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tv   The Evening Edit  FOX Business  July 29, 2020 11:00pm-12:00am EDT

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lou: president trump and that is it for us tonight, fcc commissioner brendan carr, byron york, michael pillsbury among our guest tomorrow. we hope you will join us, follow me on twitter at lou dobbs, like me on facebook, and instagram at "lou dobbs tonight". nterviewing the president next week, be sure to join us for that and tomorrow. good night from sussex. liz: more fireworks on capitol hill for the second straight day, this time it was republicans led by jim jordan taking on powerful big tech titans, jim jordan declaring it is in fact that they are out to get conservatives, he brought dozens of examples of censorship of conservatives. before they could even get a word in, president trump fired off a tweet warning that he will drop even more executive orders if congress does not bring fairness to social media into big tech when it comes to conservatives.
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republican from house judiciary, with us tonight on how this will hit the 2020 election. he was among the few chosen to grow these powerful ceos. also with us tonight black voices for trump 2020 member jack brewer on this new fight, attorney general william barr says it's possible, nancy pelosi endanger the lives of federal officers by tweeting they are storm troopers as these officers put themselves on the line working to stop mob violence. 188 injured so far. they are enforcing the very same laws led by nancy pelosi and congress that have been enacted. after major blowback, pelosi tried to deny she said that but we have her tweet in that debate. also this new fight, were going to ask trump 2020 campaign senior advisor to larr if the democrats and the media are explaining it with ultraviolent writing in a cnn host says it's not fair being reported.
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a federal courthouse has been bombed in portland, the shockwaves are so powerful they can be felt far away, wait till you hear what other democrats are saying about this. we have that fight tonight and republican strategist o'connell on what the real reason is the democrats shut down william barr at the brutal hearing yesterday and has to do with obama era abuses of power and allegations there. newly declassified documents shows the cia fought with the fbi for pushing that debunked and discredited steele dossier, the opposition research that the democrats paid for. the fbi won that fight, from the house judiciary they break down how the shockwaves is still reverberating from the sham opposition research that was paid for by the clinton campaign and the dnc to take down team trump. also coming up, house oversight
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ranking member james comber, he's pushing back hard against democrats who analysts warned want to rig the vote, read future elections in the fight that could ward the battle over wheeling fraud and democrats want. thank you for joining us i'm elizabeth mcdonald, "the evening edit" start right now. ♪. lou: welcome to the show you're watching the fox business network. let's get to hillary vaughn and washington, d.c. with the big headlines of tech lightens on big hill. >> it is great to be here, this hearing was an excuse for republican lawmakers to finally get some answers to questions they have had for years about conservative censorship on the biggest tech platforms, google ceo admitting today he does remember being in the meeting where some executives pledged to make trump 2016 victory a blip.
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>> this is a simple question, can you today assure americans you will not tailor your features in any way to help specifically help one candidate over the other, what i'm concerned about helping joe biden over president trump. >> we won't do any work to politically do anything one way or the other. it's against our core values. >> but you did in 2016. >> facebook mark zuckerberg addressing allegations that there is ongoing systemic conservative bias on the platform saying that it is possible that one of his tens of thousands of employees could have their own motive. >> would you at least be willing to acknowledge based on your refutable evidence before us that you don't seem to have investigated that it is possible that at facebook, your employees do have the power to disadvantage conservative viewpoints. >> of course when you have tens of thousands of employees, people make mistakes, people
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have some of their own goals some of the time. >> that was some of the most straightforward answers referred so far and the hearing is still ongoing, will bring you updates as we have them. >> interesting, great reporting. thank you so much, republican jim jordan, he took the fight to the world's richest and most powerful men on whether social media like google sensors conservative and bias gatekeepers controlling information people see from their purchase and liberal silicon valley and more people remember their sheltered in place, they have been ordered to, they're getting their information online. combine the market values equals about $5 trillion, that's about a quarter of the u.s. economy, twitter jack dorsey was not there. let's watch more with jim jordan.
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>> all just cut to the chase, big tech is out to get conservatives. that is not a suspicion or hunch it's a fact. find a nickel every time i heard it was just a glitch, i would not be as wealthy as our witnesses but i'd be doing all right. citizens get to see prior to their voting is prett darn impo. that's why this is important. we all think the free market is great, we think competition is great, we love the fact that there american companies but what is not great is censoring people. liz: let's welcome representative ken buck. it's great to have you back on. you were there asking questions, are you convinced of what they're saying they don't censor conservatives customer now or hearing the redoing in 2016 and google trying to drive trump victory into a blip? >> that absolutely censor conservatives and they promote on their website liberal viewpoints and they absolutely affect outcome elections. and they cannot just excuse this as some minor glitch or some mistake by an individual, as part of their algorithm in their
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company culture. and frankly if it didn't have the anticompetitive behavior or dominant position in the marketplace, their activities would not exist. liz: the argument has been this for private companies, they should be allowed to do whatever they want with their own search engine but it is deeper than that, the internet is like a utility, should they be regulated like utilities because the trump administration is moving forward to basically dial back the federal legal liability shield from lawsuits. if they alter or edit editorialize speech. how do you think the push should be done to stop this? >> there are a few issues, the regulated by the federal trade commission at the department of justice, they should be regulated because they are monopolies in there and i competitive action should be
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regulated and two, when congress wrote these laws that affected the internet, they wrote laws that exempted these companies from certain liable actions, section 230 and section 230 needs to be amended to make sure that congress doesn't allow the bias that is currently going on. liz: i want to spell out how they are basically writing their algorithm to knock our conservatives with search results in suppressing conservative to content in doing fact checks with conservatives with dubious information. breitbart is now getting shoved out of search results. daily caller, the federalist are getting hit, i think we have a soundbite from jim jordan, we can show what he said about this, let's take a listen to jim jordan on what he said today.
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>> july 20, 2020 google removes the home pages. june 29, 2020 amazon bans president trump's account on twitch after he raises concerns about defunding the police. facebook 219-2020 take samples from president trump's reelection campaign. may 19, 2016 facebook, former facebook employees admit facebook routinely suppresses conservative views. liz: he had a lot of examples, your reaction? >> i think jim is absolutely right, it is clear that these companies discriminate against conservatives and it's clear that we need to closely examine the law to make sure that does not happen and it's also clear americans need to understand when they use the search engine or uses social interaction platform that they are getting unbiased information and they need to take that into account. liz: the issue is, this country
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is being driven with content online, it's being driven with content online that is shutting out important facts and information that the american people are not seen. and basically now is being funneled through these tech giants where it's basically shutting down debate, censoring information, not giving the american people the information they need to give reasonable, rational conclusions about the big issues driving this country today. this is a serious issue, the national conversation is really being harmed here, your final work? >> i think it's absolutely a serious issue and what we need to do is to make sure these countriecompanies are not that t they dominate the marketplace. we need to make sure we have different search engines and different opportunities to make americans get information. liz: congressman, great to see
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you, thank you for joining us. >> thank you. liz: next stop, newly declassified government documents show the cia fought big-time with the fbi led by james comey, the fbi under comey was pushing the debunked and discredited steele dossier, the democrat funded opposition research into intelligence community assessments and the fbi won the fight, the shockwave from the dossier to take down the trump team still reverberating today. tom mcclintock takes on that next. >> october 2016 the user dossier to fire carter page, the unverified dossier jim comey's words, not mine, they took it to the fisa court and did not tell the court clinton paid for, and the guy who wrote the document had already communicated to the justice department that he was desperate to stop trump from getting introducing stocks by the slice from fidelity.
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liz: senate intelligence releasing new declassified documents show the cia got into an intense fight with the fbi led by james comey in 2015. because the fbi team there demanded that the discredited debunked steele dossiere be put into the all important intelligence community the assessment for the russian interference.
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the fbi won that fight and got steals opposition research which was paid for by the hillary clinton campaign and the dnc, they gotta put into the thread assessment, let's welcome tom from house judiciary, great to have you on. your reaction to the story. >> it's just another layer of corruption that we are learning about from comey and his partisans alice at the fbi. there is a part of the testimony that indicates the fbi was pushing to get it in because of pressure from the president, barack obama, that is deeply disturbing and has not gotten a of attention but what is even more disturbing is the fact that they repeatedly told the fisa court as well as trepresented in the intelligene community that this information was coming from a highly placed source in russia with close ties
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to the kremlin. we found out last week that was a lie and they knew it was a lie, it was not coming from highly placed russian kremlin, was coming from a part-time analyst at the left-leaning brookings institution with a record of drunk driving convictions. he was basically making it up with his drinking buddies. and they knew that, and yet they represented as something that was highly credible when it was not.el liz: are critics right to warn that the fbi doing this, getting this deal opposition research into the threat assessment, that gave it more talk in stature than it deserved and gave cover to the fbi to keep using this opposition research in order to get fisa wiretap to spy on the trumpte team because basically what you're saying, james comey later admitted to fox news that there were serious doubts and questions about the steele dossier and they should have been noted to the fisa court.
11:18 pm
he said that an interview, what do you think, did the given cover? >> they were trying to give credibility that the report was fraudulent, they did that from the beginning, it was not just the spying that they used for, they used it to give legitimacy to an investigation, the existence of which they could leak to the press before the election, implying there is a serious investigation of donald trump for being a puppet of the kremlin. they knew that was false, they did that specifically to influence our election and when they failed to do that, they double down and used it as a quite successful attempt to obstruct the duly elected president in his incoming administration. that is the crime. if we cannot get to the bottom of it soon, i am afraid if biden is elected and we have somebody like keith ellison take over as attorney general, we will see this investigation go away very
11:19 pm
quickly and this practice will be institutionalized and the most powerful agencies of our government and our justice as well asas intelligence. >> the newly released disclosures, let's show it to the viewer, they show former cia director john brennan and the fbi james comey was trained to make a strong case to be included in the main text of the intelligence community threat assessment but the cia and office of the dni led by james clapper said it was not appropriate, the stuff did not make no sense, steals information was very nnf embedd, unverified and they did not wanted in there. here's the thing, christopher steel testified in a british court that he was hired and paid for by democrats to pull together the opposition research and case hillary clinton wanted to use it to contest the 2016 election that she lost. so steals source told the fbi that information was putting into the fbi in rumor gossip but
11:20 pm
somehow hillary clinton opposition research made its way intopo the fbi and the fisa wiretap to spy on the trump team. your reaction to that. >> i cannot put any clearer than that, they didn't influence the american election and use the most terrifying power to our justice and intelligence agencies to spy on americans, invade their privacy, to threaten their families as they did with michael flynn, to take away their livelihoods, to take away their earnings, to take away their freedom. this is being employed for political purposes, if that is allowed to stand and no one is held accountable, we have taken eia giant leap from being a constitutional republic and becoming a banana republic. liz: congressman, great to see you, come backoo soon. >> thanks liz. liz: nancy pelosi now facing major blowback for calling the federal officers in a tweet,
11:21 pm
storm troopers top mob violence, 188 of the officers have been injured, speaker pelosi now trained to claim i did not say that but we have her tweets to say she did say it. black voicess for trump 2020 jak brewer takes on this debate, did she put these officers in danger as william barr says she now possibly dead. that story next. ♪ >> there is obviously not storm troopers, the storm trooper from the department of justice amounted to 29 marshals in the courthouse. courthouse. 29al marshals. when you think of a bank, you think of people in a place. courthouse. 29al marshals. but when you have the chase mobile app, your bank can be virtually any place. so, when you get a check... you can deposit it from here. and you can see your transactions and check your balance from here. you can detect suspicious activity on your account from here. and you can pay your friends back from here. so when someone asks you, "where's your bank?" you can tell them: here's my bank. or here's my bank. or, here's my bank. because if you download and use the chase mobile app,
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>> one thingng i learned from ls angeles,tr we don't retreat as a choice. we are not going to do, you saw the images of streets where there was lawlessness, looting, burning, no sight of police officers, we were not giving up ground to the radicals, we just did not do it, i saw what it was like after rodney king in los angeles. but now not only just that, detroit is fed up with the radical protest, we have a couple of things, we have a
11:26 pm
great police department, great leadership but we have a community that stands with us and bias and said enough is enough. >> that was a major interview, tucker carlson with the police of detroit, michigan, it is interesting detroit has not had writing, detroit has had a long history of struggling to come back from riots in decades ago, the community stands with polico there, more people are saying stop the violence. let's welcome former nfl player and current member of black voices for trump 2020, here is jack brewer, it's great to see you, your reaction when you heard that. >> a man, finally. it's been too long, we talk about what is happening in our streets but no one wants to talk about the cause, to see a law enforcement officer stay on tv and pushback against everything that we are seeing from the left from the anarchy is, it's a breath of fresh air, i think the communities need to hear that, imagine being the folks that live in seattlele and portland d especially the underserved people, you heard this police
11:27 pm
chief stand up for his community, he is standing up for the poor people, he is standing up for the folks who do not have a lot of resources who depend on the law enforcement officers and all's really what this is about. liz: were showing images of a molotov cocktail throwing out the courthouse and portland, the shock from that could be felt in time for blocks around. let's back up, the criticism of democrats that they have not stood up enough to say stop the violence, start governing elected officials and the democratin run cities, the righs and portland have gone onn for twoo months, federal officers only went into portland less than two weeks ago, all told 188 officers have been injured inn the writing but nancy pelosi not trying to argue that she did not tweet federal officers are storm troopers, here's a tweet, she certainly did see that, i see it right there, a debar says it's a
11:28 pm
possible she endangered possible trip officers life. she said she did not do that. >> being applied under oath that it is possible that this would be dangerous to law enforcement and ecology remarks are responsible and we give you the floor. >> i said they acted like storm troopers and they did but you don't send in people acting like storm troopers into the scene and evoking even more on ease and unrest. she should be answering for what she did at lafayette square, disgrace. it was like a blob. liz: here's the thing, pelosi didd not tweet they acted like storm troopers, she flat out said storm troopers and she also said the ag barr is a blob, can you take both of those issues
11:29 pm
on?ad >> definitely, imagine if that had been a republican that made those statements, you would be calling them sexist, homophobic, you name it, they will race bait you, they call the president races, anything that the right does, the left tries to act as if their virtue. it's ridiculous to have the speaker of the house, the united states government notta standing up for our federal law enforcement agencies. it is unbelievable that they sit back and watch this. i always want to talk about the cause. we don't talk about that enough, the cause of these issues that are going on are because of democratic mayors and democratic governments across the nation that have completely stripped morality out of the neighborhoods, out of the communities and now people feel like they can be lawless. no one stands against them, the democratic party has made this
11:30 pm
their habit, they want to appease, they don't want to leave, the reason why nancy pelosi said what she said is because she wants to appeal to her base, she wants to rile up the left and have the angry mob because she really feels that that gives them the0. best chane to be donald trump in 2020 and it's not going to happen. liz: you just put your finger on it, it's about leadership, leadership is saying how about bombing federal buildings, it is wrong, you don't do that. how about not calling officials blobs, that is just wrong, don't do that. , these officers as injured mccarthy point out put their lives on the line to enforce the laws enacted by congress and enacted by the house, passed by the house, nancy pelosihi overseas. was in a nancy pelosi who said after republican see steve scalise was shot at a baseball practice that we must unified now. what about unite and transcend, what about doing what is morally right.
11:31 pm
this heightened partisanship give license to behave badly, on both sides of the politicalal aisle. we desperately need a return to decency. your response too that. >> you hit it dead on. at some point we gottaus get bak to being americans that love any get back to morality because a nancy pelosi speaks like she does, what she is saying is that we lost for raleigh in our leaders, far leaders have lost her morality you know that will be reflected in the actions of our people. whenever we have kids that are going to schools right now and pulling god from every portion of our society and the laws that the democrats are passing, the mass abortions and all these things are going and hurting the corporate nation, our kids are fatherless, the folks that you see out there that are committingthin the crime in doig these things are fatherless. in our fatherless because we passed laws for the last to get into decades that remove the fathers from our homes. we gotta stand against us as a
11:32 pm
nation, this is not right though reality of america's been tested, november 3, 2020 will tell the world a lot, what we stand for morality or continue to live in the chaos. liz: okay, jack brewer, great to have your, on. great to see you. next up, trump 2020 campaign senior advisor lara trump on a growing debate. the democrats and the mediaia explaining away the violent right rights because they feel it may hurt the democrats in november. stay withem us. motorcycle riders love the open road. and geico loves helping riders get to where they're going,
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11:37 pm
just some protesters and some building and portland when thousands have shown up their nightly wood live knives, power tools, blinded officers with lasers, rider through a molotov cocktail at the federal courthouse lighting it on fire. cnn anchored jakenak tapper sait jim jordan apologize, he said cnn reporters were depicted in an unfair way and a republicaneo video showing at william barr's hearing yesterday, the video shows the media and democrats calling the protest let's look -- we will show you some elements that dispute what jake tapper is saying, let's welcome trump 2020 campaign senior advisor lara trump. it's great to see you and have you on, youre o reaction? >> it is really sad to see the media is more concerned with what was in the video than actually what wasn't it. you've seen the video, the horrific violence, the looting,
11:38 pm
the arson that we have seen in some of our great americanre cities and i just heard jack brewer, arkwrigh your previous e was spot on with everything, the democrat mayors are leading the people there cities down, i think we needed to seeie the vio from jim jordan. thank goodness somebody is talking about it because of a lot of media would like to gloss over and say the peaceful protesters. these are not peaceful protesters and i'm very happy that we are finally talking about this and getting the facts out there to the american people. liz: let's show the video that played in yesterday's hearing that tapper took offense to prove that's watch it. >> mostly a protest, it is not
11:39 pm
generally speaking unruly. >> peaceful protesters. >> peaceful demonstrators. >> peaceful protester. >> peaceful protesters. >> peaceful protests and demonstrations. liz: okay, here's the argument, their starting with peaceful and then g worked into riots pre-but that splitting hairs, the video speaks forn itself, to reporters in the video stated in front of buildings on fire. a ahead. >> it is almost shocking that they can stand there with a straight face and actually lie to the american people about what they're witnessing directly behindnd them, to your point you can see buildings on fire in total chaos happening and yet you have reporters saying these are mostly peaceful protest, i think what is very clearly happening, it's being exposed every single day, by and large the mainstream media is a marketing arms for the democrat party, these democrats, mayors and governors and some of our great american cities and states, all across this country
11:40 pm
have not donero their job, they have not protected their citizens, they have not protected businesses within their area and it's really sad to see but this is all a political tool. for them and thy are trying, look over here there's nothing to see, that is not right, what we need to do is fix what is happening, peopleap are leaving these cities, i live in new york and i cannot tell you the number of friends of mine that have left new york forever, they are never coming back because nobody wants to live like this, we went to know were safe and live in a peaceful environment and unfortunately you don't see that happening out there. liz: it was cnn don lemon saying this is peaceful and chris cuomo saying they are peaceful protest. chris said please, show me where it says protesters are supposed to be polite and peaceful when it says that in the first
11:41 pm
amendment. i want to show you the view of what the writers are bringing to the portland protest in writing. as we noted before sledgehammers and tasers and lasers and more. let's show the viewer what they're bringing, baseball bats to the rights, do peaceful protesters destroy businesses, injure 188 officers, attack civilians and bomb and burned down federal courthouses and buildings. our democrat so rattled that the riots will hurt joe biden's chances of winning and denying and ignoring the destruction and violence, 18 people have been killed in writing sensor rise began. your take. >> they are denying and in fact you heard from jerry nadler if anybody saw the video of him saying very clearly, antifa is a myth, that is not real, antifa is the reason that so many of her great cities are burning, so much chaos is happening, the violence is happening and whenever you have major figures in american politics saying that these people do not exist, that is a real problem and i think that they know what people are
11:42 pm
catching on to is if joe biden got elected, this will not just be limited to the democratt cities, this would be all over the united states of america because he is very clearly said he would like to take away funding from our police forces in this country, we know he is for open borders, you're going to have open borders, a lawless society and no police officers to keep the peace if joe biden america. they know people are catching on to that, they're trying to deny the whole thing and get you to look the other way. liz: lara trump, thank you for joining us, great to see you. liz: coming up, the debate that is now unfolding, what was the reason the critics say the democrats repeatedly shut down attorney general william barr, that is a brutal hearing yesterday and capitol hill. republican strategist has his thoughts on this. you're gonna want to hear, that you're gonna want to hear, that is
11:43 pm
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♪. elizabeth: welcome back. a growing number of critics the reason why democrats repeatedly shut liz: welcome back a number of critics say the reason why democrat shutdown attorney general william william barr is because he is attempting to hold accountable for abuses of power under the trump and obama administration and into michael flynn, let's welcome republican strategist, what are your thoughts? >> i think tuesday's hearing was an absolute disgrace but look, we know why the democrats are throwing tantrums and attorney general william barr, it is no secret in washington not only does he follow the rule of law and play games but they don't want them to get to the bottom of her trump russia hoax. that's the bottom line. liz:z: florida democrat debbie
11:48 pm
asked ag barr to delay the release of john durham's criminal probe into the abuses, after the november election, ag barr said no, your thoughts on that. >> she knows of the derm report comes, will not only damage obama's legacy will hurt the democratic brand, that's why she was so forceful withs the ag and what he tried to explain why, she shut him down. the democrats are fearful and they don't wanted to come out until after the election, they're hoping biden will win so it never comes out and brushed under the rug. liz: he said yesterday at theil hearing, you can attract to the day when he started attacking ag barr, twin ag barr publicly said over a year ago, the obama administration was spying on the trump team. let's watch the democrat shutdown attorney general william barr.
11:49 pm
>> i gave instructions as to what -- i am answering your question. st answer.e to let them >> will you restore my time because as witnesses we can never. >> mr. bart i will get to that, reclaiming my time to answer the question. >> reclaiming my time withoutut political bias. >> reclaiming my time. >> reclaiming my time mr. burke. >> attorney general reclaiming my time. >> when people resist law enforcement, they are not peaceful. >> reclaiming my time. i'm re-priced at your lack of respect. >> that they recognize, this is a hearing i thought i was post to be the one who is heard. kz: they clearly would not let him answer and testify. they seemed like the democrats are testifying, not ag barr, here's the other thing, former obama advisor told maria bartiromo, let's move on from
11:50 pm
the investigation into the fbi trump russia probe, she said i cannot tell you all of the reasons why james f quelled me s with that, but that was nearly four years ago, why are we still talking about this, that is coming out now to, your reaction to that? >> that's exactly right, they want to swap to the rug, congressman jordan said they not only spied on the trump campaign but they intentionally harm the peaceful transfer of power in an effort to undermine the trump administration without a legal basis for doing so. what i find so comical, the three years of media and the democrat they screamed russia, russia, russia now were getting to the bottom, they don't want to find out, i think of a lot of people knew the truth they would be mystified about the whole argue and make sure does not happen again irrespective of political party. liz: now there's a separate probe by u.s. attorney of the unmasking of general michael
11:51 pm
flynn. that is separate from the derm probe. it is noise great to see you, come back soon. >> you got it. take care. liz: iz coming up the battle over20 the 2020 vote, now heating up and we got a new front, this one with democrats wanting to count illegal immigrants that say they could read elections. james comer joins us next. he is leading the counterattack against that. as a caricature artist, i appreciate what makes each person unique. that's why i like liberty mutual. they get that no two people are alike and customize your car insurance so you only pay for what you need. almost done. what do you think? i don't see it. only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty. ♪
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♪. elizabeth: to this new battle. the pre liz: the president and republicans pushing back on democrats the argument is democrats are trying to read election republicans in a bigger way that over lunch in voter fraud and mail-in ballots, like california now in a big fight for illegal immigrants into in order that would stop that in the cities of long beach los angeles and oakland suing back against the administration over this fight, by the way, today, house oversight called an emergency meeting over this fight, kentucky's james comber is ranking republican on house oversight, he joins us now, it's great to have you on the show,
11:56 pm
can you tell us what's going on. >> the democrats are fighting to try to count illegals in the census for the purpose of congressional and for judgment. it's estimated that there are between ten and 20 million undocumented people residing in america right now, the democrats want them to vote, we suspect that they have been voting hepecially in states like california but they have been sneaky about it, now they're in the forefront, i think that every taxpaying law-abiding american citizen understands that if you count undocumented people living in the united states for the purpose of congressional apportionment, then law-abiding citizens vote for representation will be diluted. that is not fair. liz: the democrats lost a argue that in california democrats will lose at least one house seat and electoral college vote,
11:57 pm
the constitution says persons residing in the state should be counted every ten years. it does not say citizens, that the democrats argument for saying persons, that's what you illegal immigrants are persons, that's why they should be counted, your reaction to that. >> there going to be counted, the senses does clearly state that every person residing in the united states should be counted and we are going to count everything a person. every man, woman and child. however, for congressional reapportionment, when you look at the fact that california has all estimates at least 2.2 million illegals living in the state of california, that is three congressional seats, that is three electoral votes that california gets rewarded because they're breaking the law. it is not fair to state that kentucky or alabama or states like illinois that are probably
11:58 pm
in danger of losing a congressional seat. the democrats, once again after yesterday trying to silence attorney general barry for tryig to hold people cannibal call for violations of the fisa process today go all in in a five hour hearing trying to make sure the illegals can be counted for congressional reapportionment. i don't think the founding fathers never intended that or envision that the united states would have thiser many residingn our country illegally. liz: it's an interesting point, alabama and other states would get hurt, it's an equal protection under the law that if you count all of these illegals for apportionment and representation, that hurts the representation of other states that do not have this large there.ion base in >> you are exactly right, it punishes states that are doing things the right way letter
11:59 pm
abiding by the law, states like california who have clearly been breaking the law and harboring illegals for yearshe and years, they will be rewarded with more congressional seats, california already has the most number of congressional seats, people ask me all the time, how does nancy pelosi get elected speaker of the house, it's because california has over 50 representatives in the u.s. because counting the massive illegal population they get to havel even more, it is unfair to the states that do things right and it's another reason why so many americans are fed up, that's why they voted for donald trump four years ago and that's why he has been over performing in the polls again in november. liz: congressman, great to see you, come back soon. >> thank you for having me. liz: i am elizabeth macdonald, you been watching "the evening edit". that doesn't for us, thank you
12:00 am
so much for watching, we hope you have a good evening and join us again tomorrow night. have a good evening. >> on a cool spring evening in north carolina... [ tires screech, crash ] ...a car crash kills a renowned coin collector. he's carrying the crown jewel of his collection. but is it really one of the rarest and most valuable coins in the world or a clever fake? >> i just imagine she's sitting there saying to me, "they say i'm not real. what do you think?" >> half a century passes before the man's heirs -- and the public -- learn the truth about his precious cargo. >> we sat there on pins and needles, and then the numbers started climbing. [ door creaks ] [ wind howls ] [ thunder rumbles ] [ bird caws ]


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