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tv   The Evening Edit  FOX Business  July 20, 2020 6:00pm-7:01pm EDT

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institute michael pillsbury joins us tomorrow. we hope you will too. follow me on twitter, instagram and facebook. see you tomorrow. good night from sussex. elizabeth: we begin tonight with headlines from president trump saying he will soon restart the daily covid-19 white house coronavirus task force briefings and today the president is saying enough is enough. yes, he may send federal troops in to more big american cities, ravaged by two months out of control violence, chaos and crime. we'll tell you which cities the president is talking about. update on chaos in portland, oregon. anti-cop protesters, protesting against the police attack a back the blue rally supporting cops. we've got that. we have retired nypd detective, oscar odom coming up. fox news political analyst giano
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caldwell weighing in on media and prominent democrats downplaying the riots. you won't believe the new sound we have got on tape. republican guy reschenthaler from house judiciary he is with us. we've got more. we're digging into the newly declassified documents. it is getting worse by the day. it shows chaos going on behind the scenes at the fbi and floundering failed, trump-russia probe. showing the fbi misled the fisa courts to get pourerful wiretaps on trump and his team and more. we're uncovering this information. the fbi officials under the obama administration commit perjury? media research center's brent bozell tackle how anonymous leaks to the media kept the trump-russia collusion story alive for three years when behind the scenes, top officials like james comey, peter strzok, james clapper that they had no evidence of trump-russia collusion. they told house democrat this.
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newly declassified documents show former fbi official peter strzok slamming "the new york times" for numerous mistakes and errors in a major "times" story in early 2017 that kept the trump-russia probe alive. "the times" is now defending the story. tonight trump 2016 campaign manager corey lewandoski on the biden campaign now saying that president trump smeared joe biden in for example interview with chris wallace. all this going on as we have this new debate, which candidate will be better for the american economy, trump or biden. also this deit barks biden is running running highly unusual campaign never-before-seen in the history of the country. can you guess what that's about? thanks for joining us. i'm elizabeth macdonald. "the evening edit" starts right now. ♪ elizabeth: welcome to the show.
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you're watching the fox business network. let's get right to edward lawrence with the latest headlines out of washington, d.c. good toe see you, edward. reporter: good to see you, liz. in fact president donald trump losing patience with some democratic-run cities. he is looking at violent numbers from over the weekend and believes the federal government may have to come in to stop the crime. listen. president trump: look what is going on. run by democrats. all run by liberal democrats all run by radical left. we can't let this happen to the cities. new york was up 348%, the crime wave. so the governor has to do something about it. if the governor is not going to do something about it we'll do something about it. reporter: the president seeing images from seattle this past weekend a march as demonstrators walked through seattle they started beating on storefronts with bats. two dozen were arrested and a dozen police officers or two were arrested and a dozen police officers were injured. in chicago, new video showing sg
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that in downtown there was coordinated attacks. can see someone dumbing a box full of bricks in the crowd, throwing them at officers. 18 officers were injured this weekend across the city. in chicago, 67 people were shot the past few days. portland ore again, showing 53 straight days of unrest. the mayor is blaming the administration for sending federal guards around federal courthouses and other federal buildings. >> what we've seen in portland, however, a governor who is unwilling to admit he lost control of his city. a mayor who is saying i don't need the help of federal law enforcement while you have the rioters trying to burn down a courthouse, set a police building on fire, hurl pigs feet, attack officers and threaten police officers and citizens alike. reporter: white house looking very closely at those actions. now these protests not following any social distancing either. another reason why the president
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wants to get a vaccine as soon as possible. astrazeneca released its results from the trials. very promising but not as good as other results from pfizer and mow dern n still with the vaccines moving to the next phase, 120,000 americans are being asked to volunteer to help and test. 110,000 signed up n order to get the big health push and update folks exactly where we are with the coronavirus the president, as you said, liz is bringing back the coronavirus task force briefings, starting tomorrow at 5:00 p.m. eastern time. back to you. elizabeth: great to see you, edward. thank you so much. as you heard edward report, president trump will send federal law enforcement to potentially baltimore, philadelphia, new york, chicago, oakland. this as head of the police union in chicago made a direct appeal. he is asking the president for help as dozens again were shot in chicago, people getting killed there.
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house democrats, led by jerry nadler want federal watchdogs to look into what the president is doing, using u.s. marshals and border patrol officials to stop the rioting. the rioting has gone on two months nationwide, killing more than two dozen, pushing three dozen killed. rioters set on fire attacked businesses and police buildings and federal courthouses and state courthouses worth hundreds of millions of dollars. worsening joblessness when covid-19 is slamming the u.s. economy hard with historic unemployment. tens of millions out of work. the head of the portland police union said portland elected officials condoned chaos. they put their political agenda ahead of of the community. this has got to stop. he said the troops have to leave. as rioters tried to burn down a police building. watch portland merited wheeler. >> what is happening here, we
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have dozens if not hundreds of federal troops descends upon our city, what they are doing is they are sharply escalating the situation. their presence here is actually leading to more violence and more vandalism and it is not helping the situation at all. elizabeth: okay. remember there are 53, 53 straight days of rioting and protesting going on in portland. watch acting customs and border protection commissioner mark morgan forcefully denying what the mayor is saying. watch this. >> they go out. they have reasonable suspicion or probable cause that these individuals have commit ad federal crime by destroying federal property, or, or, intentionally trying to physically harm a federal agent or officer and they are going out and they are absolutely trying to apprehend those individuals. that is what they should be doing, to insure law and order. these are criminals. they should be held responsible. elizabeth: we've got back the blue rallies saying defend,
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don't defund the police, defend the police, held in states like indiana, south carolina, pennsylvania, new york. there was a denver rally that was attacked by anti-cop protesters. that happened over the weekend. welcome to the show, retired nypd detective oscar odom. detective, great to have you on. what do you think of what all is going on? should federal authorities go in. >> absolutely. let me say first thank the men and women in blue, nypd officers, across the country who go out every day to put their life on the line. absolutely yes. we talk about the united states constitution, bill of rights, guarranty certain things, it guaranties us the right to peacefully protest. that is the part that is missing from the equation. people are going out there and they are rioting. that is not what it says. the constitution even says, it place as time, place and manner restriction on these type of activities, you need some sort of law and order this is not in the spirit of george floyd to go out there to harm police officers, damage businesses, to
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do things of that nature. this is not in the spirit whatsoever. the data will bear out these things are wreaking havoc on people's lives, wreaking havoc on people's businesses and how do you as a police officer go to someone's family to say that you have to tell them their loved one was killed because of these type of acts taking place? also police officers, when you take the job, it is not to be a punching bag. police officers across the country are being beat up, stabbed, look at peaceful protest taking place in new york city, across the bridge with the black clergy. the police officers were attacked protecting black clergy, marching for police reform. good cops hate bad cops also. these things escalated. they have taken it to another level. this has nothing to do with it. this is the not in the spirit of george floyd. you would be acting differently an trying to do different types of things. elizabeth: police say shootings in portland are up, nearly
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quadrupled in the first week of july alone. you know, here is the other thing that is going on. we see ordinary citizens saying, wait a second, communities of color, minority communities, communities that have first-responders like nurses and doctors and cops, an firemen, living in those communities, they're seeing their communities getting really hit hard by rioting and looting. that is still going on. this is two months of this. i want to show the footage by shelby, a "daily caller" reporter. a man had enough, went to federal courthouse in portland, oregon with an american flag. you will hear him. we heard what we was saying. it is difficult to hear what he is saying but basically what he is saying is, i'm here to stop you guys from attacking the federal courthouse. i stand with justice. stand with me. i'm here for justice. i'm not here to tear down buildings. not here to spray paint. none of you guys represent black lives. that is the other complaint.
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they're seeing white people doing rioting. that is what african-americans are saying. what do you say? >> i agree wholeheartedly. some people are mixed up what is actually taking place. they're out there to futher their own individual causes. not causes that are there for police reform and to do things better, to make sure we respond better to certain situations. to make things squared away. out there on their personal -- doing ha vock, not everything according to law. when people come to me, dr. odom how do you evaluate certain situations that are taking place? stuff must be data driven, evidence-based. when you look what they're doing, you have a lot of issues taking place. it goes back to the old saying from the show "baretta." don't do the crime if you can't do the time. if you're out there doing something, don't do it unless you can do the time. other thing with bail laws that mess it up, they allow people to come out, to do things over and over again.
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that why we have all the havoc. this is devastating the economy by different things like this. if you want to let somebody out, put them in a program, help them out. make their lives better. don't put them out after they commit a crime. because now they injure police officers and other families and people are dying. bodies do not lie. when you see all the murders taking place across the country because of the havoc, it is not a lie. don't do the do the crime if yot dot time. the before the police officer gets off their shift we have to make sure we pay attention to these things. if you are for true reform, you should be out there peacefully protesting. not jumping up and down, not attacking police officers. we're not punching bags. this is not what we took the job for. we took the job to protect life and property. we run to the crime. get call shots fired, man with a gun. we don't run away. we make sure you're protected. at the same time we putting our
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lives on the line while we go out there to protect your life. elizabeth: oscar, thank you very much for your service to our country. i remember the tv show "baretta." that is how old i am. thanks for bringing it up. great perspective. thank you for your service to our country. appreciate it. oscar odom there. we have more on the newly declassified fbi documents showing the chaos behind the scenes going on at the fbi. how they knew in early 2017 that their information they were using to get fisa wiretaps to spy on the trump team, flawed and dubious. they went ahead any way. house republican guy rest enthaller, on house judiciary. he will talk about it next. did fbi officials commit perjury? republicans say yes. >> i will be shocked if somebody doesn't go to jail for defrauding the fisa court. here is what i think durham is looking at this.
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♪ elizabeth: newly declassified fbi documents show that fbi leadership under james comey knew by january 2017, thatf p-ialu, infoatthersing t puhand the trump-russia probe this, is the christopher steele dossier. christopher steele sources said it was warmed over gossip, secondhand rumor. fbi sourcing was bad on this.
6:18 pm
senator lindsey graham says the fbi should have stopped the trump russia prone in 2017 but they didn't. they got wiretaps on. guy reschenthaler republican on house judiciary? great to have you back on. did these fbi officials purge themselves on the fisa court? christopher steele's own sources were telling the fbi we didn't have a network of russian sources inside russian intelligence or russian government. this is a social circle of drinking buddies. it was warmed over gossip. these didn't very any sources. this was steele's contract worker. he was not russian. what do you think about this? >> if somebody had to commit perjury during all this. they knew after they interviewed steele's source who like you said was on steele's payroll, and who, there was no
6:19 pm
corroborating evidence, right? they, they took that information from that source, went to the fisa judges, while the at same time, you had a report that was being conducted behind closed doors where they admitted there was no collusion and there was no evidence for collusion. so at some point, somebody had to lie to a judge, to get the fisa warrant. at least renewals that took place in april and june. and that is not only committing perjury, that is not having what we lawyers call candor with the court. so at the very least, some people should lose their bar license and some people frankly should go to jail. elizabeth: senator graham says he wants to call in james comey and mr. mccabe to testify. the backdrop is, christopher steele told a british court, he testified, he was paid by democrats including the hillary clinton campaign to dig up dirt, to contest the to fight, battle, 2016 election if hillary clinton lost and trump won. that was a steele dossier but the
6:20 pm
the fbi used that dossier to spy on the trump team. christopher steele was dressing up the secondhand rumor if its with authoritative and sounding if it wasn't. your reaction to that? >> they took the report being paid for by the clinton campaign, they used it to get a warrant to spy on the trump campaign. after knowing that report was boeing boeing bus and based on false information. they got two renewals to spy on sitting president's campaign. mueller hearing, mueller report, et cetera. something went wrong and justice was not done with this entire process. elizabeth: we've got this new information coming in. watchdog group "judicial watch" releasing documents from the probe showing fbi official peter strzok emailing, complaining to fbi official bill priestap. looks like strzok may have wanted to secretly use fbi briefings with president trump
6:21 pm
to gather information for the trump-russia probe without telling president trump. he is emailing bill priestap early january 2017. that was the day after the president took office, saying quote, i'm angry i was not cc'd, carbon copied about an fbi white house briefing with trump. my unit has pending investigative matters there. this brief may play into our investigative strategy. he wanted a head's up on future white house briefings. your take on that? >> well the fbi and top echelon were doing everything they could to undo the results of the 2016 election. we saw it when they tried to entrap flynn. they went in to talk to trump knowing information was faulty through the mueller investigation. so i'm not surprised at all, liz. elizabeth: all right. congressman, great to see you. thanks for coming on. >> thank you, liz. elizabeth: up next, the media and prominent democrats again downplaying the rioting and the looting. we've got video of one cnn host
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faster. better. at comcast business, we want to help you not just bounce back. but bounce forward. that's why we're helping you stay ahead and adapt with a network you can count on, 24/7 support and flexible solutions that work wherever you are. call or go online today. ♪. elizabeth: the media again downplaying the rioting and
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looting in major american cities. remember more than two dozen shot dead in what has been going on over the last two months. watch cnn's brian stelter. >> there are some anarchists in portland. there always has been. this always a problem, it's a small problem. but it's a problem. when i saw sean hannity leading his show okay, there is something going on here. this is re-election play. elizabeth: small problem. a real election play. portland is in chaos. they tried to set a police building on fire. more is going on there. fox news political analyst, giano caldwell. always great to have you on. what was your reaction to what brian stelter just said? people being shot at during the riots. buildings are being burned. >> right. elizabeth: is this quote a election play as brian stelter said? he said it's a small problem. what do you think? >> i think fit is an election play, people being safe in their own cities, by all means, that
6:27 pm
is one of the first things an american president should be about, safety, security, law and order, certainly. one thing i can guarranty you, if it was a lot of destruction going on in more conservative cities, conservative towns, things were being disrupted as you see in places like chicago, los angeles, portland, then you would see, cnn covering it non-stop, other networks as well. if anything, what i have noticed, if there is any benefit to president trump's election, getting played down in the mainstream media over and over again. let's be honest about the numbers. this 2012, the riots that we've seen, not 2012, the riots in 2020, riots in 2020 is the costliest on record. one group estimated about $5 billion in damages. that was early estimate. we see in the state of california it, was $38 million in overtime spent for state law enforcement there. you also think about what was
6:28 pm
the or the estimate in terms of what is a comparison? the 1992 l.a. riots was at one point the costliest. this is legitimate issue. people should be concerned. state and local governments are talking about raising taxes because of covid, other things. there are a lot of businesses suffering. no network should be playing this down. this is a very real issue for a lot of people. elizabeth: coming during the covid pandemic with people out of work. >> absolutely. elizabeth: businesses are getting slammed. federal property getting slammed. why is the media, why are democrats, they have been accused downplaying what is going on? they are accused of downplaying. i will come to you after this montage. i will come to you after this. watch. >> it is dangerous, these people can take this home with them and hurt their families and all the rest. >> i would like to ask them if they're willing to sign away their right to treatment if and when they get infected. >> who the hell do you think you
6:29 pm
are? what is wrong with people? i don't understand, what is wrong with people! stay at home. >> this was a mostly a protest. it is not, it is not generally speaking unruly but fires have been started. >> destroying property which can be replaced is not violence. >> and please, show me where it says protesters are supposed to be polite and peaceful? >> the beautiful thing we're seeing citizens scaring and concerned. they're hitting the streets. >> heartwarming to see so many people turn out peacefully, across the country. it is bringing people together, community, with unity. >> people do what they do. elizabeth: well, to chris cuomo, it is in the founding documents of our country you have a right to peacefully assemble. your reaction to what you just heard? >> wow, there is so much there. the fact there are some folks
6:30 pm
excusing the riots that we've seen, not peaceful protests. everyone can agree what happened to george floyd is wrong. it is something that shouldn't happen to anyone, 100%. i think most folks in universal agreement on that topic. however, what we, cannot be in agreement with, you coming into my community and destroying it. a lot of these businesses didn't have insurance to cover a lot of the damage done. so people who are already stretched thin and suffering from covid, they're in real jeopardy now. the national guard was called in 21, at least 21 states to bring about peace. in places like the city of chicago, they're still looting. still looting. elizabeth: here is the other -- yeah. the minnesota attorney general, keith ellison, he is saying fighting is about militarizing the police, protesters don't like that. he is saying that the debate about moving money away from police budgets, it is about
6:31 pm
helping with community services but gianno, there is little coverage stopping the state waste, fraud abuse. minnesota blown through a billion dollars since 2016 on a think tank there, center for the american experiment, says state lawmakers violated the laws and rules, rules about 1800 times. i mean so what about that? do you really need to go after police budgets when you're blowing through taxpayer money and wasting it? go ahead. >> that is a very smart and legitimate point you just raised there, i absolutely agree. i'm very conservative to where our tax dollars are going and if you look in places like the city of chicago who spent more money on pensions than anything else, continue to put themselves in a situation where this state, the city could file for bankruptcy because they're so badly damaged. you have to ask yourself, what are you doing with the taxpayers money to begin with? how are you going to properly utilize those funds, versus taking them away from the police
6:32 pm
and crime is so high, police are desperately needed? elizabeth: great to see you. come back soon. >> thank you so much for having me as always. elizabeth: coming up, the 2020 race, who is best to, who is the best person to get the economy moving? is it trump or biden? the biden campaign now says president trump smeared joe biden in an interview with fox news's chris wallace. we have that story as well. president trump said he will sign executive orders on things like the border and health care in coming weeks. trump 2016 campaign manager corey lewandoski, on an unusual thing about the biden campaign. we haven't seen a campaign like this before in history. can you guess what that's about? that story next. >> i think the economy is expanding and growing beautifully. now the democrats want to keep it closed as long as possible because they think that is good for election but i think the economy is doing very well. now we're coming back and we're coming back at a level nobody would have thought possible.
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♪. elizabeth: just a little bit of housekeeping. our team put up an incorrect banner just before saying that nancy pelosi condoned looting. she never condoned looting. nancy pelosi did say, quote, people will do what they do after people took down, protesters took down a statue of christopher columbus in baltimore, maryland. we apologize. we're sorry for that. that is a clarification there. three months to the lech shunned at biden campaign has gone through months without taking one question from the%. joe biden is not holding campaign rallies. he is rarely giving public speeches. members of the media are now advising joe biden not to go flat-out on trump debates. now the biden campaign is out saying donald trump smeared joe biden in a interview with fox news chris wallace after he said joe biden is incompetent and more.
6:38 pm
the race is now on, who can revive the economy. who can create jobs, to get millions out of work with the pandemic. who is best to keep people safe. watch president trump on nafta 2.0 trade deal. talking about how obama biden trade deals didn't create jobs, that they were bad. watch this. >> the usmca is expected to create 76,000 new automotive jobs for the first time in five years. that will be also great. as you know supported nafta, tpp, which would have been a disaster. elizabeth: let's welcome trump 2016 campaign manager corey lewandoski back to the show. your reaction to that, corey? great to see you. >> great to be back. it is very simple. here in my little home state of new hampshire under the obama biden administration we lost 24,500 manufacturing jobs because of the policies they had in place. under the trump-pens administration we gained 54,000 jobs. we do $1.1 billion in trade with
6:39 pm
mexico and canada combined. so that is a huge incentive for us to support the usmca. and look, under the obama-biden years, 850,000 jobs disappeared across this country because of the policies they put in place, the trade policies so this president has been a pro-job growth president. we've seen it here in my state and everyone across this country have seen the benefit of it. elizabeth: you know, biden is getting criticized because his new economic plan says little to nothing about trade deals, corey. biden is not talking about trade deals at all, hardly. you know, china is getting manufacturing jobs. it is hurting u.s. workers. hurting union workers, the loss of factory jobs. president will sign executive orders. what is that about, what do you think? >> joe biden voted to have china most-favored nation trade status. he has never seen a chinese trade deal he hasn't supported and probably one his family hasn't benefited from. donald trump since he came down
6:40 pm
the golden escalator, told the american people we had to decouple our economy from china. that they were the wrong partner. he was criticized widely in the media for this but proven to be absolutely right. when it relates to the trans-pacific partnership, most-favored nation status for china, joe biden supported all trade deals taken our manufacturing industry and completely decimated states like pennsylvania, wisconsin, michigan, ohio, all decimated from bad trade deals. it is the first time a president stood up for the midwest and manufacturing. and remember this, it used to be we made cars in michigan and we couldn't drink the water in mexico. all of sudden under the obama administration we couldn't drink the water in michigan and making cars in mexico. something had to change. this president brought our manufacturing back which was the, which is what we call the american carnage under obama-biden years. it is finally back and people are working again. elizabeth: china makes nearly
6:41 pm
90 -- 97% of the antibiotics the u.s. uses. one company in china dominates0% of drones, of the drone manufacturing for north america. corey, i want to go over there, there is confusion of joe biden on defunding the police. joe biden said he would redirect some money towards community measures. it started with this podcast with joe biden. listen to this. >> do we agree we can redirect some of the funding? >> yes. absolutely. elizabeth: okay. he said yes absolutely redirecting some police funds. your reaction to this controversy? >> it is clear as day. when you take money away from one thing, give it to something else, particularly not the same department, that is defunding. maybe we didn't say we defund 100% of the police but what he probably supports, at least seems to acknowledge in that interview mayor de blasio who will take a billion dollars away from the new york police department and redirect that
6:42 pm
money, we call that defunding. when someone takes money from your bank account or your check every week that you get as an employee, gives it to somebody es, you can call it whatever you want. call it defunding. they call it redirects. it may be semantics. the truth is you're not supporting men and women in uniform that risk their lives to defend us. >> corey lewandoski. great to see you. come back soon. >> thank you. elizabeth: okay, this story, leaks to the media. we're getting more and more information out of government documents how leaks to the media believed from the fbi and intelligence agencies did drive the trump-russia collusion story, kept it alive for three years. senate judiciary releasing documents that were declassified by the justice department. former fbi official peter strzok slamming a "new york times" story for numerous mistakes. that story came out inzok saidsd connections to the trump team.
6:43 pm
peter strzok said no they didn't. we'll talk to brent bozell. he is the media watchdog at media research center. he will talk to us about that and what is going on there. that story next. president trump: i have been very unfairly treated. i don't say that as paranoid. everybody says that. it will be see what is happening. tremendous evidence now how unfairly treated i was. president trump and biden spied on my campaign. it has never happened in history. if it were the other way around, the people would be in jail for 50 years right now. get real-time insights in your customized view of the market. it's smarter trading technology for smarter trading decisions. fidelity.
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6:48 pm
newly declassified documents reveal the lead fbi investigator on the trump-russia probe, former fbi official peter strzok was pointing out numerous mistakes and errors in these leaks in a february 2017 "new york times" article. that article claimed russian intelligence was in touch and had connections with the trump team. "the times" is now defending the story. let's welcome media research center and president and founder, brent bozell. great to see you t was written by michael schmidt. it quoted four anonymous sources. do the media keep citing anonymous sources to attack trump? >> think about this, liz, you have had since the start of the mueller probe, you've had thousands of stories dealing with the trump collusion. 2284 minutes on prime-time television, broadcast television, which is astonishing
6:49 pm
enormous coverage. hundreds of thousands of segments on cnn, on msnbc. hundreds of newspaper articles and yet what did we know the whole time? what did they know the whole time? the whole time they knew they had nothing. the whole time the president kept saying there is no there, there. there is no evidence. this is based on a fake dossier. they knew this, liz and they were reporting this. so you can say peter strzok is guilty and should go to prison and i believe he should, but if they could, the media should be charged with aiding and athe abouting an attempted coup of the president of the united states. they're equally guilty, liz. elizabeth: okay. so who are these four american officials that "the new york times" cites in this story? apparently providing false information saying that russian intelligence had contacts with the trump team? i mean, fbi, here is the thing, we've seen this since the church report, that intelligence and, federal enforcement officials
6:50 pm
routinely use propaganda in the media, as a reason to continue their probes of whatever it is. that has been known for decades. that is what goes on in intelligence circles in washington you use the media to keep propaganda folk to keep your probes going. what happened here with the "times" story, it happened within a day of michael flynn, michael flynn stepping down over phone calls he had with the russian ambassador, misleading the vice president about that. you see what i'm saying. they used the media to lay the groundwork to keep it going. would you take that on? >> liz, they do but the media weren't born yesterday. you had tens of thousands of stories. 99% of them were based on moneys stories. what does that tell you? why was anybody on the record in thousands of stories. they have didn't have the sources. liz, you're a professional, i'm
6:51 pm
a professional. you're supposed to vet things out. you know journalism 101 you get two independent sources. they knew they didn't have anything. they wept after the president. elizabeth: you're supposed to, sorry. you're supposed to get a person on the record f you're going to attack somebody you can't be anonymous attacks. tough get a person on the record. so when we continue to, we've been looking at this for three or four years. i have rarely seen somebody on the record saying yeah, this happened. what i've seen on the record, forgive me, brent, james clapper, james clapper, james comey, peter strzok, lisa page, on the record saying we didn't have the good. they didn't have a case. we have that on the record. a anonymous attacks are not people on on record. >> this was attempted murder, character assassination by 1000 cuts, by tens of thousands of cuts. that is what they are trying to do the whole time. i hope the american people understand, this is the media today. they have nothing to do with the
6:52 pm
news. elizabeth: all right. brent, thank you so much. appreciate you coming on. >> thank you, liz. - hey, can i... - safe drivers save 40%!!! guys! guys! safe drivers save 40%!!! safe drivers save 40%! safe drivers save 40%!!! that's safe drivers save 40%. it is, that's safe drivers save 40%. - he's right there. - it's him! safe drivers do save 40%. click or call for a quote today. maria had to do everything for me.
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♪. elizabeth: welcome back. bbc host, a tv host in freight britain, andrew marr in the bbc
6:56 pm
confronted chinese ambassador with video drone footage after concentration camp in china. chinese officials are shown putting handcuffed and blindfolded uyghur pressers? on trains. china is engaging in demographic genocide, using mass imprisonment, concentration camps forced abortions against muslims in the region. china's ambassador to the uk, doesn't acknowledge the video. he doesn't answer, asked to explain footage of this concentration camp in china. watch this? >> this is not true. the facts just show the opposite. people in shenzhen enjoy happy life. you know, they are enjoying, people call for order, to restored in shenzhen. china of course is strongly opposed to any torture and
6:57 pm
persecution and discrimination of any ethnic people. this is not the case in china. the policy of the chinese government as i said, every ethnic group in china is treated equal. elizabeth: okay. let's welcome america first senior policy director, curtis ellis. i mean, curtis, the video proof is there. it is going on. he is flatly denying it. your reaction? >> china's ambassador we would expect him to deny it. he is not only one being silent about china's slave markets. general motors, apple, nike, these are a few of household names that depend on those chinese slaves to make their products. their suppliers, suppliers to these companies are making, are using the, same muslim slaves, it is well-documented. and in fact, we know that, let me remind your viewers, that
6:58 pm
nike used to be made in the united states. apple products used to be made in the united states. general motors used to be made in michigan. they decided to move supply chains over there. tim cook, the reason he succeeded steve jobs he was famous for moving supply chains there. now these companies. elizabeth: i understand. >> yeah. >> i hear what you're saying isn't it time to stand up? isn't it time to stand up to china to say enough is enough? china's ambassador to the u.s., quote, america has to make a fundamental choice about whether it can live peacefully with a modernized, strong, prosperous china. curtis, as we're talking we're showing concentration camps. these people are being abused. the attorney general says china is the most powerful violator of human rights in the world. this is a human rights issue t has to stop. when do you stop. when does the media say enough its enough? >> exactly. when do these companies say enough is enough? we have to stand up for american
6:59 pm
values. that is what the attorney general said. look at yourself as an american citizen, not as a global citizen. don't talk to me about being a global corporation. we have to stand up for our values. these companies and our country have to say enough. we're not folk to deal with slavery. not with slave markets in china. we have laws on the books that prevent and prohibit the importation of goods made with slave labor. stop it right now. elizabeth: got to go. curtis ellis. great to have you on. come back soon. >> sure. thank you. elizabeth: thanks for joining us. that does it. you've been watching the earning edit. which hope you have a good evening. ♪
7:00 pm
dollarings. kristina, thank you so much. that does it -- ♪ ♪ lou: good evening, everybody. the left-wing mobs of antifa, anarchists and black lives matter activists, black lives matter activists rioted in seattle last night. the radical dems who run the city have run from their oaths to protect the citizens from seattle just as the leaders of the other democrat-run big cities in this country have been doing thousand. in seattle -- doing throughout. in seattle, deadly violence for almost two full months now. rioters in downtown seattle last night smashing windows, loot aring businesses, trying to set fire to thety's


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