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tv   The Evening Edit  FOX Business  June 25, 2020 8:00pm-9:01pm EDT

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crazy. lou: that's it for us tonight. roger stone, judicial's watch's tom fitton, pastor robert jeffress among our guests here tomorrow. or joining ush us. tonight. good night from sussex. ♪. elizabeth: to the drama on capitol hill tonight. the push to protect public monuments as gun crime and homicides now rising in more than five dozen u.s. cities. many seeing increases not seen in a generation. all amid the defund the police push. talk of all that, now hitting pretty big fever pitch. we're now monitoring whether, less than an hour, protesters follow through on their plan to topple the emancipation memorial in d.c. we're watching live shots. looks like the president's push to put national guard in washington is causing rioters to
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stand down. there is not many protesters at the monument happening now. look at the shot. hillary vaughn with the latest what is happening in washington. what is going on? reporter: liz, the area is roped off. you're right, so far nothing has happened. the attack on the monument is scheduled for 7:00 p.m. also happening this evening, the house is expected to vote on their much anticipated police reform plan after senate democrats blocked the senate's republican police reform proposal from getting a vote on the senate floor. house minority leader kevin mccarthy says it is up to house speaker nancy pelosi and senate majority leader mitch mcconnell to decide if police reform has any hope in congress. >> i don't get to determine that. the speaker of the house, nancy pelosi, and chuck schumer because of the rules of the senate. they both apparently made a decision to kill these bills. that will not stop us from working, trying to solve it.
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reporter: congresswoman ilhan omar whose home district includes minneapolis says the house bill is important to the constituents. she is hopeful it will get some support in the senate. >> i'm hopeful that that there are members here in the house and in the senate who truly are in here because they want to hear the voices of the constituents that they serve and bring about positive change. reporter: here is what is different from the house dems bill from what the senate republicans proposed. this house bill would make chokeholds illegal under any circumstances and make no-knock warrants illegal. now deadly force is last resort, changing standard from reasonable to now necessary. the bill makes it easier to prosecute officers around lets people sue them for damages in quart, eliminating qualified immunity. that is something republicans
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warned would deter people coming police officers and make them less safe in the field and more afraid to defend themselves in the field. this is in the backdrop from protesters moved from marching in the streets to targeting monuments and statues that conflict with their values. one group is attempting to a tear-down of the emancipation monument of abraham lincoln in d.c. people in seattle are establishing their own autonomous zone. the president talked about that in exclusive town hall airing on "hannity" on the fox news channel. >> if they don't do something in seattle, we'll go in there. in all cases they're democrats, democrat-run. all cases. joe biden would that be the whole country. that is so crazy what is happening this guy doesn't talk. nobody hears him. when he talks he can't put two
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sentences together. i don't want to be nice or unnice, okay? the man can't speak. reporter: liz, that is something that the trump campaign is picking up on today because biden had on a event in lancaster, pennsylvania, and he made another gaffe, saying 120 million people of coronavirus. that would mean over a third of americans would have died. later he corrected himself. elizabeth: thank you so much for the update, hillary. later on the show we have on trump campaign senior advisor lara trump, former assistant u.s. attorney michael o'connell and michael flynn attorney sidney powell. people are saying to officials in washington and time to stand up. the woke breaking point is now. they're done with the bullying, done with the rioting, done with the violence and lawlessness seen two dozen shot dead, numerous police officers
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attacked, businesses attacked. quite a different thing to do peaceful protests under the constitution. this is outright violence. americans are done with the attacks on monuments to those who fought slavery. they're sick and tired of politicians putting rhetorical attacks and lawlessness ahead of law making. they're sick of the political left making demonstrably wrong generalizations who americans are and how they think. leading to ludicrous proposals to defund police even democrats call absurd. call the president's point person on reform helping the african-american community, deputy assistant to the president, we welcome jeron smith. great to have you on the show, sir. first your reaction to all of this. >> let me tell you this is not the right way to go. we want to bring the country together. the leaders are throwing fuel on the fire by not trying to come up with ideas and using this moment in time to bring both
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sides together and shame on chuck schumer, shame on nancy pelosi doing directly the opposite, forming wedges between communities and police when some of these communities need police the most. elizabeth: you know what do you think of the debate about the reform bill pushing through the house right now versus the senate? the senate has the reform bill. what's your take on what's going on? >> well i think the house bill is for one, something that never was going to pass. it is similar to what the democrats did with the clause, a messaging bill to say they did something. anyone knows that worked in congress, if you really want to get something done you have to do it in a bipartisan way. tough do something in a way that the senate can work on it and take that bill up. in the senate opened up the conversation by creating a bipartisan vehicle. all they had to do was get on the bill to consider it. the democrats could have amended that bill with over 20 different
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amendments and got something really good done. when the senate leads on some of these things it usually passes the house because of the bipartisan considerations. that is in the rules. elizabeth: interesting. you know, reports are coming in, hundreds of u.s. marshals and national guard now on the move nationwide to stop the attack on national monuments. you're looking at a live shot of what is going on in d.c. at 7:00 p.m., protesters said they would topple that monument. abraham lincoln emancipation monument in washington, jaron. it is a live shot that looks like not happening. is the president promise to send the guard, is that working? what do you think? >> i think it is working. at the end of the day we have to have a civil conversation in a civil society and a nation of laws. if you want to take action there is ways to do it. that is the beautiful thing about america. we condition h can make consensus and decisions. this is lawlessness and anarchy. this doesn't represent people
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from the community. let me tell you this i live in southeast d.c. many of those individuals are looking for jobs and opportunity. that is what we're focused on bringing the country back from covid and bringing our whole country back to prosperity. elizabeth: jaron, the constitution says peaceful assembly. that is quite a different things that rioting looting. two dozen shot dead. rioters attacking businesses. seattle, businesses and taxpayers and workers and residents now suing the elected officials of seattle and suing the city saying listen, you supported the rioters. you gave them public restrooms, barriers, medical supplies. you didn't listen to us, the people who pay your salaries, jaron. that businesses and taxpayers who got attacked and shut down. the police didn't even come into the autonomous zone to help them. your take on what happened there? >> i would say pay attention to the history. you know my parents were all in
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the riots of the '60s. those neighborhoods is what i inherited growing up. that looked same way since the riots f we want to rebuild our country and bring it together and create prosperity this is the wrong way to do it. it is unfortunate because we need leadership in those localities. luckily we have a president like donald trump that is willing to go into these communities. we spent a lot of time and many of these communities around the country, went to over 60 different cities. we're willing to go back in the right way to bring the country together, focusing on jobs and opportunity, most important, community safety. elizabeth: jaron, it is interesting what you just said, that you grew up in the, after the aftermath of the '60s and early '70s riots. where did you grow up? >> i grew up in cleveland, ohio. in neighborhood they call huff, the huff riots. that neighborhood looked that
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way, 30 or 40 years. now just recently they started to revitalizing that community. elizabeth: you see that in detroit. you see it in other localities where it takes generations for those, the scars of the rioting and looting to heal these communities. interesting what you just said. you worked with the president on his executive action on police reform. also senator tim scott. you worked on criminal justice reform with the president. can you talk to us about that? >> a key part about that was the president met with families and he met with law enforcement. we got consensus on what's the best way to move our country forward. we focused on standards for policing. we focused on creating a database for cops with bad behavior. we also focused on coresponder services, something that is much-needed. we'll continue to do that work. we'll continue to use our executive power to bring the country together and leverage that executive order to create better and community police relationships. but on top of that bring back
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prosperity through opportunity. elizabeth: jaron, you wonder, will the president pick up senator tim scott and republican bill and just move further on executive action based on that? sort of like president obama did with daca. what do you think? >> we'll do all we can administratively as far as the law can take us but we certainly can use our convening power. look, is all about local communities. the federal government is only just a partner. we can use our leadership ability to bring both sides together. we're doing. that we're talking to police chiefs. i've met with the attorney general. he started talking to many police chiefs. we're talking to ministers and leaders of the community. people want to come together and resolve their issues. it is going to take leadership. the president's willing to step up to do just that. elizabeth: you know, with he keep hearing analysts and polls, showing america -- we've been studying this for years now. america is not a racist country. it is not racist. and so that thinking that line
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of thought has to stop. in other words, it is hijacking by the left of the national conversation, commandeering it with sweeping generalizations are wrong. hijacking of the covers has to stop. senator tim scott blasted democrat elected officials running cities. calling them out on the senate floor. watch this. >> you know, here's the truth. in detroit, atlanta, minneapolis, los angeles, philadelphia, all these cities could have banned chokeholds themselves. they could have increased police reporting themselves. they could have more data information themselves. they could have de-escalation training themselves. they could have duty to intervene themselves. minneapolis as well. all these communities have been run by democrats for decades! elizabeth: your final word,
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jaron. >> that is exactly right. since day one of administration i was hired to be urban affairs policy person. president trump knew from day one we needed to fix the problem in the inner cities. we've been over to 60 cities. we've seen some democratic cities not willing to engage, to fight for the very people they claim to represent. what do they do, when ever pressure is up, they use race, don't take accountability for the cities they control. they blame us for it. we'll not settle for that. we'll work with these communities, in the communities and bring change. elizabeth: jaron, you've been terrific. will you come back to the show? >> sure. elizabeth: we appreciate your perspective and insight, jaron. >> have a good one. elizabeth: you too. up next michael flynn's attorney sidney powell on the debate breaking out in washington. it is a hot one. why were former fbi official peter strzok handwritten notes with held from the public, notes that exonerate michael flynn?
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president obama's white house power base talked a i bought targeting going after michael flynn when government documents also show the fbi knew its case against flynn and trump russia was falling apart. that story next you ever wish you weren't a motaur? sure. sometimes i wish i had legs like you. yeah, like a regular person. no. still half bike/half man, just the opposite. oh, so the legs on the bottom and motorcycle on the top? yeah. yeah, i could see that. for those who were born to ride, there's progressive. miles to the job site. the campsite. and anything else we set our sights on.
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yesterday with the flynn case. great to have you back on, sidney. first question, your reaction to the victory yesterday. >> we're delighted to the rule of law and enforced to issue a writ of man dame mouse to order judge sullivan to grant the motion to dismiss that the government filed in the flynn case. he never should have been charged with anything at all. he never should have been investigated. so this is a big step forward for the rule of law. elizabeth: you know, sidney, what was your take on the newly-revealed peter strzok notes? why were those notes from peter strzok with held from the public? it shows president obama's white house power base was actually targeting michael flynn. talking president obama, joe biden, susan race, saying, you know president obama, make sure you look at things, have the right people on the flynn case, meaning obama was directing james comey and former deputy attorney general to investigate flynn for having
8:19 pm
routine phone calls with the russian counterpart. what was your reaction? why were those notes withheld so long? >> we don't know where they were held from. whether they were in a private notebook of peter strzok or private files within the fbi. we don't have the original flynn 302, fbi report of the interview we know that exists and draft as well we can tell from text messages between strzok and page, should be in the fbi es sentinel system and how it was destroyed and by whom. so that information is at the fbi. we still don't have it. that to me is absolutely inexplicable, especially if mr. wray has any interest in screening up the fbi at all. elizabeth: what do you think the notes will show? >> i think they're going to show that there were huge changes made to the flynn 302. we already have documented
8:20 pm
substantial changes and the government has admitted things were alleged as false statements on the basis on of the final 302 that did not appear in the agent's notes at all. in other words they augmented 302 with things that were not said and failed to include things that were said. so they framed him. elizabeth: they framed him. show what james clapper, james comey, peter strzok and lisa page were saying about how they did not have the goods, they didn't have the evidence on the trump russia probe. i would like to ask you this, the notes, peter strzok's notes show president obama personally said, quote, make sure you look at things. have the right people on it. vice president biden appears to bring up a process crime, the logan act, nobody has ever been charged with. james comey said flynn's phone call with the russian ambassador quote, appears legit. meaning appears legitimate. what was going on?
8:21 pm
trump russia evidence was falling apart. they didn't have a case. the fbi knew that. they shut it down. brought it back. president obama says bring it back. what is going on here? >> he doesn't want to let it go. he has flynn an absolute target of his rage. he would audit the intel agencies. he exposed problems with isis and iran nuclear deal. it was horrible. he knew all of those things and i was going to deal with it. elizabeth: that is why you think president obama had a personal dislike of michael flynn, is that it, final word? >> absolutely. he mentioned michael flynn and kim jong-un as two people president trump should watch out for. what a combination. a national patriot -- elizabeth: thought it was. >> yeah. elizabeth: go ahead. we didn't know that he said, michael flynn and kim jong-un. we know that for a fact? >> i'm, yes. elizabeth: okay.
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sidney powell, thanks for the news breaker right there. sidney powell, come back soon. sorry we ran out of time. good to see you. congratulations on your victory. next up trump 2020 campaign senior provides sore lara trump will join us on marco...! polo! marco...! polo! marco...! polo! marco...! polo! marco...! polo! sì? marco...! polo! scusa? marco...! polo! ma io sono marco polo, ma playing "marco polo" with marco polo? surprising. ragazzini, io sono marco polo. sì, sono qui what's not surprising? geico helping you save even more on car and motorcycle insurance. ahhh... polo. marco...! polo! now get an extra 15% credit when you switch before october 7th. i do motivational speakingld. now get an extra 15% credit in addition to the substitute teaching. i honestly feel that that's my calling-- to give back to younger people. i think most adults will start realizing that they don't recall things as quickly as they used to
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♪. elizabeth: welcome back. critics say president obama is now raising eyebrows with questionable and controversial comments as he is campaigning for joe biden like this one where president obama claims joe biden has not lobbiest connections. again raising contentious allegation about the biden family's pay-to-play conflicts. that the biden family profited off of joe biden's washington connections. watch this. >> this is somebody who throughout his career has shown that he in it for the right reasons. who didn't get involved in politics to get rich or to hobnob with lobbyists but was most comfortable with working people and people who were in the middle class or aspiring to the middle class and asking them and listening to them.
8:27 pm
elizabeth: okay. that has got d.c. watchdog groups in overdrive digging what president obama said joe biden not hobnobbing with lobbyists. welcome back to the show, trump 2020 campaign senior advisor lara trump. so great to have you back on. what was your reaction when you heard that? >> it is pretty telling that the former president would even have to bring this up to clarify for people. it is pretty clear, hunter biden, joe biden's son, got 150 billion-dollar investment from the bank ever china by flowing over on air force two with his dad to china. what did they promise for that investment? i don't know. what did they expect? nobody knows. sort of strange he would even bring this up and put it back out on the table for joe, but i know he probably wasn't trying to stir the pot. he certainly did with that, didn't he? elizabeth: yeah. feels like critics are saying that it feels like he was trying
8:28 pm
to whip a fastball by the american people because senate republicans are investigating the biden family pay-to-play conflicts of interest, led by senator ron johnson including with buries ma, right? >> that is right. apparently president obama maybe apparently hasn't paid close enough attention. maybe someone should have reminded him of that before he did a fund-raiser for joe biden. it is interesting he took a year-and-a-half for barack obama to even come out and endorse joe biden, his former vice president. he waited until everybody else was out of the game. you remember even told joe biden, joe, you don't have to do this. so maybe there is, maybe there is more to the story there. i don't really know. i don't think it was the success they had hoped it would be especially now seeing all this come out of it. sort of a mess. elizabeth: other thing too critics are calling out president obama for using divisive rhetoric again.
8:29 pm
president obama has been accused of dividing the nation, not unifying the nation. for example, he said, quote, that science does not matter to the trump administration when it comes to covid-19. that the people there, that folks in charge don't know what they're doing. that is a direct quote. your reaction to that? >> that is totally ridiculous. it was actually president trump who the same day the democrats were playing politics and nancy pelosi was handing out her impeachment pens, donald trump stopped travel coming from china to the united states to stop the coronavirus from spreading at a very fast rate. thank you to president trump for that. he saved countless numbers of lives by doing that. and every step of the way this president has listened to the experts, to dr. fauci and his entire group of people that came in to help out with the coronavirus response. we are now seeing, liz, by the way, great news. yes, there is an uptick in some states across the country of coronavirus but the hospitalizations and the death
8:30 pm
rates are going down significantly. wasn't that in the beginning what everybody said was the goal? we don't want to have the hospitals overwhelmed. this president has done an incredible job with coronavirus. i mean nobody expected us to be in this place. sort of ridiculous to hear that sort of commentary. but again, not surprising coming from barack obama. i think very clearly knows that joe biden doesn't excite anybody. joe biden will have a very hard time against donald trump. you see the fact we had 20 million people watch the rally last saturday from tulsa, oklahoma. joe biden had 12 people at an event he had today in pennsylvania. contract it to, very clear he is trying to help prop joe biden up. elizabeth: you know, people are saying it's time for the rhetoric to cool down. we have john kerry recently saying, if people don't have adequate access to the ballot, that is stuff which quote, revolutions are built. people are saying tone down the
8:31 pm
rhetoric. stop talking like that. also senate majority whip john thune, the second highest ranking leader in the republican caucus there, he says the president may lose the independent vote because of his rhetoric because it is too divisive. what do you say to that? >> i don't think so. the democrats are championing looters, rioters and arsonist information the treat. the president is standing for law and order. only thing that keeps the country together. i highly disagree with his sentiments there. elizabeth: lara trump, great to have you on. come back soon. >> thank you. elizabeth: sure. the house judiciary is in chaos. dramatic fighting and fireworks yesterday as critics in washington say democrat chair jerry nadler has lost control of his committee. the hearing going off the rails. we're going to show you the fighting. all this as attorney general william barr will testify july 28th. we're going to talk to house judiciary's kelly armstrong, what is going to happen with
8:32 pm
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♪. elizabeth: welcome back. we're at the bottom of the hour. the house judiciary in chaos yesterday. dramatic fighting and fireworks as critics say democrat chair of that committee jerry nadler lost control of it. all this as attorney general william barr has accepted an invitation to testify on july 28th on firing of jeffrey berman the u.s. attorney for southern district of new york. on michael flynn and roger stone cases and more. observers now asking, how will the ag barr hearing go given how fast yesterday's hearing flu off the rails and jerry nadler lost control of it. watch this. >> regular order. regular order. the witness will con -- >> regular order right. >> we're way beyond regular order. >> witness will continue. >> one more sentence? >> by all means. >> okay. as far as me crowning dishonesty
8:37 pm
the portait of edward levy. -- >> mr. chairman. the sergeant-at-arms witness will be called upon the stop disruption of this meeting. i can't hear this witness. this is a very important witness >> he is way beyond the time. if there are no rules about when people can -- there is no rules about when you can make noise. >> gentleman makes,. >> makes a good point. the chair will enforce the five machine rule. >> the chair is not enforcing the five machine rule -- five minute rule. elizabeth: that was republican louie gomez mortgage tapping saying the witness had gone beyond time should have gaveled him out but he didn't. kelly armstrong, republican from house judiciary. thanks for joining us congressman, on yesterday's hearing in light of the barr hearing? >> it will descend into chaos
8:38 pm
unfortunately the case under chairman nadler's leadership, not just yesterday but throughout his entire 10 your. i like attorney barr's chances. no doubt in anybody's minds he is a terrific lawyer and really cool customer. so -- elizabeth: he will take them on, go toe-to-toe with nadler and shut them down, is that what you're expecting? >> i think if my colleagues are smart about it, they will use the five minutes to give a speech and not get into a back and forth with the attorney general because quite frankly i think he is doing a tremendous job and more importantly i think he is just quite frankly better at that than they are. elizabeth: interesting. showed us what to expect. okay. the fireworks continued with republican mike johnson of louisiana. watch his fight with chairman nadler. let's listen. >> how far are you approximately from where we sit right now? >> i guess about half a mile. >> mr. selenski, you're an attorney you know, you know, that having a witness appear and
8:39 pm
submit to cross-examination in person is obviously much more effective and reliable than one who simply phones it in. we'll leave it at that. >> the gentleman is improper. the witness is complying with the rules of the house. we make no distinction between people who are present physically and people who are present by video. elizabeth: okay. so it got, it went there. you know what i mean? what was your reaction when you saw that fight. >> you're dealing with this but not dealing with it just happening yesterday. this started immediately in impeachment. chairman nadler has gaveled us down, nod recognizing points of order. american people don't necessarily care about process arguments but they should because the only way to do these hearings in order to make sure that all people are represented is if the rules are actually followed. i mean earlier in the year they actually had to bring a house parliamentarian in because they didn't know the rules. when you're going to have, i mean, the storied history of the house judiciary committee
8:40 pm
descend into chaos, i don't know how you can blame anybody else but the chair. elizabeth: yeah. because now nadler is saying that he, judiciary may pursue impeachment, impeachment of ag barr. then he backed off of that because it would go nowhere in the senate. talking about impeachment much ag barr, in light of everything going on in the committee. listen to republican doug collins get the justice department whistle-blower who was criticizing attorney general barr admit he is bias. that he is partisan. that he went after and sought a job with democrats on the house impeachment inquiry into trump. watch this. >> gentleman yield? >> no i will not. you're considering, mr. elias, you consider yourself to be non-political career staff, that was your statement, correct? >> when i go into the justice department every day as a career employee i leave my politics at home yes. >> okay. that was the same as mr. selenski, strzok, page, others have done that. let me ask you a question. as career staff being
8:41 pm
non-political did you ever get to detail to this committee's majority staff? >> i like -- >> yes or no. >> over time explored various career options. >> okay. as we have all sworn under oath here, did you in fact not to be detailed on committee's work in oversight during impeachment, is that not correct? refresh your memory? >> i may have also asked for oversight at one point with the blessing of assistant attorney. >> so you asked to come to this committee. as career staffer, non-political career staffer you were asking to be detailed to this committee to work on impeachment. you wanted to work for the majority during the impeachment of donald trump? elizabeth: okay. so, bias whistle-blower now going after ag barr. what did you make of that exchange? >> exactly what has been going on the whole time. mr. selenski worked on mueller team as well. this whole argument somehow career, career public officials
8:42 pm
don't have any partisanship is just absolutely not true. you don't have to look very far. you look at mr. selenski sentencing memo against roger stone. you know how you know? because the judge agreed with the attorney general. on the same day that appellate court ordered judge sullivan to dismiss charge against flynn. democrats on same old song and dance. the argument that attorney general barr is political is not accurate. the argument he is cleaning up the political actions that have gone on in the doj from the time president trump rode down that escalator until attorney general barr got there. elizabeth: okay. congressman armstrong, thanks for joining us. we really appreciate it. come back soon. >> thanks for having me. elizabeth: coming up we are continuing to dig into the footnotes and documents that as we have been doing for three years. it's more about the michael flynn and more about the trump russia probe. we're learning more and more about what critics call, quote the shady and sneaky ways that
8:43 pm
fbi officials led by james comey, what they used to go after trump and his team. these are process crimes. there was no evidence of trump russia collusion. we'll talk about it with former assistant u.s. attorney john o'connor. he is the guy who coauthored memoirs of watergate deep throat, mark felt. he is the man who brought down the nixon administration. john o'connor will talk to us about what he thinks about all of this ♪ ♪ yeah ♪ ♪ y-yeah ♪ ♪ yeah ♪ hey, hey ♪ yeah (vo) at whether on the track,that exhor the everyday drive.ty, today, that philosophy extends to how we connect with you. we call it, audi at your door. whether a remote test drive, shopping, trade-in, or even service pickup,
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did you know liberty mutual customizes your car insurance ta-da! ...your medication has changed, so you only pay for what you need? i should get a quote. do it. only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty. ♪ ♪. elizabeth: more on the fallout of the michael flynn case. we are seeing a broader backdrop, a broader context emerging as we dig through the documents. critic as calling, quote, shady and sneaky ways fbi officials led by james comey went after trump and his team. let's welcome back to the show, former u.s. assistant attorney john o'connor. john coauthored memoirs of
8:48 pm
watergate's "deep throat," mark felt. who brought down the nixon administration. can you take this on and explain isn't. >> yes, if you talk about the start of the russia probe, it started liz, with smoke and mirrors with no substance. the fbi was working with, of course the cia and also british intelligence. so there was a team there and every agent of that team is an agent of the fbi. the, once george papdopoulus got named to the campaign, the fbi team sent in a phony, disguised fellow named professor joseph mifsud to act as though he had government contacts to bring along putin's neas. it wasn't putin's neas, it was a catfish what it was. they told papdopoulus that they had emails of clinton. papdopoulus didn't do much with it. elizabeth: yeah. >> then later on, he gets called
8:49 pm
by a guy named alexander downer, who is an australian intelligence guy, invites him for drinks, gets him drunk, pulls from him part of what miss feud misfud told him some damaging information. we have fbi talking to papdopoulus and another guy talking to papdopoulus telling the fbi and now we have the investigation. elizabeth: we're running out of time. what happened was, they went after papdopoulus for foreign agent registration act violation, process crime, regulatory crime. james comey has history of doing process crimes in the martha stewart case, valerie plame case other cases. opposition paid for research fbi was using to go after the trump campaign, fell apart, it was useless. it was unsubstantiated. they doesn't have an informant. they didn't have an e-mail. didn't have a tex mayes on or a
8:50 pm
whistle-blower to say we got the evidence, we got the goods that the trump campaign conspired with the kremlin, nothing. instead they used process crimes to go after trump team members. is that what happened? >> both in flynn and papdopoulus, they led those two to belief a truthful answer to a question would be a crime. truthful answer in either case would be a crime. with flynn, it was logan act which wouldn't have been a crime. with papdopoulus, somehow involved with putin's niece and this professor would led him to be a criminal. they fudge their answers a bit, not anything terribly, but they got him for process crimes. that is what they were doing. elizabeth: sew used as a smoke screen to justify a fishing expedition, to then try to find the evidence after the fact. when you have to have a predicate. a basis to open it. >> that's right. elizabeth: fara is far away from conspiracy. they get fisa wiretaps go after on basis of a regulatory
8:51 pm
violation. this may be what the criminal probe by john durham could uncover. ag bar already said, justification for a trump russia probe was weak it, was thin. final word, john? >> i have written a lot about this post-gate about the phony start for all of this investigation and the phoniness of the steele dossier. the fbi knew about it. they trumped this whole thing up and the more that comes out the dirtier it looks. it is terrible when you get under the covers here. elizabeth: all right. john o'connor. thank you so much for joining us again. great to see you. >> sure. elizabeth: up next, a supreme court victory for the trump administration at the border and a change at the border. u.s. border patrol agents using new covid-19 protocols to protect border crossers in facilities so they don't get sick from covid-19 virus. sick from covid-19 virus. we've got that story when you think of a bank, you think of people in a place. sick from covid-19 virus. we've got that story
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♪. elizabeth: welcome back. the supreme court happened the trump administration a victory today on the border. that it can expedite deportations for asylum-seekers picked up at the border who don't deserve asylum. who fail the initial screenings. also this new change at the
8:56 pm
border, u.s. border patrol agents are using new covid-19 protocols to more rapidly process illegal border crosss right in the field in order to stop covid-19 from rampaging through border facilities and throughout the u.s. let's welcome fox news contributor deneen borelli. great to have you back on. sofars with these new protocols, 41,000 illegal border crossers have been turned back under tighter covid protocols since late march. your reaction? >> well, first of all i want to applaud our border patrolmen and women who are doing an amazing job to protect americans, protect our border. they never know what kind of situation they're going to find themselves in. a lot of times it is very dangerous and risky but here is another layer of responsibility for the border patrol to prevent and protect illegal aliens crossing our border, to make sure if they have covid they are definitely turned away from our
8:57 pm
borders, because this is part of president trump's america first agenda, the safety and the security of americans. this is a priority for him. i applaud the president and i applaud our border patrol as well. elizabeth: the administration has been accused of detention facilities that are not up to par but this protocol says we don't want to have our bored facilities infected with covid-19. we have to protect the people inside them. what they're doing, deneen, they're quickly screening illegal border crossers out in the field. they're medically screened and subject to a criminal background economic out in the field and returned to the countries of origin if they don't pass muster. what do you think of that doing work out in the field? >> that is essential doing this work out in the field. it safety and security of americans to keep illegals crossing our borders.
8:58 pm
these protocols, steps into place, liz are being effective. you mentioned number, how border crossing numbers have gone down. people are probably less likely to cross the border especially if they know there is a chance they could be turned around. again i applaud the administration and our border for the hard work and what they're doing keeping disease out of occur trent and keeping numbers down on the borders. that is crucial. elizabeth: what is interesting, deneen, there was a lot of coverage on what is going on about the border. don't hear that a lot right now. seems all the quiet on that front as president cracked down on chaos, turmoil, crime, children smuggling across the border. you see it dialed back. you don't see democrats talking about it anymore. what do you think? final word. >> that is right. this is the anti-trump media. don't want to talk about the
8:59 pm
accomplishments and successes coming out of the administration that benefits all americans, especially those who don't want to about it. elizabeth: you know deneen, final word, the thinking was the administration was anti-immigrant with policies on the border. your take on that? final word? >> absolutely not. we want to emto come to the country the right way. it is not far for those who came here the right way, spending money and time on lawyers, in the process. get in line. do it the right way. we are about rule of law, not rule of men. they should come here the legal way. elizabeth: okay. deneen borelli. great to have you on. come back soon. love having you on. thanks for your insight. >> thanks, liz. elizabeth: i'm elizabeth macdonald. you've been watching the evening edit on fox business. that does it for us. thank you so much for watching. we hope you have a good evening. come back tomorrow night.
9:00 pm
>> i am hoop. >> i'm baird jones. >> two eccentrics from new york's disco days. >> if you were on baird's list, your social life was assured. >> two oddball art collections. >> all right. >> mel brooks, david bowie, art carney, muhammad ali. >> but the weirdest thing about this story... >> and it's really solid. nothing's going to fall off. >> how the square from the burbs ends up with both. >> i can only imagine this driving around the streets of new york. >> will this two-for-one strange inheritance -- >> i've got $150, can get a $175? once, twice. first piece sold. >> ...ultimately add up? [ door creaks ] [ wind howls ] [ thunder rumbles ]


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