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tv   After the Bell  FOX Business  July 31, 2020 4:00pm-5:00pm EDT

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trump, p wins the election i think it takes off. but if trump wins apache takes up because he is an oil guy and he will continue to pump. cheryl: talk about taken off, the dow was up 124 points. that is it for me, after the bell, take it away. melissa: the clock is ticking, a standstill in washington as benefits are back to expire for millions of americans, i am melissa francis, happy friday. >> i'm david asman in for connell mcshane and this is "after the bell". stocks gaining momentum in the final moments of trading, closing near the highs of the day as apple extends its gains adding about 275 points to the dow enclosing about 400 bucks a share, for the first time ever. fox business team coverage, edward lawrence is in d.c. and lauren simonetti is watching the markets. lauren we start with you. >> stocks ending the session and
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the plus column and big tech really help the nasdaq today but for most of the session we've kept in check after congress failed to agree on the next stimulus package. nasdaq of 1.5% in the doubt up about half 8% and that stinky gaining three quarters of 1%. let's look at the month all three up, up four months in a row, the big winner was the nasdaq almost 7%, look at the s&p up five and half percent and the dow up 2.4%. apple, new all-time high, worth more than any other company in the world including the oil, facebook hitting a new record height, apple as well as alphabet reported earnings yesterday and investors still cheering the first two, also but shares are down and the company reported the first annual revenue decline. google under a little bit of pressure today. finally we know who hacked twitter about two weeks ago, a
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florida teenager accused of being the mastermind of a bitcoin hack on prominent news users that negative $100,000, he did not act alone, to others charged in the scheme but the teenager will be charged as an adult considering how bad the consequences could have been for the biggest security breach in twitter's history, twitter stock getting hurt by this, down 32 cents on the day at 36.40. david: an economic lifeline for many americans, the extra 600 bucks and enhance federal employment benefits expire at midnight as lawmakers remain nowhere near a deal. chad is live on capitol hill with the very latest. >> good afternoon, there are cousins of part of trying to get a deal, a lot of people on both sides on pennsylvania avenue who do not think they could get an agreement anytime soon. something that we have learned in the past hour, there's going to be a big meeting saturday
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morning 9:00 o'clock and the speaker's office, nancy pelosi along with senate minority leader chuck schumer and the secretary of the treasury steven mnuchin and the white house chief of staff mark meadows, the fact that you bring all four of them together with no staff on a saturday morning, that tells you a lot. republicans are frustrated most notably mark meadows saying they put forth a number of proposals over the past couple of days and they have all been rejected by the democrats. >> the president has set us back not once, not twice but three different times to try to find common ground, what we found from her democrat negotiators is that they are bumping the price higher than the very bill that they passed out of the house. >> meadows proposed a weeklong extension of the unemployment aid, but nancy pelosi rejected that, she i she said she only agreed to an interim package of a broader deal was in reach, democrats continue to exist on a
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big bill but pelosi won't tip her hand on what democrats are willing to concede to get an agreement. >> one is, the person you're negotiating with has to want something, you have to think they might want something for the american people. , so far, so bad. the second part is, the people you're negotiating with have to know that you will walk. if it isn't there, it is not there. >> you cannot walk off the talk at this stage, this price is just too big, that's why you have a big meeting on saturday morning here on capitol hill. as i say a lot of people wonder if they could get a bill during her press conference this morning nancy pelosi indicated that she thought there would be a bill and she said it woul wita twinkle in her eye. the house of representatives is gone to an undetermined date sometime later in august the house majority leader said he
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would with call members within 20 for hours to vote on a new bill if they get an agreement. david: thank you. melissa over to your. melissa: all right, let's head over to edward lawrence, he is in washington with the latest response from the white house. >> president donald trump right now in tampa florida, he will get a briefing on the coronavirus in preparation for the hurricane that is going to hit florida, he is juggling a lot, the white house is looking at a lot, the extension to the benefits and, the unappointed benefits in today, number $600, evictions can start tomorrow and all the white house trying to negotiate these packages, donald trump showing his frustration today listen to this. >> i tell my people, the democrats do not care about the people of our country, they don't want to do what you should be doing for the people of her country, whether it's unemployment or anything else and all they care about is the election, they're going to lose the election. >> you heard chad talk about the
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white house chief of staff mark meadows, he took the unusual step of showing his frustration in the white house briefing room, he came with floorplans to democratic leaderships and they rejected all four without any counteroffers, when the democrats were asked why they rejected the extension that chad talked about of unappointed benefits, also a moratorium eviction extension, nancy pelosi said they had major policy differences and it's important to hear exactly what she says. listen. >> first of all they don't even have a vote in the senate, let's get real about who says what. we passed a bill ten weeks ago. >> after the president has his briefing on the coronavirus, he's going to have a fundraiser in florida, campaign stuff will happen before he comes back to washington, one more thing incidentally, the white house
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looking at possibly banning tiktok in the united states, we reported it here first, her charlie gasparino say microsoft is in talks with possibly by the u.s. operations for tiktok because the u.s. may force them to d-backs that part of it. melissa: the president at the very fancy pelican club today, nancy pelosi saying she is willing to walk away from the table on the american people so you know where she stands. thank you. david: we sure do. here is steve forbes, forbes media chairman. great to see you. 30 million unemployed americans, they may lose their 600-dollar unemployment benefit from the federal government come next week. what are the economic and political consequences of that. >> thankfully they'll still get the state unappointed benefits which is supposed to equal half of what they're getting before they are laid off. whether there will be a little bit of relief on that.
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what the republicans have to do next week politically and economically is put a bill before the senate, script down of $200 a week, i think senator johnson of wisconsin proposed, put that out there and also they should combine it with suspending the payroll tax and also throw in, not only extending eviction prevention for another 30, 60 days but put out there their proposal on sending people another round of checks, not $1200, make it 15 or 2000, have those three or four items in their, but the democrats voted down, they have an issue in the force the democrats to capitulate and the democrats will be the ones who are blocking immediate relief for the american people. david: let's talk about the relief, there is so much, even the much cheaper if you can use that word, the cheaper gop plan, you have a lot of pork, there's money in there for defense spending, there is the democrat
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plan, including a trillion dollars for state and local government which would be allow bad spending habits on their part. >> that's right that's where you go for the big stuff which everybody can understand. big individual checks, suspend the payroll tax and everybody gets a pay increase immediately and employers have more money to hire people. that's a good thing, a few good things like that and a few things like that and you got a winner, three or four big items like evictions, no evictions for 60 days, if you do stuff like that and grasp it immediately, and not all the other stuff you shove in there and republicans will be on offense and politically good offense, economically good offense and they will win public opinion. that's how you do it. nancy pelosi figures these guys will capitulate and as you know speaker proceeds role says
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secretary treasury steven mnuchin past negotiations and she figured if she stalled, she will capitulate again and make sure that does not happen, put out three or four good items and republicans can turn the table and do good economically and politically for the american people. david: it becomes a contest over which party can spend more, the democrats always win that contest. you don't want to engage on their battleground, you do it on your battleground. suspend the payroll tax, give people an extra $2000, stop the eviction for another 30 or 60 days and give the $200 topping on unemployment benefits, you have something very powerful, economically and politically, win-win, except for the democrat tampa lucy. david: the 33% decline in the second quarter gdp, we never seen a decline like that since the record started getting made. the democrats deploring the decline, their calling for more lockdowns which are the cause of the decline. can you explain? >> they want to deploy the result of what they're advocating and they hope people
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don't notice a contradiction and there are ways of ending the lockdowns and away, safeway, where your masks. wash your hands and if necessary where the gloves. basic things like that, will be on top of this terrible epidemic. although masks are the key thing and republicans to call the democrats on that, blocking people in the house again is just going to hurt people in terms of health, many more ways than just the disease itself. david: talk about the disease specifically, the heartbreaking loss of herman cain, and brought the message home as if we needed it, how nasty, awful this virus is, it is a terrible virus, i'm just curious about you, are you still hunkered down at home or are you venturing out a little more in light of tragedy of herman cain's death? >> i am doing some venturing out but i do wear the masks even
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though i don't like it and it's uncomfortable but by golly you have to do it especially a person of that age, in the case of herman cain, as you know he had a terrible bout of cancer ten or 12 years ago and miraculously survived that, very strong individual but underscores that some of us are more vulnerable than others, when i go out, i make sure distancing and wearing those masks. david: your in favor of getting the economy going again? no more lockdowns. >> yes if we take the basic steps including reopening schools, thankfully kids don't get it, we will be okay. wash the hands, where the masks, where the gloves if you have to and we will be okay. david: it's important to note that in new york, we still had a strong new case about of covid-19, 66% of the new hospital cases were from people who had been locked down for a month or more. so lockdowns are not necessarily the medical answer either.
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we have to leave it at that and have a wonderful weekend. >> thank you. melissa: racing for landfall, hurricane isaias already battering the bahamas as it takes aim to the entire u.s. east coast, we are tracking the storm passes our, plus a blended approach. getting mixed reviews, bill de blasio outlining a plan to reopen schools in the fall as teachers across another state are calling for stricter safety measures with the fallout on all of that next. a creative twist on an annual event, state fairs might be canceled across the nation but your favorite delicacies are still on the table. we are live in wisconsin with the latest on this one, stick around. ♪
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5g is now included with all new data options. switch and save hundreds. xfinity mobile. >> if it is not safe we don't do it, it's as simple as that. a huge amount of effort has gone in to getting our schools ready, months and months of preparation. we are sparing no expense.
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melissa: what a bunch of garbage, the price of going back to school. meet under new york mayor bill de blasio release and a proposal guide how city schools could open using a blended model in the fall, here to discuss is bill mcgurn, wall street journal columnist and fox news contributor. we got our blended schedule, i posted on twitter, kids go to school for two days and then they take four days off. so if you do that math, every fourth week in child only goes to school one day a week, meanwhile in the exact same ci city, the private schools who know parents will paint the kids are in school have figured out a way to have kids go every day by staggering them through the day, the younger the earlier they start and they go through the whole entire day, still achieving the same thing in the same distancing, why do you think it is that bill de blasio in the chancellor of schools can figure out how to use the clock the way the private schools
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have? >> i think the answer is united federation of teachers, and looks to me like they're spending more time coming up with a proposal that will be opposed by the teachers union when a proposal that will do for the kids in new york. the mixture, as you know, whether you go online or in person in the covid-19 environment it's going to require a lot of new logistics. does every kid have access to computer and wi-fi for learning at home, i'm not sure about that, on the other hand in person the have to take time to clean and so forth, to complicate that by mixing them, it seems to me a recipe for disaster. on the other hand i am very much for different areas letting them try different things and no one wants them to lose it seems to me they've chosen the most complicated and unlikely to work
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version. melissa: absolutely, were talking about kids in new york city and these different schools and to be the tragedy of it all, once again kids whose parents can afford to send them to private school are going to be educated every day, those kids that go to public school on the days that they stay home in some areas 50% are not logging on at all, for those who do it is not life teaching like it is that the private schools, they just put up assignments, it takes a kids a half-hour and then boom, they're done for the whole day, isn't this a situation where bill de blasio is actively expanding the gap between rich and poor kids when their only chance to really catch up is through education but instead he is intentionally hobbling low-income kids. >> the point that you just made or also made by doctor redfield at the cdc, he calls reopening
4:21 pm
the schools a health priority. he points out all sorts of ways, these are other risks you have to measure, kids falling behind in kids not getting nutrition that they need, kids of mental health, there's all sorts of costs to keeping kids at home, i wonder if every family could do it, so many moms and dads have to work and down the worst of both worlds, i don't have the have schedules, seems like a lot of kids as you say, the less affluent, the less privilege will fall off and be left between th the crooks. melissa: in connecticut teachers held a car caravan to rally across the state and protest that the state was not doing enough, their demanding more from safety equity and funding equity, one of the buzzwords that they love right now. meanwhile, teachers say they don't want to risk their lives by going back to school in teaching every day. but there are tons and tons of people, the majority of people
4:22 pm
in new york who are required to go back to work every single day who are essential workers and who have found a way to do it safely. so why is it we can find a way to work safely at target, walmart, the supermarket every day which has a lot of people together in close quarters but we cannot find a way for teachers to work safely every single day and only public school teachers cannot work safely, we found a way for private school teachers to work safely every day. is it possible? >> it is possible and some will do it, a lot of the people at the teachers union that don't want to schools open, they also don't want anyone to open because they don't want to have examples in front of them of schools that have open did not had problems. remember one reason the cdc for reopening the schools is that children especially at the younger ages are less likely to get the disease that if they do
4:23 pm
it's less likely to be deadly, there's a lot of evidence that they're less likely to transmit the disease. so a school ought to be less risky than a walmart or some of the other places that you mentioned. in all these things, it is not an either or, it is taking steps to mitigate the risk to behave intelligently. remember the last thing, where the outlier, lots of other countries have kept their schools open or reopen, again they are not to send back to usual, there's a lot of effort on hygiene and washing, it can be done. melissa: there's just common sense things, stagger the kids, keep them in the pot but if the union is not going along, they will not be able to do it and unfortunately it is the children that miss out. have a great weekend. over to you. david: excellent discussion, common sense seems to go over
4:24 pm
the head of these politicians. as movie theaters all over the country remain close, some families are bringing the big screen directly to their own backyard and it may not be as hard as you think, new concerns for restaurants are struggling to stay afloat, we will talk to a major player in the industry about his strategy for reopening businesses in the fall. ♪ we do have a ratt problem. ♪ round and round! ♪ with love we'll find a way, just give it time. ♪ at least geico makes bundling our home and car insurance easy. it does help us save. ♪ round and round! ♪ with love we'll find a way, just give it time. ♪ ♪ round and round! ♪ what comes around, goes around. ♪ for bundling made easy, go to
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david: can't go to a movie theater, how about bringing a big screen to your own backyard. jeff flock is in illinois, this sounds like fun. >> the great american backyard, i know you do not have one but you don't have to mow the grass either. this apparently is what's in the greatest american backyard right now, a big inflatable movie screen, you got of kinda angry down because it is something that used to be inflated. but you project on the screen in
4:29 pm
your backyard and you just need a projector like this one right here, what also needs. >> you have to have content, whether it's an apple tv or roku box play netflix or amazon or youtube and audio to give it the other half. >> a couple hundred dollars for the screen and maybe three or 400 bucks for the projector and whatever for your content. i want to show you if you want to go big, that screen was a big obviously, if you want to go big dollars and you want to watch tv even in daytime, this -- what you call this. >> this is the sun bright outdoor tv the beauty of a real tv outside so you don't have to worry about rain or snow or whether. >> people are buying these things i crazy. >> there incredibly hot, we've seen our outdoor tv business get grow exponentially. >> you also need, robbing a viewing party, look at these young lovely young ladies.
4:30 pm
you are watching fox business i guarantee you. >> audio is paramount, you have to have the right time to go along not only for movies but music whether it's real outdoor speakers reportable outdoor seat entered speakers. >> you have to have a big tv. >> wi-fi is crucial being the control outside is important and outdoor access point. >> i appreciate them very much, electronic sales through the roof since the pandemic and i leave you with a picture of the new great american backyard. a giant movie screen. >> i love it but i wonder if the neighbors would love those big speakers, they may have a thing or two to say. >> it depends on what movie you're playing i guess. melissa: or how low the fences so they can look over as well. melissa: you have to invite the neighbors, that's the whole idea. your favorite deep fried food at a distance.
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how one state fair is reinventing itself in response to the pandemic. plus another hit to major league baseball, 2020 season. 20% of teams have been forced to postpone games, after positive coronavirus tests within the sti marlin, philadelphia phillies, organizations eight days into the shortened season. nearly 9 million americans facing the threat of heavy rain and strong winds as hurricane isaias barrels towards the east coast a could even delay nassau's astronaut return to earth. we will have the latest on the path, that is next. or what's trending. get real-time insights in your customized view of the market. it's smarter trading technology for smarter trading decisions. fidelity.
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melissa: hurricane isaias taking aim at florida after battling puerto rico and the dominican republic with heavy rain and strong winds. the storm causing damage in the sunshine state shutting down covid testing sites and one of the nation's virus hotspots. we have fox team coverage on the latest forecast, phil keating is in cocoa beach florida and rick is at the fox weather center. let's kick it off with you. >> hurricane category one is plowing through the bahamas marching its way towards florida and hurricane hunters who flew
4:36 pm
through the storm system today states getting more organized, as for miami and fort lauderda lauderdale, those two counties do not believe they will see anything worse than strong tropical storm impacts, however, there are hurricane warnings impacting certain counties in the state. it will be here, east of here, the storm on sunday morning around 8:00 a.m. but at this point although forecaster tracking the storm to scan the entire state of florida and mostly remain in the atlantic all the way to making landfall in north carolina outer banks next week. parts of florida are under hurricane watch like palm beach county and many last night coronavirus test sites close due to the threat of a storm, for straight record-breaking day for covid-19 totality's and today florida new case number sure to enter 57 deaths and about 9000 new cases, that is the sixth
4:37 pm
straight day for for different, possible news of florida may be pot towing. as for the storm fortis governor address estate from the emergency operations center. >> is a very fluent situation, we hope it stays off her shores, we have to be prepared to have impacts in the state of florida. >> many people in south florida have begun sandbagging to protect their businesses and homes from floodwaters. of course everybody along the east coast keeping an eye on the satellite loop of the storm because any wobble to the west and the storm comes closer to mainland the storms could be greater. melissa: thank you for that, now let's go to rick with the latest on the storm's path. >> i have to say you pronounced it really well isaias, that's difficult but moving towards florida and northwest and
4:38 pm
because of the orientation of the geography of the state of florida and so is difficult when they are moving to the north or northwest because any little direction shift has moved and has big implications for the state. this will be the east coast of florida that is an area that stands a chance to see the biggest impact, how big that is we aren't exactly sure, these are all of our forecast models, they are in good agreement and hugging the entire coastline, most of them bringing it directly and fall somewhere across the carolyn's in north carolina south carolina border somewhere into monday to tuesday. this is the official track, storms are not an official point in the center is where the single point at the center storm possibly goes. they are much bigger impact across the coast, what we will see is tropical storm winds
4:39 pm
across the coast of florida, maybe hurricanes, most of the energy is going to be towards the east of the coast, the east side of the center of the storm is, that's were the worst it will be, we expect that to see across of the bahamas and all of that from hurricane dorian and i will have a hurricane again and then monday and tuesday, impacts in the mid atlantic. melissa: wow, thank you so much for that. david: a looming chill, restaurant fighting to stay afloat without indoor dining. what happens th the to survive a long cold winter ahead. ♪ businesses are starting to bounce back.
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melissa: outdoor dining keeping restaurants afloat during covid shot down, what happens when the weather gets cold and that's not an option for diners, and he joins us now with more, one of the reasons were asking this question is because the opening of indoor seating at restaurants in new york is not even on the slate, it's not part of the phases, there's other places around the country where they're not even setting a target date, there is no end in sight.
4:44 pm
what do you think about that? >> california opened and closed again, outdoor dining and delivery to go is only way operators are going to get through this and they have to be prepared because using a line, winter is coming. melissa: yeah, what are some of your suggestions, we seen people go all in and really get creative and put up overhead covering and install stands and do really fancy things to try to keep things open but at some point that is awkward to be possible, what are some of your suggestions. >> a couple of things, first of all were encouraging all of our franchise to order the supplies that you need now because you will not get them at the end of september, you have to order each heater's, tents with walls or some walls, maybe three out of four, i don't think any of us
4:45 pm
know what will be considered appropriate but you have to be prepared to warm up the areas and have ventilation and circulation of air and you have to order it now, will come upon us quick, it's an entirely different experience and have to try to keep them warm. melissa: it's so hard to give that advice right now because the main problem, these restaurants are hurting for money wherever they are and what you're saying, you must spend money right now in advance of the winter that restaurants won't be open inside, maybe they will be open and they will have senses money on the heaters another thing for nothing out of time when no one has an extra dime, how do you deal with that? >> completely agree, the ppp loans saved so money restaurant operators, we talked about this before, a huge help, that monies run now, it's not long enough, they need to do another round, it was helpful and i think they should do the refund of the 2019
4:46 pm
payroll tax in each restaurant or employer because they each give. >> money to the people that they employed, they cannot mess around with this. it takes a while to get it done anyway. it needs to happen right away. melissa: what other advice would you give, there's a lot of different restaurants, when we walk around your neighborhood and talk to people trying to hang in there but you know a lot of restaurant owners feel really beaten-down or shop owners and anyone who has a business. there's a lot of people who have staked their whole family's fortune on this and that their opportunity to make or break or leave something to the rest of their family and it's really scary and disheartening, what words as an entrepreneur your self would build an enormous business, what do you say to them? >> it's devastating and not fair and disproportionate and it depends geographically if your fine dining or fast casual hit too hard, it's very casual and
4:47 pm
have to fight to survive. you taken a dole knife in a trench fight was 70 has a gun you have to fight to survive, that may mean simple find your menu, customers are tolerant of changes to adapt on how you stay open, we have to figure out how to get cash flow to keep your business open and forget about the things that don't matter right now, focus on the things that you have to pay, pay your people, byproducts, fight for and the government has to assist the small business owners. melissa: thank you for those words, we really appreciate it. we love our small business owners and god blessed them, we wish them the best, thank you for coming on. david: we are pulling for them. if you got a covid-19 test and still haven't gone back your result, you're not alone, labs all over the country say demand for test continue to outpace capacity but there's a group of pharmacists to say they have a solution, cut the red tape that is preventing them from
4:48 pm
participating in much of the covid-19 testing, the american pharmacists association delivered a letter to congress explaining their position. here with more to explain with us from the american farmers association, the president michael, good to see you. 95% of all americans live within 5 miles of a pharmacy and most of those pharmacies are not providing covid-19 test, why n not. >> is a very simple thing, are laws that govern medicare and medicaid in this country were written in the 60s and over a long period of time these laws have never recognize pharmacists as being able to provide direct healthcare services under the medicare program. this is despite the fact that pharmacies are all trained in the second most advanced degree healthcare provider behind physicians and perfectly capable of doing it and so we got this easily accessible profession who
4:49 pm
is right in your local community and community pharmacies across america and in rural areas in urban areas and pharmacists are ready to help people get back to work and help people get back to school but until congress act, it's going to be very difficult for us to come to the aid of the consumer. david: let's be clear why congress is not acting, there's very powerful lobbyist with doctors, specifically the ama that don't want pharmacists to have the power to provide and get paid by medicare. there is a tariff battle, they brought all the power themselves and they don't want to share with the pharmacist. david: here's the reality, most local communities, pharmacists and physicians work arm in arm, hand in hand together every day to make sure that every person is well cared for in our society and in our communities and pharmacists are proud of our relationships and our positions,
4:50 pm
unfortunately, some people can have the idea that turf is more important than the care of people. we have to set that aside, it is time for congress to act we are really looking at people's lives that are on the balance, just to give you an example in the h1n1 influenza pandemic, the centers for disease control and prevention says because pharmacists were providing flu shots during the covid -- during the flu pandemic, we were able to stop that pandemic, eight weeks, two homeruns earlier than we would've been able to do had pharmacist not been providing. it's a grea incredible missed opportunity and congress needs to act right away. david: you focus on congress but we have a president who has managed through executive orders to cut through red tape, he prides himself on deregulation, and the president sympathetic and might he have the power to override congress to provide
4:51 pm
pharmacist with this vital step in opening up our economy? >> we believe the administration does have a broad ranging authorities and could issue executive orders under emergency authorization to designate pharmacists for covid testing of vaccines if he chooses to act, but we are going to either have to have executive order or were going to have to have congress to act. but to every consumer in america needs access to covid testing, we need to get people back to work and we can do that quicker when we have adequate testing and quick testing as well as vaccination for covid. so we have to have either the president act on this or congress and it's got to happen quickly, americans are dying while were waiting on these legislative fixes to take. david: we don't have a vaccine yet but when we do as a conceivable can we actually have a vaccine and not have enough
4:52 pm
providers to give them vaccine to most americans? >> it's very possible, pharmacists are ready to give vaccines, over 30 million doses to vaccines were given by pharmacist last year, we know that pharmacists are prepared to do it and ready to do it but if we don't have a mechanism or payment to happen through medicare medicaid through cms, then it's not going to happen and people will be denied access to vaccines unfortunately. that would be a tragedy in the current state that we are in. david: i hope the president is listening, i'm sure he's aware or at least some of his aides are. this is the job of cutting red tape that the president has proved he can do time and again, and i hope it's done before we have a vaccine. right now because we need all the testing. thank you very much, let us know what happens. >> thank you.
4:53 pm
melissa: state fairs are bringing back your favorite deep-fried foods in a whole new way. ♪ dolph lundgren, you've got a one-sixty i.q., a master's in chemical engineering and you're technically a genius... and it appears you're quite the investor. i like to trade. well, td ameritrade has pros ready if you need help, say talking through a new strategy... ... just in case things, you know, get a little rocky? i'm sorry on the upside i think that's waterproof. maybe not... ♪
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♪ ♪ david: how about this, a deep fried drive-through. the wisconsin state fair may have been canceled but not its food. grady trimble is at the fairgrounds with all the details. hi, grady. >> reporter: hey, david. this is the first time since world war ii that the fair was canceled, so what do you do? like a lot of businesses, you adapt. they've got all the favorite fair food available to people but in a drive-through fashion. we're at a stand where they're making deep fried knickers and deep fried milky way bars, and they have all of the deep fried
4:58 pm
delights at this stand. they've also got, of course, the classic corn dogs as well. and they have 12 vendors throughout the fairgrounds this weekend, and then they rotate them so you can keep coming back for the next couple of weekends. kathleen o'leary is ceo of the wisconsin state fair park. so you guys really had to shake things up this year and make out work. >> we really did. when we knew we were going to be canceling the 2020 wisconsin state fair, which was an agonizing process and, obviously, very disappointing to everyone, we knew we had to shift our focus to innovative thinking. we wanted to give back a little bit of that joy, right? everybody loves fair food, to this is our way of doing this over the course of four weekends. >> reporter: and it also helps these vendors out who rely on these large gatherings. you say you get a million people here on a normal year. you're not going to get that this year, and they're not going to get that business. >> no, and that's not what we were doing it for, it was to give back and let the vendors
4:59 pm
come out, it was a little bit of that, but it was about just really giving back that joy, like i said, to give that slice of happiness to all of the people that wouldn't have it over the course of the fair. >> reporter: and it's been really popular so far. this is the second of four weekends. they had 12,000 people drive through here last weekend. we heard about some people coming through here three or four timeses in a weekend. so i've got the menu here from all the different vendors. you could do cookie dough on a stick, also because we're in wisconsin, of course you have the cheese curd tacos which was actually a winner of the big prize here at the fair last year and are popular this weekend. i'm a simple guy though, david, so i have a classic lemonade, and it's nice on a hot day like today. david? david: i can imagine, although the i'm dying to try one of those deep fried snickers. i don't know if i'd like it. melissa's eyes are twinkling as i mention it. she, i think, would like it. that does it for us, grady.
5:00 pm
>> melissa: yes, oh, deep fried snickers. david:" lou dobbs tonight" starts right now. ♪ ♪ lou: good evening, everybody. president trump today fighting back against the radical dems, calling out their radical political ambitions. they come at the expense of the american people and this nation. the president today giving a full-throated condemnation of the party of hate during an event at the white house. >> i i think the democrats don't care about the people of our country. i really don't. i tell my people the democrats do not care about the people of our country, they don't want to do what you should be doing for the people of our country when it's unemployment or anything else. and all they care about is the


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