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tv   The Evening Edit  FOX Business  July 28, 2020 8:00pm-9:01pm EDT

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lou: that's it for us tonight. and, i want to let you know i'll be interviewing president trump next week. we haven't decided on the exact date. so you have to join us each day to find out. be sure to join us. reminder to preorder "the trump century." good night from sussex. ♪ ♪. liz: fireworks at the hearing featuring attorney william barr, ag bar was shut down by democrats as he tried to answer their questions and tried to call them out for not stoppingst writers during using explosive coward under power tools and he now says, penetrated officers to the bone, him asking simply when is it okay to bring down a federal courthouse, but republican jim jordan exposing what democrats did not answer or explain, the one statement, the one inconvenient truth that attorney general william barr said a year ago that got
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democrats attacking a t-bar that the obama administration did spy on the trump team and that he is getting to the bottom of the abuses of power under the obama administration and the trump pressure probe in the michael flynn problem, we have doug collins with us on that and he is on house judiciary, he was there today. former whitewater independent counsel, robert ray and sain u.s. attorney is on probing and the railroading of michael flynn, also with usge today, blk voices for trump advisory inru cincinnati mayor, he is also saying this is an organized assault on government and a on civilians, the rights that are going on, at least 18 people killed in riot since they began. also on this, another top democrat says andcr tries to clm these are just peaceful protest, watch this, the democrat mayor of oakland california is they
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know they are not, they are not peaceful at our on. when will elected official step up and govern and stop the mob violence, this is not about politics, this is about keepinge people safe, also top performer official, the u.s. border official warning, there is a i growing new development, drug cartels are exploiting u.s. unrest in major u.s. cities in the covid-19 pandemic as they are now pushing massive amounts of drugs across the border as cartels are setting up shop in your city now in turmoil. they keep rejoining us i am elizabeth macdonald, "the evening edit" start.. right now♪ ♪. liz: welcome to the show you are watching the fox business
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network, we begin with the explosive fireworks, the house judiciary meeting withle ag bar led by jerry nadler kicked it off, he kicked up the hearing and critics say the way he did it turned into a really vicious nasty brawl, let's get to congressional correspondent in washington withh more. >> this was a hearing that was originally scheduled for march but postponed due to the pandemic, back then democrats really wanted to hear from ag barr but the events of the spring and the summer democrats really, really really wanted to hear from ag barr today, it was a cornucopia of questions, origins of the russian investigation, the deployment of federal forces in the u.s. cities, who ordered the clearing of lafayette square and the parting of president trump stone.te rogered >> your tenure has been marked by persistent war against the department professional core in
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an apparent attempt to secure favors for thehe president. under your leadership the department has endangered americans and violated their constitutional rights by flooding federal law enforcement into the streets of american cities against the wishes of the state and local leaders of those cities to forcefully and unconstitutionally suppress the senate. >> ag barr defended how they handled stones case. >> stone was prosecuted under me and i said under along i thought he should go to jail and i thought the judge's sentence was a wreck. but the line prosecutors werero trying to advocate for a sentence that was more than twice anyone else in a similar position that has ever served, this is a 67-year-old man. >> democratic tennessee representative wants the house to impeach bar, they entangle on what went down on lafayette square. >> i learned sometime in the afternoon that the president
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might come out of the white house and later in the afternoon i heard that he might go to the church. >> may be your secre secret pole were poorly trained just like your prison guards were poorly trained and allowed the most notorious inmate in our nations last several years, jeffrey epstein to conveniently commit suicide. >> barr said he doubted the election results would be rigged and he said the president would leave office if it was clear that he lost. liz: thank you so much, staying on the hearing, this is thern first time attorney general william barr testified over the house judiciary, he did not testify during his tenure in the george w.h.o. administration, he is threatened with the subpoena and financially impeachment by democrat chair jerry nadler if he did not testify, but jim jordan said what started the democrat attacksks on ag barr ws when ag barr said a year ago the
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democrats did buy him a trump team, right out of the gate he went on a house democrats and tried to discredit him over the investigations and abuses of power during the obama administration in the michael flynn pro. let's listen. >> it was established by the documents that the fbi agent interviewed him did not believe that he thought he was lying. but thehe council concluded, the only purpose of the interview, the only purpose was to try to catch him insane something that they could then say was a lie. therefore there was not -- the interview was untethered to any legitimate investigation. liz: that is ag barr talking about the michael flynn case, let's welcome house judiciary doug collins. it's great to have you back on, your take on how it all went down? >> it was great, it went down
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this way, democrats talked, talked, talked and did not have any answers, they did not want to have bill barr there because they did not want the answers, this is a pent-up frustration of 18 months of not being able to accomplish anything tangible in a failure of jerry nadler's chairman schiff, they only asked question every time the attorney general answered them they would cut him off, this was a sad showing of what the congress can actually do we could try to get answers but instead it was a continual back and forth of them accusing bill barr of everything as i said in the hearing, i was surprised they did not come out and say he was the author of the common cold because they cried tried to describe everything they thought was bad to him. liz: was attorney general william barr accusing house democrats of attempting to cover up abuses of power during the obama administration trying to go after him by attacking ag barrrr instead?
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>> he tried to relate a reference to run a couple times but let's be honest, that's what the obama, biden the administration did, let's go back to who were talking about in the investigations going on right now with durham. this is peter strzok and jim comey and andreww mccabe and alo joe biden and president obama who in the white house talked about unmaskingf general flynn, these are the kind of people that were under their previous administration but believe me, democrats don't want to talk about that, that undermines their entire line of question, when they got in power they were trained to defeat the president, they don't want to talk about the truth, i disagree with my ranking member and i agree with jim onem everything, i think the biggest problem that they have with bill barr, he tells the truth and he does not backup, that's the thing they hate the most, they told the truth about the mueller investigation and they cannot stand the truth. liz: we have the durham report about to come out in an election three months away, it seems the democrats are rattleded by that,
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it got so bad they cut off attorney general william barr from answering questions as you point out. and jim jordan in the 50 page report that you guys put out saying that the democrats are obsessed with william barr after he said the obama team did spy on the trump team, let's watch this, what went down. >> even though i gave instructions. >> i'm answering your question. >> reclaiming my time. >> the effort there. >> mr. barr i asked for a yesesr no. >> i'm starting to lose my temper. >> you're not taking down public-health orders, we were making and calling attention. >> will you refer my time because this witness is speaking over. >> he went over your time. >> i will get to that. >> mr. barr i will get to that, reclaiming my time you answer the question. >> on june 19. >> actually i need the answer to that question. >> you did answer the question. >> you said under penalty of perjury. >> i'm going to answer the dam question.
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>> are you say no? >> i think what i was referring to, i'd have to see the context of it was the spying>> of documents. >> this statement was not limited to the supply of documents, mr. attorney general, reclaiming my time. liz: your reaction? >> that's an american taxpayer can see what a democratic majority looks like, they want this to continue they can see the field chairman schiff of jerry nadler, vacancy who did not want to answer, they threw nothing to perceive a question but did not want to have it, one thing they stayed away from, completely stayed away from is the peaceful protesters, the writers that are tearing up our cities, and came to a point where i had to ask a question and they said with the democrats on our committee actually think that we should stop them from cattl capital, they did not want to answer that, they wanted to stay away from that. liz: that's where they're at,
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interesting you just said that, i want to reaction to what jim jordan said in his defense to william barr. >> they use the dossier to spy on carter page, the salacious unverified of jim comey's words, not mine, they took it to the fisa court and did not tell them it was paid for, into the guy who wrote it had already communicated to the justice department that he was desperate to stop trump from getting elected, guess what, there were 15 more lies that they told the courted, 17 in total, outlined y the inspector general, each and every one in his 400 page report, guess what, chairman nadler refuses to let mr. horowitz come testify in answer questions about t l the 7 lives the obama administration told to the secret court. liz: is that what is really the issue, the mueller probe, let's
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look at it, 19 lawyers, 40 agents, 2800 subpoenas, $30 million, the fpi got to the wiretap that gets way more information than regular criminal wiretap and they came up withey zeros, they did not he the trump russian case, they did not have the flynn case but they kept going, it was an attempt to delegitimize the trump administration and his four-year term, is that what has the democrats so rattled that they're taking buckshot rifles to ag barr? >> i think it is, just having an awful president, this goes back to covering up, they promise the american people when they won the majority, that the president did all they theseth things wrog that they would be able to do it, what actually happened, they failed every time, mueller did not go the way they wanted, everyone is been a disaster, impeachment show the world how terribly focused the president
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was not the american people, what jim is saying is exactly right, chairman nadler had competency was the chairman, he would actually call the inspector general to testify about this, but realize if they will not do this because that was their entire theory of the case and they are exposed, the democrats have no case but they want to make the american people think that is all about president trump and how bad he's been but they've never proven anything and proven how desperate they are for ideas in this country. liz: congressman doug collins, great to see you, come back so soon. coming up, we will stay on the story, the silence from the democrats, ag barr calling them out on that and their failure to stop riders attacking officers even feeling, using explosives to takedown courthouses, now this, half a dozen democrat mayors are demanding more from that congress write new laws say no, you got to outlaw and be on federal officials coming into cities trying to stop the chaos. you have black voices for trump advisory board member, the mayor of cincinnati can block well
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liz: look at this video, the aftermath of one molotov cocktail was thrown at the federal courthouse in portland,
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oregon. these are riots that you're seeing in portland, oregon, one u.s. marshal said it look like downtown baghdad, that's a direct quote, 18 people killed in riots since they began, attorney general william barr made the administration case for sending and more federal officials potentially 150 more coming to portland, oregon. >> since when is it okay to bring down a federal court, if someone went down to the street, the beautiful courthouse that we have at the bottom of the hill and started breaking windows and firing industrial grade fireworks to start a fire, throw kerosene balloons and start fires in the court, is that ok okay, they do start fires, they start fires if they can get inside through the window and they start fires along the outside of the courthouse.
8:19 pm
when the marshals come out to try to deal with the fire, they are assaulted, the storm trooper from the department of justice came out to 29 marshals in the courthouse, if the state would come in and keep peace on the street in front of the courthouse, we would not need additional people at the courthouse. liz: let welcome black voices for trump advisory, the former of mayor of cincinnati ohio. great to have you back on. your reaction to what it occurred. >> i think attorney general did a great job today, he let them plummet him with mindless obligations, then he raised the fundamental question, the role of government is to protect lives and protect property, what we see in portland is the destruction of property and the creation of unsafe environments on the streets, there is a cry
8:20 pm
for that sort of show of force to protect property and protect people, the attorney general is right, it's been in our experience that a joint operation of fbi and homeland security, atf forces to combat crime you said something early in the broadcast if we don't stop the drip drip drip of crime, we create not only a debilitating environment for your safety forces but we create environments of opportunities for criminals and what we will see is more criminals coming to the cities that are in fact defenseless. this is crazy. liz: three officers blinded may be permanently blind with the use of lasers, judiciary chair jerry nadler, he is saying
8:21 pm
antifa violence in portland is a myth, we had democrat saying these are peaceful protests, we have the mayor of oakland california saying they're not peaceful, they are riots, so you see the push by democrats to say their peaceful, peaceful, peaceful, people on the ground say no they're not, the associated press went in there and watch six u.s. marshals get wounded and injured, they were bleeding, your take? >> we see accord native effort to destroy the root of law and to create chaos, whether it's antifa or other anarchist or criminals, we see this attack on our country and our cities and the choice is ours, do we sit on
8:22 pm
the sidelines and let it happen or in fact we push back. liz: great to have you on, come back soon. texas congressman ryan babbitt will weigh in next. stay right there. ♪ ta-da! did you know liberty mutual customizes your car insurance so you only pay for what you need? given my unique lifestyle, that'd be perfect! let me grab a pen and some paper. know what? i'm gonna switch now. just need my desk... my chair... and my phone. only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty. ♪ in a highly capable lexus suv. at the golden opportunity sales event. get zero percent financing on all 2020 lexus models. experience amazing at your lexus dealer.
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♪ >> what makes me concerned for the country is, this is the first time liz: what makes me concerned for the country, this is the first time in my memory that the leaders of one of our great two political parties, the democratic party are not coming out and condemning mob violence in the attack on federal courts. why can't we just day young, violence against federal courthouse to stop. can we hear something like that. liz: that was attorney general william barr, testifying today saying regardless of your political views, elected officials should condemn violence against federal officers in the destruction of government property. more criticism pouring in against democrats and joe biden, jerry nadler and others downplaying the riots, and critics say there is nothing peaceful or mythical against officers getting it attacked as commercial grade fireworks, blinded by lasers or getting trapped by rioters inside
8:27 pm
buildings as writers try to bring the buildings down, let's welcome texas congressman brian babin. it's great to have you back on, what were your thoughts under thoughts when you heard the ag say that. >> i cannot agree more, we are seeing complete anarchy, i would say democrat elected officials in these area should resign immediately forgettable anarchist and criminals before the safety and thewn protectionf their own citizens, it is outrageous and inexcusable in the mainstream media is simply a walled and were hearing some of the democrats downplay what is going on and everybody believes what they're seen on television and as you mentioned in earlier segment, citizens in these areas like portland, they absolutely know what's going on, it's violence, chaos, it's a risk for their lives, if you're in a
8:28 pm
spirit of influence with the democratic party which is controlled the radical left, you run a very grave risk if you disagree with them, not just call it the name but you can be assaulted, beat up or even murdered as we seen. liz: , watch this as antifa and protesters deface vandalized los angeles to fallen officers, it is the wall of j sacrifice, memorial to officers killed on the job, i just want to follow-up, what do you mean you can get murdered. >> we've seen people be assaulted in a number of police officers who have been killed in the line of duty since all of this chaos ensued. and you're talking about the taking down of a monument to our great police officers in our police law enforcement, that is
8:29 pm
thin blue line, all tight was getting thinner by the day, the democrats trying to close them down, defund them, it is incredible to think that they would putat their citizens at tt grave of a risk in there again we see monuments being torn down and were in the throes of what i think i would call the great american purge, the american history purge of 2020 and it's going to ensue and continue, i see that in the democrat areas. liz: republican national committee chair called was going on in oregon deeply frightening, chicago democrats including joe biden for their silence on it,ed watch democrat say what's going on in portland is peaceful. >> i know what is going on in portland is by and large a peaceful protest. but what is being put in front of the american people is way too much of a footage of the fireworks in the shields and tearing down the fence, that's a
8:30 pm
teeny portion of the people, i am with michael, it is not smart for them to be picking a federal building, i'm all for the protest. liz: let's break it down, again 18 people are now dead because of these rights, we have federal building destroyed, we have dozens and dozens of officers injured, weer have three offices teiabded bde lerocssteia te ess reporter was insas ias ias e bu tediurur whit t rte r tack ing ting fedineral thcoco,see haweheearheals a aey t ain tg a lot,hey are ae kiits, how c how h tay at?that? at ocsh>>ra she's being cgtr cle cd,,he, wle thoutht pro pss of the decratcr partyty, the radical wing is the tail that wags the dog of the democratic party and
8:31 pm
what she is missing i would think would be what america can expect if the democrats win in november, you will see mass chaos, you will cd funding of the police department, it's going to be a very bad situati situation. liz: the question is, do people protesters throw molotov cocktails, do peaceful protesters burned down federal courthouses, do peaceful protesters use tasers, slingshots with batteries in them throwing frozen water balloons, fecal matter, using sledgehammers, let's listen, here's the other thing, the mayor of oakland california criticized rioters are turning peaceful protesters into violence, group brain helmets and goggle set fire to courthouse in portland and vandalize the police station, before we go, i would like your reaction toes democrat rahm
8:32 pm
emanuel trying to downplay what is going on. let's listen to this. >> that's what i'm saying, i would not paint a broad stroke, that's my short answer, there are people trying to hijack these legitimate protesters and create violence, and the response from the federal government should not make antifa the face of the protest. liz: it is not some people, it is thousandsho of people in u.s. cities now swamped with writing, where the writing is happening, thousands of people, your reaction. >> my reaction is absolutely outrageous, they have their eyes closed, they have an agenda that has to be followed in truth does not seem to matter, we've seen these citizens, you see federal and private property destroyed, democrats do not care, you see
8:33 pm
police officers assaulted, democrats don't care in you see the destruction of all the neighborhoods, businesses, livelihoods, democrats don't seem to care, doesn't fit the agenda people wake up and see this in theirir outrage, i think president trump is doing a wonderful job sending in the federal agents and sending and more help, they definitely need to be there to protect lives in federal property and private property so i commend him 100% and really appreciate him for doing that. liz: great is here, come back soon. fox news contributor on an nfl player saying, i'm not going to do it, i'm not going to kneel a protest against the menus that
8:34 pm
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liz: back to the big business of sports, pittsburgh steelers stephan, he says i'm not going to take a need during the national anthem against the flag and the protest as is expected that national anthem protest will d breakout across the nfl during the upcoming 2020 season, look what he tweeted, i'm not going to kneel for the flag, screw anybody who has a problem with that, look at what he says of his grandmother, fans are getting turned off with sports gettingin political. my grandmother was an immigrant, she works hard and she brought people over, she understands what it means to beke an americn
8:39 pm
and what that flag stands for, let's welcome fox news contributor in the trump board advisories, great to see about, what was your reaction when weel heard about the pittsburg steelers players and i'm not going to do it. >> i applaud him for standing up and speaking out, he understands what it means to be an america and to have the opportunity to live in america, his grandmother is an immigrant and other family members are in immigrated to the united states to achieve the american dream, he get to and understands it, i applaud him for standing up and speaking out. liz: how do you think other nfl players are going to react, and kneeling is seen as solidarity but were hearing some players say we should not be using the flag and the national anthem as a platform, how comes were not kneeling warmer in front of a
8:40 pm
bank of microphones outside the stadium, why don't we neil then, basically don't we use that time the other people see it the time for something sacred, soldiers and people minorities died for the flag, your reaction? >> you are absolutely right, honor the flag international anthem and they need to think about the opportunity that these guys had to make tens of millions of dollars to run around playing football, that is great for them, they're able to use their god-given talent but for them to stand up, neil and pushback on our freedom and our liberty, the history on our national anthem, it's absolutely outrageous, you know what they're doing, there alienating those who do and appreciate and love and stand for the national anthem inai the flag, i'm waitig to see what the stands are going to look like with this upcoming season if they're going to play that, we will not be watching
8:41 pm
nfl football. liz: watch -- i hear what you're saying, watch wnba players, they did not just kneel they walked off the court before the national anthemyo was played, yr reaction to rahm emanuel with kneeling at the flag protest to worshiping in church and kneeling when praying, your reaction to g that. >> the guy who left chicago in shambles is outrageous that rahm emanuel even form those words and said them but i am not surprised. , this is all on the umbrella of black lives matter, the radical extremist organization wants to dismantle our core values andpr principles, dismantle our nuclear family, or law enforcement, they don't like freedom, liberty, america and what america stands for. people needs to understand and
8:42 pm
recognize what black lives matter is all about, it's not about a black lives, if they cad about black lives, what about the million of aborted black babies, what about the black on black crime that we see everyday especially in chicago, what about school choice which we higive a hopeful freedom for the disadvantaged children in the broken schools. if they cared about black lives, they would be protesting and supporting those efforts, but they do not. liz: great to see you. we love your insights and perspective, come back soon. great to see you. coming up, jim jordan from house judiciary defending ag barr for having the nerve to spinal trump campaign. the attacks on barr started a year ago. also whitewater independent counsel robert ray on that, he'a a guest on the railroading of michael flynn, that came after the hearing today too. stay right there ♪ ♪ here
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>> that one word, that is why they're after you, mr. attorney general. 15 months ago, april 10th, in senate hearing, i think spying on a >> spying, the one word that's why there after you mr. attorney general, 15 months ago april 10, 2019, you said i think spying on a political campaign is a big deal. spying on a political campaign is a big deal, it sure is. since that day, since that day when you have the courage to say the truth, they attacked you and attack to ever since every day every week for simply stating the truth that the obama biden administration spied on theel trump campaign. liz: that was ohio congressman jim jordan, ranking republican on house judiciary explaining why the democrats have been attacking attorney general william barr, let's welcome independent counsel robert ray, it's great to have you on, what
8:48 pm
were your thoughts when you heard that. >> that the attorney general was right all along and in turn the president who has been saying the same thing like something like this should never happen to another president again, whether donald trump or anybody else, they are both absolutely right. what a reflex is an understanding of the democrats know how serious this is, there was no answer for them that the fact it is now a matter of confirmation that that is in fact what the obama justice department accomplished. liz: let's lay this out, ag barr confirmed at the hearing that the u.s. it attorney's investigation on velma into the unmasking of michael flynn, ag barr said today the only purpose of the flynn interview was to catch him an ally, untethered to
8:49 pm
any legitimate investigation, let's break it down, 19 lawyers, 40 agents, 50 interviews, 3 million box, the mueller probe foundd nothing. correct me if i'm wrong, that beforeoi robert mueller was appointed, the fbi admitted behind-the-scenes it did not have a righ trump brochure probe case, admitted it was going to drop the case into generalal michael flynn, did not have derogatory evidence against him. they used buys a taps to get information in it did not happen, it was not working. but when the president trump asked the fbi to disclose publicly what they were admitting behind-the-scenes, talking comey, clapper, lisa page, clapper's intelligence official, and peter strzok, when he said go easy on flynn, james comey had a leak to the media because he said he's obstructing our investigation, there admitted they did not have a case behind the scene, your reaction?
8:50 pm
>> therefore they did not have an investigation within a predicate which meant that they. liz: were having technical difficulties. did we get him back? to be get robert ray back? >> my apologies. my audio went out for a moment. liz: finisher thoughts. >> they did not have a thread to support an investigation and they would not let it go. when i say they, they extended all the way up to vice president biden and barack obama with the assistance of james comey and the fbi, they wanted the investigation to continue even though they knew it should not. liz: okay, robert ray, sorry about the technical difficulties, come back soon. >> thanks very much. take care. liz: coming up u.s. border officials now warning that drug cartels are exploiting the u.s. unrest in the covid-19 pandemic
8:51 pm
and pushing for massive amounts of drugs to get that across the border, former top border official tom homan is going to break it down next. and you won a golden ticket. all of these are face masks. this looks like a bottle of vodka. but when we first got these, we were like whoa! [laughing] my three-year-old, when we get a box delivered, screams "mommy's work!" mommy's work. with this pandemic, safety is even more important to make sure we go home safe every single day. in a highly capable lexus suv at the golden opportunity sales event. lease the 2020 nx 300 for $339 a month for 36 months. experience amazing at your lexus dealer. they get that no two people are alike and customize your car experience amazing insurance so you only pay for what you need. what do you think?
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♪. elizabeth: welcome to the show former top border official tom homan. tom, great t
8:55 pm
liz: let's welcome to the show former top border official thomas homan, great to have you on, you as official weren't drug cartels are going to take control of u.s. authorities in the trump cartels are setting up shops dealing with the turmoil and pushing the drugs across the board, what is your reaction. >> a couple of things, that is accurate but something else was we talked about, since illegal immigration is down in the criminal cartels have a lot to do with smuggling people cross the border, they are looking for more income, that smuggling is not coming from shutting down with a covid response, they have to switch gears, not only increasing drug supplies but the mountains being crossed, it's being vigilant center not processing the detaining as much, and they will also push out maritime with specifically in the caribbean but president trump is already on top of that, several weeks ago he announced the military and coast guard are vigilant to counter actions, i
8:56 pm
think the u.s. government is in a good place for good response. liz: they are catching vehicles like ford mustangs, honda accord, tractor-trailers with pounds and pounds of fat and all. and hundreds of pounds of cocaine, thousands of pounds of methamphetamine. let's show the viewer what was caught since last year almost you today, we are talking more than 38000 pounds of coke, look at the fentanyl, 2500 pounds of fentanyl, nearly 500,000 poundse of marijuana, nearly 115,000 pounds of meth, the fentanyl is scary, a small dose kill people.
8:57 pm
>> fentanyl is 100 times stronger than heroin, fentanyl has caused over 60000 deaths in the country faster, small amount can be cut up many times. the two drugs can go between the ports of entry, the two major drugs are methamphetamine in the fentanyl, fentanyl is leading by lot, the point of entries are dealing with the drugs but the thing about port of entries, every car is stopped, it you have to understand you're going to be stopped in question and whether your car is searched or not depending on your interview, between the force, that your best bet in between the ports of entry their numbers have gone up. liz:et tell me again, how are ty doing in between the ports of entry rather. >> there's a lot of ways of doing it, vehicle traffic where there is not a border wall, another way president trump needs to build the wall and keep building the wall. when i was a border patrol agent, we seized 211 kilos of cocaine in the back of a truck lobolted through a chain leads friends and drove to the united states. two years ago i went to the same area to reminisce and now there's a a big beautiful wall d no one is building their truck to their anymore.
8:58 pm
a lot of it's being through backpack and a lot flown in pre-gdp has a lot of intelligencect in mexico and thr interdicting a lot more than they used to. liz: were seen at the border in texas, they caught a commercial shipment of ketchup and nearly . can you talk to us about the drug cartels taking hold in cities, powerful drug cartel in south texas, a new generation cartel, they are seeing firearms being caught in the separate drug smuggling attempt, talk to us with the drain in u.s. cities. >> drug cartels have set up shop in all u.s. cities, it's been like that for a few years but it's been expanded. in countering narcotics, until they can expand the operation,
8:59 pm
especially in the united states. this country is going through painful time right now and there is a high demand for illegal narcotics, it's unfortunate. if you really want to stop the whole drug cartel in the kingpins and the illegal drugs in the united states, the oneit thing the united states can do is stop the demand, we have to address drug addiction and the demand for drugs, they cannot sell it they will not smuggling. we need to do her part in the united states but don't get mee wrong, criminal drug cartels are organized in finance and better weapons, they've technology, drones, it is a ketchup game with these people, to constantly stay ahead when it comes to technology. liz: you're saying the border won't work. >> it's worked every place they put a 100% of the time the data clearly shows that.
9:00 pm
liz: tom homan, great to have you on, great to see you. i am elizabeth macdonald, you been watching "the evening edit" on fox business. join us tomorrow night, we hope you have a good evening as well. thank you for joining us. . [ rock music plays ] >> a world-record car collection... >> he just kept going. he never stopped. >> i believe his goal was to have one of every car ever made. >> a maverick driven to leave a mark... >> he went to a wrecking-yard auction, bought the whole wrecking yard. >> his family promises to carry out his grand plan. >> i think there was a feeling of dread, relief, excitement, and enthusiasm. >> i love it. feel the hair blowing, the top down. >> but can they fulfill the patriarch's dying wish? >> none of us wanted to be the ones who said we split all the stuff up. you don't want that car oil on your hands. [ woman vocalizing, theme music plays ] [ wind howls ] [ thunder rumbles ]


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