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tv   The Evening Edit  FOX Business  May 9, 2020 5:00am-6:00am EDT

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i'm jamie colby. thanks so much for watching "strange inheritance." and remember -- you can't take it with you. on twitter at lou d. have a great weekend. elizabeth: stocks rising on hopes that the worst of the economic plunge has passed. the dow closing up more than 400 points. tonight, after today's jobs report, 20.5 million jobs were lost in just seven weeks, that unemployment rate tripling to 14.7%. we've got 42 states now moving to reopen on a limited basis in coming weeks. now joining us tonight is north dakota republican kelly armstrong, he sits on house judiciary, also corey lewandowski, and former depp any
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national security adviser kt mcfarland. president trump saying even more documents will come out of house intelligence showing high-level obama administration involvement in the origins of the russia probe and obama officials admitting no proof of collusion in testimony to house intelligence. also we've got the timeline that shows when the trump-russia evidence fell apart. and the fbi decided to target michael flynn anyway in order to get at president trump and that, yes, president obama's fingerprints are all over this. we are digging into the footnotes and the documents. also, growing unrest in coronavirus lockdown and that fight over the dallas hair salon owner, there is a backlash there. also newly-revealed court documents surfacing that support tara reade in her claims against joe biden involving sexual assault and harassment allegations and much more we've got tonight. i'm elizabeth macdonald, "the evening edit" starts right now. ♪
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♪ elizabeth: thanks for joining us. you're watching the fox business network. devin nuñes demanding democrat house intelligence chair adam schiff turn over even more transcripts of interviews, 6,000 pages, from this panel's russia probe going back to 2017. here's president trump on adam schiff earlier today. >> they knew it was a hoax. they set it up. they're not aggrieved. i watched schiff. shifty schiff. nine inches around the neck. and i watch this guy, uses the world's smallest collar, right? he knows it, he got caught. and not only caught. if he weren't in the halls of congress, he'd be in jail because he made up phony stories and phony speeches and phony -- everything was phony. elizabeth: joining me now is louisiana senator, senator j yom
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schiff will release those thousands of pages of documents? nuñes with thinks he won't because he doesn't want the american people to see how little evidence there was to support the russian collusion hoax that adam schiff still advocates. your take on this, sir. >> chairman schiff does not have a real good track record in terms of transparency. or in terms of accuracy. we learned last week -- this week, actually, that chairman schiff put 53 witnesses under oath, asked every one -- in secret, of course. asked every one of them do you have any evidence whatsoever that donald trump colluded with the russians to influence the election. and every single witness said none.
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and then chairman schiff promptly went out in front of god, country and the american people and said i have direct evidence of collusion. now, that -- the chairman was either not telling the truth, or he was getting high on his own supply. and i think once we get to is see the transcripts, if we ever do, of all of that testimony, it will be apparent to the american people and, indeed, the entire world that this was not an investigation, this was not a prosecution, this was a persecution. elizabeth: you know, senator, of the 53 interviews, they include high-level obama officials including james clapper, loretta lynch, susan rice and samantha power. your reaction to that.
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>> well, it's just, it's further evidence. and if you, if you read the justice department's motion -- and i did today -- and the exhibits, the motion to dismiss all charges against general flynn, you'll have even further evidence. it shows clearly, categorically, unequivocally this wasn't an investigation, it wasn't a prosecution. it was a possessor's. persecution. and you know what? in terms of general flynn, he had a lot of help, but all roads lead to mr. comey. in terms of general flynn, he was clearly the godfather. and he, i hate to say this, but he was a -- he, meaning former director comey finish was a cancer on the fbi. he hurt what i consider to be the premier law enforcement agency in all of human history, and it's not fair if to all the
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fine fbi agents and men and women we have working there. but we're going to get to the bottom of this. but you add to that -- elizabeth: senator, do you -- >> uh-huh. elizabeth: uh-huh -- >> i was just going to say, if you also look at the inspector general horowitz's report on, on carter page, you'll see further evidence. look, it makes me want to shudder when i read this stuff. it's just horrible. people believe that we have the rule of law in this country, and i think we do, but it's cheer to me that there were -- clear to me that there were a handful of people at the fbi led by mr. comey that thought they were the law. i mean, their arrogance is breathtaking. these people could strut sitting down. they thought they were the law and could do thinking they wanted to do. and they hated trump and they were going to get him. they were of after his scalp.
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elizabeth: in the summer of -- you know, when you look at the timeline, summer of 2016 james comey, according to the doj i.g., did tell president obama about the trump-russia probe. then it comes to find out that cia started to reveal the steele dossier as internet rumor, a lot of of it was russia disinformation and the democrats paid for it. but when that all started to fall apart, it looks like they turned toward going after michael flynn -- >> yeah. elizabeth: -- in order to get at president trump. what's your reaction? >> well, realize the pleadings -- read the pleadings that the justice department just filed dismissing the case against flynn. here's what happened. the fbi investigated flynn for collusion. the agents wrote: we don't have any evidence, let's close the investigation. comey and his assistant, mccabe, found out about that and said don't close it. we want to send an fbi agent, two of them, to talk to flynn.
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let's see if we can get him to lie. if we can't get him on anything else, we'll get him on a perjury charge. the fbi agents that interviewed him in their notes said he wasn't lying, he didn't lie. what happens next? he gets prosecuted by the mueller team. it's not right. elizabeth: yeah. yeah, and peter strzok, turns out, may have altered and edited that original 302 form. jim jordan wants to see -- >> strzok was involved -- elizabeth: when it all -- yeah. >> strzok was involved, page was involved, mccabe was involved. but the godfather was comey. all roads lead to comey in terms of general flynn. elizabeth: yeah. by the way, let's show to the viewers if we haven't already adam schiff's history of erroneous statements. it falls apart, they go after flynn. that doesn't really work out. then, you know, comey leaks it.
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his discussions with the then, you know, with president trump to the media in order to get the mueller probe launched. when you look at the timeline, it's really striking. i mean, also the newly-released house intelligence transcripts show andrew mccabe testifying behind closed doors that the fbi did not prove the accuracy of the steele dossier, but they used it for four fisa wiretaps including the ones on carter page. the justice department found two of those wiretap it is lacked probable cause. i mean, does this rae -- when you saw all this, did you, were you astounded? you thought, you cannot believe this is going on in the united states of america? >> yes. it took my breath away, still does. and mr. comey and mr. mccabe, mr. strzok, ms. page, all the others have really hurt the premier law enforcement agency in all of human history. i mean, if you're, if you're an
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american and an fbi agent knocks on your door, your first concern shouldn't be, well, you know, i'm a democrat. i wonder if the agent is a democrat or republican. you know? it's not supposed to be about politics. elizabeth: yeah. >> and it was. and we've got a lot of work to do -- elizabeth: senator -- >> -- to get, to clean it up. elizabeth: do you think president obama was more involved than we realized? >> don't know, hope not. don't know. i'm -- i don't believe -- i'd have to see it to believe it. don't want to believe it. elizabeth: he knew that, he knew the details of, he knew the details of michael flynn's conversation with the russian ambassador, and that surprised some of his officials, that he knew the details of that wiretap. >> i just don't want to believe it, and i'll have to see direct ed of it. evidence of it. i think the people that -- i think comey ran the show. now, i'm not saying others didn't know about it, and he had plenty of help.
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but i think this was comey's, this was comey's effort, and i hope we don't find it went any further. elizabeth: senator kennedy, we always love having you on the show. we appreciate your insights and perspectives. love having you on. come back soon, my friend. great to see you. coming up, the latest from the new face of the reopen movement, it's dallas hair salon owner shelley luther walking out of jail in dallas this week in tears of joy to loud applause and cheers after the texas state supreme court overruled a local judge who tried to put her nor jail for seven days for breaking a shutdown order for refusing to close her business so she could feed her family. we've got daily caller editor director vince coglianese on this story next, stay right
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local judge who tried to putter in prison for seven days for not following a shutdown order to close her hair salon. let's welcome guest vince coglianese from the daily caller. your reaction to the story, vince? >> boy, that video, i'll tell you, when i saw her walk out on those steps and be so emotional, i was emotional. and i know i'm not alone. you get that feeling of someone who's trying to defend their life against a petty tyrant who did have the discretion to not send her to jail, but told her only if she hangs her head in shame, only if she apologizes, only if she rends her garment is she going to be allowed to walk away, and she refused to do that. she stood up to him and she said, no, you know what? you call me selfish? i have to feed my family. and she's in a situation that so many americans are in right now. those unemployment numbers we saw today, only 51.3% of american adults actually working
5:17 am
right now. there is a real sickness going on across the country, and it's not just the medical one, it's the sickness of so many people losing the means to take care of themselves and their families, and she stood up for that. elizabeth: yeah. so the judge asked luther if, to your point, if she would make a statement admitting she was disrespectful and selfish. let's listen to her reaction about that. she said feeding my kids not selfish. let's watch shelley luther on this. >> that was the last thing i was goinged to do, honestly, because the way that he has acted during this entire thing just ridiculous. so i just couldn't, i couldn't bring myself to apologize. elizabeth: [no audio] >> he's a democrat partisan.
5:18 am
this guy was elected to this position, and he, he's clearly made it abundantly clear that he's framing this from the perspective of politics. the only reason a judge like that who is a democratic activist acts like that is because he decided he would adopt a partisan lens. he wanted to hurt her because she dared wanting to reopen the country and get back to feeding her family and helping her employees feed their family. it's despicable, and i'm glad to see that the resolution was she got to walk away from this with the support of the american public. elizabeth: sorry. we just had some technical difficulties. we straightened that out. let's listen to the texas lieutenant governor, dan patrick. he's going to pay her fine. let's listen to him talk about the judge in the case. >> cold-hearted, when you have no compassion, when you don't understand mercy. which, by the way, tucker, every
5:19 am
judge had that quality. you can throw the book at certain people when they deserve to have the book thrown at them. but as a judge, when you are impacting people's lives, you have to have some humility. this judge had none. he demanded that she apolo squeeze to him -- apologize to him. the governor and i don't want to put anyone in jail. that's not the point here. could have been a $50 fine. but, no, he had to punish her. elizabeth: you know, he had to punish her. so, vince, that is going on, but also at the same time thousands of prisoners are being released early from jail or prison because of covid-19 outbreaks. look at this number, what's happening in illinois. between march and early may, more than 4,000 prisoners
5:20 am
released, 64 convicted of murder-related charges, others charged with sex crimes against children, drug trafficking and assault. can you square this, vince? >> yes. these are partisan hacks looking to exploit a crisis in order to further their own political interests. if, you know, she sought to get her business up and running again to feed her family, and what you have -- each in dallas county -- even in dallas county, they sought to release thousands of prisoners because of the risk of coronavirus. the only way you could have a world in which that makes sense are where you release convicted criminals because of of the risk of coronavirus and then throw business owners in jail because they didn't listen to your orders on coronavirus is a world where you're acting only out of partisan interest and not out of what's good for the country. elizabeth: vince coglianese from the daily caller, thank you so much for joining us. really appreciate it. >> thank you, liz. elizabeth: coming up next, we have attorney general william barr defending the move to drop
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charges against lieutenant general michael flynn, declaring a crime has not been established. all this after what many have long characterized as a crime in search of evidence, a fishing expedition to get at and target michael flynn to get at and target president trump. we've got former trump 2016 campaign manager corey lieu wan tow sky on this. he weighs in next. -- looks like they picked the wrong getaway driver. they're going to be paying for this for a long time. they will, but with accident forgiveness allstate won't raise your rates just because of an accident, even if it's your fault. cut! sonny. was that good? line! the desert never lies. isn't that what i said? no you were talking about allstate and insurance. i just... when i... let's try again. everybody back to one. accident forgiveness from allstate. click or call for a quote today.
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♪ ♪ elizabeth: attorney general william barr is defending the department of justice's decision to drop the criminal case against former trump national security adviser michael flynn. watch this sound bite. >> a crime cannot be established here. it did not have a basis for a counterintelligence investigation against flynn at that stage. well, you know, people sometimes plead to things that turn out not to be crimes. elizabeth: let's welcome former trump 2016 campaign manager corey lieu wan dow ask sky. your take on the doj's decision here? >> i think this is the right decision. i think what we've seen is a government which has, candidly, been out of control. you know, michael flynn is an
5:26 am
american hero. he served his country in uniform for over 30 years, he was a three-star general, served as the head of the defense intelligence agency and gave his life and career to the american government only to see it turn on him because they didn't like his politics of him supporting donald trump. elizabeth: you know, this has been characterized as a crime in search of evidence, a fishing expedition, you know? a newly-released document from the mueller probe by rod rosenstein makes clear the d work j green lighted a deep dive criminal probe into the trump scheme into michael flynn well beyond russian interference even after the fbi knew by january they didn't have a case and knew by then that they didn't have any evidence of trump-russia collusion by january 2017. your reaction to that. >> well, me know that the -- we know that the fisa system was abused by the members of the justice department, specifically comey and andy mccabe.
5:27 am
we know that rod rosenstein signed, while donald trump was the president, an additional fisa application to continue to spy on american citizens on nest ig soil, a clear violation of the fourth amendment. we know that none of these people have been held accountable so far, not andy mccabe -- other than being fired. he was basically given his pension by going in and being employed at cnn. no criminal charges against james comey. think the american people are waiting for u.s. attorney durham to come up with his findings so that these people including strzok and page, james baker are held accountable for their actions of using their badges and their guns to go after people based on their politics. elizabeth: you know, corey, president trump is saying high-level obama administration officials were involved in the origins of the trump-russia probe. what about president obama himself? >> well, let me say this, you know, dave bossie and i wrote a book which came out over a year
5:28 am
and a half ago, and we had the opportunity to interview president trump. it was the first time he interviewed anybody -- allowed anyone to interview him for a book, and we asked specifically if he thought that barack obama knew of what james comey and clapper were doing. and in the book in his own words on page 175 he says, yes, i think barack obama knew. and as we see the transcripts which have just been released from the house intelligence committee, sally yates confirmed what donald trump said almost two full year ago, that barack obama knew exactly what comey and clapper and brennan were doing. so to that this came from the absolute highest levels of the government. we also know that joe biden was in the oval office when that conversation took place, and he needs to be asked the questions of what did he do, what did he to know and what did he sanction against american citizens. elizabeth: you know, let's show the timeline of what what happe. president trump did fire michael flynn after it emerged that flynn had misled vice president mike pence about his
5:29 am
conversations about russian sanctions with the russian ambassador and also a u.n. vote seen damaging to israel. what you're going to see in this timeline is how this whole thing evolved with the trump-russia probe. president obama was informed by comey about the probe in 2016, and as it moved on, they realized that the steele dossier was being undercut even by christopher steele's own sources. cia was regarding it and told the fbi as internet rumor. and so that starts to fall apart. then they decide to move on mike ifing flynn, try to get him, quote, to lie to an fbi agent, admit to logan act federal law violations. when that didn't happen and that didn't work out, you know, the fbi, james comey arranges for a leak in order to get the mueller probe launched. is it your feeling that this was basically go after flynn to go after trump? >> oh, absolutely. and, you know, in that timeline what you also have to remember
5:30 am
is during the presidential transition james comey came to trump tower along with brennan and clapper. it was a private meeting where they briefed then-reince priebus, sean spicer, steve bannon and president-elect trump. at that meeting when it finished, everybody left except james comey where he then presented the fake dossier to the president and then turned around and leaked that information and said that it was an official document that was presented to the president-elect during the transition. and "the new york times" and other media outlets reported it as factual. we know now that that dossier was a russian disinformation campaign that the hillary clinton campaign actually paid for through perkins law firm. so it's amazing that even when members of the department of justice warned the fbi that the information that they were using to spy on americans was inaccurate, they proceeded anyways, they lied to the fisa court on multiple occasions, we know that. they redacted information.
5:31 am
and not one person from the fbi has been held accountable for it yet. elizabeth: corey lieu wan dow sky, thanks for joining us. come back soon. >> thank you. elizabeth: republican kelly armstrong, he sits on house judiciary, on the democrats in mad scramble over house intelligence documents showing top obama democrats testify that they didn't see any trump-rush collusion. we've got the story next. -- trump-russia collusion. >> it's just like shifty schiff making the statement today to try and save face when we have him cold on the papers of the documents in about 19 different ways. it's so bad and so sad for our country. ♪
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5:36 am
obama democrats testifying saying they saw no trump-russia collusion. also the justice department dropping its case against michael flynn has democrats in an uproar. let's welcome north dakota congressman, republican kelly armstrong. great to see you. your reaction to this. >> i my reaction is, i'm always going to go with the side of people calling for release of information. congressman collins, jordan, gowdy have been asking for these transcripts since i've been in congress. and now we find out that an investigation continued after everybody knew there was no underlying crime. elizabeth: yeah. we've got sam that power testified to that -- samantha power, saw no evidence of trump-russia collusion, susan rice testifying, loretta lynch saying that, james clapper. house judiciary chair jerry nadler now wants to call in a.g. barr to testify about why the justice department dropped this case against michael flynn, and adam schiff is saying that the
5:37 am
doj move to do that, quote, he says incriminates bill barr. even as flynn's lawyer, sidney powell, says flynn was -- [inaudible] your reaction? >> let's bring anymore, let's bring in kevin kleinsmith the fbi lawyer who altered the e-mail on a fisa warrant. we haven't even held the fall guy accountable yet. and we should also bring in the personnel that recommended to drop the flynn case before the interview ever conducted. listen, you cannot keep a case open solely for the purpose of investigating people. i mean, and it's right there. it's in the newly-released report. what is our goal? are we trying to get him to lie? are we trying to get a logan act violation? which, by the way, has never been prosecuted. this is insane. this was solely for the purpose of getting to president trump. elizabeth: you know, so now we have top democrats saying they
5:38 am
want to -- separate from all that, they want to investigate the administering's response to covid-19 -- the administration's response to covid-19. watch senator mitch mcconnell talking about how the house is coming back after being in recess during a pandemic to do work on another massive bailout for the economy, the fifth. watch this. >> the senate got back to work this week, the democrats tonight want to come back to work, and we have a lot of doesn't things to do. we've already added $2.8 trillion to the national debt over the last six weeks. we can't keep throwing endless amounts of borrowed money at the problem and hope to fix it. the way forward is to begin to safely open up our economy. elizabeth: so house democrats are finally coming back next week. americans are now deciding whether to pay bills or buy food. experts say the meat supply chain is broken. kroger, costco, grocery stores restricting how much meat customers can buy at a time.
5:39 am
wendy's reporting limited beef and chicken items, jpmorgan's chief investment officer says 10, 12 years it's going to take to get back to pre-coronavirus levels, but the democrats want to northbound traffic the administration -- to investigate the administration again. >> yeah, and let's be clear after the bill is written by i don't know who, but we're not going to have hearings on it. i come from north dakota. we grow that stuff, we produce that stuff, we understand the supply chain issue as well as anybody in the country. we should be here now. there's a group of republican in d.c. that were meeting with the president today, and we're here and ready to work. we can't come back and just have a take it or leave it bill that has no implications. western probably coning trait on getting our economy back open and solving these problems. and every state in the country and if congress going to do an after-action report as we get back online, and we should because this has been one of the most significant events in our
5:40 am
history. but now is not the time to appoint a group of partisans on a committee that is essentially impeachment 2.0. elizabeth: congressman, great to see you. come back soon. >> thank you. elizabeth: okay. up next, more trouble for joe biden. a newly-revealed court document from 1996 shows former senate staffer tara reade told her ex-husband she was sexually harassed while working for joe biden in 1993. we're going the talk to trump 2020 advisory council member harmeet dhillon on this story just ahead. stay there. ♪ ♪ there are times when our need to connect really matters. to keep customers and employees in the know. to keep business moving. comcast business is prepared for times like these. powered by the nation's largest gig-speed network. to help give you the speed, reliability, and security you need. tools to manage your business from any device, anywhere. and a team of experts - here for you 24/7. we've always believed in the power of working together.
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♪ ♪ elizabeth: more trouble for joe biden. a newly-revealed court document from 1996 shows former senate staffer tara reade told her ex-husband she was sexually harassed while working for joe biden in 1993. momentum say specifically it was joe biden doing it, saying it
5:45 am
did happen. according to him, and that she was, quote, palmtized by it. let's welcome harmeet dhillon of the trump 2020 advisory council. this is quite a story. now another document showing, yeah, it did say that she said it happened. your reaction when you saw this story? >> well, it didn't surprise me because we've already heard from a number of other people in various media including, you know, apparently her mother on larry king and other people who testified, you know, or mentioned to the media that she expressed various aspects of this over time. so it seems consistent, it seems she's been talking about it for many years and not just lately which was the case with some of the kavanaugh accusers and others. and so it adds to her credibility, but it doesn't really change the story, in my opinion. [audio difficulty] elizabeth: when you saw that the university of delaware is not releasing biden's senate records, biden is saying
5:46 am
national archives released it, the senate should release it, then you saw tara reade saying, you know, i said i was uncomfortable in my complaint, or remember, this is the time of the committee in the early '90s, you know, it was sort of open season when it came to sexual harassment on women this d.c. when you saw all of this put together and then the downplaying of the story and the lack of coverage of tara reade's story in the media, how did you react to that? >> well, the situation with the who's on first between the archives and the university is sort of politics as usual. obviously, somebody who's been a senator for most of his life or otherwise in politics has a lot of political pull in delaware, and so it doesn't surprise me. it's very disappointing because it seem yet again the swamp in various aspects is defeating the right of the people on really a bipartisan basis and the media to find out the facts here. you know, the '90s were a time where, you know, you and i were both working during that time
5:47 am
that certainly had a somewhat different attitude toward sexual harassment in the workplace. that said, i'm afraid to say things haven't9 changed that much. her story has changed in some regards. it's very difficult to say you were sex callly assaulted by a ped to have than made to feel uncomfortable. i do think it is true that she's been complaining about this conduct that occurred and that's where she worked at the time. so it certainly merits investigation by the feds at a minimum perhaps. i'm not sure of their jurisdiction. the democratic voters and the democratic party needs to be really taking a look at this and wondering whether they are really buying themselves a big problem and a headache. certainly, if this were a republican, i would be urging that this be investigated. elizabeth: you know, she's one of eight women accusing biden of misconduct, and tara reade says she would take a lie detector test if joe biden takes one. she's also saying joe biden should, basically, drop out.
5:48 am
let's listen to this. >> joe biden should take a polygraph. what kind of precedent does that set for survivors of violence? does that mean we're presumedded guilty and we all have to take polygraphs? so i will take one if joe biden takes one. >> if he's watching this, what do you want to say to him? >> i want to say you and i were there, joe biden. please, step forward and be held accountable. you should not be running on character for the president of the united states. elizabeth: what would a lie detector show? >> well, for one thing, i agree with tara reade that the asking of a potential or alleged victim to take a lie detector unilaterally is a presumption of guilt. why should she take one if it isn't evenly applied. secondly, as a lawyer, i will tell you that polygraphs are beatable and not reliable, so it really would mean nothing to me if neither of them passed or didn't pass a polygraph. but what is important is that
5:49 am
joe biden not just stand behind this wall of silence that all of his including female supporters are sort of grouping around him and saying he doesn't need to answer this question. she's entitled to be believed. what happened to me too? that was just last year, i think, when everybody was saying believe the victim in me too. look, if joe biden were being judged by the same standards he has applied to male students being accused of violating on campus, he would be hanged at this point already. we need to have some fair standards. hold him to his own standards. i think that's an appropriate standard. elizabeth: harmeet dhillon, great to have you on. come back soon. >> thank you, liz. elizabeth: okay. coming up, former deputy national security adviser kt mcfarland knows michael flynn better than most americans. she also knows better than most what it's like to face the wrath of what she says are rogue fbi agents that play by their own rules this their case against him and her.
5:50 am
kt mcfarland is our guest next. ♪ ♪ this is an athlete, twenty reps deep, sprinting past every leak in our softest, smoothest fabric. she's confident, protected, her strength respected. depend. the only thing stronger than us, is you. which is why when it comes to his dentures only new poligrip cushion and comfort will do. the first and only formula with adaptagrip cushioning technology. choose new poligrip cushion and comfort.
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♪ ♪ >> jim comey, i got the title for his next book: how my arrogance ruined the reputation of the world's premier law enforcement or agency.
5:54 am
that's your next title. it's long but the book is hong. that's the next book he ought to write. not one about honor and integrity, how his own arrogance and hubris wrecked the fbi. elizabeth: that was former republican congressman trey gowdy with martha maccallum last night on jim comey's reaction to the doj dropping its case against michael flynn. jim comey tweeted, quote: the doj's lost its way. let's welcome former deputy national security adviser kt mcfarland here to take on this story. great to have you back on. [laughter] >> it's great to be with you. look, the evidence is piling up that this was really an out of control fbi, and the only question is how high up did it go. there's evidence that the fbi was setting up flynn, they were trying to set him up to catch him in a perjury trap, get him fired. that's not the job of the fbi. and that they were one after another -- even comey himself bragged that he sent fbi agents
5:55 am
to the white house. he knew he shouldn't have done it, he did it anyway because he thought they could get away with it. they targeted flynn, they targeted me, they targeted other people to try to get us as scalps to pin on the wall, you know, get us on perjury traps or, i think what their real goal was to always get president trump. they thought if they could get people under trump that people would either, you know, confess to climbs they didn't commit -- crimes they didn't commit or inmy candidate trump in order to bring down the presidency. i've got a better title for the next book of jim comey, how i tried and failed to bring down a president of the united states. elizabeth: all right. so then how strong was the legal foundation for the mueller probe to begin with? i mean, documents indicate that by january 2017 the fbi already knew that the steele dossier was debunked by its own sources, the dnc helped fund it, it was
5:56 am
russia disinformation says the doj i.g., but still they got another fisa warrant against carter page. again, how strong was the legal foundation for the whole mueller probe? >> i think the whole thing should just be thrown out. what did the mueller investigation do? it spent two and a half years, and like you to said, they probably knew going into it that there was nothing to the russian collusion case. but they went ahead anyway. why? i think they were trying to find a crime, any crime that they could pin on president trump. you know, stalin, the russian dictator stalin, had a secret police, head of secret police, and the guy said, you know, mr. stalin, show me the man and i'll find you the crime. that's almost what they were attempting to do. they were trying to find any crime they could get on anybody anywhere around trump in hopes that they could find enough information to bring trump down either in an impeachment or so hobble his administration they
5:57 am
couldn't get anything done, and they couldn't carry out what trump wanted to do which was drain the swamp. who's the swamp? the permanent bureaucracy led by the fbi and people like comey. elizabeth: and damaging, damaging leaks to the media that the media took and ran with as fact when this stuff was not proven. was president obama more aware than is generally known? i mean, president trump says high-level obama officials were aware of the origins of the russia probe, and also president obama documents reveal knew about the details of michael flynn's wiretapped december 2016 phone call with then-russian body. so how deep -- ambassador. so how deep with president obama involved in this, do you think? >> i think that's the big question, liz. who knew what and when did they know it. i can tell you after decades of experience in government, these were not a few low-level rogue agents of the fbi, this went to the very top of the fbi. the only question is how much
5:58 am
higher did it go. did it go to the justice department? i think it probably did. was it in the white house? was it in the west wing of the white house? we now have a story from's greg ray which points out president obama knew all about the wiretap efforts against flynn. so i just think we have to -- this is not done. it may be a very nice and welcoming reward for years of just harassment and hell that general flynn and i and others went through, but let's now find out and investigate the investigators. what really happened and when did it happen. because if this really was -- and i think it was -- a coup attempt, a cabal of people within government including the highest levels of the obama administration and their allies in the trump-hating media, if their idea was that they were better than the american people and they were going to bring down a due -- duly electedded
5:59 am
president of the united states because they didn't like him, that, to me, is the highest defense you can do in a democracy. so let's see where this goes. let's shine a little light on this because at the end of the day sunlight is the best disinfectant. elizabeth: are you going to write a book about it? >> i've already written one bull grant book, liz, as you know -- brilliant book, liz, as you know. [laughter] it absolutely is what happened to general flynn and a lot of other people. so if you want to know the inside story, get ahold of my book, download it right now. you'll find out a lot that you didn't know before. elizabeth: okay. kt mcfarland, great to have you on. [laughter] >> it's great to see you, liz. thanks. elizabeth: okay. same here. of i'm elizabeth macdonald. you've been watching "the evening edit" on fox business. thanks for watching. we hope you have a good weekend.
6:00 am
come back on monday. a lot of show coming up. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ melissa: wow. lou: good evening, everybody. there is rising evidence of former president obama's unusual interest in the details of wiretalk abouted conversations between -- wire tapessed conversations between michael flynn and sergey kislyak that could implicate former president obama and the deep state and radical dem' efforts to bring down president trump. former president obama's knowledge and his role and in his administration's investigations of the trump campaign have long been a central


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