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tv   The Claman Countdown  FOX Business  October 13, 2020 3:00pm-4:00pm EDT

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chipotle but i dig where you're coming from. thank you so much. so it's been a side ways market as i hand it off to my colleague liz claman. i think all the action's going to come in this last hour of trading. liz: thank you for just simply teeing me up on that. thank you so much, charles. indeed, we have huge news here. super tech tuesday, maybe, i don't know, a third of the way over but the action is just beginning. listen. >> today is the beginning of a new era for iphone. today, we are bringing 5g to iphone. liz: in true apple fashion, tim cook pulling down the curtain or rather, flinging open the big white doors. did you see that? to the tech giant's future. but shares of the silicon valley kingpin selling off just a bit despite its new four tricked-out 5g iphone 12s with quote, wicked fast speeds for league of legend
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gamers on the go and a mini version of his home pod smart speakers. we are about to get you all the details, the prices and what will no longer be in the box when your new iphone order arrives? this as gadget lovers may just be bringing christmas early to amazon's bottom line. prime day in full swing at this hour. our power panel unpacks it all in just a few minutes for you. you got to hear what they have to say about both apple and amazon. and despite titillating tech news, look on your screen. we do have a selloff. stocks are buckling under the weight of perhaps bad news on the covid vaccine front. positive earnings news unable to save the johnson & johnson stock after the pharma company announced last night it's been forced to pause its vaccine study. but which market-moving force will win out in the long term? earnings or the vaccine headlines? our floor show traders are about to place their bets. plus, the electric vehicle spac tidal wave just getting
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even bigger. we take you inside the latest power play looking to wipe out the competition. romeo power ceo lionel sedwood is here live. but first, breaking news. apple's stock, yes, is pulling back by about 2.5% just as the company announces four new 5g iphones with hollywood fanfare. ♪ liz: oh, yeah. the james bond music. okay. so you see that? as they open up the silver briefcases, here comes the iphone mini with 5g capability unveiled, one of four new models. now, the promise is that this suite of iphone 12s will seamlessly shift to the long-promised super-fast fifth generation wireless network which still is not widely available in the u.s., although
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verizon's ceo made a cameo appearance where he dramatically announced quote, 5g just got real. but you see, investors not entirely buying that. verizon's stock is down half a percent but visually, apple demonstrated the super-sharp night video camera capabilities by heading to the chapel. they followed a couple in vegas and their chapel wedding. all of this video shot and edited on iphone 12. what about the prices and comparisons? we fly right over to apple expert and all-around cyberguy, kurt knudsen. >> don't you agree with this announcement, it just ended moments ago, the production value that apple is putting on, i have been in every one of their public events in person. it's so much sharper. they just get right to it a lot faster. this was a very big day for them because 5g, as you know, is what
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we have been waiting for with the iphone. it is that promise that we have heard come out with a couple other manufacturers, samsung galaxy s-20 has 5g but the consumer doesn't quite know if it's a value to them. today, it does make it real, just like it came out of the verizon ceo's mouth as well as pricing strategies i think we will start to hear from all the wireless carriers, from at & t, t-mobile and verizon now turning on their nationwide coverage of 5g. they are going to want our business. they will want it because slowly, the consumer's going to start to figure out what 5g means to them. i will give you a brief synopsis here. if you live where liz lives in the city, in the thick of things in major u.s. cities, you are in really good shape. you will have the low, medium and high version of 5g. we never had that. we just had 4g lte. there was one thing to think about. now it's a little more
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complicated. there are three versions of 5g. when you are in a big city, you get the big daddy one which is the ultrahigh speed one. that one is about 200 times faster. the standard 4g lte phone that you have been using. why do we care? that wakes up an entire world of faster connectivity which means when you touch something to get it, it is almost instantaneous. they call that latanclatancy. that is almost going to disappear and now you will be able to do far more things over the cloud to other devices such as editing, interacting with sports, gaming. so 5g's important. now, nationwide if you live in the middle of nowhere, yet you are able to look up with your wireless carrier that you do have 5g, hey, maybe you want to start thinking about one of these 5g phones but do not expect that super-high 200 times speed but it will be faster than
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the 4g lte you have been used to. but i just think this is a big day for apple. it may not be reflected in the stock price just yet because this was no surprise. liz: let's look at the phones themselves. there are four different ones, the mini which looks like, i don't know, the iphone 8. it's got the square edges. then you have, by the way, that's 5.4 inches which is about i guess the length of my hand. i have long fingers. then you've got the iphone 12, the pro, the pro max, and that ceramic glass. just as apple makes these announcements, you start to see other stocks move. corning which makes gorilla glass has now made this ceramic glass they say is really really super strong but tell me what else you saw here of these features that you love or don't. >> you have that corning glass that's on there that is four times better performing when you
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drop your phone. look for this phone to be the strongest in the market. you will have competitors trying to keep up with this one. also, a whole new way of charging the phone. i don't know if you've had this. if you have one of those iphones you can wirelessly charge, well, you had to put it on the thing just right for it to start charging. i can't tell you how many times i woke up in the morning, like hey, this thing's almost dead. that's going to go bye-bye. a new technology apple is implementing in all their phones now that's a magnet system that will go on the back and it will have a multitude of features to it. it will be a lot easier to charge, it will connect better, but also, you will start to see accessories like cases as well as max 8 wallets that snap to the back of the phone. they are magnetized to the back of the phone. they are also coming out with a duo charger that will charge your watch and your iphone at the same time. these are accessories i didn't really expect from apple but the
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strange thing is they are trying to get to that car bbon neutral 2030 deadline. i don't know if you call it focused on the planet or just being cheap about it, because i don't like that my phone will not come now with the charger inside, nor will it come with a headphone. so i don't know if they are being cheap or just being helpful to the planet or mixture of both but it sure would be nice to have that option. why don't you cut back the box it comes in instead of these materials, maybe. but they have some very significant changes with that. we expected just like their competitors the prices would jump up because a 5g transmitter inside of a phone is very expensive to manufacture. so iphone, though, will maintain its pricing despite this huge upgrade in speed so it will be about the same price we have the iphone mini that will start at, what, $699 i think i have it
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here, and the iphone 12 with the 6.1 inch screen is $799. the pro max, the big daddy that will come back later in november, which by the way, two of these start preorders on october 16th, and they will ship october 23rd. apple with its new strategy where they release a couple first, wait a few weeks, then release the other two, that next date will be november 6th, including that brand new home pod mini which i think that speaker's coming out because first off, the home pod was way too expensive for most consumers. liz: yeah, i know. >> the mini is a $99 version that's so much more accessible and it's gotten a lot more intelligent with how they have worked, copying a lot of what amazon has done with echo and alexa. liz: kurt, great to see you. there's that home pod. we will talk more about that in a minute. the cyberguy. to our expert panel on whether the new phones and home pod are sexy enough to get consumers and
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investors like you to buy in. we bring in rob gerber and jeremy owens. jeremy, give me your gut response about this. let me drill down on the promise versus the hype. specifically when apple announced that riot games had signed on to provide for the first time its league of legends game as a mobile offering that would really require 5g power. riot gives parent tencent stock immediately which it had opened down, turned around and popped. what does that tell you about the hype versus the reality? >> well, people want to see games on these phones. they want to see what 5g is going to bring. when we got 4g we didn't have netflix streaming, we didn't have uber, lyft, and some of these other services. that ability to really work that data is what brought those services along. we will have to see what 5g brings. a lot of the cloud gaming and seeing that kind of big, you know, being out in front with that kind of game is going to
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help that company. liz: rob, what jumped out at you? i don't want to ignore the home pod mini but i think what's interesting about that, i think people looked at it and said okay, yeah, it's small, it's got mesh, it looks pretty chic. we started to watch sonnos because that stock might be in competition and initially fell, then popped back up again. what does that tell you? >> well, i'm a big sonos fan and i think it's a big mistake apple hasn't bought sonos so far, because what a great company. it perfectly integrates with apple. but apple insists on trying to do things mediocrely in markets they are not good at. this pod thing is a waste of energy. the real exciting part of today is the fact that this phone costs $1,000. i was expecting it to be probably $1200 and a real premium because of the 5g but what they really decided to do was get the phone out at a reasonable price point so that people could get on the 5g
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network and then they could start seeing the benefit of that, which will lead to more sales. i think it's a real smart strategy to keep the phone priced in a reasonable price range. liz: yeah. what do you think about that pricing and do you expect, jeremy, to see a mass adoption here for 5g which i hate to break it to everybody, whatever verizon said, and by the way, they are definitely well ahead, that's why they got the nod from apple, i don't feel it yet. and i'm in new jersey. i'm looking at manhattan right out of my window. so you know, what i'm starting to hear a lot about is mm wave, millimeter wavelength. that's sort of that bridge that will help kind of bridge that gap between 4g and 5g at the moment, but they didn't really mention anything about mm wave which is more indoors, it can't see around buildings, et cetera, but what do you think? >> you heard the verizon ceo if you watched the event talk about stadiums and putting mm wave in
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places, you know, in city coure. we're not going to those places and most of us are on wifi all day. we aren't going out and doing as many things. so the value proposition there may not be that great. but keeping those prices where they are usually when apple takes a big step like this, like moving to 5g, they will charge more for it. they are going to have one or two phones, you know, kind of the expectation here, but the pro phones would have all three bands of 5g, maybe you would have the not so fast bands on the cheaper one but they put all band capability for 5g on all the phones and did not increase the prices from the last round. that creates a value proposition and we may now see as you kind of mentioned the wireless carriers getting back into subsidies to try to draw customers again which may make it even more accessible for consumers. liz: yeah. >> absolutely. liz: go ahead. your final thought, ross, about whether any of this entices you.
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>> it really does. going back to what you were saying, if you think about work from home, actually having a 5g phone is super efficient because we are all working on our phones and the speed is like 20 times, 100 times faster. but if you are a gamer, this is kind of a must-have. if you are a mobile gamer, the speeds will give you huge edge playing call of duty or league of legends. there's a lot of reasons to upgrade and the only disadvantage would have been the price. they took that out of the equation. this is a huge success for apple. great job, tim cook and the team there. i'm really impressed. i think the phones will do great. liz: all right. jeremy, ross, great to have you. thank you so much. yes, apple is moving lower, but if you look at exactly what apple has done right around the time of these announcements, only four times out, who knows, multiple other times have they gone higher, four or five times. stocks caught between vaxing fears and earnings. the dow down 141.
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our floor show traders are about to play referee on that push me/pull you, next. stay tuned. when i was in high school, this was the theater i came to quite often. the support we've had over the last few months has been amazing. it's not just a work environment. everyone here is family.
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liz: breaking news. eli lily just announced its antibody clinical trial for covid-19 has been halted. the stock is down 3.5% at the moment, a loss of about $5.50 to $148.99. lily says the u.s. board overseeing its trials put a pause on the drug trial because of safety concerns. this comes after johnson & johnson last night revealed it had halted its coronavirus vaccine trial, its clinical trial, and it will have to take a few days to investigate why one of its 60,000 study participants suffered an unexplained illness. all right. so that is one sort of, you know, earnings picture, but jpmorgan is doing its best to try and lift hopes, reporting much stronger than expected results for the quarter. the stock, though, moving lower by 1.75% to $100.68 and delta
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airlines lower after it missed consensus estimates for revenue in the third quarter and posted a larger than expected pre-tax loss. here's the question. as these headlines pour in, what will drive investors over the next couple of weeks? will it be earnings news or vaccine news? to the floor show and scott bauer, jon corpina join us for that. scott, we are getting this eli lilly breaking news it had to halt its trial. we know johnson & johnson last night halted its trial for the moment. this is very common, i want people to know, when it comes to vaccine testing and things like that. on top of astra-zeneca a couple weeks ago having to do the same, that appears to be having control of the market. is there a chance we might see earnings overtake that sentiment? >> you know, unfortunately, i don't think so. we all hope earnings are great. we hope stocks show their recovery, that these companies show their recovery and more importantly, can maybe even give some guidance because going back to second quarter earnings, that was what really hit the market a
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little bit is that many of these s&p 500 companies didn't give any guidance. so for me, the most important thing or the thing that's going to really direct this marketplace over the next few weeks is news coming out about vaccine or therapeutics. we obviously have headline news every single day for earnings estimates here, but it's these vaccine companies and it is what we see coming from a johnson & johnson, coming from eli lilly, that you can see is really moving the marketplace. liz: yeah. it truly is. because now the dow is down 129. i just want people to know, the low of the session was 233, at least a loss of that. s&p losses, low of the session down 33 points. at the moment, as we continue to watch this living, breathing thing, charles payne put all the pressure on me because he said, as he tossed to me, anything could happen in this final hour and that does tend to happen, but separate that for a moment and tackle this issue of vaccine
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versus earnings news. >> liz, i think it's neither. i think we will really focus on the election now. we are 21 days from this date. we have been waiting for this for a long time. earnings season is going to be somewhat benign. the expectations aren't that high. we know we won't get really true guidance, we won't get exceptional numbers. some of the financials will give us good trading revenue and credit risk will go down, so the cash they have to keep on the side, those balances will go lower which will be a good thing for them. other than that, earnings season is not going to help our markets. as far as vaccinations, vaccines, we saw the report, we saw the lilly report. that should have put a lot more pressure on our markets, i think. it didn't. that eli news came out, the markets went down a few, 10 points, and the s&p rallied right back up. i don't think that's really there. the expectation for that is we are not going to get a vaccine definitely not before the election, and most likely not in 2020. so as wishful and hopeful that we are with that, that's not going to be a true indicator. politics, unfortunately, d.c. is
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going to dictate our markets over the next 21 days and hopefully, well, it's not going to be much longer after that. we don't want to have any issues coming out of this election. we are going to continue to talk about rallies, to talk about polls, to talk about campaign strategies. i think those headlines are really going to dictate the sentiment and what it's going to do is add additional uncertainty to our market, continue to see volatility like the sessions we have seen yesterday and today, and investors will pull back out of this market, not liquidate, just pull back. not participate as much as they normally would and hope that once we get to the middle of november, things might calm down a little bit. liz: little bit of flight to quality, too, at the moment. go ahead, scott. >> if i could bring a point in here real quick. i agree on almost everything, with the exception of regardless of who wins, we probably don't see a big move in the marketplace. that has been proven. so over the next two weeks, the headline risk to me really is reopenings, shutdowns, vaccine.
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liz: reopenings, shutdowns, vaccines and that's why you are with "the claman countdown" because we will cover all of it. scott, jon, great to see you. thank you. i keep saying little bit of flight to quality, ten-year yield at .73% at the moment. up next, a big screen tragedy playing out as the mouse house shifts gears. we are overstating it, but what's really going on in this massive battle between movie theaters and streaming? it all comes down to disney. "the claman countdown" will be right back. shares etfs are built with advanced modeling. to fill portfolio gaps and target specific goals. strengthening client confidence in you. before investing consider the fund's investment objectives, risks, charges and expenses. go to for a prospectus containing this information. read it carefully.
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liz: we need to take you back to look at eli lilly's intraday chart. folks, we are at the lows of the session right now. the company has halted its antibody clinical trial for covid-19 due to an unexplained illness of one of its 60,000 -- one of its participants. i'm sorry. i'm not sure there's 60,000.
3:29 pm
so they have halted that. this was earlier today a $154 stock. it's getting hit to the tune of about 3.6%. it's now at $148.97. we are keeping an eye on it but look at the dow jones industrials. initially it too took a slight lit. we are still down 97 points but off the lows. all right. investors have designs on ethan allen interiors after the home furnishings company guided for adjusted earnings per share of 34 to 36 cents, well above street expectations. so the stock is jumping 13.3%. the company releases first quarter results on october 29th. despite today's bullishness, ethan allen is down 7% year to date and some hedge funds have backed away from the company and the stock because they want to see a little more action. all right. to cruise line operators. they are beached at the bottom of the s&p 500 as we head to about 31 minutes left of trade.
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royal caribbean touched this one off, announcing a billion dollar capital raise, half of that in the form of convertible debt that will be used to pay senior notes due this year. the cruising giant is also suspending all winter sailings through parts of the southern hemisphere which is now entering its peak summer travel season. royal caribbean down 13%. you've got norwegian down 8%. nearly 9%. carnival following, down 7.5%. fade to red. shares of amc entertainment really struggling at this hour, down 10.5% after the theater chain said it may run out of cash by year end if it does not raise more money or at least see improvements in attendance. competitor cinemark also sliding by about 9%. big tech screen maker imax is also down about 4.8% right now. tough times there in the theater industry. speaking of movie theaters,
3:31 pm
disney is continuing to skip them, announcing earlier this week it will be restructuring its media and entertainment divisions to zero in on streaming instead. that kind of simplifies it but they are really going to look at every single piece of content that is created by disney and then decide which area it should go to and lot of people are thinking it will lean towards streaming. this after pressure from top investor daniel loeb who urged disney to suspend its $3 billion dividend and invest instead in disney plus. with no disney cruises and limited theme park openings, what does this mean for disney's future? lauren simonetti, one of the most widely held stocks in the entire universe here. lauren: and investors are applauding this decision. so you have disney doubling down on their content. they are creating a new unit which will house their movies, tv shows and sports content, then a separate unit which decides best how to monetize and
3:32 pm
how to distribute that content. it's a new alignment and it pushes disney plus which has over 60 million subscribers to the center of the company because the pandemic has accelerated shifts in how we watch content. pretty bold move by the ceo, putting the company's key assets quite honestly, where they are going to make the most money, bha wi what will be the most profitable as you did with the amc story, movie theaters struggling to stay afloat. lots of restrictions on them, little content for them to show. look at the theme parks. disneyland in california has been closed since mid-march. there are no guidelines given by the state on when they can reopen. then you have the blockbusters, mulan and the upcoming pixar film, soul, bypassing theaters, being released straight to streaming. disney is cutting 28,000 workers. the red ink is piling up. they reported a near $5 billion loss in the june quarter. its first loss in almost 20
3:33 pm
years. but like i said, investors applauding this reorganization. credit suisse says it will translate into ongoing subscriber growth. it's estimated that disney will spend $27 billion on content this year. that does include sports and news, but it is bigger than netflix's spend and it gives netflix the market leader a real run for its money right now. liz: baby yoda. i want to see more of baby yoda. lauren, thank you very much. closing bell ringing in 28 minutes. look at the dow. now we are down just 85 points. nasdaq holding on to the green, up 43 points. trouble at electric vehicle maker nikola, looking to flatten its recent losses following allegations of fraud and the resignation of the founder trevor milton.
3:34 pm
shares are up about 18% so far this month. but up next, we talk to the ceo of an electric vehicle battery startup that's reportedly going to supply the core battery tech for both prototypes of nikola's trucks. we will get you the ceo of romeo power when we come back. metastatic breast cancer is relentless, but i'm relentless too. because every day matters. and having more of them is possible with verzenio, the only one of its kind proven to help you live significantly longer when taken with fulvestrant, regardless of menopausal status. and it's the only one of its kind you can take every day. verzenio + fulvestrant is approved for women with hr+,
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facts and information you should know about making gold, silver and platinum purchases. pick up the phone and call america's gold authority, us money reserve. with nearly two decades in business, over a billion dollars in transactions, and more than a half a million clients worldwide, us money reserve is one of the most dependable gold distributors in america. liz: with 54 trading days left in 2020, there's still time for yet another electric vehicle stock to debut. it's romeo power technology. it will go public by merging with spac, the special purpose acquisition company rmg acquisition. it is a publicly traded stock, is rmg, down 1.5%. but romeo power, here's what they do. they make custom-built electric vehicle batteries for specific customer fleets. the company says the batteries
3:39 pm
have a longer range because of their machine learning approach to fleet safety and efficiency. let's bring in romeo power ceo, lionel selwood. he joins us in his first interview since the rmg deal was announced. you are, of course, an alum of spacex so you got your chops when it comes to all forms of engineering and technology. welcome to the program. make your case. you've got an investor audience that's very interested and driven by electric vehicle technology. >> sure. look, good afternoon, liz. thank you so much for having me on. i'm lionel selwood jr., president and ceo of romeo power. we are leading edge battery technology company that's really been focused on putting the most safe, most reliable, most energy dense and con figurable body packs across the industry. we are all about ending energy poverty so our premise is making green energy acceptable to all the people across the globe. to date, we have secured $300 million in revenue and we have
3:40 pm
another $2.4 billion under negotiation. as liz pointed out, we are going public at the end of this year and have great partners on board, including borg warner and heritage environmental group. liz: you also have other names. workhorse, nikola, kenworth, bmw. tell us what you're doing for those customers specifically. why are they turning to romeo power? >> so customers, our partners turn to romeo because again, we put the most safest, reliable and energy dense pack on the road. what we do is we design with the fleet managers in mind to ensure they have the most traffic per mile going forward. customers return to us because they want the hard stuff. they want to be able to carry their thousand pound loads hundreds of miles uninterrupted and we give them the best chance of doing so. liz: tell me what the range is on some of these batteries.
3:41 pm
g get really specific here because i would imagine there is some stress on these batteries if they have got heavy trucks and long haul efforts. >> well, liz, it depends on of course the size of the truck. we have solutions that can go more than 300 miles with heavy loads. i think it's important for the viewers to know that we test everything in-house at romeo power. we go through vibrations, submersion, we break everything internally to make sure when it goes on the road it will perform well. liz: this kind of retrofitting of trucks or adding on has gotten very popular. have we seen a tipping point? hyliion just went public. i know they do something different. they have of course natural gas and hydrogen sort of hybrid with electricity, but are we seeing a tipping point in the change here from very expensive made from rivets and ground-up type of production to retrofitting where you guys come in and do what you do best, compared to say the
3:42 pm
fords and general motors and volvo trucks out there? >> well, liz, we are not focused on retrofitting. we are ebbing focused on pure electrification. some of our solutions can work for refits but we cracked the code to 100% battery electric vehicles to carry these loads hundreds of miles. so that's what we focus on. liz: what's the future, if you could tell us, about i suppose the electric vehicle world, we have heard so much and there have been so many that have gone public in all different forms over the past year, so to speak. a lot of them have been able to do this more quickly and easily via spac which is what you are doing with rmg, but today, tesla announced it's cutting the price on its model s, for example. it seems, though, that doesn't appear to hurt the stock. i believe earlier it was higher. i'm not exactly sure what it's doing at this very second. maybe we can put up tesla.
3:43 pm
where do you see this all going? are we all, and try not to talk your book, but are we all going to be driving some form of electric vehicle within what number of years, in your opinion? >> look, we will be driving electric vehicles within the next five to ten years. at romeo, again, we are really focused on taking the stigma away in terms of reliability so we are really at the inflection point today. it's really an education challenge. as we get in front of our partners and through data, the next level performance of our products, they quickly see the tipping point is now and it's all about accelerating the conversion of a higher percentage for the masses. look, right now, as you know, you are an expert in this field, there's 4% penetration. i think that's underblown.
3:44 pm
i see us doubling that percentage so within the next five to ten years i see massive action of electrification across many industries. liz: 60% of new car sales in norway, i believe, are electric. i just came from los angeles. everything is hybrid or electric. we will be watching it. please come back when you do go public via spac. we so appreciate it. we will be watching your success. >> thank you so much for having me. liz: lionel selwood. romeo power. closing bell, 17 minutes away. we are still down about 84 points, let's call it. s&p down 11. well off the lows of the session, where earlier we were down 33. wall street financiers making big bets on the presidential candidates but which one is raking in the most money? charlie gasparino has dug up some pretty stunning numbers. he will bring them to you next. and why did the hollywood
3:45 pm
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3:50 pm
mcconnell announced today that the senate will vote on a targeted relief bill when it returns to session on october 19th. the bill will apparently focus on new funding for the paycheck protection program. mcconnell also said the bill will have money for schools and liability protections for businesses. you may remember, democrats have already rejected the senate's earlier $500 billion targeted stimulus plan. wall street financiers making bets for a living. that's what they do, right? this election cycle, they are placing their bets on one person who is fighting for the presidency and that is apparently nominee joe biden on the democratic side. to charlie gasparino. you've got some pretty interesting numbers here. what are you hearing from wall street? charlie: we have been spending the day crunching them. we should point out my producer and i reported last week, i believe it was, that the chances of a broad stimulus plan were almost zilch and that the
3:51 pm
republicans would target the plan so if you followed "the claman countdown" last week, you knew this was coming and that some of the froth in the market was overdone. but anyway, that's where we are right now. if there's going to be a plan, there's probably going to be a targeted one and that's even going to be a heavy lift. getting back to wall street, what's fascinating about this, if you look just at the tax plans and what happened in the last four years, donald trump has been very good to corporate america and to wall street. stocks have had a massive rally in the last four years, profits among corporations, thanks to his corporate tax cut, have gone up dramatically. pre-pandemic, we were actually seeing rising wages and on the low end, which is a function of lower corporate taxes. a lot of economists would say. but right now, wall street is betting heavily and by the way, this is not new. they were betting heavily early but this is growing even more in the last couple weeks, if you just compare the numbers from open secrets over the last
3:52 pm
couple weeks, it is clear that biden, joe biden and kamala harris, the democrats, are gaining tremendous ground in fund-raising. we are talking look at goldman sachs, perfect example. i tweeted this out. maybe we can show the tweet. i can't see it from here. i'm on my skype. if you look at goldman sachs, this is just individuals, it's not pacs, it gives you an indication of the dramatic difference between the two. goldman sachs is giving something like $170,000, individuals, to joe biden. they are giving $11,000 plus to trump. they have given just a few bucks more to trump, liz, than they gave to michele carusa-cabrero who ran a long-shot bid to unseat alexandria ocasio-cortez in the congress race earlier in the year. that tells you something. this is being very skewed to joe
3:53 pm
biden. also on commercial real estate, fascinating, donald trump for years, as we know, is a long-time commercial real estate investor. even there, where joe biden is talking about raising taxes, massively on commercial real estate, like he's talking about wall street, even there, they are beating him. it's not as dramatic. it's almost twice as much on wall street. it's a few million bucks on the commercial real estate side. but it's dramatic. here's the explanation i'm getting. they believe joe biden, it's a mixture of explanations. he's more stable, less tweeting, you know, if he wins, it's probably going to be a non-contested election given his rise in the polls. they also believe he's not going to go through with all these tax increase plans. they believe it's all rhetoric, that he's doing just to appease aoc and bernie sanders, you know, the socialists who he beat in a very tough race during -- for the nomination, democratic
3:54 pm
nomination. i think they're crazy if they believe that because joe biden has privately told sources of mine tax fairness, i.e. raising taxes on investors and corporations is something that he's dead set on doing. but this is the bet. wall street and commercial real estate. i think it's a risky bet. we should also point out, wall street and commercial real estate isn't right all the time but wall street has missed the last two winners. it backed up mitt romney in 2012. he obviously lost to obama/biden. also backed up hillary and hillary lost to donald trump. back to you. liz: yeah. all i will say, though, is that you know, perhaps these big corporations and these big real estate outfits know that he has said he will not raise the corporate rate back up to 35%, he will bring it to something like 29%, 26%. all right. we will be watching it, charlie. thank you very much. charlie gasparino. "the claman countdown" is coming right back.
3:55 pm
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so you can... retire better ♪. liz: there goes that. the nasdaq just lost all of its 48 points of gains we saw within this hour. we are now flat to slightly lower, down about one point. what happened, right? covid clouds are still raining down on the broader markets right now. we do have the story out of eli lilly, they too had to halt their big trial for the therapy, the covid therapy and of course johnson & johnson last night announcing it had to halt its effort here. river front investment group senior portfolio manager rebecca felton. you say there is one event you're betting on in 2021 and it's not the election. >> thank you, liz, so much for having me. yes we're looking for a resumption of growth particularly corporate earnings growth on the s&p 500 probably to a mid 20% range which we
3:59 pm
think will propel this market more higher. liz: and specifically drill down for us where you see opportunity then if that thesis is correct? >> well, we're probably playing some of the same trades that you heard about all right. the tech health care, consumer discretionary, industrials. what we're trying to do is do the covid recovery play, things where we see recurring earning, better revenues. so i think maybe big box staple type retailers. home improvement, cloud plays, those types of things. medical devices health care, that is what we're favoring right now. liz: do you see any opportunities in areas that are so incredibly beaten down? listen the cruise lines are very dicey at the moment but i'm thinking more maybe big restaurant chains things like that because there will come a point i believe we will get a vaccine and we do have to have hope for this, do we not and therefore should get in early?
4:00 pm
>> absolutely. again we're overweight discretionary not so much on restaurants. [closing bell rings] we believe in a recovery too. liz: okay. rebecca felton, we appreciate you coming on. rebecca has got seven billion in assets. so listen to her. that does it for us. nasdaq loses gains and more. red on the screen. that will do it for "the claman countdown." connell: the dow and s&p even nasdaq at the end as earnings season officially kicks off. this is good to be with you. i'm connell mcshane reporting live from clearwater beach in florida. the nasdaq looked like it might eke out gains. it too ends up in the red today. to put all of this into perspective, the dow is only 3% away even with declines from the record closing high. s&p are even closer, about 2% away from record territory. headlines, jpmorgan chase and citigroup both down on the day


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