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tv   Lou Dobbs Tonight  FOX Business  October 15, 2020 10:00pm-10:30pm EDT

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"strange inheritance." thanks so much for watching, and remember -- you can't take it with you. lou: good evening, everybody. the radical dems' presidential nominee joe biden faces an avalanche of damaging exposes surrounding his son hunter biden and the alleged corruption of family members. another bombshell report today reported by "the new york post" appearing to reveal how hunter biden peddled his influence in the white house to secure lucrative multimillion dollar deals in china. the article contains more e-mails from a laptop abandoned at a delaware computer repair shop last year. reportedly, the laptop belongs to hunter biden.
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the e-mails were placed on a backed-up hard drive by the computer repair shop's owner. in those e-mails hunter biden sends messages to executives of china's largest private energy provider cfc. those show that hunter biden struck a three-year deal with the chinese firm for $30 million in 207. and according to the -- 2017. and according to the e-mails, hunter biden was to be paid $10 million a year for his, quote, consulting fees based on introductions alone. hunter's e-mails suggest the deal had been sweetened, however, as the chairman changed that deal to a much more lasting and lucrative arrangement. hunter biden says that sweetened deal was so much more interesting to me and my family, ebb end quote. -- end quote. the documents released today and
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reported on again by "the new york post" also show that biden was paid a million dollar retainer by the chinese energy company to be counselor on matters related to u.s. law. in an unspecified business venture that hunter biden was planning, he also sought payment packages for six orr people. an e-mail from may 13, 2017, appears to show biden was to hold a 10% equity stake in that venture for, quote, the big guy. an a apparent reference to the former vice president, joe biden. now running for president of the united united states, of course. during a virtual fundraiser this afternoon, joe biden did not specifically mention the story, nor did he deny it. joe biden did say this about president trump, however. quote: we have 19 days left, and, you know, he's going to throw everything but the kitchen sink at me.
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the biden family's ties to china have been well documented. we know that in december of 2013 hunter biden flew with his father aboard air force two to beijing. hunter admittedly met with chinese businessmen during the trip despite having absolutely no experience nor ec expertise n chinese business or investment in china. ten days after that trip hunter biden uncled a deal with the -- inked a deal with the state-owned bank of china and reportedly created a billion dollar investment fund. president trump at a rally in greenville, north carolina, today reacting to the news about hunter biden and his deals in china. the president says this year's election is now about a national security risk. >> a new story shows up that hunter made a deal with a wealthy chinese business magnate for $10 million a year for introductions only,
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introductions. hunter also referred to another more lasting and lucrative arrangement with the same chinese businessmen that would be so much more interesting to me and my family, that's e what he said. that's a quote. these deals were made at the same time joe biden was letting china steal your jobs and take away your fact ilys. if -- factories. if biden is elected, the united states will be are owned by china. lou: these damaging reports about joe biden and his family are not being seen in their entirety by all of the american people. the big tech oligarchs running twitter and facebook censoring this critically important story broken by the new post, one of the country's largest newspapers, one of the oldest newspapers in this country. indeed, the tech titans and
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social media socialists have blocked the president's campaign, his cabinet members and remoneys in congress -- republicans in congress from sharing "the new york post" reporting. jack dorsey, ceo of twitter, mark zuckerberg, ceo of, well, facebook has made it clear to all that they mean to decide the outcome of this election, and they will do so by silencing anyone or any media outlet that threatens their chosen candidate, joe biden. their censorship comes just weeks after executives of both facebook and twitter joined the biden transition team. twitter's public policy director, carlos, recently heft the social media company to join the biden team. can you believe this? former facebook executive jessica hurt also join ared biden's transition team this
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month as its general counsel to oversee ethical issues. big tech has a history of supporting the radical dems. nothing makes the relationship with the left any more vivid than in this picture from 2011. and, yes, that is president obama in the center of the assembled tech titans. it's almost a secret society that you're watching there of silicon valley executives dining with the former president. in this photo you see to the left of the president at that time steve jobs, facebook ceo mark zuckerberg to husband right, apple's former ceo, steve jobs. netflix founder reed hastings, former twitter ceo dick costello e and oracle ceo, cofounder larry ellison and many others. senate republicans today
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apparently have finally had enough of big tech's authoritarianism. they say they're done with their left-wing bias and want them hauled in to the senate to answer questions. for the latest we turn now to edward lawrence from washington. ed. >> reporter: well, lou, the story has exploded from accusations against hunter biden and former vice president joe biden to censorship by big tech companies. this all stems from a series of new york post stories. the first one alleges that e-mails show hunter biden introduced his dad to a ukrainian energy executive linked to burisma. the former vice president had maintained that he never met his son's business associates while in office. the second story alleges hunter worked out a deal with a chinese businessman with ties to the chinese military after traveling to china on air force two with his father. facebook limited exposure to both stories because of concerns over sourcing.
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twitter blocked both stories and suspended accounts of "the new york post," the personal county of kayleigh mcenany, white house press secretary, and the official trump presidential campaign account. now, twitter says the account may be required to delete those tweets based on our policies on hacked materials and private and personal information. senator tom cotton saws this is a double standard. >> the department of justice is looking carefully at antitrust lawsuits against some of these companies. all options will be on the table now that that these big tech oligarchs have declared open war on the republican party and conservatives across america. >> reporter: cotton now saying republicans will not stop democrats' efforts to break up the big tech companies. in fact, the president saying today he wants to remove the immunity these companies enjoy. >> and if big tech persists in coordination with the mainstream media, we must immediately strip them of their section 230 protections. [cheers and applause]
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okay? >> reporter: senator ted cruz says the judiciary committee will subpoena twitter ceo jack dorsey for a hearing on october 23rd to answer the censorship charges. back to you, lou. lou: ed, thank you very much. edward lawrence reporting from washington. we'll have much more on all of this in tonight's show. joining us tonight, senator ron johnson who is leading an investigation, jason chaffetz, fred fleitz, former cia, sidney powell, general mike flynn's defense attorney. all joining us in this broadcast to assess what is happening with the biden family, its campaign and just how much damage has this expose from the new york post done to the campaign. well, we'll be taking that up. and president trump and joe biden tonight each competing in town hall events at the same time. the president will be on comcast
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's nbc, biden on wallet disney's abc. will disney-abc's george steph november louse allow china joe to escape the revelations in the new york post? we'll find out if there's any misalignment or disalignment with the silicon oligarchs. today's dueling town halls scheduled after the commission on presidential debates canceled tonight's originally scheduled debate that was supposed to be moderated by c-span's steve scully. but you remember he got hacked and things got complicated. well, today scully admitted to c-span that his account that he said was hacked last week wasn't. he lied. c-span has suspended undefinitely scully -- indefinitely, and the president responded to the development on twitter. i was right again, he tweeted. and indeed he was.
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steve scully just admitted he was lying about his twitter being hacked. the dedebate was rigged. he was suspended from c-span indefinitely. the trump campaign was not treated fairly i by the, quote-unquote, commission. did i show good instincts in being the first to know? no, not really, mr. president. you showed great judgment. finish. up next, rudy giuliani reveals a very telling text from hunter biden. we take that up and more on the biden corruption scandal. senator ron johnson joins us. and i want to thank everyone who's made my new book a national bestseller. "the trump century: how our president changed the course of history forever," and is still doing so. the book is available at lou,, and bookstores everywhere. stay with us, we're coming right back. back. ♪ yeah, that's half the fun of a new house. seeing what people left behind in the attic.
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so how do i do this? you don't do this. we do this, together. bounce forward, with comcast business. lou: breaking news now, former new yk city mayor rudy giuliani and presidential attorney revealing a text message found on hunter biden's computer, allegedly hunter biden's. the text from hunter biden to his daughter naomi states that
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hunter biden was forced to give half of his salary to his father, china joe. the text states this, quote: butten i don't receive any respect, and that's fine, i guess. works for you, apparently. i hope you all can do what i did and pay for everything for this entire family for 30 years. it's really hard but don't worry. unlike pop, joe biden, i won't make you give me half your salary, end quote. we'll have much more on this with senator ron johnson, our upcoming text. and tomorrow rudy giuliani joins us the talk about this trail from the discovery of the laptop to the texts and e-mail messages to where we are now with the expose by the new york post. and joining us now, senator ron johnson. he is chairman of the senate
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homeland security and governmental affairs committee who released the report on the biden family corruption last month. senator, it's great to have you with us. there is a story that is building that is almost as large as the, what appears to be these entirely credible revelations on the laptop computer, and that is the meddling in a presidential campaign by big tech and social media in silicon valley. i want to start, of course, with the reporting by "the new york post" of what is clearly, if true, clearly a tale of corruption on the part of the biden family. you're investigating, and where are you now, senator, if i may ask? >> hello, lou. well, let's face it, we issued our report on september 23rd, 87 pages.
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the mainstream media largely ignored it. they said, well, nothing illegal here. first of all, it's not my job to determine legality or illegality. our job as congress is to do oversight, gather information, to inform public opinion but also to inform the public. and really from our standpoint we thought we'd provided an awful lot of information that was quite troubling of hunter biden's, you know, trading in the biden name. $4.2 million from burisma and ukraine, $3.5 million from the now-deceased former mayor of moscow's wife, a vast web of connections with nationals that had connections with the people's liberation army. but the mainstream media just yawned. we were contacted by the same whistleblower the day after we issued our report. we spoke with the whistle blower, we've been doing our due
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diligence trying to validate the claims. obviously, the whistleblower also approached others, and the new york post apparently satisfied themselves on the validity of these things. and i have to saw, lou, the lack of denial if biden, the fact that the only thing that he's really denying is that this meeting between the number third person in power in burisma and the vice president didn't show up in his official schedule, i guess that wouldn't be particularly surprising. but i think the lack of denial in terms of the validity of these other e-mails, i think, speaks volumes. lou: it does. and many terms of burisma -- in terms of burisma, there are photographs of the vice president, hunter biden with a burisma official. again, the e-mails can be interpreted, i suppose,s but an even fairer interpretation is that that number three person in the burisma hierarchy was thanking hunter biden for the
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meeting that had, it appears to convey, already occurred. the level of money that is being talked about in these e-mails goes beyond anything we had really known previously. a $30 million deal with china, the private energy firm, the largest private energy firm in china. a $30 million deal that suddenly expanded for whatever reason to $10 million a year for a longer number of years -- it's entirely unclear to me how long that agreement was for. this is very significant given this is at the same time biden was, joe biden was in the vice presidency, he was the man embracing communist china. he was at the same time tamping down any suggestion that
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outsourcing was a bad idea, that offshoring was a bad idea or that anyone should be concerned, don't worry your pretty heads about the geopolitical competition with china. perhaps a competitor but certainly never a rival or potentially an enemy. your thoughts about what we're seeing here and the import and your judgment of the credibility of what we're seeing here. >> well, again, what we already know that we've already verified that we reveal in our report, i've stated publicly i thought that information alone made joe biden unfit to be president. he never, ever should have run for president, but he did. again, what is now being revealed, we need to verify it, you know, we need to validate it. and i think over the next few days just new the crowd sourcing as people start connecting the dots, people that had been on the other side of some of these
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mail exchanges as they either confirm or deny that these are true e-mails, we're going to get a pretty good sense. but what we already know, what's already been verified is already incredibly troubling and shows the level of conflict of interest, counterintelligence, exe torsion threats -- extortion threats that would be possible because of these glaring conflict of interest in the things that we already know hunter biden and his business partners and other members of the biden family engaged in. but, again, the media has just looked the other way. it amazes me. they justified all the investigations of president trump because of the potential blackmail, the relationships between the trump family and other people might have. well, we have evidence of far greater financial entanglements between the bidens and the biden family. lou, the blackmail potential of that. i hope the american public is paying attention. i hope the mainstream media finally starts taking a look at this and investigating it and asking some very serious
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questions of the vice president which he needs to answer. those should be asked tonight the at his e town hall. lou: absolutely. you say the national left-wing media is ignoring it. senator, if i may offer a counter view, that is the left-wing national media in this country, that is corporate media; comcast's nbc, at&t's cnn, walt disney's abc news. they are working hand in glove of with the democratic party and the deep state, conspiring to overthrow the president of the united states over the course of the past four years. and for that, they all will have to account, and we thank you for being one of those leading the investigation and, hopefully, leading to justice in the resolution of it all. senator, thanks for being with us. we appreciate everything you're doing. senator ron johnson.
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the "lou dobbs tonight" quote of the day is from new york post columnist mirandaty sign on how big tech is in the tank for joe. make no mistake, this is election interference by unaccountable global tech oligarchs to restrict information that might damage the democratic party. it is coordinated censorship by two of the largest multi-national companies in the world. their monopoly power should be broken up once and for all. up next, the department of justice refuses to charge anyone involved in the unmaasing of general michael flynn. his attorney, sidney powell, with us on how it seems inpossible to win justice if you are a republican.
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lou: well, breaking news now, you may recall that senator ben sasse who occasionally can be just more than a little pompous this week was lecturing his colleagues in the senate in the judiciary committee about civics. he was calling for a civil debate, something a little more elevated than what we are witnessing each time we see the judiciary committee at work. well, senator sasse, he didn't take his own lesson. here's his idea of civics. in a call he had with constituents, sasse cede the president of the united states -- said the president of the united states has sold out our allies, said he trash talks evangelicals behind their backs and claimed president trump could permanently damage the republican party. he couldn't possibly, possibly damage the republican party more
10:30 pm
than this rino excuse for a senator, let me guarantee you. he is a pompous, complete tool and a rino to boot. so good luck, nebraska, and thanks for sending him to the swamp. he's at least in good company. joining us tonight is sidney powell. she is defense attorney for general michael flynn. and, sidney, it's great to have you with us, and i hope you've got some good news for us. emmet sullivan has relented, he has decided to do the right thing, the d.c. appellate court has said, you know, we can't possibly endure any more of this rampant disregard for law and speed duh justice in this country, so we want to end the 4-year possessor cueing of an innocent -- persecution of an innocent man. is that what happened? >> not yet, lou. [laughter] it's bn


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