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tv   The Evening Edit  FOX Business  July 23, 2020 6:00pm-7:01pm EDT

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opportunity to upset a liberal and go to, tomorrow congressman jim banks, tom fitton, pastor robert jeffress. thanks for being with us. good night from sussex. elizabeth: we got breaking news. the president just wrapping up a press conference at the white house moments ago, yes, some schools may have to reopen later due to the covid-19 pandemic. also noting that the jacksonville, florida, republican convention, they're going to dial back on that. safety first there. president also revealing he has been invited to there out the furs punch at a yank cost baseball guam in august. tonight we have top border official mark morgan on two major federal operations now underwaa to stop violence spiraling out of control in u.s. cities and to stop rioting but joe biden now claims the trump administration is attacking peaceful protesters as they are anything but.
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we will show you how anarchists have set fire to police stations, to federal courthouses, to buildings, to small business, and how officers have been assaulted, blinded with laser lights, attacked with baseball bats, with bricks, with concretes, pellet guns, citizens assaulted too. michael waltz with secretary of state mike pompeo with historic speech directly to the people of china, stand up to your totalitarian economist leaders. worldwide condemnation pouring in from around the globe on china as shroff labor concentration camps. a top democratic senator agrees with president trump shutting down china's houston embassy. now this, how will china retaliate. with us, deontay johnson. president of the black conservative federation. with us why the democrats remain pretty much silent on violence
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spiraling out of control in cities like chicago where he lives. why are democrats like the chicago mayor pushing back on the president's help with 75 people have been shot in chicago since last friday, including a three-year-old baby girl. a five month infant was shot in chicago last week a five-month-old baby. we have media reports, cnn, president trump is right, these reports came out in 2017, that president obama did not do enough in his hometown of chicago. deneen borelli with us tonight. she is a fox news contributor on joe biden sounding awful like president trump when it comes to covid-19 policies biden says he will enact when trump has already enacted them. republican kelly armstrong what we have reported now revealed in newly declassified documents, that august 2016, the fbi did use routine briefing of then candidate trump and general
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michael flynn as cover to spy for the trump-russia probe. this as a top gop senator now says that the president should pardon general michael flynn. thanks for joining us. i'm liz beg mcdonald. "the evening edit" starts right now. ♪. elizabeth: welcome to the show. you're watching the fox business network. the push is now on to stop crime in cities including federal agencies like the fbi and the dea. the other move is to stop riots including the use of u.s. marshals and border officials. rioting continues in portland, or gone. rioting in cities like portland has caused tens of millions of dollars of damage to businesses and communities nationwide. more than a dozen shot dead in the riots going on two months. portland's riots look anything but peaceful.
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anarchists attempted to set fire to the federal courthouse and facilities. officers have been assaulted. blinded with laser lights, attacks with bricks and nails in boards and frozen water bottom es. assaults on civilians are taking place. joe biden says quote, that the trump administration is attacking peaceful protesters and fueling division. we have customs and border protection acting commissioner mark marge gone. always great to have you back on the show. commissioner, your reaction to joe biden here? >> liz, this is unbelievable. another series of talking points. the way you described it is the truth. that is what is happening in portland. every single night, every single night these criminals have taken over the protests. they meet, organize, plan with the willful intent to destroy federal property and seriously injure federal agents.
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that is the truth. the federal agents are there under title 40, dictates to the secretary, not has a choice. he must protect federal buildings. that is what our presence is there for. to say the presence of federal agents doing their statutory responsibility is inciting violence is ridiculous. i don't believe the american people believe that. elizabeth: are local, are local police saying rioters are embedding themselves in peaceful protests as they have been in chicago. is that what you're seeing? >> liz, absolutely right. it is happening every single night for 50 nights. starts out with peaceful protesters. a group infiltrates that peaceful protest with willful intent to do damage and destroy federal property. liz, you described it, the past two united states alone they have thrown incendiary devices in the federal courthouse with the intent to burn it in the ground with federal agents and
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officers inside. they're calling them peaceful protesters? no they are not. those are criminals. those are the individuals you see us going after in portland. elizabeth: here's the thing, the portland mayor ted wheeler was booed last night as he addressed rioters. they posted a list of demands, cut the police budget in half. demanding mayor resign. he told the crowd to continue to resist. he thanked them. rioters tried to block him entering a building. mayors, why are democrat mayors pushing back on federal law enforcement? should they stop the violence? should they send in the police to break up riots. do it themselves? >> yes, liz. that is what local police departments are supposed to do. i have full faith in the portland police department that is what they want to do but the local leadership are tying their hands. if the mayor would open up and
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let the portland police department do their job you would see the violence end overnight. they can't. the mayor tied their hands, city council to share information with federal agents and officers there. that is going to result in deadly consequences when law enforcement officers do not share information. it is absolutely reckless and irresponsible. elizabeth: so they're risking people's lives. here's the thing. you know the first amendment says, yeah, you have a right to peacefully assemble but you know, to peacefully assemble you have to get a permit and license. that is at minimum. these democrat mayors are allowing rioting to go rampant when people, other american citizens are forced to you know, go through the ropes, you know, get a license or permit to even march. >> liz, that is absolutely right. from the president on down to the secretary myself, we absolutely support everyone's god given constitutional right to peacefully protest,
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absolutely. i will stand and send our agents and officers to defend that right. but the moment you put a weapon in your happened, incendiary device a sledgehammer, brick, laser, to intentionally harm a federal officer, you transitioned from a protester to criminal. you don't have to be on federal property when you have done that. that is what we're doing. elizabeth: commissioner sharon powell, mother of legend, operation ledge enis named after her four-year-old son shot and murdered in kansas city. take a listen to what this mother has to say. watch. >> it is to help investigate unsolid murders. which one of those happens to be our innocent four-year-old son. this operation is personal to us. we want justice for our son and others. elizabeth: mark, the protests have been about the deaths of minorities in police custody.
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president trump moved to stop that. so have republicans in congress. the president is now trying to stop the deaths of minorities with street violence and gang shootings and inare city violence. how come the democrats are silent about that, opposed to that? >> i've been in law enforcement, liz, for 30 years. only conclusion they put politics over public safety. this president once again showed the american people that he puts protection of american lives first. that is it what he is doing. i think it is important to make a distinction between what is happening in portland and chicago. portland is very narrow set of circumstances where criminals are targeting federal buildings. chicago we're talking about increase of violence. he is sending additional federal agents to envelope into federal task forces already there to work federal crimes, to that mother of her four-year-old child to do exactly what she said to do. it is to solve violent crime. so hopefully people can walk their baby in a stroller, not fear they're going to die from a
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stray bullet. that is what the president is doing. elizabeth: commissioner, just one final question. media criticism, there is some crittism that federal officials are wearing camouflage uniforms that makes them look like soldiers. they're not wearing identifying patches to distinguish what agency they're coming from. your reaction to that? >> first of all i can't believe we're talking about the color of a law enforcement uniform, rather than the criminals that are bringing weapons to hurt those law enforcement officers. the last point is, with respect to insignia, that is lie, liz. that is absolute lie. cpb officers at minute pump wear six pieces of separate identification. bright yellow police on front. patches on shoulder show the unit they're assigned to. they're assigned to cpb. they have a specific patch, letter, number, who identifies that agent specifically is. i authorized them to remove their names, because the same criminals trying to injure them, they're doxxing them and their
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family trying to get people to go to their homes. that is disgusting. elizabeth: they're putting, stay with me, they're putting federal officials information, personal information out on the internet? it is called doxxing s that what is going on? >> yes, ma'am. so these agents are deployed in portland, doing what they're asked to do. what i asked them to do. their families back home, they're not with them. they're being doxxed encouraging people to go to their home. we should all you night and say that is wrong. elizabeth: we'll stay on the story. commissioner morgan. thanks for joining us. we appreciate you coming on, sir. >> you bet, liz. elizabeth: next up, secretary of state mike pompeo going today after china big time slamming president xi xinping as quote, a true believer in a bankrupt totalitarian ideology. we'll talk to florida republican michael waltz. he is the first green beret to serve in congress. he is a combat decorated
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veteran, a member of the house china task force. michael waltz coming up. >> xi xinping is true believer in bankrupt totalitarian ideology. this has a decades long desire for global hegemony for chinese communism. america can no longer ignore the fundamental political and idealogical differences in our country just as the -- has never ignored them. elizabeth: me too. because your bank isn't just one place. it's virtually any place you are. just download and use the chase mobile app. visit
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♪. elizabeth: okay. now to this breaking news. secretary of state mike pompeo in a major speech unlike any in recent administration history urged china's people to stand up. let's listen. >> our approach can't just be about getting tough. that is unlikely to achieve the outcome we desire. we must also engage and empower the chinese people, a dynamic freedom loving people who are completely distinct from the chinese communist party. that begins with in person diplomacy. if you're watching live, thank you fortuning in. finally as -- elizabeth: "washington post" opinion piece says china's president -- okay. this as "the washington post" opinion piece says that the president of china has now amassed more power than any chinese leader since mao
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tse-tung. he is acting more recklessly than china did in the days it had collective leadership. let's welcome back to the show, house republican michael waltz. he is a house china task force member. great to see you, congressman. your reaction to the speech. >> i want to commend the secretary and the president for that matter for taking china on and making the distinction between the chinese people with a long and amazing history and culture and the authoritarian dictatorship that is the chinese communist party, that is president xi. as you mentioned he has essentially gotten himself elected for life and, and at this point between the crackdown on the muslim uyghurs, on tibetan buddhists on christians, on hong kong, on taiwan, what they have done to cover up covid, the march in the south china sea, taking on india, look we have to understand in the
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united states that the chinese communist party has been in a cold war with us for many years. we now, i hope in the wake of the coronavirus will wake up to it. this is the most dangerous adversary we have ever faced in the history of america and, i commend the administration for taking it head on. elizabeth: you're a green beret, a decorated combat veteran. the administration is saying china, shut your consulate in houston tomorrow. general jack keane and others say china's embassies are platforms for spying on the u.s. is that true? >> this is long overdue and that is absolutely true. read some of president xi's own statements. they plan, he plans for china to lead a new world order where china calls the shots and america does not. they plan to do it by stealing their way to the top. they have been doing it for some time. it is through cyber, through our
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academic institutions or they are now buying up technologies bankrupted by covid in key areas. artificial intelligence, robotics, advanced materials. they just launched a stealth fighter that looks exactly like ours. they launched a rover to mars on a rocket that looks exactly like ours. china has stolen their way to the top. they're now challenging the united states around the world. elizabeth: yeah. it is democrat senator mark warner who agrees with the president in shutting down the houston consulate. let's listen to joe biden who says the administration cannot call out china, quote, people do not make a distinct between china and asian-americans. watch this. >> look what he is doing now. he is blaming everything on, on china. he is blaming everything on the chinese. he is blaming everybody -- people don't make a distinction. as you well know from a south korean and someone from beijing. they make no distinction. it is asia.
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he is using it as a wedge. elizabeth: reaction to that, sir? >> at the end of the day joe biden as we speak's son is equity holder, a partner with the chinese central bank. so i don't think we can count on anything joe biden says to be tough on china. at the end of the day, this isn't a republican or democrat problem. this is american problem. this is about defending freedom around the world and right here at home. elizabeth: his son hunter has been accused of working with china's financial firms as well. so that is an issue. democrats, let's get back to democrat senator mark warner supporting what the president and trump administration is doing shutting down the china i am ba sy in houston. let's listen to this. >> i can tell you for the last two years, i and other members of the intel committee have been holding classified briefings with business leaders and academic leaders about the concerted efforts of the chinese communist party to steal our
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intellectual property, to steal it from companies, to steal it from universities, be on better guard, greater guard. the fact that many chinese tech companies are arms of the chinese state. without getting into the specifics i think the fbi action is appropriate. i know there will be some reaction from china but, this is international security interests and more american businesses and universities need to acknowledge, recognize and guard against this problem. elizabeth: congressman, your reaction? >> well that is absolutely right. this is a matter of state policy from the communist policy again to steal from our academic institutions, through professors, through co-opting american professors and through chinese students that they're forcing to take this technology home. elizabeth: congressman, thank you so much. we will be right back. stay right there. son unique. that's why i like liberty mutual.
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xfinity. the future of awesome. ♪, staying on violence out of control in chicago. police release chilling surveilance video after deadly shooting that left a man shot dead yesterday and woman wounded. chicago police pleading for help after 75 have been shot last friday, including 15 this week
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at a funeral. 10 dead from gun violence this friday, including, we also have 10 minors shot. also again a baby was shot. this time a three-year-old baby girl in chicago. a five-month old baby was shot last week in chicago. welcome black conservative federation president, deontay johnson. a trump advisory board member. so great to have you on. your reaction to this. the president called the mayor of chicago sending 150 federal officials to help chicago but the mayor of chicago pushing back on that, threatening to sue when they step out of line. >> this is where politics and people step out of line. the mayor of chicago put politics over people far too long. glad she finally came to her senses saying we need the feds in chicago. that is the only way changes
6:27 pm
will happen. 3-year-old children should not be getting shot. funerals should not be shot up. there should not be 25 shootings in one day. just shouldn't be. elizabeth: you know there is voter reaction to the politicization of the violence. there is also been criticism of the president for trying to step in to help. let's watch a cnn reporter ask the president yesterday about the skyrocketing violence in your city of chicago and about how his predecessor barack obama dealt with this. watch this. reporter: 2016 you said it was president obama's fault that homicides were up in chicago. sew why was it the president's fault then but not your fault now? president trump: president obama was invited in and he did a poor job. president obama could have gone into chicago. he could have solved the problem and he didn't. in our case they don't want us in. we can solve the problem very easily. we're equipped with the best
6:28 pm
equipment, the best people and you see what we're doing. i mean portland was coming down, it was busting at the seams. elizabeth: okay. that was a cnn reporter asking that. cnn reported in 2017 that nearly 4,000 people were shot dead in chicago. cnn reporting in 2017, quoting people inside of chicago saying, president obama did not do enough. they basically struggle the feeling he can have done more. president obama ignored people of chicago. he ignored young black men getting gunned down at a horrific rate. showed no willingness to address these issues. those activists in chicago saying of president barack obama. your reaction. >> they said that then. i remember when they said that then. we were calling on president obama to send in the feds, to actually do something. president obama didn't do anything. that is why president trump was elected because we wanted a
6:29 pm
solutionist. we wanted someone who would put america first. we wanted someone who would make america safer again. i'm so excited that president trump has taken the leadership in making sure that we are making our cities safer again, chicago, for an example. making sure that people can have a sense of peace of mind when they walk down the street and children can play outside and parent not have to fear for their child's life. elizabeth: obama gave us a speech in chicago in 2013 but it was on gun control and education. that was it. the obama administration, researched, talked about infrastructure in chicago and the like. we've seen more about the activists, people of chicago crying out to president obama, why didn't you do more on the death toll. who in the obama administration took the death toll seriously enough in chicago to intervene like president trump is doing now? >> absolutely no one.
6:30 pm
that is why our president has been so successful. he has made it, he and attorney general barr and the department of justice made it a priority to make sure that we are protecting american citizens, protecting black americans in chicago, fearing for their lives every single day. elizabeth: great to see you. come back soon, okay? >> thank you. elizabeth: coming up, joe biden, now sounding a lot like president trump. joe biden has policies to stop the coronavirus. joe biden slamming the trump administration, claims there is lack of leadership. claiming he is going to enact a whole bunch of covid-19 policies. well, president trump has already enacted them. fox news contributor deneen borelli breaks it down with us next. >> he doesn't want to be distracted by it. doesn't want to be distracted by it. his own staff admits that donald trump fails the most important test of being an
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♪. elizabeth: welcome back. we're at the bottom of the hour. joe biden sounding a lot like president trump with policies to stop the coronavirus. biden trying to slam the trump administration on msnbc for lack of leadership, claiming he is going to enact a whole bunch covid-19 policies when trump already enacted them. conservative karl rove pointed this out in his opinion piece today. joe biden called for the defense production act to make ventilators. trump did that. called for covid-19 testing. 350 million have tested. help for small businesses of the president signed into law $660 million worth of health for small businesses. welcome to fox news contributor, black voices for trump advisory member, deneen borelli. he is sounding awful lot like president trump. your reaction? >> i am not surprised, liz.
6:36 pm
first of all, joe biden is a serial plagarizer. he was before he got into politics. fast forward he is still a plagarizer. everything you just mentioned the president already has these initiatives in place. former vice president biden doesn't have any new policy ideas. he is being driven and controlled by the radical left. they are pulling his strings. joe biden needs to be reminded of the failures of himself and former president obama. they dropped the ball regarding swine flu and how to handle it, with the vaccines. there were delays and mistakes that were made. they depleted the medical stockpile for medical supplies. they needs be to reminded of all the things they did wrong in the obama administration. to stop copying other people, especially president trump. elizabeth: deneen, what was your reaction to joe biden claiming
6:37 pm
during a virtual town hall with the huge sciu that president trump was racist, when you heard that. >> joe biden has literally lost it, liz. he needs to be reminded he worked happily with segregation its early on in his political career. these guys were well-known racists. he was more than happy to sit side by side to work with them. joe biden also recently said if you don't support him and you don't vote for him you ain't black. so joe biden is playing at all ends. he is saying he has this grand announcement of some black ladies that he wants to announce as his possible vp running mate. so he has a problem with black voters support, black voters need to be reminded of the history of joe biden and he is only doing and saying whatever he needs to do to try to get elected president of the united states.
6:38 pm
elizabeth: does he have a history of smearing republicans as racist? didn't joe biden smear mitt romney and republicans, he told black voters in 2012, they will put y'all back in chains? >> you're right. this man will do and say anything to get elected. they are hoping people forgot about his words and actions from years ago. i'm here to remind them of what joe biden said and done and the man is just a complete fraud, plain and simple. elizabeth: all right. deneen, let's move on to this. you know how joe biden has not taken questions from the press for months. he has not held public rallies or press conferences. he walks away when reporters try to ask him questions. critics say biden's team is keeping biden hidden, keeping him on a tight leash. that is what the obama campaign did in 2012. joe biden was off-camara, out of the scene. watch joe biden say live on camera, his team is telling him
6:39 pm
to stop talking. watch this. >> that is essence of my whole notion dealing with -- trying to tell me i'm supposed to stop. but i have more to say here. elizabeth: so your reaction to that? we have other, we've seen other footage of the biden campaign team members stepping in to stop joe biden, live during television interviews, during local television interviews. your reaction? >> yeah. it is clear his handlers are keeping him bubble wrapped and in the basement because they don't know what joe biden will say or do next. i can't wait until the debates because we'll see the real joe biden, when the debates come. he need as teleprompter and a script to just answer basic questions, liz. i'm looking forward to the debates for sure. elizabeth: but other thing going on is bernie sanders is cheering the progressive hard left has set up six, six task forces to
6:40 pm
have influence on biden. watch this. >> i was very delighted that the vice president agreed to work with our campaign in putting together six separate task forces dealing with the major issues of our country. i think we hammered out some agreements which will make in my view, joe biden a very progressive president, if he in fact implements what has been written. elizabeth: your reaction to that, deneen? >> yeah. well, joe biden is an empty suit, liz. the radical democrats are in control. they want the green new deal. they want higher taxes on hard-working americans. they despise fossil fuel, coal, oil, natural gas. we're talking about jobs and our economy. so what they are proposing is socialist policies not good for the country, not good for hard-working americans. that is where joe biden is.
6:41 pm
he wants to be elected he will go along with them. elizabeth: all right. deneen borelli. great to see you. come back soon. >> thanks so much, liz. elizabeth: coming up, republican kelly armstrong on what we have reported. it is now revealed in newly declassified government documents, that yes, an august 2016, the fbi did use a routine briefing of then candidate trump and general michael flynn as cover to get information for the trump-russia probe and more. this as the top republican senator now says that the president, go ahead. pardon general michael flynn. the story next. allstate won't raise your rates just because of an accident. cut! ♪. accident forgiveness from allstate. click or call for a quote today.
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my money should work as hard as i do. that's why i use my freedom unlimited card every time i get gas. give me a little slack! with freedom unlimited, you're always earning. i said i need some slack on pump three! ♪. elizabeth: two a fox news exclusive report, confirming what we at "the evening edit" have been reporting for some time. now it is revealed in newly declassified government
6:46 pm
documents that in august 2016 the fbi yes, did use a routine briefing of then candidate trump and general michael flynn as cover to monitor them, to pick up information for the trump-russia probe. let's welcome congressman kelly armstrong from house judiciary. great to seeing you, congressman. reaction to this news? >> thank you for continuing to cover this. it appears my democratic colleagues have moved on. every single day seems like we're getting more and more declassified information that is absolutely devastating to the entire russia investigation hoax. at the same time in committee hearings my democratic colleagues continue to talk about bob mueller and this investigation as a last bastion of legal integrity. they want to put a statue of him next to the washington monument. every day, more information comes out to show it was absolute hatchet job. elizabeth: we've been reporting and digging into government documents about three or four
6:47 pm
years now. i would like to put this in context, sir t was on august 15th, 2016 then fbi official, fbi official he was having an affair with, lisa page. i want to believe the path you threw out in andy mccaib's office he can't get elected. i'm afraid we can't take the risk. it is like an insurance policy in the unlikely event that you die. peter strzok opened a subcase against michael flynn, that happened on august 16th. then on august 17th, peter strzok sends fbi agent joe priestap, joe preencanoe the white house to monitor president trump and michael flynn. that is the context. in context of the text messages it looks like the fbi officials were really trying to stop to
6:48 pm
get the president from getting elected. >> that's not it. they alter an email. they rewrote the interview. you have to look at it as a whole package. comey went on tv bragged how they interviewed michael flynn. how they got a way with it this is absolutely not a neutral investigation. they were not investigating conduct. they were investigating president trump. and that is exactly what they said it was. read their texts. read their e-mails. it was an insurance policy. more and more of that is coming out every single day. elizabeth: we have been digging into the footnotes, evening edit team is working the story hard. on september 2nd peter strzok and lisa page exchanged text messages saying that president barack obama wants to be quote, read in on everything we're doing. what is your reaction to republican senator pat toomey, saying that the president should
6:49 pm
pardon general michael flynn? before we take a look at that, let's listen to what sidney powell says about this case. >> there better be some fbi agents called on the carpet for obstructing justice and falsifying government records. we know that happened with the flynn 302. the fbi report of interview, they added statements that were not said. fbi routinely warn people after potential false statement when they interview him. they specifically decided not to mention that to him. they decided contrary to their rules to show them any evidence that they had. elizabeth: what do you think, should president pardon michael flynn as senator toomey has suggested. >> first, as a former criminal defense attorney, sidney powell is a lull bit my hero right now. no, i actually disagree, but only one reason. he will get exonerated. eventually this judge will have to dismiss this case. if that doesn't happen, then
6:50 pm
absolutely he should pardon general flynn. i would like general flynn to be exonerated in a court of law. he deserves it. he served our country. he had been set up this is a long slow process. i think exoneration and dismissal is what is truly warranted in this case. elizabeth: congressman armstrong. great to see you. come back soon. >> thanks for having me. thanks for all the good work. elizabeth: thank you. next up the tea party republicans, remember the tea party? the tea party favorites are outraged over the new massive one trillion dollar government bailouts and more to deal with the covid pandemic. we're bringing back to the show former louisiana governor bobby jindal on this. do we need the tea party now? that story next. liberty mutual customizes your car insurance,
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♪. elizabeth: okay. is it time for the tea party to come back? "the hill" magazine in washington reporting that tea party favorites senators ted cruz, ron johnson, rand paul, now vehemently oppose the massive trillion dollar government bailout to deal with the covid pandemic. this is the exact same fight that broke out a decade ago when the tea party opposed massive government bailouts under the obama administration after the
6:55 pm
great recession, that doubled the federal debt, that taxpayers have to pay for. welcome former louisiana governor bobby jindal. governor, i like your reaction to this story. taxpayers have to pay for all this. your reaction. >> you're exactly rye, liz. republicans are great about opposing government spending when they're out of power. they have to be consistent to oppose crazy government spending while they're in power. i like to see the step up of the spirit of the tea party. look what was happening in the world. american protesters saying we don't want the government to spend more. we want to cut government spending. don't want expanded government benefit. across the world especially in europe were protesting for more government spending and government benefits. these are patriotic americans. you saw same americans protesting lockdowns in michigan and other states, protesting the
6:56 pm
right to go back to work. great we have elected republican leaders, saying enough is enough. we have can't keep spending these trillions an trillions of dollars. elizabeth: you know the tea party revolution against out of control government spending under obama did sweep senators paul, senator johnson and senator mike lee into senate the in 2010 and senator cruz into the claim per in 2012. senator paul said tea party movement arose out of that because they were sick of washington republicans who were not conservatives anymore. conservatives today feel the same way as debt explodes. what is your feeling. >> the only government the government has to spend is money it takes from citizens. government doesn't print money, free money. people think it is borrowing money. print that money we have to pay it back. our children will have to pay it back. look at coronavirus bill. they have spent trillions and trillions of dollars. our national debt is over
6:57 pm
$26 trillion. unemployment assistance, yes we need to help people out of work because the government shut down the economy through no fall of these folks but why would you pay people more to stay home than they made boeing to work? look at small busy stance in hundreds of billions of dollars have been spent. only now they're saying maybe we should have asked businesses to prove they actually lost revenues, had canceled contracts. you remember the earlier bills, organization like the l.a. lakers were getting money before they were embarrassed had to return it in earlier bills. places like harvard university were getting money before they were embarrassed had to return it why are they asking questions after they spend hundreds of billions and trillions of dollars and house democrats to give trillion dollars to stitt and local government. folks in illinois, great we'll bail out our public pension plans, bail out reckless spending from before. now they're asking questions about how they should spend the money. should help folks, targeting temporary. more important getting people
6:58 pm
back to work. more importantly we should think about how we pay this back, start to shrink government as we emerge from the coronavirus epidemic. elizabeth: senator rand paul said of a recent republican meeting over this out of control spending, he said quote, i find it extraordinary i came from a gop, republican caucus meeting that could be the bernie brothers or progressive caucus. that is how bad he says it has gotten. do you agree it has gotten that bad? >> it sounds like it. you have tens of billions of dollars unspent dollars from the cares act from previous legislation. they spent three trillion dollars, a lot of that by one account, $100 billion still hasn't been spent. they want to add more money on top of that money. nobody is arguing against temporary targeted assistance for people that genuinely need help. this should not be excuse to spend money on unrelated projects. we got mad when the democrats want to spend money on kennedy center, unrelated projection and
6:59 pm
republicans are guilty of same thing. real conservatives need to call out republicans and democrats. we need somebody standing up for taxpayers. that is our money they're spending. numbers are mind bog felling. $26 trillion of debt. that is not free money. elizabeth: republicans are saying, cities allowing rioting shouldn't get money either. your quick take? we have 10 seconds. >> that taxpayer money. people need to remember that is our money they're spending. elizabeth: governor jindal. great to see you, come back soon. >> thank you, liz. elizabeth: thanks for joining us. i'm elizabeth macdonald, you're watching "the evening edit" on fox business. that's it for us. thank you for watching. joining us tomorrow night. we hope you have a good evening. ♪. watching, everybody.
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"lou dobbs tonight" starts right now. ♪. lou: good evening, ♪. lou: good evening, everybody. president trump is scheduled to speak this hour from the white house briefing room. president trump is expected to tell us how his administration will reopen this country's schools in time for the new school year. we'll be bringing you the president's remarks as soon as he takes the podium. as we await the president democratic leadership in america's largest cities continue to allow lawless rioters to sow chaos and destruction as law-abiding and frightened citizens are forced to remain in their homes. police in portland, oregon declared a riot last night during what is the,


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