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tv   Lou Dobbs Tonight  FOX Business  July 2, 2020 7:00pm-8:01pm EDT

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you're watching "the evening edit" on fox business. have a great evening. have a wonderful 4th of july. thanks for watching. [. your family. melissa and i will see you on the other side of that. thanks a lot. ♪ if. lou: good evening, everybody. president trump's bold decision to encourage recalcitrant governors and liberal mayors a across the country to reopen the nation for business is proving to have been the correct course to begin to restore this nation to normalcy and to trump era prosperity. president trump has been roundly attacked, of course, by the radical dems and the left-wing national media and the ever-questioning rinos for making independent decisions on his own based on his analysis of risk and the desperate need to get americans back to work and to get our great capitalist economy fired up and roaring. today the president's strong
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leadership clear wily paying off for hard working -- clearly paying off for hard working americans who are going back to their jobs now by the millions. the labor department today reported the economy created an astonishing record-breaking 4.8 million jobs in the month of june. and the unemployment rate fell from 13.3% to 11.1%. president trump today held an impromptu white house press briefing to perhaps enjoy this latest development in the great american comeback. >> the united states economy added almost 5 million jobs in the month of june, shattering all expectations. the stock market is doing extremely well which means, to me, jobs. that's what it means, jobs. it is the largest monthly jobs gain in the history of our country. our economy is roaring back. lou: and some of the biggest job gains were in retail,
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manufacturing, education health services. more jobs are created for minorities across the board, and unemployment continued its downward trend. african-american, hispanic and asian unemployment all declining. the labor department's report also showing a 5 year year-overr increase in wages. the numbers, stunning positives for the economy, for the country and for the president. even the left-wing national media had to take a deep breath and celebrate, at least for a moment, this great news. >> big hiring, 4.8 million jobs. it's a big positive to see this much hiring across the board. >> wow, these are really solid numbers. >> no other way to look at this but as good news. >> there's an optimism in the country that i think is often not showered with people who are on -- shared with people who are on air because we don't see the
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hiring. [laughter] lou: it hurt, but they did it, they got enthusiastic there for just a minute. investors today enthusiastic throughout looking at that jobs report. the dow closed 92 points higher, the s&p up 14, the nasdaq finishing 53 points higher for its 23rd record close of the year. think about it, 23 record closes. volume on the big board today, investors included getting ready for the holiday weekend, 4.2 billion shares traded. for this short trading week, the dow finished more than 3% higher, the s&p this week gained 4%, and the nasdaq up more than 4.5%. and crude oil up more than a percentage, back above $40 a barrel. our first guest tonight is the man who runs the department responsible for reporting all of this great news to the country. joining us tonight is the secretary of the department of
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labor, eugene scalia. mr. secretary, great to have you with us. i have to, i would imagine you were just about giddy when you realized what you got to report today to the american people. >> it was really great news to be able to deliver, lou, you're right. you know, the predictions had been maybe we'd add 3 million jobs in june, and it was so much better than that. we actually increased our assessment of how many jobs were added in may too, so over two months, 75 million jobs added -- 7.5 million jobs added. as you touched on, across all demographic groups. jobs added, lower unemployment, so just a terrific report. the other good news i see is i see more opportunities for many millions more americans to go back to work in the next few weeks. in health care, for example, we have about 900,000 fewer than we did back in february, but we know those people will be going back fairly soon.
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so just terrific news to head into this weekend with. lou: extraordinary news. and it appears that we're looking at the prospect, the prospect at least, of that v-shaped recovery from this disastrous three months that we, all americans have experienced. this, in your view, is it a v? let's dismiss the w expect u. >> i think it looks more like a v, lou. hard to say exactly what letter of the alphabet it is, but every indications is that it can be a strong recovery. that has been really my hope and expectation, because we did not have a weak economy. we had an incredible economy. and then we had a health problem that caused us to pause the economy. i've always thought it wasn't right to compare this to the situation in the great depression or even what we were dealing with, you know, 10, 12 years ago. so i think we can continue to come back. but i will say there's still a
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lot of people that we want to help, we want to get back to work, and americans do need to continue to be careful, be safe, be disciplined so we can keep reopening safely. lou: no question about it. we are not, we are not in trajectory yet. we are at the beginning of that trajectory that we all are hoping for. but this is also a stunning report. to see this number of people come back to work this quickly shows the resilience of this economy. it also shows that the president of the united states made a, i think, a heroic decision the move ahead -- to move ahead when nearly every one of his advisers was saying let's be cautious, let's be careful. he understood clearly what was required of this economy and the american working family. this is not a country that is good at sitting idle, is it? >> we're not.
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we're made to be active, we're made, we're made for independence as we're celebrating this weekend. and the president, he moved swiftly to respond to china, for example, as the virus began to look like it was heading our way, he moved swiftly to move legislation in march to help contend with it. and he's continued to look for ways to help working americans. you know, yesterday we celebrated the usmca going into force. i think that's another reason that we're going to be looking a lot like the economy we had just a few months ago. we will get back there. and actions like the usmca, replacing nafta, nafta is gone as of yesterday. these really great things the president's done to get us all the way back. lou: yeah. going across the entire first term of this, this president and his choices on economic policy, all of that contributing to what
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we arensing -- we are witnessing here today, at least the corroboration of it in your report. mr. secretary, great to have you with us. we thank you very much. eugene and a lee a ya. -- scalia. and keep it coming. today's stellar jobs report comes as the nation reported more than 50,000 new cases of the china virus yesterday. that number, however, doesn't tell, doesn't begin to tell the whole story. while cases have spiked in a number of states, this graph shows that the china virus deaths in the country have actually fallen. that's right. as the cases are rising, deaths are declining. the centers for disease control also reporting that more than half of the country's states and territories have been conflating bringing together the results of both viral and antibody tests in their official counts. what does that mean? it means that those fighting the virus who are sick with it and
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anyone who carried it in the past are being lumped together. the cdc tells us just 24 states and guam have converted to the new and proper way of reporting cases to avoid that kind of confusion. it's extraordinary how scientists can get so screwed up. they also say the cdc did not recommend that state and jurisdictional health departments mix those viral and antibody test data on they are web sites, but some did. and sometimes the left-wing national media finds that convenient to leave just the way they find them. "the new york times," the latest member of the so-called woke mob to rant against mount rushmore. the times tweeting that two of the presidents featured on the mount -- george washington and thomas jefferson -- were slave owners and that it was sculpted
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by a man with ties to the ku klux klan. this from "the new york times." the times sees mount rushmore as a symbol of racism. we see "the new york times" as a symbol of ignorance. president trump will be at mount rushmore tomorrow evening to enjoy a fireworks display celebrating the 245th edition of independence day. if -- as the republic is under a level of attack not seen since the civil war. for more than three weeks now, anarchists and and black lives matter activists are occupied several city blocks in seattle. they named it c.h.o.p. for the capitol hill occupation project, or something like that, until they were forced out of the area yesterday. finally, the mayor and the police chief did what the taxpayers pay them to do. at the site of the occupation,
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seattle's mayor, jenny durkan, downplayed the threat and hailed the occupation as one big block party despite the murders, rapes and assaults. >> we've got four blocks in seattle that you just saw pictures of that is more like a block party atmosphere. it's not an armed takeover. it's not a military junta. we have block parties and the like in this part of seattle all the time. it's known for that. we could are a summer of love. we could have a her of love. lou: she is obviously not woke. she is, well, impaired. the summer of love turned into weeks of horror for far too many people and seattle residents. two black teenagers killed in the occupied area, several other people shot, raped, robbed, and there was increased gang act death. overall -- activity. crime increased 76% from june 8th to june 30th compared to the same period a year ago. despite the increase in crime,
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seattle's police chief, carmen best, and officialdom of the law enforcement agencies in seattle talked nonsense. this is what she had to say after she had toured the reclaimed occupied area. >> i was just stunned by the number of, the amount of graffiti, garbage and property destruction. lou: you ask, what in hell did she expect? well, across the country at our nation's capital, federal law enforcement officers today arrested the ringleader of the mob that tried to knock down the statue of president andrew jackson in lafayette square. the president today highlighted his administration's crackdown on those violent vandals. >> i want to also thank all of law enforcement. the job you've done is incredible. we signed a bill, you play with our monuments or our statues, you go to jail for ten years.
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it's amazing how it all topped so fast. if stopped so fast. we let the local authorities handle it as long as possible but, ultimately, we said let's step in. we stepped in and it stopped. the american dream is the sacred birthright of every american child. that's what we have, is we have the american dream. and nobody's going to shatter the american dream. not the anarchists, not the agitators, not the fools, not the looters. they're not going to have any impact on the national dream. finish -- lou: well, president trump fighting for america's heritage while rino senators ron johnson, james lankford, lindsey graham and a few others are turning on the president. these ridiculous clowns of senators want to get rid of columbus day. if what a novel idea for them. what is the difference between them and a radical dem activist,
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these three milk toast senators? the federal holiday would be replaced with something called juneteenth. the senators say removing columbus day is for fiscal reasons, so federal workers wouldn't get an extra day off. these -- may i say to the people of texas, john cornyn and ron johnson in wisconsin, lindsey graham in south carolina, please, don't send any more of these people to washington. there are already enough damn fools there without more of these rino, ridiculous fools. it's just stunning how they behave. and it's time to call them what they are, and that is disastrous. up next, the national left-wing media refuses to ask joe biden why he was trying to unmask a national security designee of president trump. judicial watch's tom fitton is
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anxiously awaiting that answer in court. he joins us here next. we'll be right back, stay with us. ♪ liberty mutual customizes your car insurance, so you only pay for what you need. i wish i could shake your hand. granted. only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty. ♪
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to new hits like little fires everywhere. and fx originals you can only watch on hulu. that's just the beginning of what you can experience with hulu on xfinity. tv made simple, easy, awesome. lou: breaking news now, four democrac
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city council members in toledo, ohio, are now facing federal bribery and extortion charges, four members of the council, all democrats. the justice department says these four dems accepted thousands of dollars in bribes from local businesses in exchange for their votes. also breaking tonight, the supreme court has just blocked the radical dems from trying to overthrow president trump before the election. the supreme court wants to hear arguments this fall on whether to release grand jury materials from robert mueller's fraudulent special counsel investigation. a ruling by necessity would not be made until after election day. also breaking tonight, judicial watch i suing the state department to learn why former president obama's u.n. ambassador, samantha power, of all people was unmasking those close to trump including general
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michael flynn. the former u.n. ambassador testified to congress that the unmasking request may be under her name, but she didn't make those requests. well, let's find out. power unmasked flynn seven times between 2016 election and president trump's inauguration. well, joining us tonight to take this up and more, tom fitton, president of judicial watch. tom, good to see you. samantha power has a defense. somebody in her office was doing these terrible things, and she apparently doesn't have a clue, knows nothing about it. what do you make of it? >> well, let's see the documents. where are the documentses? you know, we had asked for these documents back in 2017. we got the run around. we've sued. the state department, under president trump, unfortunately, told us they couldn't neither confirm nor deny whether she asked anyone to be unmasked, let alone the numbers.
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then finally the odni under ratcliffe and grenell released the unmasking information about general flynn, so that defense fell away. to we're back in federal court again. and, again, this is only a partial request in the sense that, as you pointed out earlier, vice president biden a had unmasking requests, you had other agencies unmasking the trump team as well. it even goes if into the if oval office with the president's chief of staff unmasking flynn. when your listeners hear unmasking, they should substitute the word spying. this was spying on american citizens using our intelligence apparatus. if. lou: you know, my guest is most americans, tom, doesn't even -- had never heard of unmasking until the obama administration had wiretapped, if you will, president trump. and he said famously that he was being wiretapped, and the left-wing national media mocked him and scoffed.
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and, by god, they hadn't waited for him to get into the oval office. he had been wiretapped in his campaign, he had been spied on through his campaign, through the transition and right into the oval office. it is stunning, what has been going if -- going on. >> yeah, if i were president trump, i'd call in all the cabinet and say, you know what? i want you to find out what your agencies were doing with the unmasking, and i want full disclosure to the american people so we can get accountability. enough with the secrecy. we know what you're covering up, we're covering up misconduct, and why is it that judicial watch has to sue for information about this wild abuse of power by the obama gang? lou: because somebody, apparently, has made a decision not to investigate. it seems that straightforward. why should there be -- we're talking about four years ago now.
7:23 pm
four years ago. it is stunning stuff. the american people are numb, i'm sure, many of them at listening to this day after day, week after week. and meanwhile, president obama and vice president biden are not to be, we shouldn't in any way sully their extraordinary reputations by charging them with responsibility for what they have done here. and what they have done is be complicit in the very least and likely be controlling in a conspiracy to overthrow a president. >> a malicious, seditious conspiracy. you know, the u.s. attorney, durham, was hired or tasked with investigating all of this beginning back in april of last year. we're now in july, and there's been not one indictment and, frankly, no evidence that any of these senior officials have been questioned seriously by the justice department, by -- about
7:24 pm
this abuse of power never seen before in american history. lou: never before seen, and people forget that this president through the first three years of his first term has been under fbi and special counsel investigation and then, by god, the radical dems produced a fraudulent impeachment inquiry that, like the special counsel investigation, like the fbi investigation that preceded that, was nothing more than a blocking action and an effort to try to get lucky just one time and overthrow the president. and the only people who have been found guilty of anything are radical dems and deep staters who have taken it upon themselves to do a former president's bidding and surveil. oh, of course, they had to be, according to former president obama, they had to be the right people in the fbi to surveil
7:25 pm
this president and try to destroy his presidency. >> yeah. 15 months, no action by doj, and, frankly, congress has been awol as well. judicial watch is happy -- lou: just as well, just as well. just as well, tom, i have to say. congress is the big -- thed radical dems, watching the house of representatives is like an ideological "animal house" rolling over and over again. it's just sickening to witness. you get the last word here, tom. >> well, look, there's got to be accountability. we're doing our best to try to get the information out. you know, congress isn't going to do the work. it's political. but it's important that the information come out because the justice department, to the degree it's going to do anything, it will only do anything if pushed, and public disclosure about the criminality
7:26 pm
will make it harder for the justice department to not do its job. it may not result in them doing their job, but at least we'll do what -- we will have done what is possible to do to force their hand. lou: yeah. >> you know, frankly, the president should just cut to the chase, order a special counsel and have someone -- lou: oh, god, not another special counsel, tom. >> well, you know, it's not going to happen. -- lou: i can't stomach another idiotic special counsel. i don't want to hear of them. tom, thanks so much, appreciate it. we've got a justice department, go to work! thank goodness judicial watch is working. share your comments, follow me on twitter @loudobbs like me on facebook, follow me on instagram @loudobbstonight. up next, why is the world doing nothing after china has taken over hong kong? just like that. we take it up with dr. michael pillsbury.
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he answers that question, and we'll have a few other questions as well for dr. michael pill bury. we're -- pillsbury. we'll be righthththt [ thunder rumbles ] [ engine rumbling ] [ beeping ] [ engine revs ] uh, you know there's a 30-minute limit, right? tell that to the rain. [ beeping ] for those who were born to ride, there's progressive.
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♪ ♪ lou: police cracking down on thousands of protesters in hong kong after a passage of the new national security or law that gives beijing control over hong kong. police fired tear gas, water cannons at the demonstrators, arrested nearly 400 people including 10 people under the new sweeping law that erodes, eviscerates the civil liberties and civil rights of those in the once-autonomousty. obviously, no longer autonomous if, no longer free. joining us tonight, dr. michael pillsbury, director of the center for chinese strategy at the hudson institute. mike, these pictures are exactly what you would expect of an authoritarian state, and that is
7:32 pm
precisely the rule that hong kong now under. is all hope lost? because no nation, no united nations agency has done, has raised a finger in protest of what the chinese, the communist chinese government has done. >> no, i don't think all hope is lost, lou. i think the president's got a strategy for hong kong. he revealed some of it at his press conference three weeks ago. but it looks like the measures china's taking are much more severe -- lou: wait a minute, wait a minute. may i interrupt, mike? >> sure. lou: what i said was no nation had taken a step. no nation has. the united nations hasn't. we have just watched hong kong be taken over by a communist dictatorship, and there has been no response. at all. i understand strategies, i understand all of that -- >> there have been responses --
7:33 pm
lou: okay, like what? >> it's not a military takeover. they're placing -- lou: i didn't -- >> -- stronger security forces in hong kong than we realized even two days ago. so it takes about, it takes a few days for the governments of the world to react to this. but it looks like the level of surveillance, arrests, extradition, taking people out of hong kong including foreigners, flying them to china to be put on trial there for up to life in prison, this is much harsher than anybody realized. this was all just reveal ared two days ago. we didn't have a copy of the actual law or how it's going to work. so new measures are going -- lou: well, who are we? who are we? i mean, are we a bunch of lawyers in this country? i mean, this is the world's only superpower. we have a government that is, i mean, if we are bound to some sort of process existence, the
7:34 pm
interagency over all of this? what the hell are we talking about here in this means that the government is paralyzed. we have known for weeks what they were doing, and here it's done. and the fact is the united states senate today just passed a bill -- excuse me, mike, excuse me. if. >> [inaudible] lou: excuse me. they just passed a bill giving the president the powers to carry out sanctions against beijing. they moved. at least they tried something. >> let's remember the raw power involved here. when mrs. thatcher finally decided to give hong kong back to china, she revealed in her memoirs that she said let britain take care of it a lot longer. dun shaw ping said my army can take hong kong in one day, what about that? mrs. thatcher had to give in. she had to make these arrangements that the chinese are violating now. this is raw power.
7:35 pm
they've got 100,000 troops just north of the border. they can come in and really take over hong kong if they want to. so far this measure really bad. if they can extradite foreigners from the hong kong now. but it's not a complete takeover with chinese troops in the street. i think the president has more to say on this, but he's already been trying to face them down the last two or three weeks. sor it's going to take more pressure, lou, that's the key thing. lou: there isn't a single example of sanctions brought against russia, iran, north korea in which it has changed the outcome or the impasse, if you will, between the united states and the nations sanctioned. that includes russia, that includes iran and the north koreans. we'll see what about maybe china will be the exception. if dr. michael -- >> no -- lou: -- thank you. up next, the man who
7:36 pm
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lou: joe biden this week told "the view" that her husband joe is a moderate. the american people agree with
7:40 pm
joe. 41% of registered voters say joe biden is more liberal than they are. and other the past week the national left-wing media has all but written off president trump's chances for re-election. last week cnn ran the headline: donald trump is facing the prospect of a landslide loss. a week earlier cnn ran a story that seemed to be in the same theme. joe biden may win more than 400 electoral votes, but there's a long way to go. well, if there's a long way to go, how do you get to 400? they haven't answered that question yet. the headline ran a week after nbc had declared trump's reelection is approaching the danger zone polls show. the national left-wing media remains, oh, so convinced that president trump's campaign is in trouble. our next guest has, however, a model that is predicting quite a different outcome. this model, by the way, has
7:41 pm
correctly predicted, has correctly predicted 24 of the past 26 presidential elections including president trump's election in 2016. joining us tonight, political science professor at stony brook university in new york, and helmut, it is great to see you again. you are predicting that who will win in 2020? >> well, thank you. great to be back again, and i'm predicting that donald trump has a 91% chance of being reelected. lou: 91%, my gosh. this model of yours, we've talked about this model, which is extraordinary in terms of its acura rahs is city -- accuracy. how do you imagine somebody like cnn could come up with a model that would project 400 electoral votes? does that seem to you to be,
7:42 pm
well, within the, within the realm generally of what we call science? >> well, i don't go by opinion polls, i go by the real polls. i go by what happens in the primary elections, and in those primary elections, especially in the early ones, donald trump did very well, and biden, as many of you may have forgotten by now, struggled in new hampshire where he came in fifth. he did much better in south carolina and from that point on, but these early primaries, these early votes provide a very powerful metric for predicting what is going to happen in november. lou: and what is most persuasive to you? in the model, is there one area within the model that you find particularly relevant in this election season in which you think might be determinant going into november 3rd?
7:43 pm
>> well, as you mentioned already, overall the model has done quite well over about a hundred years of presidential elections, so that's one thing that gives me a lot of confidence that it's going to be working out again. but the, as i said, the contest in primaries is, to me, a are powerful predicter -- a very powerful predicter. it's not just asking people hypothetically what are you going to do. in a state like new hampshire, for example, it's one in which you essentially have an open primary. it's not just republicans coming out to vote. it's republicans, independents and even some democrats who may figure this time i'd rather vote in a republican primary. and in that primary. donald trump won something like 85, 86% of the vote against an opponent who's not really like a nobody, william weld. and on the other hand, joe biden
7:44 pm
had a struggle where he came in fifth, in single digits. and i don't know of any presidential nominee who did so poorly in new hampshire who went on to win in november. lou: it is, people tend to have short memories when it comes -- [laughter] to election year politics, particularly presidential election year politics. but i don't think many of those pollsters have much of a short memory about you, helmut. [laughter] your model moving forward while you're watching nonsense from so-called clever fellas, you know, whether it's at at "the new york times" or e e spn, whomever it might be. and i have to tell you, it made my -- as one of those people privilege to be reporting on the president's historic victory, i have to tell you, it was so much fun. i was laughing out loud through
7:45 pm
the evening to watch this. it is just great fun to see everybody to wrong. but you would think they would come to you and say, helmut, we need a little help here. do they ever do that? >> i'm still waiting. i'm still waiting for the phone call even though i did work in the newsroom of "the new york times" for many years on election nights. but i think all the people that i used to know are long left, and i think the people there now don't know me. so that's just the way it is, and i know it's a big gap between asking people a hypothetical question, especially that early in the election cycle and looking at manager that has sort of work -- something that has sort of worked for quite a while in presidential elections. lou: well, i want to put up the full screen, helmut, as you were talking so we can see that again, folks. this we -- this -- there we go.
7:46 pm
these are some of the bright if folks i was talking about. "the new york times," 15%. huffington post going for the win, 13.7% -- 1.7% only. but taking away the lowest possibility, the princeton election consortium. that probably has been busted up right now in just pure embarrassment. your thoughts as we wrap up here, i'm going to give you the last word. how does it, how does it look right now to you, your forecast? >> well, all of these predictions that you mentioned are all based on polling, national polling, state polling, and i think the big flaw last time was in some critical battleground polls that they
7:47 pm
used to make the forecast for the final tally, and these battleground state polls were way off. i don't know whether people doing these polls have figured out what the problem was and have fixed it. so i, until i, i learn about that and things are going better, i'm not so worried. lou: all right. helmut, it's great to see you. come back soon. we'll be, as it were, taking your temperature throughout, between now and election day about the race. my guess is that you won't change by one wit, one degree. thanks so much, helmut, good to have you with us. president trump will win, says helmut, and he was right 24 of the past 26 elections.
7:48 pm
new york city mayor bill de blasio standing by his decision to shut down religious services as he allowed demonstrators, protesters and rioters to march through new york's streets. pastor robert jeffress is with us next, stay with us.
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♪ ♪ lou: a catholic priest in suburban indianapolis has been suspended for condemning the violence of black lives matter. father theodore rothrock wrote this, quote: the only lives that matter are their own, and the only power they seek is their own. they are wolves in wolves' clothing, masked thieves and bandits seeking only to devour the life of the poor and profit from the fear of others. joining us tonight is pastor robert jeffress, pastor of the first baptist church of dallas, fox business contributor, author of "praying for america." we recommend it to you highly. a catholic priest suspended because he dared criticize the violence of black lives matter activists. your thoughts. >> well, you know, the priest used some pretty colorful language, and if maybe i wouldn't have used exactly some of those words, but i think his
7:53 pm
sentiment is exactly right on. i mean, look, we all, lou, celebrate the right to protest. but our organizations like antifa and black lives matter, they are anarchying organizations. i mean, this last week you had the president of black lives matter saying that he would burn down the system this america if he didn't get his way. that kind of rhetoric needs to be condemned -- lou: i wonder -- >> this priest was right to do it. lou: i bet you black lives matter, they probably will suspend him for using hateful language, don't you think? [laughter] >> i wouldn't hold my breath waiting for that, lou. [laughter] lou: i promise not to. this is an extraordinary time, obviously. your thoughts as we go into independence day about the mood of the country and what we, i mean, we have republican senators pandering in the most ignorant fashions, lankford and
7:54 pm
cornyn and -- i mean, these people are just, they're absolutely silly. >> yeah. lou: your thoughts. >> well, look, first of all, i think there's a lot of noise right now that's going on. i think the cloud of this pandemic is going to lift. a lot of the things are going to lift, and i think i agree with your last guest that president trump is going to win tremendously when it comes to november ifrd. but -- 3rd. but i do think, lou, this is a time as we go into this weekend to remember our faith. vice president pence spoke at our church last week, and he said the foundation of america is freedom. and the foundation of freedom is faith. and, you know, people like abe abe -- abraham lincoln didn't hesitate to call our nation to prayer. i'm grateful our great president, donald trump, last month said we don't need less prayer, america needs more prayer. lou: yep, absolutely. >> and i believe this is a time
7:55 pm
to be optimistic but also to pray for america. if. lou: and we will. pastor jeff depress will stay with us through this quick commercialalalal
7:56 pm
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some companies still have hr stuck between employees and their data. entering data. changing data. more and more sensitive, personal data. and it doesn't just drag hr down. it drags the entire business down -- with inefficiency, errors and waste. it's ridiculous. so ridiculous.
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with paycom, employees enter and manage their own data in a single, easy to use software. visit, and schedule your demo today. ♪. lou: pastor, what do you think of mayor de blasio calling a comparison between protests and religious services apples and oranges? >> you know to the left, lou,
7:59 pm
protests are always essential activities and worship is always non-essential. we saw this last week. i mean cnn and msnbc endlessly aired video of my church's choir singing last sunday, saying we were spreaders of the coronavirus, yet they never said a word protesting these protesters who yelled at the top of their voices, packed together like sardines without a mask it's a little-known scientific fact, lou, if you yell at top of your lungs without a mask, as long as you're damning the police and damning donald trump you are immune to the coronavirus. i bet you didn't know that, lou? lou: i did not know. that i'm deeply concerned right now about the cure. pastor, thanks so much. by the way, we only pay attention to mayor de blasio randomly and infrequently. we pay attention to all of the time. thanks for being with us, pastor. that's it for us tonight.
8:00 pm
follow me on twitter @loudobbs and have a great 4th of july celebration. thanks for being with us. good night from sussex. ♪ ♪. david: hi, ebb, i'm david asman in for elizabeth macdonald and this is the evening edit. there are new clashes with police outside seattle's so-called "chop" zone as dozens more are arrested early this morning. police began clearing it out yesterday after violent weeks saw multiple shootings, alleged rape and two people killed amid a 500% spike in crime. workers are left to clean up huge piles of trash, tents, a barrage of graffiti w


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