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tv   Lou Dobbs Tonight  FOX Business  July 15, 2020 5:00am-6:01am EDT

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i'm jamie colby. thanks so much for watching "strange inheritance." and remember, you can't take it with you. ♪. lou: good evening, everybody, breaking news now from the white house. we are awaiting remarks from president trump who is expected to hold a news conference this hour. we're told it will be in the rose garden. we have every reason given those live pictures from the rose garden, to believe that the it will be the case this hour. the president is expected to be announcing new decisions about the u.s. response to china's takeover of hong kong. reuters report saying that he will sign the hong kong autonomy act legislation passed last week that requires mandatory sanctions be imposed against businesses and individuals that helped facilitate and will now
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administer china's takeover of hong kong. blake burman is at the white house as we await the president's remarks. blake, what are you hearing from the folks at the white house about what he will be telling us? reporter: hi, there, lou. one source telling me the president will make remarks about china, upcoming a press conference from the rose garden we expect to hear from the president moments from now. you mentioned reuters report about hong kong, the autonomy act passed by congress. keep in mind with one thing on that, the president, that was signed or passed, rather by both the house and the senate, overwhelming support earlier this month, without getting too granular, the way that it works is, the president has to sign that into law or at least take action on that, give or take within 10 days. that puts the clock at about that time that the president would have to take some sort of action as today, on the hong kong autonomy act which would allow, call for sanctions
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on certain individuals that the president would want to sanction inside of china. so it is certainly possible that is what we will be seeing and hearing from the president in the rose garden moments from now. as i've been told it will be about china, certainly the timetable on hong kong and autonomy act, that the president could take that up any minute now. lou, white house described it as a press conference. that has half a dozen or so different meetings around here. from what i can tell you there are many chairs around the rose garden. the setup would lead to a press conference. we'll learn in the president takes questions from the media, anymore from now. lou. lou: blake, the granularity, focused on the legislative process and the signing of autonomy act but less so what the president will be talking about. i presume no one has told you, am i correct on that? reporter: what i've been directly pointed to is china.
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so i've been told to expect -- lou: that is a big subject. reporter: that is a big subject. you have got huawei, you've got the trade deal. you have got hong kong. there is a lot under that umbrella. reuters reporting on the autonomy act, if you look at the calendar the way it shakes out it would certainly make sense that is what the president talks about or signs upcoming. lou. lou: as the president would say, china. as to the press conference, the news conference i think you were right about the number of interpretations for every reporter that shows up there, what they should be about. blake burman. thanks for joining us, bringing us up to date. appreciate it. trump administration drawing a hard-line against chinese aggression in the south china sea. secretary of state mike pompeo said yesterday most of china's pursuits in the south china sea
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are unlawful. the secretary said, quote, the prc, the peoples republic of china, has no legal grounds to unilaterally impose its will on the region. the world will not allow alba screening to treat the south china sea as its maritime empire. america stands with our southeast asia allies and partners to protect their sovereign rights consistent with their rights and obligations under international law. secretary pompeo's comments come as china increases its aggression and its military build up. the chinese military says it begun the fifth generation of the stealth fighter jet, j-120. the modified stealth jetfighter was attended by the general of the people's liberation army. the chinese announcement of the jet mass production, comes as the state department approved 23 billion-dollar sale of f-35
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fighter jets to japan. the trump administration earning another victory today in their battle against china's access to critical 5g infrastructure. the united kingdom has made a u-turn on its proposed policy. now saying that the british government will ban the purchase of huawei equipment for its 5g network. the uk had originally allowed huawei limited access but culture secretary oliver dowden followed recent review of u.s. restrictions at that bar huawei and its suppliers from using american technology and software >> national security center consequences of u.s. actions. the nc sb now reported to ministers they have significantly changed their security assessment of a huawei presence in the uk 5g networks. the uk can no longer be confident it will be able to guarranty the security of future
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huawei 5g equipment affected by the change in u.s. foreign direct product rules. lou: that is a british form of u-turn. in a statement, secretary of state pompeo said with the decision, the uk join as growing list of countries around the world standing up for their national security, prohibiting the use of untrusted high-risk vendors. the uk's ban on huawei equipment takes effect december 31st, plenty of time for adjustments. british telecom companies also have until, well, 2027 to strip their 5g infrastructure of all huawei products and components. as the president moves toward new action against china's take over of hong kong, the national basketball association is now under fire because it censored pro-hong kong slogans on their official online store. fans who wanted customized
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jerseys with the phrase, "free hong kong" on the back were denied while slogans endorsing anti-cop, anti-semitic, anti-trump rhetoric were permitted. this is, this is today's nba. hillary vaughn in washington with the latest on the story. hillary? reporter: hi, lou. the nba store censored fans from putting that phrase, "free hong kong" on their customized jerseys it did raise some eyebrows because as you mentioned it did allow phrases like kill cops to be added to the customized jerseys. those were not censored. it put the nba's business dealings in china under a microscope. the company that runs the nba online store that ban on the phrase, free hong kong was an accident, saying this in a statement quote, the phrase was inadvertently prohibited on all our league online store sitess it has now been fixed but now the. [ba billion dollar behemoth of a
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business in beijing is catching lawmakers attention in congress. senator josh hawley wants nba commissioner adam silver subpoenaed by the senate judiciary committee to disclose the nba financial ties to the chinese communist party. >> the nba makes billions of dollars every year. they won't say a word about what china is doing in the world. they won't say a word what china is doing in the hong kong or the concentration camps. why? because the nba makes so much money. reporter: the nba brings in $500 million every year in direct revenue from china. nba china which is a separate business arm of the nba is valued at $5 billion. they have a $1.5 billion deal with china's streaming platform, tencent. their fan base there is huge. 500 million chinese fans tuned into at least one nba game last season. that gives the chinese government that owns the airwaves in the country a lot of
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power how many eyes tune into the nba games there n october after the houston rockets executive tweeted support for the hong kong protesters, the nba live games went dark. they are taken off the air. it also provoked a number of chinese businesses to temporarily ban selling apparel from the houston rockets. the nba commissioner adam silver said the the stand i don't have had a on the league's bottom line. only 10% of their revenue comes in from china, but it is expected to double by 2030, bringing in about 20% of the nba's revenue. lou? lou: hillary, very quickly, where are we then with the slogan fans can have on their backs of nba jerseys? they can have slogans about free hong kong? they can still have all of that anti-cop, anti-trump nonsense on their backs?
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reporter: so the free hong kong slogan has been green-lighted. fans can put that on their jerseys alternatively anti-police rhetoric like kill cops is banned. they tell me they have a system in place, if for instance a customization goes through has profanity or derogatory language directed towards the police, that sale ultimately would be rejected. this he have quality controls in check to make sure those orders do not go through. those actual jerseys don't get manufactured. lou. lou: good toe hear. thanks so much. hillary vaughn. appreciate it. we have a stacked lineup here tonight on all the latest news recording china as well as president trump's remarks at white house from the rose garden. we'll be joined tonight bit hudson institutes dr. michael pillsbury, one of the foremost experts on china, joining us as well, gordon chang, from the gait stone institute, one of the
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foremost experts on asia. expert security studies group jim hanson on national security and global challenges, including of course china. new investigative reporting from our fox affiliate in orlando reveals a stunning inflation of china virus cases by the florida department of health as if everyone isn't nervous enough about the china virus pandemic, the state's health authorities reported vastly, vastly inflated numbers. there was, for example, 22 labs with a 100% positive test rate. think about that. 22. those figures are significantly higher than the statewide average of around 15%. one area hospital, orlando health, told fox orlando that there are significant errors in their report. what is significant mean? in this case, hang on.
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hospital officials first stated their positivity rate was only 98% as reported by the florida department of health. it turned out to be only 9.4%. other orlando area laboratories, one at the veterans medical center, listed positivity rates of 76% but a va official says their positivity rate was actually 6%. the state's health department told fox orlando that private and public labs are required to report both positive and negative results. some of them, they say, have not. the health department is now working to obtain the correct data from those laboratories and probably, to give some form of education in basic math. on wall street stocks finishing higher. the dow surged ahead 557 points, a big rally on wall street. the s&p gained 42.
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the nasdaq gained 98. volume on the big board, 4 1/2 billion shares. crude oil, closing at $40.30 a barrel. back above $40. a reminder listen to my reports three times a day coast to coast on the salem radio network. up next we await president trump toe deliver remarks from the rose garden. there you see it, with the you can see the anticipation rolling off the shoulders of those white house press corps correspondents. we'll bring you the president and his subsequent press conference as soon as it all starts. the latest on the u.s. navy ship burning in san diego port. why nobody was alerted sooner to the fire burning within and why they couldn't put it out. we also like to promote my new book, so we will. here goes the promotion. it is called,
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lou: well, there is the rose garden. we're awaiting the president to arrive and where he is expected to make remarks, taking up the i autonomy act passed by congress and delivered to him last week. he is going to have, we are expecting at least, he's going to have remarks about sanctions against various individuals associated with and involved in the takeover by china of hong kong. joining us now to discuss what is likely to happen and what has been transpiring in the relationship between the two countries, dr. michael pillsbury, director of the center for chinese strategy at the hudson institute. mike, good to have you with us. we expect this to be effectively the signing of the autonomy act and the president taking the first steps to apply sanctions.
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your thoughts. >> well, this is a very good act that passed both houses of congress unanimously, lou, and it's all -- it serves the united states government into the protection of hong kong's autonomy. the way it does that, there will be a department of state report on anyone who's helping china crack down in hong kong and violate 1984 treaty with the british. so it's a very big step. it's a very good thing, and it's about as bipart an as vow -- bipartisan as you get. passed both houses unanimously. lou: bipartisan, a first step. but what does it actually do for the people of hong kong who have lost their liberty and hong kong itself which is no longer autonomous, far from it there now under the thumbs of beijing absolutely? >> it doesn't do anything to help the people of hong kong, lou, with their awe on the and their struggles -- autonomy.
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the important thing this is not being said out loud, but it's extremely important. some people wanted to close the consulate in hong kong. 200 officers, they monitor monitor the crackdown on human rights. i think the president's decided to keep that consulate open, enter the fight to keep hong kong as free as possible. hong kong's part of china. mrs. thatcher gave it back to china. it's not independent. so they can crack down on people who demand independence. but to try to preserve hong kong's freedoms another 25 years or so, it's very important that we keep our really large consulate and our officers and intelligence agencies there and continue the fight. not just to give up, go home and forget hong kong. lou: well, i think there's something of a hobson's choices and a bit of a false choice at that. there is a lot in between those two possibilities that the united states could be doing, mike, as you well know. this business, this is a sorry
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business when the united states lets a territory just simply be subsumed by china without response. and i mean, a significant response. we're better than that. or at least we used to be. why in the world are we dancing around this? i mean, we just lost 140,000 americans to the china virus. we have just watched china take over hong kong. where in the hell does this end, and when does this great nation rise up and say no more and there will be an accounting? >> i think the accounting or the punishment is going to have to cover several areas. one is not helping us at all on the virus even inflicting harm on us. secondly, is their unlawful activities in the south china sea. third just no progress on phase two trade deal, the subsidies
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and the thing on corporations. there's four or five more examples where china is just really stiffing the president. they're not saying anything. they don't -- i check every thursday to see new purchases, there's no new purchases of our agricultural products this thursday. lou: do you also check intellectual property? [laughter] because the them. s rage on. we're talking about -- the thefts rage on. we're talking $600 billion a year. mike, i i mean, i understand, you know, this is an absurdity and sometimes the only response is laughter to absurdity. but the fact of the matter is this country is being pillaged by china, and they are thumbing their noses at this president, at this nation if, and they're doing so to terrible effect on the people of hong kong and the region. for god's sake, we've got to be better than this. >> i think we can be better. there's a number of steps the president, no doubt, is considering, lou, that could be
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very harsh. but once we start down that path, it means u.s. investments, u.s. trade, general u.s. relations with china better be really -- are going to be really severely set back for generations. i'm not sure the president's quite ready yet to do that. lou: if this nation continues to put commercial interests ahead of the national interests as all of wall street does, as all of corporate america does and now as all of capitol hill, it seems, does, this president was elected to change all of that. and change, he must. or this nation does not survive. >> i'm worried about the military balance of power with china too. that's been slipping. we used to be 2 or 3 to 1 superior in terms of naval units. now there's more chinese navy ships than there are american ships not just in the pacific, but worldwide. so this is a comprehensive challenge to our government, to
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our nation. but as i say, once the president takes extreme measures, there's no going back. we'll be in a cold war for sure, and it'll be for a long time because china is so strong. some say china's going to collapse. i hope they're right. i suspect they're wrong. lou: well, i don't know anybody who i says they're going to collapse anytime soon, and the fact of the matter is they're running roughshod over the united states, our allies in the region, and we are doing absolutely nothing about it. and that is unacceptable. that isn't, that isn't who this president is. that isn't who this nation is. am i wrong? >> no, you're not wrong at all, but there are some people advising the president that commercial interests and investment and trade is more important than what they consider these trivial issues of the south china sea and so forth. as you saw today, robert o'brien wrote a path-breaking article,
5:25 am
i'm sure the president approved it, about the uighurs. that's a huge turn around, focus on the uighurs basically facing genocide. the national security adviser published that. but you see a number of steps being taken just in the past few days, lou. today could be another big one. lou: well, i, indeed, hope that this is a big one, as you style it. the fact of the matter is that this is the only president in decades, since the opening of china, who has stood up against china and insisted and demanded that there be balanced and reciprocity and balance in the relationship between the two countries. this is going to be a moment of reckoning. and anyone who wants to try to ignore it, who thinks that writing an op-ed, who thinks writing a white paper or that rhetoric no matter the site from
5:26 am
which it is heard is sadly, sadly mistaken. we have a kohl war, mike -- cold war, mike, and you know it. and we have to say it straight up. and, by god, if we don't understand that, woe is us. you get the last word. >> well, moving toward a showdown has some benefits, but i think before we move toward a showdown, lou, we've got to make sure we've got our plan and our strategy, we've thought about this as a comprehensive way. we may have heard attorney general barr talk about our future generationsing with robbed of innovation and technology. this is another area -- lou: yeah. if our pentagon, our state department, our national security council, if they is have not spent all this time preparing strategies, contingency plans and have a overwhelming range of options to bring the president to assert
5:27 am
against the communist nation of china, then i don't know what the hell you can say about our military or our national security bureaucracy. dr. michael pillsbury, great to have you with us. we'll be right back. we're awaiting president trump for his comments on china from the rose garden. stay with us, we'll be right back.
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lou: -- and has just moved up to the pom at the rose garden. let's listen in to the president. >> we've had a big day in the stock market. things are coming back, and they're coming back very rapidly. a a lot sooner than people thought. people are feeling good about our country, people are feeling good about therapeutic es and possible vaccines. but we're going to go over quite a bit, and maybe at the end we'll take some questions if we have time. it's not too hot. today i signed legislation and an executive order to hold china accountable for its oppressive actions against the people of hong kong. the hong kong autonomy act, which i signed this afternoon,
5:31 am
pa passed unanimously through congress. this law gives my administration powerful new tools to hold responsible the individuals and the entities involved in extinguishing hong kong's freedom. we've all watched what happened. not a good situation. their freedom's been taken away, their rights have been taken away, and with it goes hong kong, in my opinion, because it will no longer be able to compete with free markets. a lot of people will be leaving hong kong, i suspect. and we're going to do a lot more business because of with it, because we just lost one competitor. that's the way it is. we lost a very, very serious competitor, a competitor that we incentivized to take a lot of business and do well, and we gave them a lot of business by doing what we did. we gave them things that nobody else had the right to do, and that gave them a big edge over other markets. and because of that edge, they've done really historic business, tremendous business, far bigger than anybody would
5:32 am
have thought years ago when we did this gift. it was really a gift of freedom. today i also signed an executive order ending u.s. preferential treatment for hong kong. hong kong will now be treated the same as mainland china, no special privileges, no special economic treatment and no export of sensitive technologies. in addition to that, as you know, we're placing massive tariffs and have placed very large tariffs on china. first time that's ever happened to china. billions of dollars have been paid to the united states of which i've given quite a bit to the farmers and ranchers of our country, because they were targeted. and that's been going on for three years. it's the first time anybody's ever done anything like that. and prior to the plague pouring in from china, they were having the worst year, as you know, in 67 years.
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and i don't want them to have a bad year, i want them to have a good year, but they were taking advantage of the united states for many, many years, and that's stopping. but then the virus came in, and the world is a different place. but we're now getting back, and one of the reasons the markets -- it's almost at the point that it was at prior to the plague. almost. we're getting very close. a great thing. it's an amazing thing, what our people have done and what they've endured. no administration has been tough the or on china than this administration -- tougher on china. we imposed historic tariffs, we stood up to china's intellectual property theft at a level that nobody's ever come close. we confronted untrustworthy chinese technology and telecom providers. we convinced many countries, many countries -- and i did this myself for the most part -- not to use huawei. because with we think it's an
5:34 am
unsafe security risk, it's a big security risk. i talked many countries out of using it. they want to do business with us. they can't use it. just today, i believe, the u.k. announced that they're not going to be using it. and that was up in the air for a long time, but they've decided. you look at italy, you look at many other countries. we withdrew from the chinese nominated w.h.o., and we fully rebuilt the united states military, the w.h.o. world health organization, we were paying close to $500 million a year. china was paying $39 million a year. and china had too much say. they worked it very hard which is a bad thing done by our past administrations, but we were tough, and we're saying -- i was asking, i was saying why are we paying so much more than china? china has 1.4 billion people, we
5:35 am
have 325, probably 325 million approximately. nobody can give me the exact count. we're trying to get an exact count but you have over the years many illegals who come into the country. but you could say i 325-350 million people as opposed to 1.4 billion people. and the world trade is terrible. that deal is terrible. the world health is a terrible deal. we've been very tough on the world trade organization, and we've been i guess as touch -- tough as you can get on world health. we've told them we're getting out. they made a lot of bad production, and they said a lot of bad things about what to do and how to do it, and they turned out to be wrong. and they were really a puppet of china. and make no mistake, we hold
5:36 am
china fully responsible for concealing the virus and unleashing it upon the world. they could have stopped it, they should have stopped it. would have been very easy to do at the source when it happened. in contrast, biden's entire career -- joe biden's entire career has been a gift to the chinese communist party and to the calamity of errors that they've made. they've made so many errors. and it's been devastating for the american worker. china has a taken out hundreds of billions of dollars a year from our country. and we rebuilt china. give them all the credit in the world. i don't give the credit for the people that used to stand here because they allowed this to happen where hundreds of billions of dollars were taken out of the united states treasury in order to rebuild china. there's no company and no country in the world, no country
5:37 am
in the world has ever ripped off the united states like the incredible job that they did on this country and the people that ran it. possibly it's one of the reasons, certainly it's one of the very big reasons trade and things related to trade that e got elected in the first place. i've been talking about it for a long time along with many other subjects, frankly. joe biden supported china's entry into the world trade organization, one of the greatest geo political and economic disasters in world history. you look at china, you look at the moment they joined the world trade, they were flatlining for years and years and years and decades. and then all of a sudden they joined the world trade organization, and they went like a rocket ship. they were given all sorts of advantages, they were considered a developing country. as a developing country, they
5:38 am
got tremendous advantages over the united states and other countries. and they took advantage of those advantages and then some. biden personally led the effort to give china permanent most favored nation status which is a tremendous advantage for a country to have. few countries have it. but the united states doesn't have it. never did. probably never even asked for it, because they didn't know what they were doing. as vice president, biden was a leading advocate of the paris climate accord which was unbelievably expensive to our country. it would have crushed american manufacturers while allowing china to pollute the atmosphere with impunity. yet one more gift from biden to the chinese communist party. they took all of the advantage away from us. they took everything away. they don't have oil.
5:39 am
we would have had to close up tremendous amounts of our energy to qualify eventually not too far in the future. we would have had to do things that would have been unbelievably destructive to our country including the possible closing of 25% of our diss -- of our businesses. think of that. and it was going to cost us hundreds and hundreds of millions of dollars for the privilege of being involved in the paris climate accord. and you just have to look at what took place this year in paris and france where money was being sent to countries all over the world, and the people of france didn't want to take it, and they didn't. they did a lot of rioting. they had their taxes raised. we would have had to raise our taxes. and it was a disaster. i've been given a lot of credit for what i did this. took a certain amount of courage, i guess.
5:40 am
sounds so nice, the paris climate accord. but it wasn't good for us at all. america lost nearly 10,000 factories while joe biden was vice president. think of that, 10,000 factories. he wrote something today, and he made a statement today that i wrote down. it's pretty accurate. so biden was here for 47 years. eight years, the last eight years -- not long ago as vice president he said one in five miles of our highways are still in poor condition. well, we're doing a good job on highways. but why didn't he fix 'em? three years ago? why didn't he fix 'em? tens of thousands of bridges are in disrepair and on the verge of collapse. that's probably not a right number, but we have bridges that should have been fixed. why didn't he fix 'em? he was there for eight years with president obama. why didn't they fix them?
5:41 am
tens of thousands of bridges, this is what he wrote. high-speed broadband, we want -- well, why didn't they get it in three years ago, it's not a long time. he didn't do any of the things, but now he says he's going to be president, and as president he's going to do all the things that he didn't do, never did. never did anything except make very bad decisions especially on foreign policy. so joe biden and president obama freely allowed china to pillage our factories, plunder our communities and steal our most precious secrets. and i've stopped it, largely, but i've stopped it. and it wasn't easy. because you talk about a certain power of the telephone and the calls where they would call and say, no, we don't want to do that. other countries would call on behalf of china, but i did it. i did what has to be done.
5:42 am
you just take a look at what's gone on and take a look at the kind of -- at the numbers where they devalued their currency in order to pay the tariffs. now the democrat party calling for defunding of our military, think of that. they want to defund our military. when china is building a massive military. they're building a massive military, and biden wants to defund our military. and the world needs american strength right now more than ever, and we've got it. we've got with now soon as all this equipment comes in, all made in the usa, we've got the newest, most incredible weaponser in in the world. we have the best techs, the best ships, the best missiles, rockets, we have the best of everything. we have the best fighter jets, the f-35, the f-18. all of these assets are being built. thankers, incredible tankers.
5:43 am
bombers. hope we don't have to use them. but we have the most incredible military. when i came in, the military was totally depleted. it was at a level that was just shul incredible. absolutely incredible. i made the statements before. i e told you what generals told me about our military, and i'll make 'em again if somebody needs them. we'll give them to you. very well documented. as vice president, biden opposed tariffs, and he was standing up for china, didn't want to do anything to disrupt the relationship with chai i that each though china was taking us to the cleaners. he opposed my very strict travel ban on chinese nationals to stop the spread of the china virus. he was totally against it. xenophobic, he called me. xenophobic. a month later he admitted i was right. we would have had thousands of
5:44 am
people additionally die if we let people come in from heavily infected china. but we stopped it. we did a travel ban in january. nancy pelosi was dancing in the streets of chinatown in san francisco a month later and even later than that. and others too. they all thought what i did was a terrible mistake. we would have lost -- in fact, dr. fauci said we would have lost thousands of additional people if president trump atlanta done that, and -- hadn't done that, and i was a crowd of one because even experts didn't want to do it. and then i did europe when i started seeing what was going on in italy and spain rain france, other countries in europe. i did a ban on people coming in from europe. that would have been disastrous for our country also. and we saw saved tens of thousands of lives, but we actually saved millions of lives by closing, closing up. we saved millions, potentially
5:45 am
millions of lives. could be a number that we're actually working on, but it could be 2-3 million lives. so we're at 135,000, which is terrible. one is too much. but we would have had millions of people dead from this curse that came at us. but we did what we had to do, and now we'll put out the flames as it, as it happens. we have to get the schools open. we have to get everything open. a lot of people don't want to do that for political reasons, not for other reasons. but if we had listened to joe biden, hundreds of thousands of additional lives would have been lost. and if you look at the job he did on swine flu, i looked at a poll -- they have polls on everything nowadays. they got very bad marks on the job they did on the swine flu. h1n1. he calls it n1h1. h1n1. god very poor marks from gal --
5:46 am
got very poor marks from gallup on the job they did on swine flu. and they stopped very early on testing. they totally stopped it. they just said stop. and, frankly, if we didn't test, you wouldn't have all the headlines because we're showing cases. and we have just about the lowest mortality rate. but if we did, think of this, if we didn't do testing, instead of testing over 40 million people if we did half the testing, have have half the cases. if we did another -- you cut that in half, we'd is have yet again half of that. but the headlines are always testing. now, the testing a good thing, but at the same time it's fodder for the fake news to report cases. so we're doing 40 million plus, it's going to be very close to 45 million people, and when i turned on the news, i see cases, cases, cases. e thaw don't talk about deaths being cut down to a level that
5:47 am
actually tenfold, i got that from one of the very respected media outlets. tenfold. cut tenfold. yes, but they don't talk about that. they talk about cases. and the cases are created because of the fact that we do tremendous tests. we have the best testing in the world. we now make ventilators for the world. we had very few ventilators. there wasn't one person in any hospital anywhere in this country that needed a ventilator that didn't get it. and that was because we mobilized to a level using the purchasing act in some cases, we mobilized to a level that nobody thought possible. nothing's happened like that since world war ii. our task force has done a great job. mike fence works so is hard -- mike pence works so hard, gets so little credit. sad to see, actually. the governors, would be on the phone with 50 different
5:48 am
governors, they tell us great job, and then they go to the media and say, hell, they didn't do such a good job. we made a lot of governors look fantastic. what we did in new york was one of the most incredible things. 2,800 beds in javits center, but the governor used very few of them, unfortunately. then we moved in one of our two great hospital ships, we moved one also to lang heless. and we could have used that for our senior is citizens, for our, for other people. they could have used it instead of sending our seniors back into nursing homes that were inconnectfected where you lost thousands of people. and it's a very sad thing to see and very sad to watch and very sad to look at those statistics. we have an incredible javits center that we built with thousands of beds; i think it was 2,800. all ready to go.
5:49 am
and they could have sent people there, or they could have sent senior citizens there instead of sending them into the nursing homes x. after all of that work, the army records of edge years -- corps of engineers. they built it in a matter of days. when it was all completed, fema, everybody was there. doctors, we ended up getting doctors. they said, we can't man it. i said, we'll man it and woman it. that's what we did. we brought in doctors, nurses, everything, we're all set. where are the people? very few people came in. they could have sent them into the javits center, to the hospital ship which was virtually unused, but we were there. by contrast, my administration acted very early to ban travel from china, from europe saving all of these lives. incredible. and i want everyone to know, i want with every citizen to know that we're using the full power
5:50 am
of the federal government to fight the china virus and to keep our people safe. through operation warp speed, we will deliver a vaccine in record-breaking time. we're doing very well on the vaccines. we have many, many different vaccines being studies right now, many of which are looking really good. and and we're ready to distribute the vaccine when we get it. we're all set. taking an economic risk of preparing for delivery, because we feel certain it's going to be there. logistically, we have military ready to go. that's all they do is distribute things, or a therapeutic, and it's coming out really bell very, very quickly having to do with the vaccines. we're also look with many other countries on the back soon. many countries are working for us.
5:51 am
joe biden didn't just side with china on the virus -- he did, he called me, again, xenophobic. that's what he said. you all heard it many times. he described the rise of china, quote, a very positive development. not a positive development, not for us, it's not. he said that the ideas china is our competition is really bizarre. he's really bizarre. he said china's not a problem, no. nobody's ripped us off more than china over the last 25, 30 years. nobody close. and he says china's not a problem. now he takes it all back. now he wants to be mr. tough guy. but for years, 47 years he never came out against china, never said anything wad. just the opposite. his son walked out with 1.5 billion money to invest. he'll make hundreds of thousands, maybe millions of dollars a year.
5:52 am
i asked one of the biggest people on wall street, maybe the biggest, that possible? he said, no, he's never seen it. but hunter, where is hunter, by the way? hunter biden walked out with $1.5 billion. in ukraine he got $83,000 a month and, guess, an up-front payment of $3,000. so he went from not having a job to getting $83,000 a month with a lot of money paid up front to work for bris ma. burisma. and you all know about burisma. but nothing happens, nobody cares. and if he was unemployeded, as you know, he was unfortunate forced to leave the military. didn't have a job, and all of a sudden waste making a fortune. nobody talks about that. indeed, biden expressed more fawning praise about china on an ordinary day than about america.
5:53 am
on the fourth of july, the last independence day, biden attacked the united united states and sae had, quote, never lived up to the ideals of our fathers, our forefathers or our founding fathers. those founding illinoiss, and yet he enthusiastically stated that china is a great nation, and we should hope for its continued expansion. well, we all wish well to china, but what china's unleashed on the world, it's hard to even fathom. i see people now, friends of mine. way walk up, they want to say hello, and they have to keep their distance and their all covered occupy like you all covered up with face masks. it's a different world but we're coming out on top. biden sides with america time and time again. and he said on the fourth of july american history is no
5:54 am
fairly tail. and yet blindly celebrates china saying few nations in history have come so far so fast. he's no sprowd of them. he's proud of them. in you joe biden is plushing a platform that would demolish the u.s. economy. so we built the greatest economy in the history of our country, greatest in the history of the world. that was a few months ago. best unemployment numbers ever. best for african-american, asian-american, hispanic-american. best for women, best for everybody. best for young people that didn't have a high schoolty moment saw, didn't have have a collegety moment ma. they had a diploma, they were really in good shape. the greatest ever stock market, highest ever in history. we had 143 days of all-time tock market highs in less than three
5:55 am
and a half years. and we had to close it down because we did the right thing by doing that, as i said. we saved millions of lives. but china was saying -- this is incredible, what's going on -- china was, for the first time, respecting the united states. and how they want to do something that's much different from joe biden. so so i've watched this, and i've watched it with great interest. we're building our economy again. i guess the stock market went up almost 5000 pointed today, something thereabouts. it's up a lot when i left. and our economy's coming back. we're am at a level before the very important, maybe the most important ever election of november 3rd. but long before that, we're close to to record stock markets again. the nasdaq hit an all-time high
5:56 am
for the 16th time. think of that, for the 16th time over the last month or so for the 16th time. so one of our markets already hit an all-time high. today joe biden gave a speech in which he said that the core of his economic agenda is a hard left crusade against american he wants to reenter the unfair, one-sided paris climate accord which will destroy us. at the expense of many other nations who benefit t was actually drawn in my opinion to take advantage of the united states. just like so many other deals that are done to take advantage of the fools running the united states. but this would do nothing for the environment but would cripple american industry while greatly helping china. he wants to impose massive energy taxes and job-crushing mandates to eliminate carbon
5:57 am
from the united states economy. let him define the word carbon because he won't be able to. obliterating american oil, clean coal, natural gas, and the natural energy resources that supply countless american jobs. joe biden put aoc, a young woman not talented in many ways, in charge of his energy plan. and the environment essentially her and bernie sanders, who ran a lot of times for president, never made it. good base but that's about it. in other words he wants to impose the green new deal on our country. when i first saw the green new deal i thought it was a joke. i said this will never go anywhere. now they're trying to impose it. this will destroy our country and make us non-competitive with other countries. don't forget we're in
5:58 am
competition with china and with many other countries throughout the world. we're in tremendous economic competition. including europe which has never treated us well. the european union was formed in order to take advantage of the night. they formed and they take advantage of the united states and, i know that. and they know i know that, but other presidents had no idea. last week joe biden released his unity platform developed with socialist bernie sanders, describing what he would do if elected president. the biden-sanders agenda is the most extreme platform of any major party nominee by far in american history. i think it is worse than actually bernie's platform it has gone so far right, he is doing that because he begging for that vote but one of the things i just asked my people to do, draw up for me quickly some of the things we've been hearing
5:59 am
about over the last couple of weeks. these are actual key elements of the biden-sanders unity platform. abolish immigration detention. no more detention. you come i >> no more detention. pres. trump: stop all deportations. so if we get a gang member which we take it out of by the thousands, brought them back to honduras, guatemala, can to do that anymore el salvador pretty cannot do that anymore. stop all need deportations. >> will that is it for us tonight. the present from the rose garden, reminder of my book how the president change the course of history. now available at the and barnes & noble. we hope you will join us then follow me on twitter.
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but man facebook and follow me on instagram. we thank you for being with us. and good night. sussex maria: good morning, everyone, happy wednesday to you, wednesday july 15th, finally tax day. your top stories 6:00 a.m. on the east coast. no more special status for hong kong. president trump signing an executive order to punish china over beijing's crack-down on hong kong. >> their freedom has been taken away and with it goes hong kong in my opinion because it will no longer be able to compete with free markets. i also signed executive order ending special treatment for hong kongment hong kong will now be treated the same as mainland ch


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