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tv   Lou Dobbs Tonight  FOX Business  June 25, 2020 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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that does it for us. that is classic. i don't know, i've noticed cheese prices on the rise. everything else though too, so there you go. thank you for watching "after the bell." "lou dobbs tonight" starts right now. ♪ ♪ lou: good evening, everybody. the united states supreme court today handed down a deseussive victory for president trump and husband immigration agenda. it was a 7-2 decision. the high court bolstered president trump's ability to rapidly deport illegal immigrants including those seeking a asylum. in the majority opinion written by justice samuel alito, the supreme court ruled that those seeks asylum do not have a broad right to have their case herald by a u.s. federal -- heard by a u.s. federal judge. today's critical supreme court ruling has been preceded by victory after victory in the high court for president trump's
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immigration agenda. the supreme court ruling with president trump and supporting his decision to use $2.5 billion of defense funding to expand the border wall. the justices also ruling that president trump, saying the president was absolutely correct in focusing on detaining illegals and making it easier for the dhs to detain illegal immigrants with criminal backgrounds. the high court also agreeing with the president that he does, indeed, have the power to deny green cards to immigrants who require or government welfare and assistance. and the justices also supporting the president's remain in mexico policy, ruling that president trump expect department of homeland -- and the department of homeland security can return illegal immigrants to mexico while they await asylum decisions. this president has not only taken on the powerful open border and amnesty lobbyists and
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activists who have controlled the congress expect white house for the past -- and the white house for the past two decades, president trump isn't just talking them on, he is beating them and beating them decisively in court. to put it another way, president trump has been right all along, and president trump is right again with. following the president's big victories in the supreme court, he's roaring back on the campaign trail. the president and vice president both on the road today going to two key battleground states to celebrate the creation of new manufacturing jobs in america, the reopening of this nation and the massive project of rebuilding america's military. president trump in wisconsin this evening where he's touring a shipyard in northeastern wisconsin where vice president is touting an all-electric church at a ford factory in
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lordstown, ohio. the president's trip to wisconsin follows the award of a $5.5 billion naval contract to the shipyard to build goulded -- guided missile frigates, expected to create 1,000 new jobs in wisconsin and keep those employees working for at least the next two decades. the president keen on what has been his chief focus and winning messages from his presidential campaign on; the economy and national security. recent polling shows 56% of american voters in battleground states approve and a approve by a strong margin the way the president is is handling our economy. the president's visit to america's heartland, a sharp contrast to the itinerary of his presumed adversary, joe biden. it's pretty clear the former vice president is being propped up as best they can by his captive left-wing media, and
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they are struggling. they are also ignoring the frequent if inability of the former vice president to communicate, and they refuse to report that biden hasn't held a public press conference in 84 draws -- days now. almost three months. today biden making a rare venture up from his basement to talk about expanding obamacare in pennsylvania. the former vice president might as well have remained in his basement. only a handful of people decided to be in attendance for his remarks. well, new questions being asked this evening about whether attorney general william barr will reconsider former president obama and former vice president biden as potential targets of the obamagate investigation. a d.c. appellate court yesterday ruled in favor of president trump and his former national security adviser, michael flynn. the appellate court ordered the
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clinton-appointed judge, emmet sullivan, to follow department of justice orders to dismiss the case, to pay some attention to our constitution and to moodily dismiss that -- to immediately dismiss that criminal case against general flynn. judge sullivan seems once again to be deifying the appellate court and the justice department. he has not immediately dismissed the case as the court ordered. sullivan has only suspended a hearing previously scheduled for july 16th, and as the activist judge outrageousesly defied the appellate court to continue his partisan is circus, it is almost as though he's trying to distract public attention from the center ring of a much larger political circus; namely, the actions of the obama white house in the months and days leading up to the inauguration of president trump. specifically, the origins of obamagate of which general flynn was the first principal victim. here, for example, is what joe
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biden said recently about the frame-up investigation of general flynn. >> what did you know about those moves to investigate michael flynn, and was there anything improper done? >> i know nothing about those moves to investigate michael flynn. >> you said you didn't know anything about it, but you were reported to be at a january 5, 2017, meeting where you and the president were briefed on the fbi's plan to question michael flynn. >> i thought you asked me whether or not i had anything to do with him being prosecuted. >> okay. >> i'm sorry. i was aware that there was -- that they had asked for an investigation, but that's all i know about it. lou: well, we with know quite a bit more about what was going on, and the indications are the vice president knew quite a bit about what was going on. and newly-revealed, handwritten note from disgraced former fbi agent peter strzok suggests
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biden is, well, lying. general flynn's attorney perfectly summarized the note's contents in her most quote: strzok's notes, believed to be on january 4, 2017, reveal that former president obama, james comey, sally yates, biden and apparently susan rice discussed the transcripts of flynn's calls and how to proceed against him. mr. obama himself directed that, quote: the right people, end quote, be assigned to investigate general flynn. this caused former fbi director comey to acknowledge the obvious, general flynn's phone calls with russian ambassador becausely yak awe peer legit. ambassador kislyak. it appears that vice president biden personally raised the idea with of the logan act that became an admitted pretext to investigate general flynn.
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strzok's note even in its redacted form further connects the obama white house to the radical dem and deep state's earths to undermine -- efforts and to undermine and perhaps try to overthrow president trump. everything, it seems, was known at the very top. but so far attorney general william barr has been unwilling to question either obama or biden. fbi director christopher wray seems to be, well, in some kinship with the attorney general. as you listen to what he told our bret baier about the flynn case, keep in mind it is his department that withheld the exculpatory evidence for almost three years against general flynn. >> i will say that, of course, the flynn investigation which took place before i started and then by the time i started was in the hands of the special counsel's office, is something that has, in my view, raised serious concerns and questions,
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which is why i ordered an after-action are view by our inspection division to take a look at whether or not the fbi's policies and procedures need to be changed and if there are any current employees left who may bear any responsibility for this conduct. lou: he seems highly animated, doesn't he? he seems determined to root out i absolutely wherever it may be in his domain. hardly. well, only current employees, he says, will be looked at. it's about time that changed. former president obama and vice president biden are now clearly at least a aware of the greatest reasons -- reasons behind the greatest political scandal in american history. they should, of course, answer for that. and if chris wray can't see that, you want may be time for president trump to make more changes, desperately-needed changes. the president says he will sign an executive order by the end of
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the week to protect public statues and federal monuments, to protect them from mobs. and hundreds of national guard soldiers and u.s. marshals have been brought up by the president and put on standby to help protect historical monuments in washington d.c. thed radical left is -- the radical left is trying to tear down american history, even removing the statues of people who fought to free the slaves in the civil war including general ulysses s. grant. joining us tonight, republican house minority leader kevin mccarthy, who has written on this on and who has strong opinions about all of in that we are seeing from the radical dems and the left-wing mob that is somehow managing to get away with destroying property and heritage contemporaneously. your thoughts, congressman, if you will on how in the world so
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many mayors are allowing mobs to run through their cities and destroy monuments and to behave unlawfully. >> well, they're simply not upholding the law. there are laws on the books right now where those vims should be prosecuted. -- individuals should be prosecuted. i give president trump a lot of credit, he's brought in the national guard. this left-wing mob trying to tear down abraham lincoln's emancipation. they literally said they're going to do it tonight at 7:00. well, when they show up, there'll be national guard around. that is what cities should be doing around the country. and if they do not do that, then they shouldn't be getting federal money. if they won't uphold the law, they should not be getting taxpayers' money. that's what i propose doing to force them, because we do not need these autonomous zones that are happening in seattle and others. america's too great for some small, stupid. idea such as that, and if the mayors won't stand up, we will.
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lou: is so wait -- you know, and i congratulate you for standing up. i want to, i want to point to some people who are not standing up. >> yes. lou: but first, let's is share with the audience the prime minister's view -- the prime minister's views and what he has said about this. here is president trump on this very issue. >> i think many of the people that are new knocking down these statues don't even have any idea what it means, who it is. they're looking at george washington, they're looking at abraham lincoln, thomas jefferson. not gonna happen. not gonna happen. not as long as i'm here. lou: the president making it very clear, where is the conference? where are other republicans standing up with this president and having the gunpoints to say to these ignorant -- the guts to say to these ignorant mobs, stop it now, and to the ignorant mayors and governors, principalically democrat, stop out now? i just can't believe what we're
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watching here is a nation, i mean, we have elected officials and law enforcement officials just permitting wanton destruction of public property. >> exactly. but they'll arrest you if you go to church. what we're finding here is the democrats' silence on this destruction is shameful. what we have found is inside the republican congress you see us standing up a number of pieces of legislation, the president standing up time and again. but a lot of these jurisdictions happen to become local, so how can we make sure they stand up for the foundation of america? look at nancy employees is city's district. do you know who got torn could ? st. sarah who in 15 i stood -- 2015 i stood with nancy pelosi and the pope and prayed before the statue in the capitol. she has said nothing about this. they want to go after ulysses s. grant. look what they did in wisconsin. not only did they tear a statue down of somebody who fought slavery, they knocked out a
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democrat state senator. literally knocked him out. this goes against the rule of law. and, lou, you understand this better than anybody when it comes to the constitution. one of the greatest foundations we have in america is the rule of law. they are going against the rule of law, and if we break down the rule of law, we will lose society, and that's the goal behind a lot of these people. if you ask their full soft call beliefs, they're marxist, they're socialist, and they're taking a situation beyond where they should be and trying to tear down the history of this nation, and we all should stand up against it. lou: well, i certainly, i hope that both democrats and republicans will do so and follow this president's lead, because it's, it's past time that they begin to do so. congressman, as always, good to see you. thank you for your words here tonight. congressman kevin mccarthy. on wall street stocks rallied. the dow jones industrials gained 300 points. the s&p rose 33, the nasdaq up
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108. volume on the bug board, 4.8 billion shares. crude oil up nearly 3%, back near $40 a barrel. the federal reserve today putting restrictions on bank dividends and stock buybacks for big banks trying to protect the financial system after looking at the recent stress test following the china virus pandemic. a reminder to listen to my reports three times a day coast to coast on the saw salem radio network. coming up next here, more on corrupt actions of the obama white house which targeted the uncoming trump administration. does attorney general william barr need to take obama and biden off the free pass list? congressman jim jordan takes it up with us here next. please stay with us. ♪ that's why usaa is giving payment relief options
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with xfinity a breeze. visit today. ♪ ♪ lou: breaking news, attorney general william barr will testify, will testify before the house judiciary committee on july 28th. the chairman of that committee, jerry nadler, has made it his mission, he says, to impeach barr. ed nadler had also threatened to
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slash barr's entire personal office budget if barr didn't testify. clearly, the fearsome nadler, radical dem that he is, has intimidated the attorney general of the united states into testifying. this is going to be good. nadler, you know, doesn't stand a chance here. the radical dems are questioning another hearsay whistleblower. that's right, the radical dems have come up with another one. aren't they clever? aaron zelensky, a former member of the robert mueller special counsel team -- should i say the failed special counsel team? -- accusing attorney general william barr himself and other members of the department of justice of being too lenient and giving leniency to roger stone because of his relationship with trump. here's what congressman jim jordan made of mr. certificate lin sky yesterday. >> you allege all kinds of
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politics, you go after bill barr, you go after the president. you file a sentencing memo on february 10th recommending 7-9 years. the very next day your boss files a supplemental memo rending 3-4 years, and nine days later the judge picks the 3-4 year sentence -- >> congressman -- >> [inaudible] lou: well, joining us now, the very same congressman, jim jordan, ranking member of the house judiciary committee and on the house oversight committee as well. congressman, you made mincemeat of this fella. i can't believe they come up with the same tired nonsense, these radical dems, and the same -- what would the president call them? sort of low energy objects? [laughter] i mean, this is a pathetic wretch. >> no, it's par for the course with the democrats. like we said, the bottom line was that the judge said that she aagreed with bill barr, not with
5:22 pm
this so-called whistleblower. but the really big news yesterday, lou, was think of all we learned. first, yesterday, victory for the rule of law, mike flynn competely common rated. secondly, we learned that joe biden -- who even though two months ago told us he had nothing to do with the flynn investigation, we've learned, a, he unmasked michael flynn's name, and yesterday we learned he was the one suggesting that they use the logan act to try to trap michael flynn and go after him. we learned all that yesterday in addition to the guy who told mr. zelinsky, oh, i think this guy mr. cooney, turns out he's the same guy who told andy mccabe we're not going to prosecute you. so i want to talk to mr. cooney at some point. we learn all that in one day in a hearing where the democrats are supposed to be awe tacking bill barr. it fell flat because the facts show that bill barr's doing good
5:23 pm
job. lou: these radical dems, i don't think they have a full understanding of just what fools they look like before the american people. and if they aren't fooling many folks, in my opinion. i want to go to, in -- if we may, the strzok note because it is fascinating to me. if we could, put this up, the full screen. this is the president as strzok records, memorializes the meeting expect conversation. the president saying make sure you look over things and have the right people -- >> right. lou: -- on it. is there anything, is there anything -- we've got the wrong full screen up there. but nonetheless, we're going to try again because we are undaunted by such things. well, here -- that's the second try, but we're till not there. let's go with what we've got -- >> lou, the right people --
5:24 pm
lou: becausely yak and flynn, the calls a appear legit according to comey. >> right. that's news in and of itself. but the bigger statement, lou, is the president saying put the right people on the case because understand what happens in the next 20 days. two days a after this meeting takes place, comey goes to trump tower, briefs the president on the dossier. after clapper and brennan leaves, he sticks around, briefs president-elect trump on the dossier that jim comey already knows is a false document. they briefed the president so they can leak the fact they breached the president. a few days later, ignatius writes this story, and then a few days after that, january 24th, jim comey -- even though the agents wanted to drop it back on january 4th, on january 24th jim comey sneaks guys into the white house, doesn't notice the white house counsel, doesn't follow the rules or the process you're supposed to follow, sneaks them in to set up michael flynn x. we know they were
5:25 pm
trying to s prestand, every we have his handwritten notes where he said what's our goal, is it to get flynn to lie so we can fire him in that is exactly a what they did. so this is all part of this 20-daytime frame where they're sequencing out their insurance policy to make sure we don't discover what they didment and the good news for us is we did cover it, and it's all coming out now. and ultimately, we'll get completely to the bottom of this when john durham's investigation is complete. lou: i want to share with you because you're on the jewish dish true committee, one of the most idiotic things i've seen said by a senator who, frankly, says some idiotic e things. it's not the frequent so much as these stand alone. this is what he said in regard to the appellate court decision. if we could put up this full screen now, this is lindsey graham saying about the order to
5:26 pm
follow the justice department motion to dismiss the case: justice, finally justice. justice delayed better than no justice. i've got to ask you, we've just watched as a featured principal of the greatest political scandal in the country's history finish. >> yeah. lou: -- organized and with the knowledge of the president and the vice president of the united states according to peter strzok's notes, and this chairman of the judiciary committee comes out and says this is just justice delayed? where in the hell does he live? >> yeah. it -- well, i think michael flynn said it best yesterday. i know he was on rush limbaugh's show, he said this is a great day for me, great day for our family, but more importantly what happened yesterday is a great day for the country because ultimately michael flynn was completely exonerated, a guy who served our country for three
5:27 pm
decades, a general. that, to me, was the real takeaway from yesterday with general flynn, and god bless him and god bless his pharmacy. lou: well -- his family. lou: well, that's, i think, a sentiment we can chime in with, applaud and share. but still think it's a damn shame that the chairman of the judiciary committee would say something as ignorant as senator graham. this should be about justice and, by god, we're still a far distance from justice for those responsible for this atrocity against the general, his family and against this president as they tried to overthrow him and his administration. >> yep. lou: congressman jim jordan, we thank you for all that you have done. and up next, new reporting on how joe biden used his role as vice president to help out friends and family. the just the news ed editor in chief john solomon with the story and more news to break after this break. stay with us.
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♪ ♪ lou: more bad news for joe biden, i'm sorry to tell you. a new just the news/rasmussen poll finds a majority of voters say biden used his position as vice president to financially benefit the biden family and friends. 53% of voters surveyed say it's unlikely -- or, rather, it's likely that biden used his term, however, for financial gain. so you can sort that out as you bush. it's kind of -- as you bush. it's kind of confusing. our next guest has breaking news suggesting the suspicions of the american people are well founded. john solomon, award-winning investigative journalist, editor-in-chief of just the news. great to have you with us. i want to start with a breaking story that you have on on brees -- on burisma, showing that there was absolute corruption alleged by
5:33 pm
the ukrainians. tell us about it. >> yeah. we're going to -- we obtained under a foia lawsuit new documents this week, thanks to the work of the southeastern legal foundation, they worked with us, and the state department has turned over documents showing in 2014 at the moment right after hunter biden joined the board, his son's now on the board of a -- defined as a corrupt company in ukraine. it's under investigation by both the british government and the ukrainian government. and lo and behold, a state department program -- by the way, one envisioned by an adviser to joe biden -- suddenly awards a contract, gives a deal the brees a ma for renewable -- burisma for are new bl energy participation in this program. if you just did a simple google surgery at the state department, you'd find out this company, burisma, was under investigation. the man who signed the contract was publicly identified in court documents as suspected of fraud, and our government is doing buzz
5:34 pm
with them? and i think the answer why they were doing business with burisma was that hunter biden and joe biden were afulluated with the company. affiliated. lou: you know, i think there may be another reason, john. it occurs to me that the obama administration didn't have an inspector general over the state department for, how long was it? four years? five years? >> three and a half years. lou: [inaudible] there wasn't a single complaint. and yet so much happened at the tate -- the state department about which we are just now learning. this is stunning stuff. where does this lead? >> well, listen, one of the big things, you just had it in your last segment with jim jordan, goa joe widen's stories just keep evolving -- joe biden's stories just keep evolving. he's suggesting the logan act and talking to with the fbi. same thing about burisma, you
5:35 pm
find out, well, he did know. i did talk to my son, his son i did talk to me. we didn't do anything at the obama administration to help them, and now you find out they got a contract, a deal within the obama administration program. joe biden's story keeps evolving, and usually when a politician's story keeps changing, there's a dirtier story beneath that layer x that's what we keep digging to find. lou: well, president obama and vice president biden knew in 2017 of the biggest scandal in american political history. that is, namely, that a presidential candidate and soon to be president were being spied upon with their full knowledge and apparent approval. your reaction. >> yeah, absolutely. more than that, they're actively participating in a discussion with the fbi when the fbi shouldn't be talking to politicians about ongoing criminal investigations. get the right people on it, use
5:36 pm
the logan act. at that moment the fbi had just concluded mike flynn had not committed any crimes. they investigated him for five months. they recommended shutting down the crime -- the case, and all of a sudden the white house is meeting with the fbi saying keep it going, find the right people, look at the logan act of of we have a white house that was concocting a false criminal case against one of their political enemies. lou: absolutely. maybe they thought it was all right, john, to be there talking about a criminal case when they themselves were obviously the criminals. john solomon, thanks so much. appreciate it. up next, the head of the fbu comes to the conclusion that china is involved at, well, in things against the interest of the united states. christopher wray, man on the spot. wow. we'll take it up with the hudson institute's michael pillsbury. stay with us, we're coming right back. going on in corporate america
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♪ ♪ lou: joining us tonight, dr. michael pillsbury, director of the center for chinese strategy at the hudson institute. and, mike, i want to start with what is going on in china. apparently, christopher wray has decided that there is a competition of ideas. he apparently is ignoring the theft of intellectual property, the massive forced transfer, the espionage against the united states government, oural highs,
5:41 pm
our -- our allies, our companies and wall street and our, and the broad espionage being carried out at american colleges and universities. what knell n hell -- what in hell is is wrong with the fbi, at least its director? >> well, there's two things i wish director wray would do, lou. i think the fbi needs more money for counterintelligence work against china. a lot of agents have complained to me that the director says -- he talks a good game, as we say, doesn't actually increase the effort. now because there's 2,000 cases to head back to china, but number of agents involved tracking all of this down is still the same as it was years ago. the second thing, lou, is more important. you need to be more proact we've with congress. a -- proactive with congress. a lot of fbi agents want to awe mend the foreign agents registration act and make it illegal for a lot of this kind of influence that goes on with the chinese fund like the --
5:42 pm
lou: we should -- without a minute, mike -- >> doesn't do this. lou: you'd shut down wall street, shut down the chamber of commerce and the business round table. i mean, you're taking on corporate america, what are you doing? that is very counter-capitalism. >> no, lou. i would give them advance warning that if you get something of value from china, tens of millions, hundreds of millions in profits and the chinese ask you to lobby the u.s. congress or the media, you need to do more than advance. that's against the law unless you register as a foreign agent. right now it's a gray area. it needs to be much clearer, and the fbi itself wants to fix this problem, and some people in congress want to go along with them. [laughter] lou: well, i would guess they would want to go along with them because they're at the trough just as well as the titans of wall street and corporate america.
5:43 pm
i mean, think about it, i mean, the chamber of commerce would probably be out of business. and, by the way, you and i both know you couldn't get that law passed in a million years because all of that money that flows from wall street into the pockets of the poor congressmen and senators on capitol hill, it's just not going to happen, do you think? i mean, obviously, they're more interested in representing china's interest than pawing attention to the president of the united states and worrying about american workers and american families. i'm, it's -- i'm just, i'm worried here about your sensibilities. >> it sounds like i'm tougher on china than you are, lou. i'm surprised. [laughter] lou: well, you can rest assured you're not, but i have to tell you i have zero confidence that there is enough are maining integrity on capitol hill in either the house or the senate to stand up for the american, the american way of life and
5:44 pm
interest. wall street, corporate america has sold out workers and families. i don't know what the hell is next, maybe the entire country. only this president stands between that possibility becoming a reality. if as you well know. dr. michael pillsbury, great to have you with us. jason chafe feds if joins us right after this very quick break. where will you go first? wherever you make go, lexus will welcome you back with exceptional offers. get zero percent financing and make no payments for up to 90 days on all 2020 lexus models. experience amazing at your lexus dealer. so when it comes to screening for colon cancer, don't wait.
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♪ ♪ lou: the economist magazine very confident that joe biden will win in november. in fact, the publy caution says biden has an 88% chance of winning. becaused on the economy u.s.' record, however, their production is not assured. on election day 2016, for example, the economist ran this headline: hillary clinton has got this. probably. [laughter] very probably. later that night clinton's supporters cried as it was announced donald trump has been elected. let's relive that moment, shall we? it was great fun. and four days later on november 12th, the economist ran the simple headline, and here it is: epic fail. next week we'll have a surprise
5:49 pm
guest here who is the only authority who now says president trump is a stone cold lock to win the election are. he was one of the few to get it right in 2016, so you do not want to miss mystery guest number one next thursday right here. joining us now, a man who is no mystery unless he wants to be, jason chaffetz. he's former congressman, former chairman of the house oversight committee, also fox business contributor and great american. great to have you with us, jason. let's start with the economist and all of the polls, those polls, 14 points against the man who puts america first and makes america great. how in the hell could anybody be 14 points ahead of a man who's done all of that? >> i don't know. the economist is supposed to be a fairly reputable organization, but they got that thing so wrong. lots of people got it wrong.
5:50 pm
i mean, thank goodness. could you imagine if hillary clinton had won this election? and all these scandals we talk about at the fbi and these other places, nobody would ever hear about that, because they would cover it right up. these people would be in charge. but i've got to tell you, you want to wake up with a smile on your face, just look at the mirror every morning and say i'm so glad hillary clinton is not the president of the united states. your day will be off of and rolling in the right direction. lou: yeah. it's -- i feel a lot better just knowing president trump president. that suits few day just fine -- my day just fine. i don't understand, and perhaps you can give us some insight into it, i don't understand the number of republican on capitol hill who are doing exactly the same stupid nonsense that they pulled in 2018 to throw away the house of representatives, talking about -- and this is coming from mitch mcconnell in the senate -- saying, or you know, just separate yourself from the president on these issues, don't follow the
5:51 pm
president's heed, just ignore him. i mean, that was a tsa for republicans -- a disaster for republicans in 2018. it will be a disaster for them again, you and i both know that. what in the world, what are thaw thinking? >> if you're a republican and you try to pretend you're a conservative but you cannot arctic hate the vision and the agenda, america first? if how hard is that to sell to your friends and neighbors and potential voters? that is not a hard, difficult lift. and yet, you're right, so many people try to appease and they try to be soft on it and thaw -- but they do it to their own peril because they show thaw e don't have a backbone, they're not willing to stand up for something as fundamental as america first and decide that, you know what? we do have an agenda in this country, and it is moving in the right direction. as long as you get behind and support what the president advocating, look what he's been ache to do on the supreme court,
5:52 pm
on the bench. but look at how he built the economy. and i believe if you're going boo this 2020 election who's in the best driver's seat to build the economy again? you better get behind the donald trump agenda. lou: right. because, guess what? who's been right? who's been right about this economy? who has been right about russia? who's been right about china? who has been right about the wall, about illegal immigration? the supreme court, for god if sake -- for god's salk, is supporting all but his entire agenda. i mean, his victory after victory, and these morons watching around going clucking, i mean, john thune, i'd like to put up a quote for our audience, if i may, because he represents just about as much milk toast rino as rino milk toast gets. trump has a problem with the meddle of the electorate. it will probably require not only a message that deals with substance and policy, but i
5:53 pm
think a message that conveys a perhaps different tone, says john thune who has never done newing but follow mitch mcconnell -- anything but follow mitch mcconnell around at close quarter. i mean, this is ridiculous! he doesn't suggest what a substantive policy would be. this president, meanwhile, has got policy after policy victory and achievement, unparalleled. >> i sat in the audience -- lou: [inaudible] >> as a former member of congress, i have sat on the floor of the house while the president gives his state of the union address, and you go back and look at each one of those that donald trump made and look at what he promised and actually what he accomplished. don't get distract with all these bells, whistles and sirens off to the side, but look at the core of what donald trump is fighting for, and i think if republicans disagree with it, tell us what you disagree with because that's the democratic
5:54 pm
position, and it's going to drive the american economy into the ground. so they'd better get onboard if they want to one elections and continue to have the power positions expect chairmanships that we currently enjoy as republicans right now. lou: don't you love the fact that torn general barr -- attorney general barr has decided to talk up jerry nadler and his invitation to come talk to the judiciary committee in the house? what do you think, that is going to be some pretty fun stuff, don't you thinksome. >> oh, i agree. look, i used to be on the judiciary committee there in the house of representatives. jerry nadler can barely negotiate his face max, pulling it on and putting it off -- taking it off, let alone trying to manage the wit and wisdom of attorney general barr. i'm glad he's going there, i think he should. they need to have regular conversation, but certainly attorney general barr's committed to that, and i think he will run circles around the
5:55 pm
attempts of jerry nadler and others on that committee. [laughter] lou: you know, all i can think of is barr enters the hearing room for the house judiciary committee, the average iq's going to go up about 30-40 points in that room. jason, you get the last word. your thought on where we are right now. >> no, but i gotta tell you though, you were talking earlier about director wray? he isn't getting it done. that's a guy who actually needs to move on. i'm a huge fan of what the attorney general's doing but not the fbi director. lou: yeah. just aen chaffetz, as always -- jason chaffetz, as always, he's got it right. jason, thanks for being with us. we appreciate it. stay with us, we're coming right back. ♪ ♪ y-yeah ♪
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6:00 pm
crazy. lou: that's it for us tonight. roger stone, judicial's watch's tom fitton, pastor robert jeffress among our guests here tomorrow. please be with us. thank you for joining us tonight. good night from sussex. ♪. elizabeth: to the drama on capitol hill tonight. the push to protect public monuments as gun crime and homicides now rising in more than five dozen u.s. cities. many seeing increases not seen in a generation. all amid the defund the police push. talk of all that, now hitting pretty big fever pitch. we're now monitoring whether, less than an hour, protesters follow through on their plan to topple the emancipation memorial in d.c. we're watching live shots. looks like the president's push to put national guard in


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