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tv   The Evening Edit  FOX Business  July 18, 2020 1:00am-2:01am EDT

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@loudobbstonight. and a reminder, my new book, "the trump century: how the president changed the course of history forever," preorder at have a great weekend. good night from sussex. ♪ ♪ elizabeth: breaking news, major bombshell development in the probe of the fbi's trump-russia probe. senate judiciary today releasing documents just now declassified by the justice department. that has led senator lindsey graham to now say this is a major indictment of what fbi officials led by james comey did. that what they did was so disturbing and shocking that he says they committed a, quote, miscarriage of justice and face, quote, deep legal jeopardy. also potential perjury. republican lee zeldin on that. and on this, one declassified document shows fbi officials even disagreeing with and
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disputing a new york times report in early february 2017 claiming russian intelligence did have connections to the trump team when behind the scenes the fbi was saying it, quote, had no reliable evidence of that whatsoever, no proof of that whatsoever. so who was leaking that to destroy trump? why was the mueller probe launched? and why did democrats like adam schiff and the media say on tv for more than two years things like trump is a russian asset when they did not have that evidence whatsoever? now this, u.s. cities now bracing for president trump's decision next week to potentially send in federal law enforcement to stop the rise in shootings and homicides. tonight, former nypd lieutenant darren forcher is here to talk with us about leaders pushing back trying to shift the blame on everything but themselves and their own wad policies x.
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washington times' charles hurt on the chicago mayor calling kayleigh mcenany a, quote, karen, for saying chicago needs to do more to stop homicides that are killing children. and national security adviser kt mcfarland on tim kaine now admitting obama did not do enough to punish russia for election interference and that trump did. the hill's joe concha joins us on republican senator kennedy blasting the media for blaming trump for just about everything but not reporting on this. churches and religious statues getting attacked across the u.s., burned, vandalized, and you will not believe the latest deprafty. i'm elizabeth macdonald, "the evening edit" starts right now. ♪ ♪
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elizabeth: you're watching the fox business network. let's get right to fox news' leland vittert who has all the latest from washington d.c. leland? >> reporter: talking about that release from lindsey graham of these documents, it came through the attorney general, the jewish judiciary committee s right to the heart of the accusation that the fbi massage ed information, lindsey graham saying these documents which i have long sought tell a damning story for anyone who's interested in trying to find the truth behind the corrupt nature of the fbi's investigation into the trump campaign in 2016 and beyond. of course, we're still waiting for the results from the report of the durham investigation, but graham made the point that these documents on their own will allow the public to put another piece of the puzzle together of what the fbi and its officials knew and when they knew it. this comes, of course, as capitol hill is now trying to reach bipartisan agreement on a new coronavirus stimulus bailout
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program. potentially spending another $1 trillion dollars. so far there are three vaccine candidates in phase three trials. but even in phase three trials it means it could be months until there is an approved vaccine. the bad news is there are new reports that russia is trying to hack some of the information from this vaccine effort including exactly how this vaccine would work and the technical details for the purpose of enriching the russian vaccine effort. take a listen. >> we shouldn't be surprised, this is putin, the thug, who's fundamentally underhanded in just about everything that he does. you know, his country fractured by covid because they have such a poor infrastructure and hospital system. and here we are as opposed to trying to work together to
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develop a a vaccine with other countries in the world, he's trying to steal it. >> reporter: reporting, as you know, that the chinese also have attempted to use intellectual espionage and industrial espionage to try to gain the upper hand on a vaccine for them, for themselves. elizabeth: leland, thank you for your reporting there. okay, as leland was just reporting, we're going to dig into this. we've been reading the documents all day. senate judiciary chair lindsay e graham releasing two documents that the justice department declassified. they significantly undercut the f,fbi's trump-russia probe. congressman lee zeldin, your reaction to this development. >> it's great to see the senate chairs taking action. i think that much of the american public has been demanding this kind of accountability and transparency for a long time. and as we've seen with on the house side where adam schiff and
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jerry nadler will be using or their gavels to try to remove a sitting president, let's get the other 97% of the story by having these senators with gavels -- elizabeth: yeah. >> -- dig into these cases. elizabeth: all right. let's go through it. the first document, it's about a 40-page fbi interview with christopher steele's primary source. it took place at the fbi in january 2017. shows that steele's own source who was on steele's own payroll, he was not russian. he was getting paid by christopher steele. senator graham says this person, quote, destroyed steele's information, undercut his dossier that it was a miscarriage of justice. let me quickly go through what this source was telling the fbi. this source told the fbi he was surprised that steele gave the fbi thirdhand and secondhand rumor and made like it was fact. and then the fbi used that information to get wiretaps. this person was not russian,
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again, steele was paying the source. and the source could not recall how steele got the information that he put into his dossier that the fbi used to wiretap the trump team. so this, steele's own source is undercutting to the fbi what steele was saying. your reaction? >> the reaction is that when they were going for renewals on these fisa applications, they should have hit the pause button, they should have stopped. we could have a whole discussion as to the to whether or not they should been able to get the fisa warrants in the first place against carter page. but as they continued to see the narrative get destroyed, the decision should be made through proper vet aring, there's something called the woods procedures. it's also important to be providing the fisa judges not just with the best information in favor of your application, but also the best information that you have against your application because the person who's getting spied on isn't
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otherwise represented inside of that courtroom. so what's being exposed through today's release of information aside from that debate over whether there should have been a warrant in the first place is these third and fourth renewals should have absolutely never gone forward with what the doj and fbi knew. elizabeth: so, again, you remember the fbi was still doing surveillance on the trump team going into 2017 when the president -- after the president took office. here's the second declassified document. it's a bombshell. it shows former fbi official peter strzok disagreeing with a new york times article in february 2017. the times was reporting that russian intelligencing did have tyings to the -- ties to the trump team, but peter strzok typed, quote: we have not seen ed of that, we are unaware of any trump advisers engaging with russian intelligence. but they told the fisa court it believed the trump team was working with russian members.
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and who was leaking to the media that trump -- that the russian intelligence was working with the trump team? who was leaking that? >> so -- well, first off on the first question, if there absolutely have been false statements, hopefully this is part of durham's investigation and durham takes action sooner rather than later. this is not something that should just get punted past the november election. we want accountability right now. as far as the leaks go, remember, part of this was work to straited directly from the fbi director james comey. there was this desire to trigger a second special counsel. the whole mueller probe was a consequence of fbi director mueller leaking through this professor in new york to the media some information and some of which was actually classified. that's a scandal in and of itself. this is a criminal offense when you leak classified information.
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clearly there was a huge abuse of power that was going on. durham needs to take action. elizabeth: yeah. so all of what we were just talking about, congressman, happened way before the mueller, robert mueller was appointed, and the fbi knew by the time that he was ace pointed they didn't have the evidence of trump-russia collusion. that's what happened. congressman, great to see youful thanks for joining us. >> always good to see you. elizabeth: okay. here's your feel-good moment for the week. this week marks the 51st anniversary of an epic event, it captured the imagination of people young and old around the world. 51 years ago july 16, 1969, the apollo e 31 astronauts -- 11 astronauts -- buzz aldrin, neil armstrong, michael collins -- headed right to the moon. 650 million people watched around the world as neil armstrong took one small step for man, one giant leap for mankind. again, that's your feel-good moment for the week.
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okay, coming up, another chaos you can night, this time with protests and riots in portland, oregon. threats to burn down a police station there. the president may potentially announce next week a new plan to send in federal authorities to stop the riots and shootings, stop the chaos, stop the homicides. democrat leaders are now trying to shift the blame for the nationwide wave of violence on everything but themselves. former new york city police lieutenant joins hey, can i... hold on one second... sure. okay... okay! safe drivers save 40%!!! guys! guys! check it out. safe drivers save 40%!!! safe drivers save 40%! safe drivers save 40%!!! that's safe drivers save 40%. it is, that's safe drivers save 40%. - he's right there. - it's him! he's here. he's right here. - hi! - hi. hey! - that's totally him. - it's him! that's totally the guy. safe drivers do save 40%. click or call for a quote today.
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♪ ♪ elizabeth: welcome back. the chaos in portland, oregon, hundreds of protesters surrounded a police precinct there yesterday, threatening to set it on fire. this as u.s. cities now brace for president trump, he potentially is deciding next week to send in federal law enforcement to stop the rising crime wave of violence and homicides. not clear if it's federal law enforcement, it could be other federal authorities as well. okay, the president sickled out -- singled out cities like chicago, and los angeles. he says these are places where democrats is have, quote, lost control. businesses are being destroyed by minority communities or seeing their loved ones slaughtered. let's bring in former nypd police lieutenant carole
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forcher. >> we have to look at the disease. the disease is gun violence that's plaguing these communities. therefore, we need the cure, and the cure is law enforcement. president trump is at the forefront. he's at the head of the executive branch of government. therefore, he can deploy people such as the atf to eradicate this gun violence that's plague these communities that are primarily being control by democratic elected officials. elizabeth: you know, sir, protesters and rioters in portland, oregon, claim federal authorities are using unmarked vans, white vans, to seize them and put them in those vans to talk them off the streets. your reaction to that? >> well, my take on it is we need to do what's necessary to take back control of our country. we are under siege right now in the wake of tremendous violence that's plaguing our nation. so as a result of that, we need targeted enforcement in the communities where we have the greatest propensity for violation. therefore, we need to -- violence. therefore, we need to utilize
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any resource possible provided it falls within the purview of one's constitutionally-protected rights to take back our country because we're losing out. it's going to hell in a hand bath basket at a record pace -- basket. elizabeth: in new york a man was accused of punching chief terence monaghan, attacking two other cops at a peace protest led by religious and faith leaders on the brooklyn bridge. but this man was released without bail and now -- i'd like you to listen to chief monaghan and what he's saying about his police officers. let's take a listen. >> understand that right now morale's probably as lower as it's been in a long time. it is important that we as an agency tell them how much we appreciate them, how much we know they're out there, the trouble that they're dealing with on the street. but more importantly, the silent majority out there, the community that is out there that supports our police officers, that knows the job they do. they know the time they ran into
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a burning building to save a life. they know the times that they saved the life of a choking baby, of a cardiac victim, how often they've run in to gunfire to save people. these are the men and women that the you're hearing others put down on a regular basis. these are the heroes of 9/11. elizabeth: your reaction to that, lieutenant. >> well, elizabeth, i was actually on that a bridge during that peaceful protest. we had police sympathizers coupled with clergy members, and we walked across the brooklyn bridge in the name of peace. we were looking for an eradication of gun violence that's plaguing the city of new york, and we were demanding the mayor to take a look at the level of accountability. subsequently, had an individual that injured the highest ranking member of nypd which was chief monaghan. that individual was subsequently released as it relates to bail reform. this is an atrocity.
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this is an attack on all 8.5 million citizens that live in the city of new york. if the chief of police can be a assaulted and that same individual is released, what are we doing here? we are in no way, shape or form providing a level of law enforcement to systems in new york. so in connection with the morale in the police department, it's at an all-time low. and this is primarily coming from mayor de blasio's inability to act in accordance with public safety for citizens of new york. elizabeth: sir, let's listen to mayor de blasio here. he is being accused of blaming everything except himself. we know that, you know, shootings and killings have have spiraled out of control. 270 people shot, that's 155% increase from a year earlier, that's in june. skull's on the same track. let's -- july's on the same track. watch this. >> it's heartbreaking for so many reasons. and it begins with the fact that there are just so many guns out
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there. we need to have our criminal justice system function again. we cannot keep this city safe if we don't have a functioning court system. we now have fewer people in our jails than any time since world war ii. [applause] and we are safer for it and better for it. elizabeth: so you see what just happened? he's saying we don't is have a functioning court system but then is applauding that we have less people in prison. you know, prosecutors are not prosecuting people for illegally possessing guns in new york city. that's what's going on. can you take this on, what the mayor just said? >> mayor de blasio's created an ecosystem of anarchy that is plaguing our city. we need law enforcement practitioners and not the policymakers from city hall to take effect and effectively rein in the lines of control for us new yorkers.
1:21 am
and it's just not happening as a result of the failed policies that are committed to by mayor de blasio. elizabeth: lieutenant porcher, come back soon. >> thanks again, elizabeth. elizabeth: sure. and don't miss our interview with ed mullins, he's the head of the new york sergeants' benevolence association. he is saying mayor de blasio is a disgray, the mayor's going after him saying he's fomenting hatred. it's a big fight. okay, we're going to take on that story monday night with ed mullins. coming up, former acting attorney general matthew wit when kerr -- whiterark e. susan rice has been accused of unmasking trump team officials. we take that on next. ♪ ♪ my money should work as hard as i do. that's why i use my freedom unlimited card to buy heavier weights online.
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learn more at ♪ ♪ elizabeth: welcome back. we're coming into the bottom of the hour. susan rice, president obama's former national security adviser, remember, she along with others on the obama team unmasked, revealed the identities of officials on the trump transition team. susan rice said this week president trump is wrong when he
1:26 am
accuses the obama administration of doing surveillance on his transition team. watch this. >> absolutely no, it did not happen. that is false. that is another lie designed to deflect from the president's own very bizarre relationship with russia. to distract from the much-validated reality that russia interfered in the 2016 election to benefit donald trump. and, you know, president trump is in some sort of fever dream about the obama administration when all we tried to do was to execute despite the trump administration, incoming administration's rehe can dance to most -- reluctance the most responsible transition we possibly could. elizabeth: okay. all right. so this echoes what susan rice toll judy woodruff in early 2017 that, quote: i know nothing about the identities of trump
1:27 am
team members being revealed. susan rice has been accused of unmasking trump team members. let's welcome former acting attorney general matthew whitaker. sir, what was your reaction when you heard all that? >> well, it's a little -- i mean, it appears that susan rice is auditioning to be joe biden's vice president candidate, and, you know, she has a problem with ve erasty. she, obviously, is the one that went on national television and said that benghazi was caused by a youtube video, and i think, you know, this is just -- this isn't true. you can look -- the underlying facts, liz, are very clear. not only was carter page spied on, but these unmasks were unmasking people that were part of recordings or intercepts of u.s. persons. and so, you know, bill barr said very clearly in front of congress the trump campaign was spied on.
1:28 am
so i believe bill barr more than i'm ever going to believe susan rice and what she's saying there. elizabeth: yeah. sir, let's listen to former director of national intelligence richard grenell talk with us last night about how the obama administration also ignored warnings from career veterans, top officials in the intelligence community who were warning that the obama administration and the fbi was going after trump, the trump-russia collusion theory e based on false information. listen to them and remember susan rice said all of this, what they were doing, was above board. watch this. >> and the whole steele dossier, russian collusion narrative, he knew that there were voices inside the intelligence community, career officials that were raising red flags and saying i think russia is pushing propaganda here. this doesn't make sense. this doesn't add up. the steele dossier is not what you're saying that it is. those early red flags were ignored, and those individuals within the intelligence community that raised those red
1:29 am
flags were, their comments were classified and pushed away. there are -- elizabeth: okay. he also said that career veteran intelligence officials at, quote, multiple agencies warned the obama administration, hey, there are a lot of red flags. this trump-russia theory is information that's false and wrong. what do you say to that? >> well, ambassador yes -- grenell is absolutely correct x. even more tragic is that the obama administration in the 2016 election did nothing to counter these attempts by russia to interfere. and it's really a shame that not only did they not do anything to counter it, unlike what we did in 2018 for the election and countering what our adversaries were trying to do to the election, but the obama administration also then continued this false trump collusion fable really for years
1:30 am
that ended up being the mueller investigation. so i think ambassador grenell's absolutely right. i think, you know, his stint as acting odni head, i think, has given him access to a lot of this information, and it's just a shame what the obama administration did and now they're trying to tell us that it didn't happen when we all know it did. elizabeth: mr. whitaker, thank you so much for joining us. we really appreciate it. >> always enjoy being with you, liz. thank you. elizabeth: same here. coming up, columnist and editor charles hurt on the democrat mayor of chicago really going after white house press secretary kayleigh mcenany, calling her a, quote, karen for saying chicago needs to do more to stop homicides that are claiming the lyes of even children and -- lives of even children and teenagers. that story next. ♪
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♪ elizabeth: it's getting nastier out there. the democrat mayor of chicago, lori lightfoot, really went after white house press secretary kayleigh mcenany, saying chicago needs to do more to stop homicides that are claiming the lives of children and teenagers. watch the press secretary here. >> i've listed the names of these kids who have died, it is unacceptable, and the derelict ray mayor of chicago is doing a very poor job at securing her streets. elizabeth: and mayor lightfoot tweeted out, hey, karen, watch your mouth. let's welcome washington times opinion editor charles hurt. it's great to see you, charles. your reaction. i think the mayor was reacting to the use of the word derelict. she didn't like that. what was your take? >> well, honestly, i don't know what you would call it. the streets of chicago have turned into a complete war zone under this mayor and have been
1:36 am
under numerous previous mayors who would rather play politics with these things than actually fix the problem right there at their feet. but look, you know, in less than a month, liz, we've had nine children under the age of 18 killed by gunfire in chicago. we've had 3-year-olds, we had a 7-year-old, a 20-month-old riding in a car seat killed by gunfire in chicago. and if that's not a dereliction of duty by the mayor, i don't know what it is. but i think it's very, out reveals a lot about that mayor that her response to kayleigh mcenany is to resort to racial epithets. and, of course, if this were the other way around, kayleigh mcenany would be, rightly, drummed out of the public square for launching a racial broadside. yet the mayor of chicago -- liz: it's more of a gender
1:37 am
epithet, right? >> no, it's not just a -- [inaudible conversations] you know, it is a gender thing, but it is also talking about a white pensioner a white woman -- white person, a white woman. and that gets in the area of race. if we're going to take this seriously, as we all should, that these kinds of racially-divisive language not good in this country, then it should i apply to the mayor of chicago just as much as it applies to everybody else. elizabeth: okay. yeah, i hear what you're -- well, the mayor, mayor lightfoot, i have more on what has been said. the mayor, lightfoot had previously went after donald -- president trump. president trump was talking about looting, and mayor lightfoot said i will code what i really want to say to president trump, it's two words. it begins with f and ends with u. let's listen to this fight that the chicago mayor had with an alternate for the south side
1:38 am
of -- alderman for the south side of chicago. these guys, elected officials, charles, are really fed up with the out of control violence, as you point out. let's are listen to this fight. >> once they're done looting and rioting and whatever's going to happen tonight, god help us. what happens when they start going after residents? going into the neighborhoods? once they start trying to break down people's doors because they think they've got something in you know, we know that people are here to antagonize and incite, and i you've got them all pumped tonight, today. they're not going to go to bed at 8:00. they're going to turn their focus in the neighborhoods. i've got gang-bangers with ak-47 walking around right now just waiting to settle some scores. what are we going to do -- >> you're 100% full of [bleep], is what i think. if you think --
1:39 am
elizabeth: okay. that's not unity. okay, that's a mayor going after an alderman who's saying, you know, by the way, charles, the rye e yachts destroyed a walgreens, numerous restaurants, numerous drugstores, businesses, an entire strip mall, a local post office where the residents of his community were without the mail. they couldn't go mail an envelope or mail a check to somebody or a card. that's how bad it's gotten. and i hear the frustration in that voice. and i hear some time. i mean, how do you stop it? should the president send in authorities next week? what do you think? >> well, and, of course, not a sickle bit of this is -- single bit of this is doing anything to solve the real problem that we have in places like chicago where it's an absolute war zone in the streets. and if these politicians, in
1:40 am
particular the democrat politicians, if they care about this issue and they should, as we all do, we all care a lot about this, they would go into these places, they would stop the violence, and they would stop the mayhem that is occurring in these places. elizabeth: all right. charles hurt, thanks for joining us. great to see you. ♪ elizabeth: coming up, kt mcfarland joins us on how even hillary clinton's former running mate democrat tim kaine now saying the obama administration did not do enough to punish russia for election meddling and that the president did. stick around. kt's fired up, she's ready to go to set the record straight on this. this. that's next. this. that's next. my money should work as hard as i do. that's why i use my freedom unlimited card every time i get gas. give me a little slack! with freedom unlimited, you're always earning. i said i need some slack on pump three!
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liz: welcome back, democrat
1:45 am
hillary's choice for vice president, this week told msnbc when you detect an incoming attack like russian interference you have to take affirmative steps to make the attacker pay a price, but then tim kaine undercut the needy american that trump has been weak on russia, democrat tim kaine admits the obama administration did not do enough to go after russian interference in the trump team did more than obama's team. watch this. >> the obama administration did not do that in 2016 even though they were aware of the attack, they do not make russia papers, we did make russia. pricing 2018 and that has a way of deterring attacks to some >> s ssto ea s of o o g goi g aa ruia,ba,ma o,mads n, n g t n g a umstinea ytask formemp tmp dy ytionna secalyal aitisordv.tdv k fafaanfa fa youeneaourdourds tou tt w w t urct rn,ct w dhaou y in >> od fgo fimor oroooroodoooof
1:46 am
nenedmit tdmit imimsed bseecdauseha tk skomomom real guts for a democrat who had been a vice presidential candidate to come out and say the republicans did it better than we did. he is absolutely right, the one thing about president trump, don't listen to what he says he says a lot of stuff and treats a lot of stuff. watch what he does, what he does is very significant, he stood up to russia and china but with russia he increased american spending and fixed our armed forces and encouraged american energy and drove the price of oil down which bankrupted russia, he gave lethal weapons to the ukrainians, all these things that stop the obama did not do, in 2018 just as a deterrent as senator kaine just said, he had a cyber attack on the russian unit that did metal
1:47 am
in the 2016 election and he said in 2018 don't dare do it again or we will come after you and to let the russians know that we were serious, he did launch a cyber attack on him. all those things are a lot more than what president obama ever did. liz: that's what his supporters say, people are saying the president's tweets are polarized and don't like the personal attacks in which he would stop tweeting and his approval rating. people are saying look at what he's getting done, he's getting stuff done, he's acting and doing a lot more than people realize. we found dozens and dozens of actions that the trump administration took to go after russia started in 2017, hillary clinton cited russian interference is one of the reasons for her to beat but trump did more going after what hillary said is wrong than obama did. the media and adam schiff says donald trump is a russian asset
1:48 am
still. >> what the democrats have done into somebody particular like chairman schiff, the mainstream media went along and they were the example, they knew there was not a russian collusion story, it was a hoax from the beginning. they did not care they wanted another club to beat over the head with donald trump. what they've done to the nation for their own petty partisan political purposes has been a real crime to the nation. they set up for this, they had each other's throats before the pandemic and then when the pandemic hit, the lockdown in the economic dislocation in the social unrest, we were a tinderbox reading for a max to be thrown into. i put that at the seat of the democrats who encouraged us all the way along into one exception of this is senator kaine, good man. liz: what was your reaction to the bombshell disclosure out of the justice department and the senate judiciary showing newly declassified documents revealing
1:49 am
that the source for christopher steel was on the payroll in a non-russian source and why are they relying on this information to wiretap the trump team because he is saying this is second thirdhand rumor, he was surprised to see it going into the steele dossier. peter strzok disputing the new york times story in early 2017 same russian intelligence has connection with trump team and peter strzok was say that is not so, we do not have evidence of that. >> that the other thing, some of the senior officials particular intelligence community, fbi, cia was going up to capitol hill and under oath in the closed hearings they were saying we don't see anything, no collusion, no russian cooperation with trump campaign and they were scampering out immediately afterwards to the cameras to say donald trump, russian agent, donald trump would not of one without the russian interference. they were pulling the hooks on the american people.
1:50 am
what almost happens with you on friday night is there is a new document author and a new document to declassified and it turns out all those officials from the obama administration would send e-mails, they kept notes, they kept text messages. i think there's a lot more information, you cannot dispute it, this is not an anonymous source coming from the other world, this is documentation that these guys were up to serious no good, they were trying to undo the effect of the election in 2016 because they did not like president trump. liz: enjoys great to see you, come back soon. >> shall do. liz: coming up, a big battle between face and hatred, alarming number of hate crimes being targeted at churches, christian churches and religious statues, churches being burned to the ground and others desecrated with graffiti, the latest, the head cut off of a
1:51 am
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understatement to say republican senator kennedy e is fed up, he's done with the media telling everyone else how to think. like the media a criticism that conservative outlets are now pointing out against president trump, media saying president trump is at war with just about everything. watch this. >> welcome to the latest episode of trump's war on intelligence. >> trump administration's war on immigrants has been waged so far on two fronts. >> trump day after a day waging a war on reality. the man routinely at war with the truth. >> the trump administration's war on immigrants has been waged so far on two fronts -- >> donald trump delivered a declaration of war against americans today. >> not so clearly donald question owe today over here is in a war with windmills. elizabeth: okay. watch senator kennedy last night with fox news' shannon bream on a new york times columnist suggesting the only hope for the
1:56 am
country is to kick president trump out of the white house. watch this. >> the author goes on to say -- my words, not his -- that the american people are so moronicking that they can't fix the country. and so the answer is to turn america over to the managerial elites, and by that i mean the cultured, cosmopolitan, bacon-wrapped shrimp and tuna tartare crowd who think they're smarter than the american people. in my opinion, if you believe this article, you are probably that kid at grade school who always ate the paste. [laughter] elizabeth: okay. let's welcome the hill media reporter back to the show, joe concha. joe, take this on. what was your reaction when you heard all this? >> that bacon-wrap with the tartare sounds good. i'm grabbing one of those. look, lots to unpack here, right? i love the fact that it e seems
1:57 am
like there's a memo e that goes out where you have the trump has a war on x and then not just one outlet repeats it, but you see it across the board in a given day. remember that walls closing in was a big deal, we always heard that about the president. we'd always hear the beginning of the end or it's a watershed moment. no one can find any other sayings or add jekyll tiffs to apply to this president. look, i think it's pretty obvious to everybody that the media's overwhelmingly anti-trump, and it's not even about bias anymore. we're well past that. we're now on to activism and journalists existing to push a cause for what they believe in their truth is the greater good when that's just an opinion and that's ooh just their perspective, and it's not what journalism used to be which is reporting on facts. i remember chris wallace did an interview and he said, you know, i get complimented for being fair. he said, you know, that used to be the minimum job requirement in this business --
1:58 am
elizabeth: right, exactly. >> and now it's suddenly an anomaly. elizabeth: right. you know, the other thing too, you know, the criticism now is, joe, that the media's not reporting on the attacks on churches and religious statues. a statue of jesus christ has been decapitated inside a church outside miami, florida. also a chattanooga police department probing the recent decapitation of a statue of the virgin mary. statues vandalized in queens in new york city and also set on fire outside boston, massachusetts. we've got, you know, catholics in boston holding a prayer vigil at that mary chew that was set on fire -- statue that was set on fire. where's the media reporting this,? >> well, the media research center did 270 minutes of nbc, abc, cbs nightly news coverage when all three statues began being attacked. guess how many minutes or guess how many seconds it got on the
1:59 am
evening newscast over that 270-minute period? 0, none. i ask what if a mosque was attacked or what about a black lives mural? oh, that's right. that happened in new york twice including this afternoon, and it's been nonstop coverage from what i've seen in terms of you go after those things, that gets the media's attention. if you go after things that are from the catholic institution for whatever reason, it's the sigh e lens of the lambs, elizabeth. elizabeth: well, it's terrible. and, you know, people feel this is a level of depravity they didn't expect in this country. final word, joe. >> well, look, the bottom line is that this started with confederate statues and everybody said it's going to top at that. now you see the slippery e slope. everything is in play. nothing is safe, and none of these mayors in these cities or governors are doing anything about it, and that's why -- elizabeth: okay. joe, we -- okay. we gotta go. thanks for joining us. you've been watching "the evening edit." we hope you have a good weekend, come back on monday.
2:00 am
good to see you, thanks for joining us. ♪ >> a tv hitmaker loves animals. >> he turned that creativity on animal rights, and it was unbelievable. >> one dog he rescues is off-the-charts dangerous. >> if it's a scale from 1 to 10, columbo's a 12. >> when the hollywood owner dies, columbo becomes their strange -- and expensive -- inheritance. >> acupuncture for a dog? i know we're in los angeles, but really? [ dog growls ] >> is it all worth it? >> your kids could get hurt. you're willing to take the risk. >> we made a commitment to healing dogs and showing other families how to do it. >> welcome to the weird world oe to the birds? [ bird squawks ]


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