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tv   The Evening Edit  FOX Business  July 9, 2020 6:00pm-7:01pm EDT

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that is it for us. tomorrow night, house minority leader kevin mccarthy. pastor robert jeffress with us as well. good night from sussex. ♪ elizabeth: stocks ending fractionally to the downside. covid concern. supreme court ruling that new york prosecutors could see trump's tax returns and records but there could be delays. court ruled the congress cannot get trump's tax returns for now. republican tom mcclintock of house judiciary, he is fired up and outraged by nancy pelosi and adam schiff ripping into the blasting the high court from blocking them from getting trump tax returns. mcclintock is ready to go on democrats trying to destroy trump for years in order to keep their gyp on power. first misusing an abusing the
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fbi and the intelligence community to go after trump. they now abusing the irs? if house democrats are about transparency, nancy pelosi, jerry nadler, adam schiff, eric swalwell, all the other democrats will they disclose their own tax returns? get this irs code says yes, the president can tax returns too. it is katy-bar-the-door. are they playing with fire? with us tonight homeland's security top official, ken cuccinelli and now growing back the blue movement. americans taking to the streets nationwide in a growing number of states to support police officers, saying don't defund, instead defend the police. they protect minority communities from violent crime as well. charles hurt with us on nancy pelosi, now getting blasted, nancy pelosi caving to the mob, refusing to admonish rioters in her hometown city of
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baltimore. they pulled down a statue of christopher columbus and threw it in the harbor. pelosi today saying close, people will do what they do. vice president pence really mad about that. with us media watchdog brent bozell on this new media controversy. cnn hosts don lemon, chris cuomo caught on camera, mocking reporting on rising crime in cities and also mocking reporting on the pushback against defunding the police. as more people were shot last night including three children. also tonight, republican jim banks from house armed services, he's fired up on more bad news for former fbi director james comey and his team and their botched trump russia probe. a british court now slamming the guy behind the fake dirt, the fake opposition research that democrats paid for and fbi used to spy on the trump team. a british court finding christopher steele was inaccurate and misleading.
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now this, you won't blow what christopher steele told the british court was the real reason hillary clinton and democrats paid him to deliver fake dirt on trump. it is disturbing and the fbi fell for it. we got the story. thanks for joining us. i'm elizabeth macdonald. the opening edit starts right now. ♪ -- evening edit starts right now elizabeth: welcome to the show. you're watching the fox business network. staying on the breaking story, house democrats led by nancy pelosi and adam schiff now blasting the supreme court for blocking house democrats demand for trump's tax returns. the supreme court ruling that it is going to kick it back to a lower court saying this is a separation of powers fight. let's bring back to the show republican tom mcclintock of california. he is on house judiciary. great to have you back on, sir, what was your reaction to this ruling? >> i think it was a very good ruling.
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both of them were big wins for the president. with respect to the congressional democrats, tax returns, they're trying to subpoena, they're trying to get every financial record of every member of the trump family, every check they have written, every credit card swipe, every debit card purchase that they have made for many, many years. court took one look at that, said you know, this kind of looks like a fishing expedition to us. there might be a legitimate oversight in there someplace but you're going to have to go back to meet a four-point test. you will have to show it is essential for a legitimate legislative purposes. you will have to extensively document an support that demand. you're going to have to write it as narrowly as possible. and there is no way that the democrats can meet those, those points. just listen to -- real purpose was to find out what could
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financially about president trump. elizabeth: right. democrats for the last 3 1/2 years have been ripping through everything the president ever did to destroy trump. fbi being used by the democrats and hillary clinton campaign to go after trump. bob mueller. also the media. democrats misused the fbi and intelligence to go after president trump. are they now misusing the irs? now it is katy-bar-the-door. we reported that the supreme court ruled more than a century ago you have to have a legislative reason to dig into someone's tax returns. it can't be a fishing expedition. what do you think? >> you're exactly right and this is a well established pattern we watch the democrats unfold time and again four past four years. they will make outrage nefarious then in donald trump's world. they will launch a bogus investigation. they will leak every innuendo and half-truth to the press.
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when there is nothing to it, they go on to the next pseudo scandal. people are tired of it and seeing right through it. elizabeth: if democrats are about transparency, should nancy pelosi, adam schiff, eric swalwell to answer to the american citizens anyone they related to profited off their seat in congress they held for years? should they release their tax returns. section 6103 of the irs code says the president can ask for tax returns too? >> we should not allow the leftist radicals to become our teachers. the irs should never be used for political purposes. we saw that under barack obama when lois lerner used the fuld power of irs to harass and threaten ordinary citizens because of their political beliefs. this is an invention of the left. we should never allow that to happen again. elizabeth: understood. now here is the thing.
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the media reporting on this has been off the hook for, this is a privacy issue. do we really want a world where congress can get anyone's tax returns? here is the thing, presidents did not is had toreally release tax returns before richard nixon. nixon did it only matter of custom. let me back up. he released tax returns under irs audit. that led to nixon's famous, i am not a crook quote. it became a matter of tradition, a matter of custom to release tax returns. congressman, jerry ford didn't release firm. he made decades, summaries, about his taxes. what do you think? >> i would never advise president trump to release his tax returns. we watch what the left does. they will take any little detail to try to twist it make it look like something nefarious. understand president trump has an extensive business empire. he didn't do taxes on kitchen table.
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he has an army of accountants and lawyers to file those returns. i think we can be reasonably confident there is nothing illegal or nefarious about them. my guess they're all perfectly accurate but, opening up such a document would then open him up to exactly the kind of i have a abuses that we have watched the press and democrats demonstrate time and time again. take a little detail, a half-truth, take it out of context, twist it around and turn it into a scandal. that is what the democrats are trying to do with this. it has nothing to do with the propriety of the president's tax returns. again someone with that much tax liability and exposure is going to be very, very careful to cross every t and dot every i. elizabeth: all right. you know, let's move on to this. should the public, should the public, should american voters get to see which congressman use taxpayer money to settle claims of sexual harrassment and discrimination and retaliation brought against them by federal
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workers? the federal office of compliance said between 1997 and 2017 it booked and recorded 260 settlements totaling $17 million taxpayers paid for this including for members of congress. how come we're not seeing that information. >> that is good question on that score. this is public business. therefore it is the public's business. elizabeth: all right. congressman, thank you for that pithy final answer. we're coming into a hard break. great to see you congressman mcclintock. come back soon. we love having you on the show. >> same here, liz. thanks again. elizabeth: next up, more people shot last night including three children. the outrage is growing against failed democrat leadership. five major cities run by democrats are seeing double-digit spikes higher in violent crime. now this, a new and growing back the blue movement spreading to more states. it is coming on strong. people taking to the streets toe defend, not defund cops.
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my money should work as hard as i do. that's why i use my freedom unlimited card to buy heavier weights online. got it! go time! with freedom unlimited, you're always earning. i should've purchased lighter weights! ♪. elizabeth: welcome back. more people were shot yesterday including three children. one in atlanta, georgia, and also outside of oklahoma city and also in franklin county, pennsylvania. now the outrage is growing against failed democrat leadership. now this, the back the blue
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movement, we've been covering it, it is now coming on strong. we're seeing people taking to the streets and rallying to support cops in a growing number of states. it includes seven states, maryland, michigan, virginia, ohio, nebraska, and new york. now in a fox business exclusive we welcome back acting deputy secretary of homeland security ken cuccinelli. your reaction to this growing movement? great to see you again. what is your reaction to this? >> liz, i would say this is heartwarming. i would say the silent majority is asserting itself. they don't explode like other parts of our society do with so much destruction. they work themselves up. as president reagan used to say many years ago, the wisdom of america resides with americans, not our institutions and i think you're seeing that reflected here. defend, don't defund. elizabeth: sir, the dangerous defund the police push also
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means a growing number of cities trying to get the police out of helping protect our nation's public schools amid violent mass shootings. local lawmakers in washington, d.c., voted this week to kick out police out of public schools. they have been there since 2002 providing hundreds of security guards to protect children. your reaction to this? >> foolish, foolish, foolish. putting children at risk. those officers are there to protect children. that is what they're doing. it really shows the lunacy of this mentality. if you want to know what defunding the police looks like in the real world, just look at that little part of seattle where the mayor pulled the police out. what happened? people were being killed. a 14-year-old sexual assaults taking place with no accountability. that is what you get when you defund the police, when you pull back on the police and it is really important for people to remember that the neighborhoods
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that need community policing the most aren't the rich neighborhoods. they're the poor neighborhoods. they're the neighborhoods that are disproportionately minority. that's who you're victimizing by pulling back and allowing the criminals to run free. elizabeth: yeah. putting minority communities in danger. >> absolutely. elizabeth: you mentioned seattle, it's striking that the "chop" zone was set up in seattle but seattle parents could not take their children to playgrounds. go figure. i want to move on to this. the blow back against failed democrat leadership is picking up. look up in new york state, the state attorney general tish that james said mayor bill de blasio has lost control. he should no longer have authority over new york police. he wants independent panel toe oversee police, not de blasio listen to top officials say
6:17 pm
remove bill de blasio. remove him. he has failed to live up to his oath to protect new yorkers. >> it will be the direction that bill de blasio is taking it down which is chaos, lawlessness, poverty, a lack of opportunity. i really believe he has to be removed. the city won't survive him for staying through the middle of his term. >> this mayor is atrocious. if i had a magic wand i would remove him but person waiting in the wings is no better. >> atrocious is a good word. incompetent is another. you know what? he should be removed. he should have been removed a long time ago. elizabeth: what do you think? should there be a recall movement to remove failed democrat leaders? because violent crimes are spiking double digits in more than two dozen cities across the country. >> well, look, liz, the short answer would be yes. i don't know new york laws but people knew what they were getting when they voted for this guy in new york city.
6:18 pm
they are getting what they voted for. they're getting economic destruction along with the violence and the chaos. this is consistent with the philosophy that he represents and governs on. everywhere else you see the liberal philosophy employed you see more violence and you see less economic opportunity. those things go hand in hand. that isn't some speculation. elizabeth: right. >> you can look back 50 years in this country and where that philosophy has been implemented, those have been the results. elizabeth: okay. ken cuccinelli, thank you so much for joining us. >> good to be with you, liz. >> good to see you. >> coming up, murders, homicide, staying on the story, up double digits in dozens of cities nationwide. why are a pair of cnn hosts don lemon, chris cuomo, why are they mocking the reporting on that rising crime wave? we'll ask media research center and founder brent bozell.
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♪. elizabeth: okay, we've got another media controversy involving cnn here is what is going on. murders and homicides are up
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double digits across 25 of the country's largest dis. "the new york times" is also reporting that. we had seven children shot dead since last friday. three children were shot in separate cities last night but watch this odd exchange between don lemon and chris cuomo, mocking the rising crime. watch this. >> yeah. democratic cities are in chaos right now, is this what you want from joe biden and they're going to take your country away and taking down the statues. >> crime is rising. defund the police. >> oh, my gosh it is so bad, defunding police. elizabeth: let's welcome media research center president, founder, brent bozell, when you saw that, what did you think? what was your reaction? >> under normal circumstances liz, hi, how are you, under formnal circumstances i would urge the public not to waste its time watching cnn here is an exception.
6:24 pm
i wish every person in every inner-city in america watched that clip, and they would understand exactly what the left thinks of it. people in the inner-cities are being mode down. children are being shot to death. there is that kind of a lawlessness taking place in the streets. you can blame the cop till the cows come home but it ain't going to work. what they're seeing in the inner city that the police have been chased out by hoodlums and if police are saying, if i do anything, there is going to be a camera on me, and i'm the person who is going to be charged with something. i'm not going there. in this inner-city when you've got 19 out of 20 cities are controlled by democrats, there needs to be a conversation and this is conversation cnn doesn't want to have. elizabeth: yeah. to what you're saying, hundreds of shooting deaths in just five
6:25 pm
democrat-led cities over the last month 1/2. homicides are up double-digits in new york, chicago, l.a., d.c., philadelphia. look at cnn's don lemon, first, watch him say the rioting is not quote, extreme. watch this sound bite. >> i got you. i got you. let me -- you realize even during the civil rights movement that dr. king was seen as extreme? that movement was seen as extreme. to people who don't want to make change, movements are seen as extreme. you can paint them easily, as a an extreme when they were not. elizabeth: but you know, let's watch this clip in 2013, seven years ago, don lemon was upset. he said stop the black on black violence. we have black the blue movements of u.s. citizens now. look at the states, oregon, virginia, maryland, you need the cops because people are being shot. brent, that is what you're saying. watch don lemon talk about black on black violence has got to
6:26 pm
stop. he said this in 2013. >> more than 72% of children in the african-american community are born out of wedlock. that means absent fathers. and the studies show lack of a male role model is an express train right to prison. and the cycle continues. so please, black folks, as i said, if this doesn't apply to you, i'm not talking to you. pay attention to and think about what has been presented in recent history as acceptable behavior. pay close attention to the hip-hop and rap culture that many of you embrace, a culture that glorifies everything i just mentioned. thug and reprehensible behavior. african-american young african-american men commit more crime than any other age group, any other ethnicity combined. so why would, why is that even an issue? why are you concerned about white on white crime when the problem appears to be in the
6:27 pm
african-american community among young black men, congresswoman? elizabeth: listen any crime is horrific. any crime is terrible. crime, we need to fight it an stop it and protect americans. i just don't understand what is going on with don lemon. he was saying that seven years ago but now he is different today. what happened? >> look, if the, the left has become so radicalized, it is out of control. it is incoherent in its thinking. it's deceptive in its delivery. look at those same at cnn who are lashing against anybody who questions black lives matter. look at the manifesto of black lives matter. it says unequivocally, it wants to tear down the nuclear family. now listen to don lemon. don lemon says that is the reason it is happening. don lemon are you lying now or were you a liar then? which one is it, because you are
6:28 pm
justifying and you're glorifying exactly what you said in 2013, was utterly contemptuous. that is reality, liz. elizabeth: okay. brent bozell, thank you so much for your insights. really appreciate it. >> thank you, liz. elizabeth: come back soon. okay, next up, vice president pence, he is really outraged. he is now joining critics blasting house speaker nancy pelosi for caving in today to the mob. nancy pelosi refused to admonish rioters in her native city of baltimore for pulling down a statue of christopher columbus and then throwing it into the harbor? nancy pelosi saying quote, people will do what they do. pelosi is a top lawmaker. she is supposed to oversee legislation to protect america. we'll take it up with fox news contributor, charles hurt, he is next. stay right there
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♪. elizabeth: okay. vice president michael pence blasting nancy pelosi for caving to the mob today. nancy pelosi refused to admonish rioters in her hometown city of baltimore. they pulled down a statue of christopher columbus and then through it in the harbor. nancy pelosi said this. watch. >> done by a commissioner or city council not a mob in the middle of the night throwing it in the middle of the harbor? >> people will do what they do. elizabeth: let's bring to the show, david asman. he is a sharp commentator. i love him. people will do what they do, what did you think when you heard that. great to see you. >> great to see you too. she has a connection with baltimore. her dad was mayor of that city. she now resides the san francisco area. she has gone so far out on the ledge on this, i think most democrats have even, joe biden
6:34 pm
has, in accommodating themselves to people who are not only radical in their ideology but who now actually support behavior that would, just, a couple of months ago be considered totally unacceptable. i think the rebellion you just reported on, how people are now fighting back in favor of the police. i think there is a rebellion going on towards this behavior. they realize with it, comes society that most people don't want to live in. and the time will come, and, question is, whether it comes before the election on after the election. but i think the time is coming when the majority of americans are going to push back and a lot of these people will lose their jobs. elizabeth: you know what is really interesting, the first -- note to cnn, the first amendment says peaceful assembly. >> right. elizabeth: one culture lives under one constitution, one declaration of independence an one bill of rights.
6:35 pm
here is vice president michael pence going after nancy pelosi, david, he said quote, tearing down monuments is not protest. burning churches is not free speech. to have the speaker of the house tacitly affirm the rule of the mob is unconscionable. for speaker pelosi to say they will do what they do is surrender to the mob. we'll not have it. she is a law maker overseeing protection of americans. your reaction. >> you played don lemon's quote, suggesting that martin luther king was somehow on par with the people pulling down these statues. that is, kind of hard to decide where these ideas come from, come from the media or democrats. some people say it is from the politicians. some people say the politicians are parroting what they hear in the media but there is a very clear distinction. i am old enough to remember the words of dr. king the fight with the radicals at the time, whether the black panthers or
6:36 pm
some more extremist elements in the black panthers that were advocating going out and buying weapons and explosives and blowing things up around america. that's not where dr. king was. there is, there is a clear dividing line between, between peaceful protests and the kind of rioting that you're seeing now. it was clear to dr. king back in the '60s and it should be clear to americans and i think it is clear to americans now, but the politicians that supported rioting and violence are now way out on a limb. they have to be called into account. i hope they will be called into account when we start seeing advertisements come in later this summer and into fall, into the election because, they are going to have to be called into account for that, for what they have said, what they have supported, which is something most americans don't want. elizabeth: to what you've been saying, you know, rioters pulled down a statue of mahatma gandy.
6:37 pm
i don't think martin luther king would have advocated pulling down a statue of gandhi. model, middle voters will decide the election. progressive left is radicalizing the democrat platform and biden campaign, led by aoc, bernie sanders, rashida tlaib, they have the new platform for democrats, attacking police, expanding government-run obama care and aoc's climate change. this is how biden gets pulled hard to the left in the 2020 election. how will that play. listen to a sound bite, david, if we have time. >> sure. elizabeth: biden, wants to quote, rewrite the economy. watch this. >> we'll have a breathtaking opportunity to create good-paying union jobs. to deliver the promise of america to americans who have been denied it for much too long, to rewrite our economy. so the prosperity flows not just to ceo's but to workers who
6:38 pm
actually build the country. elizabeth: okay. he was there for eight years under obama. why do democrats always want to rewrite everything? we want a jobs program, what is the hard left jobs program, david? >> that is a good question. it is the government pays for everything. of course where does government get its money? without the private sector, the government doesn't have any money of the, all the money government spends comes from the private sector. that is the bottom line people like aoc and bernie sanders don't get. the problem is, is that, has to be said, mr. biden ain't what he used to be. some people say he is now an empty suit. that suit and those ideas will be filled in by you name it, bernie sanders now says this it looks more and more like he is the one who will be writing a lot of these economic plans. joe biden was parroting almost to the word what he was saying on some of his energy programs and other things. we are going to have the far
6:39 pm
left write the economic plans that joe biden who used to be a moderate in the democratic party will be forced to parrot. the question whether they will actually roll out these economic plans and try to install the sort of socialist ideology that bernie sanders yearns for? elizabeth: wow. david asman. it is going to be quite, quite an election. great to see, my friend. we love you, david asman. good to see you. >> thanks. elizabeth: next up, look at this next segment. a british court slams the guy behind the opposition research, the fake dirt that hillary clinton's campaign and democrats paid for and fbi used to spy on the trump team but you won't believe what christopher steel told a british court was the real reason that hillary clinton and the democrats paid him to deliver the fake dirt on trump. the fbi fell for it. jim banks from house armed services on this disturbing twist. that story next.
6:40 pm
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♪. elizabeth: welcome back. a disturbing twist in the fbi's botched trump russia probe. a british court now slamming the guy behind the opposition research that democrats paid for and that hillary clinton campaign paid for, and the fbi used to spy on the trump team. the court in england now ordering christopher steele and his firm to pay damages to two bankers because he smeared them with inaccurate, misleading information in his steele dossier. you don't believe what christopher steel told the british court told the real reason hillary clinton and democrats paid him to deliver opposition dirt on then candidate trump and the fbi fell for it t was so hillary clinton could use christopher steele's
6:45 pm
fake dirt to try to challenge the election if trump won and clinton lost in 2016. that is how bad it was. welcome former navy lieutenant and house armed services member, jim banks. that is the key, the fbi got steele fake dirt to use on the trump can pain and the hillary clinton bought and paid for to fight the 2016 results. your take. >> that is quite a twist, elizabeth, because it is the biggest scandal in american history, we know barack obama, vice president joe biden and his administration spied on candidate trump. all the while now we know that christopher steele is telling us the truth at this point, it was all designed to help hillary clinton in the first place. it is like, it is like a 2016 all over again today. fast forward again to where we are today and, what once, once we got to the point where we are
6:46 pm
now, we thought we were beyond russian collusion hoax stories, we thought we were well beyond that, the intelligence committees in the house and senate, the department of justice, the self other agencies, even bob mueller determined there is no russian collusion with president trump or with donald trump before he became president. even though it has been long dismissed today. today you had nancy pelosi, speaker of the house rehashing it, saying that we know if we get donald trump's tax returns there will be w2s from vladmir putin in his tax return. so once we thought we got to the point where we could dismiss this, it is all back in the headlines today because that is what the left is designed to do. elizabeth: congressman, i want to return back to christopher steele's fake dirt. the justice department inspector general put out a report saying that the fbi knew that this was all phony, that it was paid for by democrats because christopher steele told the fbi this, dated
6:47 pm
back to july 2016, that his quote, ultimate client for his fake opposition research was hillary clinton and the democrats. he also told hillary clinton what he was doing. so the fbi used this fake research to wiretap a political opponent but the fbi hid that from the court. what does this mean for the country? when does this mean for u.s. attorney john durham's criminal probe? do we want to turn into east germany, where we turn our intelligence community as a nation of snitches that spy on political opponents? that is dangerous course for our country. >> that is a dangerous course of our country. number one question i'm asked by constituents in indjanna regular basis, how can no one be held accountable for the biggest political scandal in american history? using christopher steele's own words, that the fbi fell for it, it was designed to help hillary
6:48 pm
clinton she was right in the middle of it. others in the obama administration were involved in the scandal. no one is held accountable for it, that is the biggest shame for the last four years, since i've been in washington going on four years now. i still can't believe it, no one has ever been held accountable for any of this. hopefully what steele is telling the british courts now used as evidence in the american courts to hold those accountable who are responsible for this in 2016. elizabeth: yeah. congressman, your quick reaction to judge emmet sullivan still reviewing, breaking news today, refused to dismiss the case against michael flynn, despite the justice department's decision to drop the case. judge sullivan want as full court of appeal hearing on this? your take on this. >> this is all politically motivated. general flynn is an american hero. he has been exonerated in the court of public opinion. he should be exonerated in the courts as well. i hope at some point the
6:49 pm
president will get involved here and allow general flynn to go back to living his life and reward him for his tremendous record of service to our country. elizabeth: congressman, great to see you. thank you for your service to our country. come back soon. >> okay. elizabeth: coming up black voices for trump advisory board member deneen borelli, getting major blowback on the new legislation that would radically undermine and undercut the nation's criminal justice system and the border patrol. that story next what do you think? i don't see it. only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty. ♪
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♪. elizabeth: welcome back. progressive democrats rashida tlaib of michigan and ayanna pressley of massachusetts getting major blowback on their new legislation that would radically undercut and undermine the nation's criminal justice system. welcome back to the show, black voices for trump advisory board member deneen borelli. great to see you again, deneen. >> hey, liz, good to see you, welcome back. elizabeth: they want to defund police, they want to retroactively wipe out all drug crimes, they want to close prisons. they want to get rid and abolish government databases tracking gang violence. they want to get rid of the border patrol, get rid of i.c.e., give voting rights to
6:54 pm
illegal border crossers. what do you say to this? >> yeah, it is just off the charts outrage just, liz. these care more about criminals than law-abiding constituents and than their safety and security. they are demonizing our law enforcement. they want to defund 9 police officers. we've already see it in new york city. they are already demoralizing the law enforcement. who wants to be a police officer today with all that is going on. meanwhile we're seeing crime spike in all kinds of big cities across our country. new york, chicago, portland, atlanta poor little children are being killed. it is outrageous, these democrats, these radicals are sitting back, they're not condemning the violence that we're seeing that we're witnessing and innocent citizens are suffering because criminals are emboldened as they look at what is going on in these cities
6:55 pm
with these lawmakers. elizabeth: why the silence? why are they sitting silent on the crimes? why aren't, you know, why is the media sitting silent on the crime? >> well the media is not helping, especially the anti-trump media. they would rather talk about the weather than talk about the crime taking place in these cities across the country. the media is certainly part of the problem. they are emboldeninged are call democrats as well with their message of demonizing law enforcement. this is reckless, and it is dangerous, liz. i placed the blame squarely in their hands. they need to stand up and support our law enforcement. they need to make sure that our citizens are safe, if joe biden is elected president, this would be much, much worse, because, you, your family, your friends, will not be safe under a joe biden presidency, not with these radical democrats.
6:56 pm
elizabeth: okay. let's watch republican senator john kennedy rip into this legislation from rashida tlaib and ayanna pressley. let's look at this. >> i have looked at the congresswoman's bill. it's a, it is clearly a serious effort to compete in the woke olympics. i would give it, i don't know, 9.7. as an american, who feels gratitude, not hatred for my country though, the only way i know how to improve their bill is with a shreader. they're marxists. i believe in equal opportunity. they believe in government guaranteed equal outcome. they don't believe in the second amendment. i believe love is the answer but i also want a handgun just in case. they hate cops because they're
6:57 pm
cops. i don't. they think most americans are racist. i don't. i'm proud of the fact we passed 20 civil rights bills and amendments. it is just, it is a fundamental disagreement an, i don't think their bill will go very far. elizabeth: what was your reaction? what do you think of what senator kennedy said? >> i totally agree with him. again, these are lawmakers, people who are responsible for their constituents and to keep our country safe. they took an oath to do so and what they are doing, liz, they obviously, they hate america. they hate our freedoms. they hate our liberties. they hate the basic foundation and principles of our country. and they make that plain and simple and clear, every day with everything they do and they say. especially when they're pushing legislation like this. they need to be voted out of office, soon as they possibly can. and i hope their constituents
6:58 pm
are watching and are paying attention because they don't care about them or their families, their livelihood or their safety. they don't care. elizabeth: you know, deneen, we're coming into the 2020 election. we've got the radical hard left, radicalizing the democrat platform, pushing joe biden to the hard left. how is that going to play with voters? >> well, biden is, yeah, he is not hard left enough but every time he comes out he keeps getting pushed further to the left. he is behind the "green new deal." he has alexandria ocasio-cortez on board with that. all the policies he is pushing are not good for the country. high taxes, more regulations, lawlessness. my goodness, i have not heard him condemn the violence and rioting gone on across our country. so how will this play out? folks are looking at what is going on around them in their vicinity, how their families are affected, their friends that. is what they're going to take
6:59 pm
into consideration. president trump is about law and order, border safety and security, democrats are not on the side of law and order and that is clear based on what we're seeing from these democrat-run cities and these protesters that are going off the rails with their destruction, harming people and killing people as well. elizabeth: all right. deneen borelli, hey, great to see you again. will you come back soon. we love your insights and perspective. >> thanks, trish. i'm sorry, liz. elizabeth: i don't mind. we love to have you back on. you're terrific. thank you for watching. i'm elizabeth macdonald. you've been watching "the evening edit" fon fox business. that does it for us. join us tomorrow night. we'll stay on a lot of developing store rivers and headlines. thanks for joining us. have a good evening ill see you
7:00 pm
tomorrow, thanks for watching. "lou dobbs tonight" starts right now. ♪ lou: good evening, everybody. if we begin with another -- we begin with another extraordinary, bizarre twist in the radical dems' and deep state's effort in the persecution of former trump national security adviser general michael flynn. clinton-appointed judge emmett suggest -- sullivan is now demanding the entire for d.c. court of appeals which overruled him, he wants them to rehear the decision from two weeks ago, a decision from that three-judge panel that, well, created an end to flynn's case. calling upon the judge to dismiss the case and move on. judge sullivan refuses to do what his


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