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tv   Mornings With Maria Bartiromo  FOX Business  July 29, 2020 6:00am-9:00am EDT

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♪. lou: that's it for us tonight. and, i want to let you know i'll be interviewing president trump next week. we haven't decided on the exact date. so you have to join us each day to find out. be sure to join us. reminder to preorder "the trump century." good night from maria: good wednesday morning, everybody. thank you so much for joining us. i'm maria bartiromo, top stories right now 6:00 a.m. on the east coast. big day in washington. big tech on the hill. ceo of apple, google all appearing, what's at stake for industry giant and how does it affect you. battle over stimulus is on. differences between republican and democratic plans and how they impact your wallet coming up. it is fed day, investors listening close through what jay powell will say today about the economic impact of coronavirus after the central bank announced
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it is extending its emergency lending program. two-day meeting coming to a close today and fiery hearing on capitol hill between william barr and democrats. the hearing appeared to have more questions than answers at least that were allowed. ag had a question of its own, how long will we let cities burn. federal agents pulling out of seattle now. other cities following on spike of violence. gulleny -- giuliani this morning. it's all here right coming up. markses this morning meanwhile look at this, fractional moves as stimulus uncertainty and economic hit companies are taking due to coronavirus, few losses on wall street yesterday, s&p 500 up 7. plus stores using
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facial recognition, what you need to know about information being gathered from your image. mornings with maria is live right now. ♪ >> global markets this morning are mixed, take a look at european indices with ftse 100 up 20 points, dax index lower by 15 points in germany. in asia overnight markets mostly higher, take a look, coronavirus cases rising in hong kong, hong kong leader carrie lam warning and shanghai composite in china up better than 2%. gold still shining, working its way toward $2,000. take a look at where we stand this morning up another 870 on the price of gold: somee of the top stories that we are watching this morning, battle between next coronavirus stimulus relief plan is heating up. democrat say the democrat
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plan does not go far enough. the two sides are negotiating, gop proposing check for americans making less than $75,000. cutting federal unemployment bonus from $600 to $200. democrats are looking for payments to go up to $6,000 and sparks flying on capitol hill as democrats spar with attorney general bill barr. democrats grilled barr of civil unrest in portland. barr fired back for turning blind eye on on going violence across the country. >> federal courts are under attack, since when is it okay to try to burn down a federal court? if someone went down to beautiful courthouse we have at
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the bottom of the hill and starting breaking windows and fireworks and to start a fire and start fires in the court, is that okay? , is that okay now? maria: barr denying accusation that he's carrying out president trump's political wishes, we have more coming up on that. the trump administration meanwhile will no longer accept new daca applications while it conduct legal review of the policy. obama-era program shielding illegal immigrants brought as children follow deportation, the white house will renew existing protections for only one year instead of two , supreme court shut down efforts to program. six states reported record of one-day deati
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warning that there are early sign it is coronavirus outbreak could be brewing in ohio, tennessee and kentucky. big tech on the hot seat today. ceo's of apple, google will testify by video, expected to be grilled over growing influence and impact on competition. the testimony could help build public pressure for government action. in separate statements jeff bezos, mark zuckerberg and sundar pichai all emphasized competition their families face as well as contributions to the u.s. economy. take a look at big-tech stocks ahead of big show this morning as you can see they are higher across the board. another big day for earnings, futures searching for direction as we await big names investors are weighing on boeing, general dynamics, all expected to report second-quarter rules before the opening bell this morning, we will have all the numbers when they hit the tape. joining us
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business dagen mcdowell, real clear politics white house reporter philip and fox news contributor scott martin. great to see everybody this morning, thank you so much for being here. >> hey, guys. >> good morning. maria: bryce, let me kick it off with you. we are expected to hear from the federal reserve today after 2-day meeting. what are your expectations from the fed. we know that rates are expected to stay at these levels until 2024, i believe. >> yeah, when fed chair jarome powell is in press conference will talk about justification of poor state of the economy for why they are extending all of the lending programs and we think investors will essentially howl at powell today. it could be a dip. i get it, he's facing the harsh cold facts that things are really bad. he knows that
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schools will be reconvening soon. he's looking out, you know, one or two quarters, there's probably another spike in coronavirus cases before a vaccine comes up but we are firmly by the vaccine, we are looking to take advantage of this, what i refer to howl powell trade today and we will see how that plays out. that's kind of how we think the market will react to his comments this afternoon. maria: and, of course, the fedex tending the emergency lending program through december, emergency funds were set to expire in december. the stimulus keeps oncoming, does that affect what you're doing, bryce? >> it does. on the one hand you have bolstering of the economy and certainly helping corporations borrow money at extremely low rates, that's fantastic, they are doing everything they can and his
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message will be that they will continue to do whatever they can, whatever to get us over the hump and in doing so he talks about all of the things going on in the economy and we -- when you look at past six months, though, there can be incredibly rebound in the economy, people are waiting to get out and as soon as they feel safe at all, you will see a big pop. the treatments have been better and fatalities are down and i think we will be in better track, we like all of that and any time there's a dip we will take advantage of it. maria: well, you make a good point scott martin jump in here because larry kudlow told fox business that he says v.-shape economic recovery still enact
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despite coronavirus resurgence so he was looking, scott, for 20% growth story in the second half is what he told us last time kudlow joined us. >> yeah, that would be awesome and it's probably a delayed more than anything, probably thought we were going to get into the v just about now and looks like it's a couple months out and something your point, bryce, what's your take as things start to accelerate as you noted in the fall and winter, do you think the feddizes off the stimulus kick and then we actually see, gosh, a steepening of the yield curve over time therefore helping the banks? >> i do, i grow that let's say there's a vaccine that comes out, there's a lot of hope, huge market reaction when that happens. and you want to take money off the table. everything is going backwards, whatever bad for the economy ends up being good for the the markets because
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the fed will throw a ton of money in there and stimulus. you're right, if it gets traction, that would good for banks, wouldn't be good for longer bonds and i think that they'll pull back on their corporate bonds for sure and lending program haven't done a ton, that will probably lessen and it'll be balancing act. now the fed will not be quite as aggressive, so it's almost like little bit of contrarian economic news and volatility that we will see in the market is higher, higher than the last few years, so we think that's an opportunity, frankly. maria: bryce, great to have you this morning. we of course, will be watching the development, bryce doty joining us there. a lot coming up in
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the next hour oklahoma senator james lankford to talk about the latest in the stimulus build and mysterious seeds in china ending up in americans' mailboxes, rudy giuliani on growing unrest, we will take a look across the country, in 8:00 a.m. hours chris coones, trump 2020 secretary hogan talking about race for the white house coming up. plus who is watching you, one prominent pharmacy using technology for nearly a decade. all that and more programming note. fox business will be covering today's technology hearing on capitol hill, you can watch it at noon eastern this morning live right here. plus you've got questions, we've got answers, now segment ask the panel begins next month vend video questions to maria at you are
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watching mornings with maria live on fox business.
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maria: one point of contention on both sides of the aisle is funding for noncovid-19 nonrelated items including new fbi building, president trump weighed in yesterday. >> it's sort of semiirrelevant because democrats come with their needs and asks and the republicans go with theirs so we will be discussing it with mitch and all of the other people involved. we want to do what's best for the people. i want to do what's best for the people.
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i want to do what's best for the economy because that means jobs and lots of good things. maria: joining us right now house financial service's committee member texas congressman lance gooding. what's most important in getting the economy back up and running and jobs as the president just referred to? >> well, you know, this stimulus package negotiation has so far been a disaster. it started a little too late and we are now pushing up against deadlines. a lot of things expire at the end of the month which is 2 weeks away and we have to get the economy going, we can't continue to encourage people to stay home with excessively high unemployment, that's one of the top sticking points among republicans in the next package, 600-dollar number needs to be brought down a bit. i think democrats privately agree with that because they've not indicated that that's a red line. i believe they are
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willing to go down from the $600. there's talk about stimulus payments, another round of the 1,200-dollar protections for businesses and schools that are facing lawsuits, senator mcconnell said it's a nonstarter that we can't get a bill passed if it doesn't have liability protections. i think we can get something this week. i'm thinking this could go deep in august. i believe some time next week we would have a package. i believe it's get done in the first week of august. maria: so why has it been such a disaster, because things got started late or the democrats are just pushing back on what you and your colleagues are coming up with? >> well, the democrats were in a good position because two months they passed a massive bill, they left every far member of their caucus get whatever they wanted into the building and knew they had no chance of passing but they passed it so when we came
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up to deadline they could say, see, we passed something months ago and we are waiting for you all and things happened last minute on capitol hill, the negotiations on the republican side in the senate started last weekend but there's division among republicans in the senate, there's not the sense of let's just swallow the bitter pill of gigantic bill and move forward. we are in the third and fourth round of this and there's less -- less excitement about growing the deficit by several trillions of dollars. republicans myself included are prepared for nothing to pass if it's going to be a bad bill. maria: right, understood. philip, jump in here? >> you mentioned top line items, employment liability reforms, things of that nature. a lot of your republican colleagues in the senate are concerned about the size of the bill and you mentioned and do you think that
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your constituents back home are really concerned about an increase in spending right now? for instance, are they concerned whether or not funding for new fbi building is included or do they want to see something get to the finish line? >> i think they want to see something good get to finish line but they are concern about children and grandchildren's grandchildren play paying for the bills. they say we realize we need to have something but the 600-dollar figure is so high that we can't get some of our employees to come back to work because they make more money sitting at home. maria: that makes total -- yeah. >> and even privately agree with that, it makes no sense. maria: i'm sure, and when you're talking about $21 trillion in debt, yeah, you are going to have to attack this at some
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point. now with rates where they are i can understand some people not seeing seeing seeingy but at some point you and your colleagues will have to come in with a plan to rein in the spend ing. congressman, your reaction with oil prices at $41 this morning, what is the situation in terms of hour energy potential? >> well, our energy potential is unlimited. the reason it's so low because demand is low. we are in a crisis obviously but texas has been leading the way, the united states is in such a great position, because of president trump's willingness to roll back ridiculous regulations from the obama years and ensure that we don't need to rely on middle east oil and we are in a great place in texas, the president is in midland today. i know he has fundraisers
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tonight. the president raised $5 million for reelection campaign tonight. people are enthusiastic about his race. i realized that polling today has the president down, the president realizes that but we are also 100 days out. if it's one thing that every democrats and republicans can grow on anything can happen and no one should be surprised about anything in the final two months of the campaign season. maria: yeah. so do you think texas is -- is purple or is texas still red state, congressman? >> i think texas still a red state obviously the economy is down, people are worried about the future, our hope is that democrats pull all of the resources and ignore swing states because they think they have them locked down and pour money to texas, i'm confident president trump will win big and that we will be moving forward in a good way. maria: and we will be watching, congressman, good to see you this morning, congressman lance
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maria: welcome back, backing out, more than 100 police agencies are say nothing to security agreement for next month's democratic national convention in milwaukee. at issue new polls which prevents officers from using crowd control methods like teargas and pepper spray amid violent proteas across the country. one local wisconsin police chief says this in a statement. we believe in removing tools of chemicals pepper spray that law enforcement would have at disposal if protests become
6:26 am
nonpeaceful would compromise the safety of the public and also the safety of law enforcement officer who is would be assigned to protect the dnc, dagen mcdowell your reaction. dagen: you take away tools from police officers and you prevent them from doing their jobs and that is protecting innocent people and preventing violence and that seems to be something that democrats quite frankly don't understand. so again because every protest, remember, it's peaceful, the portland protests, those are peaceful demonstrators, seattle, that's peaceful unless peaceful is really a synonym for violence and unrest and looting and arson, but i want to point out that the democrats have stood behind violence. they have refused -- they have defended -- there's editorial in wall street journal that they've defended disorder, that -- that abominations are fighting crime
6:27 am
and enforcing the laws of the land, so what did they expect? i just raise the issue, maybe more federal authorities will be required to protect the dnc and wouldn't that be an irony of all ironies if more federal authorities have to come in to protect any of the democrats assembling in wisconsin because this is what they've been pushing back because remember it was the feds going into portland that caused the violence, that's like saying that police officers caused people to rob, shoot and murder folks. it's -- it's the world of left-wing insanity. left-wing lunacy, that's where we are living. maria: once again the media is not calling out the, you know, quote unquote peaceful protests, they are also calling it peaceful but it is anything but in fact, we are still waiting on any news out of the department of homeland security to let us know what's going on with the two agents, chad wolf, the
6:28 am
secretary told me on sunday two agents may very well lose their eyesight. they are going to lose their eyesight because they were -- lasers were shown in their eyes, we are waiting to see how they are doing, philip, your reaction, philip? >> i think what this shows is a complete stark contrast between republicans and democrats right now. the situation on the ground in portland, that was a -- and now what we are seeing in milwaukee where you have individual police precincts saying, no, we are not going to put our officers in harm's way, you don't give us the tools that we need to keep order. maria: right. >> it's going to be -- this is gift to republican messaging. maria: yeah. i'm sorry?
6:29 am
we are going to take a break. when we come back we will give you highlights and low lights of the ag barr testimony yesterday wait till you see this.
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maria: good morning, everybody, thanks so much for joining us. i'm maria bartiromo, it is wednesday july 29th, take a look at markets right here at 6:32 a.m. on the east coast. fractional move with dow industrials, tech on fire once again, s&p 500 up 6 and a half. it is a big day in washington this morning. the big-tech ceo's will testify. stimulus negotiations go on and there's the federal reserve decision as well. all that coming up this morning and futures are trading up ahead of big day. this after decline yesterday on wall street, take a look at 4:00 o'clock on wall street yesterday, dow industrials down,
6:33 am
nasdaq down 134 and s&p 500 yesterday gave up 21 points. global markets this morning are mixed, european indices are looking like. cac quarante in paris 35. markets were mostly higher as you will see here. best performer change shy -- shanghai composite. good morning, cheryl. cheryl: good morning, maria, l brands, parent company of victoria secret preparing to cut 15% of the workforce, 850 jobs, most victoria secret stores are back open due to being closed of the coronavirus. l brands hopes to save annually. the stock is up 17 and a half percent in premarket. well, mcdonalds announced on earnings call yesterday they will permanently
6:34 am
close 200 of its 14,000 stores in the united states. the company says over half of the low-volume restaurants are inside wal-mart stores. mcdonalds says the closures were planned for the coming years but they decided to speed up the process. taking a look at dow component mcdonalds in the premarket stock down just a fraction there. the mystery behind packages of chinese seeds may be solved. police said they could be tied to internet scam called brushing, companies send companies to you even if you didn't order them and post fake review to boost ratings and this leads to higher sales, so far 47 states have sent warnings about the seed packages, people are being told do not open or plant those seeds and packages and finally here is a look at what the trending this morning on, pfizer ceo warrants president trump's executive orders design today
6:35 am
slash drug prices can cause disruption to pharmaceutical industry and cause jobs. tiktok facing possible closure by the federal government, offering them money to join platform called reels and patrick mahones becoming one of the youngest team owners in sports, maria. maria: all right, cheryl, thank you. fiery testimony yesterday, attorney general bill barr clashed with democrats during his house judiciary committee hearing yesterday. ag barr going toe to toe from russia meddling to ongoing protests across the country, watch. >> attorney general, the time is mine. >> you've wait today talk to me like this. you didn't wait so long. >> mr. attorney general, you did answer the question. >> you said under penalty of perjury, i'm going to answer the damn question. i'd ask another u.s. attorney to look up issue of unmasking
6:36 am
because of the high number of unmaskings and some that do not readily appear in the line of normal business. >> i want to be clear, so there's another investigation on that issue specifically going on in the justice department right now? >> yes. >> can you give us the u.s. attorney's name, is it something that you are comfortable doing? >> john bash of texas. since when is it okay to try to burn down a federal court? the u.s. marshals have a duty to stop that and defend the courthouse and that's what we are doing in portland. we are at the courthouse defending the courthouse, we are not out looking for trouble. maria: joining me right now former u.s. acts attorney general mat whitaker and matt, good to see you this morning, what a day yesterday. >> hi, maria. maria: they asked him to come testify but i don't think they really cared about what he was saying. we didn't hear from him, they just kept talking over
6:37 am
him. your reaction. >> well, this is very similar to my experience over a year ago where i went up in front of the same committee and, you know, it really was a missed opportunity then and a missed opportunity yesterday to solve some of the problems, violent crime is up in major cities and this is a chance for the judiciary committee in the house which has oversight of the justice department to work with the attorney general to solve some of the problems to give additional resources, additional tools through legislation and they completely missed that because they would rather grand stand and really make up a set of alternative facts that are just not consistent with what we are seeing in some of the city ies. maria: why? just to go against the president and -- and his attorney general? why, why not actually solve problems? >> yeah. yeah, i think it is. it's election year, it's hyperpartisan and i think to some extent, you know, the
6:38 am
narrative, if you think about the things that the democrats think they are going to win on many of them are inconsistent with what the american people want and one of them is rise in violent crime rate and simple straightforward answers as to what the problem was and how to solve it and they had no interest in hearing and whether it was questions about the russian collusion that they want to continue perpetuate and even though barr and the department of justice recommendation was adopted by an independent judge, somehow that bill barr had interfered in that case. it was a complete outrageous example of why washington is broken, congress gets nothing done for the american people and why ultimately i think the american people need to demand that some of these problems get involved.
6:39 am
maria: dagen, jump in here. dagen: i just want to push back on something that philip said, he used the word conversation about yesterday, that's not what that was. it was a fest. i'm reclaiming my time, my time. it was the intellectual equivalent what we saw from democrats yesterday of a child eating toilet paper for attention. that's what the american people got out of that. there was one adult in washington and it was bill barr. maria: yeah. yeah. go ahead. >> no, i was just going to say i think she's absolutely right. i think you saw why bill barr is the attorney general and why i was happy and proud to shake his hands and hand him keys of the department of justice because he's a serious sobber individual that is very smart that knows the law, that knows the rule of
6:40 am
the attorney general and restoring the rule of law and mentioned that several times and it's true and, you know, there's -- this is such an important position and this is the right person for right time. maria: well, they are also trying to muddy the story. in other words, there's a specific situation happening in portland where the anarchists are trying to destroy federal property, the white house and there is a responsibility to protect that courthouse. that's why federal agents are there. looking at the unrest across the cities is totally different. in fact, you've got federal agents leaving seattle, for example, amid growing violence. the trump administration is speaking with portland officials about removing agents from that city as well. if the agents leave portland, what happens, matt? do they recognize what's going to take place? this is not a peaceful protest what we are looking at right now but they refuse to acknowledge it. >> it's not, and we have had
6:41 am
dozens of federal law enforcement officers injured and some of them permanently on attack on the courthouse and some of the democrats did not seem to care about law enforcement officers being injured and nor about the risk of millions of dollars in property damage happening at a federal courthouse in one of our nation's cities. if this is their strategy to win in the fall it's a sad day in america because we should rally around law enforcement and make sure we protect our federal assets. maria: yeah, scott martin. there are shootings that are up across year to date in chicago. you live in chicago, what is it like there? no wonder the cops are saying, look, we are going to pull out of the democratic national convention in milwaukee, you're taking away the tools that we need. what are we doing? >> matt, i'm worried about the
6:42 am
cities, though, because if you look at chicago and where we are dealing with things with respect to how mayor put handling on this, how far does it go when it comes to federal agents and they come to the cities and the mayors don't want them in there? >> it's a problem because when i was at the department of justice both as chief of staff and acting attorney general we spent a lot of time police force address the violent crime that's plaguing the city and, you know, we worked together on task forced especially with atf to get illegal guns off the street and if we wanted to send more resources and the mayor and city council don't want them there, that does a disservice to citizens who do want to end violence because everyone should be entitled to have their children play in front yard safely without risk of driveby shooting or stray bullet killing
6:43 am
them. the mayors need to accept federal help and let the federal government partner with local law enforcement to try to reduce violent crime. maria: yeah, you said it. it's a sad day, matt, thank you so much, matt whitaker joining us after the incredible testimony from bill barr. coming up who has been watching you? pharmacy using facial recognition technology for nearly a decade. we will check it out and programming note, fox business will be covering today's technology hear on capitol hill. you can watch it noontime do join us, you're watching mornings with maria live on fox business.
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maria: welcome back, watching you. rite aid using facial recognition. the drugstore chain capturing customers' faces for more than 8 years largely in lower income and white neighborhoods only recently stopping the practice. joining us the cyber guy kirk knutson, where were the cameras and what they can do with this information? >> good morning, maria, you
6:48 am
would walk into a rite aid store mostly in manhattan and los angeles locations and predominantly in lower-income areas, it's 6-inches, rectangular, what happened is it would activate their system, look to see if you're one of the suspected shoplifters from previously in database and start notifying store agents that you're walking into the store and then you might walk into the cosmetic area where often the cameras were also positioned and be captured in that location and similarly this agent from the store could approach you and say, maria, we suspect that you are shoplifting at another location and that's all fine and well and you would think it's a great practice for business unless it wasn't maria who wasn't shoplifting and looks similar to you and that's the concern here because technology is right there staring at us and
6:49 am
the other complaint, maria, nobody really, very few of the rite aid stores had writings out that this was going on. maria: yeah, i tell you there's a portfolio of billions and billions of pictures of people, where does this facial recognition data go? >> that is the big million dollar question because who owns this data? who controls the data? right now it's a wild, wild west. hypothetically the security company that installs it might have had an arrangement or they are now the owner of the data and do they sell it to someone else, do they keep it for 5 years? that's a real question. what is this information used for down the road. who is responsible for it and how can we guaranty that we as consumers might have
6:50 am
any sort of rights to access that and say, hey, that's not even me and you have my name labeled to that. maria: yeah, it's interesting all of this as we continue to scrutinize what china is doing in terms of tracking its citizens and then at the end of the year giving a social score depending on what they get from the video and here we are looking at this kind of practice in america as well, facial recognition. >> and the concern is -- yeah, but the concern is also the chinese might be tapped in to the camera systems that many are manufacturing. some might being controlled of that area. keep our eye on that one as well. maria: that's a good point because chinese manufacturers are incredibly prevalent in these manufacturing -- in these companies, so they could have a stake in this and actually have access to those pictures. kirk, great point, good to see you, we will continue to watch the important story, kirk knutsson
6:51 am
joining us. the plane, it is making a buzz this morning, we will check et out when we come right back. stay with us. you say the customer's make their own rules.
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maria: welcome back, time for morning buzz, first up, emmy likes netflix, streaming service topping hbo in emmy nominations for the second time in 3 years with whopping 160 emmy nominations. hbo still celebrating limited series watchman, it gained 26 nominations, most of any program.
6:55 am
dagen, did any of your favorites get a nod? dagen: i used this list to figure out what i need to be watching. if you're on netflix i encourage people to watch money pythons. the internet seemed most upset with reese witherspoon being denied. she's also a producer on the shows so i guess being the boss is more important than being nominated actress. [laughter] maria: i loved big little lies. by the way we are getting into yellowstone which is great. a vacation -- dagen: that's the best, maria. maria: you love it? dagen: yes. maria: me too. it's really good. vacationing in outer space,
6:56 am
virgin galactic revealing and travelers can look at themselves in micro gravity. scott, are you ready to head to the stars? scott: maria, have you seen this thing? it's like a flying dentist office. if i need a root canal, yes, i will take it. weird stuff going on in the skies in the u.s. lately. it's almost like the aliens are coming from us and they will take us anyway i think i will pass on the virgin spacecraft. maria: all right, finally the best of friends, the 90's sitcom rankerring number 1, cast reunion schedule, philip, are you surprised that friends still rule? >> not surprised at all. the old special is bringing up to a new frontier where the only
6:57 am
thing that gauges from is subscribers not viewers during the moment. maria: yeah, all right, we will take a break, we have market this morning fractionally higher, a lot going on in washington, all after this break, stay with us. . . . now is t tim timr a new baw w w from batomh fitterfi
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maria: welcome back. good wednesday morning, everybody. thanks so much for joining us. i'm maria bartiromo. it is wednesday, july 29th. your top stories, 7:00 a.m. on the nose. it's a big day in washington this morning. big tech on the hill, ceos of facebook, amazon, google and apple will all appear for an anti-trust hearing this morning. what's at stake for the industry giants coming up. the battle over stimulus is on, we're looking at the differences between the republican and democratic plans and how they impact your wallet coming up. it is also fed day, investors listening to what the federal reserve chairman has to say about the economic impact of the coronavirus after the central bank announced it is extending the emergency lending program.
7:01 am
we'll hear from jay powell this afternoon at 2:00 p.m. eastern. a fiery hearing on capitol hill between william barr and democrats. the hearing appeared to have more questions than answers at least that were allowed. the ag had a question of his own of, how long will we let our cities burn. meanwhile, federal agents pulling out of seattle, other cities could follow despite ongoing violence throughout. former new york city mayor rudy giuliani is here this morning, joining me live at 7:30 a.m. eastern with more on the unrest in america and battling rising crime. another big day for earnings, boeing set to report any time, meanwhile general electric posted results. it expects to return to positive cash flow in 2021. anthem with a double beat this morning. all three stocks are trading up this morning. rest of the market looks like this, take a look at futures indicating a fractional move at the start of trading. dow futures up 7 points, nasdaq
7:02 am
up 47. stimulus uncertainty and the economy hit companies, due to the coronavirus, fueling losses on wall street yesterday. dow industrials were down 205 points yesterday, nasdaq was down 134, and s&p down 21 at 4:00 on wall street. "mornings with maria" is live right now. global markets this morning are mixed. take a look at european indices, the fq100 up 13, the dax is lower by 14 points right now. in asia overnight, markets were mostly higher. coronavirus cases are rising in hong kong. hong kong leader warning that the city is on the verge of a large scale community outbreak and that the hospital system could face collapse. the price of the hang seng index was up a half a percent, the shanghai composite the best performer, up 2% overnight. gold prices this morning working their way toward $2,000 in
7:03 am
price. now 660 this morning again, it's been on a huge run, gold sitting at 1970 and change. joining the conversation this morning, dagen mcdowell, philip wegmann and scott martin. great to see everybody this morning. some of the top stories this morning, president trump says that he does not 100% support some provisions in the next coronavirus stimulus relief plan calling them semi-irrelevant. he added the democrats want republicans to go with their needs. mitch mcconnell says liability protection is a top priority of. the gop is proposing a second round of $1,200 checks for americans making less than $75,000 a year. also in the plan, that $1 trillion plan of the gop cutting the amount of the federal government pays in unemployment benefits from $600 currently to $200 a week. democrats are looking for those payments to go up to $6,000 per household. they want to keep the $600 a
7:04 am
week unemployment extension intact. sparks flying on capitol hill as democrats spar with attorney general bill barr yesterday during a heated house hearing. democrats grilling barr on the long list of topics yesterday including his handling of the civil unrest in portland. barr fired back accusing democrats of turning a blind eye to ongoing violence across the country. >> federal courts are under attack. since when is it okay to try to burn down a federal court? if someone went down the street to the court here, the beautiful courthouse we have at the bottom of the hill and started breaking windows and firing industrial grade phi works in to start a fire, throw kerosene balloons in and start fires in the court, is that okay? is that okay now? maria: barr also denying accusations that he's carrying out president trump's political wishes. it was a big show in that hearing yesterday, all for show. grim new milestones in the
7:05 am
covid-19 pandemic, six states reporting one day records for deaths yesterday aztecs as becomes the fourth state to pass the 400,000 covid case mark. dr. fauci warning parts of the midwest, there are early sign ta coronavirus outbreak could be brewing in indiana, ohio and kentucky. ceos from amazon, apple, facebook and google will testify for the house judiciary anti-trust subcommittee. they're expected to be grilled on their growing influence. in separate statements, jeff bezos, mark zuckerberg and sandharpishi -- we are looking at money moving into technology segments. time for the world on wall street. a major focus on earnings today. joining me now is king view asset management chief investment officer, scott
7:06 am
martin, rebecca walse r and managing partner jamie stockton many thank you for being here. first up, futures are higher, fractionally so ahead of a big day in earnings. we're waiting on boeing, general motors, general dynamics, other companies as well. all expected to report second quarter results before the opening bell. rebecca, how has the earnings period been so far from your standpoint and what are you expecting? >> i think it's been good so far, obviously we've had some surprises. starbucks yesterday was a surprise with a 7% same store increase, shows that people are willing to buy $5 coffee. obviously, we're always -- we're expecting everything to be mixed. some are down, some are up. depends oven what is going on with that specific stock. cloud services, computing, amazon, those things this week, expect sales to look good, robust, cloud computing robust.
7:07 am
it's a mixed bag. retail very hard hit. all of the travel very hard hit. it's a mixed bag. maria: all right. gold prices meanwhile reaching a new all-time high amid the economic uncertainty in the market. katie, you're watching bitcoin. your reaction to what's taking place in bitcoin and more importantly gold hitting a record high. >> both are positively correlated. gold reached new all-time high as you mentioned, clearing final resistance from 2011 and that breakout if it's confirmed in price and time bodes well for upside to follow through. it's a well-established long-term up trend but the gains have been very impressive. it was up i think about 11% from this month's low to this month's high. so really a pretty strong breakout for gold prices and we're seeing the same from bitcoin which was up about 28% from this month's low to this month's high. that breakout there targets prices well above current
7:08 am
levels, around 13,850 for bitcoin. so some impressive breakouts there, irrespective of the drivers, the momentum is certainly behind gold and bitcoin. maria: so in terms of gold, you would be buying in here? does this chart indicate this rally continues? >> breakouts tend to be pretty actionable on the upside. i'd like to see them confirmed and by that i like to see the securities fund more than just a day or two above a resistance level. so as long as gold can hold up above this 1920 level which was that final resistance from 2011, i think that's a real breakout and it is something that is actionable from a long-term perspective, yes. maria: all right. meanwhile, many investors rushing into money market funds, go figure with rates where they are, scott. is there a flight to cash? >> yeah, i don't get it, maria. actually there has been. i think that's a general
7:09 am
derisking that investors are doing. we get a lot of inquiries every day about going to cash. money markets don't pay anything and there's really no inflation so you're not getting that erosion there and also the value of the dollar is dropping faster than, say, players on the miami marlins baseball team. it's interesting as to why you would want to hold cashier. that's what i think is also boosting markets. i think to the point that katie made, it seems like gold and bitcoin is maybe taking that place of cash at least in our portfolio as a way to hedge or derisk from equities and bonds. maria: there is a reason to believe if you've got increasing cash levels, scott, then off you've got potential for this market to go higher because of all of that dry powder, right? >> big time. you've got pent-up demand. i think you get that fomo trade going where you just don't want to sit in the money market if you're lucky to get 1% at the
7:10 am
banks, your brokerage house. as the money starts to see these companies, rebecca talked about the tech stocks and how well they've done, as those start to get boosted up in price, the money's going to chase those names for sure. maria: i like that. fomo, fear of missing out of. good one. katie, rebecca, thank you so much. scott martin, you're here all morning so we appreciate you being here. we've got a big show this morning. we'll slip in a break. up next, james langford is here talking the latest on the stimulus bill and the mysterious story scenes from china ending up in your mailboxes. former new york city mayor rudy giuliani is here on the growing unrest in largely democratic cities. we'll zero in on that. next hour, delaware senator chris kuhn talking stimulus. and then hogan gibley talking the latest on the race for the white house. who is watching you, one
7:11 am
prominent pharmacy using facial recognition technology for a decade watching you while you shop. first, this programming note. fox of business will be covering today's technology hearing on capitol hill, you can watch it all live right here starting at noon eastern, don't miss it on fox business. then this, you've got questions, we've got answers. our new segment ask the panel begins next month, send in your video questions at you're watching "mornings with maria" live on fox business. ♪ introducing stocks by the slice from fidelity. now you can trade stocks and etfs for any amount you choose instead of buying by the share. all with no commissions. stocks by the slice from fidelity. get your slice today.
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maria: welcome back. stimulus struggles, the battle over the next round of covid-19 aid rages on in washington days after the gop unveiled the newest version. democrats and some republicans not sold on the newest proposal.
7:15 am
president trump weighed in yesterday. >> all the people involved, steven mnuchin's done a great job, keeps everybody together, both democrat and republican and we'll see. we want to do what's best for the people. i want to do what's best for the people. i want to do what's best for the economy because that means jobs and lots of good things. all right? maria: joining me right now is oklahoma senator, homeland and governmental affairs and finance committee member james langford. senator, great to see you this morning. >> good to see you again as well. maria: where are the sticking points? tell us. we understand that liability protection is real important and then there is a debate around the $600 unemployment benefit a week. steven mnuchin's plan to do 70% with the federal government adding 20 of% to the state's 50%, that would be about $200 a week. what's your take on where we are in all of this today? >> you're right onto the sticking points there, maria.
7:16 am
obviously liability protection is a key thing. businesses can't reopen, schools can't reopen until they know there's basic liability protection that's are there. this is not about gross negligence. if there's gross negligence that company or that institute would be responsible. but for basic on of presentation -- operations, we believe there should be liability protections ayou cross the country. as you mention about the unemployment insurance, overwhelmed with the number of people that contacted me that said i've had jobs open, i've been trying to hire for a long time and people are saying i will return after the unemployment benefits go down but i make more now on unemployment than i do on employment. so it's better for my family to stay unemployed than it is to go back to employment. obviously that's discouraging to people that are still working, that they're working and earning money and other people are staying home and earning more. that is always a problem. that breaks the basics of unemployment insurance. so the target here for us is to be able to present an additional amount to individuals but not to get to what their previous
7:17 am
salary was. obviously we have to have an encouragement to return to work. that's what unemployment is in the past. another piece you hadn't mentioned before was on schools. the plan that we have gives some assistance to every school across the country but those that open will need more assistance. and so those schools that reopen actually will get additional dollars because they're going to have higher expense as well. it's not just blanketing money out to be able to target to every school as if they're the same. some will have higher needs than others. we're trying to target those with the highest need. maria: what about some of your colleagues who don't want to vote for any new money, any new stimulus package. you have some people like senator rand paul and senator ted cruz who said look, we've already got three stimulus packages, the last one still on the table with money yet to spend. >> there's still paycheck protection funding still out there. the new pro proposals targets it toward the business with greatest need, have to have 50%
7:18 am
revenue loss to get it. i see some companies that will need help to be able to survive this. there's no goal to try to make everyone whole. we're trying to get enough to get everyone through this so we have an economy on the other side. i see the virus moving health wise and economic wise. some people get the virus, they have no evidence ebbing. effect. some end up on the ventilator. some segments of the economy and some companies that have thrived through this, that have had no effect or of business has gone up because there they're in a business of highest need. other businesses have had dramatic effects. the main goal is to make sure we're targeting funds towards those that need the funds the most and not pouring somebody else's money into individuals that don't need it or companies that don't need it. we need a more surgical approach than what happened in march. maria: because the ppp money in march went to some business that's didn't need it, so i
7:19 am
agree the focus on smaller business and those in need is really critical right now. where is the discrepancies with the democrats? is it just the fact that they want to have a much bigger package, $3.5 trillion? are there specifics you can share with us in terms of where you're finding pushback? >> yes, so there's significant pushback here. take the unemployment assistance. that additional $600 per week that now goes away july 31st, they want to take that $600 a week and extend it all the way into next spring, regardless of if we have a vaccine, regardless of what it may be, $600 additional a week additional to everyone in the country. i think that's a terrible idea. they want to extend the economic checks going out to individual, they want to extend those to people that don't have a social security number, those that have a tax id, many are illegally present in the united states. we don't want to be able to do that. they want to be able to change the way we vote in america permanently and this has become a new proposal for them to be
7:20 am
able to change voting, take away voter id laws across the country to federalize all elections, we look at them around sa and say s this have to do with covid-19 long-term. there's a lot of issues in their bill that's absurd, we're not going to change voting in america permanently, not going to give checks to people that are illegally present in the country, they have proposal on the environment, things that have nothing to do with covid-19. we want to keep the focus on issues that are related to health issues and try to get through the economy, not to use this as a big wish list and over $3 trillion in a single bill is larger than the previous four bills combined. maria: unbelievable. the numbers that you're talking about, what your colleagues on the left want, it's like there's no acknowledgement whatsoever of the $21 trillion in debt that the country faces. i want to switch gears and ask you about this, americans have been receiving mystery seeds
7:21 am
from china in the mail. officials are urging people not to open or of plant these seeds. what can you tell us about this. >> this has happened all over the country. it's one of those issues that everyone says oh, my gosh the chinese are trying to sneak invasive seeds into us. i think it's typical chinese fraud that's happening, what's called a brushing scam where a retailer, online retailer will mail out packages, mislabel them, they're labeled jewelry or toys, they get to a real address and once they're delivered to a real address they then take that address, use a fake e-mail address and write a positive review on their website saying i purchased this toy or i purchased this jewelry, it was delivered and it can be verified that something was delivered to them but then they write a fake review on it to be able to bump it up. i go back to the basic thing, don't believe everything you read on the internet even some of those reviews that are out there because looks like this company is trying to bump up their reviews. maria: all right. senator, wow, another scam.
7:22 am
senator, good to see you this morning. thank you so much. james langford joining us in d.c. we'll be right back. as a caricature artist, i appreciate what makes each person unique. that's why i like liberty mutual. they get that no two people are alike and customize your car insurance so you only pay for what you need. almost done. what do you think? i don't see it. only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty. ♪
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introducing the new sleep number 360 smart bed... now temperature balancing, so you can sleep better together. can it help keep me asleep? absolutely, it intelligently senses your movements and automatically adjusts to keep you both effortlessly comfortable.
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can it help with snoring? i've never heard snoring. exactly. no problem. ...and done. will it help me keep up with mom? you've got this. so you can really promise better sleep? not promise... prove. and now, no interest until january 2023 on all smart beds. only for a limited time. >> i'm going to have a choice in the first week in august and i promise i'll let you know when i do. maria: that was former vice president joe biden, teasing his running mate announcement coming next week. biden was also photographed yesterday showing talking points on california senator kamala harris, a potential frontrunner. dagen, did he give it away with that kamala harris talking points? what was your reaction? dagen: maybe accidentally. he needs to pick somebody who can be an effective not just
7:26 am
fundraiser, kamala harris is, but also can be out there and campaign in public, in person, and that at least voters will feel comfortable with their ideas. because again, joe biden, he hasn't really proved that he is, well, all there, if you will. i think that there are definitely concerns about, again, his cognitive sharpness and he needs people not just his running mate, but people around him. i think there's going to be pressure on him put to show who would be in his cabinet, who he is getting his ideas from, because he's already teamed up with bernie sanders. people who are still kind of left of center, not sure they would be comfortable with his, say, climate change program which would send energy prices skyrocketing in the united states. maria: well, that unity document was something with
7:27 am
bernie sanders and like i have reported in the past, there's some on wall street who believe elizabeth warren will be a critical voice in his -- whether it's his cabinet but a critical voice on economic policy. who is the person no one is looking at philip that could get the vp nod? what do you think? philip: there's a universe of possibilities out here. to dagen's point, it's -- the one thing which add on top of biden needing a candidate who will energize his base, bring the party back together, the more progressive side and the centrist, is biden needs someone who is going to be a loyal legislative lieutenant because if he does win the white house back, there's going to be a brawl with senate republicans and it's going to be a big fight to get anything across the finish line. maria: scott martin, real quick, what do markets want to see? what do you think investors are betting on when it comes to the
7:28 am
biden camp? scott: they're betting on higher taxes and more regulation on wall street and they don't like it. i think going into the election, you're going to see a lot of volatility especially if the polls continue to show trends that we're showing right now. maria: all right. we will keep watching that. when we come back, former new york city mayor rudy giuliani is here to discuss the growing unrest in largely democratic cities. caffeine jolt, find out why starbucks is seeing a jump in the stock this morning. it's rallying. we're back in a minute. stay with us. ♪ the secondhand unwinds. ♪ if you're lost you can look and you will find me. ♪ time after time. ♪ if you fall i will catch you. ♪ i'll be waiting. ♪ time after time. ♪ no matter how bad the storm gets, ♪ the clouds eventually clear, and better days follow, ♪
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maria: welcome back. good wednesday morning everybody. thanks so much for joining us.
7:32 am
i'm maria bartiromo. it is wednesday, july 29. a look at markets right now, 7:31 a.m. on the east coast. it is a big day in washington, big tech ceos are testifying. futures up 17 points, nasdaq up 45, s&p up 5 and a quarter right now. boeing is crossing the tape with an earnings miss on expectations. it was expected that it would report a loss of $2.54. it's actually reporting a loss of 479. revenue is missing expectation as boeing hits the tape right now. we're watching futures to see if we get a larger reaction than just boeing stock as we see the markets trading off this morning with the dow up 11 points. losses on wall street yesterday. at 4:00 on wall street we had a triple digit decline, nasdaq was lower by 134, s&p gave up 21 points yesterday. global markets with a firmer tone. european indices are mixed with fq100 up 5 points, dax is lower
7:33 am
by 7 and three quarters. in asia markets were mostly higher, best pe performer china. boeing is out as you just heard. let's get more details from cheryl. she's got the numbers. cheryl: we were looking for a loss of 254 for the earnings per share. we got a loss of 479. if you look at the revenue, that was a miss for boeing. the revenue, 13.16 billion was the estimate. they came in at 11.8 billion. it's more about the commentary from the company that wall street cares about right now. there goes the stock into the negative. a couple things, the 737 max, big area of focus right now for investors. resuming production of the max in may. they already did that. but it's a very slow process they're telling investors right now. they're saying that this production of the 737 max is coming in at low rates. the faa is testing the max right now. the max has not been cleared to fly. we heard the faa say they're going to have public comments on the max. the other issue is coronavirus. they're saying there is a big
7:34 am
impact from coronavirus and also officially ended production of the 747 and they're slowing down the 787 and the 7777. 777. it's a big production problem. their numbers hurting ge earlier this morning. it's a jeten gir engine maker. as you can see, the stock is down, it's a dow component, down almost 1% right now. and also they're going to be talking in the call it looks like a lot more about employee retention rates and also staffing at the company. we'll get more on the call from dave calhoon, the ceo. but again, we're watching boeing stock in the red right now after reporting earnings. the only dow component we're going to get this morning. i want to talk about starbucks right now. we're watching this stock right now. they're saying a more than 5% increase, they were up more than 5% in the after hours. now the stock is up about 5.6%. 97% of their company-operated stores worldwide have reopened.
7:35 am
good news here. that includes 96% of stores in this country. 99% of stores are back in business over in china. as you know, that is a big market obviously for starbucks. and then real quick, i want to show you some of the stories that are trending on a new blood test can detect alzheimer's disease with nearly 100% accuracy in 20 years before symptoms even begin, amazing. netflix earning a record 160 prime time emmy nominations, the most ever for a single network. and dunkin teamed up with post consumer brands to create two new coffee flavored cereals. if you like to drink your coffee, you can now eat your coffee, maria. a lot of news breaking in the newsroom but i'll send it back over to you. maria: all right, cheryl, thank you so much. capitol hill clashes, attorney general bill barr delivering fiery testimony yesterday in front of the house judiciary committee, going toe to toe with democrats on a series of issues
7:36 am
from russia meddling to ongoing protests across the country. watch. >> attorney general, the time is mine. >> you waited to talk to me like this. you didn't need to wait so long. >> mr. attorney general, you did answer the questions. >> you said under penalty of perjury. i'm going to answer the damn question. i asked another u.s. attorney to look into the issue of unmasking because of the high number of unmaskings and some that do not readily appear to have been in the line of normal business. >> i want to be clear. so there is another investigation on that issue specifically going on at the justice department right now? >> yes. >> can you give us that u.s. attorney's name or is that something you're comfortable doing? >> john bash of texas. federal courts are under attack. since when is it okay to try to burn down a federal court? the u.s. marshals have a duty to stop that and defend the courthouse of. that's what we're doing in portland. we are at the courthouse, defending the courthouse.
7:37 am
we're not looking for trouble. maria: joining me right now is former mayor of ne new york cit, personal attorney for president trump, rudy giuliani. thank you for being here. what a state of affairs. >> nice to see you, maria. maria: tell me how you see things. we had barr yesterday. yeah, reaction. >> i see attorney general barr as one of our of greatest attorney generals. because he's being challenged in a way no attorney general's ever been challenged and he hasn't backed off at all. the things he said yesterday in a normal america would be just okay, that's right, we have to defend a federal courthouse. we can't let people loot. we can't let people steal from stores. we can't let people turn cities into war zones. the only people who seem to want that are the democrats and it really is tragic because they want it in order to defeat donald trump. in other words, they want crime. i don't think they realize it. they even want murder so that
7:38 am
they can defeat him. not one of them, not one of them spoke up for law and order of. this isn't even a close question, maria. these cities -- and these cities, the worst ones are all governed by democrats. i can't imagine having governed new york city for eight years, i took it over in the worst shape possible, i can't imagine this happening in the 1990s. we weren't close to anything like this. this is anarchy. maria: i want to get back to new york because obviously nypd is under attack. let me just stay in portland for a second. because one thing that is just not even being acknowledged is the fact that you've got anarchists wearing gas masks going right up to the courthouse with a saw and the local police can't do anything. they're told to step back and this is what the democrats are calling peaceful protests. there are two agents right now
7:39 am
who may not get their eye sight back. we are waiting to see what happens because the anarchists were shining lasers in their eyes. chad wolf was with me on sunday, he said we're waiting to see how they are. we hope they get their eyesight back but they are now impaired. no recognition of the fact that what's happening in portland is totally different than what's happening across the country in these cities. they're not going to send in the federal agents that they have in portland to somewhere like chicago because it's really about protecting the courthouse and the federal property. >> that's absolutely correct. and there are people who recognize what's going on, president trump is the one who recognizes what's going on. republicans recognize what's going on. and everybody else that isn't blinded with the sickness of hating trump, president trump so much, that they don't care what happens to america. you have to be blind not to -- i'm sorry i used that because of
7:40 am
the poor gentlemen that are suffering. i pray that that not happen. it broke me heart when i was mayor if anyone of my police officers were injured. maria: we're all praying for them. mayor de blasio said we don't want anybody from the federal government coming to new york, the nypd is under serious attack, rudy, you know this. violent protests in new york earlier this summer racking up a big bill for taxpayers. there's that as well. this is costing a lot of money. nypd told the new york post that nearly $1 million has been spent to repair more than 300 vandalized police vehicles. that's just the police vehicles, rudy. in terms of what's going on in new york right now. >> been close to 1,000 police officers injured and the reality is, the more ron who is our -- moron who is our mayor doesn't know there are many federal agents in new york city right now, called the drug enforcement administration, the fbi, alcohol, toe bay co-and fire -- toe batobacco and firearms.
7:41 am
one law that exists, it's the law against using drugs, illegal drugs, including for your knowledge, mr. mayor, marijuana. i never prosecuted a marijuana case but the fact is that they have jurisdiction and one of my suggestions which i'll make openly is wipe out the drug dealers in the neighborhoods that have the most shootings and you will bring down those shootings by 50%. dea can do that. they should target two or three top areas for shootings and they should go in with federal agents and they should take out the people who are controlling those blocks like the little children that are shot, they get shot in crossfires with drug addicts. 70% of the shootings in new york have to do with drugs and the idiot who is our mayor releases them from jail because he doesn't consider it a violent crime. if you don't realize drug dealing is a violent crime then
7:42 am
you're too stupid to be mayor or you're too malicious to be mayor or you're a communist who wants to see the overthrow of our of way of life. which is what is at stake here, maria. they are trying to fundamentally change the nature of our country and i'll be damned if i'm going to let them get away with it. maria: well, i mean, no wonder the police are saying, look, i'm out of here. they're not getting the support from the mayor or the governor. look what's happening in terms of milwaukee and the democratic national convention. police are pulling out of the dnc, the milwaukee police chief announced that dozens of law enforcement agencies have backed out of security agreements for the democratic national convention. the convention happening next month. some are citing recent orders by the milwaukee fire and police commission to stop using tear gas and pepper spray. they're basically saying to the cops, yeah, we want you to protect us but we're not going to give you the tools you need, you can't use pepper spray or tear gas but still protect us. they said we can't protect ourselves in that regard, we'ree
7:43 am
going to pull out. >> read the marxist manifesto of black lives matter and you'll find one of the things they want to do is break the connection between us and the police. as well as do away with nuclear families. they don't like fathers. they're at war with our way of life. when i went to the democratic convention four years ago, i was the one that discovered, because the philadelphia police all came up to me and told me that hillary clinton would not have uniformed police officers on the floor of the convention. because she didn't want police around. now it's gone to the point where they're trying to put these police in jail. some of these democratic mayors have gone so far that they're almost like criminals. they're on the side of the criminals. i think people don't realize it because -- maria: you hit on something i want to ask you about before we go. >> they're like criminals. maria: a lot of the cities are being run by democrat mayors and governors. so what is it?
7:44 am
is it the policies that are making them vulnerable to all of this crime? connect the dots for us in terms of the democrat leadership. >> [ laughter ] two ps, policy and pandering. i had to say that when i became mayor. this isn't a question of atmosphere, it's a question of policy. you have the wrong policies, you have the wrong results. number two, in addition to having the wrong policies, which is letting criminals out of jail, not really enforcing the law correctly, giving criminals benefits they shouldn't get, letting 8,00 8,000 criminals oue the idiot in new york did. they also pander, pan decks pan, pander, almost like they have no backbone. black lives matter says put our sign up but don't bother to read that we want to do away with families with fathers. don't bother to read we want to do away with all private education, all parochial
7:45 am
schools, gone. don't bother to read that. these idiots go yes, yes, yes. they have no backbone. maria: it's a critical moment, rudy. love getting your insights as always. thank you so much, rudy giuliani. we'll see you soon. rudy, thank you. we'll be right back. s been helpe save money for over 75 years. they've really stood the test of time. much like these majestic rocky mountains. which must be named after the... that would be rocky the flying squirrel, mr. gecko sir. obviously! ahh come on bullwinkle, they're named after... our first president george rockington! that doesn't even make any sense... mr... uhh... winkle. geico. over 75 years of savings and service.
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maria: welcome back. watch out for secret cameras, rite aid deploying facial recognition systems at hundreds of locations across the country. the drugstore chain capturing
7:49 am
customer faces for more than eight years, largely in lower income and nonwhite neighborhoods. and only recently did they stop this practice. joining us right now is fox news senior judicial analyst judge andrew napolitano. what a story. obviously there are real privacy concerns here. we want you to tell us, is this legal? >> well, good morning, maria. it's a novel area of the law. there are a lot of problems with it. i'll startle you at the outset. the software was made in china. so you know where this information is ultimately -- maria: i knew it. >> there's two ways to look at it. you don't have a right to privacy in public, you willingly and knowingly expose your face. the other is you don't expect to be spied upon when you're in a store shopping. by the way, the facial recognition software has a very high error rate and often misidentifies people. stated differently, people were
7:50 am
approached in these stores by store security who thought they were someone else who had already been thrown out of the store for attempting to shoplift. the person approached was totally innocent, was not the other person. now you have a false arrest case. so the whole thing is a mess. apparently you're right, it did go on for about eight years. the people who were actually harmed by it, those who were misidentified and suffered consequences because of the misidentification have a cause of action against the stores, against rite aid or whoever has been doing this. maria: you know, i've been told that there are trillions of pictures of all of us in government portfolios that government has our pictures as well. look, the horse is out of the wagon on this one. facial recognition is being used and how is it any different than, for example, apple capturing fingerprints or clear using biometrics? we're being identified in a lot
7:51 am
of ways. >> well, when you give your finger print to apple you're aware that you're doing it. you do it knowingly and voluntarily. when you walk outside the fox building, you're picked up immediately by at least a half dozen, if you don't know where they are, they're easy to see, new york city cameras owned by the government. we know that that stuff is out there. i disagree with this but the government has persuaded everybody that it's worth the loss of privacy in order to make it easier for them to find the bad guys. but when you go into a store and you don't know it's happening, when your privacy is secretly being violated, when you're being misidentified as someone whom your you're not, that's a very serious issue. that will have economic consequences on the store. maria: yeah, it's a very important point, judge. thanks very much for making it. great to see you, sir. thank you, judge andrew napolitano.
7:52 am
stay with us. we'll be right back. big hour coming up. you doing okay?
7:53 am
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maria: welcome back. time for the morning buzz. first up, giving back billions. mckenzie scott formerly mckenzie bezos, the ex-wife of jeff bezos giving away nearly $1.7 billion to charity intending to donate the majority of her money. dagen, wow, what numbers. dagen: i know. let's think about how she wound up with all that money. first, this is a giant monopoly that is squeezing smaller businesses out of business. number one. and two, raises the issue of how's the new girlfriend spending the billions or fiance or whatever they are. maria: yes. yes. well, she says mckenzie's giving
7:56 am
it away which is great. we'll take a look at what charities they are. how about this, beer without the buzz. anheuser-busch rolling out budweiser zero with 50 calories, no alcohol, geared towards the health conscience and -- health conscious and tastes like a beer. it was endorsed by dwayne wade. would you drink nonalcoholic beer? philip: anheuser-busch is betting that people buy budweiser for the taste. but i think that the virtu of budweiser are that it's cheap alcohol and trying to sell a beer without alcohol, that's a bold strategy. we'll see if that will work out. maria: [ laughter ] scott, what about you? are you in? scott: yeah, i'm in. it's one of those things where you're not going to notice the difference. you could give somebody na beer, regular beer and budweiser tastes so bad anyway, it's going
7:57 am
to be all the same. maria: all right. we'll take a break. when we come back, you've got questions, we've got answers. our new segment, ask the panel, begins next month. send in your video questions, we want to know what's on your mind. send them to and we'll get them on the air. much more ahead, next hour, right here. "mornings with maria" is live on fox business. get real-time insights in your customized view of the market. it's smarter trading technology for smarter trading decisions. fidelity.
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maria: the ceos of facebook, amazon and apple will appear for an anti-trust hearing later today. what's at stake for the industry giants and how will you be impacted. the battle over for giants and how battle goes on differences between republican and democratic plans, and how it impacts your wallet coming up it is also fed day investors working
8:01 am
closely to federal reserve jay powell will say about economic impact of the coronavirus after central bank announced it is extending emergency lending program, powell will speak 2:15 pm eastern live, a fiery hearing on capitol hill yesterday between ag william barr and democrats hearing appeared to have more questions than answers, at least, that were allowed but as grilled the attorney general had a question of his own, how long will we let our cities burn. meanwhile, federal agents pulling out of seattle cities are could follow substitute despite ongoing violence it is another big day for earningsy component boeing reported says it has close to 10 billion in untapped credit will cut production on 787, 777 program lower general electric aircraft industry aircraft industry two two billion-dollar loss as jet engine business tumbles, saying to expect a return to positive cash throw in 2021
8:02 am
general motors rising after a beat on earnings ramping up u.s. production as works to increase dealer stock all three stocks are trading higher this morning boeing back in positive territory, up 3/4 of one point to markets this morning broadly speaking futures lower after futures higher this morning after lose yesterday look where we stand dow futures up 22 nasdaq up 55s s&p futures up 6 points, after yesterday's declines end of the day the dow industrials down in triple digits giving up 205 points yesterday "mornings with maria" live right now. . >> global markets this morning mixed take a look ft 100 up 9 cac quarante up 39 dax in germany, just turning positive it is up 6 points right now, on the dax, in asia overnight mostly higher china was the best performer, the coronavirus cases though rising in hong kong, hong kong leader carrie lam warning the city is on the verge of a
8:03 am
large scale community outbreak says hospital system could face close-ups hang seng up half a percent shanghai composite meanwhile, up better than 2%, gold prices shining working their way towards 2,000 dollars, for ounce 1971 last trade on gold up a third of one percent joining the conversation dagen mcdowell, flip ip wegmann scot martin great to see everybody this morning. >> hi. >> some top stories we are watching, big tech on hot seat on capitol hill, the ceo from amazon, apple the facebook google testify by video before house judiciary antitrust subcommittee, expected to be grilled over growing fluency and impact on competition. the testimony would build public pressure for government action to remove the protections companies enjoy. in separate statements jeff bezos mark zuckerberg pichai emphasized competition as well
8:04 am
as contributions to economy bike tech all stocks up best amazon, up better than 1%, sparks flying on capitol hill yesterday, as democrats spatter with bill barr in a heated house hearing democrats grilling bar on handling of unrest in portland barr accusing democrats of turning mind eye to ongoing violence across the country . >> federal courts are under attack since when is it okay being to try to burn down a federal court? if someone went down the street to the court here that beautiful courthouse we've at the bottom of the hill, and started breaking windows firing industrial grade fireworks in to start a kerosene balloonsstart fires in the court is that okay? is that okay now? >> also barr dealing he with democrat accusations that he is carrying out president trump's political wishes as
8:05 am
well all politics yesterday, in house judiciary committee. grim milestones in the covid-19 pandemic six states reporting one day records for deaths, as texas becomes the fourth state to pass the 400,000 covid case mark distribution center fauci warning parts of midwest there are early signs that a coronavirus outbreak could be brewing in indian hae tennessee, kentucky. >> stimulus at about rages lawmakers negotiating a round of coronavirus aid, one pointed of tension both sides aisle funding for non-covid-19 related items new building president trump weighed in yesterday. >> it will be going to being, sort semiirrelevant because democrats come with their needs and asks, and the republicans go with thursdeirs,e will discuss with mitch all people involved want to do what is best for the people i want to do what is best for the people i want to do what
8:06 am
is best for the economy that means jobs and lots of good things. maria: joining me delaware senator chris coons great to see you this mornings thanks for joining. >> thanks for having me on. . >> so tell me what the priority is from your standpoint, what needs to be in this stimulus
8:07 am
8:08 am
these negotiations need to get going quickly in a way that will help deliver bipartisan support to the american people. >> people are facing serious
8:09 am
strain. on schools the president earmarked $105 billion. is that not the right number? on the cares act was passed in the house a couple months ago it is totaling $3 trillion that nancy pelosi would like to move forward. it includes $600 unemployment benefits until january. we are talking about debt of $21 trillion, students having as much debt as the entire size of the economy. we passed it months ago. i'm disappointed hearing what the gop is coming up with now but with $3 trillion truly realistic given its price tag? >> four months ago the senate passed the cares act unanimously.
8:10 am
two months ago the house did pass the heroes act which has a price tag of $3 trillion. that one to three trillion we have to be concerned long-term impact of national debt we are pushing out more spending to is a sustain economy than since second war what i hear from public employees folks that lost jobs if not for this federal support we would be in second grade depression there are 30 million americans roughly, who are relying on this 600 dollar a week additional federal unemployment, the proposal that we just seen from republican majority here in the senate,would make every person take a 30% pay cut who is relying on unemployment, one of the main challenges we face is antiquated i.t.isms state and federal he level changing so we've got more
8:11 am
resilient moore up adjustable system isn't possible on the fly in a couple weeks, so, we've got to negotiate, something that is is i responsible in this environment in my view extending unemployment for an awful lot of folks otherwise won't be able to keep a roof over heads of families one other thing i wapped i want to a talk about bipartisan bill with senator rubio cornyn, a manufacturing he resiliency task force we have seen the vitally reliant on china for critical supplies whether medical devices, liquivent la -- ventilators or pharmaceuticals how we restore manufacturing that has gone offshore, in the last 20 years that we should try and bring back to the united states, so that we're not as vulnerable to sudden shocks he global whether
8:12 am
pandemic or something else i think this is an important next step in making sure that manufacturing in the united states is resilient, and can get built back strong after this recession. >> it is, you are rightly, thank you for introducing this legislation, because i think many americans were just you know, shocked to learn that 70% of our active ingredients in our prescription drugs are made in china. and then middle of the pandemic china tried to threaten us, with the global -- saying maybe we won't export prescription drugs right now since trump is pushing xi jinping on tariffs there is very important, let me ask you this senator, how long do you expect it is going to take, for an average company to say i am taking my -- my supply chain out of china going to put in u.s. or i am going to put it in india sets, is this an 8 year, an 8 year time frame five year time
8:13 am
frame? i snow this doesn't happen overnight great to get started but a long term decision. >> it is i worked for global manufacturing company 8 years before i went into local government, and i will tell you, reallocating manufacturing resources facilities around the world, is a challenging thing to do depends on what industrial sector you are no, and whether you are leasing contract manufacturing space or directly, own and have built control it, china has been the most appealing fastest growing market for decades many companies heavily invested there, but this is not a new development, over the last five years rer xi jinping has taken, the chinese government communist party in a sharply different direction so many american companies have already been looking at the question of whether they couldn't diversity where doing manufacturing what i am hoping is provide incentives to bring manufacturing back to the united states company i work for had much of its
8:14 am
manufacturing, in germany and united states. because it was advanced manufacturing required high-skilled highly integrated workforce i think we can compete win in manufacturing just requires sustained bipartisan focus on this. >> it does, we are going to need that manufacturing, base fired up in u.s., because us the services part of our economy right now is shot, obviously, in a shutdown, senator we will watch the developments we so appreciate your time, energy on this thank you. >> thank you. >> senator, coming up 2020 campaign press react hogan gidley here talking about latest on race for the white house ahead you are watching "mornings with maria" live on fox business. maria: welcome
8:15 am
8:16 am
8:17 am
back. tech giant on hill ceos facebook, amazon ma google testify before congress today hillary vain in washington with a preview hillary.
8:18 am
>> good morning, maria. this is the first time all four tech ceos will appear virtually before congress, amazon jeff baseize facebook mark zuckerberg apple timback alphabet, sandar pichai to convince congress they should not be broken up by regulation six more valuable top in the world showing up shows how important this is, on their agenda we got to look at opening statements, here is the takeaway, from the each ceo that we will hear amazon basis oz only one not testified before congress yet case for competition is this brick-and-mortar stores target costco walmart have both larger physical parens in u.s. also a rapidly growing online presence he will take about how the pandemic has forced large companies to beck even more competitive only curbside pickup only orders increased
8:19 am
over 200% in part due to covid-19 concerns we also face new competition from likes of shopify, instacart tim cook will make the case one biggest rivals on virtual witness bench next to minimum saying apple competes a android lg and huawei saying, i share subcommittee belief competition is a virtual that it promotes he innovation makes space for next great idea gives more choices, google pi. >> today will take the case the phrase google is competing for things, hey alexa saying more ways for consumers to look things up than before will talk about the brief services they offer like maps gmail how those are key to making main street stay only during pandemic saying quote i am deeply proud that because
8:20 am
of our tools businesses on main street can compete in a away that was not possible, 20 years ago, nearly a third of small business o owners say without digital pools would have had to close all or part of their business finally facebook zuckerberg warns that ratings assemble not change that then aing freedom of innovation facebook bombarded with criticism over political bias on platform made republicans democrats unhappy with them will say ultimately he thinks that decision should not be up to them, but instead, there should be a one rule for all, maria. >> all right. we will be watching should be interesting, tune in on fox business taking that tech hearing live noon eastern watch hearing right here live changing movie business deal to shorten time between a theatre release and digital
8:21 am
copies we take a look at that when we come right back. stay with us. ♪ (vo) since our beginning, our business has been people. and their financial well-being. it's evident in good times, with decisions focused on the long-term. and crucial when circumstances become difficult. that continued emphasis on people - our advisors, associates, clients and communities gives us purpose, strength and a way forward. today. and always.
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8:24 am
maria: welcome back, blockbusters to your home sooner aiflt mc universal pictures agreed to cut the exclusive they arc riekal window to 17 days telling "the wall street journal" amc also negotiated a share of the revenue new union reversal movies will own from digital rentals on platforms apple tv amazon web site dagen getting sooner rather than later a what do you think. dagen: companies pushed intoubd this by pandemic, and
8:25 am
you will not going to have crowded theatres people flocking back to movie theatresing in a vaccine maybe later this year maybe next year this has to happen. again, with big removes people will flock to the theatres trying to see with supersound giant screen happy to watch king of staten island pete davidson remove sitting in pajamas. maria: me, too i love it what do you think -- we all have these big tvs now he it is more comfortable at home. . >> have i would add to that list put on a tank top myself not pjs. >> the companies do something about the pandemic we know all in movie ends he going out of business so therefore, making right move, shortening the
8:26 am
release. >> philip an incredible moment in time. >> a you've got to adapt what is interesting past time going to the movies with friends, i think that is -- that might be disappearing not just because of pandemic but easier to stay at home watching a lot more television by ourselves i think moving forward i think kind of fun actually. >> unbelievable extraordinary how many things have changed since this pandemic, arrived, just, four months ago, we will keep looking at it take a break when we come back trump 2020 campaign press secretary hogan gidley is here talking about the latest on race to the white house a will the
8:27 am
more ahead you are watching "mornings with maria," live on fox business, we'll be right back. ♪ ♪ .
8:28 am
8:29 am
8:30 am
maria: welcome back, good wednesday morning, everybody. thanks so much for joining us. i'm maria bartiromo. it is wednesday, july 29 look at markets right here just before 8:30 a.m. on the east coast, we got, a gain pretty much across the board dow industrials no i at highs of the morning, dow futures up 57 points nasdaq futures up 67. on fire again this morning s&p 500 up 10 points, this morning, it is a big day in washington, big tech krooes testifying we've gots stimulus negotiations a decision from federal reserve all ahead futures rallying check global markets a tone european indices up s&p up 20 dax in germany up 7 points in asia overnight markets mostly higher best perform china shanghai composite overnight up better than 2%, japan was
8:31 am
down nikkei average down, better than 1%, we are learning more this morning with the woman killed in a rare shark attack in maine cheryl casone with details. cheryl: that is right, maria. a sad story julie was a form new york fashion executive swimming with her daughter 20 yards offshore. close to family's vacation home, officials confirm she was attacked by a great white shark, those who witnessed couldn't a decisive her her daughter was not hurt, this is first deadly shark attack in maine's history. >> record 122 black or multiracial black women filed to run in if the upcoming election center for american women that increased 12 was 48 collective nearly 60 black women still in running nor november, finally a look
8:32 am
at what is trending on dr. fauci warns major league baseball may be in jeopardy after four more marlinss players tested positive for covid-19 spirit airliners going to inform unions ip to 30% worker may be furloughed october, a mystery buyer snagged record setting 102-million-dollar house in new york city likely a bargain considering real estate right now in new york those are headlines. >> cheryl, thank you, well we've got capitol hill clashes to report er attorney general bill barr delivering fiery testimony in front of house judiciary committee ag barr toe-to-toe with democrats from russia meddling to protesters across the country. >> attorney general, the time is mine. >> you waited to talk to me like this you didn't need to wait very long -- >> attorney general you did answer the question. >> now said is a under penalty
8:33 am
of percentage i am going to answer the damn question. okay? i have asked another u.s. attorney look into issue of unmasking because of -- you know, the high number of unmaskings some will that do not readily appear to have been in the line of normal business. >> i want to be clear so there is another guys on that issue specifically going on justice department right now. >> have yes. >> can you give us that u.s. attorney name or something you are comfortable doing john barb of texas. >> federal courts under attack since when is it okay to try to bun down a federal hurt or martials have a duty to stop that did he have the courthouse that is what we are will do in importantly we are at courthouse defending the courthouse we're not out looking for trouble. >> joining me right now he former white house deputy press secretary act trump 2020 presidential campaign national press secretary hogan gidley great to see you again thanks
8:34 am
so much for being here. >> absolutely great to be with you thanks so much for your time. >> so what was your reaction to that hearing, yesterday? it felt like it was a whole lot of politics frankly. >> it really was words like shame full disgrace giving come to mind they are accurate but don't really two justice what we saw yesterday, i mean, the democrats refusal to hear the truth even want to, is dangerous for the future of this country, i don't want to overstate that i kantner state kantner state it campaign spied upon by government of united states they don't want to hear city streets devolving into lawlessness rioting looting innocent americans dragged into streets beaten for trying to protect their own businesses, they call it a
8:35 am
wri. mydh ask people who lost lives lost businesses children in our big cities like new york, being hit by stray bullets killed, ask them if that is a myth the only person standing up is donald trump he wants law and order he wants safety security in streets all joe biden does when he pops up out of the hidey hole makes excuses says defund the police no american is appreciating that type of hand in the sand mentality to what is going on in city streets, communities. maria: are it really is extraordinary that you don't hear one democrat raise the issues of what took place in 2016. we know there was criminality all right we know that one fbi agent changed evidence, said -- wasn't an asset for cia when he was we know that two out of four, of the -- of the fisa warrants unlawful, we
8:36 am
know all of this already we know there was leaking to congress, there was lying to congress, and yet not a word it is really embarrassing actually that we would not all agree that we don't want the power are in washington to put finger on scale in a major presidential election, then to call some things peaceful protests when they are not do you think voters at the end of the day will hold them accountable for all this have. >> yes, absolutely, they will. look there was one democrat saying something, thankfully on your show because you pressed valerie jarrett yesterday said four years ago what are we worried about spying on american he citizens four years ago your american way of life not safe with joe biden your cultural not safe with joe biden policies set up to law lawlessness to continue donald trump has been working with mayors, governor at local level trying to get federal assets into these cities, to help with the protection efforts, and you are seeing it
8:37 am
time and time again, so many, many cross this country are watching what is happening, they are saying i don't want that to occur in my town i don't want that in my community , but rest assuredit is coming, because democrats aren't going to stand in gap joe biden sure isn't going to work to stop it the president donald trump will. >> to a i want to get your take on stimulus instrumentals before we do valerie jarrett did join me yesterday i asked her about president trump's involvement in all this spying, lots of speculation, about who knew what and when, here is what she said. >> did president obama direct any of this? >> that is not how it works that is not how our investigations work, but we leave that to the intelligence community to bring forward information, and -- and without it i would imagine one piece of a much bigger puzzle if you are saying is it important to make sure that there isn't influences didn't
8:38 am
include wrongdoing was explicit saying quite the opposite i don't think we should read in -- actually -- conclusions, you are making a statement that actually will hasn't been proved here as a fact. maria: and what i was saying robert mueller did say no collusion michael horowitz did say no collusion, yet we are not sees admission from media we are not seeing admission from democrats, hogan. >> it absolutely destroys their narrative donald trump colluded with foreign entity with a bogus charge complete total lie we now know because of released documents thankfully ig level that in 2017, higher-ups,in the fisa courts other plays in in the fbi knew that the subsources were bogus whole dossier was built on a "house of cards" cornerstone of lies they kept moving forward any i started
8:39 am
to shudder to think what would happen had donald trump not been elected president would never know names of strzok and lisa page never about the corruption of comey, clapper brennan now we do, donald trump roads out corruption in this first term, he talked about draining the swamp he has done in this first taerm will continue to do it till bone-dry the he could of second . >> what i always say, look, if a sitting president can be treated this way, that fbi just investigates sitting presidents -- they have wire tapz on carter page throughout 2017, then the rest of us have no shot for any fairness if you have got an actual president of the united states people being spied on move on to battle next round covid-19 aid, that is so needed, days after republicans unveiled their proposal, democrats and some republicans are not sold on the proposal, president trump is weighed in yesterday
8:40 am
here is what he said. >> all of the people involved steve mnuchin has done a great job keeps everybody together, both democrat and republican, and we will see we want to do what is best for the people i want to do what is best for people i want to do what is best for the economy that means jobs lots of good things, all right? >> and this still back-and-forth fighting are they going to get deal done before they leave again on august 7th? >> look, i sure hope so the american people deserve it this president has been fighting to make sure, that in the face of this unforeseen unprecedented virus that was sent here by china, that the american people people are protected, safe that not just about health it is about their well-being, stimulus checks this money trillions of dollars into bank accounts so many americans has really worked to keep this country going, to some degree allows people to pay rent put food on
8:41 am
table in this time this president pushed for that every single turn democrats whether daca whether did riots looting whether it is the stimulus package coronavirus, they want to play politics with this do not care about future of the american people. they care about the future of their political power. you see it every day, and on display with stimulus package they push for "green new deal" nonsense the first couple trillion-dollar checks, that went to, you know, destroy our economy they are pushing for more craziness in this one as well, the fact is, this president is looking out for the people does it every single do a he honor to stand by his side while he did it now fighting on campaign side watching what i am seeing now the is what i saw then. he wants american people's future safe and secure, he wants them healthy these battles capitol hill prove the point somebody is in it for
8:42 am
american people -- biden in it for politics. >> go ahead dagen. dagen: hogan why is president trump trailing joe biden? who has barely been out on campaign trail, and his only the presence is really, you know, out of his house, he is trailing in national polls trailing in all polls valerie jarrett pivots to hearing now number one issue for americans is coronavirus not economy not even race relations according to latest fox news poll president trump trails joe biden on doing a better job on coronavirus, by 17 points, why isn't the president's much resonating then. >> first of all, a lot of polls are junk we can talk about methodology will. >> that is a copout you know you can argue they don't indicate how the election turns out that is fine but that is just a cop-out hogan. >> not a copout with numbers bear out fact 10% more democrats are surveyed in these polls than in 2016 sheer mathematics i can't change that, so they are skewed to
8:43 am
the left for sure, but if we are talking about coronavirus, that is the beauty of this election, so many times we're talking in abstract what would it lowing like if somebody were president you don't have to guess what it would look like for pandemic responses under joe biden he was in the office, of the -- of the white house for 8 years when h1n1 swine new hit all he did was shut down testing, in report clearly american -- >> a. maria: polls clearly matter to you and president, because he changed his position and tone based on that very polling to focus more on virus because you are losing on that subject. >> as to i would disagree that he changed his tone has been talking about state of security of the american people from day one we are the ones mentioned, the coronavirus, in the -- the state of the ipo first of the year joe biden said go out party, everything is fine called it xenophobic for shuttinged down travel in this country to protect save lives
8:44 am
this decisive action saved american lives i promise you closer to election he american people start to drill down see elections are about choices choice is clear if they want safety security health well-being it is donald trump not joe biden. maria: radio i would throw in dagen, i think we can handle dealing with coronavirus having that conversation, as well as dealing with conversation of the massive wrongdoing that took place in 2016, 20, 17 i understand jarrett's pivot i think we can probably do both ensure that we've a fair election, and -- dagen: one -- >> but one -- >> on the -- on the -- button. dagen: if you want to get reelected coronavirus, the american voter is saying that is the number one issue. so something has to take a priority yeah, doesn't i mean ob administration should not answer for questions doesn't mean obama administration should not be forced to answer what the heck happened in 2016
8:45 am
where a whole created of collusion had public going nults for three years. >> not liberals not joe biden they don't have a plan. maria: thank you so much hogan gidley. >> we are looking at new york real estate next with bill rudin stay with us. to new customers. what if you could come back stronger? faster. better. at comcast business, we want to help you not just bounce back. but bounce forward. that's why we're helping you stay ahead and adapt with a network you can count on, 24/7 support and flexible solutions that work wherever you are. call or go online today.
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maria: welcome back, sign
8:49 am
sealed a leased new york city real estate market raymond james signing major lease for 160,000 square feet on park avenue according to "new york post" florida based firm says consolidating smaller locations in manhattan joining moe to talk about state of new york rudin management company cochairman bill rudin great to have you this morning thanks so much for joining me. >> good morning, maria. good to be with you. >> that so i know this pandemic has really changed the behaviors, and plans for the a lot of people. give us the state of affairs in new york right now, in terms of commercial real estate are you seeing increasingly that companies are saying we don't need all this space we've got lots of people working from home and give us the signs of hope you may be seeing on the other side of that. >> well, you just at the top segmente mentioned raymond james very positive sign on top of the announcement last week, that aig the insurance
8:50 am
giant has signed a million half a million square feet of leases around the corner from fox headquartered 6th avr old time life building expanding downtown, then we also have, bank national -- paribas, renewing lease not far from 7th avenue we are seeing companies start to tiptoe back in the water these leases that were signed, reaffirm that we are seeing now that we can we are back into four in terms of reopening, allowed to take customers, with proper protocol through spaces, we are seeing significant increase in in flooring people who are in negotiations in january february march, stopped their deals now
8:51 am
starting, to revive it a couple in our portfolio we are moving forward with a right around the corner again from you. a major renovation that is -- times square starting to see green chutes happening i want to see what it is going to look like how we change workplace we will talk about that more with bill rudin when we come right back. what do you think? i don't see it. only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty. ♪ in a highly-connected lexus vehicle at the golden opportunity sales event. lease the 2020 es 350 for $359 a month for 36 months. experience amazing at your lexus dealer.
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. maria: welcome back, we are book with rude ip management company ceo cochairmen bill rude ip getting back to work rapidly reshaping how do business many shifting from working. >> tell me changes we are going to see in buildings how
8:55 am
does retrofitting look different given new woifrz, about social distancing amid covid. >> well we are going to we have already implemented, a these protocols wear a mask in our bll limitations on elevator occupancy social distancing requirements within our space, and -- you know we have hand sanitizers remined tenants only notebook we send to tenants, that explains to them what rules are i think everybody is -- retrofitting spaces putting up guards making sure everyone is safe increased our filter capacity within our buildings, more fresh air focused on making sure, that the environment that our tenants come back into is the safe as possibly can be we have an app that we
8:56 am
can provide information to our tenants, those we're finding people start to onboard appreciate all the things we are doing, we are starting to see, slowly increasing of people coming back to work we've got a segment a minute ago about starbucks reopening stores that is very important we need that activity on the street. but maria i think the key thing that we need in our city, and all cities across the country i mentioned many times this morning, senator coons and others, the central covid four relief bill, cities, states, are we went from worst state in terms of infections to the best state, we don't want this to come back to us, we have taken severe budget hits going to happen across the country we are encouraging every congressman, senator in white house, to get in the room and work out this deal make sure that the -- american people get the relief that we all
8:57 am
need, to move our economy forward. >> yeah, i i mean obviously, new york needs help a lot of states need help we will watch developments thanks so much great from you as always bill rudin more "mornings with maria" right after this.
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maria: thanks, everybody. great to see you. have a wonderful day, everybody. thank you for joining us. "varney & company" is up next. stu, take it away. stuart: all right, maria, i shall. good morning to you. good morning, everyone. all right. we cover money and we cover politics. oh, what a day this is going to be. three hours from now, the four most powerful executives in the world will face the politicians. jeff bezos, sundar pichai, tim cook, mark zuckerberg are on deck defending their power, money and business practices. it's the start of the great debate. what to do with the crown jewels of american business. tax them, regulate them, break them up or maybe leave them alone? look at this. left


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