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tv   The Evening Edit  FOX Business  June 30, 2020 11:00pm-12:01am EDT

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candidate and let him stay in the bunker week after week. jason chaffetz. thanks for being here. great to see you. thanks so much. that is it for us tonight. tomorrow, the victor davidhansot bob woodson among our guests. ♪. david: hi, everybody, i'm david asman in for elizabeth macdonald. this is the "the evening edit." we have breaking news on the movement to defund police. it is reaching new and alarming heights tonight. in just two hours the new york city council could be voting to rubberstamp mayor de blasio's plan to slash the nypd budget by one billion dollars, billion with a "b.." rick leventhal joins us with the very latest. hey, rick.
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reporter: sounds like a done deal. the vote was supposed to be now, it got pushed back to 8:00. former commissioner ray kelly says the city is surrendering to violent crime. they are against any budget cut. these people have been here for a week around the clock are wanting him to cut a billion dollars. sounds like the mayor is going to do that. beyond the protesters, beyond the building, on chambers street that is some of the graffiti been painted out here by demonstrators. they made one arrest connected to the graffiti connected to that building. the other thing that happened, david, demonstrators clashing with police officers who came out here to try to clear the plaza. they were removing barricades. people were hanging on to barricades there was a lot of pushing and shoving. at some point, police, some of them had to use batons to
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separate themselves from demonstrators. officers on scene made three arrests including resisting, disorderly conduct, harrassment and criminal tampering for that graffiti spray-painted on the courthouse as we mentioned across the street. there was other graffiti parented as well overnight on monday, sunday into monday, david. that was at washington square park where two people, dressed in white and black, took water balloons, filled with red paint and threw them on the two statues of george washington that flanked very famous arches in washington square park. they put red paint auld over the statues of george washington that are 19th century as i understand, early 20th century statues. one of washington as president and the other of washington as a general. and then the two perpetrators, two suspects fed on city bikes, the bikes you can rent here in new york city. the back to the issue at hand, david. a billion dollars cut from the
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city's $88 billion budget. nypd $6 billion budget will be slashed to 5 billion. what we understand school safety officers are shipped from the nypd to control of the education department. the recent, i'm sorry the upcoming recruit class will be canceled, the one supposed to take place in july. no more recruits in july. overtime cut by some $300 million for the next year. other funds will be moved to youth and community programs and some jobs that the nypd does now, homeless outreach will be handled by other agencies. so big changes ahead. and again, a lot of police unions and former commissioners are saying that this is the worst time it do that because crime has actually spiked in some presents pretty dramatically and certainly over the last couple weeks. we've seen a dramatic increase in shootings across the the city as the nypd strains to handle did the extra load, david. david: strange time to cut the
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police budget. rick, thank you very much. appreciate it. usually folks when crime goes up communities spend more on policing but these days in a backwards way of doing things recently new york and a lot of cities all over the country are suffering from rising crime and they're planning to severely cut, in some cases actually eliminate money for the police. as we just heard in the case of new york, where shooting incidents are up a staggering 341% versus the same period last year. far left mayor and city council planning to vote against the polls to gut the police budget by about 20%. so what are the results going to be in these experiment in backwards logic? left's ask the host of david webb show, fox news contributor, my buddy, david webb. great to see you, sorry it is under these circumstances. you know what is coming. as crime gets worse, one reason crime is getting worse i think because the police have had so little backing from this administration, from our city
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council and now they will cut 20% of it the budget. so what's going to happen? >> what's going to happen, sadly, david, we're going back to some of the bad ol' days of new york. we're already seeing that, when you look at 300 and 400 percent plus increase in incidents and shootings when you look the numbers to go. it will be interesting see the reports. the hot days of summer is coming. what happens? crime goes up. robberies go up. this is a mayor who disbanded the anti-crime unit. you heard lack of recruitment, preplacing retirement of officers. shifting of other positions in other departments. who loses, not the people on upper east side, de blasio gracie mansion, but the people live in the streets of new york, dealing with the street level crime, marcy projects, bronx,
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areas of brooklyn around prospect park. this is happening all over the country when you get mayors like bill de blasio who is essentially someone a tin pot local dictator who thinks that policing should be handled in a fashion that he believes will, will include less policing and more social services. david: by the way you know who gains by that in the social services, switching money from the police? because they're not just eliminating billion dollars from the budget. they're moving it to social services and a lot of that money, the mayor himself admitted today will be going to the mayor's own wife who is already put new yorkers in a hole of about a billion dollars with her thrive nyc campaign. that was funded about two years ago. despite various efforts by the media and by independent auditors, they're missing hundreds of millions of dollars from that program. so waste ad billion dollars on a
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program that his wife headed up. now she is heading up another program called the racial inclusion and equity task force. apparently some of this money from police is going to be going to that. so there is a scandal in here. >> there is more than a scandal. there needs to be an investigation. what are they doing over in the eastern district of new york? you have a case here of taxpayer money gone by the hundreds of millions, a mayor, his wife, you have people ho will not comment for fear of retribution when asked by reporters. officials will not comment to reporters or otherwise. why are they not looking into this? where is the justice system? frankly the governor of new york, governor cuomo, who has a responsibility to all the citizens of new york as their governor should be looking into new york city's operation. he is not immune from his responsiblity. and albany should be calling for more investigation into the waste of taxpayer money and
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possible illegalities. david: by the way, new yorkers themselves are not in favor of this. this is, there is a very undemocrattic thing happening. it is not just happening in new york city with the city council. it is happening in places like minneapolis which also has a city council that voted unanimously to defund, completely defund the police. you have it happening in places like san francisco, all over the country. chicago, where the city council is voting against the interests of the majority of the people. the majority of new yorks polled do not want, not only do they not want defunding of the police, they don't want to have any elimination of any funding for the police and here's why. show a video clip of a woman the other day, right here, she is 65-year-old woman who in broad daylight was assaulted by this guy. sneaked up behind her, put her in a chokehold. we've been hearing a lot about chokeholds. here is one by a criminal, put a chokehold on a 65-year-old woman
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grabbed her bag, walked casually away. most new yorkers don't want any reduction in police force funding. >> she doesn't have a lobbiest in her favor. she doesn't live in the rich new york city neighborhoods. if she did, bill de blasio would be concerned. if she was a major donor. democrats would be concerned. democrat party in new york, have failed the citizens. the citizens ever new york need to wake up to put that failure aside by votes them out of office. i know it is not the immediate solution but it is the beginning of chinks in the policies of new york. the city council, former members, john liu, christine quinn and others who put this position in new york, they should be called into account even if they're gone out of office. he is now in the state senate. david: it is really extraordinary that here in our democracy, we're about to exercise our rights as citizens
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to vote in and out people all over the country, not only on a national level, not only for mayors, but for little things, so-called little things like the city council. most people, indeed most new yorkers, probably have no clue as to what the city council does. now they're realizing that what a city council does is vital to the way that you live, perhaps more so than even the president. >> david, driving around new york city, empty streets, boarded up windows, boarded up buildings, these decisions were not made in washington that enabled that type of environment, to let rioters run loose and looting soho and other areas in the east village, all over new york, up and down fifth avenue and madison avenue. this was allowed by your city leaders, those councils, you're right, they matter more than ever. they also make the budgetary decisions. new york city has lost over 400,000 renters. over a million people have lost jobs. new york is losing its tax base, losing its citizens and if a lot
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of them don't return, you have the economic blight and growing poverty among certain elements of the community to the breakdown of law and order and you're going to see new york in the battle that is the where rudy giuliani steps on to the scene, stepped in, went from prosecutor to mayor and cleaned it up. we need that again and sadly it is going to be aing lag indicator of when we get to that point. david: the stupidity of it all. the fact we've been there before. we know what is going to happen. we've seen this movie. we know how it ends, and yet we're repeating it once again. it is such a tragedy. it is really a tragedy because lives are at stake. we went from 2200 murders in the worst moments of the crime wave back in the late '80s, early '90s, to less than 300. that is going to change. lives will be lost. david, great to see you. thank you very much for your words. appreciate it. hope to see you again soon,
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♪. david: the fallout escalating over that "new york times" report that claimed that russia offered bounties to kill american soldiers continues but while the white house denies the president knew about the intel report prior to publication, questions still remain over how the intel community handled raw data over the alleged scheme. the white house briefed some key republican lawmakers on this yesterday and one of those lawmakers joins us. andy biggs is an arizona congressman and house chair. thank you, congressman. before we get to that meeting, joe biden came out in his first press conference in about 100 days, close to it, anyway, he said it is dereliction of the president's duties whether or not he knew about the intel report or not. if he knew about it did nothing, that is dereliction. if he didn't know about it, it is dereliction because he didn't know about it. what do you say? >> i say that the is most convoluted rationale i ever
11:17 pm
heard. look the president was not, was not briefed on this, neither was the vice president, neither was the chief of staff and neither was the dni. the reason was a career intelligence agent looked at it, that we have got some conflicting information here. we want to check the veracity of it. we want to make sure it is good intel. why is that? this is because it is such a serious allegation, if it is real we'll have to take some action and so you don't want to provide dubious or discredited information that, information that turns out later to be discredited because then you would have acted on it to create an international incident. for joe biden to say that is reckless and irresponsible because, "the new york times" piece coming out is really caused us harm and he doesn't help matters when he makes those kind of allegations. david: let me quote the cia director, gina haspel who spoke to the point what the leak might have done. she said, preliminary force
11:18 pm
protection information is shared throughout the national security community and with u.s. allies as part of our ongoing efforts to insure the safety of coalition forces overseas. leaks compromise and disrupt the critical interagency work to collect, assess, and ascribe culpability. she is saying our national security was harmed as a result of this leak. how do you plan to figure out who leaked it? >> well i have requested and i think that they're going to have some, the department of justice and others investigate this because a leak is a serious thing here. because what happens is, if you have sources giving you information, good or bad, or you're working through intelligence sources, and a leak comes out, guess what, those sources roll up, they're not available anymore. you keep our folks in harm's way. you can't even assess the actual threat. that is the shame on the leaker. shame on "the new york times" for publishing it.
11:19 pm
shame on joe biden making those allegations. it is real stuff. david: congressman, very quickly to switch topics to the covid relief bill, another covid relief bill people are talking about, particularly nancy pelosi, are we going to pay people extra minimum wage that rises to more than the average wage? i mean you look at all the folks out on the street, whether they're protesting or whatever. you figure out, well they're there because they're getting paid to be there? >> yeah. nancy pelosi, if she has her way, she said that she wants to extend it, increase the pay through next spring. in reality, it may go away november 4th. the day after the next election. david: i think that is the day that is more important for her, after that, you know, she may be willing to compromise. congressman, great to see you. thank you very much for coming in today. appreciate it. >> thanks, david. david: a special programing note. be sure to catch blake burman's interview with donald trump, the president of the united states, tomorrow at 3:00 p.m. eastern on
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the "claman countdown." we'll be playing excerpts from it throughout the day. keep it here. watch blake's great interview. i'm sure it will be great. coming next, china ratcheting up tough talk after passing that controversial national security law cracking down on hong kong protesters. the question now, will china threaten the u.s. trade deal as a result of this animosity? retired army lieutenant colonel james carafano here to weigh in on that coming
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♪. david: china is escalating in its fight against the hong kong freedom movement passing a national security law for hong kong that defines freedom activists as terrorists, subjecting them to a lifetime in prison and violating a treaty the communist signed 30 years ago which guaranties hong kong independence. the china trade deal is that now in jeopardy because of this new ruling? joining me now retired lieutenant colonel james carafano. colonel, great to see you again. is there any part of the trade deal that survives as a result of growing tensions between the u.s. and china? >> here is what my trade dudes tell me. the chinese are probably going to make an effort to follow through on the trade deal.
11:25 pm
they might have trouble doing that because their economy might not be able but they're going to try. one, because if they fail to follow through, it poses that the economy is weak and they don't want that. the other thing, if they fail to follow through it makes them look feckless in their agreements. they're under a. david: clearly they don't care too much about agreements because they're violating agreements they made about the passage of hong kong from british hands to theirs? >> yeah. and the problem is they're not used to pushback and the scrutiny on this and they are, in many ways sowing their own friction this is a moment for the world to see. they don't even hold up the obligations to their own people. but we also see the belt and road initiative, their vast economic promises not panning out. we see many other promises that they made not panning out. we find out that the massive human rights abuses including
11:26 pm
sterilizing uyghurs, and creating friction with china's relationship in the world, they seem intent the way to crack down is even harder. the more they crack down the more friction they create. david: yeah but they get away with so much stuff. yes there is a lot of condemnation for the uyghurs and hong kong and other things, they are getting away with things. if you get away with something, you will continue to do it, right? >> but on the other hand, zte and huawei are being frozen out of markets. china has never seen pushback. david: hold on a second, which markets are they specifically being -- i hear a lot of talk from the uk and others about it. >> right. david: but you still see them, as we used to say it, squeezing in like poverty? >> this is uncomfortable for a lot of people. a lot of people don't want to stand up to china but they're going to have to.
11:27 pm
we see the momentum moving in that direction. i think a lot of it is chinese not knowing how to deal with it. we're kind of in the middle of the play, right? so the beginning of the play china was on the march. at the end of the play i think china will be in really deep trouble. we're in the part where the crisis for them is happening. i don't think they're actually dealing with it well. david: meanwhile they're still doing a lot of nasty stuff, primarily in earlies of it dealing with us. they're showing massive amounts of propaganda. >> right. david: showing problems with the pandemic. showing our problems with the protests and riots, suggesting that the kind of activity we saw in minneapolis with police actually killing a person is something that happens every day, everywhere in the united states. i mean they're pushing this propaganda that not only the united states but the west in general is falling apart and hoping that their people believe it. frankly it is the only information that the people can
11:28 pm
get. >> this is wolf warrior diplomacy. named after two popular chinese films kind of a rambo character fighting evil around the world. all the evil is set up by the cia and the united states. we have a case of chinese life imitating art. so they're mimicking this fantasy movie characters they have. the soviet union tried it during the cold war. it didn't work out for well with them. when the narrative conflicts with reality, reality wins out this wolf war policy is not going to work for them. i don't think it is working. >> finally very quickly on afghanistan, the leaks that, whether or not the information is true or not, they were talking about very secure information t was top secret for a reason. somebody leaked that out. is the leak putting our troops at risk. >> oh absolutely. if it was true and a lot of us think yeah, it might be true, the people that did that, they're now going to ground to
11:29 pm
be harder to find. i think look, just like trump went after sole soleimani. it he had actually intelligence he would go after the russians. whoever leaked that put our troops in danger. >> lieutenant colonel james carafano. great to see you again. coming up joe biden on attack in rare press conference ripping president trump on multiple fronts. we'll did california republican chairman, tom dell karo how this will fly with voters. that's [ thunder rumbles ] [ engine rumbling ] [ beeping ] [ engine revs ]
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♪. david: presumptive democrat presidential nominee joe biden tearing into the trump administration policies across the board today. also telling donors at a virtual event yesterday he plans on ending president trump's 2017, two trillion dollar tax cut. biden went on to say he also plans on closing tax loopholes like capital gains.
11:34 pm
he will raise the corporate tax rate from 20 to 28%. but will all changes do to the economy what happened to the previous administration? who will be most affected? former california republican party head just wrote a opinion piece on biden's economic policies for tom joins me now. great to see you. our economic boom before the virus hit was just extraordinary, the best employment numbers in my lifetime. i'm not a spring chicken t was spurred primarily by tax cuts. also by regulatory cuts. what happens if we reverse those tax cuts? >> we go right back to where we were under the obama administration. you know in july of 2008 said on national radio, if you elect obama and his tax increases and regulatory, he will drag the economy down.
11:35 pm
joe biden wants to saddle the whole economy with tax hikes that will go directly after job creators. you know, you have to save money to start a business. joe biden, here in california, joe biden's tax increases along with california's top rate would push the top rate to 63%. those are just income and payroll taxes. david: wow. >> so how do you save money to start businesses? meanwhile in california they're talking 30, 40% of restaurants won't open up. you have people, waitresses, waiters, i was a busboy once, all these people won't have the jobs. how does it help the economy to raise taxes like that? david: we'll have to trade busboy stories at some point because i did that too. and of course there are going to be a lot of those jobs, already those jobs are being killed because of the covid shutdown, so imagine, if you add to that, these maximum, minimum wages which are going to cut, make it
11:36 pm
even more difficult for restaurants to get back on their feet. people are already voting with their feet though in many ways localities because you can move from state to state, if you're in one of the high-taxed states like yours. >> sure. david: california, like mine, new york, or in the middle, illinois. there is this mass exodus away from them. shouldn't that tell the democrats and joe biden something about what people want? >> yeah. a lot of my friends have moved to texas, they asked me when i'm going there. and it should, right? that was the design of the system, let individual states do what they like and sort it out. but no, this is of course the class warfare issue. the democrats right now are saying the plight of the middle class and those below that are the fault of the rich. joe biden has to have tax increase, quote, on the rich you about it is the people that provide jobs. so when he does this tax increase, if he became president, this is what steve moore and i wrote about on fox
11:37 pm
earlier this month, he is going to drag the economy down. the very time the economy needs a tax cut he would raise it. -- david: that is exactly what happened when he came into power president obama. we were in the midst of a terrible recession and instead of doing what classically you're supposed to do come out of recession, lower tax rates, lower regulations to stir economic activity, they did exactly the opposite. they increased taxes and we had the slowest recovery in memory. he also has that recovery summer in 2010 to answer to where he claimed we were going to get 500,000 new jobs every month that summer. in fact we ended up that sumwer a deficit of jobs. we lost jobs that summer. he has to answer to that record, right? >> absolutely. he wants to repeat what they did at the start of the great depression, really what kicked it off. they raised income stacks rates from 25 to 63% and they kept
11:38 pm
going and they wound up above 90%. he wants to repeat that and drag the economy down and don't forget his war on energy, his "green new deal," the massive regulatory costs, energy production led the u.s. recovery for the last, up until february, right? and now he wants to put them on notice. what about insurance companies? or health care? what should they think about is it going to happen if nancy pelosi somehow was speaker with joe biden? so this is, businesses on notice if, they continue to fund joe biden becoming president. david: we've come full circle. we started the show talking about people don't learn lessons from crime what to do with crime, how to stop it. it is the same with economic policy. they seem intent on repeating failed experiments that have been tried time and again and failed time and again, instead of those policies that seem to work. tom, we have to leave it at.
11:39 pm
that always a pleasure to see you. best of luck in california. wish we luck here in new york. we want to alert everybody by the way to the special programing note, thursday july 9th at 1:00 p.m. eastern time, please join neil cavuto. he will be having a virtual town hall. it is called america together, open house. among neil's specs guests will be real estate icon barbara corcoran who will answer your questions as the housing landscape in america is undergoing very drastic changes. message fox business on facebook or enat that gram or email us invested in you your questions will be red on air. "the federalist" senior editor christopher bedford, why the corporate media have a working plan to beat president donald trump. why there would be a double standard if hillary clinton were president. that is coming up next. the new house is amazing. so much character.
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♪. david: president trump is now promising justice will be served after a pair of vandals hurled paint-filled water balloons at a pair of george washington statues in washington square park. saying we're tracking down the two anarchists threw paint on the magnificent washington statue. we have them on tape. they will be serve 10 years in prison based on the monuments and statues act. turn yourselves in now. hbo is using this moment to censor art and stories on their platform. where does it all end. christopher bed food, last month faced the threat of google dropping them on ad platform what it deemed violations ever
11:45 pm
the company's comment section. why capitalist organizations are okay with marxist rhetoric from blm and others but they have a problem with conservatives? >> in the past because they didn't face any repercussions from conservatives for attacking them over and over again. conservatives are frequently the type who will do buy-ins, but rarely do boycotts. the left will give them great repercussions. they also face from the voters hostile take over the stocks and stockholders activism against them. they use it to attack the competition the old-fashioned way but there is something more dangerous that has been going on especially the last few months or more insidious. the cover of "the new york times." the people we used to laugh at in college are writing front page articles and corporations are taking over human resource departments. there are groups going up in the
11:46 pm
traditional con tiff i have companies out in texas -- david: give them a little bit of credit, i'm talking about the left-wing activists now. >> yeah,. david: they're smart enough to realize there were certain places, nobody wanted to be in the corporate relations. it is not a glamorous job. nobody wanted to sit in the city council seat somewhere that could actually have extraordinary power in terms of defunding the police. turns out these positions that the activists chose have become vital positions as we enter into this new age of street rioting and what's happening with social media? >> groups like george soros' groups have been very active and extremely low level and local elections, now for years, while they have been largely ignored pause it is not a fun position, but if you're hr company is controlled by these activists, what you, you say stand with the blue on facebook, you can get hauled in and potentially fired. that is why the silent majority is so much more silent. everyone keeps on waiting for
11:47 pm
this backlash, but it isn't coming. because if you have a corporate job you will lose it for speaking up. david: it is beginning to come. you're seeing signs of it. you're seeing people standing up, protecting their own property and using the second amendment, the second amendment to defend themselves in certain cases that they didn't do before. won't there be pushback, once, you know, i lived through new york when it was in the dark ages, when there were so many murders and eventually, things got so bad, that even dyed-in-the-wool liberals voted for rudy giuliani. they bit their lips when they did it. they realized what was happening. won't there be that kind of revelation as people realize their lives could be at risk? >> yes, there will, but unfortunately it will have to get a lot worse n my city in washington, d.c., the collective amnesia hitting all america's cities, what happened to our crime? we must have been too mean. people forgotten what happened to the crime. it was tough policing and tough
11:48 pm
communities came together, said no more of that. that is over. now the institutions from the attorney general, to the mayors and governors are not protecting american citizens from both parties. they have to protect themselves. david: now will there be -- i started out by asking, how it is that the capitalist corporation like some of those that are now acting on behalf of these leftist activists could be voting against their own interests, won't there be conservative pushback? there has been from you guys at "the federalist" and some others. won't that resonate somewhere in the corporate c-suite? >> i sure hope so. at least privately held companies. publicly traded companies are so much at the mercy of the left-wing it has become extremely difficult for them. there are a few group like koch industries will stand up. "the federalist" will stand up. by an large standing up against the mob comes a lot of risk and pain to your shareholders. david: christopher bedford. thank you very much. appreciate it. >> thank you. david: by the way just for the
11:49 pm
record, we at fox are not specifically targeting george soros some claim they are for anything here. we play it strayed down the middle. we wanted to mention that. coming up chicago is preparing to deploy 1200 additional police officers this holiday weekend to stop the worsening cycle of deadly street violence. fox native, fox news political analyst, gianno caldwell, on what is fueling the bloodshed around how we can stop it. that is coming ta-da! did you know liberty mutual customizes your car insurance so you only pay for what you need? i should get a quote. do it. only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty. ♪ i am totally blind. and non-24 can throw my days and nights out of sync, keeping me from the things i love to do. talk to your doctor, and call 844-214-2424.
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♪ david: welcome back, everybody, i'm david asman in for elizabeth macdonald. there is no holiday for police in chicago this july 4th. all days off for officers have been canceled so the city can add an additional 1200 officers to the streets thursday through monday. this after a horrific back-to-back weekends of shootings and killings in chicago. 111 people shot. at least 24 killed. it has been a very rough month for the people who live in the city and for the police as well. murders in chicago are up 83% this month, from the same time last year. shooting incidents also weigh up. 96%. let's talk about it with fox news political analyst, gianno caldwell, originally from chicago. he has a documentary on
11:54 pm
"fox nation" called, "the knew battle for chicago" highlighting the problems and solutions to chicago's gun violence. gianno, good to see you again. your heart and soul is in chicago. you do a lot of work there to try to straighten things out. what is going wrong and how do we make it better? >> david, i got to tell you i am pissed the hell off what i'm seeing in the city of chicago. look at numbers briefly, last weekend 65 people shot, 18-year-old fatally. two weeks ago, 114 people shot, 15 killed, including a 3-year-old and 14. on may 31st, 18 people killed in a single sunday. in chicago there has been over 300 homicides this year. guess how many homicides last year? 492 for the complete year. david: wow. >> which means we're in june, we experienced coronavirus, with people staying in the house and still they're murdering people
11:55 pm
day after day. you have to ask yourself, when does this end? when the hell does this end? do people care about their own lives? rallying shouting black lives matter, but do you care about your own lives? do you care about your brothers or sisters life? this is so important. i went out and interviewed gang members told me they were perpetrating violence. gang members, if you want to be the man you have to kill someone. people didn't mind going on camera talking about their exploits. i told them, it is time to start working with the police and that is what is necessary because if you don't start talking to the police now, whether you be in the gang or not in a gang or you just know the people, then your family could be next. david: gianno, we're hearing exactly the opposite rhetoric from a lot of folks on the streets saying we have to defund the police. here in new york we're inn about an hour 1/2, the city council will pull 25% of the budget away from the police. >> well i can tell you one
11:56 pm
thing, the victims in chicago are not screaming defund the police. they're asking for more police. they're asking for responsible police in their communities because at this point they don't know if they will make it another week because their grand parent could be shot. their nephew could be shot. their one-year-old brother or son could be shot. this is the real pan dem opinion pandemic in america. what is going on in the city of new york, chicago, philadelphia, people are murdered day after day. no one really cares. talk about the leadership of chicago really quick. the mayor of chicago has failed just like rahm emanuel did. president trump extended a hand i want to work with local officials in chicago, it has been reported, look it up, google it, because they don't want his help because it is president trump. if you have that kind of mentality, if you're playing politics with black bodies you're the problem. this is failed leadership in chicago. david: one of the reasons i love
11:57 pm
work you do, you don't focus from the top down. you go right into the neighborhoods. you say it has got to be the neighborhoods working on their own to fix things. you're not the only one who has seen this. there is a wonderful somalian immigrant to the united states, she wrote a piece in the "wall street journal." a little long. i will read it to you, get your reaction to it. she said time was americans were reknowned for their can-do problems solving attitude. europeans as de tocqueville were inclined to leave problems to central authorities in paris or berlin. americans traditionally saw problems locally, sitting down together in town halls and voluntary association. some of that spirit still exists even if we now have to meet on zoom. but the old question how can we figure this out is threatened with replacement by why contact the government figure this out for us. doesn't this have to be done at a community level? >> government will always have a part to play. you pay taxes, you're supposed
11:58 pm
to have police. you're supposed to have program activity for the youth, to keep them solid and involved in something, absolutely. however, community must always be the solution. the family structure must always be the solution. fathers in the home must always be the solution. until we can realize and understand that, black lives don't truly matter to all of us. and that is where the problem lies. and that is where the solution must come from. the family structure and doing for self. it has a role to play. david: i got to tell you, gee auno, i live in new york, and i do not trust government. i don't think i can rely on government to solve this problem. the only way it is going to be solved and i'm talking about safety, the safety of people on the streets is through community action because the folks sitting in the city council, the mayor himself, the governor himself, i don't think they have got the answers. >> listen, let's have the
11:59 pm
conversation. follow me on instagram, twitter, facebook. @gianno caldwell. i want to here solutions from people. we must continue the conversation, as i just noted too many people are dying. we have to stop the pleading. we need to stop it now. david: how can you get communities to operate on their own to save themselves? because some of these communities are in danger of being wiped out tirely? >> and that's where the conversation happens where you have to work with the police. i cannot say this enough. we can talk about social programs, that's great. we can talk about some other things. if we're not willing to tell on who is doing the murdering. folks know in the communities who is doing it. it is not a secret. people know. they see the guns. these guys in my "fox nation" documentary, the new battle for chicago, they were willing to show me their guns and they did show me their guns. people know it is time to start talking. david: gee auno caldwell, always a pleasure to see you. you're doing god's work.
12:00 am
god bless you. i'm david asman in for elizabeth macdonald. you're watching "the evening edit" on fox business. we hope you have a waffle >> ancient arrowheads -- an epic collection. >> there was probably 250,000. >> it's breathtaking. you're just overtaken by the number of arrowheads. >> do you think it's worth $1 million? >> or does that miss the point? >> he said, "i think you'll do the right thing, and share it with the people." >> can the heir fulfill that final request... >> i didn't have the money. >> oh, that's an issue. >> but i had a plan. >> ...with one wacky angle? [ door creaks ] [ wind howls ] [ thunder rumbles ] [ bird caws ] ♪


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