind. it was freedom. liz: that was vice president mike pence, with me now the specific research institute. your reaction? >> i think he is absolutely right, i came to this country from canada in 1991 for seeking
6:47 pm
freedom opportunity and it was all here and getting away from the healthcare system that was entirely run by the government and we were seeing a lot of waiting time. i love being in america and i'm an american now. liz: i like your reaction to house democrats, they just lost a simple revolution that would've condemned bernie sanders for focusing first on praising communist cuba and not on the human rights violation. let's listen to republican. >> condemning senator sanders lately false, regarding the castro regime in cuba. the racist terrorist motorist castro regime. this revolution also rejects the false claims that cuba's healthcare, education and literacy rate have improved as a result of the castro regime, the
6:48 pm
castro dictatorship so those claims have been debunked by 70 sources now madam speaker, we have an opportunity to condemn senator bernie sanders lately false and hurtful comments regarding the racist, terrorist castro regime. liz: has the democrat party really fallen that far that they can not condemn this and how does that square sally with this. was it jfk shot by lee harvey oswalt at the corner of cuba, is this what the party has come to. >> i think it's moved to the lot of the last of the progressive wing. nancy pelosi seems more of a moderate now because of many of the young progressives, the alexandria ocasio-cortez is following in to the line that bernie sanders is pushing but means the government would be in charge totally over healthcare, our free college, getting rid of
6:49 pm
the debt that people have from college, he really wants a society where government is totally in charge and i am amazed that some of the older democrats are actually buying into this line and he is going very well in the polls great is good to be interesting to see if he pulls ahead of biden tomorrow in south carolina. liz: this is the other thing going on, new york times columnist with the new op-ed says, sanders he is son even as a soviet slaughtering millions of people, he has been an apologist for the soviet union, for cuba, nicaragua when they take away civil liberties for citizens. he thinks bernie sanders, he is acting like it is your edema bleak corrupt, that you have to be etiologically like us and if you do not we will bully you.
6:50 pm
what happened this week with bernie supporters showing up at an illinois democrat in her car, trapping her in her car, they repeatedly showed up at nevada democrat homes, their private homes, they did in california to democrat official parties in california as well, showing up late at night with bullhorns screaming at them. >> we believe in freedom of his speech expression and religion. this is disgusting what is happening in this country. liz: we will have you back on, we are running out of time, we have breaking news coming in. we have done a bunch of things, court decision movie to get the border security. we will have you back soon. good to see. next, the trump administration border security policy taking hits on multiple fronts from house democrats and the courts again, the debate. are democrats ignoring what the polls are saying, that they do
6:51 pm
want border security, that story is next. >> i would say there's no bigge- >> thank you. >> chairwoman may i respond. >> know i yielded back. ..
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as a doctor, i agree with cdc guidance. i recommend topical pain relievers first... like salonpas patch large. it's powerful, fda-approved to relieve moderate pain, yet non-addictive and gentle on the body. salonpas. it's good medicine. hisamitsu. tto examine investmentgo opportunities firsthand, like innovations in agricultural research. because your investments deserve the full story. t. rowe price invest with confidence. liz: the trump administration border policy is under attack taking hits on several be
6:55 pm
fronts. ron patell oh is with us. house democrats working on take back $3.8 billion from border wall funds. >> the national securities act allows the president to reprogram money for security. it passed in the senate and the president vetoed it. a check and balance on him being able to reprogram that money, so another piece of legislation is a distraction to the american people. he's trying to put an enduring capability on the border to protect ourselves. liz: reprogramming pentagon funds. the supreme court backs up the
6:56 pm
president here. and the gao backs him up. your reaction to gallup and pew research polls showing border security by 70% think it's important. and they want to pass the citizenship for daca individuals. >> the american people want the border secure and an immigration system that helps america. it's always been a priority for especially people who live on the border. but people want the bordered secure and an immigration system that protects us. the courts blocked the trump administration from using $8 million, another federal appeals
6:57 pm
court blocked the remain in mexico policy. >> this is difficult. the migrant protection protocols led to the decline in activity that exists now. we are over 40,000 arrests on the border. not having them wait in mexico for their asylum claims means there is no way to stop them. it wasn't until these protocols were in place that we could stop and reduce the traffic. it's a terrible thing for the employees in the border patrol who essentially solved this problem with the support of the white house because congress didn't act when everyone asked them to change the loopholes in the legislation so we have an asylum system that's fair to everybody and works for america.
6:58 pm
liz: a hand-dug tunnel, dug by hand discovered stretching from mexico into the border into arizona. we have the drug cartels digging this tunnel. three republican senators, new legislation they want to increase federal sentences for fentanyl drug traffickers including the death penalty and life in prison sentences. fentanyl is very dangerous. >> a small amount is deadly. any legislation that shores up the border that holds people to account. the tunnels in nogales, that's a constant thing on the border.
6:59 pm
liz: thank you for joining us and thank you for your service to our country. we have time. i get to ask you about this. i'm so sorry. i thought we were out of time. i was astounded by this fact. tell me if we are wrong. in 2018 i.c.e. seized enough fentanyl to kill nearly twice the u.s. population. i can't believe it's true. >> it's incredibly dangerous. the size of 3 grains of salt is deadly to humans. it's a terrible problem. so legislation and consequences for those who traffic in it is a good thing. you don't get the shout-out you deserve. ron vitiello, thanks for your
7:00 pm
service to our country, come back soon. lou dobbs is next on the fox business network. have a good weekend. [♪] gregg: good evening, i'm gregg jarrett sitting in for the vacationing lou dobbs. monday lou declared the coronavirus a pandemic. now it has spread to at least 56 countries. despite the threat, the world health organization refuses to call it a pandemic but opting to increase their risk assessment globally to very high. the spread of the virus,


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