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tv   The Evening Edit  FOX Business  July 24, 2020 6:00pm-6:21pm EDT

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the democratic party is pushing, and they may hide and say it's moderate, but they're pushing all full-blown socialism. elizabeth: you know, when you look at their math and how they do things, when you look at their analysis, it's like they haven't read u.s. history, they don't know about american history and how we came forward to where we are now as a country. and, you know, i've talked to democrats, they look at this platform and they don't understand how far the democrat party has fallen. i talk to democrat union workers, i talk to teachers, the cops, the firemen if, they're saying they feel alienated, lost because they don't know what the democrats, they don't understand what the party has become. ford, your final word on that? >> well, look, there's a civil war going on in the democratic party between the more traditional moderates and the progressives, and the progressives are winning at every turn. there's a real opportunity for donald trump to capture these votes in november, and there's a real opportunity for the republican party to capture them the decades going forward, and i
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hope they do their job and get the message down there. elizabeth: ford, great to see you. come back soon is. >> always great to be with you, e. mac. thank you. elizabeth: psalm here. next up, to the new narrative. the democrats in the media are now pushing that the trump administration is moving federal forces into u.s. cities not to just help stop the violence that's killing minorities, not to stop the root rioting and the looting that's destroying businesses, massive destruction there. democrats in the media now say trump doing this, it's all just a preview for trump to use federal forces to, quote, steal the election. trump add advisory board member ken blackwell our guest on this next. ♪ ♪ >> the federal government has a sworn duty to uphold the laws of the united states through field offices and federal facilities across the country, these agents protect and serve the american people. ♪ ♪ ra 15% credit on car and motorcycle policies?
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♪ ♪ elizabeth: welcome back. this new narrative now being pushed by the democrats that the trump administration is moving federal forces into u.s. cities to not stop the killing of minorities or to stop the rioting and destruction. democrats in the media say all of this is just a preview, a warm-up act of president trump using federal forces to, quote, steal the election, even claiming without proof that he will impose martial law in order to stay in power. watch this. >> i think we're looking at, potentially, a trial run for a kind of, a genuine attempt to, new intimidation and potentially through force to try to steal this election. >> if he loses x i expect that he will, we have to be prepared for things this nation has never faced before. and unfortunately, that could
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involve the use of, you know, these forces. >> this is a trial run for the president of the united states who may be organizing to not accept what happens when we have the election. >> this is, i guess, the president's own versions of martial law since the real military is kind of pushed back from doing that. elizabeth: okay. the criticism has been there: the democrats in the media will be silent about the chaos in the cities. as has been pointed out, this is factual. this is happening in democrat-led cities. so the chaos is negative to the party. so is that new narrative a distraction? is the push by nancy pelosi and others calling federal forces, quote, stormtroopers or push for fascism, is that so as not to distract from what's going on in democrat-run cities in let's
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talk to ken blackwell. what do you think, ken? by the way, it's great to welcome you to the show. what are you thoughts? >> good to be with you. as a former mayor and a former undersecretary of the u.s. department of housing and urban development, let me just tell you this. the democrats want to make this a referendum on the president, and so they advance false narratives and they hope that americans shut their eyes and close their ears, you know, to what the reality is. but this is going to come down to a basic choice between whether or not we want the rule of law and safe neighborhoods and streets or whether we want chaos and disruption. and that means choosing between cities that are fields of dreams versus cities that are killing fields. and as you just said in your remarks, there's tangible evidence that the body count is going up, and most of these
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urban cities that we see on tv, and what we also are realizing is that there's destruction and there's -- of property. and there's no way that you're going to get the capital infusion that you need to grow the city, create e jobs, put people to work and build livable cities. that is what is going to be at a stake in november, on november the 3rd, whether you choose an opportunity society or whether you want the expansion of a welfare state which is, all you have to do is look at their agenda, and you see that's what joe biden and the democrats are advancing. elizabeth: you know, you're making an important point there, and undercutting, you know, this narrative that we're reporting on, what underconsistents that narrative -- undercuts that narrative is this: would jimmy carter, bill clinton or even barack obama ignore two months of chaos, looting and
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destruction on the streets? would they have allowed it? [laughter] >> let me just say, they want the make trump and the police the bogeyman. they want to advance a narrative that america is irreparably racist and, therefore, in need of fundamental transformation. it is not. all you have to do take a hard look at the facts, and what you see is that these cities that are under democrat leadership are turning into killing fields where the residents of these cities are watching their kids and adults slaughtered right in front of them. and if property destroyed. can you and i both know, liz, there's an old saying, the capitol is a coward. and, therefore, if you really want an in-- capital.
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if you want to rebuild these cities and to create jobs, you have to have a respect for the rule of law and public safety. if you don't, we know that capital seeks the path of least resistance, greatest opportunity, not the path of lawlessness and violence. elizabeth: well, you're certainly right there, ken blackwell. you've been terrific tonight. thank you so much for your insight. it's great to have you on. >> good to be with you. elizabeth: it's good to be with you. just ahead, staying on a story e we've been working for a number of years now, former top fbi officials admitting behind the scenes they did not have evidence of trump-russia crimes or crimes involving michael flynn. but when trump asked james comey to go easy on flynn, that's when comey leaked to the media to get the two-year mueller probe launched. we asked simply why. the hill media reporter joe concha sounds off on this one.
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♪ ♪ elizabeth: welcome back. government officials including former fbi director james comey and james clapper admitting behind the scenes they didn't have evidence to of trump-russia conspiracy. peter strzok was fired for anti-trump bias, he also said in early 2017 a new york times story was wrong claiming intelligence connections to the trump campaign. so here's what happened. when the trump white house asked the fbi to disclose publicly what they were admitting to privately, that there was no case against michael flynn, no derogatory information against flynn, they were going to drop the flynn case. trump said, quote: go easy on flynn to james comey. after the fbi even said behind the scenes they had no case. that's what happened. director james comey instead arranged all of that to be leaked to the media to get
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mueller appointed special counsel. let's welcome the hill media reporter, joe concha. your thoughts. >> my thoughts is that, well, james comey has9 another book coming out in january 2021. it was just announced this week. he did a media tour first book two years ark made millions of dollars off of it. in other words, there is no accountability for james comey. and remember, let's be clear about this. many news organizations were pitched that dossier way back when in 2016, and almost all rejected it except for buzzfeed who published the whole thing without any disclaimers. cnn followed suit, then from there it gets into the public doe main, we have nice a warrants, and then james comey admits may of 2017, senate intelligence committee, as you said, that he purposely leaked to the media through "the new york times" in order to induce a special counsel to investigate russia collusion. he says this in open testimony x nothing happens to james comey.
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so here we are now, right? the trump-russia collusion, that whole -- in terms of narrative when you listen to, say, i don't know, robert mueller, that's been 6 feet under for a while now. yet we is have a new york times story trying to unearth it again in order to somehow still connect donald trump to the russians all these years later, and the american people, quite frankly, the eyes are glazing over at this point, elizabeth. elizabeth: yeah. but people won pulitzer's for a -- pulitzers for a story that wasn't true. i mean, the mueller probe found ten instances of obstruction that the trump team accepted russia help but, you know, no trump-russia collusion. and the back story is this: the hillary clinton campaign paid for the steele dossier, the opposition research. the fbi then tack -- took that in this september 2016 to do the trump-russia probe. they used democrat-funded
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opposition research that was approved by steele -- proved by steele's own sources to be dubious and discredited. your reaction. >> it's amazing. peter strzok, meanwhile, since it's the weekend, we can bring this up, elizabeth, the fact that he is probably the least romantic e person i've ever seen. you see all these texts with lisa page, you know, can her about a netflix, you know, series once in a while or, boy, i really like that dress you wore last night. that's kind of interesting. so even peter strzok is saying this thing is all b.s., and the bottom line is that the media played a big role in the fact that we even had a russia investigation in the first place. as i said, by buzzfeed, by cnn getting it out there, and then what did we waste? three years on this of a trump presidency on something that dud not exist. and now we're even hearing, as you mentioned in the last block as far as the president's now going to steal the election again and the russians are going to help them? i mean, how many times are they
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going to repeat this lie until people start pushing back? unfortunately, when the media keeps pushing it, enough people out there are going to believe it if you say a lie often enough. elizabeth: yeah, that's it. that's it. to where's the media pushing back saying where's the proof of what you're saying, right? >> you would think that would be the case, right? but look, we're no longer in the era of bias at this point, elizabeth, it is agenda-driven, right? it's activism. it is, okay, we're going to push joe biden over the finish line, we're going to make sure donald trump does not get elected. and, you know, a couple of years ago they would always say, you know what? we're objective. we're just asking tough questions and holding, you know, accountable people of power. now it's open, it's blatant, and it's done from a perspective of donald trump's a bad person, and we as the media are to make sure that he is gone because we are with on a morally higher plain, and that's just not journalism anymore, that's activism, elizabeth. elizabeth: all right. joe concha, come back soon. we love your insights and perspective.
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thank you for joining us. i'm mac donald, you've been watching "the evening edit" on fox business. we hope you have a great weekend and join us on monday night. we'll have more headlines. ♪ lou: good evening, everybody. president trump today deployed more federal agents into democrat-run cities e ahead of what is expected to be another violent weekend. seattle's police department preparing for more property damage, looting, arson, assaults on their law enforcement officers over the coming days. the department of homeland security beefed up their presence in seattle as a result, serving in more than a dozen tactical border officers to seattle to protect federal buildings and property. seattle's radical dem mayor jenny durkan and washington state's radical dem govr


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