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tv   The Evening Edit  FOX Business  August 27, 2020 6:00pm-7:01pm EDT

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in just a few hours. historian victor davis hanson, pastor robert jeffress among our guests tomorrow. good night from sussex. elizabeth: tonight, the main event, president trump addresses the republican national convention. we've got a preview of what he is going to say. as democrats fears continue to grow that biden cannot counter punch, his campaign has little to no media buzz, no bounce in the polls, trump is gaining in the polls, this as house speaker nancy pelosi joining a growing democrat and media chorus, urging biden, do not debate trump. is that the way to go, keep people in the dark? earlier today, president trump got a briefing at fema
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headquarters, he is headed to texas and louisiana this weekends after the devastating and deadly hurricane laura smashed into the texas, louisiana border. we'll give you an update on that. also tonight, rick grenell, he slammed the obama administration and he slammed it hard. this happened at the enc. he said the spying on the trump campaign, quote, what i saw made me sick to my stomach. sidney powell joins us, she knows better than most how bad the obama administration abuses were. she is the attorney for former trump security advisor, general michael flynn. also with us tonight, charles herd on the media trying to whip fast balls by viewers. government statistics and guests say violence is going on, contradicting the anchors. we've got the story. also joining u maryland congressional candidate, kim
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klasik on cities led by democrats for years seeing major destruction and chaos. she says they actually have a way out and she's got the answers. also to talk to us on joe biden today, trying to claim there were no riots on obama's watch when he called in national guard troops six years ago. protecting america's borders, this is a story that's a major factor in the 2020 race. we bring in ronna britello. new information on an illegal alien, he was inspired by isis, he was indicted. also, a new drug tunnel was discovered crossing into texas. thanks for joining us. i'm elizabeth macdonald. the evening edit starts right now. ♪
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elizabeth: vice president michael pence winning praise for a strong and effective speech at the rnc last night. pence went after joe biden's record on the economy and foreign affairs as well. watch this. >> when you consider their agenda, it's clear. joe biden would be nothing more than a trojan horse for the radical left. the truth is, our economic recovery is on the ballot. law and order are on the ballot. the choice in this election is whether america remains america. elizabeth: president trump tonight will deliver one of the major set piece speeches of his presidency, accepting the republican nomination, making the case for another four-year term. let's welcome trump 2020 director of press communications, erin perini. it's great to have you on the show. we have a preview of the president's speech. he's going to say we spent the last four years cleaning up after 47 years of the debacle of
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what joe biden inflicted on the american public. he's going to play it tough. what's your reaction. >> we're excited for an absolutely epic speech to come from president trump. i'm here in nevada right now on the road for the campaign. we will be having a great watch party this evening as president trump really lays 0:out the -- lays out the clear contrast that exists between his america first agenda and that of joe biden. the president hits the mark exactly right. he has spent four years cleaning up 47 years of joe biden's failures, whether that's criminal justice reform, which rolled back some of the really aggressive sentencing practices from the '94 crime bill that joe biden was an author of, or if it's the economy where the president got the government out of the way and lowered taxes and allowed individuals and businesses to boom in this country. the contrast is clear, it's america freedom versus socialism on the ballot in november. it's going to be an incredible night with president trump speaking directly to the
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american people. elizabeth: there was a lot of positive emotional reaction to last night's moving imagery, profound images of disabled americans standing up during the national anthem, including madison cawthorn who is fighting for a house seat, paralyzed in a car accident, he stood up too, i said you don't have to -- what's your reaction to a pbs reporter criticizing that? >> it's really disgusting to see that any of the media would have anything negative to say about an individual like madison, who proudly stands for our nation's flag. the flag is really a representation of the men and women who have fought for freedom, not only here in the united states but around the world. listen, our history is rich and diverse, it's what makes us the greatest nation this world has ever known. but we cannot do that if we bow to radicalism the way that democrats are trying to force us to do.
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democrats have doom and gloom. you saw kamala harris today with all of her lies and disgusting rhetoric, wanting you to feel bad about america and where we are. president trump invites president pence and the real americans you've been seeing featured at the republican national convention, stand proudly for our flag because we understand what's at stake. the greatness of america is on the ballot this november and president trump is ready to fight for that greatness. elizabeth: you know, erin, democrats are worried that joe biden is doing a sort of laissez faire campaign, not doing more to counter program, counter punch today, we have kamala harris doing that. biden was making statements today. biden is not traveling to campaign, no media buzz. what's your reaction to house speaker nancy pelosi saying biden should not debate trump, saying basically he shouldn't do it? what was your reaction when you heard that? >> the speak speaker of the hoe again is saying what the mainstream media says and what joe biden handlers have been saying which is they don't want
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him to debate the president. joe biden's been on the debate stage for the last 47 years. he did debates during the democrat primary. he's done this before. there's no reason why in 2020 we should not, a, have debates earlier, when we know that he's not on the campaign trail. nobody's seen joe biden. he sent kamala out to make remarks today instead of doing it himself. if joe biden thinks he should be president of the united states, then he should stand up, allow for an earlier debate, and get on the debate stage against president trump. why? because he can't hide his ideas if he has to stand in front of the american people, he can't hide the green new deal which would december mate -- decimate 10 million jobs in the united states. hdemocrats tried really hard lat week not only to hide their candidate and his policies, but now they want to try and hide him from the debate stage. that's not leadership. he wants to try and be president of the united states. why don't you try to stand toe
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to toe with somebody like president trump who has an exceptional record for this country. the american people deserve to see that before they start voting in early september. elizabeth: erin, biden opened the door to not debating. he said on msnbc as long as the commission stays on the straight and narrow we're going to stay on that story. we're detecting the evening edit, early out of the box in 2016, saying something is wrong with the polls saying that trump is going to lose. we saw a cultural shift in a lot of lawn signs for trump. we now have the police, the president of the largest police lobby group saying that the biden/harris ticket is one of the most radical anti-police tickets they've seen, ever. when we see the polls, erin, here's what we're seeing, that biden is under water versus hillary clinton at this stage in certain swing states. hillary clinton got a four percentage point bounce after
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that convention and drum. is now gaining -- trump is gaining in the polls. it seems like 2016 all over again where tolls didn't pick up the shift for trump. >> i think that's right. polling is still very flawed. it has yet to figure out how to poll the hidden trump voter, the quiet americans who felt abandoned by joe biden, who know they have a fighter in president trump. we have an aggressive ground game in the united states. we're knocking on doors, talking to voters, recruiting volunteers and training folks so we know on election day we'll be able to turn everybody out that needs to show up for president trump. listen, if the mainstream media wants to say that joe biden's ahead and let him take his foot off the gas if he's ever had it on there, i mean, hiding in the ke ake way to win a pre prent pl aignmpaignut i b b t t m t m maw tovi pde tvihatvihater ctor jorj de gon,adhehe n doyo that.t. s h tngskork outork oor o y y guysssnn nov nberembehenbe esidprt trumt wilt ain a a win
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abetizerin erinhank tha fors injoin us.g alre applyateciatt. i ooackcoack sn. thankthan you. elizabetizh:ab andab a s sal ograrag wednesepmbernder,, easese jnnnrles payneayne at 2:00. eastereasteae f f virtual townhall, america invests together. charles will have special guests, he's going to answer my questions, charles payne, american invest together, september 2nd, 2:00 p.m. eastern time. tune in. you can send in your questions via facebook, via social media, via e-mail. it's going to be an exciting event. look at this excitement coming up. former acting director of national intelligence rick grenell slamming the obama administration at the rnc for spying on the trump campaign, declaring, quote, what i saw made me sick to my stomach. sidney powell knows how bad the abuses under the obama administration were, she is the attorney for former national security advisor, general michael flynn.
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elizabeth: welcome back. former acting director of national intelligence, richard grenell, slammed the obama/biden administration for abuses of power during his republican national convention speech last night. watch this. >> as acting director of national intelligence, i saw the democrats' entire case for russian collusion.
6:15 pm
and what i saw made me sick to my stomach. the obama/biden administration secretly launched a surveillance on of presentation on the trump campaign -- on of presentation oon -- operation on the trump campaign and silenced the many brave intelligence officials who spoke up against it. they presented bogus information as facts. they lied to judges, then they slays fide anything that undermine -- classified anything that undermined their case. elizabeth: let's welcome guest sidney powell. her client is general michael flynn. the general res case by the way is still stuck in the d.c. appeals court for weeks now, not budging on the motion to dismiss the case. your reaction to what rick grenell said? >> yes, he's absolutely right and thank goodness he began declassifying things and john ratcliffe continued that. so in addition to that, we've gotten evidence from u.s. attorney jensen in his independent review of the file
6:16 pm
that shows that they all knew general flynn was innocent. the agents knew he was being honest with him when they interviewed him. they completely set him up and fab bray kateed the false statements. -- fabricated the false statements. they hid the evidence that shows he was innocent. elizabeth: that's interesting. rick grenell said that they classified information that went against their own narrative. can you talk more about that? because we've been covering the story for three years now and all of a sudden the declassifications over the last month, a tore rent of them, shows what really was going on. can you talk about that? >> for one thing, they classified the transcripts of the telephone calls with kisliak themselves, even though that was part of the basis for any sort of crime by general flynn. it was absurd because everyone knew those calls were perfectly legitimate, as when they
6:17 pm
declassified the transcript of them that showed very clearly. and yet they wanted to make a big deal out of it as if he had done something wrong when it was obvious to everyone that he had behaved exactly as he should have behaved. he was doing his job as incoming national security advisor and there's still a lot of information that's classified that would show he was innocent. elizabeth: yeah, that's what i want to get to. what else do you think was classified, not only regarding general michael flynn but also about abuses at the fbi and abuses under the obama administration in the trump russia probe, what else do you think is classified that would run counter to their narrative. >> one of the things is the defense intelligence agency briefings that he did before he made contact with any foreign officials and after he spoke with them. he was working with and for the dia when he went for russia so all his russia contacts just like carter page was working for the cia, general flynn was in communication and working with
6:18 pm
the dia on his russia contacts and turkey contacts that they wanted to make it found criminal. it's ridiculous. elizabeth: let's listen to rick grenell. he also had more to say. let's watch rick grenell here. >> after donald trump won the election, when they should have continued the american tradition of helping the president-elect transition into the white house, they tried instead to undercut him even more. that's the democrats. between surveillance, classifications, leaks and puppet candidates, they never want the american people to know who is actually calling the shots. elizabeth: so who actually was calling the shots? >> well, according to mr. strzok's notes, there was an important meeting at the white house that i think was on january 4th of 2017, right after the election but shortly before the inauguration, pursuant to which president obama told comey to make sure he had the right people on the
6:19 pm
flynn case and to go ahead and pursue it even though they all knew there was nothing to pursue. they were on the verge of closing their case, comey said the calls you appeared le legitd they still went ahead to try to pin something on him and biden mentioned the logan act which was a totally bogus means of creating a prosecution. so they were all in on it, not to mention the 38 unmaskings including by susan rice and biden and others for comparison, general flynn and his entire intelligence career only unmasked one american because they were talking to a known terrorist. everybody was unmasking general flynn, i think there were 38 unmaskings in the couple of months that he was part of the transition team. elizabeth: at this point during the trump transition and between 2016 and 2017, james comey would
6:20 pm
later testify there was no active probe into then candidate trump, james clapper said there was basically nothing going on. peter strzok also had indicated in testimony, so did lisa page, that they didn't have the russia collusion case at this point in time. but then you've got president obama saying put the right people on it. then you have james comey ramping up leaks to get the special counsel appointed when they knew they didn't have russia conspiracy case, despite those two wiretaps they were using to spy, the fbi was using to spy. can you talk a little bit more about that? >> yes. they concocted the whole thing. they knew the russia collusion thing was going to fall apart because as everybody came in to testify in front of congress, they had to say under oath that there was no russia hoax. so that left them with trying to create the obstruction hoax of which is one reason why i think they had to prosecute general flynn and he was a key
6:21 pm
cornerstone of the insurance policy because they opened the file on general flynn the day after they were in mccabe's office talking about an insurance policy in the event trump was elected. and then the day after that, august 17th, 2016, they send the agent in to a presidential briefing to spy on trump and collect information on flynn so they'd have a baseline read on him and know his mannerisms and everything if they had to interview him later, i.e. if trump's elected to the white house. so they've been working on the whole plan all along. elizabeth: all right. sidney powell, always great to have you on. thank you so much for joining us and we'll stay on the general flynn case as well. that was sidney powell there. thanks for joining us again, sidney. next up, charles herd on the left leaning media trying to whip fast balls by viewers, trying to down play the violence in u.s. cities led by democrats, claiming it's not happening when government statistics say it's
6:22 pm
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governor of south dakota's convention speech last night, saying she had to correct his speech. for the fact check she used the mayor of seattle, jenny durkin. but that mayor had to call a press conference about the alarming uptick in violence in seattle. watch mayor durkin from last week. >> while year-to-date violent crime and property crime are down, i like chief best, deputy chief diaz, soon to be acting police chief diaz, and fire chief skogins have very significant concerns regarding an increase in arsons, homicides, and shots fired. there is a 44% increase in fatal shootings in king county. and a 16% increase in the number of nonfatal shootings. these incidents have resulted in 33 injuries and six deaths. they cannot continue.
6:27 pm
we must stop gun violence. elizabeth: but mayor durkin took a totally different tone with rachel maddow last night, harding talking about any of that. watch rachel maddow here. >> this is sout south da souths governor. we will interject when we feel there's something important, deliberate and very wrong that should be corrected so we feel responsible about our of broadcast. in this case, governor gnome said democrat run cities across the country are being overrun by violent mobs, the violence is rampant, people that can afford to flee have fled. joining us for more on that and to essentially run a reality check on that assertion is the mayor of the great city of seattle, jenny durkin. elizabeth: that critics say was
6:28 pm
a fact-free segment. let's welcome -- largely fact car free. let's welcome the washington times opinion editor, charred herd, -- charles herd. your reaction to that. >> it's incredible but i guess it's what pass as news for people today which is responding to every charge about violence and mayhem with more politics. they think that is the answer to all of this, is just to politicize it and try to make it go away and it's kind of funny. especially this is more true today than it's ever been in history. the more access people have to information on the internet and they can go around the media to get the information themselves, illicit information that org. organizations like cnn and msnbc will go to extraordinary lengths to hide from people, has a way of always getting out and
6:29 pm
american voters are very smart. they will find this information, no matter how -- in fact, they'll find it faster even and it will be more powerful to them, the more people like rachel maddow strive to squelch it and keep it from getting out. elizabeth: there have been 17 cities to date that have seen major unrest, rioting and looting, 17 riot as well since the end of may, 30 people, 30 of people have been killed in rioting so far year-to-date. none of that was covered by rachel maddow last night. there were two murders in seattle's chop zone, that wasn't discussed. seattle moves to defund police, that was hardly discussed. rioters tried to shut in, seal the doors shut with concrete police officials inside a building, in order to burn them alive. none of that was discussed last night. don lemon on cnn was basically
6:30 pm
saying, listen, democrats, you've got to wake up to the rioting. why, not just because of violence and people are dying. he said it's going to hurt -- because it's going to hurt democrats in the polls. let's watch don lemon here. >> the rioting has to stop. chris, as you know and i know, it's showing up in the polling. it's showing up in focus groups. it is the only thing -- it is the only thing right now that is sticking and the democrats tonight stuck with that, right? elizabeth: okay. as we talk to charles about that, let's show cnn's banner that said, quote, fiery but mostly peaceful protests in kenosha, wisconsin. your reaction to don lemon here? >> yeah, well, so that's exactly what we were talking about. you know, literally their hatred for donald trump and their sort of crazy political tirades to
6:31 pm
these people are far more important than the lives of those people that live in those cities. it's far more important than the 30 people who have been killed. it's far more important than the idea of law and order or justice or equal justice under you law or peace or any of that stuff. all they care about is politics and their politics today is completely dominated by their hatred of donald trump. so literally they would rather see donald trump lose an election than have people not get killed. that's how little they care about people. and that's a really, really twisted, sick situation to find ourselves in and quite frankly, it's beyond me how people like don lemon are allowed to even -- are given any job, anywhere in media, considering their -- it's not just an opinionated thing.
6:32 pm
i don't care if you want to have an opinion. that's fine. this is literally rooting for death and failure in order to advance your politics and that is a really sick, sick place for these people to be and it's sick for our country too. elizabeth: charles herd thanks for joining us. really appreciate it. >> my pleasure. elizabeth: still ahead, key players at the republican convention ripping into joe biden over his foreign policy. they say it really is a lack of foreign policy. we're bringing on former national security council chief of staff fred flise on what biden gets wrong and what president trump he says gets right. that story, next. who is usaa made for? it's made for him a veteran who honorably served
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elizabeth: welcome back. former acting dni rick grenell went after the, quote, washington establishment's unlimited globalization foreign policies, decades and decades of
6:37 pm
that, he said it devastated america's working and middle class. watch this. >> for decades, while washington politicians built a global system, american wages taking nateed. our -- stagnated. entire communities with devastated and our manufacturing plants were shipped off to china. that's what happened when washington stopped being the capital of the united states and started being the capital of the world. elizabeth: let's welcome back to the show, former national security council chief of staff, fred fleitz. great to have you back on, fred. what was your reaction when you heard that? >> well, i was glad to hear ambassador grenell talk about america first. it's a philosophy, an unconventional philosophy by this president, under which when we sign an agreement, a trade agreement, a treaty, we first consider the american worker, the american citizen, the american businessman over the
6:38 pm
interest of other nations, over the global establishment, over the foreign policy establishment. and that means treaties like nafta and tpp and the paris climate accord which were terrible for u.s. workers, well, these are things the president said these are not in our interest. the foreign policy establishment loves them but his first priority is to the american people. elizabeth: you know, rick grenell also said in four years donald trump did not start any new wars, he brought troops home. he rebuilt the military and signed peace deals. you see places like the asia times now reporting that the middle east is stepping up and seeing that and then you see the uae stretching a hand across the table to do a peace deal with israel. thinking is that middle east countries now have to step up for their own self preservation to keep the peace as the u.s. becomes an energy super spa wear as well. so it's -- power as well. it's an interesting turning over the table of geo politics, what the president has done. your reaction?
6:39 pm
>> the president's tried to keep us out of unnecessary wars butes not been afraid to use military force when necessary. you remember last june what his foreign policy team wanted him to bomb iran after it shot down an unarmed drone. the president said it would be disproportionate. it would get us into an unnecessary war. you might remember that john bolton said that was the turning point for him with the president, which i just don't understand. but in the middle east, the president has established trust. go ahead. elizabeth: what is -- your take on biden's foreign policy? >> well, i think it's going to be a policy of weakness and apeacement. he's going to rejoin the iran deal. that will destroy everything president trump has done in establishing the confidence of arab states and the israeli government in the united states. that's what brought about this
6:40 pm
deal with the uae and israel. this would be a betrayal of our of friends in the region and i think once we start appeasing iran again, they're going to rebuild their nuclear program and i think their aggressive behavior is going to get much worse. elizabeth: rick fleitz, thanks for joining us. really appreciate it. >> good to be here. elizabeth: at least 30 of people now dead in violence riots since may. coming up, maryland congressional candidate kim klasik said democrat led cities are seeing major destruction and chaos. but there actually is a way out. we're going to talk to kim klasik about how they can get out of this. that story, next. >> we called up the national guard. we sent it out and they did a fantastic job last night. we had virtually no incidents. portland should do the same thing. these are all democrat-run cities. this is decision tech. find a stock based on your interests
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elizabeth: government data shows democrat-led cities like seattle, portland, oakland, now seeing major violence and destruction. minneapolis can be put in there too. an lists say there's a reason why the problems are systemic. watch republican contending kim classic in a video that's gone viral on social media explaining what's going on in baltimore. >> i'm kim klasik. this is baltimore, the real baltimore. this is the reality for black people every single day, crumbling infrastructure, abandoned homes, poverty and crime. baltimore has been run by the democrat party for 53 years. what is the result of their decades of leadership? baltimore is one of the top five most dangerous cities in america. the murder rate in bald baltimore is 10 -- baltimore is 10 times the u.s. average. the baltimore poverty rate is over 20%. elizabeth: that's powerful
6:46 pm
stuff. look who is here, maryland congressional candidate kim klasic. your video really went viral. why are people responding to it, do you think? >> well, i think honestly it was just because it was so accurate. what we did is we gave the truth. and so like i said in the video, baltimore has been run by democrats for over 50 years and this is the result. and i think we see that across the country right now, like you said with these democrat-run cities. when you are not tough on crime, when you don't push law and order of, unfortunately you have bad actors that take control of the city and it's devastating the country as we see. elizabeth: are people telling you this in maryland as well and elsewhere? are you hearing this from other of voters too? >> sorry, the sound is having a problem.
6:47 pm
kim, can you you hear me now? >> i can hear you. elizabeth: we're having -- you can hear me now. kim, are you hearing the same thing from other voters? >> yeah, absolutely. you know, i think gallup just did a poll where they showed 81% of black americans do not want to defund the police, they actually want more of a police presence and some people want more funding for the police. we talk about police reform. the only way to do that is to properly train them, right, and to properly train anyone you would need more funding. on the ground especially in baltimore, we had riots in 2015, we saw devastation in our end. it didn't end until we had excessive force and we used law and order. president trump deploying the national guard in these cities is the right thing to do. elizabeth: joe biden said there were not any riots in president obama's watch when president obama called in national guard troops to ferguson and there were riots in 2015 in baltimore
6:48 pm
and obama said at the time he will not tolerate looting and rioting. so why are the democrats not being more forceful in condemning this right now? what do you think? >> i think they're just allowing the mob to take control. they're almost like backing them into a corner. we've got the cancel culture that basically wants people to be negative towards the police and i think some of these mayors and city council members are doing just that. you know, it's going to take now excessive force to stop any of this and it's sad that so many people have lost their lives and i also want to point out if you look at what happened in baltimore, minneapolis, michigan, you saw a lot of bad actors that were outsiders. so a lot of those that were arrested were actually not within the community. and so i don't know if there's an you agenda. there could possibly be one. but now you've got to arrest those bad actors and actually push for more law and order of. so i'm glad president trump got involved. elizabeth: fbi sources have
6:49 pm
continued to say there are professional anarchists involved in this. 30 people now dead, related to the unrest. there have been 17 cities hit with rioting and chaos and unrest. now, you spoke on the first night of the gop convention, you said joe biden thinks black voters can't think for themselves. can you talk more about that? >> yeah, absolutely. i was referring to his interview that he had on the breakfast club and he said you know, if you can't decide between me and trump then you ain't black is exactly what he said. for me, that was offensive. i know a lot of people that were of fended on the left and right that are black americans and the way we think isn't monolithic. we know how to ask for things on our end as we see what the athletes today, they're trying to make demands on behalf of individuals that are dealing with police brutality. but i think a lot of people are now recognizing, look, the conservative way might be the way to go. with my campaign, we knock on doors every day of the week and we're talking to more and more people that are for school of choice, they're for a better
6:50 pm
education system all together and they're actually for more of a police presence. so what we hear on the mainstream media channels is not what we hear in the community. elizabeth: kim, can you stay with us for the next block. we would love to talk to you. is that okay? >> yeah, absolutely. elizabeth: we want to keep the conversation going. can you stay with us. kim is going to stay with us, we're up against a hard break. stay with us. we'll be back in two. te what mas each person unique. that's why i like liberty mutual. they get that no two people are alike and customize your car insurance so you only pay for what you need. almost done. what do you think? i don't see it. only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty. ♪
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6:54 pm
elizabeth: welcome back. we still have with us maryland republican congressional candidate kim klacik. thanks for sticking with us, kim. you're breath of fresh air. viewers love you. they connect with you. i want to talk to you about what local cit city officials have to deal with, local law enforcement have to deal with. here in new york city, an illegal immigrant is under indict. he shot at a man as he slashed and used a knife and took a gun from police officers, wounding police officers. so police officers here in new york city are still dealing with isis. police elsewhere are dealing with all sorts of problems beyond just local domestic crime. your reaction? >> yeah, absolutely. you make a great point here. think about what they're dealing
6:55 pm
with. they're dealing with so much and they're so overwhelmed and then we see across the country so many police officers are leaving their jobs because they're not being respected. you've got a city that's down police officers and those that can enforce the law and you've got more bad actors within the city, making it even worse. so i just feel so bad. it breaks my heart honestly to see what's going on in this country. a lot of people migrate to america because we are a country that is about law and order and that's why people love this country. you know, opportunities, freedom, and we're just getting so far away from that. it sets a dangerous precedent i believe moving forward. elizabeth: i think what we're seeing in the polls, kim, is that voters are saying stop politicizing police departments. everybody understands there's problems that need to be fixed. if you walk in a police officer's shoes for 24 hours, you wouldn't want the job. we have also this story. we've been tracking drug cartels taking advantage of the chaos in u.s. cities, now there's a new
6:56 pm
narco drug tunnel take was dug underneath the rio grande river into texas, into brownsville, texas. your reaction to drug ca cartels being an issue for law enforcement as well. >> this is why we need to get control of the border. it's overwhelming at this point. now, i as a member of congress hope of any in november, i'm going to be talking about something about rolling back collateral. there are a lot of bad actors, drug cartels within some of these major cities, some of them want to be san sanctuary cities. those in the community that have migrated here, sometimes they're forced to basically not snitch, you can say, on some of these cartel members that are within the community because they themselves are you afraid of being deported. whawhen a judge orders an i.c.e. agent to go in and get this individual, sometimes they don't speak up because they're afraid. if we don't take those individuals and we take the bad actors and get them out
6:57 pm
immediately, i think we'll see some relief within these communities. elizabeth: yeah, that's what we're hearing too, exactly what you just said. in other words, we hear defund the police, shift money away from police budgets to other social community efforts, that's what joe biden is talking about. he's not saying entirely defund, shift some funding. but that's -- in other words, the backdrop you just said, sanctuary cities in the light of drug cartels overtaking u.s. cities and also all that feeds together, can you explain a little bit more what you mean about what your policy would be if you're elected. >> yeah. so they call it collateral within the i guess you can say the i.c.e. agency. it's basically when a judge orders that agent to go in and get that person that is part of the cartel or that is a criminal and that needs to be deported and unfortunately those that are afraid of also being deported do not speak up. and they wreak havoc in those
6:58 pm
neighborhoods, not just on americans but those that they're living with so that's something we can get a handle on. i think it would take a lot of pressure off of our police officers. i don't know how everybody's going to feel about it. but i do think it's necessary. we've been kicking the can down the road on immigration for a very long time in this country. and it's time we get new ideas on the table and do something about it. elizabeth: you know, kim, we're seeing in the polls joe biden did not get the same bounce after the democratic convention that hillary clinton did. we're seeing no bounce whatsoever. do you think there's a cultural shift happening now, people saying wait a second, what is the democrat party about, undercutting our police force. yes, everybody understands reform the bad apples but really, a wholesale widespread defunding police across the board. >> do you think this is hurting the democrats right now in the 2020 race? >> absolutely. people are talking about it. there are a lot of athletes and celebrities that are talking about it on their instagram
6:59 pm
stories. one is ice cube, he's been speaking about it. if you're in an inner city, you know there are a lot of problems and issues that stem from poor education, lack of career opportunities. when there's a problem, you call the police. and that is what we need in those areas. sonde yes, for the -- so yes, for the democrat party to say this, it doesn't make any sense. we had a situation in baltimore where a police officer was called for basically a disturbance, too much noise or something like that, and they went in. unfortunately this individual had a gun on them and they shot a police officer. imagine if they sent in a social worker or didn't send anyone at all because they're defunding the police. it doesn't make any sense. nobody wants this. elizabeth: all right. kim klacik, join us again. you're a great guest and we appreciate your insights there. thanks so much for joining us, kim klacik. come back soon. >> thanks for having me. thank you. elizabeth: sure. i'm elizabeth macdonald. you've been watching the evening edit on fox business.
7:00 pm
that does it for us. thanks for watching. join us tomorrow night. we hope you have a good evening. . you're doing a great job. see you tonight. "lou dobbs tonight" starts -- ♪ lou: good evening, everybody. the republican national convention tonight concludes with president trump formally accepting his party's nomination. president trump to focus heavily on his vision for america during his second term and how that compares to the radical ideas and plans of china joe biden and the radical dems. in excerpts of the president's speech, he says this, quote: at no time before have voters faced a clearer choice between two parties, two visions, two philosophies or two agendas. we have spent the last four years, the


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