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tv   Making Money With Charles Payne  FOX Business  July 13, 2020 2:00pm-3:01pm EDT

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neil: all right, disney world in florida stays open even with a spike in cases. disney world hong kong closing because of a spike in cases. we'll keep you posted. charles payne right now. hey, charles. charles: neil, thank you very much. good afternoon, everyone, i'm charles payne, this is really making money. talking about right now, the major indices firmly in the green today. that put a spark in the market already looking higher. i'm calling this the changing of the guard rally. new leadership in semiconductors, retailers. automobiles go with new thinking when it comes to investing. changes already made eel lon musk one of the richest men in the worm. they should inform your investing. president trump set to hear from americans helped by the police, amid a nationwide push to defund law enforcement. we'll take you there live. the washington redskins will be
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no more. what will the new name be? i would love to hear from you. that and much more on "making money." ♪ charles: we begin with a "fox business alert," folks. big changes in the richest people list. elon musk has blazed past warren buffett and timing could not be better, more reflective of a world and business stock market. on the one hand, you have brash, cocky, impatient elon musk, who wants to conquer underground, above-ground, wants to travel to outer space to make people's lives different for people on the planet. extremely patient warren buffett, "oracle of omaha," his investments are in daily hab business. both are folk heroes for millions. it is about the conventional wisdom and naysayers which has a whole new crop of investors in the market saying same thing.
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experts are complaining about everything from central bank policy, trailing price, earnings ratios while missing the rally. millenial investors looking for ways to invest in the stock market. they are buying things they believe in. i've been a fan of both elon musk and warren buffett. i traded the way they trade, invested the way they both invest. this changing of the guard so to speak is absolutely fantastic. i want thoughts from heritage capital paul schatz, courtney dominguez, senior advisor pour payne capital. by the way i'm not affiliated with payne capital. courtney, amazing day with nasdaq at a all-time high. elon musk to pass warren buffett, who sat on $130 billion for almost all of this rally. the differences reflect the difference in investing styles. old wall street missing a rally, old young millenials rocking and
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rolling. >> i have all those friends, associates, everyone thinks they don't have a lot of cash on hand a lot of them do. they're definitely interested in getting invested. i agree with your point. they're really seeing them comb in. tesla is interesting. it is pretty expensive. trading 430 times forward earnings compared to the s&p 500, only 27 times forward earnings but you do have a lot of good signs i think in the short term. for example, there is a really big short squeeze on this. there is over $20 billion getting bet against the stock. only a quarter of analysts rating it as buy. that is a good sign in the short term that it could probably go even further from here. charles: you know, paul, just even peeking of p-e ratios, i tell folks all the time. look at the end of the year, the stocks that did the best, they have p-e ratios that experts would never have touched. i think there is something going on. wall street has been dissing it from the very beginning. the common refrain it, will end ugly. give me a break!
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something amazing is happening here. >> you're right. two points. one valuation is probably the single worse timing tool on earth. overbought markets get more overbought. once they get expensive -- let's not forget, value itself, the value sector has trailed the entire bull market. value versus growth is probably about as cheap as it ever has been but it has year after year value gotten cheaper and cheaper. using p-e ratio is nonsensical right now. regarding tesla, i be the chicken little. i will be the other side. while musk is a revolutionary and he is one of those rare people like buffett, like steve jobs, like bill gates, personally i just have a really tough time, my whole career, buying stocks that go pair roll big. i will argue, go out on a limb, this could be a peak for tesla. i'm not dumb enough to say it could be the peak. in order to short stock, the
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brokerage firms are charges use sure just interest rates. i've seen things like 100%. almost impossible to get stock to short anymore. that is usually a sign that a stock has gone parabolic. nobody wants to lend it out. there is some peak coming. i get why people are on board. i love the products, love them, a stock like that, 70% in a couple of weeks, it is just, for me it is i'm way too chicken to venture that. charles: i got you. i got you. i will say last week we'll see the mother of all short squeezes. once they report on july 22nd, eligible for the s&p 500, i think this stock breezes past 2000. it may come down sharply from there. your point, shorts haven't gotten it yet, 20 billion to courtney's point they have lost their shirts betting against elon musk. talk about what put spark in today's session.
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news from pfizer and biontech, both fda approved for fast track on the covid-19 vaccines. in fact they will say they will manufacture 100 million doses by the end of the year. so i mean, courtney, what does that mean if we do get the vaccine? moderna, novavax, biontech, these stocks are through the roof again today. what does it mean if we get a vaccine and would you be an investor in these names? >> a vaccine will be only a positive for the markets. realistically things are already getting a little more back to normal. we're starting to see spending pick up. we're starting to see economic activity pick up a little bit here. that is without the vaccine. if we have that in the horizon, see a light at the end of the tunnel. we have a lot of cash. we have $5 trillion sitting in cash. everyone got so nervous in march. if we see that light at the end of the tunnel, i think you will see that flood back in. charles: paul, too that point,
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casino names are through the roof. penn casino saying 90% of their properties are back online. cruise ships are doing well. what is your, how are you modeling your portfolio vis-a-vis a vaccine or not? >> in, vaccine news has zero play in our portfolio. to me two reasons why stocks are rallying. number one is that the stock market discounting the reopening and economic activity three to six months down the road. that is why you saw the peak on june 8th. and except for the nasdaq 100, the rest of the indices have traded lower to sideways because they saw stumbling blocks coming over the summer with reopening. real reason is, let's face it, when the fed is there with a nuclear bomb of liquidity it is very difficult to have anything meaningful on the downside and that's the number one reason, how much money is available and how quickly can it get invested. so the vaccine news, i don't think, just like i don't think the spike in corona cases, the
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markets don't care. on health side, sure, but on market side, doesn't matter anymore. charles: right. >> i think the vaccine, the market is discounting at least one if not several vaccines being available by year-end. again, it is about the tsunami of liquidity available. what you're seeing today and on friday, perhaps another false start but the small caps are starting to perk up a little bit and -- charles: buying starting to spread out. >> this is what the market has been waiting for since it had the almost 10% pullback in june. charles: you know what? that sharp pullback we've been going straight up. we're on the cusp of the s&p breaking out. i appreciate the points. paul, courtney, great points from both of you. that tsunami of fed accommodation probably won't go away. this is another thing out there, folks this, is congress. they're on recess, right?
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they're warning tens of millions of americans could follow, what people calling income cliff. when extra $600 of benefits ends on the 31st. time is certainly running out. white house economic advisor larry kudlow telling fox business conclusively there will be additional coronavirus relief. just what will be in it? take a listen. >> as you read the reports and talk to people on both sides of the aisle, on the hill, it is increasingly clear there will be an additional package and again, we'll try to make it targeted. we'll try to incentivize, not just work although work is crucial. on going back to work. we want to incentivize investments. we want pro-growth package that will not only get us through this year, even with a v-shaped recovery and strong second half of 20% growth. we want to go forward into 2021, make it a big bang year. charles: want to bring in moody's chief economist
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john lonski. we're hearing targeted and those kind of phrases but the big fit will be over that additional 600 bucks. i think it is too much. i think it disincentivizes folks going back to work. it hurts small businesses. by same token any republicans pushing back against additional economic aid are making gargantuan economic and political in mistake. where are we on this? >> we have to extend aid to those adversely affected by covid-19. you are correct that 600-dollar unemployment benefit is discouraging work. i hear that from small business. i hear it from community bankers. it is creating a lost headaches. something else needs to be done, that involves extension of current moratoriums on rent, mortgage payments and on credit card payments. that may turn out to be very important if we want to avoid any sharp increase in evictions
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that would be quite damaging to economic activity. charles: what part of the package would be so-called, pro-growth? in other words, no doubt all initial efforts were to save this economy, right? that's why they were hastily put together. you had people and entities getting money that shouldn't have but i think it worked to that respect. if you look at bankruptcies first six months of this year, versus first six months in 2009, no contest. we had 5000 fewer. if we transition to pro-growth, something to spark growth, what would be different about the next cares package we haven't seen before. >> increase incentive for people to work. increase incentive for companies or workers to hire workers. that involves a terri suspension of the payroll tax. i think that would be quite helpful. charles: yeah. then of course, in the uk last week, late last week they even
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cut their vat tax for hospitality and other industries. that is another compelling point. where should we be with the rest of the ppp? $130 billion out there? i hear some small businesses, small like, sole proprietorships saying that they're struggling. they don't know how to get the money. they don't have the wherewithal to get it. should there be a concerted effort to get more to them, also liability for businesses as they reopen amid the coronavirus? >> listen, it is no business's fault if they were forced to shut down and lose business because of a national health emergency. we have to do a better job, more efficient job seeing to it that these people receive temporary receive, temporary aid so that they can make it through this crisis that is not going to last forever. charles: john, you know, pointed out to republican congressman last week that the last four or five weeks the pandemic
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unemployment insurance, which is different than initial jobless claims has been ticking up at a pretty alarming rate. we know there is still some pain out there. what about the idea of paying workers to go back to work and some of these other things that have been floating around? the white house really seems keen on something like that. is it too late to have a tax credit for staycations? >> well, you know, i would say if you want to pay workers to go back to work the first thing to do you have to reduce that supplemental unemployment benefit, if not get rid of it. also you have to look at reducing the payroll tax. that would be of great help in that particular respect. charles: would some of these reopenings being stalled, some of them being pulled back, i get the sense, i'm pretty sure the market is reflecting that, we won't have a national lockdown. i don't even think an entire state will lock down again. can we get back to the drawing
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board again, assume this rebound, this v-shaped rebound although it might be staggered and stalled could still be in place? >> it is very much still in place. right now the only industries are being damaged by return of covid-19 in certain states would be what, restaurant, hospitality, bars that type of thing but you know there will be other industries that will be doing quite well. consumers might redirect spending away from indoor dining to something else. and so other sectors benefit and the recovery continues. let's not forget one thing. then as you know, we're looking at a record personal savings right. charles: john, we'll have to leave it right here and go to the president of the united states. let's take a listen to president trump. >> over the last long period of time, but over the last few years it's terrible what's happening. we're joined by two amazing officers. suit caroline deputy sheriff
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william kimbrough, where is william? william. william? what happened to william? okay. >> [inaudible] >> okay. that is a good excuse. that's good. palm beach county deputy sheriff corey reese. high, corey. in recent weeks our country's police officers have been really under siege. i want to thank first of all, i do want to thank vice president pence for all the work he's done on this, in particular attorney general bill barr because the job he's done has been amazing. it's been, it's been 24 hours a day, i guess i could say, 28 hours a day, right? it never ends but it has been a great jobe job you both have done. mike, we appreciate it very much. our officers have been under vicious assault and hundreds of
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police have been injured and several murdered. you've been reading about it just like i've been seeing it. reckless politicians demaimed our law enforcement heroes as the enemy. they call them the enemy. they go and say they're the enemy. even called them an invading army. these radical politicians want to defund and abolish the police from our nation. when i first herd it i said that is just something that they're saying but they are actually trying to do it. you look what's going on in minneapolis. you look what is going on in many, many democrat-run areas but they want to defund and they want to abolish. far left mayors are escalating the anti-crop crusade an violent crime is spiraling in their cities. all far left cities where they don't have understanding what needs to be done, they don't have a clue. i will say they put on a very powerful rule and law that you
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get 10 years, you knock down a monument, if it's a federal monument you go to jail for 10 years. and it is anything else we tell them to work with the states to help them. if you do anything where it's a federal monument, there are a lot of them up there, and nobody's been attacked, nothing has been attacked since we did. 10 years in jail, monument or statue. one recent week in new york city, this is hard to believe, shootings were up 358% and yet they spend all their time, they want to do black lives matter signs outside of trump tower. they ought to spend their time doing something else. i tell you what, 358% increase in shootings in new york. last month over 300 people were shot. nypd retirements have quadrupled. they're going up even further. new york city is out of control. unfortunately, my place i love it, it is out of control t was doing so well.
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rudy giuliani, whether you like rudy or not he did a great job. he was greatest mayor in history of new york. murders in atlanta are up 133% compared to the same period last year. one ever the victims was an 8-year-old girl. we've had younger than that in chicago last weekend. last two weeks 105 americans were shot in philadelphia. in minneapolis the city voted to disband the police department and cut it way down but disband it ultimately. the radical politicians are waging war on innocent americans. that is what you're doing when you play with the police. my administration is pro-safety, pro-police and anti-crime and i will say, i just see a new number came in from chicago this weekend was a scourge. this weekend was, i guess 20 people killed and many, many shootings, many, many shootings. far worse than the last week. so things are happening that nobody has ever seen happening,
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happen, and in cities that are liberally-run. i call them radical lib, yet they will go march on areas and rip everything down in front of them. if that is what you want for a country, you probably have to vote for "sleepy" joe biden because he doesn't know what's happening but you will not have it with me. we're very strong on law enforcement. things will be very prime minister pressed, even if we have to take over cities. we can't let that happen. when you have 22 people killed in one weekend in chicago and you have 88 shootings, it is not even conceivable. that is worse than afghanistan, i hate to say it. that is worse than any war zone you're in, by a lot. it makes them look like tame places by comparison. so we're not going to let it go on. we're not supposed to, supposed to wait for them to call but they don't call. we've asked chicago, would you
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like us to go in and help and they don't want to say anything. we've called many of the cities. would you like us to go and help? we've done a great job in portland. portland was totally out of control. they went in and i guess we have many people right now in jail. we very much quelled it. and if it starts again we'll quell it again very easily. it is not hard to do if you know what you're doing. i just want to thank everybody for being here. i maybe ask vice president pence to say a couple of words. then i would like bill bill barr to say something. we'll go around the word. thank you very much. >> thank you, mr. president. it's, it's a real privilege to be here. with the law enforcement officers who are gathered here and families. charles: president trump of course at an event to honor police officers and to bring in people, ordinary folks whose lives have been postively impacted by law enforcement, stories that you don't hear so
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much anymore in the news. of course with this defunding craze hitting the nation while crime spikes throughout the nation in big cities, it is an event that we've been waiting for. we'll be coming back to that. we'll have some guests to discuss that. also big in the news this weekend education secretary betsy devos warning that public schools if they don't reopen in the fall, maybe they should not get federal funds. take a listen. >> if schools aren't going to reopen and not fulfill that promise, they shouldn't get the funds. give it to the families to decide, to go to a school that is going to meet that promise. >> you can't do that. i know you guys support vouchers. i know you support vouchers. that is a reasonable argument, but you can't do that unilaterally. you have to do that through congress. >> we're looking at all the options. charles: of course this debate over the safety of opening schools continues to rage on. there is a lot of components to this.
2:22 pm
i want to bring in iwf policy director, hadley heath manning. hadley, we have a health and safety issue. we have the economics of all this. many parents cannot go back to work if they're taking care of their kids. some parents can't afford to feed their children, use schools for that. there is social interaction, the social experience of going to school. then of course there is simply getting an education the old-fashioned way. so it's a complicated situation where you've got a lot of opinions but i think most people would love the idea that the kids can go book to school this fall? >> that's right and it really shouldn't be such a political issue, charles. i kind of hung my head when i first saw president trump was getting involved with this, administration was getting involved with this, not because i disagree, in fact i do agree cautiously reopening schools is the best way forward. prior to the administration's involvement, it was the american academy pediatrics was advocating for students to be physically back in school this for. with the administration stepping
2:23 pm
into the debate in country that we live in we're very divided among two parties, two party lines, i think people will see this more as a political issue now. charles: you know, listen everything is a political issue from wearing masks to our kids going back to school. i saw where the national education association is pushing back against this. of course when i see that, you got to note that they have put $92 million into democratic political campaigns over the last 20 years. in "the wall street journal," dr. gottlieb says it is good idea. you're the best guest. you're a policy wonk. you're super-duper intelligent, you're a mom, and level-headed. where do you think we should be with this, particularly as the science continues to suggest the risk is not as dire we might have imagined a couple months ago? >> you know my hart heart goes out to any school officials tasked with a plan this fall. as you know, charles, the
2:24 pm
guidance changed 1000 times already. it continues to change from federal, state agencies, congress to school districts. they are facing a lot. i have don't mean to make light of. that the discussion should not be about whether to reopen schools but how to do so safely. we have to make those plans. the fall semester is barreling toward us. we have information how the virus is transmitted. we have time to plan, to keep teachers safe as possible to the schools. no question where the teacher union stands. they're not advoid kateing what is best for education or students but they are advocating what is best for teachers. they are teachers union. anyone in favor of the public education system has to be in favor of reopening. >> hadley, thank you very much. always appreciate your insight. president trump denying minnesota governor 500 million-dollar request to repair the damage from the summer of love. we have details what president trump is calling a major disaster zone. trump ramping up pressure on
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higher learning, asking treasury to reflect on the tax-exempt status of some universities. liz peek, can't wait for her takeat on this and mosh d customr insurance so you only pay for what you need. almost done. what do you think? i don't see it. only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty. ♪ and still going for my best. even though i live with a higher risk of stroke due to afib... ...not caused by a heart valve problem. so if there's a better treatment than warfarin,
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charles: president trump deny minnesota's request for $500 million in aid following the george floyd riots. p edward lawrence live with the fallout. reporter: you heard the president on your show ten minutes ago, allude to this. liberal mayors allowing demonstrations to turn into violence with outright destruction. you can probably lump in states, run by liberal governors there. minute sown being one ever them. asking for the help from the federal government five days later. we're not talking about help from the coronavirus. damage of looters and burning of businesses that destroyed businesses. minnesota governor in a letter to fema asked for 15 million to assistance to pay off, help rebuild from the riots from thee
2:30 pm
death of george floyd. specifically the money would reimburse cost of burning that happened mainly in minneapolis st. paul. may 25th when goering george floyd was killed by a minneapolis police officer. $500 million in damage happened. they turned to looting, destroying buildings. the governor's spokesperson says as we navigate one of the most difficult periods in our state history we look for support from our federal government to help us through. minnesota has 30 days to appeal the denial. one representative es whose district is suburbs of minneapolis called on trump to do a thorough review of the state's response to the violence. he asked to previous recommendations or provide recommendations so every governor, mayor, local official can learn from our experience and insure appropriate plans are in place to prevent something like this from ever happening again. related after the white house received this letter, fema
2:31 pm
announced the denial. minnesota governor tim walz said they had a state surplus going into the coronavirus. now they're dealing with massive budget shortfall. they're rebuilding from the rioting and looting. on june 1st, president criticized governors not being strong enough and offering federal assistance. minnesota eventually called in the national guard but again the president very critical of those scenes that you saw right there. back to you. charles: edward, thank you very much. joining me with reaction fox news contributor liz peek. liz, you can't really have it both ways, right? you can't be the governor sort of talking, allowing these things to happen, particularly some of the mayors in the summer of love and turn around want the federal government to pay for the damages? >> yeah, charles, let's remember that the federal government does not have money on its own this comes from taxpayers across the country. i think a lot of those taxpayers would say, wait a minute, you made decisions, your actions had
2:32 pm
consequences. why should we bail you out? let's be clear. this was not a hurricane this was not something that came along and sideswiped the city. for a long time they have been backing off in terms of law enforcement and we came to a serious situation in the city where they basically abandoned a police headquarters and allowed it to be taken over by rioters and burned to the ground. that is the main issue here in terms of that $15 million that they're trying to collect. so it seems to me this, mayor frye or fray, i don't know how you proannounce it, up for reelection. voters should say is this the guy doing a good job for our city? is he really protecting our businesses and our neighborhoods? the answer is absolutely no. this was a decision he made and it was a bad decision. charles: right. meantime president trump also ordered the treasury department to review the tax-exempt status
2:33 pm
of some universities. what are your thoughts on that? >> i don't think this is a place where the treasury should get involved or tax exemptions should be involved. what i would like to see alumni from a lot of our most prestigious colleges and universities, the ones that really set the tone and set the standards for what kind of atmosphere prevails on these campus, alumni need to stand up to say no, i'm not going to fund your programs any longer because they are so distinctly un-american, anti-american. i don't approve of them. i know a lot of people have done this, charles, they never tell the university why. they just stop giving. the universities need to hear this message. they need tolerance on campus for all points of view. they have to have an open campus where people are not afraid to voice opinions. i think it is out out rage just
2:34 pm
what has gone on. i don't think this is the place where tax status is the answer. charles: liz, thank you very much. this has been happening over a decade. a lot of folks predicted to where it is now. appreciate your thoughts always. meanwhile, folk, the goya "buy-cott" is lighting up social media as people are fed up with the left's cancel is culture. they're taking a stand. florida congressional candidate, anna paulina luna is reacting after the break. markets as we head into earnings season, later in the hour, should you be considering buying some of these financial names bench they report? we'll be right back. ♪ get real-time insights in your customized view of the market. it's smarter trading technology for smarter trading decisions. fidelity.
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let's recap. there are 3 key things you should keep in mind. one: if you're turning 65, you may be eligible for medicare - but it only covers about 80% of your medicare part b costs. a medicare supplement plan may help pay for some of the rest. two: this type of plan allows you to keep your doctor - as long as he or she accepts medicare patients. and three: these are the only medicare supplement plans endorsed by aarp. learn more about why you should choose an aarp medicare supplement plan. call today for a free guide. ♪. charles: folks, markets off the highs of the session. a few things have happened since the show began. we heard from treasury, the june deficit, $846 billion. the s&p hit 32 and pulled back, a key resistance number.
2:39 pm
that triggered some profit-taking. tesla which was up 200 points down a little bit, and semis giving up ground. we'll watch the markets tick by tick as we try a major breakout on today's session. meanwhile the nfl washington redskins announce the franchise will indeed change its name and logo of the team name. owner dan snyder and coach ron rivera are working on a new name that will enhance the standing of the proud tradition and franchise that goes back a long ways. i want to bring in cheryl casone. you knew this would happen. everyone is wondering what the new name will be. >> there is lot of speculation that warriors could be thrown out there. basketball has golden state warriors. some in the native-american community are not happy with that either. one thing the espn will report that they keep the same colors.
2:40 pm
we think change the name, change the logo you will see that burgundy and gold. to be clear, dan snyder said 2013, would never happen. put this in all caps. i'm not changing the nail of my team. bring in corporate pressure and change in dynamics what we're seeing in american society and the name is going to change. we know they're changing it. we don't know when. i also want to add this, espn is reporting warriors, is being thrown about as a possible name, but, what happens to other teams, charles? what does golden state do, atlanta braves? collegiate sports, high school sports, where does this end the name changing culture we've got going on right now? charles: everyone will have to rename their team, probably. although the irony of all this, i bet you the redskins will be a financial windfall as fans have to go out there to buy all the brand new jerseys, like when a superstar changes their number
2:41 pm
on the uniform after a decade or so, it sparks a lot of economic opportunity. i like the logo. i didn't think the logo was offensive. it all has to go in this culture. >> it has to go. charles: cheryl, thank you very much. all right. meanwhile, folks, president trump hosting a roundtable at the white house today. this people postively impacted by law enforcement. as the goya "buy-cott" has began. many flocked to social media to boycott the brand after the ceo had the nerve to actually praise president trump? guess what? people are now flipping this narrative and it is called the "buy-cott" for goya. i would like to bring up florida congressional candidate anna paulina luna for more. i was on "fox & friends" friday, morning, anna, i was livid. i did not know at the time, i saw julian castro's tweet to boycott them. i didn't know aoc jumped in as well. can you imagine, one of the proudest, you know, strongest,
2:42 pm
most amazing hispanic businesses in america and ceo has praise for the president. they want to pull the plug and destroy it? >> unfortunately with these types of people i believe it. goya having the stock surge. people are going out to support the company. when you look what is happening, charles, you realize these people would rather take down a conservative hispanic-owned business, that is giving to hundreds of different organizations across the country, bettering the nation, bettering the community, because they don't agree with what they're politically saying? that is not the founding principles of this country. we're based on freedom of speech including backing political ideologies. aoc doesn't have nerve to go after human trafficking even though it is terrible in her district. to go after this company. thousands of men and women children, trafficked across the u.s. border. i don't back it or buy it. time for american people including everyone watching, take a stand, support boy i
2:43 pm
can't. the conservative hispanic me. as a whole is pro-life, is pro-gun and pro-gun and antisocialist. charles: you know, one of my favorite things is when my sisters in law come over and my wife and they're all in the kitchen. they're all, the goya products are out. my wife is a proud puerto rican from the south bronx. the music is going. the smells are amazing. i really believe and hope, regular customers don't buy into this. julian castro never created a single job in his life. went straight from college to politics. aoc never created a single job in her life. for them to destroy possibly destroy livelihoods and the legacy is beyond the pale to me. >> it is insane. they won't be able to do it. so many conservatives in the hispanic demographic, they will not get rid of the best kitchen products in the united states because they don't agree with their ideology. this is not a war on beans.
2:44 pm
this is a war on conservative values. let's not let them to cancel us. we're fighting the good fight. charles: i guarranty you, aoc will sneak on adobo out there. good luck in your campaign. appreciate when you take time to speak with us and audience. see you soon. >> thank you very much. charles: folks, it's back, the ford bronco. we have a preview ahead of tonight's debut. sharp changes how we live and work benefiting old cars and trucks. we'll break down the surprising economic numbers behind the used car market. i'm sorry, the pre-owned market. we'll be right back ay... okay! safe drivers save 40%!!! guys! guys! check it out. safe drivers save 40%!!! safe drivers save 40%! safe drivers save 40%!!! that's safe drivers save 40%. it is, that's safe drivers save 40%. - he's right there. - it's him! he's here. he's right here.
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charles: well the ford bronco, folks is back. the automaker will unveil the iconic reboot of the suv tonight. it is first time we've seen a bronco since 1996. the company hit pause on social media advertising. i want to bring in the car coach, lauren fix on this i guess they're saying, rivals like the jeep and other things, they had nothing to compete against it. they waited a long time. is it going to be worth the wait, lauren. >> oh, it will be worth the
2:49 pm
wait. the information is embargoed we have to stand by that. we know there will be a two door, a four-door and a sport. they plan to go head-to-head with jeep. the jeep announced they will put in a v8 in our wrangler. we'll see what ford will do. we don't know. that could be very interesting. charles: it is too early for presales, those kind of things. we know the american public, we love our trucks, we love our suvs. gas prices are low. if you ever bring this back, seems like the perfect time? >> absolutely. there is a big demand for this. there is a huge following for jeep, it is very strong but always something you want more. if you're a true off-roader, someone off camping you want to see what other manufacturers supply. we only know this based on speculation but there is a lot of excitement waiting for bronco. i look forward to it coming out
2:50 pm
at 8:00. it will be on a whole bunch of different networks and online. charles: excitement for used cars, so much they have gone through the roof. prices go through the roof. we were told when hertz was going out of business, the market would be flooded. they were going to be hurt but is this all a consequence of us staying at home, working from home, moving to the suburbs? is this part of that? >> that is a piece of the pie. remember the when manufacturers shut down, they didn't have components, a lot were coming from china. you can't sell a car only 99% built. they only had what is in the pipeline and what they have components for. on the other side, people were home. they have almost a million cars coming off lease in the next month or two. so all those vehicles are coming in available for people, so people can't get new cars. the incentives are not that great. they're all looking at used cars. dealers cannot get used cars quick enough. they're trying to do deal barters. they're looking for auctions and cars on lease. don't expect a deal on a vehicle right now.
2:51 pm
if you're really looking for a deal wait until the fall. charles: you know what i find interesting though with this, because used cars also, they're just a lot better than they used to be, right? reminds me of the auto industry and planned obsolescence where they were designed to fall apart at a certain period of time. could they be victims of making cars too well these days? >> we have safety. that is a big part of it. you have to build the vehicles to last. i have vehicles back from the '60s. they do last. a matter of anything, take care of it, follow basic maintenance. it should last. i don't think they're bidding any vehicles in the last 15, 20 years, planned obsolescence. it was a point in time they were really bad. we're at a point everything is really well. every manufacturer is stepping up the game. charles: no more "gremlins." i mean the car, not the bugs. lauren, appreciate your ideas. can't wait to see the bronco
2:52 pm
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charles: folks, let's go back to president trump. he's taking questions. >> -- and we saved tens of thousands of lives. dr. fauci will admit that it was a good decision. it was very early. that was in january, long before it was thought of as the right thing to do. i also closed the borders to europe when italy and a couple of other countries over there,
2:56 pm
france, certainly, spain, they were having a lot of problems. i closed the borders very early, shortly after i did with china. so we saved a lot of lives. we made a lot of good decisions. but no, i get along with him very well. i like him personally. yeah, please. reporter: are you going to pardon michael flynn? >> i can't hear you. reporter: are you going to pardon michael flynn? >> well, he's got a case going on right now, i think he -- i don't know this for a fact but i think he's doing very well with respect to his case. i think he's going to be able to win it and i don't have a decision to make until i find out what's going to happen but i think he was persecuted. he didn't lie, turned out he didn't lie, the fbi said he didn't lie, i think he was persecuted and nobody understands what's going on with the judge, justice department, which is so capable they decided to take a view on it and they decided that he should be -- they were going to drop the case. so he's right now, meaning his lawyers and him, are embroiled
2:57 pm
in hopefully the final stages of what should have never happened. they treated him very unfairly, as they have many people on this side. yeah, please. reporter: you said many times that the number of coronavirus cases is going up because testing is increasing. >> right. reporter: do you acknowledge that it's going up for other reasons, too, for example, that it's actually spreading and what are you going to do to stop the spread? >> well, do you know that we have one of the lowest mortality rates anywhere. if you know, biden and obama stopped their testing. they just stopped it. i'm sure you know that. you probably don't want to report it. but they stopped testing right in the middle, they just went no more testing, and much, much lesser problem than the problem that we have, obviously, with respect to this is the worst thing that's happened since probably 1917. this is very bad all over the world, it's 188 countries right now.
2:58 pm
but no, we test more than anybody by far. and when you test, you create cases. so we've created cases. i can tell you, some countries, they test when somebody comes into a hospital sick or walks into maybe a doctor's office but usually a lophospital, that's t testing they do so they don't have cases. we have all of these cases. it's a double-edged sword. at the same time we have the lowest mortality or just about the lowest mortality in the world. we are doing a great job. we are doing very well with vaccines and we are doing very very well with therapeutics and i think we will have very good information coming out soon but we have the best and certainly the biggest, by far the biggest testing program anywhere in the world. if you tested china or russia or any of the larger countries, if you tested india as an example the way we test, you would see numbers that would be very surprising. brazil, too. you know brazil's going through a big problem. but they don't do testing like
2:59 pm
we do. so we do the testing and by doing the testing, we have tremendous numbers of cases. if we didn't do -- as an example, we have done 45 million tests. if we did half that number, you would have half the cases probably, around that number. if we did another half of that, you would have half the numbers. everyone would be saying oh, we're doing so well on cases but when i see it reported in the night, you can check me out on this, they always talk about -- they are always talking about cases, the number of cases. well, it is a big factor that we do, we have a lot of cases because we have a lot of testing, far more than any other country in the world. and it's also the best testing. yeah, please. reporter: [ inaudible ] first time in more than a decade, potentially a couple of hours from now. are you monitoring the last minute appeals on that case? [ speaking simultaneously ] >> -- allowed that to be answered by our attorney general. do you mind, bill? >> yes, sir, we obviously
3:00 pm
monitor the appellate process. reporter: have you given any consideration to using your clemency powers to stop these executions and commute them to life sentences? >> i've looked at them very strongly and in this particular case, i'm dealing with bill and all the people with justice and it's always tough. you're talking about the death penalty but when you talk about people that did what this particular person did, that's tough also. so we are going to see what happens. right now they have a stay, i believe, right? they have a stay. we'll let the courts determine the final outcome. that's what's going to happen. okay? reporter: you are asking americans to have full faith in law enforcement. how do you respond to critics who say you undermined your own federal law enforcement agency, the doj, when you commuted the sentence of roger stone? >> well, if you look back on it, this was an investigation that should have never taken place. you have guys like


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