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tv   The Evening Edit  FOX Business  July 16, 2020 11:00pm-12:01am EDT

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sheriff, darrell daniels, pastor robert jeffress among our guests tomorrow. please join us. my new book, "the trump century," how the president changed the course ♪ liz: president trump today talking about his big push on deregulation to get the government out of the way and get the economy moving as a president is now getting set to potentially make a big announcement next week, possibly involving sending federal officials in to stop a crime league now slamming u.s. cities because he says "democrat leaders of these cities have lost control." deputy assistant to the president smith with us from the white house on that and on the story we broke here first last night. the country's most powerful police group endorsing president trump after it had backed biden
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in 2008 and 2012. the fallout for the biden campaign we have taken on. columnist and radio show host david webb a shocking video taken right outside of new york city new york city city hall. it appears to show protesters brazing late getting a shipment of baseball bats in front of city hall before anti-cop activist attacked a peace march led by religious leaders and police leaders across the brooklyn bridge. they were calling for an end to the staggering increase in violence. we have that story. tonight, former acting director of national intelligence on obama administration officials ignoring and dismissing u.s. intelligence authorities, career veterans who are raising the red flag early on. they were warning that information the fbi was using, alleging a trump russia conspiracy was false. saying it was laced with russia
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disinformation. also with us, morgan ortega. state department spokesman person. talking about attorney general william bar today. lecturing and attacking americans as failing and social justice. hollywood turns around and edits back its own movies in order to appease china. the world's most powerful violator of human rights. and the fbi trump russia probe taking even more hits to its credibility. now this. lindsay graham says the public has a right to see a key fbi memo that details how a russian source or christopher steele was telling the fbi that they were being misled with unreliable information from christopher steele about trump. at fbi official went ahead anyway did surveillance on the trump team. eggs are joining us. i am elizabeth mcdonald. "the evening edit" starts right now. ♪
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welcome to the show. you are watching the foxbusiness network. thanks for joining us. president trump wrapping up at the white house a short time ago. talking about the efforts his administration has taken to get the economy moving again. let's head right to edward lawrence in washington, d.c. with all the latest. edward. >> yeah, liz, president donald trump holding this event trying to remind people, letting people know his administration has cut to regulation for one new regulation that was created. the administration saying that has a $50 billion into companies and regulatory costs. the president trying to let everyone know making sure that they remember that. listen to this. >> with each regulation we cut, we are not only returning the money and power to our citizens, we are draining the washington swamp and they are not happy
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about it. >> the president has tweeted about the swamp that he wants to drain over the past month. the white house and the president will not stop tweeting even though twitter faced a massive hack just 24 hours ago. >> they have been in constant contact with twitter over the last 18 hours to keep twitter secure. the president twitter feed. the president will remain on twitter, but his account will be secure not jeopardize during these attacks. >> off the couch from former vice president joe biden, bill gates. posting a link for a bitcoin scam. they are calling for hearing now on the hacking of twitter. the bottom line, twitter says an employee was targeted and allowed hackers access. the fbi says it is involved in investigating saying "we advise a public not to fall victim of this scam by sending crypto currency or money in relation to this incident.
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this investigation is ongoing". the face of ruth bader ginsburg after spending two nights in the hospital, the supreme court justices now resting at home. she had a procedure to clean out a stent. doctor say she came through it okay. she has been on the bench for about as long as we have been alive, liz. twenty-seven years. back to you. liz: thanks for the flattery. good to have you on. it is less than four months from election day. let's get you updated on this. president trump did announce a major shakeup to his reelection. longtime campaign manager. we have negative polling numbers coming in from quinnipiac against the president. you just heard the president touting his economic record and has pushed to get the economy moving again. let's watch this. >> no administration in history has removed more red tape more quickly to rescue the economy
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and to help protect the health of our people. >> let's welcome deputy assistant to president trump. your reaction to the president here on his record. >> i think the president has shown the leadership the last four years. getting rid of old regulation that leads back to prosperity. our team has been focused on getting the economy back going in creating an opportunity for .ll america.rica. z: e es the thing t. nmou thnmthniversni is sayingayg terss sg, sait w w axen pylva pa second,ndherump t voter doe lk to pol, d,oe,, not n rey theyyilly v fotore aocratococ hoc h hd, sai s satct deat crats,cr tathecr patollsollsl undercount touruntmp vot.. theythey notchru ter w pulle the ler here is the other story, i want your reaction to this, americans want to feel safe. when you look at the polls they routinely say we need to feel
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safe, we want the economy to prosper. what is your action to the largest lease group endorsing the president last night and not joe biden after it endorsed no biden in 2008 and 2012 on the obama ticket. >> i'm not shocked at all. the president has been focused on public safety and protecting the police officers. he does things like support making sure we do not get rid of qualified immunity. then making sure we have due process when we are dealing with bad cops. those are all things that they support. as well as other police groups like fop. we think that law enforcement, the key to creating public safety, and, also, creating opportunities in our industries and most distressed communities across the country. >> i want your reaction to the leader of the national association of police organizations. 41,000 cops representing that thousands of police organizations. let's listen to this leader explained to us why they are supporting trump. watch this.
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>> there are many issues that president trump has supported that is of the utmost importance to the rank and file. officers throughout the united states that we represent. as a result of this screening process, which took place earlier today, we proudly announce our endorsement for president trump. president trump addressed the whole board on monday. the same opportunity was given to vice president biden and as to why the actual participation did not occur, i would defer you to the vice president and or the leadership of his campaign. liz: it is striking that the biden campaign did not even address them. your reaction? >> at the end of the day, we want to make sure our police department get the resources they need to do their jobs and keep communities safe.
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i think any individual, if they're back is against the wall, and they have a problem in their community, i am calling 911. you want those first responders to be able to show up and help you feel safe. especially if you are under attack. i think the president recognizes that. we even celebrated them this week when a couple zeros saved lives of americans throughout the country. >> we talked about what was going on in new york city and the mayor, bill de blasio, he says he is "ruining new york." watches. >> he will completely annihilate the city. he is bringing them off of rikers. he is not putting anybody in jail for things they have done. he has handcuffed the cops completely handcuffed the cops from doing the job they have to do. as a result, we are seeing
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systemic slaughter of black men and women in the communities of color and he is not doing a damn thing about it. >> let's watch the -- watch a former news underwritten missouri governor and the chief of police in seattle. watches. >> our city council, mayor's office and state legislature have handcuffed police officers and given the street back to the criminal. >> as a navy s.e.a.l., this is what you expect to happen in places like iraq and afghanistan, but, unfortunately, now it is happening in places like st. louis and cities across the country. last night we had semi automatic gunfire bringing out in the daylight at a crowded intersection at a place where people used to take their family >> taking 50% of the cops off the street. they don't have a plan, right, to do anything to maintain
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public safety in the meantime. liz: yes, seattle talking about cutting its police budget in half. your reaction to all the soundbites you just heard. >> you cannot politicize public safety. public safety is essential for all americans to achieve the american dream. when you see a 1-year-old or 4-year-old getting shot, we need our law enforcement officers to be there to protect the families this has not happened overnight. this stuff is in the making. they should be held accountable. accountable to those people to make sure they approve the safety of those communities and also work on creating opportunities for those citizens people are frustrated with some of the leadership in the political activism against the police. it needs to stop. the president is willing to step in and do something. >> all right. thank you for joining us. >> thank you so much, liz. liz: okay. president trump said he will make an announcement,
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potentially next week. it may involve sending in federal officials to stop a historic crime wave now hitting american cities as a president says "democrats have lost control." david webb is sounding off on that next. >> also, the president signing into law the law enforcement mental health and wellness act. he has advocated on our behalf on a continuous basis. not only from the oval office, but throughout his administratitititi - hey, can i... - safe drivers save 40%!!! guys! guys! safe drivers save 40%!!! safe drivers save 40%! safe drivers save 40%!!! that's safe drivers save 40%. it is, that's safe drivers save 40%. - he's right there. - it's him! safe drivers do save 40%. click or call for a quote today. but what if you could stdo better than that?k. safe drivers do save 40%. like adapt. discover. deliver. in new ways. to new customers. what if you could come back stronger?
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fidelity. ♪ liz: welcome back. president trump said he would make an announcement next week. it could potentially involve sending in federal officials to stop a historic crime wave now hitting american cities like new york and chicago. the president says "democrats have lost control". this as a police vehicle was set on fire outside the supreme court yesterday in washington, d.c. we have seen video taken right outside of new york city hall. it appears to show protesters pmand writers getting a shipment of baseball bats right before anti-cop activists attack a peace march across the brooklyn bridge yesterday. that peace march was calling for an end to the staggering eincrease and gun violence that is killing people and killing children.
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people shot dead. including a 1-year-old baby boy brooklyn. it was led by christian, muslim, jewish faith leaders as well. law enforcement, police unions and black for social justice. it is unclear if these are the same baseball bats. police officer said four officers were injured, including the chief of the nypd. he has fired up. certainly mad about this. david webb. post of the david webb show. great to have you back on. your reaction to this. >> what we see growing is an environment where the police are the targets and those criminals, because that is what you are when u.s. all the police officer, are a emboldened to cay out those actions. they do not fear retribution in the casen of new york from bill de blasio and his administration. they don't fear retributionon in seattle, in atlanta, in d.c. in this environment where we are
11:18 pm
in a crimeware crime typically b spikes, the summer with a hot day, hot nights, hot weekends. the lack of fear of authority and disrespect for authority plays out in the communities. this has immense thought to a community because crime drives business out. it harms the community. it increases the danger to live there. it increases the cost of living in these cities because when businesses leave, joblessness rises. as a result, taxes go down, tax revenues go down. vathe cycle leads economic devastation if it goes far enough. liz: yep. e i want to get to this. the head of the new york state troopers police benevolent roassociation he is saying state troopers will get out of new york city since de blasio has lost control. he signed into law legislation that will cut local law enforcement. we have been reported that
11:19 pm
mexico is battling its most violent drug cartel to date. it is setting up shop drug distribution centers. l.a., chicago and new york. the justice department brought charges against the ms-13 gang. twenty-two members charge. one guy getting hit with a death penalty. another with terrorism charges. this is what the cities are dealing with. this is what the federal government is dealing with. this is what the trump administration is dealing with. i want to show also indianapolis police releasing images of people involved. may have witnessed the murder of jessica whitaker. the young mother and nurse shot dead in front of her fiancé. probably getting push back on sending federal officials in. your reaction to that expected coming push back against that. >> with the powers given to the tpresident, the executive and it does exist, despite what they tell you, it is time for the
11:20 pm
president to take a strongerin stand than what is allowed. agencies work together. stay police can bring certain things to the table. working across agency lines, county lines, jurisdictions. that is important. when they leave, you lose the resource from the nypd. it is important to have these agencies working together. as far as a federal government, there are a lot of tools they can employ, including federal funding form these programs that existed outside and long before they had agents of the federal government in the sense that they were in concert with them. we have got to have some action. if these communities go down further and further, and every american citizen has talked about this and it's about time we have some coronation.
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>> american voters getting the information about how many. ucla -- due to covid-19 fears. there are questions about crimes being committed again. your reaction to that. you think americans are aware of what is on? the mac i think they are aware but maybe they are not getting the numbers properly presented to them. on the radio every day have a little more time. let me say this. it is a multiplier effect. if you have the environment we've talked about where people are emboldened to attack police come up criminals being let out of jail, other criminal still on the street, coronavirus did not kill criminality. when you out all that together, they commit not one, not to, but multiple crimes, not just the murders, the robberies, the assaults, when you look at this, look at your neighborhoods around americaca where crime is
11:22 pm
growing and people are stealing packages off of front doors or whatever. this leads to more criminality. again, you pay the price when the businesses, the communities go downob and you don't have a job. liz: right. right. david webb, thanks for joining us. come back soon. >> anytime. liz: coming up. this big reveal. rick grenell. he is saying obama officials ignored really early warning signs, early red flags from career veteran. career veterans in the intelligence ahey were warning that early on the trump russian collusion negative was completely false. they were ignored. we have a man who tells the public the truth. rick grenell joined us next. ♪ ♪
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xfinity. the future of awesome. ♪ liz: the trump russia pro. where the early warning signs, the red flags raised early on to officials and to the fbi led by james comey. information they were using to do surveillance on the trump team was false. information alleging a
11:27 pm
conspiracy between russia and the 2016 campaign. where these intelligence veterans career veterans. did obama officials ignore them, dismiss them and why? let's welcome the former ambassador to germany rick grenell. great to have you on, sir. what is your reaction? >> thanks for having me. it is a pleasure to be here. the ways of washington are to hold information in your hands and then define it for the public and never let the public see the actual documents. that is exactly what is been happening. we have had politicians for years. let me be very clear, republicans have done this, democrats have done this. lately it has been largely adam schiff that has done this. he knows specifically what information there is that show early on in this whole russian probe.
11:28 pm
the whole steel dossier russian collusion narrative. he knew that there were voices inside the intelligence community. career of officials that were raising red flags and saying i think russia is pushing isopaganda here. this does not make sense. this does not add up. the steel dossier is not what you are saying it is. those early red flags were ignored and those individuals within the intelligence community that raised those red flags, their comments were classified and pushed away. still reports that need to be released to the public that showed this to be true and window full picture is seen by the public, then, i think there will be sufficient outrage that we were sold a russian collusion narrative that from the very beginning people were saying this is not what it looks like. >> who were these veteran and
11:29 pm
intelligence officials? who were these career intelligent oh officials? what agencies did they work at and who besides adam schiff were ignoring them? >> they are broad. they are in multiple agencies. that really proved that we were known from the beginning. these individuals are not leaking to reporters. they could have stood up from the very beginning. the fact of the matter is, when you leak intelligence, raw intelligence, unverified intelligence, any type of intelligence, it is illegal. most people within the intelligence't community realizd that and they don't leak. they are professionals. i will tell you that my time at oh dni, i had multiple people, career intelligence officials tell me, they don't want to breathe washington officials.
11:30 pm
they don't want to go to capitol hill and talk about classified things, even on a classified setting. they r don't want their careerso be read by politicians that would leak half information, partial information, untrue, and then, suddenly, their names are leaked as saying one thing and giving a political weight to another. they don't want that. they really shy away from going up to capitol hill. this is a big problem. when we don't have intelligence officials willing to speak and openly willing to speak because they are afraid of their careers to be damaged by the politiciant that are leaking against them. liz: okay. how soon did the fbi and obama administration officials know that the trump russia narrative was false. where they required to disclose what they knew and when they knew it?
11:31 pm
>> well, they certainly were not required to disclose it because they can hide behind the classified information veil. they knew very early on. certainly the footnotes in the transcripts that we have seen, you can just see, the evidence is i there. when i was at the office of director of national intelligence, what i tried to do is remember the more information we can share, the better. transparency is our friend. transparency is not political. it is in the best interest of the american people. i go back to whether it is a gang of eight individuals and congress who are in charge of classifiedif information and classified briefings holding that information. we have seen that the gang of eight and the leak that has come out from just providing classified information to a small group.ri
11:32 pm
that controlled message really irritates other members of congress. i've had senators come to say to me that it is very difficult to argue when someone like adam schiff says i have seen the information and i cannot tell you exactly, but there is russian collusion here. that is playing politics with intelligence. i think that that is very wrong. >> great to have you on, sir. come back soon. >> thank you. liz: o okay. up next. ortega state department spokesperson for william barr. two days lasting hollywood studios and celebrities for a double standard. hollywood -- feeling things like social justice, but then turns around and appeases china by censoring and editing its own hollywood movies inll order to make china happy and get those into china's big market. those stories
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♪ elizabeth: liz: u.s. attorney general william barr really went after hollywood studios and hollywood celebrities today. he has blasting hollywood saying listen, hollywood, you regularly attack and lecture americans but then you turn around and appease china by censoring and editing your movies to make china happy. why? because china is the second biggest market for movies in the world. this is all going on in hollywood's double standard, hollywood hypocrisy as hollywood china runs prison camps. watch here. >> every year at the academy awards, americans are lectured about how this country falls short of hollywood's ideals of social justice. hollywood now regularly sensors
11:38 pm
movies to appease the chinese communist party. the world's most powerful violator of human rights. liz: let's welcome state department spokesperson morgan ortega. it it's gray to have you on the show. what was your reaction here? >> the attorney general was spot on. this was the third series, the third speech, excuse me, and a series of speeches at the trump administration is making, with the purpose, the goal of waking the american people up, waking the world up to the threats posed by the chinese communist party. started with robert o'brien about a month ago. of course had fbi director ray and i use the attorney general barr,ra secretary pompeo will ao give a speech. focusing on the threat from the chinese communist party.
11:39 pm
bringing these human right abuses to the world. there are over 1 million muslims that we know of. they are imprisoned simply for the crime of being of the muslim faith.h. we recently have reports from a german researcher that women in these camps are ordered to undergo forced abortions and forced sterilizations. we have seen some companies reportedly being involved in human hair, some women use it to create extensions or whigs. some of the human hair may have come from these forced labor camps. they have issued a warning to american businesses to make sure you are not involved in these forced labor camps in china. american business, american hollywood, the american public and our elite especially need to wake up to these abuses we are seeing.a.
11:40 pm
some of the worst things we have seen, liz, since world war ii. >> you know, morgan, pointing out that here in the united states, hollywood lives in a bubble. hollywood celebrities live in a bubble. hollywood, the oscar ratings are dropping. they have been plummeting like a rock because americans don't want to be lectured to by now thiswe double standard. we just showed the movie mission impossible. wonder woman. they are financed by companies inside of china. china gets a big propaganda, too china can go around and say, look, hollywood is on our side. they are running prison camps. as you point out, forced abortions, torturing prisoners as well. when is hollywood going to wake
11:41 pm
up and take accountability for their double standards? >> what is especially troubling, you know, liz, not necessarily the money coming in from chinese investors for a movie, what is troubling is when that leads to the censorship of the movie. censorship of some sort of speech or something. may not even be visible to the american people. when you can allow the chinese communist party to edit or have some sort of rights over the final cut of the movie that the american people will see, one has to really question. look what happened to the nba when players were tweeting out in support of a free hong kong. you canan put anything reportedy on and nba jersey but you cannot put free hong kong. we have seen the chinese communist party come to our road freedom, to a road democracy. this stuff is real. this is a pattern of behavior we have seenco for the chinese communist party and this is
11:42 pm
exposing it. >> great to have you on, my friend. >> absolutely. liz: good to see you again. >> or trouble for the american times. $10 million defamation lawsuit. why d? the new york times made up and falsified a story that claims students were coming back onto wberty university campus infected with the covid virus. no student, no staff or no faculty has a virus. misrepresenting a doctor side of this story. the times in hot water again. this story after the break. >> where was that story, in the new york times? well, the new york times is fake i like liberty mutual. they get that no two people are alike and customize your car insurance so you only pay for what you need. what do you think? i don't see it.
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bunch of liars, and also, buzz feed type click they now, but they are also stupid. no trespassing signs everywhere. they were dumb enough to take pictures of the signs and publish them. we got warrants out for their arrest and had to cut a deal with a local prosecutor to keep them from going to jail. liz: more trouble for the new york times. they hit the paper with a $10 million defamation suit. hitting the new york times with a libel suit. the new york times alleging basically that the liberty university allowed students infected with the coronavirus to come back on the campus. to come back to the university. the times denied it. we will show at the time set in
11:48 pm
just a second. the new york times did not talk to the school physician, misrepresented a doctor cited in its ownbo story. it is great to have you back on. liberty university is alleging it rather saying no student, faculty or staff member has been diagnosed with covid-19. they are saying they asked for the story n to be retracted. newoo york times saying no. your reaction? >> liberty university is absolutely right. they need to hold the new york times accountable for this kind of hit and run journalism. we know why the new york times was so vicious on liberty university. ucit is because they fought conventional media when it came to reopening schools. showing praise for donald john trump. had this been harvard or northwestern that open their schools last spring, the coverage would have been far more fair. if you don't hold them accountable, they will continue
11:49 pm
to do things like this. >> it comes after the opinion saying there is a really hard left intolerance culture mocensoring, you know, centrist. the times is also hit with another problem. backtracking on a july 12 story that plans an anonymous 30-year-old guy who thought the covid virus was a hoax. he was in san antonio. he died after going to a covid party. now thehe times has updated the stories they may cannot verify that story. the health department said they could not verify it either. there is another question about this. routinely changing its headlines after the fact. does not really inform the reader what it is doing about corrections or t updates. let's show the viewer what we found. your reaction>> to this. >> i think we need to listen to
11:50 pm
what she is talking about the new york times wanting to pacify the far left in the vocal minority on social media when it comes to the senatorial page. unfortunately, it is not just the editorial page. allow this sort of left wing thought to invade its newsroom. unfortunately, when you do that you are no longer acting as a journalist, you are acting as a propaganda newspaper. liz: all right. sorry we ran out of time. come back soon. great to see you. >> you've got it. thank you very much. >> great to see you. coming up. fnator lindsey graham says the public has a right to see an fbi document, but undercut the credibility of thets fbi and the trump russia investigation. what does this all mean for the 2020 election? 2020 election? we take it up the new house is amazing. so much character.
11:51 pm
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liz: okay. senate judiciary chair lindsay graham said the public has a right to see a 40 page fbi memo from the trump russia investigation. it shows a source that
11:55 pm
christopher's feel used. a russian source. this russian source told the fbi way before the probe started that the fbi was being misled and it's trump russia probe by christopher steele. this russian source, remember, he is working for christopher steele, said he was giving unreliable information. he was misleading the fbi. using that information against trump anyway. let's listen to senator graham. >> he was not a contractor. after you talk to the guy that put the memo together and you got a 40 page document explaining and then you use it after that, you are really in trouble. i want that memo out to the public so they can use it themselves. we are days away from having it declassified, not weeks.
11:56 pm
here is my point, anyone that read that memo or was briefed about that memo and continue to use a dossier to get a warrant against carter page in april and june of 2017, they are in big time trouble. liz: okay. let's break it down with john cox. i want to break this down. it's good to see you. this guy says steel is not reliable. it is 40 pages of details. january 2017 memo. the fbi knew early on that this was hogwash. your reaction? >> think about the corruption. the level of corruption here. they went into the court which
11:57 pm
is really a tough thing. it is supposed to be very tough to get a warrant. carter page is an official of the trump administration. this is a political discussion going on here. the fbi is being used to go in and wiretapped someone from an opposing campaign for the purposes of trying to catch something going on and for a political advantage. this went on in the old soviet union. this is not supposed to go on in america. i have to tell you, this level of corruption, and let me tell you, it reminds me of the corruption going on in california. listening to the union bosses and the lobbyists that shut down the state and keep our kids from learning. this kind of corruption, no lindsay, we need to make sure
11:58 pm
that this is dealt with and held accountable. i am all for it. >> okay. liz: christopher steele told a british report he was paid by the clinton campaign and democrats to collect information against trump in order to contest the 2016 election if hillary lost and trump one. continuing wiretapping and doing surveillance on the trump administration in 2017. the fbi early, they said they were not investigating trump by the time james comey left. senator graham says people are in big trouble over this. what do you think? >> they should be in trouble. couple this with all the things going on here. the fbi was asking the question, why are we trapping this guy? and then continues on after the
11:59 pm
president is inaugurated trying to tie this whole russian collusion thing. then you have congressmen like adam schiff sitting there saying i have evidence on russian collusion which never ever. the american people got a little tired of this. they were hearing this every day. this is just more political nonsense. it is not. i think lindsay will get to the bottom of this. the investigation and the federal government to find out dirt on a political candidate, that should be way beyond the payoff. we should have our fbi focusing on formal conduct, not what is being used for political purposes. liz: john cox, great to see you. come back soon. >> great beard appreciate it. liz: i am elizabeth mcdonald on "the evening edit." that does it for us. thanks for watching.
12:00 am
join us tomorrow night. we will have a lot of headlines for you. we hope you have a good evening. again, thanks for joining us. ♪ >> ♪ john brown's body lies a-moldering in the grave ♪ >> to some, he's an insane killer who sparked civil war. >> if the revolt at harpers ferry had not occurred, the south probably wouldn't have seceded from the union. >> ♪ glory, glory, hallelujah ♪ glory, glory... >> to others, he's a saint, a martyr, a prophet. >> john brown believed that god had brought him to this earth for the purpose of delivering nearly four million enslaved people into freedom. >> what he touches become relics. >> the local people were producing fake pieces of the rope, fake pieces of the scaffold. >> what about his strange inheritance?


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