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tv   The Evening Edit  FOX Business  July 8, 2020 6:00pm-7:01pm EDT

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thanks for being with us, we'll see you here tomorrow. good night from sussex. ♪ ♪ elizabeth: welcome to the evening edit. i'm elizabeth macdonald. we begin with a "fox business alert." breaking news, we're staying on this developing story happening this hour. president trump and the president of mexico will soon make a joint press statement at the white house. we've got this late-breaking news coming in. the u.s. joining most of the world in further tightening borders due toe covid-19 risks. the administration now proposing denying asylum people traveling to the u.s. countries where
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contagious disease is widespread. china, canada, other countries around the world are doing similar moves. edward lawrence from the white house. reporter: the move from the department of justice and department of homeland security not just from those country, passing through a country with widespread disease. which would eliminate all asylum-seekers coming across the board of the united states. this is likely to be challenged in court. 30 minutes the mexican president will be back here at the white house. a very formal dinner is laid out for the two leader. invited guests include ceos of fedex,-ups, ford, intel. the fifth richest man in the world carlos slim of mexico. they talked about today, immigration. but also the big topic of the day, trade. >> we're already seeing the fruits because it started. it is the largest, fairest, most advanced trade deal ever reached by this country. it will bring enormous
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prosperity and both american and mexican workers and canada. reporter: talking about the usmca. for the mexican president, this was a chance to highlight the trade agreement at a time when the mexican economy is suffering greatly. critics in the u.s. say mexico is not living up to the labor provisions to have auto workers paid $15 an hour. they signed a ceremonial pledge. >> we sign the pledge to have close, continued between the united states and mexico, we have progress towards a greater tomorrow, that is what is happening, a greater, maybe even a far greater tomorrow. reporter: the mexican president said president donald trump has treated mexico with fairness and respect. this is the first international trip for andres manuel obrador. he did make it to the united states. he traveled commercial airlines. he wore a mask on that plane.
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he was tested, got landed here in the united states, tested negative for the coronavirus. back to you. elizabeth: all right. edward, thank you for your reporting. there we're staying on this developing story. two campaign promises president made in 2016, revived nafta 2.0 deal and border protection. he is on good terms with the mexican president even though he is lifelong populist and on mexico's left. we have mercedes schlapp. now on the road, women for trump. she is coming out of a hotel because she is on the road. mercedes, great to have you back on. first i want to get to the new push with the president, what he is doing with the border and asylum-seekers. we're tracking media headlines, misreporting on this now. nine out of 10 people live in countries around the world where they have tightened borders due to covid-19. your take on this? >> the president has been a leader on the issue of
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understanding you need to put first of all, what he did putting travel restrictions on china early on in january. he completely understood this issue would greatly impact our country, that being coronavirus. obviously now that the steps he is taking on the border are the right steps. we saw that in some of these border states, there was the spikes, in the specific areas, the specific metro areas. so it was critical to insure that by taking these steps, to make sure that coronavirus doesn't continue to quickly spread. we know mexico has been one of those countries that have been suffering with the pandemic. we've seen increased cases in mexico. look, at the end of the day, it is insuring our citizens are safe here in the united states. that is the priority of the president. the health and safety of the american people in terms of what it comes to coronavirus virus. elizabeth: pew research and the
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united nations say nine out of 10 citizens around the world, people live in countries where they're tightening borders. india shutting borders, china, much of europe. that is why canada's justin trudeau did not join the president and leader of mexico because of his fears of covid-19 in the u.s. s that right? we're seeing media reporting that the president is hammering asylum-seekers with this new executive action, potentially coming up. your take. >> look at the end of the day the president made a decision of insuring that we try to combat coronavirus here at home. it is why he made the necessary steps to protect the american people. that of course including the border restrictions which should come to know surprise obviously the critics but at the end of the day this president has been one to always stand for border security. we believe in legal immigration. we're not in a place where we want to continue open border policies of democrats. that is what president up obama
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pushed for. that is what vice president joe biden said. even said he would provide free health care to illegal immigrants. the president said no, we have to take care of americans here in the united states. this includes not only coming to border security, but having control of our legal immigration system but also since we're dealing with this pandemic, as we know, has had an economic impact to a certain degree. coronavirus as the president said artificially interrupted the economy. in essence we need to make sure the work stays, the jobs stay with the americans here in the united states. elizabeth: okay. so here is the other thing that is happening. we're seeing pushback against the president, "real clear politics" polls, the average for the polls there show that he is underwater. we're seeing pew polls. he is not doing well. but then there is polls that show working class voters still want trump. we're talking battleground states like michigan
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pennsylvania, wisconsin, they want president trump reelected. we're talking blue-collar jobs. talk to us about nafta 2.0 how that affects a economy hammered by covid-19 and talk to us how nancy pelosi and chuck schumer supported nafta 2.0 but plan to attack the president on economy. >> first on polls, 2016 during this time, out of 261 polls we analyzed the president was only up 14 of those polls. if we would have believed the polls back in 2016 we would have thought hillary clinton would be president. we'll start there. our internal polls, when we have defined biden the president polls stronger. that is just a start. secondly, i think on nafta 2.0, we've seen the negative impact of nafta, which of course led to 850,000 jobs despite the fact that joe biden said that would be a wash. that we wouldn't be losing these jobs. he viewed it as legislative
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victory. so look, usmca was a huge accomplishment. no one thought the president could renegotiate this deal with mexico and canada. what we ended up with, was a product that literally, a trade deal that brought more jobs to the united states and at the same time, protected our intellectual property, insured that we would have more agricultural exports and also help our auto industry. all benefits, all positives, for the american worker here in the united states. nafta was antiquated. it needed to be changed. the regulations needed to be updated. but at the same time, you can tell that joe biden and these democrats prefer to stick with the policies of the past, instead of modernizing what we needed to do in terms of this usmca trade deal. elizabeth: yeah. border security was a campaign promise in 2016 for then candidate trump.
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the president threatened tariffs, saying to mexico we'll hit you with tariffs if you don't get your national guard to the border. mexico saying, we will take in asylum-seekers trying to get into the u.s. we'll take them in as they await their court hearings. i want to get your read, what voters are thinking now about the border and the president's pushback on that? we have record amounts of methaphetamine, fentanyl, drug cartel violence at the border and more? what is your take with the voter on this right now? >> let's remember, the democrats try to do their job of selling the open borders policy but really the victims of the open border policies are those vulnerable families trying to cross the borders, who have to pay human traffickers and drug cartel members to get over the, across the border. so they're putting their lives in danger. the ones who profits from open border policies are human traffickers and drug cartels. so this is why this relationship
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with mexico is so critical because they need to stop the flow of drugs coming into the united states. it is another reason why we need to insure that our borders are secure. it is why the president has been working closely with the mexican president to insure that they're able to tackle this issue of drug cartels on the border. elizabeth: mercedes schlapp, great to see you. come back soon. >> great to see you. thank you so much. elizabeth: up next, we're seeing breaking news developing story. president trump will speak with any moment with the leader of mexico. we're taking on this story next. the growing backlash against failing democrat politicians now running cities that have been swamped in violence and killings even in broad daylight, including even children. this debate should voters start a recall movement to kick out failing mayors like new york's
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bill de blasio? former louisiana governor bobby jindal will take that on. he is our guest next. stay right there this is decision tech. find a stock based on your interests or what's trending. get real-time insights in your customized view of the market. it's smarter trading technology for smarter trading decisions. fidelity.
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growing backlash against failing democrat politicians, running cities swamped in violence and killings, including killings in broad daylight. including killings of children. this debate is breaking out. should voters start a recall movement to kick out failing mayors like new york's bill de blasio. go through it. seven shot in philadelphia last night. more than five dozen people shot in new york since friday. 10 now dead. dozens shot in chicago, including four children. n atlanta, 31 people shot over the weaken, five fatally. bring back former louisiana governor bobby jindal. >> thank you. elizabeth: should voters recall the failed mayors? should they recall them because they failed to uphold the oath to defend and protect? should voters recall the mayors because they failed the oath to protect and defend? >> absolutely. bill de blasio has done so much damage in a few years in
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new york. he reversed progress so many years that started under rudy giuliani. he wages war on kids going to failing schools with the war on charter schools. you turn on the tv, big city mayors, democratic governors, they brag about being soft on crime. they are many embarrassed bragging about the policies. when people are destroying private or public property that is breaking the law. they say governors not going to enforce the law, they get chaos. talk about defunding police what do they think what happens. i asked viewers this, if in the middle of the night, when they call 911 do you want them to send a social work other or police officer? , of course you want to send the police. they have real consequences. here is what appalling, they're sew hypocritical. councilman in the minneapolis cold for abolishing police.
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council in las vegas called for defunding police. they get taxpayer-funded private security details. they want to defund the police for us, not for themselves. elizabeth: yeah. also there was a defund the police push in tacoma, washington. cops are getting in trouble there, they're saying, hey, defund the police protesters calling on us to protect them. i want to get to this, new yorkal new york republican representative lee zeldin, joining ray kelly, get rid of mayor bill de blasio. he should be removed. watch this. >> this is "a tale of two cities." you have the direction that new york city can be filled with opportunity, it can be filled with law and order, safety and security. peace and prosperity. or it will be, direction that bill de blasio is taking it down, which is chaos and lawlessness and poverty and lack of opportunity. so i really believe he has to be removed. the city won't survive him
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staying in for the remainder of his term. elizabeth: now watch former nypd commissioner bernie kerik i agree with lee kelly and what lee zeldin is saying. watch this. >> atrocious is a good word. incompetent is another. you know what? he should be removed. he should have been removed a long time an governor of new york should have done it. it is obvious what is happening. it is not going to change. it is only going to get worse. this is only going to get worse with the defunding and that reduction by a billion dollars of the nypd budget it is going to hurt people in these communities and they better fix it and fix it now because it is going to get horrible in the future. elizabeth: yeah. and nypd releasing graphic video. we were showing. de blasio, just one second. de blasio is blaming the coronavirus for the shootings. your take on that? >> liz, look, you're absolutely
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right. de blasio having to go. the reality his policies hurt the poor the most. you think about it, when you defund the police, who hurts most? people he is defending. people in poor neighborhoods. sooner he goes faster they can turn this around. scapegoating coronavirus is ridiculous. he defunded anti-crime nyunt. he wanted to take a billion dollars out of budget. that was not coronavirus. that was mayor bill de blasio. instead of listening to politically correct crowd, give more funds to the police to do their job. when they constantly undermine the police, what do they think will happen? support the heroes who protect us. >> governor, great to see you. come back soon. >> thank you, liz. elizabeth: we're trend spotting a big new cultural shift. it's a big change. back the blue, back the police movement, taking hold in the country. u.s. citizens across the nation
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now stepping out to show their support for cops. for police officers, amid calls from democrats to defund the police. joe biden today said yes, cut some funding for the police. also, this, dozens of protesters now arrested in many cities for rioting and looting. republican doug collins comes back with this. he is on house judiciary, he is the son after state trooper. he has a lot of things to say about this. that's next why. because our way works great for us! but not for your clients. that's why we're a fiduciary, obligated to put clients first. so, what do you provide? cookie cutter portfolios? nope. we tailor portfolios to our client's needs. but you do sell investments that earn you high commissions, right? we don't have those. so, what's in it for you? our fees are structured so we do better when our clients do better. at fisher investments we're clearly different.
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♪. elizabeth: welcome back. we're trend spotting a new movement. it's a new cultural shift. it is a change. it is a big pushback against democrat and hard left calls to defund the police. big pushback against attacks on the police. citizens across the nation now stepping out to show their support for police officers. it is happening in virginia, in long island, new york, and in ohio, in portland, oregon, in nebraska, and other states as well. this is happening as dozens of protesters are now being arrested in cities across the country for rioting, looting, arson, assault and more. we're tracking those cases as well. let's welcome back to the show, house judiciary ranking
6:25 pm
republican, he is representative doug collins much georgia. great to have you back on, sir. that is a big change. >> that is a great change. that is where we're supposed to be. look, we have individuals do bad things with police officers. tell you 99.9% of the police officers do it right, get up every day, many for very little incentive except they feel a calling to go help people. they should be ones applauded and saluted. they answer our calls when in need. those that do it wrong, they need to get out. they need to be prosecuted. we need to stand up for those who stand up for us. elizabeth: lee zeldin, republican of new york, de blasio teaches cops like they catch purse snatchers. no, they catch terrorists. they catch mass shooters, cereal circle killers and rapests an more. reaction to six dozen protesters hit with charges. talking protesters arrested in
6:26 pm
st. louis, and in portland, or gone and rochester and more. what is your reaction to these arrests? >> interesting we have to have reaction what should be properly done, people held accountable for their actions. people who do wrong things should be arrested. if you defame public property, if you break windows, do things you're not doing, arrests should happen because you have broken the law. we seem to have lost that. civil disobedience and protests are proper in their form. when you take it into round that into criminal activity. it should not be abnormal you and i talk about being held accountable. it should be the norm. you have cities talking about in the last segment, you have cities they're turning a blind eye. my city of atlanta, in georgia, took 8-year-old girl for the mayor of atlanta to be outraged. will still not ask fulton county d.a. to step aside.
6:27 pm
they are turning the backs on -- elizabeth: judge jeanine pirro has this to say about the manhattan d.a. in new york city not doing anything about charging rioters and looters. let's listen to judge pirro on this. >> you know, tucker, it as new york city burns you have a sitting distribute attorney inspite of the fact businesses have been looted, many of them minority-owned, many because of protests closed forever. you have a d.a. sending a memo out to his staff basically saying number one, as it relates to the protesters, go easy. dismiss them acd. we're not worried about that but we want proactive investigations into possible police misconduct. elizabeth: what do you think of that, congressman? >> i think the judge is right. in fact she and i actually talked about this this is what's
6:28 pm
wrong right now. when you have prosecutors afraid to do their job, to live up to their prosecutorial ethics and do things where justice is blind, raise socioeconomic status you have disparity. what she is brought up, seeing in atlanta, other places ones hardest hits are economically deprived communities and that they're supposedly standing up for but letting their neighborhoods be terrorized while chasing police officers. this is wrong. we have got to fix this. elizabeth: congressman, you're the son of a state trooper. i think you sent a letter to the justice department. what was the letter about? >> we sent it about fulton count district attorney paul howard. the officers he charged in the rayshard brooks case. he did so without finishing the investigation with georgia bureau of investigation. did it without a grand jury. did it for political purposes because he is getting beat. took the lives of police officers out there at this time. instead of letting it go through the system as it should, he became the judge and jury on
6:29 pm
this, charged them. went out and tainted pool by making statements not completely accurate when he was charging them. we said to the department of justice, time for you to get involved. we cannot have this, especially in atlanta to continue. we have dispirited atlanta policemen who are afraid to do their job because they know they don't have the backing of the mayor or especially the backing of this district attorney. in fact other sheriffs in other counties in fulton county will not send back up to help atlanta because they're fearful that the fulton county d.a. would not back them up. >> congressman, always good to have you on. >> take care. elizabeth: same here. at any moment president trump and leader of mexico will make a joint statement at the white house. we have cameras on there. we have eyes on it. we'll take you there live as soon as it happens. stay with us. back in two liberty mutual customizes your car insurance,
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elizabeth: welcome back.
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we are awaiting a joint statement from president trump and mexico's president obrador at the white house. we'll take you there live. joe biden supports cutting funding from some police departments. this story coming in. powerful democrat from georgia, democrat vernon jones whether his own democrat disband, change its name because it is associated historically with bigotry and confederacy. watch this. >> join me with others. challenge the democrat party to have at their national convention the number one platform issue that they will disband and change the democratic party. it would no longer be called the democratic party. why? because it is associated with racism, bigotry and the confederacy. elizabeth: welcome rnc committee woman for california, harmeet dhillon.
6:35 pm
welcome back. those are tough words from vern i don't know jones. that is a tough reaction. he is a democrat. not voting for joe biden. what do you say. >> it is long overdue for these democrats what the democratic party is leading them towards is absolute destruction of our country. democrats are as interested in the safety and security of their families and their property and their futures as all americans are. so i think this fad on the left, particularly in the elites on the left to defund the police ignores the fact that those police protect all of our communities and if you take away the police, you aren't going to simply have absence of looting and theft and crime and murder. you're going to have vigilantism and you will have anarchy. i am really heartened to see democrats step forward to say no more of this. elizabeth: yeah. you know, rfk said the same. daniel patrick moynihan said the same. vernon jones is democrat out of
6:36 pm
georgia. he is the son of a world war ii veteran. he oversaw one of the largest police departments. he oversaw bad cops and good cops. he saw them shot. he said democrats are absurd to defund police department the of the he is a democrat saying that. he is not voting for joe biden. he doesn't like what joe biden and obama did dividing the country. that is a quote from vernon jones out of georgia. your take on that. >> absolutely i agree with him completely. he is not the only one. we're seeing other democrats step forward to say this as well. joe biden trying to hold the line on the position until earlier today we absolutely start talking about defunding police and cutting budgets and so forth. this will be a very dividing issue in our election coming up. i think democrats are missing the boat here. the fact there are the occasional excess, which as a civil rights lawyer i fought against the authorities and sued police in some cases does not mean you throw the baby out with the bath water.
6:37 pm
what you're seeing in states like california and other liberal jurisdictions talking about the defunding police. seeing a lot of moving trucks in streets of san francisco and los angeles. people are concerned about their safety and security. these states don't allow us to have concealed carry on weapons on our person for our security. so ultimately i think this is going to end up with flight from these liberal jurisdictions and for those democrats who care and want to stay to see their communities thrive like, like some of these democratic politicians who are speaking up, this is the time to stand and fight and say no more. our communities need safety and security and our communities need the ability to be able to walk their daughters to school without being shot like that man in new york over the weekend. elizabeth: you know, harmeet, vernon jones also took on joe biden's 36 year career in the senate. he is saying practically every crime bill that came out of the
6:38 pm
senate since the mid-'70s had joe biden's name on it. he is saying vernon jones, democrat out of georgia, saying those crime bills were tough on black people. incarcerated a lot of black people. he is saying joe biden is trying to sweep his legacy there under the rug. how do you think this will play out in the election? >> i think he is absolutely correct about that. we are seeing a repeat of the hillary clinton campaign because biden over the years has had some very controversial and even i would say racist things to say about different communities. the indian-american community, the african-american community. kamala harris called him out during one of the democratic debates about his position on busing. i think he has really been situational on his position on the criminal justice issues. it is really all about polls. it is what he thinks he need to say to get elected. not about his real viewpoints on these issues. would joe biden be in favor of defunding police that guard him or take aware his personal
6:39 pm
security? or take away security that guards his town or keeps his family safe? we know he would not be but he doesn't have to worry about it. most of the elites don't have to worry about it. nancy pelosi in san francisco don't have to worry about people storming her home or breaking into her garage because she has private security. that is really disparity is here. defunding the police movement is going to hurt people who are in haverrable, people who are poor, people in disadvantaged neighborhoods the most. that is the tragedy here. that is the voice. elizabeth: okay. okay. harmeet dhillon. we thank you so much for joining us. the president is approaching the microphone. let's listen to the president. [applause] >> thank you very much. thank you. this evening we are honored to welcome president lopez obrador,
6:40 pm
the entire mexican delegation and many distinguished guests to a white house working dinner. we've been working all day and we'll be working for a little while longer but it is an honor to have you in the white house. tonight's gathering follow as productive day of meetings and concludes an exceptional visit which we made tremendous strides on behalf of our countries. to your great president, i would just like to say, that it has been a profound privilege to have you with us today and it is a profound privilege to have you as my friend. we've had a great relationship right from the beginning and i think that maybe it was against all odds. a lot of people were betting against it but they have learned not to bet against us i suspect. i know they have learned that in mexico. the people of mexico and united states joined together by shared values, shared faith and shared
6:41 pm
future on this beautiful continent. we're both proud, sovereign nations built over generations by the sweat, sacrifice and devotion of hard-working people who love their country and who give everything they have to create a better life for their beautiful children. in the united states the extraordinary contributions of mexican-americans are felt at every industry, every community, and every facet of our nation. from art to commerce to science to medicine, the mexican people are incredible. they upheld our highest values, god, family, and country. they launched small businesses, propel industries and they serve heroically in police department and in our great military. as we gather tonight we reflect on all that our two people have accomplished together over the span of many generations, and we embrace the incredible
6:42 pm
opportunities that lay ahead. we're each blessed with a vast land that touches both of the world's great oceans, extraordinary natural resources and above all we're blessed with some of the most spirited, adventerous, determined and talented people on the face of the earth. it is all about the people. mr. president, i'm certain that together we can unlock a future of greater potential for our children, prosperity for our people, safety for our citizens, pride for our countries. with today's visit i have never been more confident that the future of this precious relationship and the destiny of this majestic continent will never be in better hands and never had a better future. once again i want to thank you and all of your representatives for being here today. a great honor. a great honor to be with you. thank you very much. and now i would like to invite
6:43 pm
president lopez obrador to say a few words on behalf of the incredible people of mexico. thank you. [applause] >> translator: friends, ladies and gentlemen and i am going to be brief. people say that good and brief, twice as good. i can only say -- elizabeth: that was president trump. he started off with a joke at the beginning saying he does have a great relationship with the leader of mexico against all the odds, despite what he has been hearing in the media about his, his worder policies and relationship with mexico. let's bring back harmeet
6:44 pm
dhillon. i want to get your reaction to this because we're seeing a new push by the white house to tighten the border with mexico to stop asylum-seekers who are crossing through countries where covid-19 and other infectious diseases, where there is an outbreak, the president is moving to stop that. harmeet, the media is misreporting this again. pew research, united nations says nine out of 10 people in the world live in countries where their own borders have been restricted or shut down due to covid-19. your take on that? >> absolutely. a virus doesn't have borders but our country does need to have borders so i think the president is doing what is necessary and what all of these other country mentioned have done restricting travel. the president is doing the right thing to keep us safe. even prior to the covid situation, he was taking steps to try to close the border because of other health concerns coming into our country. even prior to covid, we've seen that a lot of the refugees and a lot of the people who are
6:45 pm
falsely claiming asylum in this country, come in with a number of health issues communicated. borders is make sure we're safe not just against crime but people with infectious diseases. people who legally immigrate to the country they take vaccinations to improve their health. i know this as a immigrant. when you have a different standard for people that come here illegally, it undermines the security. imagine us all wearing masks and taking safety and being careful about social distancing and so forth but if at the same time, we're having no security on the border and people are coming in who may be sick with a very infectious disease, it really undermines all of those public safety effort we're doing here on border states in america. elizabeth: yeah. harmeet, we're just tracking headlines coming in about the president's push now to restrict again asylum-seekers crossing through countries where there is covid outbreaks and other
6:46 pm
outbreaks, irony, they're not noting or reporting that canada's justin trudeau did not join the leader of mexico and president trump today. why? because canada's prime minister said he is concerned about the covid-19 outbreak. canada has restricted its borders to covid-19. so hasn't yaw. so has china. so has japan. so has europe. >> right. elizabeth: that is the context what president is doing. instead, are harmeet, cnn, msnbc, "new york times," seeing other headlines coming out slamming the president for his new push today on that, your reaction? >> of course they're hypocrites about it. covid is the latest chapter in this long history of hypocrisy when dealing with these border issues. i come from a country, india, which has strict border controls for people from other countries. most of the world does. you can't have a country unless you have borders. we have the greatest country in
6:47 pm
the world, meaning smart people from around the world want to be here. we let millions of them in here legally. we let a million in every year around million in illegally. that ultimately undermines our safety, our security and unfair to legal immigrants. this covid situation suspended all the rules. we have businesses people go to school. people operate under different rules. our immigration system is no different. harvard, for example, taken legal action against the government for saying students who are not taking action on campus in person have to do so from their home country. that is just a reasonable safety and security measure for our country. we can't have people coming and going when we have a lot of parts of the world that are heavily infected with this disease. so even states in the united states, i was in hawaii arguing a case. hawaii doesn't allow people from the main land to come there without quarantining for 14 days. yet we have open and porous borders? that make as mockery of our laws and our safety. elizabeth: all right. harmeet dhillon, always great to
6:48 pm
have you on. come back soon. >> thank you. elizabeth: stay right there. we'll be right back. we'll take you to the white house jim, could you uh kick the tires? oh yes. can you change the color inside the car? oh sure. how about blue? that's more cyan but. jump in the back seat, jim. act like my kids. how much longer? -exactly how they sound. it's got massaging seats too, right? oh yeahhhhh. -oh yeahhhhh. visit the mercedes-benz summer event or shop online at participating dealers. get 0% apr financing up to 36 months on select new and certified pre-owned models.
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♪. elizabeth: okay. the battle lines are being drawn. look at this. house democrats led by nancy pelosi and rashida tlaib
6:52 pm
think they see an opening. they're charging through it with legislation. they're taking aggressive steps to go after president trump on hot button cultural issues, betting it will play to democrats advantage in the 2020 election. let's welcome back republican strategist ford o'connell. ford, it is not just defund the police. great to see you again by the way, ford. >> good to see you, e mack. elizabeth: also legislation to remove confederate symbols from the capital, national parks, legislation to rename military bases and rename streets that served confederacy, saying these are racist hot-button issues. your take. >> they are allies know that joe biden cannot win the election alone. in many ways he is an empty suit without the vision necessary. what you will see over the next several months, democrats pushing what i call the three rs, trump is reckless on the
6:53 pm
coronavirus, trump is racist, and trump's a russian. if he can crack that code, draw contrast with joe biden, he will win this election by a very narrow margin. elizabeth: the president says the confederate flag is issue of free speech. he bashed nascar for dropping the flag. stack that issue, stack it up against defund the police push. joe biden saying yes, cut some police budgets. we have a new back the blue movement. citizens are stepping out, marching in the streets, supporting cops. how does this play out with voters when they pull the curtain, draw the levers. what do voters say? >> i think voters are starting to realize that democrats are playing with fire. unfortunately there is a concerted effort in the national media, also among the tech companies who are tilted towards biden to make sure trump cannot
6:54 pm
communicate the message out there. trust me, defunding the police is a loser. everyone in america will lose. focusing on the confederate flag to harp on racist point. the real goal is not about pacifying the confederate flag, it is about erasing our history. that is why president trump has to crack this code and stand strong. elizabeth: yeah. the middle moderate voter understands this, america lives under the declaration of independence. it lives under the constitution. it lives under the bill of rights. we are one culture in that regard. we're about the national good. so the moderate voter sees that but then they see this debate being pulled hither and yon. white house advisor kellyanne conway, here is my main problem the cancel culture ripping down statues, how does that get one more child of color in a failing school a better education? take that on. >> kellyanne is absolutely right here. that is why president trump has
6:55 pm
to make the case over the next several months that the united states under joe biden would be an unmitigated disaster. all these distractions when it comes to cancel culture, or falsely accusing him of being a russian will not grow the economy. it will not put main street back to work. it is not going to do many things that we need to do as americans to move forward from the coronavirus. it is all about basically sliming and cancel culture and pushing to the worst dregs of emotion. that is what the election come out to from the democrats gameplan. elizabeth: we also have this from mick mulvaney. he is former acting whiteouts chief of staff, current special envoy for northern ireland. he warned on fox business that president trump will have a problem if the donald trump election ends up as referendum on president trump. if ends up being a popularity contest, referendum on president trump, he has headwinds. karl rove saying trump's
6:56 pm
tweeting habits, that doesn't advance his cause. take on those two guys here. what do you say? >> i think what mick is making a very good point here. whenever donald trump is talking about joe biden, making the case that the u.s. will be unmitigated disaster, specifically that he is a senile, corrupt chinese-loving hypocrite who would be a figurehead for the far left and socialism. that is a good message. when you talk about what president trump has done for the black community versus what joe biden done the past 40 years. that is great. from what karl rove is saying i don't necessarily agree about the tweets. you need a contrast with more message focused. every time we're out there, take chicago for example, number of children that died. what trump should be doing, here are the people who died, because the democratic policies. make the case that you're going to advance america forward and donald trump can certainly recover and win this election. elizabeth: you know, we have rashida tlaib, michigan congresswoman, progressive doing
6:57 pm
a big hard push, pulling the democrat party to the left, saying stay on defunding the blitz, stay on that issue. she is saying that will win with voters in the fall. what do you say? >> she is absolutely wrong and what president trump needs to do, when it comes to defining biden and contrasts making the case biden is really a figurehead fora she had today talib ilhan omar and bernie sanders. if joe biden is elected you're note getting a moderate, you're getting "the squad." seniors, white working voters, conservative minorities will come home to trump. it is also to remind people what it actually stands for because right now there is so much sabotage in the national media. they're blocking and tackling for biden and misconstruing, misleading everything on trump. he has to be cognizant drawing that contrast and showing more message discipline. elizabeth: ford, here is what's coming.
6:58 pm
here is what we see coming at "the evening edit." progressives who support bernie sanders and the hard left are warning joe biden, joe biden recently talked about compromising with republicans to do deal-making. now the bernie sanders crowd is saying hey, if you do that, if you move too much towards the center we'll abandon you. that is issue for joe biden now, what base he plays to. how he turns out which base to get him elected, right? >> absolutely right. emac, joe biden is running a balancing act, what as seen as moderate democrats and bernie sanders socialists of the democratic party. president trump has the ability to create a division there and again, make the case that you're not getting, not trump, you're getting somebody who will be beholden to bernie sanders. i look at five states that will decide election, my home state of florida, michigan, pennsylvania, wisconsin, these are not things that so well with that crew. that could get trump back and
6:59 pm
decide this election. elizabeth: the democrats super-pacs are targeting voters who flipped away from obama towards president trump in 2016. the democrats super-pacs are going after those voters in the battleground states like michigan, wisconsin, pennsylvania, right now. what do you think happens with those voters? >> those voters will be the ones who decide this election. that is why you're going to see president trump really target those voters, make clear who joe biden is. joe biden is well-liked but not well-defined. when you had mercedes schlapp on earlier she made the point, if trump defines joe biden to particularly suburbs in michigan and pennsylvania, president trump will be reelected president of the united states. elizabeth: thank you, ford coo'connell. come back soon. >> thank you, emac. elizabeth: i'm elizabeth macdonald. you've been watching "the evening edit" on fox business. that does it for us. hope you have a good evening.
7:00 pm
join us tomorrow night. we'll be breaking down big headlines again. thank you for joining us "lou dt starts right now. ♪ ♪ lou: good evening, everybody. carnage in our streets, and the radical left rages on against america and americans. in the first six months of this year, murders in the united states have increased more than 20% if last year. from last year. the murder rate in some of our nation's largest cities has risen multiples of the national rate. democrat city governments seem to be not only appeasing anarchists and the left activists, but permitting runaway street violence. murders in cincinnati up 77%. denver is, 48%. minneapolis, 47%. louisville, 45


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