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tv   Lou Dobbs Tonight  FOX Business  July 19, 2020 7:00pm-8:01pm EDT

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lou: good evening, everybody. for more than six weeks now, the city of portland has been under siege by radical leftist mobs who are intent on destroying everything america stands for and the left wing democrat mayor of portland eagerly supporting the anarchists, the left wing activists and is permitting unchecked mayhem in the city. today, the head of the department of homeland security tore into the radical testimony leadership in portland for allowing lawless anarchist as he called them to destroy and desecrate the city. for 47 straight days and nights now, leftist groups like rose
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city antifa and black lives matter have plunged portland into chaos. the leftist activists attacking citizens and destroying property and the mayor just grins at it all. law enforcement under constant attack and today the police had to step in to clear two downtown parks of demonstrators trying to create their own autonomous zone. businesses have lost millions of dollars because of the rioting and the looting. and federal buildings including the courthouse have been fire bombed and vandalized. acting dhs secretary chad wolf today said that, quote, a federal courthouse is a symbol of justice, to attack it is to attack america. end quote. i would add to attack a city is to attack america. federal dhs and doj officers and agents have been deployed to protect the courthouse and other
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federal buildings and to keep the mobs in check. the radical dems aren't happy about that, they don't want the federal agents in portland for obvious reasons, because the feds of course will protect citizens and they will protect property and they will enforce the law. how left wing is the city of portland and oregon and their representatives in washington and the leaders of their city and state? well, a letter signed by oregon's two u.s. senators and two radical dem members of congress, the fed's response was described by them as intolerable, to try to protect live and limb and property. portland's activist radical dem mayor says it's the federal agents who are causing all of the problems, there he is in all his glory. he wants them to clean up the graffiti on federal buildings and to allow antifa to run
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rampant through portland, to continue their rampage against law and order and the citizens of that city. this isn't the first time, by the wha way, wheeler has clashed with the feds. in 2018 protesters created the occupy i.c.e. movement. you may recall that, harassing federal agents for weeks. mayor wheeler cheered on the anarchists then, just as he does now. >> to all demonstrators, i urge you to keep up this effort. we will continue to support the safety expression of first amendment rights. lou: we invited mayor wheeler to join us here for a full expression of first amendment ur e-mails are reaching of ou out to this advof the first amendment went
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unreturned. in a statement today secretary wolf summed up the situation in portland, saying instead of addressing violent criminals in their communities, local and state leaders are instead focusing on placing blame on law enforcement and requesting fewer officers in their community. this failed response has only emboldened the violent mobs. and what we are witnessing in portland is occurring across the country. as chaos unfolds in portland, the new york police department today has been making arrests after a high ranking officer and several others were injured during a protest, one of those peaceful protests. a female arrested today, she is suspected seen here, wielding a cane and hitting police officers over the head. the nypd says the woman is having a psychiatric evaluation now at a local hospital but is in custody. some officers involved in
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yesterday's clash with protesters along the brooklyn bridge, well, bones were broken, receiving staples to the head to fix their injuries. among those injured, the chief of department, terrence monaghan, the nypd's highest ranking uniformed officer, injured in this clash. this is how out-of-control things are in new york city. at least 36 people have been arrested during that protest, at least one person was charged with assault, it's quite a scene. the trump administration has been intimating and announcement on how it plans to intervene in cities with a rise in violent crime and with, well, governments that are not responding to protect their citizens. the president's decision to stand in solidarity with police, with all law enforcement, has earned him a key endorsement for the presidential election. from the national association of
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police unions. the officers they represent are dealing with what is nothing less than a massive rise in violence in their cities. again, cities led by democrats. in los angeles, shootings have risen 28%. in new york, they're up 130%. and california's governor, gavin newsom, is planning to release 18,000 prisoners into the public by the end of august. new york city mayor bill de blasio has already released more than 1500 prison inmates, citing concerns about the china virus. and today, the de blasio even bragged about his city being a safer place. >> we now have fewer people in our jails than any time since world war ii. and we are safer for it and better for it. lou: that is borderline more mc
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to suggest that the way to get fewer people incarcerated is to simply release them from prison. there you heard it from the good socialist bill de blasio. recent data shows murders in the largest 25 cities are up 16% compared to a year ago. crime has ris risen in minneapo, where city council members are working to disband their police department. mike toebin is in minneapolis with the latest. >> reporter: following riots and public demonstrations against the minneapolis police, the city is seeing a surge in crime. homicides have doubled this year. gun crimes dramatically outpace last year. people who live and work where the riots hit say prostitution, drugs and burglary are unabated and they want help from the police. >> it reminds me of gotham
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city, call it gotham city, minneapolis. >> because of what? >> because of lawlessness. >> reporter: members of the city council made the announcement they want to disband the police. with a segment of the public and the city council against them, the police union says morale is terrible. officers don't proactively police and are reluctant to use force. >> if any situation concerns violence, something as simple as a theft report could be an ambush situation and anybody might be out there to try to amp up a call just to put us into a situation where we have to use physical force and force hardly ever looks good on camera. >> reporter: according to an attorney specializing in workplace disability claims, in the last six weeks, 160 minneapolis police officers started the process of filing for disable. most of those are officers who say they're suffering post traumatic stress. mike tobin, fox news. lou: mike, thank you very much.
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lou: joining us now, senior policy advisor to president trump, steven miller. steven, great to have you on the show. congratulations on the ms- 13 operation, starting to see a number of good, strong, positive results from that focus. will we see that continue for some time? >> great to be here. today was a historic day. one of the largest ant and most successful msnbc o ms-13 operats carried out. the bar bearan that hacked to death two girls in new york will be facing the death penalty.
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one is being charged with terrorism. that's what this is, international terrorism. what you're seeing, lou, is a contrast. you have this president, taking out criminal gangs and terrorists at record speed and with record force and focus. and then you have the radical left, the liberal mayors, the crazy socialists, unleashing violence and mayhem upon our cities. that's the choice that every american faces. public safety under this president or lawless mayhem under the radical left. lou: it is a stark choice and nowhere more em bla emblamatic e choice where the mayor, wheeler, basically told the feds he doesn't wanted want them in his pristine city which is being savaged by antifa, black lives matter and other activists and
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street criminals for six straight weeks without -- six straight weeks. nowhere in the country have we seen that occur. they take at least a night off everywhere. but not in portland. and the citizens apparently don't want to ruffle feathers and demand that the mayor get the hell out of town. i don't understand it. do you? >> i can say that i suspect that there is a strong and growing silent majority in this country that is ready to clean house of these leftist mayors that are subjecting their citizens to violence. i suspect you will see an electoral wave crash over this whole leftist movement of defund the police, abolish law enforcement, force sanctuary cities down the throat of the country and appoint pro prosecu, quote, social justice prosecutors, who won't even enforce the law. when people pick up the papers and see these headlines, they understand the choice has never been more clear and as president
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trump announced today, even though these liberal mayors are refusing our request to come into the cities, they're refusing our generous hand, offering help, we're going to be making a major announcement next week about how this president will be using the authorities of of the federal government to come to the rescue of these long-suffering citizens. lou: steven, my question i guess would be if the citizens aren't demanding help and are willing to accept violence of the levels that they are, the federal government going in you and i both know how it will be painted. the president using executive power to crush the city, despite the disavowal and disapproval of the city's leaders. how do you get over that particular conundrum? >> what i can tell you is mom and dad and citizens of all walks of life, whether talking
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about manhattan, chicago or any part of this country, atlanta, they support the police. they support law enforcement. and they want federal law enforcement to enforce the law to the fullest extent possible. they want gang members behind bars. they want the killers murdering these children to be behind bars. that's what they're looking for. and there will be overwhelming public support for a robust federal law enforcement presence to keep cities safe, to keep families safe, to keep communities safe. that's what this is about. the right of every kid to be able to walk around their neighborhood without having to worry about getting hit by a stray bullet, the right of every parent to put their kids to sleep at night, not worrying about the home getting broken into or windows smashed. these are basic civil rights. the job of the federal government is to uphold those civil rights. the mayors will make it more difficult and, yes, the social justice prosecutors are going to make it much more difficult but this president will never waver in his duty to defend the
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american people. lou: isn't there a role here for the justice department? when you have city governments that are just simply throwing their citizens to the wolves, as is mayor de blasio in new york, the man is obviously -- talk about cognitive disdense, he's trashing the -- he is trashing the city every day and strips the police department of a billion dollars and then of all of the departments to kill, he kills the anti-crime unit. steven, this is a community that as i said is being thrown to the wolves by its socialist mayor. >> well, i can assure you that the department of justice will be vigorously involved in creating safety, peace, and order in our city. every day, thousands of federal agents, whether it's i.c.e., atf, dea, fbi, they go to work
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every morning and they police the streets and they put dangerous offenders behind bars and under this president, that's how we reduced violent crime for the first time at levels seen in decades. and we did that by applying federal law enforcement and using the tools that congress has passed over a series of years. putting gun offenders behind bars, felons carrying weapons behind bars and so, yes, the doj will be very involved and ultimately what we're going to be announcing, what we're going to be doing, as will i.c.e. you have sanctuary cities all over the country, releasing violent criminals. we're going to send i.c.e. into the communities and get the violent criminals off the streets and back home. one more thing i will say. let's never forget it was the obama, biden administration that allowed ms-13 into this country for eight straight years unimpeded. they unleashed these killers into our communities. and they have never apologized to the families, the communities, and the schools
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that were subject to this senseless violence. this isn't a left, right issue at least for normal americans. you may have radical left politicians but normal americans, they don't want to see this violence. lou: or have to live in fear of it. just as we wrap up here, black lives matter, why isn't there a justice department investigation into that organization? it's not a nonprofit. it's receiving money directly from the democratic party. which is receiving tax deducted money and then driving it to black lives matter. it just doesn't make sense that this should be going on. we've got 30 seconds. >> that's a great question. i know we're running out of time. i think we'll have to dig into that deeper the next time. i can say this. is that we're not going to allow radical organizations, marxist organizations to deprive americans, be they black, white,
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hispanic, liberal, conservative of basic civil rights, to be safe and secure in their cities and homes. lou: it's interesting that they don't put on their motto, marxist lives matter as well. you would think a marxist organization would. but there it is. steven miller, thank you very much. up next a former prosecutor from roger stone's case now setting policy for a big tech firm. we take that up along with a lot of other issues, congressman jim jordan joins us right after these quick words. stay witititit ta-da! did you know liberty mutual customizes your car insurance so you only pay for what you need? given my unique lifestyle, that'd be perfect! let me grab a pen and some paper. know what? i'm gonna switch now. just need my desk... my chair... and my phone.
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lou: also breaking tonight, secretary of state mike pompeo says the new york times 1619 project amounts to an attack on the american way of life that aligns with the -- and supports the chinese communist party.
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pompeo said today they want you to believe marxist ideology that america is only o owe oppressord oppressed. certainly the left in this country is thrilled. former federal prosecutor and the roger stone case, michael morendo of, leaving the justice department to join facebook where he will be in charge of policy on social media content. imagine that. the content i thought was generated by the users. but there it is. morendo, one of three prosecutors who quit the stone case in protest after attorney general william barr overruled their sentencing recommendations so we know he's quite an active little daffodil. joining us now, congressman jim jordan, ranking member of the house judiciary committee, the house oversight committee. first your reaction, congressman, if we may to th the
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appointment of morendo to being in charge of the content of of facebook. >> i think he was wrong in his move with the stone case. we'll have to see it does. the very day you bring this up, twitter kept me locked out all day long. we can't post any tweets. two years ago they shadow banned four members of congress. they told us that it was just a glitch in their algorithm. gates, nunes, jordan, meadows, just a glitch in the algorithm. why is it that the big social media companies, why is it always conservatives who seem to get censored. the president, conservatives in congress, or conservatives anywhere, that is my concern. we'll have to wait and see what happens with facebook as we move forward. we do have a big hearing coming in two weeks where the ceos of the four biggest -- the four big companies are going to be in
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front of the judiciary committee. lou: best news i've heard in ages, congressman, is that william barr means to bring a full investigation, anti-trust investigation of big tech. it's long overdue. the president promised it and the fact is, it's gotten even worse since the president was elected. this is a country being run right now by the business community, u.s. multinationals, wall street, and by the way they're aligning not only with big tech and big business, of course, but big china and it's a serious, serious problem. they're creating policy outside of our government. >> yeah. i would say one of the many good things the attorney general, attorney general barr has done in his tenure of courses coming in in two weeks for a hearing as well and he'll be asked about this issue and a host of others. the democrats i think will spend their time attacking him ever since he was named attorney
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general. they did file articles of impeachment against the attorney general two weeks ago. that's another big hearing where we'll talk about this issue, the social media platforms, censoring conservatives and a host of other things. the democrats have been out to get him, ever since bill barr testified in front of the senate a year ago, when he had the courage to use the appropriate words, he used the word spying when talking about what the obama administration did to the trump campaign. and ever since he used that word, they have been out to get him. but he just keeps pressing on, getting the truth and the facts to the american people. lou: the truth and the facts. they are slow to surface, aren't they? i mean, we're going into the end of the president's first term as president and we still don't have an accounting of obam obama-gate. it's outrageous. the president has been president throughout.
7:30 pm
he's been stymied, he's been blocked and they tried to overthrow this presidency from the moment he announced his candidacy, almost. >> all true. but we do have the facts and the truth. that is coming out because of the work that the handful of folks in the media who pushed this issue, a handful of people in congress and a handful of journalists around the country who pushed for this and the good work of bill barr when he was named attorney general. so we do have much of the facts and truth. what we don't have is anyone being held accountable. what we don't have now into this double standard, where there's one set of rules for regular folks but a different set if you were part of the elite political class in the obama administration. that's what we need as an accounting. let's home john durham doesn't wait until after the election. let's hope he gets his investigation done this summer as bill barr said just a few months ago and that we ultimately hold people accountable for doing the terrible things that they did when they systematically
7:31 pm
targeted the trump campaign, spied of american citizens, used a fake dossier that they knew was fake as a basis to get a warrant to spy on americans. let's hope durham's report comes out and there are people held accountable now. lou: let's talk about durham in terms of producing that report, do you think he will, those charges, bring charges before the election? i have this horrible feeling that he won't. >> you know, we don't know. we want a thorough job. we want a complete job. it's been four years. remember, they started july 31st, four years ago. july 31st, 2016 is when they opened the investigation. here we are, four years later, everything we have learned, how they set up michael flynn, how they used a fake dossier, how they -- this miss fi misfid guys meeting with papadopoulos,
7:32 pm
starts the whole thing. the only thing we had wrong about this sordid affair was it was worse than we thought. let's hope that the investigations are complete and people are held accountable, let's hope it happens sooner rather than later. lou: congressman, always great to have you with us. thanks so much for all you do, congressman jim jordan, thank you. up next, radio host larry elder has a new documentary called uncle tom and the document tri challenges the radical left's thinking about the black community. larry joins us right after this quick break. we would also like to promote my new book, i love to promote books. the trump century, how our president changed the course of history forever. preorders are now, well, just waiting to happen. all have you to do is preorder your copy or even better, copies, at the, or barnes & to put in your preorder. we hope you will. thank you.
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larry. congratulations on the documentary. i want to get to that. i want to ask you a couple of questions that flow from harvard and mit suing the government. so that their students could take online classes here in the united states rather than at home. that would be, it seems to me on its face, incredibly inefficient, requiring people to fly here to be in the united states while they could be at home enjoying the efficiencies and the democracy of online education. >> right. well, i don't really know that much about that issue. i do know that the ivy leagues are in trouble for all sorts of reasons, not least of which is they have a quota system although they deny it and asian students are suing harvard because a lot of so-called under represented students are getting in with lower sat scores and grades than the asian kids and it's extremely unfair.
7:38 pm
lou: the ivy league has plenty of problems in that respect as you suggest. meanwhile, the country has a huge problem that is -- that's fundamental to any discussion of race and that is of course the violence on the streets, incited by the radical democrats who lead most of these cities. in fact, the 20 largest cities that are still going through periods of violence. your thoughts about how it is that the black lives matter, a marxist organization, is now winning the support of individual corporations who are funding them. they're doing so, by the way, through the democratic party. this is not a nonprofit organization. therefore, money is being given to the democratic party for which they're getting these donors, are getting a tax
7:39 pm
exemption, reduction and the money flows to an organization that isn't a nonprofit. on its face, again, it's wrong and possibly very much illegal. >> the sad thing about all of this, lou, of course is that the whole premise is a lie. black lives matter is built on a lie. the lie is that the police are routinely mowing down black people because of racism. it's not like the government hasn't looked at this. every three years the doj does a police public contact survey and ask 606,00 60,000 americans if d a confrontation with the police. they can't find a pattern of discrimination. the rate of which police have shot blacks declined 75%. according to the washington post, last year there were nine unarmed black men shot and killed by the police, 15 unarmed
7:40 pm
blacks killed by police, 23 unarmed whites killed by the police. the media does not care. 50% of the homicides in the country are black victims and are not killed by confederate generals or the area brothers. there's a real problem with homicide in the black community. a young black man is eight times to 10 times more likely to be a victim of a homicide than a young white man. that's why the police are there. it's getting people killed. it's one thing when the left has stupid ideas. they have a lot of stupid ideas. crime is going up in chicago and baltimore and it causes young black men to confront officers unnecessarily because they have a belief taught by the democrats, by the media, that the police are out to get them and why shouldn't they be reacting, why shouldn't they fear that the police are going to do something to them. as a result you have heightened encounter that otherwise would not take place but for the silly, false narrative that's getting people killed. lou: the anger and the
7:41 pm
ignorance of the left in this country, particularly the radical dems, is just -- it is breath-taking. there is no -- there really is no historic precedent for what we are witnessing the democratic party turn into before our very eyes. i want to turn to your documentary very quickly. black conserv conservatives somd say in that country that has always been considered an oxymorno how could that co-exist? your documentary sets the path that they took to goat present day. tell -- to get to present day. tell us about it. >> my documentary goes over the history of the democratic party and republican party. i'm amazed how many people are unaware that one of the founding principles of the democratic party was to retain slavery and the reason for the republican party was to stop the spread of slavery. the movie talks about the fact
7:42 pm
that people like candace owens and carole swain and herman cain and walter william, all of whom are mentioned in the movie, when we bring up issues like porous borders, when unkilled aliens compete for jobs that puts downward pressure on wages, we talk about lack of choice in schools, i went to a school called crenshaw high school, the center of a movie called boys in the hood. only 3% of kids at my former school can do math at their level. the school is run by crips. when they raise the question, people like thomas williams are called uncle tom and the conversation is shut down. it's ridiculous. lou: it is. and the idea that so many brilliant people in the community would be ignored, the conservatives that you just mentioned and there are many
7:43 pm
others as well, but the idea that the community would ignore them and turn instowed the charlotte -- instead to the charlotteans that have peopled the power struggle of the inner city it is in itself a travesty. >> the most popular magazine in black america is ebony magazine. at one time, every coffee table in a black household had a copy of ebony on it and every year they had an issue called the most influential black americans. every year you would not find walter williams. to my knowledge, walter williams is the only black man that he'd headed up the economic department of a university. a lot of black people don't know who they are. they're ignored by the major media. we tackle that in my movie, uncle tom, which you can see at
7:44 pm lou: larry elder, we appreciate it. before we go to break, my new book, the trump century, how our president changed the course of history forever, you can preorder of your copy, better yet, copies. i love that plural at, barnes & up next, the rampant issue with mail-in ballots. stay with us. we've got a lot to talk about. looks like they picked the wrong getaway driver. they're going to be paying for this for a long time. they will, but with accident forgiveness allstate won't raise your rates just because of an accident, even if it's your fault. cut! sonny. was that good? line! the desert never lies. isn't that what i said? no you were talking about allstate and insurance. i just... when i... let's try again. everybody back to one. accident forgiveness from allstate.
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touchdown! only mahomes. the big events are back and xfinity is your home for the return of live sports. lou: breaking news, at least 65,0065,000 absentee ballots hae been rejected because they arrived past the due date. the report from npr found at least 1% of the mail-in ballots in eight states were rejected for late arrival. in virginia, more than 5
7:49 pm
and-a-half percent were rejected. breaking news now, most voters in pennsylvania believe there is a silent majority, a silent majority that supports president trump's re-election. the latest monmouth university poll finds 57% say there are so-called secret voters in pennsylvania who support trump but don't tell anyone what they're about to do. on election day in 2016, the silent majority was borne out, the polling average had hillary clinton up by nearly 4 points with a 77% chance of winning. the new york times famously suggested 91% chance of winning. trump beat hillary clinton in pennsylvania by more than 44,000 votes. president trump making a change to his re-election campaign, removing brad parscale as his campaign manager. bill stepien takes over in
7:50 pm
parscale's place. spepien previously served as deputy campaign manager, also the political director for the trump transition team, he was, and a national field director during the 2016 cam page he will lead digital and data strategies and remains on as a senior advisor. breaking news now, primary candidates backed by president trump emerging victorious last night in two states. tommy tubberville, the former auburn football coach easily beat jeff sessions in alabama. the president campaigning against sessions as you probably well know. vigorously. tubberville will face doug jones in a closely watched race as all will be closely watched races this election day. ronnie jackson, former white house physician, beat out josh winegarthner, he's now the
7:51 pm
favorite to fill the seat of retiring congressman matt thornberry. up next, taxpayer funded institution pushing more division, bob woodson with us right after these quick messages.... ♪ ♪ [ engines revving ] ♪ ♪ it's amazing to see them in the wild like th-- shhh. for those who were born to ride, there's progressive.
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lou: the smithsonian's institution national museum of
7:55 pm
african-american history and culture wants to start a discussion. one of the topics in that effort is whiteness, the museum saying, quote, whiteness and normalization of white racial identity throughout america's history have created a culture where nonwhite persons are seen as inferior or of abnormal. according of to the museum, among the aspects of whiteness or white culture in america are self reliance, the nuclear family, objective and rational linear thinking, hard work is key to success, and respect authority, plan for the future, progress is a phrase, tomorrow will be better and be polite. well, joining us now is bob woodson, former civil rights activist who headed the criminal department of justice, founder of the woodson center which helps residents in low income neighborhoods. i think you're a dog lover as well.
7:56 pm
is that your mutt? >> yeah, it is. lou: you know, for us dog lovers, that's music. we're delighted to hear it. let's turn to the smithsonian, what are they doing? they sound like they're trying to indoctrinate for crying out loud, rather than run a museum. >> let me tell you something. if this is the statement that was released by the white citizens council or ku klux klan, saying that blacks are defined by -- that somehow -- it would be outrage. where is the civil rights leadership in condemning this kind of trash? i mean, this is really -- i can't find words to express my outrage that middle class, upper income black intellectuals would try to impose standards, substandards of behavior and expectations on a group of
7:57 pm
people, not their own children. i bet you they are not giving this nasty message to their own children, that hard work is being white, individualism is being white, objectivity, the nuclear family is being white. that is the most destructive message i can imagine. i think everybody associated with the publication of it needs to be fired. lou. they need to be fired. lou: i am stunned that they would push forward that indoctrination into what purpose, i have no idea. it's racist in the extreme. the smithsonian is better than that. and should be, without question, dealing with this issue forthwith. i couldn't agree with you more. i want to turn to the madness we're seeing in new york city, and you and i keep talk about this but it keeps happening. portland, oregon, six straight
7:58 pm
weeks of violence and street crime. it's outrageous. new york city, the past 24 hours, five people shot. the murders continue in chicago. and we have black lives matter painted on the street. who do -- who of do they think they're kidding here? this is becoming a real crisis. >> it really is. and we said before there's a correlation between police null nullification and police vilification and they're with drawing and the murder rates will soar and that's what's happening around the country. a young 24-year-old woman got into an argument with a black lives matter protester in indianapolis and they broke them up and this black lives matter person shot this young mother of 24 in the head and left her
7:59 pm
dead. because she dared say that all lives matter. this is how sad -- lou: it is truly tragic. it is sad beyond description. and to be posing as some sort of conflict i' ideological when in fact it's outright hate in our streets. bob, what can we do about this divide between the races? >> well, i think first of all, murders internally the black community, they have to stop. the 11-year-old devin mcneil was killed. his mother led a rally in d.c. that said no justice, no sleep. and she led a rally internally until those killers were turned in. so that's -- we've got to support solutions from within. lou: bob, thank you so much. we will see you next week. that's it for us tonight. my new book, the trump century,
8:00 pm
it's available for preorder now at the tomorrow, education secretary betsy devos, congressman jim jordan among our >> i'm maria bartiromo from fox business and fox news channel. tonight america's versus china a deep dive into china's communist threat to america and our democratic nations. coronavirus has been a wake-up call to china's deceptive behavior but i have been tracking china's rapid economic growth and its goals for years on my programs and the information i have obtained through exclusive conversations with top business and world leaders will shock you. the novel coronavirus ripped through the world in earl 2020. first wuhan in december 2019, a city of 11 million people, out of the 1.3 billion in in


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