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tv   The Evening Edit  FOX Business  October 9, 2020 6:00pm-7:00pm EDT

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people will deliberate on november 3. god will absolutely. pastor robert jeffress thanks for being with us, we appreciate it. that is it for us tonight, we thank you for being with us, good night from sussex. ♪. liz: breaking news mode, tonight president trump announcing he will hold a rally monday in florida and he is going to hold an in person event tomorrow, law & order on the white house lawn as republicans are pushing back hard against house speaker nancy pelosi saying she went overboard with her 25th amendment push to remove president trump saying it's not about trumpets about future presidents, we have an update on all of that much more.
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less than four weeks away, more than 6.6 million people have voted as the fight over water underwater fried is escalating, the major headlines of the day we have harvey dilley, kt mcfarland, paul weisselberg, stacy washington and former top border guide, tom homan on the new development, republicans are really firing back hard and republican senator ron johnson is in an uproar over what nancy pelosi is trying to do, senator johnson is investigating russian pro, he is convinced democrats haven't tried to overthrow term from day one they're trying to claimant 20 for the moment is necessary, it's about future presidents. republicans are saying pelosi is not satisfied with overturning 2016, she turned over to 2020, even cnn analyst hitting back
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for holding a presser on this and not on covid-19 stimulus. saying basically washington from the reality of ordinary americans live paycheck to paycheck, also this, c-span investigating the claim by its own reporter, he is the moderator of the second debate steve scalise, he claimed his twitter account was hacked when critics say he should be disqualified from moderating the second debate , he is allegedly tweeting scaramucci. and what's really going on with john during criminal probe of the trump russia investigation will not be up for election day, we will take you behind-the-scenes about one, and the morgue on the timeline being shown and newly revealed the classified government documents for the michael flynn case a
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shows a high level and broad-based push under the obama administration to entrap general fluid, widespread disagreement, widespread upper behind-the-scenes inside the fbi because there was anything buy the book as susan rice claims, former fbi director, james comey played it all, the game in russia probe and how he's playing it now, also this story, then a hot debate why was florida security and immigration virtually able, no one talked about it during the presidential, vice presidential it was active in the democratic primary debate as polls show americans rank this as a high priority. i am elizabeth macdonald "the evening edit" starts right now. >> you're watching the fox business network, the trump 20 advisory board member, harmeet dhillon, it's so great to have you back on, your reaction to nancy pelosi's 20 for the moment commission.
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>> the democrats trying to reverse the outcome of the vote, they started doing on 2016 with a refusal to accept president trump as our president and other doing it preemptively, nancy pelosi think she's backing away saying all potential presidents, who could not be joe biden, kamala harris presidential protection act, this is insane in american should see what is going on. liz: just hours from now, the president will give his first on air interview with tucker carlson since he contacted covid-19. they held a rally on rush limbaugh show, they said he was coughing on his and 80 interview last night, the president is planning a rally in florida monday. what was your reaction when you heard, he is saying the president admitted he was
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coughing so people really focus hard on that. >> i'm not a doctor, i think the president is listening to the butt under advice of the physician and information that he should be if he is getting better testing within the next 72 hours, i'm sure that's not the case you will not go forward but he is a greatest medical support in the country in the best advice and also ton of protection in place for anybody who chooses to attend one of these events, the election is going forward and the campaign is going on, the president does not really have a choice but to get out there and do the best that he's always been doing. liz: critics are saying there's a hyperfocus on his condition, a concern that he is infected and infect other people, when you hear those headlines what are your thoughts about that. >> i think we have to look at the science is he infecting people by being on hannity or tucker carlson, i don't
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understand that, i think your precautions are there for people interacting immediately with the president, we have seen stories how people in the white house have issued additional protective gear and the interactions are pretty limited from what i understand, second-guessing those arrangements would be speculation. liz: we should go through, the president's doctor says he is symptom free and they are going to be monitoring and doctor fauci said he says to negative test within 24 hours. they are on the stick, the white house doctors are testing the president but the public continues to not believe what is going on, that seems to be what's going on. >> they are not believing it because of all the disinformation that is being thrown out there. again i think we should focus on the science, the medicine and let the president listen to that advice and cooperate according to that advice, i've not heard
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any evidence that the president is ignoring the advice of his physicians, the best in the country and i think we should differ to them. liz: let's move on to the debate, do you feel that the debate set up is fair to president trump. c-span is investigating the claim from steve scully who said his twitter account was hacked and critters under critics that he should be the disqualified because he allegedly tweeted for help from scaramucci saying how should i handle the president. steve scully says it was a hack but it seems to be pretty easy for twitter to figure out whether or not he was hacked. when you saw the story, what was your reaction to the second debate moderator under a cloud. >> i think i do not believe him and the reason why i do not believe him in part is because twitter sleuth have found he claimed to be hacked in 2012 and 2013 as well.
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so i don't believe in coincidences and i don't believe this professional journalists was hacked three times in a row and the fact that he deleted his account earlier today a couple of hours ago as evidence of guilt in my opinion. liz: he deleted the tweet. >> i think he deleted the account and when you delete the account and make it more difficult for people to find out who login women from where and when you look at twitter settings you can find out when where, what device it is, by deleting altogether he may have destroyed the evidence. the commission on debate needs to investigate this and i think c-span for its own credibility which is important needs to replace him as the moderator and waited to stop having device profit, we see it again and again, and again. i think the whole presidential commission on debate needs to be eliminated and we need to have a fair more modern format.
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liz: what without formatting? >> for example you can have one nonpartisan journalist for a broadcaster like joe rogan rough-and-tumble or you can have an openly partisan debate where you have one known conservative like lori and graham and rachel maddow, you they can alternate and ask questions everybody know it's going on. but the pretense that we have objective for journalists that are doing this, we all know what's going on. we've seen it with her two eyes with steve scully situation, the last in the first presidential debate were extremely back under bias of conservatives. we don't hear liberals claiming they were biased, that should tell you something as well.
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liz: the question is why have moderators at all, it seems the debates are really frustrating people. the president went in the frustrated. he felt that there wasn't topics about the bidens conflicts of interest with the senate probe and that the bank documents backing up what's going on, that was not given a fair airing, he's clearly frustrated what is going on with the malfeasance and misfeasance in the trump russia probe in the flynn probe, he feels that's not getting in airing. when you see his performance, was chaotic, disruptive, he did interrupt a lot but his supporters would say there's a reason for that, they are not really giving in airing to what happened and the debate needs to be focused on solution about fixing the country not about gotcha. >> that's absolutely right. the other thing that you are
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seeing the journalists that are doing the debates, beltway insiders, cocktail party aficionados, their reputation among their peers matters more to them than their integrity and moderating these debates. a good moderator, whether political persuasion would ask hard follow-up questions of each in interrupt equally or not at all follow questions he posed biased questions to the president but not the former vice president and it was a sham, the president was fighting both the moderator and joe biden. liz: i'll take it you did not like the debate, harmin harming, thank you for joining us come back soon. >> former trump national security advisor kati kt mcfarl, the 25th amendment push to remove president trump due to his covid condition, say this is
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an about president trump is about the future president and that's what nancy pelosi said, we have the back story to what is going on with kt mcfarland next, she is really fired up, stay right there. >> iva shared proposition from nancy pelosi, the only one that needs to look at the 20 for the moment is nancy pelosi herself. ♪ so you only pay for what you need. isn't that what you just did? service! ♪ stand back, i'm gonna show ya ♪ ♪ how doug and limu roll, ya ♪ ♪ you know you got to live it ♪ ♪ if you wanna wi... [ music stops ] time out! only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty. ♪ and a high risk for fracture, osteoporosis now might not be the best time to ask yourself, are my bones strong? life is full of make or break moments. that's why it's so important to help reduce your risk of fracture
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liz: joining me now former trump
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national security advisor kt mcfarland, i know you're fired up about house speaker nancy pelosi and representative jamie raskin introducing legislation to establish a 25th amendment, they call a bipartisan commission to assess the president's mental and physical capacity to hold off, take it away, what do you think. >> there is a reason her nickname is crazy nancy. how many times have they gone through this, the russia probe, nothing there, but we had a russia probe, then we have impeachment, nothing quite there and then the coronavirus, it's obviously donald trump's fault, now he sick maybe he will die, always got better, he must be crazy, how many times are they going to keep doing this, the thing that really upsets me is this is no longer republicans versus democrats, this is the washington elites, the governing class versus the rest of the country, they did not like the results of the 2016 election so they tried to sabotage trump for
6:17 pm
four years, they're worried he's going to win again and already said he did up so they can sabotage the next four years. this is not the way american government is supposed to work. liz: is not what the 25th amendment is for comments for the president suffering things like a stroke, not to be used as a weapon to remove a president. watch what democrats say will be appointed to this position. >> eight members are chosen passed by republican leaders, half by democrat leaders for medical personnel physicians and other medical authorities. the other eight members are drawn from the ranks of former high-ranking executive branch officers including former president, vice president, attorney general, secretary of defense treasury and state insurgent general. the commission is entirely bipartisan.
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liz: even cnn and anchor host said, we are really upset that nancy pelosi did not have a press conference in covid-19 stimulus relief going after americans, they have yet to settle that saying effectively this is proof that washington is in a bubble, they don't live the reality day today regular americans have to live paycheck to paycheck, even cnn was upset about nancy today. >> in the good old days we used avalanche and they used to have consequent this, they would go home, get a new candidate and come back in four years abroad again. but now before they are even drawing on the electoral college decision, the losing party goes right out and says i'm going to sabotage you and work with the people inside government who
6:19 pm
believe what i believe in and we will make sure that this guy does not get to govern, i was there and there is a deep state and their absolutely working hand in glove with the democrats on the hill and working hand in glove with the democrat-controlled media and what is their goal, to govern american, they don't think that they work for us, they think that we work for them and we should pay our taxes that they will constantly raise and keep her mouth shut and let them govern. i think we are entering a pretty dangerous time, what is a democracy, a vote of we the people, they don't like donald trump, fine. work hard in maitri does not get reelected in 2020. but to sabotage within time and time again, they are tried to destroy the very institutions that make america great, are very institutions of democracy and government. liz: we hear from our washington sources that this is about a personal blood feud between nancy pelosi and president trump. you think it's a personal thing
6:20 pm
for nancy pelosi because he has insulted her and went after her, nancy pelosi is taking offense, is this a personal thing? >> it doesn't matter if it's a personal thing. they have constitutional responsibility. in their personal feelings are getting hurt. come on, toughen up. this is the united states of america are not allowed to bring personal grudges into the job, that happened in banana republic, authoritarian government, is not supposed to happen in a democracy. is she offended by things that he does, get on with your job and your job. liz: i knew you'd be fired up, great to see you. come back soon. coming up, former national security council chief of staff craig white on what's really going on with the u.s. attorney
6:21 pm
john durham of the term pressure probe, that report is not coming out before election day, that's what were tracking will take you behind the scenes of what went on here. that story next. >> he spied on the campaign and he got caught. that's about everything that you can imagine. if that happened to another campaign on the other side, they would have 25 people in jail for many years already. ♪ it's time for sleep number's fall sale
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♪ ♪. liz: let's welcome former national security council's chief of staff fred, it's great to have you back on, it's great to see you. >> into beer. good to be here. liz: john durham's report on the criminal probe on the trump russia investigation will not come out before the election, ag barr is upset that the president should stop criticizing him and durham and trump wanted before november 3, here's what we're hearing. we know that dni radcliffe sent thousand page plus pages of government documents over to john durham, john durham took years to complete the supply entered selected probe of water
6:26 pm
torture abuses and also this, we are hearing new yorker magazine, reported their is saying the grand jury is hearing your testimony about his story and his sources, it is about the russia alpha bank computer servers basically communicating with the trump organization here in new york city. there is a bunch of things that john durham is still pursuing potentially abuses of power all throughout this, when you hear all of that, what is your initial reaction. >> durham has been up to since april 2019 and 1 has to wonder what is the purpose, is to hold people accountable and bring about justice, nobody is going to be prosecuted for this. to bring about justice one has to inform the american people what happened before the election, durham's report should've been out months ago
6:27 pm
and concerning the documents that radcliffe passed, the president ordered all the documents on the russia collusion hoax in the hillary scandal to be released to be classified without reduction erotically gave it to the justice department for durham. that's not what the president asked for, he wanted the documents to be released, this ensures that they will not be released because durham does not want to put out a report before the election. bill barr asked him to put out a partial report that durham is not willing to do that and i think this is doing a great disservice to the american people, they deserve to know what happened before the election so they can factored into how they vote. liz: we should point out there was never any conclusion about alpha bank being an issue with the trump organization. let's back up, abuses abou of pr under the obama administration, fbi fisa abuse potential perjury
6:28 pm
before the fisa court by fbi officials, john durham is also dealing with a former fbi director james comey who in testimony recently said about a half a dozen times he did not remember details of his trump pressure probe but somehow james comey remembered that biden did not talk about using obscure logan act which is never been enforced to go after general michael flynn out when it's in the fbi notes. durham is dealing with that too right? >> comey claims to have a photographic memory but if you look at all the testimony before congressional committees, it is just curious that he has convenient lapses of memory, whenever it comes to anything that can be incriminating to him or anything that could be positive from president trump, the clinton to have done this for year, hillary clinton did it, bill clinton was president and i think it's outrageous, how could comey forget that the fbi referral from the cia that
6:29 pm
hillary clinton personally approved a scheme to smear president trump to colluding the russians. how could he possibly forget that. liz: here is a big thing, we dig through the footnotes of the documents, we've been covering the story for three years. remember james comey testified in 2017, we had an open counterintelligence investigation on general michael flynn since december 2016, in fact authorized it to be closed, i authorized it to be shut down at the end of december, beginning of january. first it appeared it was cut open to keep going after flynn and trump but then remember this, james comey leaked his own memos about his private conversations with president trump to the public basically say that the president allegedly said to him that he hopes comey would let the flynn case go, that was the hook to getting a special counsel appointed,
6:30 pm
robert mueller but here's the issue, not once in comey's memos did he mention the material fact that he had already authorized the flynn case to be closed, don't you think that is something that would put the proper context on comey's interaction with trump and he said is going to close the flynn case but then he leaks about it, he said the president is trying to obstruct the case that effectively was closed. >> that is exactly right, comey had a responsibility to tell t incoming trump team everything that was going on in fbi, every major investigation, he withheld it from the trump team, that's a violation of a peaceful transfer of power and the same thing goes for obama and biden and susan rice, they withheld so many details of ongoing investigations of the trump team
6:31 pm
that they were obligated to tell the new administration and they did not because they were in cahoots to destroy the trump administration from day one. liz: good to see you, come back soon. >> thanks. liz: up next former deputy independent counsel, we are going to dig into the timeline that is being revealed and newly released government documents on the general michael flynn case, it shows a high level and broad-based push under the obama administration and widespread unrest disagreement inside the fbi behind the scenes that the fbi did not like what was going on, what was going on anything but buy the book that susan rice had claimed, this story next. >> it's a disgrace, but in three years and what we've done in a short period of time, there has
6:32 pm
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liz: let's welcome back to the show former deputy independent counsel saul weiss number, we appreciate you coming back on, we built a timeline, we dug through the documents to the general flynn case and this comes out of newly revealed government papers, it shows a widespread push under the obama administration to get the fbi to entrap flynn, let's show the viewer what we found were gonna try to slow it down to get the information. the fbi moved to shut the case, james comey said he wanted to shut the case and then they keep it over after president obama had the quote to investigate flynn then you see behind-the-scenes people at the fbi say this is politicized, nightmare, madhouse, a theory in search of a crime, when you put
6:37 pm
it together looks devastating. what do you think. >> i'm not looking at the scre screen, i don't see the timeline you put up but i'm very familiar with it, and very familiar with it, the flynn investigation, the investigation and prosecution of michael flynn, i say this is somebody who is a federal prosecutor for 12 years and i've been a federal white-collar defense attorney for 20 years it's one of the most egregious abuses of governmental power in american history, it was an outrage, it was an entrapment i would not call it that, when you entrap somebody the person says yes, i did it but you entrap me in general flynn said he is innocent, i would call it what attorney general barr has called it, a perjury trap or in the nature of a perjury trap although he was not under oath
6:38 pm
when he was interviewed by the fbi agent, call in section 1000 trap, because they knew what the answer was going to be, there was no reason for them to have the interview, this is the definition of a perjury trap, you only have an interview if your only purpose is to catch somebody and what do you think is a lie and it's very clear when you look at the timeline that that's what was going on and you mentioned something else that is very important, there is no evidence that is, in recent weeks that they were ready to drop the case on flynn in early november, the question is who kept it open from early november until january 4, that is something we still don't know the answer, there is a lot of really important questions that we don't know the answer to. liz: fbi agent william barnett said he threatened to quit the
6:39 pm
mueller probe in the russian probe to get trump attitude and the probes and he say in the flynn case felt like a placeholder case, keep the flynn case open and maybe this was the insurance policy peter strzok talked about in order to go after trump. >> that is very interesting that you mention that, that is one theory, the insurance policy discussion was on -- august 15, the flynn case the subfile is open the very next day and that was the discussion the insurance policy discussion was in mccabe's office with mccabe, peter strzok, and lisa page in the next day is officially open and keep in mind also, nothing happens, this is consistent with the idea that in the insurance
6:40 pm
policy and the agent that you talked about, barnett said nobody was telling me too do anything, by the way there was no reason to open the subfile, if you look at the opening document does not say we suspect him of something it says he has ties to russia, that is not a crime, that's an interesting thing but here's something also people are not talking about, which is forget about everything else, they had the interview, a few days later the fbi tells d.o.j. we don't think he's in agent there's no evidence either russian agent or foreign agent, they get them fired in early february why is there still a case on general flynn at the department of justice, the fbi is not doing anything, why is this case hanging around, the acting deputy attorney general was a guy named dana, he was t acting attorney general, when sally yates got fired, he took over, he's there to a half month before rod rosenstein comes over, why is there still an
6:41 pm
investigation of general flynn for anything, that is a real mystery, why is it kept open and why is it sent to mueller people, it is very clear by the way if you read all of the information that mueller people were still investigating the logan act, they were looking at flynn and other people and by the way kate take mcfarland who is on earlier on your show, they were being looked at for the logan act violation which as you point out has never been enforced or case brought in the whole history of the department of justice, i know i'm talking on and on go ahead. liz: go ahead, finish your thought. >> here is something that nobody is talking about, james comey in september of 2016, nobody really knows the sub investigations are
6:42 pm
going on, he is in front of the house judiciary committee or intelligence committee in late september of 2016 and he gets the softball question from one of the democratic congressman and if you had a logan act violation, with the fbi seriously investigated, yes, that's within our jurisdiction, we would investigate that, then he says has the fbi traditionally investigated the logan act and comey says i think so, they were setting this up very early on. liz: i hear exactly what you're saying that's an interesting point, you always bring it and bring really great information, we love urinalysis, come back soon. >> happy to be here. liz: coming up women for trump co-chair stacy washington on the staggering number more than 6.6 million americans have very
6:43 pm
devoted and they've done over a fight of voter fraud that is now escalating, we have more information on that. >> absentee ballots, the stuff where they take millions and millions of ballots and send them all over the place, we will grab it and put in a big pile, everyone grab it, it's a disgrace, even common sense tells you that. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ anywhere convenience. everyday security. bankers here to help. for wherever you want to go. chase. make more of what's yours.
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liz: we have breaking news let's bring in black voices for trump oadvisory stacy washington, the commission on presidential debate has officially canceled next week's debate on october 15, the president refused to do it virtually remotely, what your reaction? >> whatever choice they have, they were trying to set up a situation which joe biden is on camera and directly next to president trump for comparison
6:48 pm
view of voters in america. and when they made a unilateral decision without the campaign to make the next debate virtual and president trump which obviously, this is something he should have done, natural reaction for him to protest against that and call into question the legitimacy of the decision, then he went on to have a rally in the rush limbaugh show and show to appear in public the highly partisan debate has decided to cancel the debate altogether, i wonder how americans sitting around the kitchen table who want to make an informed decision, how will they make that without the opportunity to compare the two candidates did in, the president made the right choice and not wanting to do a virtual debate, what about the third debate, what are we going to do about that. liz: the biden campaign is saying go ahead with the third debate october 22, it could also
6:49 pm
be a town hall, what was your thought when you heard critics saying if you do a virtual debate which we haven't had that in 60 years since the kennedy nixon debate effectively, if you do a virtual debate, there's an opportunity for cheating and things like staffers to be in your control room with you or use of teleprompters or cue cards or more, do you think that is a serious issue. >> i do, i think it is, only because the symptoms have declined from joe biden and while nancy pelosi has her 25th amendment commission in the pitter pattering around the idea is not fit for office, he's been at work 5:00 a.m. to midnight every day and working on weekends, really giving his most to the making people and he works and donates all his paychecks and joe biden pulls away at 8:00 a.m. every day, and
6:50 pm
each of these are equal in their stamina and mental acuity is absolutely ludicrous and the only place and give them the opportunity to go up against each other, toe to toe, is if they are standing next to each other on the stage were the american people can assess them, the do them in the and who cares about, 19 when it comes to these two guys that get tested before they going. liz: people are concerned about covid-19 of course because it is infectious, that is an issue i understand you say but take the final word. >> they rapid testing, the president has done rapid testing for so long, i have done rapid test, they can do it, they can have a live debate, they should. >> take you for joining us, great to see you. retired eyes acting director tom
6:51 pm
homan on this new debate. here's what went a-wall, why was border security and immigration virtually not discussed during the presidential vice presidential democrat primary debate, what is going on here, tom homan next. you were thriving, but then... oh. ah. okay. plan, pivot. how do you bounce back? you don't, you bounce forward, with serious and reliable internet. powered by the largest gig speed network in america. but is it secure? sure it's secure. and even if the power goes down, your connection doesn't. so how do i do this? you don't do this. we do this, together. bounce forward, with comcast business. and a high risk for fracture, osteoporosis now might not be the best time to ask yourself, are my bones strong? life is full of make or break moments. that's why it's so important to help reduce your risk of fracture with prolia®. only prolia® is proven to help strengthen and protect bones
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liz: let's welcome retired eyes acting director tom homan, we are looking at the transcript, by the way is great to have you back on, why do think border security and immigration was not mentioned hardly at all, not mentioned hours and hours with the vice presidential debate, only as you mentioned during the democrat primary debate, what is going on here? >> president trump has succeeded, he is winning on this issue they do want to talk about it, illegal migration is down between 60 and 84%, that is unprecedented, i worked for six president started with ronald reagan, no president has about success. especially since congress is not helping them, the courts are not helping them, he did on his own el salvador, the southern border, military on the southern, northern border
6:56 pm
building a wall, people said he never built, i want to add a one important point, mexico is building the wall and away, because of the program and what mexico does on the southern border because mexico is deporting thousands, they are saving taxpayers use of dollars in the court costs, medical care and removal costs, air flights, they are paying for the wall, president trump is winning on the issue and they don't want to give them credit, democrats have lost the data want to talk about it. liz: they are saying they would resend the travel man and travey said that they would open border policies right now and do things like smart screening at ports of entry, when you hear the democrat plan, what are your
6:57 pm
thoughts. >> my thoughts are, joe biden becomes president, we lose the border. that is a serious statement by me, joe biden has said several things into trouble everyone of us. he had a moratorium on day one of his presidency, he will get pre-healthcare to illegal aliens around the world, he will end icy tension. and he also said when he does restart deportation, it's between convicted a serious felony, joe biden has told the rest of the world is okayed into this country illegally, you will be the change unless you commit a serious felony. that is an enticement for people to come to this country, why would you not come to the greatest country on earth, you not to be deported, we lose all the progress president trump is out on the border. we've got to continue with the progress president trump has made, we can secure the border with the first time in my
6:58 pm
lifetime he has made great progress, we gotta keep going in the same direction. liz: in the last ten years, it turned around, all of a sudden it's a hawkish right wing conservative thing to say about border security when the majority of country in europe secure their border, so does asia and keep countries in africa, canada, mexico, russia, so does japan, north korea, south korea, it is done all over the world, how come the united states can secure the border and how comes your attack that people are attacked as racists because we don't want criminal illegal aliens coming in and killing a loved one's inner family members. somehow that is a terrible position to be in, what happened here. >> is a subject for me because i been called racist, hitler, white supremacist by certain democratic members of congress like aoc and j paul and the rest
6:59 pm
of them, is specifically enforcing the laws that they enacted, if i'm a racist or enforcing immigration law, what is that may congress, they wrote the law, as you said every nation has a border, every nation defend their border, the united states is a little bit different, this is why president trump is done a great job, hundreds of thousands came across the border in the border patrol said 50 - 60% are no longer on the line, that makes them vulnerable to terrorism, criminals and drugs, the same year that hundreds of thousands of families came across 60000 americans died from opioid that no they came across the board because the border is vulnerable, the president of the united states recognize that the certain issue became a national security issue and he took action, he's protecting america due to great job. >> is not just central or south america as people coming out of asia, the middle east, china, it is a security issue. you're always great, thank you for your service to our country. come back soon. >> thank you for having me.
7:00 pm
>> i'm elizabeth macdonald you been watching "the evening edit" on fox business, thank you so much for watching, we hope you have a good weekend and join us again monday night. ♪ ♪ lou: good evening, everybody. president trump's health continues to improve, and he is planning his first in-person event tomorrow, eight days after being admitted to walter reed hospital with the china virus. president trump scheduling a law and order event on the white house south lawn. the president will speak, we're told, from the balcony of the white house, and as the president's spirits are rising, so are his prospects for reelection. president trump is now polling much closer to joe biden in key swing states than he was, for example, at this point with hillary


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