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tv   Lou Dobbs Tonight  FOX Business  July 15, 2020 5:00pm-6:01pm EDT

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way. sorry to put you up against the clock, but you're a pro, we appreciate it. tom bevan with real clear politics. thanks, everybody, for watching, melissa and i will see you same time tomorrow as "lou dobbs tonight" starts right now. lou: good evening, everybody. we begin with a number of important developments in the fight against the china virus pandemic. first, a number of what could be important breakthroughs in the race to create a vaccine against the china virus. the biotech company moderna working in partnership with the national institutes of health reporting promising signs from early human trials. the results of their phase one trial published in the new england journal of medicine. it is a small sample, but it does show all 45 people who participated in receiving the vaccine produced antibodies against the virus. that vaccine is expected to
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begin a larger phase three trial at the end of the month, some 30,000 people take part. two potential vaccines from u.s. pharmaceutical company pfizer have also been newly fast-tracked by the fda. trials underway as well for a vaccine from johnson & johnson as well as astrazeneca and novavax. all of those firms working at warp speed to get a vaccine to the american people as quickly as possible. the dow jones industrials reflecting investor approval, climbing 228 points. the s&p 500 up 29, the nasdaq rising 62 points. as for the pandemic itself, the number of cases in this country has been rising in 41 states as well as washington d.c. those cases have fallen or remain flat in nine other states. overall, the death rate is
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actually declining as testing and cases continue to increase. over the past two months, cases have risen 131% across the country while deaths have fallen by 58%. current data shows that altogether the china virus unleashed by the chinese communist party on the unsuspecting world has now killed 580,000 people worldwide. and infected almost 13.5 million. in this country china is responsible for the death of 136,000 americans and the infection of almost 3.5 million more. with cases rising all across the country, the picture of how the virus is being handled in different states is being painted in predictably partisan fashion by the left-wing national media. for months you may have suffered through a daily briefing from new york's radical dem governor
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andrew cuomo or perhaps even seen him joking on the our with his -- on the air with his cnn brother as thousands of his residents were dying from the virus. none of that touched, let alone altered, the media's coverage of the pandemic. the left-wing national media also giving california's radical dem governor gavin newsom a pass. you'd never know that california has the second highest number of cases in the country. the media's coverage has been dark and disparaging, however, when covering florida and texas. both those states run by, of course, republican governors who support president trump. how biased has the left-wing media been? very. with a combined population of nearly 51 million people, texas and florida have had just over 571,000 total confirmed cases of
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the china virus. 7700 deaths in total for both states. new york and california have a similar combined population, 59 million. but together they have almost 750,000 cases of the virus and approaching 40,000 total deaths. 40,000 versus 7,700. 31% more cases in new york and california compared to texas and florida, a stunning 410% more deaths. and where is the left-wing national media in its coverage? just where you would expect. and the incompetent radical dems are turning a blind eye to the savage reality of thosing decisions not to cover their -- those decisions not to cover their states. it is those same luminaries of the left who are pushing to keep children out of school in the fall. former obama education secretary arne duncan was asked repeatedly on fox news this morning to cite data in support of his warnings
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against reopening schools in the fall. this is how even he responded. >> what specific data are you relying on to say that we can't put our kids back to school? >> it's, again, it's not just children, it's children and adults. and in communities where it's spiking, that's not a safe place for our kids to be. lou: and that's pure nonsense. duncan couldn't cite anything, no data, because the data points in exactly the opposite direction of his narrative. here is dr. scott atlas, the former neurology chief at stanford medical center, and he has the facts. >> we know at this point if you believe in the science, the science says that 99.97% of deaths in the u.s. are in people over 15, 99.9% are in people over 24.
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everywhere in the western world has shown that children to not transmit significantly to adults, even their own participants. you either believe -- parents. you either believe the science or not. lou: yeah, the science in absolute opposition to the national left-wing media. of course, that is disturbing to the left because the presidential election might be influenced more than slightly if schools are, in fact, closed for political reasons. it won't be for scientific reasons at all. the two largest school districts in have chosen not to come back to the classroom this fall. that should not be a surprise, but it is, well, sad. the california department of health shows no child under age 18 has died from the china virus. radical dem leaders in california and elsewhere are allowing those political decisions to move ahead without any basis in science, without any basis in fact.
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they are playing politics over the education of your children. well, today president trump tore into democratic leaders who have allowed crime and violence to run ram pant in their streets -- rampant in their streets. next week he will have a major announcement on how his administration will help control the violence and protect citizens who are vulnerable. >> we'll have another announcement next week, the attorney general, the fbi and others concerning our cities because the left-wing group of people that are running our cities are not doing the job they're supposed to be doing, and it's not a tough job if they knew what then doing. we'll be talking about that next week and probably have an announcement as to what we're planning to do to help them. they're supposed to be asking for help, and they don't want to ask. so maybe they're proud or maybe they think it's bad politically, but we can't have happen what's
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happening. lou: the president's comments come as violence in new york city continues to surge. early this morning one person was killed, five others wounded in a shooting in brooklyn. thirteen shootings in new york city over just the past 24 hours. the increase in violence includes the shooting death of a 1-year-old baby this weekend. it has black leaders in new york now calling for the city to reevaluate its elimination of the nypd anti-crime unit. that's right, mayor de blasio closed down the anti-crime unit. what a genius. this socialist mayor is. some local community leaders are expressing support for police. the void in city leadership has new york's finest very concerned that they will be punished if they're proactive and the danger that comes with the lack of
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policing. nypd chief of department terence monaghan said this, quote: there is a feeling on the street that the police are handcuffed, that they're not out there as aggressively as we were in the past. the new law that was passed by the city council has cops hesitant. they feel that they a may be arrested if they take some proactive type enforcement. the disbanding of anti-crime, obviously, has had a huge effect. those are our best cops out on the street grabbing guns. so there's a feeling that it's safe now to carry a gun on the street. the criminals in new york feel safe carrying guns or any other weapon. today on the brooklyn bridge three nypd officers were clubbed over the head by violent protesters. this is incredible. finish -- in chicago 14 people were shot tuesday including at least five teenagers. two of the people shot in chicago were killed.
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president trump says enough is enough. >> look at what's happened in new york. crime is up, shootings are up at numbers that nobody's ever seen before. look at chicago, what a disaster s. and we're waiting for them to call us, because we're all set to go. we have the fbi, we have homeland security, we have everybody ready to go. we have the national guard. they're all ready to go. lou: and the citizens in these cities are not calling for anyone to be impeached, not calling for any of their mayors or city council to be impeached. they are accepting unending violence on their streets and in their neighborhoods. it's truly astonishing. finish president trump's comments come as violent protests go on in, well, portland, oregon, for an incredible sixth straight week of violence leading the department of homeland security to send in federal agents now to
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guard federal government buildings in portland. but portland's democratic mayor, ted wheeler, is demanding the feds back off. listen to this, this man. wheeler tweeted: i told the acting secretary that my biggest immediate concern is the violence federal officers brought to our streets in recent days and the life-threatening tactics his agents use. we do not need or want their help. the best thing they can do is stay inside their building or leave portland altogether. our goal is to end these violent demonstrations quickly and safely. and in the meantime, i asked him to clean up the graffiti on local federal facilities. mayor ted wheeler obviously thinks he's a very cute fellow. i wonder what the citizens of portland think as they have to live with the violence in their community. up next, president trump announces a major success in the administration's fight against ms-13. white house senior adviser
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lou: breaking news now, primary candidates backed by president trump emerging victorious last night in two states. tommy tuberville, the former auburn football coach, easily e beat former attorney general jeff sessions in alabama. the president campaigning against sessions, as you probably will know, vigorously. tuberville will face doug jones in a closely-watched race as all will be closely-watched races this election day. ronny jackson, former white house physician, beat out josh wine garner in texas' e 13th house district. he's now the favorite to fill the seat of retiring congressman mac thornberry e. here's what president trump had to say about both races. >> i don't think the people of alabama are happy with their representation in the senate.
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and tommy is going to be a great senator. it was a tremendous win for tommy night. i'm very happy about it. and also a tremendous win for ronny jackson, very, very amazing, somebody you all know is ronnie jackson. admiral ronny and doc ronny, we call him a lot of different things, but everybody agrees they respect ronny jackson a lot. lou: president trump closing a polling gap with china joe biden. in the latest rasmussen reports poll, the president trails biden by only three points, within the margin of error, that poll, down from ten points just a week ago. president trump also cutting into biden's lead among independents. the president trailing biden among independents by only six points, twice that number week. the latest nbc/"wall street journal" poll shows biden's lead widening.
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and president trump today announced his administration has successfully carried out an operation targeting the violent ms-13 street gang. >> we're here today to provide an update on my administration's all-out campaign to destroy ms-13, a vile and evil gang of people. we've just concluded a historic operation leading to the arrest and indictment of dozens of savage ms-13 members and leaders all across the country. so this is something that's taken place over the last few days. i.c.e. has deported over 16,000 gang members and arrested over 2,000 members of ms-13. more than 20 of of the criminals we indicted and arrested in the past seven days were illegal aliens. yesterday e for the first time the eastern district of virginia, thank you very much, indicted ms-13 leaders on charges of terrorism. doj has also announced that it will seek the death penalty for a blood thirsty ms-13 leader
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responsible for the despicable killing of seven americans including two teenage girls. lou: well, joining us now, senior policy adviser to president trump steven miller. steven, great to have you on the show. congratulations on the ms-13 operation. starting to see a number of good strong, positive results from that focus. will we see that continue for some time? >> lou, great to be here. today was a historic day. one of the largest and most successful ms-13 operations in american history was carried
5:20 pm
out, and the soulless barbarian that hacked to death two girls in new york is now going to be facing the death poem few. and for the first time ever, one of these bar bares is being charged with terrorism because that's what this is, international terrorism. and so what you're seeing here, lou, is a contrast. you have this president taking out criminal gangs and terrorists at record speed and with record force and focus. and then you have the radical left, the liberal mayors, the crazy socialists unleashing violence and mayhem upon our cities. that's the choice that every american faces. public safety under this president or haw -- lawless mayhem under the radical left. lou: it is a stark choice and nowhere more emblematic of that choice than in portland, oregon, where that mayor wheeler has basically told the feds he doesn't want them in his pristine city which is being savaged by antifa, black lives matter and other activists and street criminals for six straight weeks without -- six straight weeks. nowhere in the country have we seen that occur. they take at least a night off
5:21 pm
everywhere. but not in portland. and the citizens apparently don't want to ruffle feathers and demand that that mayor get the hell out of town. i don't understand it, do you? >> well, i can say that i suspect that there is a strong and growing silent majority in this country that is ready to clean house of these leftist mayors that are subjecting their citizens to tortuous violence. and i suspect that you will see a wave, an electoral wave crash over this whole leftist movement of defund the police, a abolish law enforcement, force sanctuary cities down the throat of the country and appoint prosecutors, quote, social justice prosecutors who won't even enforce the law. when people pick up the paper and see these headlines, they understand the choice hat never been more -- has never been more clear. president trump announced today even though these liberal mayors
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are refusing our request to come into the city, they're refusing our weapon is rouse hand offering help, we're going to be making a major announcement next week about how this president will be using the authorities of the federal government to come to the rescue of these long-suffering citizens. lou: stephen, my question, i guess, would be if the citizens aren't demanding help and are willing to accept violence at the level they are, the federal government going in you and i both know how it'll be painted, the president using executive power to crush the city despite the disa avowal and disapproval of the city's leaders. how do you get over that particular conundrum? >> what i can tell you is that mom and dad and citizens of all walks of life whether you're talking about manhattan, chicago or any part of this country,
5:23 pm
atlanta, they support the police, they support law enforcement. and they want federal law enforcement to enforce the law to the fullest extent possible. they want gang members behind bars. they want the killers murdering these children to be behind bars. that's what they're looking for. and this will be overwhelming public support for a robust federal law enforcement presence to keep cities safe, to keep families safe, to keep communities safe. that's what this is about. the right of every kid to be able to walk around their neighborhood without having to worry about getting hit by a stray bullet, the right of every parent to put their kids to sheep at night not worrying about their home getting broken into or windows smashed. these are basic civil rights. and the job of the federal government is to uphold those civil rights. yes, the social justice prosecutors are going to make it much more difficult, but this president will never waver in his duty to defend the american people. lou: isn't there the a role here for the justice department? when you have city governments that are just simply throwing
5:24 pm
their citizens to the wolves as is mayor de blasio in new york, the man is obviously -- talk about cognitive dissonance -- >> he is very unwell, very unwell. lou: he is trashing this city every day and strips the police department of a billion dollars and then of all of the departments to kill, he kills the anti-crime unit. stephen, this is a community that is, as i said, is being thrown to the wolfe by it socialist -- wolves by its socialist mayor. >> well, i can ais sure you that the department of justice will be vigorously involved in creating safety, peace and order in our cities. every day thousands of federal agents whether it's i.c.e., atf, dea, if fbi, they go to work every morning, and they police the streets and put dangerous offenders behind bars. and if under this president, that's how we reduced violent
5:25 pm
crime for the first time at level seen in decades. and we did that by applying federal law enforcement and using the tools that congress has passed over a series of years, putting gun offenders behind bars, felons carrying weapons behind bars. so, yes, the doj will be very involved in, ultimately, what we're going to be announcing, what we're going to be doing. as will i.c.e. because you have sanctuary cities all over this country releasing violent criminals, and we're going to get them off the streets and back home. and one more thing that i will say is let's never forget it was the obama/biden administration that allowed ms-13 into this country for eight straight years unimpeded. they unleashed these killers into our communities, and they have never apologized to the families, the communities and the schools that were subject to this senseless violence. this isn't a left/right issue at least for normal americans. you may have radical left
5:26 pm
politicians, but normal americans don't want to see this violence. lou: or have to live in fear of it. just as we wrap up here, black lives matter, why isn't there a justice department investigation into that organization? it's not a nonprofit. it's receiving money directly from the democratic party which is receiving tax-deducted money and then driving it to black lives matter. it just doesn't make sense that this should be going on. we've got about 30 seconds. >> that's a great question. i know we're running out of time, so i think we'll have to dig into that deeper next time, but i can say this. we're not going to allow radical organizations, marxist organizations to deprive americans be they black, white, hispanic, liberal, conservative of their basic civil rights to be safe and secure in their cities and homes.
5:27 pm
lou: it's interesting that they don't put in their motto e marxist lives matter as well. you would think a marxist organization would, but there it is. stephen miller, thank you very much. up next, we take up the trump administration's latest actions against huawei with sebastian gorka. stay with us, we'll be right back. ♪ ♪ don't just think about where you're headed this summer. think about how you'll get there. and now that you can lease or buy a new lincoln remotely or in person... discovering that feeling has never been more effortless. accept our summer invitation to get 0% apr on all 2020 lincoln vehicles. only at your lincoln dealer.
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♪ ♪ lou: secretary of state pompeo today imposed visa restrictions against employees of chinese technology companies for their role in violating human rights in hong kong. pompeo singling out huawei for its record of abuse. secretary pom paw owe also reiterating the administration's tough new stance against chinese expansion in the south china sea. the chinese propaganda out let
5:32 pm
global times calling for the people's army to prepare for confrontations with the united states in the south china sea. our next guest just appointed by president trump to serve as a member of the national security education board, we're joined by sebastian gorka, host of the salem radio program america first, best selling author, former strategist to president trump. good to have you with us, seb. let's turn, first, to the chinese and the global times, their mouthpiece, saying it's time to prepare for military confrontation in the south china sea. this is, this is an ominous sort of warning. are there any teeth to go with this kind of, of a bellicose remark? >> lou, great to be on the show. if there were a military engagement, an overt one not a covert one in terms of espionage or anything else, but an actual shooting war with china, they
5:33 pm
would lose very, very rapidly, and they know that. this is a paper tiger in terms of military capability. we have 12 nuclear aircraft carriers, and this president would take any military threat very seriously and crush those chinese assets. but this is, you know, par for the course from beijing. they have lost a huge strategic campaign with huawei being banned from the 5g networks in the u.k. which is thanks to the work of this national security council. today i was in the white house, and i spoke to the people who convinced the british -- and this is a big win for both the u.k. and the u.s. lou: and it is also a win that has to be won in other, in other nations as well. this is just too important to permit any more of the chinese nonsense. they've been very effective and the united states has been very apathetic to this point in responding to the threat of huawei, zte and the chinese
5:34 pm
corporate global community that is working for the motherland full time all the time. let's talk about these elections. the president endorsing jackson in texas and endorsing tuberville in alabama. he's two for two there. >> he is. we discussed this today in the oval. it's a massive slap on the face for the former attorney general who disastrously recused himself at the beginning of the russia investigation. a man who really had to stand down, jeff sessions refused to do so, and the people of alabama sent him a very clear message. also for dr. jackson, a big, big win. i think this will have the dnc and the democrats very, very worried in the 110 days until the election, especially after the mount rushmore speech by the president. lou: a great speech, indeed.
5:35 pm
the rushmore speech drove liberals nuts. i hope the president continues on those themes every single day of the week. your counsel to the president about how to win this election. >> that's very simple. we have an incredible job, brad parscale, mapping the aspects of who we have to target, but that's not enough. that's having the tube of the pipeline, we have to have the crude oil flowing down it. what is that crude oil? it's the message. it used to be about the economy, then covid hit, then it was about china and punishing china. now it's all changed, lou. in the last six weeks, it's about law and order. it's about stopping people in america shooting 1-year-old children in their strollerrings. it's about stop -- stroll theres. it's about stopping people taking down our historical monuments, it's about law and order. lou: you know, i hope you're right. i have seen these democrat-led
5:36 pm
cities where this violence breaks out, their citizens are so apathetic as to almost be indifferent to the violence on their streets and in their neighborhoods. it's remarking. sebastian gorka, thanks for being here. a reminder, my new book, "the trump century: how our president changed the course of history forever," available for preorder now at up next, one of our favorite people here, lindsey graham, says he's hell bent on getting to the bottom of obamagate. i wonder when that'll start? we take it up next. congressman devin nuñes joins us. for any amount you choose instead of buying by the share. all with no commissions. stocks by the slice from fidelity. get your slice today.
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♪ muck. lou: we don't often bring up rino senator lindsey graham's name on this broadcast, but he says he is, quote, hell bent on getting to the bottom of obamagate and that he will press robert mueller on the fisa application errors and the fbi's reverse aal in its intention to drop the general flynn case which is still the unresolved thanks to the federal judiciary and a corrupt prosecutorial effort by the justice department. graham saying, quote: the time has come for us to look at the other side of the story. stay tuned. there's a lot -- there's going to be a lot of stuff come out. these are eloquenting words
5:41 pm
filled with passion. you can almost feel the energy as he uttered them. he's said it before, i guess is what he's been working on. there is still no timeline as to if or when mueller will be call by graham to testify or for that matter why he hasn't gotten to the bottom of obamagate yet since he said he would do so a year ago. well, joining us now is congressman devin nuñes, ranking member of the house intelligence committee, member of the house ways and means committee, a man who does what he says he's going to do and has been doing it for the past three that have years. three and a half years. congressman, great to have you with us. i know there's got to be some discomfort when you hear me sort of goad senator graham, but we have seen so much unctuous, asinine nonsense from him when he sits on the most powerful, one of the most powerful committees in the senate. is there, is there a, is there a
5:42 pm
chance in hell that he will do what he said? >> well, look, i'm hopeful that both senator graham and senator johnson, who are, i know, trying to bring people in and do depositions, as it relates to mueller, i said this yesterday on fox business, there needs to be a subpoena immediately sent for mueller. this guy was so far out of bounds, what he did was so corrupt and, in fact, i'm quite sure he did not write that op-ed on friday night. just like he wasn't running the investigation that went on for two years. so, you know, when he came before the congress about a year ago, almost a year ago now -- lou: right. >> -- he clearly didn't even know what was in his own report. you know, and when he got to investigating roger stone and jerome corps i, these political gaslights, why didn't he investigate fusion gps? why did he not figure out it was
5:43 pm
fusion gps and the clinton campaign that had been talking to christopher steele who was talking to russia? there was your russian meddling that you had in this election. so he was never, he was supposed to look at russia collusion when, in fact, he knew the trump campaign from the day he walked in the door that there was, there was nothing there. so, you know, i don't know what senator graham, senator johnson are going to do but, look, we have to continue, lou -- i take their calls, i give them all the information that i possibly can just like i continue to make criminal referrals to the justice department. lou: right. well, and the chairman of the intelligence committee, adam schiff, let's focus on what he said. what we have not yet had -- if we could put up this quote, please -- what we have not yet had full visibility on not barr's use of the shield to protect corruption writ large of his boss. this man wants to be a playwright, are you cudding me?
5:44 pm
donald -- kidding me? donald trump, how he may be using the power of the justice department, i mean, what do you do with him? >> well, look -- lou: bob mueller is obviously impaired and this guy is obviously confused. at least his language is. >> look, this is nothing new. all you have to do is take whatever they're saying, you know, whatever they accuse you of is actually a what they're doing. is so who took advantage of the justice department? lou: right. >> it was the democrats. you know, i still want to know when do the democrats, when did pelosi and her crew know in 2016 about the dossier of trump-russia collusion? i mean, because we knew at the time that senate democratic leader, now-retired harry reid, he was briefed on this in august of '16. no republicans knew about this. except for john mccain later in the fall. so this is, these are all questions that remain. they need to be answered.
5:45 pm
when we continue to fight every single day, lou, to get these answers. i want you and your viewers to know there's not a day goes by, seven days a week, me and my team, the house republicans, are working on this, and we will work with anyone who wants to get to the truth. lou: and i want to ask you about that very quickly, we've got just a few seconds here remaining. but john durham's investigation, i want to take your temperature as i always do on whether or not you now think something will come of it and will it be before the election. >> yeah, look, i'm confident that durham's doing a thorough investigation. people have to remember this is a sprawling investigation that stretches on from 2015 to the mueller probe. so he's got to get it right. what i worry about is this next election is critical because if biden somehow was to pull off a victory here, all of this will be buried, and we will then be left with a totally the corrupt department of justice and fbi that will never get fixed and
5:46 pm
will take this country into a level of chaos that we have not seen if these prosecutions are not brought and people are not held to justice and put in jail. lou: with that statement, how in the world could the attorney general and durham not bring charges before the election? >> well, look, i think they will. i think they know that they -- and i think they can. i'm not worried about this whole political issue because these are people that are not politicians. these are people that supposedly were working for our government. so these are not people that would sway the november election one way or the other. so i think they should bring it even if it's october 15th. lou: well, and the american people should always go to the polls with the best current information they have -- >> absolutely. lou: -- [inaudible] that their government has been. congressman nunes, always great to talk with you. thanks so much, good to see you. up next, taxpayer-funded
5:47 pm
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♪ ♪ lou: a quick reminder about my new book coming out soon, "the
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trump century." how our president changed the course of history forever, it's available for preorder at, amazon and barnes & noble as well. the smithsonian institution's national museum of african-american history and culture wants to have a discussion on race and what a way to start the discussion. one of the topics in that effort is whiteness. the museum saying, quote: whiteness and the normalization of white racial identity throughout america's history has created a culture where non-white persons are seen as inferior or abnormal. according to the museum, among the aspects of whiteness or white culture in america are self-reliance, the nuclear family, objective and rational linear thinking, hard work is key to success and respect authority, plan for the future. progress is always best -- the
5:52 pm
phrase tomorrow will be better and be polite. well, joining us now is bob woodson, former civil rights activist who headed the national urban league's department of justice, he helps residents in low income neighborhoods and, bob, i think you're a dog lover as well. [laughter] is that your mutt? >> yes, it is. lou: well, you know, for us dog lovers, that's music, so we're delighted to hear it. bob, let's turn to the smithsonian. what are they doing? they sound like they're trying to indoctrinate, for crying out loud, rather than run a museum. >> lou, let me tell you something, if this is a statement that was released by the white citizens council or the ku klux klan saying that blacks are defined by, that somehow -- it would be outrage. but where is the civil rights leadership in condemning this kind of trash? i mean, this is, this is
5:53 pm
really -- i can't find words to express my outrage that middle class and upper income black intellectuals would true to impose standards, substandards of behavior and expectations on a group of people but not their own children. i bet they are not giving this nasty message to their own children. the hard work is being white, individualism being white. objectivity, the nuclear family is being white. that is the most destructive message i can imagine. i think everybody associated with the publication needs to be fired. they need to be fired. lou: yeah, i, i am stunned that they would push forward that, that indoctrination and to what purpose, i e have no idea. it's racist in the extreme. the smithsonian is better than
5:54 pm
that and should be, without question, dealing with this issue forthwith. i couldn't agree with you more. i want to turn, too, to the madness we're seeing in new york city. and you and i keep talking about this, but it keeps happening. portland, oregon, six straight weeks of violence and street crime. it's outrageous. in new york city in the past 24 hours, five people shot. the murders continue in chicago, and we have black lives matter painted on the street? who do, who do they think they're kidding here? it's -- this is becoming a real cry -- crisis. >> it really is. and we've said before there's a correlation between police nullification and police vilification. and they're withdrawing from these communities with the consequence that the murder rate is going to soar. and that's what's happening around the country.
5:55 pm
and jessica dodtty whitaker, a young 21-year-old mother, got into an argument with a black lives matter protester in end yap risker and they broke -- indianapolis, and they broke them up. he shot this young mother in the head and left her dead because she dared say that all lives matter. this is, this is how sad -- lou: it's, it is truly tragic, it is sad beyond description. and to be posing as some or sorf conflict ideological when, in point of fact, it's outright hate in our streets. we'll be right back with robert woodson. stay with us.
5:56 pm
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♪. lou: we're back now with bob woodson. bob, what can we do about this divide between the races? >> well, i think first of all, internally the black community they have to stop. 11-year-old devin mcneil was killed. his mother led a rally in d.c. said no justice, no sleep. she led a rally internally until those killers were turned in. so that is what we've got to support solutions from within. lou: all right. bob. thank you so much. we'll see you next week. that's it for us tonight. a reminder my new book,
6:00 pm
"the trump century." it is available for preorder now at tomorrow education secretary betsy devos, congressman jim jordan among our guests. please join us. thanks for being with us. good night from sussex. ♪. elizabeth: president trump at this hour on his way back to the white house from atlanta after talking about fast tracking new transportation infrastructure tonight, donald trump senior advisor mercedes schlapp joins us on trump tearing into joe biden. president trump getting pushback for saying quote, that biden has gone radical left but we've got the sound from recognizable names that you know saying, yes the plan is to pull biden far from the center. we welcome former nypd commissioner bernie kerik on this growing movement. people taking to the streets to rally in support of police officers. it is the


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