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tv   The Evening Edit  FOX Business  July 13, 2020 6:00pm-7:01pm EDT

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barnes & noble dot-com. tomorrow stephen miller, hudson institute michael pillsbury. they join us. we hope you will too. thanks for joining us tonight. good night from sussex. elizabeth: pushback is growing nationwide against violent protests. the silent majority are no longer silent. hundreds are stepping out into the streets from los angeles to new york. people are rallying to stop the generational rise in inner sy violence. killing dozens shooting hundreds including children. people say stop defunding the police. former nypd commissioner howard safir with us on this shift in the national conversation. will it have an impact? with us former independent counsel robert ray on senator lindsey graham saying he will call in robert mueller to testify as mueller writes an
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op-ed that the fbi followed the letter of the law when the fisa court said no it didn't. this is the trump russia probe. the criminal probe of it. it is heating up. will republican does it? will they push back to get mueller testify. governor experts and abuses of power were committed under the obama administration and spying on the trump team david bossie, with the "new york times" fact-checking joe biden. you may be surprised what "the new york times" is now saying. plus civil rights attorney leo terrell, rioters attacking churches and religious statues in nine states and washington, d.c., even setting religious statues and churches on fire. the debate, are these really quote, people doing what they do? is people doing what they do? top lawmaker nancy pelosi said last week? or are these hate crimes? is this the final straw turning the national debate against the rioters.
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former wisconsin scott walker with us on reports that violent student-run groups leading the chaos in cities, they want to turn major downtown areas cities nationwide into chop zones like seattle. president trump wants to stop the tax-exempt status for colleges. he wants to get rid of their tax-exempt status. they are indoctrinating students. they are driving out differences of opinion. that fight tonight. also republican mark green on the 20 cities moving to now cut police budgets. now this, mexico is now dealing with a shockingly violent and powerful drug cartel that mexico says is now threatening its own national security. this cartel is pouring record amounts of drugs into the u.s. we will tell you which cities are this drug cartel's new distribution centers of its drugs. all of this as ucla now out with new disturbing numbers about the
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number of states releasing prisoners due to covid-19 fears. think of a number. then think higher. i'm elizabeth macdonald. welcome to the show. "the evening edit" starts right now. ♪. elizabeth: you're watching the fox business network. thanks for joining us. let's head to straight to edward lawrence in washington with a lot of headlines coming out of d.c. today. edward. reporter: certainly was. you touched on some of those with the president. the president brought a group of police officers and some people that they had saved together at white house for a roundtable discussion. the president said the police need more money and more support. >> my administration is pro-safety, pro-police and anti-crime i will say, i see a new number came in from chicago this weekend. this weekend was scourge, i
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guess 20 people killed in many, many shootings, many, many shootings. reporter: the president also getting ready to unveil an executive order on immigration that would include help for children brought to this country by their parent illegally. the president tried to cancel daca but the supreme court left it in place. now he says daca will be part of a merit-based executive order on immigration he is forming. the president also being briefed on a fire on board the uss bonhomme richard. said the ship most likely will go down. the fire is still burning officially. here is what is happening on board. >> the super structure in the upper decks continue to burn, they have sustained damage. the forward massachusetts collapsed. the ship is listing. we're keeping a good balance between boats. reporter: 57 people, 34 military, 23 civilians have been injured from the smoke
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inhalation. also some burns. other warships have been moved away from the docks. finally the white house weighing in on the washington redskins changing their name. the press second says the president believes the names, washington redskins comes from a place of strength, not weakness. the redskins have yet to say what their name will be changed to. d.c. is trying to get the redskins to move back into rfk stadium in washington proper. the reason the federal government won't allow them to come back with the name redskins. back to you. elizabeth: edward, thank you so much. this is a story we've been covering, the silent majority no longer silent a new pushback now on against violence in inner cities, against the protesters, against the push to defund the police. that movement is growing in 20 cities. in los angeles, more than 100, more than that rallied for cops, including lapd officers. they were met with protesters denouncing the police.
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look for hundreds turning out to support the police in new york city, bay ridge brooklyn, and they were met by counterdemonstrators. thousands of pro and anti-trump protesters did clash in front of trump city on saturday after mayor bill de blasio painted a black lives matter mural on the street. we have former commissioner howard h ward safir. your reaction to all of this? >> this is outrageous. i'm glad to see that final i people are beginning to voice their opinion of this total nonsense. what is happening in new york and chicago and los angeles is a disgrace. what we're doing, we're seeding cities and ceding areas of cities to the loudest voice, to antifa, to black lives matter. people only interested in violence and vandalism and look what happened in seattle, how that worked out. four people killed. it is outrageous. elizabeth: yeah. overall six people shot in that
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"chop" zone. they want to turn downtown areas into similar chop zones in cities across the country here in new york. people believe in peaceful protests for justice. two cops, two police officers ambushed, shot dead in texas. 17 people shot over 24 hours in new york city. more than the same entire week a year ago. busway drivers, firemen, fdny, they are getting hit trying to do their jobs. higher crime rates in poorest cities in new york. one-year-old was shot and killed in brooklyn. new york city released a disturbing video as a man put the crowd in a headlock in new york. 24-year-old nurse, jessica whitaker shot dead in front much her fiance. in columbus, ohio, we'll show this to. a car driven by a disabled man with cerebral palsy.
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police won't help in that. aoc, alexandria ocasio-cortez, blames this on people not being able to pay the rent and people upset they're going to get evicted. she is blaming shootings on that. your reaction? >> she is ridiculous, the fact is, that the mayor of new york has basically ceded the city to the rioters and to black lives matter and antifa. the police have been told to stand back. the, disband donning of the anti-crime unit was terrible. plainclothes police men prevent crime. uniform policemen respond to crimes after they're committed. this mayor has basically abandoned safety and crime prevention in new york. now he inherited a city from both mayor jewel and mayor bloomberg, that was the safest city in america. now it is going back to the bad ol' days. we have 139% increase in shootings and murders.
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it's horrible. police don't know know what to do but they're not allowed to do it. that is not happening in new york, los angeles minneapolis seattle. we want to listen to the vast majority of americans that want effective policing, not the voices destroying our cities. elizabeth: took years for cities to turn back crime. now it is being undone in a matter of months. we could have milwaukee and philadelphia, to the list of what you just, cities you said. on track to have the most violent summers in years. your take on push to defund in 20 cities? the thing is, people are saying, yeah, throw the book at police brutality but if you had to get up and do what a cop has to do every day you may not get out of bed the next day. what police do is so difficult. take that on. >> what is happening now, you can see right in the nypd, they have had a 400% increase in retirements.
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they're not going to allow a class, which is about 1500 new recruits to take place. you will have less police. the police who are out there, are not going to put their families and their jobs in danger because of the defunding of police and because of the doing away with qualified immunity which would allow people to sue them for anything that they do. you know, the fact is, we need to go back to the broken windows theory and to stop and frisk. elizabeth: yeah. we've also got, you know, that was the controversial policy. i hear what you're saying. seattle mayor now facing a recall. there has been talking about recalling these leaders who are, took an oath to defend and protect their people but now we're not doing that. what is your take on you know, basically, congressman zeldin, also ray kelly, and bernie kerik, say you have got to rid of mayors like bill de blasio, what is your take on that?
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>> absolutely. mayor de blasio will probably go down in history as the worst and most destructive mayor in this city. this is a man who supported the san todayistas. this is a man who got married in cuba. his whole attitude people should be allowed to vent and harm tax iers and good citizens. it is about time the citizens of new york and these other citizens got up and got rid of the destructive mayors who are really socialists and leftists. elizabeth: howard safir, great to have you on. come back soon. >> good to see you. elizabeth: okay, republican senator lindsey graham now says he will call in robert mueller to testify before a senate judiciary as robert mueller writes an op-ed has a lot of people scratching their head saying the fbi did follow the law in the trump russia prone, when the fisa court said wait a second, it deceived us. former independent counsel robert ray will take this on. >> number one question i get
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♪. elizabeth: welcome back, senator lindsey graham, republican chairman of senate judiciary, he said yesterday, yes he will call in former special counsel robert mueller to testify before
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his panel about the problems and the mistakes and the outright abuses of power in the trump russia probe by the fbi. president trump tweeting over the weekend that christopher steele, he is the guy who was paid by democrats to pull together anti-opposition research that the fbi used to spy on the trump team, president trump says christopher steele must be brought to the u.s. and thrown in jail after a judge in great britain, that christopher steele defamed two bankers with false information. he oweses tens of thousands of dollars in damages. let's break it down. welcome back to the show, former white war independent counsel and trump defense team member robert ray. will robert mueller ultimately testify? >> i think it will happen and senator graham is right that it should happen. let's start with the premise it is not, contrary to what
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robert mueller has said, the following of established fbi procedure to have fisa applications which contain false information. remember the inspector general, michael horowitz, found that at least, close to three dozen instances of information that was included in the fisa applications that were found to have been false. so i, you know, i don't know how he would justify the fbi's conduct and the reliance by the special counsel's investigation on that type of information in order to, you know, you know gip and pursue a russia collusion narrative, when the basis of that investigation and what was actually submitted into court turned out to have been false again in almost three dozen instances. elizabeth: yeah, deputy attorney general rod rosenstein said he would never have signed off on
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the fisa wiretaps if you knew back then what he knows now about all those falsehoods. robert mueller wrote an op-ed for "the washington post" saying everything was aboveboard. but the fisa court says, wait a second, the fbi deceived us. why didn't robert mueller investigate that? why didn't he investigate the premise of russia probe? that was christopher steele's opposition research paid for by hillary clinton and democrats so hillary clinton could challenge the 2016 election? that is what christopher steele testified in british court. that is what he said he was paid to do. to pull together that fake dirt. >> well he could have made that request to the then deputy attorney general to expand his jurisdiction to include such an investigation. obviously we now know that never happened. that is what john durham is doing. that is the portion of the investigation that we're awaiting the results and you have heard from jim jordan and others you know to the effect, we're all waiting to see when
6:19 pm
those who submitted or were aware that the information that was submitted was false will be held to account, and whether or not in that process any crimes were committed. so if bob mueller testifies before the senate judiciary committee, he is going to have to answer questions, you know, along those lines which is to say, why wasn't any of this looked into and, if again, the same question i think will be deposed of him. if you knew, if you knew then what you know now about what the inspector general found, would you have pursued that investigation in the same way? would hope that the answer to that would be no. elizabeth: yeah. that is the key question, what you just posed right there here is the other thing. you pointed out republican jim jordan saying hopes john durham comes up with indictments of james comey. no one knows what john durham, that investigation will result in. i want to show this. the fbi knew according to the inspector general of the justice department that basically they
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knew that this was democrat-funded opposition research. the fbi was using it to get powerful fisa wiretaps on the trump campaign. the fisa wiretaps are usually used for terrorists. they're very sweeping and powerful in its surveillance. so you know, you know, they knew and james comey knew, even before mueller was appointed that they did not have evidence of trump russia conspiracy. so did james clapper. so did lisa page. so did peter strzok. your take on all of that? >> first, yes, first, two most important things the power of that court is being used to authorize intercepts against american citizens which is not what it was intended to do. that was only supposed to be an incidental consequence of what it was designed to do which was to investigate foreign influence and the second thing is, yes, all of those people knew that there wasn't a substantial basis
6:21 pm
to pursue those investigations. and most significant thing was, they didn't inform the fisa court. not only didn't inform them but lied to them. so you know, that's why everybody is so frustrated about when is the time going to come when those who are in the know or were directly responsible for submitting false information to the fisa court, when will they be held to account? that includes a whole list of people from, you know, jim comey, clapper, brennan, you know, mccabe, lisa page, peter strzok, all of them. elizabeth: robert ray, you're terrific. come back soon. we love hearing your perspective. >> thanks very much, liz. take care. elizabeth: okay. you too. president trump he is launching a new attack on joe biden. we are now less than four months to election day. we've got "the new york times" fact-checking joe biden. their findings may surprise you. we'll be right back. stay right there. >> i will tell you if biden got in, this economy would be
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the election just about three months away. voters will have to decide who is best to lead the u.s. and the economy out of the covid crisis. that has thrown tens of millions out of work and historic joblessness. now this, joe biden and his campaign battling accusations that they are mimicking and copying trump's buy america policies. watch this. >> in my administration we live by two simple rules, buy american and hire american. >> buy american products and support american jobs. >> buy american and hire american. >> let's use this opportunity to take bold investments in american industry and innovations, so the future is made in america. >> i've been saying buy american ever since i announced i was running for office and long before that. elizabeth: let's welcome former trump 2016 deputy campaign manager david bossie. david, great to have you back on. >> thanks for having me. elizabeth: biden trying toe win with the same policies.
6:27 pm
it is good to see you. biden is trying to win with the same policies that got trump elected in 2016. >> joe biden is serial plagarizer. we all know it. his entire career he has been doing it. he see as successful program, economic program by president trump over the last four years. he is trying to steal that as well. the problem is that joe biden and barack obama's record of high taxes and job-killing regulations, sending jobs overseas, that is his record. he is, he is the godfather of bad economic policies for the united states. and that is where, that's where donald trump has really made the difference in america's economy and he is lifted it. you have seen the results, pre-covid-19. you see the economy was the greatest the world has ever seen. america's economy was on fire and only because of covid-19 are
6:28 pm
we set back but this president is, has built it once and he is going to rebuild it again. elizabeth: okay. biden surrogate downplayed the accusation that biden is plagarizing the president. made in america plan. let's listen to this. >> the expression i like to use once in a while, jillian, is, you know, you can achieve an awful lot if you don't care who gets the credit for it. it is a good idea. invest in american infrastructure. buy american. manufacture you are it in america. elizabeth: where was joe biden on this when he spent eight years with barack obama and the white house and where was joe biden when he has spent nearly 50 years in washington? >> yeah, their policy was sorry for your bad luck, american workers. we're going to be a globalist economy and we're going to send your jobs overseas. you remember barack obama and joe biden, they were saying to the american people, those jobs are gone forever. you going to need a magic wand
6:29 pm
to bring those jobs back. donald trump is the only one of these go candidates who seriously and has for four years developed policies to bring american jobs home from china and other places. joe biden spent, has spent 50 years in washington, d.c., and he really has, he has a wrecking ball of a record as far as american jobs and the economy is concerned. elizabeth: yeah. i mean he was job czar under obama. obama appointed joe biden as that in 2014. he took a couple of years to study jobs policies, their redundancies in the government and you know, the joke between barack obama and tom perez was, our program is train, train them and pray. pray hope they get a job. joe biden reported back we're wasting a lot of money on job programs. that is what his bottom line is. >> by the way look, just look at their bad trade deals.
6:30 pm
liz, you know, look at their bad, who are return does trade deals over the eight years of barack obama's presidency. president trump has had to renegotiate every single one of them. so that is, that is their record. elizabeth: i understand that. i got to move on. joe biden is not talking about trade deals right now in terms of jobs. he is avoiding that conversation. let's talk about the "new york times" fact-checking joe biden. look at this. "new york times" warning, warning that biden is misleading voters. reporting about, here is the "new york times," joe biden's claims about virus and you know, saying things about his record that they go too far. they rounded up these claims. they basically saying that, you know, what he was saying about trump and covid-19 virus, biden was basically hammering trump on that, saying my plan is better than yours. trump was out with his own plan way before joe biden was. he also went on about the naacp,
6:31 pm
biden claiming naacp endorses him. they're a non-profit. naacp says they don't ever endorse anybody. and biden is claiming he has been against keystone from the beginning but "the new york times" saying he is exaggerating on that claim. he has never publicly said anything about keystone. the take on "new york times" fact-checking joe biden here? >> i wish they would fact check a lot more than that, whether he is defunding police and higher taxes. whether he will socialize medicine as they said they wanted to do during the obama administration. i wish they would fact check, mainstream media, in this country and "new york times" are part of that, they are negligent in their coverage of joe biden. they only cover what they want and only what is negative about donald trump. they want to defeat president trump. the mainstream media is acting as a super-pac on behalf of the
6:32 pm
democratic party. the american people deserve information from both sides so they make the best possible decision in november. that is what the media is supposed to do be dispassionate about it. they are not. this is activist media that is the reason that donald trump has to call them out routinely, daily, is because they are so far in the camp of joe biden. elizabeth: okay. let's move on to this. nbc's chuck todd says president trump faces a quote, katrina moment over the covid-19 response. joe biden is attacking trump on the covid-19 response. but reports are surfacing at places like "politico," that the obama administration botched the response of 2009 swine flu epidemic. they had vaccine shortfalls. they had cutbacks of funding. they stopped testing right back in the middle of that pandemic. you know, ron klain, a biden advisor saying we dodged a bullet here. we got lucky. this could have been a mass casualty event. it was one of pure luck it was
6:33 pm
not one of the main mass casualty events in u.s. history. it was nothing to do with us. it was basically luck. the criticism, joe biden trying to attack president trump on covid-19, swine flu response he helped oversee, not state-of-the-art, not picture-perfect, your take. >> president trump has do it all, do it now mentality. he a attacked it right from the beginning, shutting down travel from china. we know the record is unmatched. he has been faced with a catastrophe and the american people have stood strong and stood with this president. i really think that, at the end of the day, when we have the chance to look back upon this, not living through it, but look back, 10 years from now, we'll see that president trump, with his private and public partnerships, that he created, whether it is building hospital beds and ventilators, making sure medicines and therapeutics
6:34 pm
were available to the american people. he is actively searching for that vaccine. elizabeth: he is accused, hang on, stay with me. he accused downplaying it by the media though. your take on the accusing president of downplaying covid-19. is he? >> no, absolutely not. this president takes it very seriously, just like every american. what he is doing, he is a leader. he wants to have a balance which is, smart therapeutics, smart attack, smartly attacking the vaccine, the virus but also making sure that our economy that runs the world is still continues to run. elizabeth: david bossie, great to see you. come back soon. >> thanks, liz. elizabeth: coming up a new disturbing trend, churches and religious statues now being targeted for violent vandalism including being set on fire. civil rights attorney leo ture reljoins us. what are fueling the violence
6:35 pm
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♪. elizabeth: welcome back. rioters now committing hate crimes. they're burning down churches. they're attacking religious statues. we're tracking this happening in nine states and in washington, d.c. and now this, a man arrested for allegedly crashing his vehicle through the front door of a church in ocala, florida, set it on fire. several people were inside over the weekend. the no one was injured in that attack but the country is seeing in addition to the toppling of monuments of former u.s. presidents and abolitionists who freed people from slavery, now religious figures. criminal experts point out these are hate crimes. why did top democrat nancy pelosi say last week, quote, people will do what they do? let's welcome to the show civil rights attorney leo terrell. great to have you own, sir. what do you think? >> i'll tell you right now, liz,
6:40 pm
black lives matter has hijacked the democratic party. all these crimes are happening in democratic cities and democratic mayors, will not take any action because they're in bed with black lives matter. that is the plain and short of it. for some crazy reason they make a false assumption that people of color don't want police protection. liz, here is a news flash. people of color in major democratic cities like new york, chicago, washington, atlanta, they want police protection. bill de blasio, painting a sign and failing to support police and protect them. it is ridiculous. elizabeth: now, it is being turned against religious institutions. that is a hate crime under the law. look at churches attacked, set on fire? look at statues of mary set on fire in dorchester, massachusetts and here in new york city. statues of catholic saints set on fire and vandalized in california. we're seeing this happen again
6:41 pm
in nine states. i'm looking at it right now. we're seeing in texas a church was burned to the ground. st. johns episcopal church in d.c. vandalized a church in portland, oregon vandalized. nancy pelosi is downplaying all of this, well, people do what they do. let's listen to this. >> in baltimore and i little italy the statue of christopher columbus was removed and taken down. what can you share about that. >> i'm not a bit, i don't even have my grandmother's earings. i'm not a big, let's see what we have terms monuments and this. i'm more interested in what people have accomplished. i think it is up to the communities to decide what statues they want to see. >> shouldn't that be done by a commission or city council not a mob in the middle of the night throwing it into the harbor? >> people do what they do. elizabeth: she is being
6:42 pm
criticized for condoning this lawlessness, she is a lawmaker. would dr. martin luther king supported all of this. >> let me think about that? no, liz. it is lawlessness. he was a person of peace. he did not believe in violence. be honest, only person talking about law and order is president trump. he prevented further destruction in washington, d.c. but the democrats have basically conceded law and order. i can't, keep saying this over and over again. it has gone back to the black lives matter and they have hijacked the democratic party. dr. king would be ashamed of himself, ashamed of the so-called movements being handled by black lives matter. one final point, black lives matter does not care about all black lives. they only care about issues involving a police officer and a black life. they don't believe in black on black crime. they don't care about that. they don't care about black police officers being killed. it is a very limit the organization designed to create
6:43 pm
extreme hostility in the democratic party. that is why i left the democratic party. elizabeth: leo, will you come back? >> always. my pleasure. elizabeth: civil rights attorney, same here, civil rights attorney leo terrell will come back to the show. coming up president trump pushing to remove the tax-exempt status of universities, in places like seattle and portland, led by college age students, college students looking to set up chop zones in other american cities like they did in seattle, where six people were shot. two now dead there. we'll put the question to former wisconsin governor scott walker. that story next weights online. weights online. got it! go time! with freedom unlimited, you're always earning. i should've purchased lighter weights! i'm an associate here at amazon. step onto the blue line, sir. this device is giving us an accurate temperature check.
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♪. elizabeth: we brought the news to you friday. president trump now pushing to abolish the tax-exempt status of universities why? because he says they are indoctrinating students and censoring differences of opinion.
6:48 pm
reports say violent student-run groups are leading the chaos to overtake downtown areas in more of our nation's cities, just as they did in seattle, where six people were shot, two now dead. seattle times newspaper one of these groups is one of the biggest. the pacific northwest youth liberation front. it is out of portland, oregon. it is militant. it is using social media to organize with tactical advice on rioting and cops. governor scott walker, your reaction to that? >> liz, when this is all said and done, we need particularly to take back higher education, to push simple things like basic american history and economics. but in this case as it ties to student fees, that is something we did in wisconsin years ago. we pulled back on the student fees because at many colleges and universities they used those dollars, that money from, the students that supposedly for education, for all sorts of wild
6:49 pm
and crazy groups own the far, far fringes. this is just a good example of it. tell them stop taking the fees. that will stop and slow down much of this craziness that we're seeing from groups like this. elizabeth: you know, colleges and universities have been gouging middle-class families for decades. they don't have to pay taxes on a wide range of things. you know, so they're basically tax-exempt. we're talking also this research coming out of ucla, pew research, heart research, finds that college professors are predominantly left-leaning. so are college administrators. guess what, tuition costs are going up? why? to pay for explosion in college administrators "new york times" is running research, yeah, they are left-leaning and silencing and censoring college students with differences of opinion. it is college bureaucracy causing tuition to skyrocket. it is college bureaucracies manufacturing student protesters like we've seen now trying to
6:50 pm
build "chop" zones in other cities across the country. go ahead, take that on. >> right, since 1978, tuition has gone up four times the rate of inflation nationwide, yet almost gone down proportionate in terms of professors in the classrooms and undergraduates. because they're spending more and more time on some of these wild, ridiculous i ideas. adding all the specialties. it he taking away from the education that students hoping to get to further their careers and lives going forward. that is part of the reason why the student loan boom is such a problem. add that to the fact, you nailed it, on college campuses they're all about diversity in everything but idealogical diversity. we should have a place in america where you can have a free exchange of ideas but if you're conservative in america, one of the most dangerous places to be is on a college campus. that cannot be the case anymore. we've got to push back. elizabeth: you know what? bring back more trade schools.
6:51 pm
bring back schools that will teach our students that, give them a degree they can use in the real world, like, engineering, electrical engineering, plumbing, you know. just hands on degrees that students can actually use. because, we're seeing college degrees based on courses on the cultural significance of soap operas. >> yeah. elizabeth: things like science and feminism and how feminism is changing science. i mean that, is women don't even want. that let's go through it again. more than two dozen shot in recent protests. we're seeing high school students in some of these protests. we're seeing a baby shot here dead, a one-year-old in new york city in brooklyn. a nurse, jessica whitaker, shot in the head in front of her fiance saying all lives matter. this is what we want our kids doing on the streets of our country? getting involved in riots that lead to violence like that? >> that is absolutely crazy. we could tie student loan assistance in the future to jobs
6:52 pm
actually needed so the young people get the education that leads to a career, not just more protests. elizabeth: governor walker, great to see you. come back soon. >> thank you. elizabeth: we got more show coming up. we'll be right back. back in two car insurance, so you only pay for what you need. i wish i could shake your hand. granted. only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty. ♪
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♪. elizabeth: while americans are outraged. they're taking to the streets. they're rallying for police officers and for safety in our communities. this as police unions and cities like new york and los angeles are blasting the movement to cut police budgets. new numbers coming in. they are alarming. the stunning new numbers, we now have 39 states, 39 states releasing more than 106 prisoners due to covid-19. all of this is happening as mexico is warning that it is dealing with a shockingly violent and powerful drug cartel that is pouring drugs into america. mexico, this cartel is a threat to its own national security. again record amounts of drugs laced with fentanyl and more pouring into the u.s. from this drug cartel. it is setting up shop in cities that are moving to defund the police. welcome back tennessee republican mark green. great to have you on.
6:57 pm
your reaction to all of what is going on? >> it is pretty crazy. in the midst of pushing to defund the police, states like california are releasing more of their criminals into the streets. it's, it's just absurd to see what's going on. it is not shocking. i mean, you think of what they did last year. democrats actually prioritized health care of illegal immigrants over the health care of veterans. so it is no wonder that they would protect criminals more than they would law-abiding citizens. just who they are. elizabeth: yeah. you know, in california, they're releasing 8,000 more inmates. they released 10,000 in l.a. they're not testing these individuals, these prisoners. they're not testing them for covid-19 before they are released back into the community. ucla johns hopkins find prison inmates test positive for covid-19 at rate nearly six times higher than the general public.
6:58 pm
i want to move on to this. we are running out of time. talk about what is going on in mexico. mexico, deadly cartel violence a surge not seen in a generation. the rise of the new generation cartel. mexico says this is a urgent threat to its national security. your reaction? >> yeah. these cartels are wealthy from the drug money that they make. they have their own armies. they operate like terrorists, beheading people, pulling people out of their homes and murdering them. certainly at some point it destablizes the country of mexico. these people are killing -- fentanyl is one of the most potent killers of any of the substances that they sell and they're bringing that right across our southern border. elizabeth: this drug, this drug cartel, the dea is finding they're setting up shop in new york city, los angeles, houston, chicago and atlanta. these are cities that are defunding the police, moving to
6:59 pm
do that. your reaction to that? >> it makes no sense at all. either you lower the people, lower ability to protect americans, people of your city while the threat is increasing. that makes no sense whatsoever. and even the police themselves are you know, i think you mentioned that, either in this monologue or before. they're screaming out, they want to help. they want to serve. unfortunately what a few bad police officers have done has result the in this outcry that makes no sense whatsoever. defunding the police is not the answer. it is police unions that protected bad cops all these years. that is the issue. that is what has to be fixed. elizabeth: congressman mark green, so good to see you. come back soon. thanks e. >> thanks for having me, liz. elizabeth: sure. i'm elizabeth macdonald. you've been watching "the evening edit" on fox business. that does it for us.
7:00 pm
thanks so much for watching. join us tomorrow night. we'll stay own a lot of stories, we're bringing back too back on, rnc chairwoman ronna mcdaniel, and house intelligence chair devin nunes. have a great evening lou: good evening, everybody. the radical left's assault on america goes on. the radical dems deny the existence of the rapid crime wave that they helped foster in democrat-held cities. they make repeated calls to defund the police and to support, of course, extremist groups such as black lives matter and antia that. all of which -- antifa. all of which place american lives in constant risk. in new york city, disturbing new video of a crowd that gathered as police were making an arrest. the video shows a suspected gang member attacking a new york police officer, putting him in a


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