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tv   Mornings With Maria Bartiromo  FOX Business  October 16, 2020 6:00am-9:00am EDT

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complicit. rudy giuliani and pastor robert jeffress among our guests here tomorrow evening. we hope you will join us. thanks for being here tonight. see you maria: good friday morning, everybody. tgif. ism maria bartiromo. it is friday, october 16th. your top stories, right now, 6:00 a.m. on the east coast. countdown to the 2020 election, we are 18 short days away. last night president trump and joe biden took part in dueling townhalls. one of the biggest stories of the week wasn't mentioned to the former vice president. steve scalise and tim ryan are here, 8:00 a.m. this morning, to discuss the state of the 2020 race. fox news obtaining even more e-mails that show joe biden's son, hunter, was seeking deals
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with china while his father was a sitting vice president. this as big tech remains under fire for blocking user access to this story. coming up to discuss, steve bannon is here, georgia congressman doug collins and parler founder and ceo john mace joining us coming up. we're standing by for he retail sales this morning, ahead of the numbers, markets are mixed. dow down 19, nasdaq up 15 and s&p 500 right now down about three quarters of 1 point. markets yesterday finished in the red, off of session lows by the end of trading, dow industrials gave up 19 points, nasdaq was down 54, s&p lower by 5 points yesterday at 4:00 on wall street. the state of real estate, who is leading the push to flee big cities like new york to make a home in the suburbs? plus flying right into your fridge, one airline is selling sky high meals in stores. it's making a buzz this morning.
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"mornings with maria" is live right now. european markets are higher, take a look, the fq100 is up 41, cac is up 55, and the dax index higher by 75. a mixed story overnight in asia, check asian indices, we see the best performer was hong kong, up almost 1%. some of the top stories we are watching this morning. a stark contrast between president trump and joe biden's dueling townhalls. president trump was grilled and interrupted by the moderator, pressing the president on the pan hpandemic, quanon and white supremacy. >> you didn't ask joe biden whether or not he rejects antifa. he was asking questions like biden was a child. maria: george stephanopoulos on
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abc taking a more relaxed approach with joe biden. not once was the former vp asked about the new york post bombshell report on his hunter's e-mails while he tried to cash in on his father's job. biden did change his stance on court packing a bit. watch. >> so you'll come out with a clear position before election day? >> yes. maria: the two candidates are expected to care off in person next week for another debate. that's happening in nashville on the 22nd. fox news has object of contained several more e-mail -- obtained several more e-mails raising questions about hunter biden's dealings with china, hunter reportedly sending e-mails about remuneration packages that would be interesting for me and my family, mentioning payment for six people in a business deal, seeking $10 million in another e-mail including payments for, quote, the big guy. the senate homeland security committee led by senator ron johnson is investigating the have lidity of the e -- hav valy
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of the. e-mails. why are we just learning this now when the fbi had the e-mails. the senate judiciary committee issuing a subpoena to jack dorsey after the social media company blocked articles from being shared on the platform. twitter announced new policies to deal with stories that involve hacking or stolen information. yesterday twitter suffered an outage that affected users for a couple of hours. the company said there was no evidence of a hack. negotiations for a covid-19 relief package moving forward once again after the white house agreed to the democrats' demand for a national coronavirus testing plan. president trump says he is willing to raise his offer of a $1.8 trillion deal. however, the plan may lack support of senate republicans you now, majority leader mitch mcconnell said the senate is
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unlikely to accept a package that is that expensive. markets lower, as investors await the september retail sales number this morning. this morning, we're seeing the dow down but the nasdaq up. yesterday, in the red for a third session, marking the longest losing streak in about a month. joining me right now is chief economist, lindsey pisgo. joining us this morning is dagen mcdowell and james freeman. great to see everybody this morning. lindsey, kick us off. let's talk about the backdrop. we're waiting on retail sales this morning. we had that sharp contraction in growth in the second quarter. what are you expecting in the final number for the third quarter and how does the fourth quarter look for you right now in terms of growth numbers, lindsey? >> well, i think we're going to see a pop in the third quarter with growth up around 20% following that near 30 of 30%
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contraction in the second quarter which is a welcome step in the right direction. even with a double dick it improvement -- double digit improvements in q3, it's unlikely this is the beginning of a v-shaped recovery. the number one risk for the economy remains the virus which is far from contained. we expect the pathway going forward to be prolonged, bum pie and uncertain. i think the economy will struggle to get back to the sustained 2-ish percent level for some time. we are not on solid footing yet but we are making vast improvements from the low level in the second quarter. maria: that's what we're seeing in europe right now with the number of cases steepening in italy and a new set of lockdown rules are in place. james freeman, jump in here. >> thanks. yeah, lindsey, you mentioned the number one risk to the economy is the coronavirus. i think some people would argue the number one risk is the reaction to the coronavirus and i'm just wondering, among the big risks, do you worry about is
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there a limit on how much debt the federal government can take on in these stimulus measures? governor randall quarrels worrying about whether the private market can handle treasuryis issuance and maybe te fed has to keep buying for that reason. is there some limit in which we can rely on government debt instead of real economic activity to drive the economy. >> i certainly hope there is a limit. and to your point, absolutely. i should have said that the risk is not the virus itself but the policies put in place aimed at stemming the spread of the virus. that's the biggest risk to the economy. but you're absolutely right. this is one of the concerns that we're hearing from gop senators is that we can't continually artificially support the economy going forward with unlimited federal dollars. there has to be some sort of balance. and to be fair, we've already spent nearly $3 trillion on
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everything from loan subsidies to extended unemployment benefits to employer tax credits. so there has been a tremendous amount of support already pumped into the economy and now the concern is we have to see some sort of organic growth. we can't continue to rely on federal dollars. maria: look at yields. u.s. treasury yields moving lower as investors are monitoring the stimulus talks. real quick, we've got retail sales coming out in two and-a-half hours, what's priced into this market here in terms of retail sales for september, lindsey? >> sing we're looking for about -- i think we're looking for about a half a percentage point increase, slightly below of what we saw last month. demand is very modest. we're starting to see income creep down as the generous benefit programs from the government have now expired. maria: all right. we'll leave it there. lindsey, great to see you this morning. this morning's mover, boeing, europe's aviation regulator declared the 737 max safe to
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return to flight. it could be in european skies by the end of the year according to the bloomberg. the max was grounded that march of 2019 following two fatal crashes. we are just getting started. coming up, 2020 heats up, former senior advisor to the clintons mark penn on the hunter biden corruption scandal and its political impact with the election now 18 days away. next hour, former white house chief strategist steve bannon with us on what he knows about wrong doing in the biden family. georgia congressman doug collins talking twitter and censorship of conservative voices. we'll look at the top market moves investors are watching with the word on wall street coming up. in the 8:00 a.m. hour, congressman steve scalise is here along with congressman tim ryan talking about how each of their parties feel about the state of the 2020 race. we'll get both sides. and wyoming senator john bore bo
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i tell you what i do know about, i know about antifa and i know about the radical left and i know how violent they are and a how vicious they are and i know how they're burning down cities run by democrats. >> what's your view on the crime bill wrote in 1994. >> was it a mistake to support it? >> yes, it was. here's where the mistake came. the mistake came in terms of what the states did locally. >> you said i would not get into court packing, i would not pack the court. that's not what you're saying now. >> if i answered the question directly then all the focus would be on what's biden going to do if he wins. instead of on is it appropriate what is going on now. >> so you're still not a fan? >> i'm not a fan. it depends on how this turns out. maria: joining me right now is real clear politics co-founder and president, tom bevin. he could give us nonanswers in so many ways and that's what he keeps doing.
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it's good to see you this morning. thanks for being here. your reaction. what was your take-away of the dueling townhalls last night? >> i watched them both. look, the joe biden townhall was sort of like a pillow fight and the trump townhall was more like a ufc match. every time trump gets on stage he is battling against the moderator it seems and in this instance savannah guthrie was from the beginning. he had to denounce qanon which is a group that no american has ever heard of, this obscure group and he's forced to denounce them. on the other side joe biden sort of sailed through. he wasn't really pressed. i imagine if the moderators had switched places or the treatment would have been different that joe biden would have been forced to announce antifa. he would have been asked about hunter biden. it would have been a completely different atmosphere. this is how the campaign has been going thus far in terms of the media treatment of these two
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individuals. maria: what a joke. will the media ever get its reputation back? one topic that was not even mentioned is what you just mentioned a minute ago and that is the former vice president was not asked about his son hunter biden's links to ukraine china, these e-mails obtained by fox news overnight describe a, quote, lasting and lucrative arrangement, unquote, involving china's largest energy company, tom. why are these stories not mentioned at all during last night's townhall? it is so obvious to everyone watching that this is a major blockbuster story. >> it's a situation where if it were reversed it would have been the first question that donald trump was asked. there's obvious bias in the treatment of these two candidates and the news stories and you go to twitter and facebook and their willingness to sort of censor this so that americans can't make up their own minds. look, if this story is wrong, if
6:17 am
these e-mails are not true, the new york post is done. its reputation is destroyed. and it should be. but there are questions. if the e-mails are true, this is a huge story and the american public demands to know or should demand to h know whether the e-mails are true. there should be a lot of discussion about this story, skeptically of course, but still, if it is true, it is a huge story and has huge implications for the election. but the media has decided that it's something that we're not going to talk about. maria: unbelievable. dagen, the other day when john solomon joined us he said that hunter biden had pocketed tens of millions of dollars just from ukraine. that's not including the billion that he got from china. your reaction, dagen? dagen: but tom, president trump has to make the case on the economy. based on everyone i've spoken to, that is the only way the president is going to win re-election. you have -- in polls, he polls better on his handling of the
6:18 am
economy but he's still trailing joe biden. you've had poll after poll where a majority, 50% or more of people say they're better off today than four years ago. and he's still losing in the polls. how does he make that up? because again, savannah guthrie, we'll talk about it later, she had him all over the place, denounce white supremacy, denounce qanon. he's denounced white supremacy over and over again. he needs to make the case on here's my economy, here's what you're going to get under joe biden. >> i think you're right. polls do show and our real clear politics average he's over 50 of50%job approval on the econom. it's the only issue on which he has a lead over of joe biden. and so i think he does need to -- look, he needs to redirect some of these questions. if he doesn't want to talk about something, he's free to talk about whatever he wants to and
6:19 am
they do need -- i think trump needs to be laser focused. maria: biden is doing it right. >> on the economy. maria: he's saying, look, i'm not going to tell you what i feel about stacking the court because then it will be the headline. what? they're letting him get away with it. it's extraordinary to me, really. >> i've never seen a presidential candidate get away with the excuse that if i tell you what i think it's going to make news, so i'm not going to tell you. that's a new one. maria: exactly. >> but it's been working. you know, for joe biden and kamala harris, for the past three and-a-half, four weeks. maria: i'm not sure if i'm buying the polls, though, tom. i mean, you know, my favorite question from some of these polls came a couple weeks ago when they said well, 39% of them said, yeah, i think my neighbor is voting for donald trump. it's sort of like asking for a friend. >> right. well, listen, biden's lead in the national polls is about nine
6:20 am
and-a-half percent but in the top six battleground states if you compare where joe biden is to where hillary clinton was four years ago, trump is you ahead of where he was four years ago. he has ground to make up in the final three weeks. maria: we'll be watching. good to see you this morning. come back soon. tom bevin joining us there. duel townhalls, lots of fallout this morning. president trump and joe biden had a lot to say to voters last night. we'll get into some of the substance. frequent fliers getting a taste of home, one airline brings the food to grocery stores. it's making a buzz this morning. you're watching "mornings with maria," live on fox business. so you're a small business,
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squaring off in dueling network townhall forums last night. hillary vaughn with all the highlights now. good morning to you. >> reporter: good morning. last night was supposed to be the second presidential debate. instead of meeting face-to-face, the two candidates went head to head in dueling townhalls. last night president trump addressed accusations from democrats that he is counting on the nomination of judge amy coney barrett to the supreme court to help him overturn the affordable care act and also resolve any election dispute. >> for you, you think she would rule for you? >> i have no idea. >> of course she'll rule one way or the other. >> believe it or not, i never asked her about it. i did not tell her what decision to make. i think it would be inappropriate to say right now. i don't want the to do anything to influence her. i want her to get approved and then i want her to go by the law. >> reporter: joe biden did a complete 180 last night, saying that he does think voters deserve to know his position on court packing before election
6:25 am
day. >> if they they vote on it before the election, you are open to expanding the court? >> i'm open to considering what happens from that point on. >> don't voters have a right to know where you stand. >> they do have a right to know where i stand and they have a right to know where i stand before they vote. >> you'll come out with a clear position before election day? >> yes, depending on how they handle it. >> reporter: the town halls were in key swing states. some voters got to ask president trump questions in florida and biden in pens vei pennsylvania. >> you have a great smile. >> thank you. >> he does. he's so handsome when he smiles. >> did you hear what you needed to hear? >> i think so. >> reporter: some undecided voters may have left with questions unanswered but one question that joe biden did not get asked last night was about the explosive new york post
6:26 am
report that claims that e-mails indicate that hunter biden used the power of his dad's vice presidency to get leverage in business dealings in ukraine and china. maria. maria: yeah, i mean, all they have to do is come out and say it's true or it's not true. they don't have to be asked about it. the campaign can just come out and say it's not true. but they haven't. hillary, thank you so much. president trump was grilled by moderator savannah guthrie, you saw a couple of those clips, topics included white supremacy, if he will respect election results. joe biden on the other hand was not asked about the bombshell hunter biden report by george stephanopoulos. a new poll shows joe biden's national lead over president trump is down to 11. dagen, your reaction to the townhall overall. what was your take-away? dagen: did they come on the speaker during the nbc town hall and announce playing the role of joe biden this evening will be
6:27 am
savannah guthrie? that's the way it came across. she was very combative. there was nothing that came across that she was even moderating the discussion that was supposed to take place between voters and president trump and then over at abc, george stephanopoulos acted like he worked for the biden campaign. so i'm not sure what the american people got out of this. assuming that the debate takes place next week, i would love to see it with no moderator. i know that this is -- you know what, i'm going to shut up because i'm stealing james freeman's idea. he came up with that idea. he did. maria: yes. yes, he did. let me just say that last night it was really contentious with savannah guthrie all over him and like kid gloves, you say it sounded like he worked for the campaign. let's not forget that george stephanopoulos did work for the clinton campaign and president
6:28 am
bill clinton. james, go you ahead. >> stephanopoulos also apologized a few years ago for his donations to the clinton foundation. if he was a clinton foundation donor, i think that means he probably is not all that offended by the hunter biden business model. but i think he really did a disservice to the public, not raising this question. because these new york post e-mails, e-mails reported by the new york post essentially demonstrate that this -- if accurate, that this was an influence, access peddling operation by hunter biden and didn't have anything to do with ukrainian energy or chinese finance, it was about selling access and influence in washington. so i think he should have raised those points and, yeah, the baby soft treatment in comparison to what was happening on nbc was striking. dagen: can i just add one thing?
6:29 am
we know the nbc actors and producers protested nbc having the townhall with the president of the united states up against joe biden. i think part of what they wrote was he is -- that nbc's town hall is, quote, enabling the president's bad behavior. he's the president. so savannah guthrie, it was acting on their behalf, i suppose. you know what, you don't like it, don't work there. i think the door is wide open for any actor. i'm sure that they won't turn their backs on the money that nbc is doling out. maria: exactly. >> the biden event was really remarkable where normally politicians make promises and then later you see whether they keep them or not. he was making a promise last night and essentially breaking it in real-time, promising to let people know his opinion of court packing before they vote but they're voting right now. maria: well, you know, i also think the fact that one of those
6:30 am
e-mails said 10% for the big guy, which you write in your op-ed, james, is so stunning. 10% money going to the big guy. for them to not address this. at some point they're going to have to address this. >> yeah. who is the big guy? and this is an enormous scandal. what's interesting is, the biden campaign has attacked the post reporting but they've not said those e-mails are counterfeit. what they're saying, they're sort of talking negatively about it but they haven't said those e-mails are false and until they do, i think you have to take them at face value. maria: right. exactly. we'll take a break. so how is all of this impacting joe biden's campaign? hunter biden's news and relationships you across the world, cashing in on his father's position. the political fallout from this corruption coming up.
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amounts of money as they passed the buck to the future. that's why it's time for digital currency and your investment in the grayscale funds. go digital. go grayscale. maria: welcome back. breaking news on earnings, bank of new york melon out with quarterly numbers, the stock is down better than 1%. cheryl casone with the numbers. cheryl: when you've got nearly 40 trillion in assets under management, that's what you want to look at. the bank is down more than 1%. we got a double beat on the earnings estimate. 94-cents was the estimate, they came in with 98-cents on earnings per share. the estimate for 3.83 billion for revenue, they beat that, 3.85 billion. they also declared a 31-cent difficuldividend. they're talking about share buybacks and the fact that they're looking forward to a time when they begin to recommence share buybacks. we'll see what the ceo has to say on the call. but remember, this is a bank that operates in 35 countries,
6:35 am
so this is a little more of a global story. as far as trading revenues, still looking for headlines. but again, assets under management increasing to 2 trillion and total assets going from 34 and-a-half trillion to 38.6 trillion. despite the fact you're seeing red on your screen, we did have a double beat on bank of new york melon. maria: that stock may be down. the broader market turned around. we're look a looking at a gain f better than 55 points on the dow industrials right now. questions for the bidens, the bombshell story first reported by the new york post linking joe biden's son hunter to both ukraine and china because of payouts made to hunter biden. overnight, fox news obtained new e-mails that describe a, quote, lasting and lucrative arrangemenarrangement involvings largest energy company. there's a piece out this morning, titled the hunter biden business, the board writes this is a legitimate story with important information for voters
6:36 am
who are being asked to trust joe biden for a return to normalcy. we doubt this is the kind of washington self-interest and dishonesty as usual that most americans have in mind. joining me right now is nbc partner's ceo, the president of stagwell group and former senior add a vicar to the cline -- advisor to the clintons, mark penn is here. first he was skirting the supreme court and what he would do in terms of stacking it. now he's skirting this story. this is easier because the media won't bring it up. >> back when i did campaigns, when there were charges like this you would go back, check the facts, hold a detailed press conference and explain things. today, you just duck the questions, hope for a friendly media, not be asked any of the questions and what is obviously a big and substantive story with a huge amount of evidence that demands any campaign to really address. maria: it's extraordinary, mark. i mean, the media first
6:37 am
completely ignores the biggest coup that any of us have seen, the biggest political scandal any of of us have ever seen. they're not mentioning the wrong diss doinwrongdoing at the top e fbi. we know there's already criminality. we've got a guilty plea from kevin clinesmith for doctoring an e mail. now this. why are there no truth tellers in the mainstream media? >> it's a question of this story's even being blocked on facebook and twitter, even though the e-mails are real and then the same excuse, russian disinformation. so i'm not going to answer. there's no allegation that russians anywhere came -- this is not coming from wikileaks. there's a real mystery of what happened to the fbi copy of this. and what has the fbi been doing with this information which would seem to be fairly explosive to anybody. maria: what a sad state of affairs.
6:38 am
can't trust the media. can't trust our of intelligence agencies. really a sad state of you affairs. what's your take from last night's town hall? president trump and joe biden holding these dueling town halls on nbc and abc. want to he show you one of the top moments from biden's town hall and that was when he was pressed on his support for the 1994 crime bill that is said to have unfairly targeted minorities. listen up. >> what's your view or the crime bill that you wrote in 1994? which showed prejudice against minorities? >> first of all, things have changed drastically. the crime bill, the black caucus voted for it, every black mayor supported it across the board. the crime bill didn't have mandatory sentences except for two things. it has three strikes and you're out which i voted against in the crime bill. it had other things in it that turned out to be both bad and good. >> was it a mistake to support it? >> yes, it was. here's where the mistake came. the mistake came in terms of
6:39 am
what the states did locally. maria: mark, your reaction? >> well, i think he tried to have it both ways in that answer, he tried to say that it was a mistake but it wasn't a mistake, it was really the states that were a mistake. look, he has very successfully held his coalition together by avoiding divisive answers across this coalition. that's the way he's going to run from here to election day. maria: yeah, but what is it going to look like after election day, mark? any thoughts on how his cabinet has begun to get shaped, who are going to be the important influences? wall street seems to believe that elizabeth warren is going to be his most important economic voice, she has talked about her ideas on a wealth tax. he wants to raise taxes by 4.3 trillion. any thoughts on who else is going to be close to him in
6:40 am
terms of his most important advisors? he did the manifesto with bernie sanders. >> remember, through the years, joe biden actually has a lot of moderate advisors and people who i think -- i think most people in the senate would be comfortable with. but we don't really know as a result of this coalition with the left, in order to win the election, who really is going to be in control of what. we don't know what the real issues are, what positions they're going to take. so to me, it's a big question mark. he's going to have a fundamental decision. if he wants to unify the country, then he is not going to pack the court, not get rid of the filibuster, really try to bring the country together. if he does all those things, the country will be split apart, it will stay split apart for four years and the election in 2024 will be the real election in the country. maria: the next presidential debate set to take place next
6:41 am
thursday, october 22nd. as of now, both candidates are on board to participate, mark. what are you expecting there? do you think we will see this third debate? and that's going to be crucial, the 22nd, just two weeks before election day on november 3rd. >> well, we're going to see more fireworks. i think that the president's in a tough position in the sense that he knows he came out of the last debate being the one who appeared to interrupt joe biden a lot more. people didn't like that. and at the same time, will the moderators ask the questions that president trump needs to be prosecuted in the debate, such as what's the story with hunter biden. i think that trump is going to go for it regardless because he's got no choice. he's coming from behind and he's going to have to score points. biden on the other hand probably going to be pretty much the same. i doubt this is going to be a less feisty debate than the last one. maria: well, look, hope any
6:42 am
we'll get some substantive questions and not what is qanon, which most people have no idea what she was talking about. mark, we'll keep watching of course and get your insights throughout. good to see you this morning, sir. be sure to join us a week from today, "mornings with maria" will be going live an hour early at 5:00 a.m. eastern. we want to break down the second presidential debate. it's going to be all the talk of the town. we'll be here, beginning at 5:0. don't miss us, coming up next friday, october 23rd. coming up, what is most important to voters right now, the latest polling shows how president trump and former vice president joe biden are stacking up. we're going to take a look. then frequent fliers getting a taste of home of, one airline bringing its food to grocery stores, it's making a buzz this morning. you're watching "mornings with maria" live on fox business. what if i sleep hot? ...or cold?
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well planned, well invested, well protected. voya. be confident to and through retirement. maria: welcome back. we have breaking news, and this is what has turned the markets around. shares of pfizer are higher by better than 1%. it announced that it could apply for u.s. emergency use of its covid-19 vaccine candidate being developed along with biontech as soon as a safety milestone is achieved in the third week of november. we know that this emergency use is one of the priorities for these companies. president trump told us last week that emergency use approval from the fda will likely happen soon for regeneron and for eli lilly. pfizer telling us they're going to apply for that emergency use
6:47 am
in the third week of of november. the election now is just 18 days away. a new national poll shows democratic nominee joe biden holds an 11 point lead over president trump. other polls show a tight race in the battleground state of ohio. in georgia, biden leads president trump by 51 to 44%. it's been almost three decades since a democrat carried that state in a presidential election. let's talk about the stakes right now with the professor of political science at stoneybrook university. the last time we spoke to you, you told me you thought it was going to be a he resounding win by president trump. your reaction to the polls right now? what are you seeing in terms of the state of play. >> thank you very much. glad to be back with you, maria. i know the polls are not looking very good for trump. i can't deny that.
6:48 am
and all i can say is that this is very much in the same way it felt four years ago that trump was trailing hillary clinton nationally, he trailed her in the battleground states and so my feeling is that if the polls haven't learned much from what happened the last time, i think it's very likely that we'll see again what happened then, plus as you discussed in your previous segment, the scandal coming up about joe biden very much sort of the same kind of dynamic that happened four years ago with hillary clinton's e-mail problems sort of surfacing at that time again. and so i see parallels between now and then and trump is just a candidate, a president who the polls have a hard time getting a
6:49 am
handle on. maria: so you make a lot of good points, this does feel like a deja vu. the corruption we're learning about from the buy dense reminds me of -- bidens reminds me of the clinton foundation and taking money from foreign governments while she's a sitting secretary of state. is it resonating on the people? do you still believe that donald trump wins this election? >> well, i do, because i have a sort of system of -- a way of looking at the elections that has proved very well in the past and that's the kind of success they gives me confidence that it will work again. every election has a lot of unique things happening. and the fact that donald trump did not have a challenge and joe biden had a very difficult time
6:50 am
early on, that he got his footing but i think it tells me that in the end that donald trump will prove to be the stronger candidate and that things that are coming up that donald trump will have a better handle on them than joe biden. maria: certainly i think that's what the markets are telling us. as i've said many times, it's really unlikely markets would be trading so close to record territory if there weren't an expectation that these policies stay in place. let me switch gears and ask you about china and in particular china and russia have been elected to the united nations human rights council, this happened earlier this week. what a joke. the council is responsible for, quote, the promotion and protection of all human rights around the globe. the decision facing opposition from activist groups saying china is carrying out forced labor and other human rights
6:51 am
abuses of the uyghurs and other minorities populations. i want to show you the pictures. they were shot in 2018. it clearly shows this population of people handcuffed, blindfolded, in camps. they call these reeducation camps. some people call them a lot worse than that. the trump administration pulled the u.s. out of this council in 2018. in retrospect, seeing they're putting china on the un human rights abuses council, obviously a good idea that the u.s. decided to leave. >> i think so. i certainly think it's a mockery of the u.n. and, i mean, the question is how much will this be quoted in the campaign. i haven't heard anything yet. i don't think people have heard about it. maria: helmut, thank you. thank you. the visionary lexus nx.
6:52 am
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plus, 0% interest for 48 months. ends monday. maria: welcome back. time for the morning buzz. first up, air a line food not just for flying. if you have a taste for travel, this could be just for you. fin air is selling airplane ready meals in grocery stores, based on the airline's business class offerings. james, are you a fan of airline food? james: it sounds delicious, right? you know, maria, there's so much depressing news out there, the biden family corruption is the story the last few days but this story's a reminder that life keeps getting better. people used to make jokes about airport and airline food and now it's so good, you want to eat it even when you're not on the airplane. maria: yeah. there you go. how about this. miss piggy makeup, the muppet
6:56 am
has her own makeup line now, the miss piggy collection launched yesterday, it includes six products, such as lipstick, blush, other cosmetic tools, it's part of the vip, very important pig collection. all products can be found at sephora stores. are you buying? dagen: absolutely. i'm going for the who, moi lipstick. people often call me miss piggy on twitter and social media because they think that's offensive. they think it's an insult. she is a feminine icon. i will leave you with this quote. i don't care what you think of me, unless you think i'm awesome, in which case you are right. to all the haters, you know where to stick it. maria: yeah, you know where to stick it. i love it. quick break and then still ahead we are investigating corruption this morning. former white house chief
6:57 am
strategist steve bannon is here on the potential wrong doing by joe biden's son, hunter biden. next hour, right here. "mornings with maria" is live on fox business. ♪ don't call me name, don't call me. ♪ alejandro. ♪ knowing who we are is hard. it's hard. eliminate who you are not first, and you're going to find yourself where you need to be. ♪ the race is never over. the journey has no port.
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then proceeded to wave goodbye to value, printing unlimited amounts of money as they passed the buck to the future. that's why it's time for digital currency and your investment in the grayscale funds. go digital. go grayscale. maria: welcome back. good friday morning, everybody. thanks so much for joining us. tgif. i'm maria bartiromo. it is friday, october 16. your top stories right now, 7:0. we are now 18 days away from election 2020. last night both president trump and joe biden took place in dueling town halls on separate networks, a combative night for the president while one of the biggest stories of the week was not even mentioned for the former vice president. house minority whip steve scalise and ohio congressman tim ryan are here to discuss all things election at 8:00 this morning. fox news obtained more e-mails that showed hunter biden was
7:01 am
seeking deals with china, trying to cash in on his father's position while his father was the sitting vice president. this as big tech remains under fire for blocking user access to this story. they will not disseminate it. coming up to discuss, former white house chief strategist, steve bannon, and parler's ceo coming up to discuss. we are standing by for retail sales this morning of. they're out at 8:30 a.m. eastern. futures are higher going into it because of pfizer, futures are up 59 points on the dow industrials, nasdaq up 23, s&p up 5 and three quarters. a complete reversal of fortune this morning after pfizer announced its plan to apply for emergency use of the covid-19 vaccine in november. that pushed markets higher and reversed earlier losses. yesterday, the markets finished in the red. here too, they were off of the session lows at 4:00 on wall street yesterday with the dow industrials down 20 of, nasdaq down 54 and s&p lower by 5 points. the state of real estate, who is
7:02 am
leading the push to flee big cities like new york to make a home in the suburbs. we will talk about it. plus, keep watching the skies, the best places to live for ufo of enthusiasts making a buzz this morning. "mornings with maria" is live right now. european markets this morning have also turned positive. take a look. fq100 up 83, cac is up 78 right now and the dax index higher by 115. here too reversing earlier losses. overnight in asia more of a mixed story. best performer overnight in asia was hong kong, it was up almost 1% on the hang seng index. some of the top stories we're watching this morning. a stark contrast between president trump and joe biden's dueling town halls last night. president trump was grilled and interrupted for the first 20 minutes by moderator savannah guthrie. the nbc host pressing the president on the pandemic, on qanon and white supremacy. >> you didn't ask joe biden
7:03 am
whether or not he denounces antifa. i watched him on the same basic show with lester holt. and he was asking questions like biden was a child. maria: meanwhile, over at abc, george stephanopoulos took a more relaxed approach with joe biden, all he needed was the white gloves. not once was the former vp asked about the new york post bombshell reporting on his son hunter biden's e-mails and trying to cash in on his father. biden still did not fully answer a question about packing the court either. watch. >> if i say -- no matter what answer i gave you, if i say it, that's the headline tomorrow. it won't be about what's going on now, the improper way they're proceeding. >> don't voters have a right to know where you stand. >> they do have a right to know where i stand. they'll know where i stand before they vote. >> you'll come out with a clear position before election day. >> yes. maria: the candidates are
7:04 am
expected to square off in person next week in nashville on october 22nd. fox news obtained several more e-mails raising questions about hunter biden's dealings with china, reportedly sending e-mails about remuneration packages that would be interesting for me and my family, mentioning payments for six people in a business deal, seeking 10 of million dollars including payment for, quote, the big guy. the senate homeland security committee is investigating the validity of the e-mails and a group of house republicans have sent a letter to christopher wray demanding answers, why has the fbi been sitting on these e-mails and we didn't get them from the fbi sooner than this. the senate judiciary committee is moving quickly meanwhile to issue a subpoena to twitter ceo jack dorsey after twitter blocked this news, blocked thest set of new york post articles about joe biden's son, they're blocking it from being shared on the platform.
7:05 am
twitter said that they have new policies to deal with stories that deal with hacking or stolen information. they will not disseminate the story. yesterday, twitter suffered an outage that affected users for a couple hours. the company said users were -- it was a software issue and there was no evidence of a hack, it told users. bombshell e-mails from hunter biden, fox news obtaining these e-mails overnight. they show links between the former vice president's son and his dealings in ukraine and china as he was accepting money from those foreign governments. >>.those e-mails describe a lasg and lucrative arrangement involving china's largest energy company. i spoke with former new york city mayor, rudy giuliani about these e-mails yesterday. he said the former vice president was certainly involved. >involved. rudy, what do you think is most damaging in these e-mails? >> there's no question this money is for joe biden. he's being bribed. massive bribes for joe biden. so in the case of ukraine, he
7:06 am
was bribed in order to fix the case on ba burisma. in the case of china he was bribed to go nice and soft on china which he's done for five, six years. maria: joining me right now is former white house chief strategist, steven bannon. it's great to have you this morning. thank you so much for being here. we've been talking about this potential corruption for a while. what is your reaction to what we've learned? >> well, it's very simple. this story is not about hunter biden. it's about joe biden. it's about how joe biden's lied to the american people. he's lied about this for years. and on the debate stage with president trump, when president trump called him out, he lied to the american people again on nation nail tv. the mainstream -- national tv. george stephanopoulos didn't want to go near this story last night. it's the biggest story in the world, on the biden's corruption, on access to biden, on biden's lies, with biden's relationship, direct financial relationships, about the fbi and
7:07 am
about social media and really mainstream media pulling guard for him. abc did not want to touch this. you can tell the mainstream media, social media, they are petrified. this story has stopped any momentum that joe biden had. biden campaign does not know how to answer it. they've not questioned really the validity of the e-mails. the new york post today and a actually ran a sympathetic story or em pathetic story about hunter biden. the story's about joe biden. this story's about joe biden's lies and joe biden as a national security issue. joe biden right now couldn't get a security clearance. he couldn't get a confidential security clearance. given what we know of his lies, misrepresentations and his involvement with the chinese communist party, let's leave burisma aside. tucker carlson broke huge news about that. all the e-mails are coming out. let's leave ukraine and russia aside for a second. look at the chinese communist party. joe biden was in charge of the pivot to asia. he brags about that.
7:08 am
the relationship when xi came to the u.s. and signed the deals that never worked out, the cyber intrusion, which was a disaster, the nonmilitaryization of the south china sea, that's joe biden. people have to understand the scale of the buried lead in the new york post stories, the scale of the involvement. this goes from a $10 million year consulting deal, 10 of million dollars a year for hunter, to a joint venture that this dirty energy company that's in bankruptcy is going to fully finance a direct company owned by the chinese communist party an the pla is going to fully finance, joe biden is going to get 10 of% o 10% of the equity. the family gets 80%, negotiate back to 50%. this would be hundreds of millions of dollars if not billions of dollars in trading revenue, in trading profits for them. so this story is massive and here's the thing. joe biden has a set record of lying about this, direct lies. no involvement, my son did nothing wrong, i have nothing to
7:09 am
do here. now we have him in business with one of the worst companies in the world, the worst people. the guy they made the deal which has been taken by chinese authorities. many people think he's dead. we know he's either in prison or dead. patrick ho was in federal prison and has been extradited back to hong kong. it's financed by a dirty regime. that's who joe biden is in business with. if you look throughout the world, this story, particularly in asia, this story's on fire because they know this is how the chinese communist party compromises people. joe biden can't be pratt of the united states. -- president of the united states. he can't be commander in chief. he's been compromised by our greatest energy, the country that put forward the ccp virus that basically killed a million people in the world. now you know why joe biden took their side in january. biden took the beijing line, that's nativeist, why did he
7:10 am
take it they're in business with him. they finance him. this is how the chinese communist party compromised him. maria: the global times came out, this is state run media, and they already endorsed joe biden. but you're right to focus on china because this has real national security implications. we know from all of the indictments that we saw just this year that the chinese communist party's strategy is getting inside, getting inside of a company, getting inside of academia. the head of the chemistry department at harvard, these embassies that are spy centers. they're very strategic in stealing technology, stealing intellectual property from within and they tried to do that with the biden family, obviously. >> they've done this in australia, they've done it in the united kingdom. this is how the chinese communist party works. they infiltrated wall street with financing corporations, the political class. joe biden is a classic example of their influence peddling and money laundering. this is how they do it. joe biden's on the payroll of
7:11 am
the chinese communist party. his family, and particularly the guy that ought to be looked at is not hunter biden, the guy to be looked at is brother james. he sold access to joe biden. but the bottom line for people should be how can you elect somebody who lied to you with a straight face and happens to be a business partner of the existential threat to the united states of america and to the chinese people. remember, people should keep thinking, all this money came from the chinese people. the chinese people are treated as slave labor by the chinese communist party, the deplorables of china, that's their money. don't tell me joe biden's nice joe from scranton. what he did is took the money of the chinese people, was going to make tens if not hundreds of millions of dollars himself. he could not get a security clearance today. the fbi -- bernie sanders ought to be outraged. if the fbi had come forward when they first had the hard drive in november and december of 2019, two things would have happened. president trump would never have
7:12 am
been impeached. the whole country could have focused on the ccp virus that came in january. he would never have been impeached. bernie sanders would be the nominee in the democratic party. this is the second time the fbi covered for the elite. maria: you're hitting on something and that is this enormous amount of resistance that this president continues to face. it's the fbi protecting biden, sitting on these e-mails. they had these e-mails. we had to get it from the computer guy after he brought in the computer to check his laptop and these were found. also, the media, not a question from george stephanopoulos last night. they've been censoring this issue. now the senate is getting involved. republicans on the senate judiciary committee planning to subpoena twitter ceo jack dorsey after the company blocked users from sharing the post articles, including the personal accounts of kayleigh mcenany. twitter says it's changing the hacked material policy. steve, from the inside of government, like the fbi to the
7:13 am
outside and media, these are the challenges this president faces even in the face of serious wrongdoing from his opponent. >> this is -- look, in '16 the issue was the managed decline of our country by our elites. that's still the same issue today. the same group of elites don't mind being in business with the chinese communist party. that's why this is a national security issue. the president to me should call christopher wray to the white house today and say look, we have a national security problem. when you have hard evidence in e-mails and documents and handwritten notes and financial statements, you have hard document -- evidence that a guy that wants to be commander in chief has a business relationship that he's denied and lied about consistently with the chinese communist party, right, and this doesn't even talk about the $1.5 billion private equity fund. this is a whole separate deal. when he's done that, that has to be brought to the american people's attention. democrats in the primaries should have known that and the american people have to know this and abc has to hammer this
7:14 am
and how can facebook and twitter sit there and say it's hacked material? hunter biden's lawyers, we have e-mails that have come to us, it's not hacked materials. it's the hard drive of hunter biden's computer. the lawyer doesn't refute that this is hard evidence. and they are trying to be a guard for joe biden. that's what this has turned out to be and that's why i think it's killed joe biden momentum. people are taking a look at biden and sitting there going this guy can't be straight about anything. he's not nice joe from scranton. he's from wilmington, tells wear. es been the concierge to global corporations. he sells access to himself for big money and sells access to the worst people in the world. maria: do you think this is resonating with the public? is this going to be an item for the election? >> i tell you what, there's so much more to come out of, i don't think psychologically joe biden is going to be able to handle what's going to come out.
7:15 am
he's not going to be able to handle it. the american people are going to notice that joe biden is a liar. maria: steve, we'll keep talking about it with you. thank you so much. steve bannon, former white house chief strategist. stay with us. we'll be right back.
7:16 am
7:17 am
7:18 am
maria: welcome back. time for the word on wall street, top investors watching your money this week. joining me right now is allie mccartney, mike murphy and francis newton stacy. great to see everybody this morning. thank you for being here. first up, investors are waiting on september retail sales due out in just over an hour. this is expected to see a gain of 7/10 of a percent for the month of september that would be up from august's 6/10 of a percent and up from the estimate, which is 5/10 of of a percent. mike murphy, how important is this number? is this a market mover? >> i think it could be, maria. good morning. i think the big news is the jobs front. you know, more people are
7:19 am
getting back to work. americans are doing what americans do. we recover. we have the massive selloff from the pandemic and people, the country was shut down. now people are out and they're spending money. they're spending it in different places, though. they're spending it on their homes, furniture and renovations. as a proxy for that, if you look at the stock of fed ex, the stock price has gone up 100% since may as more and more people are shopping online. i'm not that concerned. as long as there are jobs out there and the presiden trump administration is getting jobs back, as long as they're out there people will go out and they're going to spend money. maria: i like the idea that you're looking at fed ex as an indicator. that's a good indicator, really. it's a busy week for financial a earnings of course. wrapping up today. last hour we heard from bank of new york melon reporting a double beat. what's your sense of the earnings so far and a how how important has the performance of the banks been in terms of giving us a window into what's going on out there?
7:20 am
>> hi, maria. so look, earnings are coming in, we're at the beginning of the season but earnings are coming in with a beat of about 20%. average beat quarterly earnings are about 3%. so what does that mean? it means we grossly underestimated the resilience largely of the consumer economy and companies are doing fairly well. so we've upped our earnings slightly for this year, still puts us at a negative 21% year over year. we increased them slightly for next year on the s&p front. what that means is we're assuming the value and cyclical he rotation that we've seen is the beginning of a longer term trade. whether it will happen in the next six to eight weeks as we go through the election, not sure. but it will certainly happen in the next six to nine months. so i'm telling my clients to be invested in smaller and mid-cap companies, mega techs have led us out of this. these are going to come as due
7:21 am
mrgdpgrowth return. stay in the u.s. stay out of europe. their structural and second wave virus issues are going to continue to cause trouble. maria: looks like there's a lot of flow going into names like netflix and i wondered if that was a bet on we're going to be at home for a lot longer. money coming out of green, like tesla. i wonder what you see in terms of the flows. real quick, allie. >> look, flows are going to continue to stay in the safe trades which are the structural, stay at home names. you mentioned fed ex earlier, right. so that's a play on the goods economy. we have to remember that people are going to stay safe in those megginmega cap names. maria: real quick on technology, weighing on the nasdaq yesterday, francis. what's next for this sector? a lot of moving parts here, particularly if we see legislation to take away those
7:22 am
social media protections. >> oh, absolutely, maria. i mean, the thing is, this has been the stay at home play for two reasons. number one, people are at a home using technology. number two, more importantly, the balance sheets are very, very strong in a time where we have a little bit of uncertainty still about covid. we went down yesterday and closed the gap from the 9, so from a technical perspective if we can hold these levels, get back above 11, 875, we have upward momentum in place. maria: we will leave it there. aallie, mike, francis newton stacy, thank you so much. aaah! only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty. ♪
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sure it's secure. and even if the power goes down, your connection doesn't. so how do i do this? you don't do this. we do this, together. bounce forward, with comcast business. introducing the new sleep number 360 smart bed. now temperature balancing, so you can sleep better together. can it help keep me asleep? absolutely, it intelligently senses your movements and automatically adjusts to keep you both effortlessly comfortable. can it help with snoring? i've never heard snoring. exactly. no problem ...and done. so you can really promise better sleep? not promise... prove. it's our weekend special. save up to $1,000 on the new sleep number 360 smart bed and adjustable base. plus, 0% interest for 48 months. ends monday. maria twitter and facebook ag tech billionaires don't get to censor political speech and actively interfere in the election. that's what they're doing right now. and so on tuesday the judiciary committee, the full committee, will be voting on subpoenas to
7:26 am
subpoena jack dorsey to come before our committee. maria: that was senator ted cruz yesterday on gop lawmakers' decision to subpoena twitter ceo jack dorsey over of twitter's blocking of the report on hunter biden. twitter users couldn't post the links to the articles at all, saying it was a potential violation of twitter policy regarding hacked materials. twitter has since changed the policy following backlash. all morning long, dagen mcdowell and james freeman, this is a big story, dagen. your reaction? dagen: this is much -- this goes to the freedoms, not just in the first amendment, but what our democracy is and represents, what's the line, democracy dies in darkness. no, democracy dies at the hands of left wing liberal technology oligarchs. twitter literally silenced one of the largest newspapers in the
7:27 am
nation, propping up their preferred presidential candidate and also trying to cover up what is clearly a damaging piece or articles about joe biden and his family. the wall street journal, and james can talk about this, has a great editorial today on this. this is a tweet that was out there from the former ceo of twitter that he has since deleted because of course that's what they do. they can't stand up for what they actually say. he tweeted this a few ago. me first capitalists who think you can separate society from business are going to be the first people lined up against the wall and shot in the revolution. i'll happily provide video commentary. so that's what they represent. maria: wow. james? james: terrible, thanks, dagen. maria: shot, really? james: appalling. these companies need to get out of the business of deciding what
7:28 am
we're allowed to see in terms of news, which political ideas we're allowed to learn about. this policy which twitter says it's rewriting, a big problem with it was not just the policy itself but the dishonest way it was applied. they said it was to prevent unauthorized disclosures but of course any leak that's not favorable to donald trump is widely shared on twitter and they have obviously been fine with that. so i think they need to get back to the role for which they got some legal protection, which is take down criminal activity, take down jihadi videos, take down child porn offin porn pornu allow americans to debate in political debate. they need to get out of the business of interrupting that. dagen: can i really quickly say this? maria: i want to say, by the way, we talk about the social
7:29 am
media companies. i don't want to give cnn a break here. you haven't seen this on cnn. this was not on the top stories from the new york times' report that they send out daily. you didn't see it on a lot of other stations. it did not come up when george stephanopoulos had joe biden right in front of him. dagen, i want to throw that out. we talk about social media. let's not forget mainstream media. they too are obstructing by not disseminating this story. dagen: i want to read something that amy coney barrett said on tuesday during her confirmation hearing, when asked about why the protections of free speech and the first amendment are so important. so that minority viewpoints can't be squashed. so that it's not just the majority that can speak popular views. you don't really need the first amendment, if what you're saying is something that everybody wants to hear. you need it when people are trying to silence you. maria: there you go. well said. quick break and then exposing
7:30 am
wrongdoing is our lead. georgia congressman doug collins is here on the hunter biden corruption report and social media's censorship. and changing the classics, disney's new message for some of the most well-known movies. it's making a buzz this morning. you're watching "mornings with maria," live on fox business. before money, people traded goods.
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soon people decided to put all that value into a piece of paper, then proceeded to wave goodbye to value, printing unlimited amounts of money as they passed the buck to the future. that's why it's time for digital currency and your investment in the grayscale funds. go digital. go grayscale. maria: welcome back. good friday morning, everybody. thanks so much for joining us. i'm maria bartiromo. it is friday, october 16th. a look at markets, 7:33 a.m. on the east coast. we're looking at a rally underway this morning, good news from pfizer had the markets reverse course. the nasdaq is up 60, s&p 500 up 10 o10 and a quarter. we're standing by for retail sales numbers out for the month of september, out at 8:30 a.m. eastern. pfizer's plan to apply for emergency use of its coop covidn november, that reversed the course for the markets.
7:34 am
pfizer shares are up and the rest of the market following suit. we are also expecting emergency use of approval for regeneron as well as eli lilly. yesterday markets were in the red, well off the session lows at the close. dow industrials were down 19, nasdaq lower by 54, s&p 500 down 5 and a third points yesterday. we have news from the u.k., u.k. prime minister boris johnson said he is now preparing for a no deal exit from the european union. in other words, they will break away from the european union without a new free trade deal in place. we know that the united states wants to do a deal direct with the u.k. fq100 is up 76, the dax higher by 120. more than 15 150 business and nonprofit groups are calling on president trump to withdraw an executive order that puts a limit on diversity training. cheryl casone with details now. cheryl: that is right. the group sent a letter to the white house yesterday saying the order creates confusion and
7:35 am
hinders employers from combating workplace discrimination and could lead to unwarranted complaints or investigations. the president's executive order prohibits federal agencies, companies with federal contracts or federal grant recipients from participating in trading that, quote, promotes race or sex stereotyping or scapegoating. coronavirus infections are on the rise for the eighth time this month with more than 50,000 new infections yesterday while researchers say it's too early to identify a cause, many point to colder temperatures and more relaxed social distancing as possible reasons. white house advisor dr. anthony fauci announced he will not gather with his family for thanksgiving amid the pan h pan, keeping with the cdc guidelines. despite all of this, several industries are surprisingly seeing a hiring boom amid the pandemic. jobs in mortgage services on the
7:36 am
rise as low interest rates lead millions of americans to refinance or buy new homes. cloud computing seeing a spike in hiring as more people are online. two high end brands are helping boost sales in a luxury slump. lvmh saw strong growth in the third quarter, revenue rose 12% compared to a year ago. sales of hennessey cognac held steady. revenue was pulled down with a drop in celebrations and air travel which hurts the champagne side of business. finally, this. peloton is recalling 27,000 bike pedals due to a defect that causes them to break off at the axle. so far, the fitness brand receive 120 reports of broken pedals and 16 injuries. it applies to clip-in bike pedals. they were placed on bikes that
7:37 am
were sold between july of 2013 and may of 2016. i can't remember if you use the clip-ins but if you do, you are a braver woman than i am. maria: no. you know, i don't, cheryl. they have clip-ins on my peloton but i always just put my sneakers on top and i don't use them. i was always worried about them. that's why the story struck me today. i've always been worried about the clip-in pedals. i don't like those. cheryl, thank you. it was a tale of two town halls last night for sure. president trump and joe biden holding very different town halls last night. president trump was getting grilled and interrupted for the first 20 minutes of the nbc town hall by moderator savannah guthrie. she grilled the president on a variety of topics like white supremacy and the pandemic. joe biden, however, was not even asked once by abc's george stephanopoulos about the new york post's bombshell report this week that showed his son,
7:38 am
hunter's e-mails that showed he was trying to cash in on his father as vice president and accepting money from the ukraine and well as from china. joining me right now is georgia congressman, house judiciary committee member, doug collins. it's allstate a pleasure to -- always a pleasure to see. first, lets' talk about the debates last night. your take-away. >> i didn't know savannah guthrie was running for president. i out she was there to moderate a town hall. instead, looks like she's a third party candidate for president. she wanted to debate the president. that's not the job of a journalist. i don't know what to say about stephanopoulos. he reverted back to clinton days of press secretary. really, to call himself a journalist after that last night and not even ask about one of the most pivotal things that you and i and many others have talked about, that's hunter biden's and joe biden's connection to burisma. we know. jaredjoe biden lied when hesaide
7:39 am
burisma folks. everything is falling apart for them. mainstream and social media are ignoring it. it's an amazing morning to wake up in america. maria: let's go through some of the e-mails. in one of the e-mails it goes through a list of people who are getting a stake, money, in this company, burisma, and then at the end of it it says 10 held by h for the big guy. what does that mean? the big guy? >> wow, isn't that a great thing to actually investigate. for those of us who have been saying that the real quid pro quo, is quid pro quo joe in this issue, this is what we need to investigate. for the american people, who have been hearing from what we've been saying, i've been saying, you've been saying, about how the investigation needs to go on, to find out the e-mails exist, to find out there may be more connection to some big guy we're talking about now is a travesty. i want to mention something, maria. we talked about this before.
7:40 am
i said it over a month and-a-half ago, almost two months ago. chris wray needs to resign. the fbi had these e-mails last december when i was fighting the sham impeachment. they had these e-mails when we were bringing up the quid pro quo that joe biden did, they had these e-mails. it's time for chris wray to resign. i'm tired of the fbi slow walking the investigations that congress has asked for. maria: well, i mean, you're right. christopher wray has been sitting on e-mails. you and your colleagues have been demanding these e-mails so that the american people could actually have a clear understanding of what took place. but they're not releasing the. mails. same with gina haspel at the cia. what are they worried about? who are they protecting that gina haspel is stopping the dissemination of these important documents that you and your colleagues, he devin nunes has been asking for for months. >> yes. i mean, devin, jim, jordan, myself, matt gates, we all have. what i've become concerned about is these folks are more
7:41 am
concerned about protecting their agency than they are about protecting the american people. that has to stop. when you have department heads who are more concerned about the reputation of their agencies than they are about my rights and your rights and the truth being told to the american people, it's time for cleaning house. the last time we had to do this was in the '70s when the intelligence community was used and our of justice department was being used in ways that were not good for american citizens. it's time to make sure we have proper controls. they have proven that under this administration they're willing to slow walk stuff that they don't want people to know. i'm tired of it. it's amazing to me that every time an onion layer is peeled back, having the mainstream media consider it sit criticizen of us is proving true. i'm ready for the mainstream media to report what they should report. if ivanka, eric, they have done
7:42 am
what he did, it would be reported. maria: tucker carlson did a look the other night of hunter biden's homes and the luxurious homes that he owns across the country. he's been a senator and in government for 47 years. what's the salary. i mean, to afford all of these homes. you know, tucker was just questioning it. bottom line, congressman, what are you going to do about it? i mean, is this res 2345eu resoh the people, is this going to be an issue for the election and what are you and your colleagues doing to ensure that the american people understand what took place here? >> we're going to keep doing what we've been doing, talking with you. i'm going to be on social media when they don't censor me. section 230 is gone and they're the reason for it. we have to tell the american people by any means necessary. i do believe it will have an effect on this election. maria: congressman, good to see you this morning. doug collins, always a pleasure. be sure to join us a week from
7:43 am
today, "mornings with maria" will be going on an hour earlier at 5:00 a.m. eastern. we will break down the second presidential debate. you don't want to miss it. join us next week at this time beginning at 5:00 a.m. back in a minute. stay with us.
7:44 am
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7:47 am
the upside, the exit of so many families could create more buying opportunities for younger new yorkers who want to buy at better prices in new york. joining me right now is don peebles. great to see you. thanks very much for joining us. we talked about what's going on in new york now for a while. how do you believe new york will look different in the coming several years? >> it will become more affordable because as you just pointed out more young families, millennials, are leaving new york city, especially those with children, to the suburbs, looking for a quality of life, looking for consistent performing public education system for their kids and also they are lowering their cost significantly and that's a big thing because sending kids to private schools in new york is a 30 to $50,000 a year aftertax experience per kid. so what that is doing, though, is it's creating extensive vacancies across all neighborhoods in the city and
7:48 am
that will in turn reduce prices for condos and co-ops but also reduce rent significantly. so i think that means that new york becomes more affordable and new york city especially manhattan gets younger. maria: yeah, but when, don? i mean, we talked about the cycle that's taking place right now where you have people leaving, not only because of the pandemic and this desire for the suburbs, but also because they're afraid, don, they're you afraid for their families, the security issues, the looting, the protests, you know, that's one of the issues. so when do you think that you're going to see a younger new york? how long does this cycle take? >> i think a number of years, as we've talked about before. the quality of life in new york city has diminished significantly and rapidly. and that has to do with the cleanliness of the city and of course public safety. the reduction of funding for the police department of a billion dollars takes away from
7:49 am
neighborhood policing and other important elements that keep the city safe. and then also, new york has to reopen. the small businesses that have been closed, many will not reopen. many restaurants, estimates that half the restaurants will never reopen again. those are the magnets that attract people to come and want to live in new york and of course also many of the companies that have closed and have worked remotely, had their workers remotely, are going to do it permanently. they're certainly going to have 100% remote working or 50% or 40% but there will be significant amounts of that. that will reduce demand as well. so it will take new york city about -- i believe about a decade to come out of this because it's going to be a perpetuating aspect because the tax base is shrinking very rapidly and deficits are increasing and the current government has not shown any willingness to reduce any of the costs to operate the city and/or
7:50 am
to think strategically about where they spend the money. so i do think it's going to take about 10 years. maria: the big real estate companies, if you've got academia, for example, needing less space, you've got major corporations needing less space, the commercial real estate is going to take a serious hit. retail as well, they're renting the space within commercial real estate. we're getting retail sales out today. what are you expecting for brick and mortar? >> well, i think brick and mortar in new york city is in serious trouble and i believe is dead for all intents and purposes in big box retail and significantly, and i mean significantly reduced for just the smaller retail. madison avenue is a good example. it's one of the most successful retail corridors in the city and prices to buy buildings there that include retail were about
7:51 am
$7,500 per square foot about seven years ago. this week, a sale took place at $1,350 a square foot. so you can see a significant decline, that's about an 80% decline in values. those reductions in valuations will lead to significant foreclosures and we'll start seeing that in the coming months as well. and so i think that that outlook is not good either. maria: and of course, the smaller tax base, lower revenue means less money going to the city which means that's going to affect social services, so there's this cycle that just gets worse and worse when you've got this situation playing out the way you assess. don, it's always a pleasure to see you. please come back soon. thanks so much. don peebles joining us. we'll be right back. stay with us.
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7:55 am
maria: welcome back. time for the morning buzz. keep watching the skies from your backyard, real estate marketplace i sold my house dot-com is out with a list of the top cities to buy a home where you're most likely to spot, get this, a ufo. topping the list, myrtle beach, south carolina, followed by columbus, ohio, and philadelphia, dagen, there you go. dagen: you might see a lot odd things from myrtle beach but they won't be from outer space. a lot of men wearing flip flops. i don't know why anybody would want to live somewhere that aliens might land from outer space. go back and watch independence day or mars attacks. it's not going to end well. maria: yeah. well, there's a new film out,
7:56 am
actually, phenomenon, that i want to watch. but the reason i keep mentions ufos is because the department of defense formed this new body to investigate what it calls unidentified aerial phenomenon, to report sightings of what most people call ufos. it's fascinating. why? why is the department of defense doing this? next, this. a new content warning, disney plus adding a new 12 second disclaimer before films like dumbo and peter pan which contain racially insensitive scenes and characters. the message reads rather than remove this content we want to acknowledge its harmful impact, learn from it and spark conversation to create more inclusive future together. peter pan. james: yeah. you know, consumers may find that valuable. they also might want messages in front of a line of current movies saying this is going to offend your values. other than cooking shows and a
7:57 am
home improvement there's not a lot of family friendly programming 0:ott there. maria: still ahead, 2020 in perspective. james: if they're looking for intelligent life, come to new jersey. maria: still ahead, 2020 perspective from capitol hill. i'll talk with congressman steve scalise and tim ryan on how their parties feel with the election just 18 days away. we'll get the state of play, next. .
7:58 am
7:59 am
8:00 am
. maria: welcome back. good friday morning thanks sko much for joining us happy friday to you i am maria bartiromo. friday, october 16, top stories 8:00 a.m. on the east coast, countdown to 2020 now election is just 18 short days away. last night both president trump and joe biden took place in dueling town halls on separate networks cop at
8:01 am
aboutive, steve scalise ohio congressman tim ryan here joining me to discuss the state of play for the 2020 race, fox news obtaining more e-mails, show joe biden's son hunter biden seeking deals with china while father was vice president,trying to carb o in on father's influence this as big stek remains under fire for blocking user access to the story parler founder ceo is here to discuss technology censorship standing by retail sales out in about 30 minutes time take a look a look at futures into the number, dow industrials up 69 nasdaq up 58 s&p 500 higher 8 points news from pfizer this morning reversed weaker markets earlier, now we've got a gain pfizer plan to apply for emergency use, of covid-19 vaccine, in november. pushed markets higher yesterday markets finished in red but well off the session lows 4:00 on wall street dow industrials down 19 nasdaq lower by 54 s&p gave up 5
8:02 am
points, the fracking question. joe biden and kamala harris flip-flopped whether or not banned in biden administration we are investigating, wyoming senator john barrasso here with more on that. >> the pumpkin, prize winning pumpkin named after infamous netflix show making a buzz this morning. "mornings with maria" is live right now. maria: european markets this morning, are higher, as you see, ft 100 up 71 cac quarante up 70 the dax next up 122. here troo we saw a reversal earlier markets negative, we are looking at solid gains right now after uk boris johnson said he is preparing for a no deal brexit in other words, when uk leaves the eu, they will breakaway from european union without a new free trade deal in place, eu
8:03 am
commission steve saying, her negotiations teams will go to london next week to intensify the negotiations, they want a deal done, uk is saying it will leave without one, trump, joe biden meanwhile, squaring off in dulying town hall forums last night joe biden not full answering on court packing something dodged for weeks. . >> looks like they are going to have a vote around hool wean if they vote before election if they vote before election you are open to expanding the court? >> i am open to considering what happens from that point on. >> don't voters have a right to know -- >> they do have a right to snow they have a right to know where i stand before they vote. >> so you will come out with a clear position before election day. >> yes depending on how they handle this. maria: president trump getting grilled interrupted by savannah guthrie first 0 minutes that have town hall nbc host pressing on a variety of topics including propriety
8:04 am
supremacy. >> didn't ask joe biden whether or not he did he announces antifa i watched him he was answering questions like biden was a child. >> joining me right now louisiana congressman house minority whip steve scalise, also joining is ohio congressman house appropriations committee member, tim ryan a pleasure to see you both, thank you so much for being here, steve scalise kick us off here your reaction to what took place last night in these debating dueling town halls. >> the fact with weren't actually debate commission changed the rules after pence did a great job against kamala harris then the moderator of that debate scully discredited
8:05 am
would have been moderator had a tie to joe biden last night you saw on full display in terms of difference how media treat joe biden, our president donald trump you know you had to -- trump town hall yelling at president not letting him answer questions joe biden getting softball after softball without being asked about major scandal of the week that is twitter other social media platforms facebook banning directors of "new york post" article that exposed the corruption in china between hunter biden and joe biden, biden hasn't answer ford that just how closely tied were the two you wonder why biden not to have you on china because his son was profiting off it, lying to american people then you've got social media platforms blocking an article that expositions the whole scandal kind of -- president trump continuing to attack him don't let him even explain, the positions he is taking, and things that he has done to
8:06 am
help and fight for the american people. maria: congressman tim ryan same question for you, let me just say this congressman ryan you've been tough on china, you've been a jobs creator, you've been a moderate within your party let me ask you straightaway right here do you want to see democrats stack the supreme court. >> i don't think that is necessarily appropriate, but we want haven't had that conversation like joe biden said afterwards there are reforms we should talk about with supreme court it is basically a black box, let me just say always good to be with my buddy steve scalise in louisiana when i listened to you talk i know they play football in louisiana up in ohio the rep party trump apparatus right now is -- like not cheering for their team they are like -- saying how the refs are cheating social
8:07 am
media, media this, that trump is in deep trouble maria. he is pleading in the suburbs because of the way he behaves the way he handled the coronavirus, now, in my district which is not suburbia losing white class voters want to stop with chaos blame game having all conversations wrn supreme court when people are filing unemployment. people are ready to loss homes people are ready to get evicted this is crazy the republicans all they can do is try to push us supreme court nominee they are so out of touch, with what is going on on the ground that is why you are seeing these polls look like they look right now trump is in deep trouble. >> because, the white house -- the white house -- asked nancy pelosi to agree to 1.8 trillion-dollar stimulus package you can see that you know you are doing all this other stuff not surplus but it has been nancy pelosi, are go ahead congressman.
8:08 am
. >> yeah, maria i want to give a reality check to good friend, tim over there in ohio. there are a lot of people in ohio that would love a second round of paycheck protection, program loans forgivable that a you a bipartisan bill over 400 votes on house floor help small business dying on vine speaker pelosi is the one blocking that bill when you look what we tried to bring to the interior those kind ofbills what did speaker pelosi gi a week and a half ago to give 1200 dollar checks to people here illegally i don't think ohio value can't answer for packing the supreme court want to change third branch of government, the judicial branch there is to be a check on other branches, joe biden clearly wants to pack the court why he won't answer the question, yes or no question irliterally for completely rewriting the way the supreme court works case you don't like the make-up of it, or you are not. yes or no, he won't answer the
8:09 am
question means he wants to pack the court, just like fracking in ohio pencen pennsylvania any other state he says against "green new deal," "green new deal" on his web site "green new deal" bans fracking he is going to allow banning fracking otherwise wouldn't have it on his web site. . >> maria let's. maria: -- >> i have more fun on your show colleagues like steve want so bad to run against somebody who is not like joe biden dying for somebody that they can say wants to ban fracking, joe biden does not want to ban fracking, all the unions, are -- excuse me steve excuse me buddy all the unions that work at nuclear plants all you the unions that work in the natural gas industry have endorsed joe biden comfortable with his position around fracking, i have a the same position around fracking,
8:10 am
we have seeing our men and women in the building construction trade, bid for the last few years around the natural gas revolution, you want him to be against it will but the reality is he isn't workers are coming back home to joe biden, because he also going to take care of their pension, also going to make sure they have affordable health care, going to make sure when they want to send their kids to school, that it is affordable, while at the same time, we also have these construction trade workers, work, out as elective vehicle facility joe biden supports these guys it is easier to run against somebody would be against it you just can't do it in this election. maria: it is on his web site -- >> have kamala harris endorsed the "green new deal" that is against it congressman, so, you know -- >> is it kamala harris is not the top of the ticket joe biden is. and joe biden clear like i said you think all these unions are going to endorse joe biden if he was
8:11 am
antifracking? >>, of course -- >> it is the workers the workers support president trump, because he delivered for them started off with keystone pipeline going to be a really big benefit to union workers as well as to our energy economy, but, again, joe biden time and time again cuts a deal with bernie sanders turned policy over that is why it is on his web site it wouldn't be on his quite a bit if he was the for it you know that -- >> have endorsed president trump the police audience endorsed president trump they see him as law-and-order president, joe biden hasn't said much about, the looting, the protesting, the state of our cities. which are in bad shape. . >> go back look at speech in pittsburgh maria condemned violence on the left, condemned violence on the right, he is the person who can sit down with law enforcement, and civil rights groups take temperature down donald trump goes jet fuel on
8:12 am
these that is is where superbia is break to go biden people can't calmness decency want to take temperature down, joe biden is the person that is going to do that -- >> -- donald trump -- >> look it, if you want security, just look around, if there is chaos in the streets i hate to remind everybody donald trump is president right now look what is going on,. >> the democrat run cities where chaos is. maria: he did not denounce for a while that is the truth -- >> we've got to go. >> they said no. . >> look democrat mayors that allowed cities to get burned down when president trump days saying i will help you out send in troops, by the way, you know tim, the president can't just send troops the local governments have to ask for it, the states have to ask for it those democrat mayors said no stay out we want our
8:13 am
city to continue the burn down it was the president -- for law and order. >> directing money away from police, biden -- >> tim -- >> referee, bring blame referees blame democrats blame mayors blame governors blame referees. maria: the public will make their own judgment we are watching the situation tim ryan steve scalise thank you so much we'll be right back. we can spend a bit today, knowing we're prepared for tomorrow. wow, do you think you overdid it maybe? overdid what? well planned, well invested, well protected. voya. be confident to and through retirement.
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retire early and spend more time with his pal, peyton. and their new band. exactly! yeah. don't forget the band. i haven't.
8:16 am
. maria: social media censoring a bombshell story, reports both the "new york post" and fox news, detail hunter biden's e-mails links to china and russia how he accepted money from them, these reports were censored by major social media sites, facebook said it was slowing down, t
8:17 am
dissemination series questions about censorship why information is censored 1 days before flex flocking to services many flocking to alternative services like parler has four million you users joining me ceo foundere of parler, dagen mcdowell james freeman, great to see you. thanks very much for joining us first give your reaction, to what we're seeing here, people could not read the hunter biden story on twitter on facebook because social media giants do not want joe biden to look bad. . >>. >> maria ti, yes my reaction isn't really that of much shock, because, i think we all saw this coming, you know that is a lot of the reason we started this company not necessarily to support one particular candidate, over another but just to be a neutral platform a town square for discussion they were pretty clear early on after
8:18 am
2016, facebook, twitter google all these companies pretty clear they wanted to be publications, curating content to support favorite candidates involved in election parler said we are going to be completely neutral no fact-checking no removing content we don't like just simply what the first amendment says, solution oriented, design, so that is exactly what we did. and, what you are seeing doesn't surprise me at all. maria: let me ask you about section 230, this is the 230 section in the tell communication how do things change once they lose that protection looks where the senate is going on. >> well, section 230 is kind
8:19 am
of designed to prevent them from being liable for what people post. which is a good idea. very nice actually for parler too because we -- tech companies, including parler should not be liable for what people are posting the problem is that they are not acting in good faith, good faith would say letting people speak freely you are a tool for communication twitter and facebook google these companies made it very clear, that they are trying to curate content affect users trying to change their opinion telling they what they can factual about what they can have access to what they can't. frankly, that is a publication, that is what immediate media outlets do journalists do they can be sued for actions, where as these companies can't, so, you know i think there needs an example set where somebody pulled their 230 liability protection case frankly they don't deserve it not acting in
8:20 am
good faith they are bad faith actors. >> supposed to be bulletin boards where everybody's ideas on boards they have clearly taken a side they are trying to help joe biden. and that is that is the bottom line, one gs recently said look what happens to craigslist this it started getting sued a lot a shelf itself has a real impact. so that is really what i am trying to understand you, what is the impact to these companies, over the long term republicans on senate yeah committee planning to subpoena jack dorsey after companies blocked users from interest sharing articles including personalat of kayleigh mcenany her twitter blocked they say they no longer remove allegedly hacked content unless sharing by hackers or accomplices what do you think the most important questions
8:21 am
will be, when the senate hears from jack dorsey we are waiting on you know, how jack dorsey will react that subpoena expected to go out upcoming week. >> i think what is going to happen what has happened historically they are just going to deny bad faith point to policy if you notice policies only enforced against conservatives, not really enforced heavily against liberals really like to defend biden just going to go and say this is a policy we blanket apply it not getting much further than that you can see policies are not really affecting the other sides when you know there was no hacked policy, when president trump's tax returns were relief, right? these things are not fair. these are not fair at all. i am very curious to see -- frankly, the exemptions got to go for them. maria: don't get me started
8:22 am
on all the twitter stories about president trump colluding never taken down no mea culpas on that we know it with a as made-up story great to see you. thank you so much go to parler check out we'll be right back. because every day matters. and having more of them is possible with verzenio, the only one of its kind proven to help you live significantly longer when taken with fulvestrant, regardless of menopausal status. and it's the only one of its kind you can take every day. verzenio + fulvestrant is approved for women with hr+, her2- metastatic breast cancer whose disease has progressed after hormonal treatment. diarrhea is common, may be severe, or cause dehydration or infection. at first sign of diarrhea, call your doctor, start an anti-diarrheal, and drink fluids. before taking verzenio, tell your doctor if you have fever, chills, or other signs of infection.
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. maria: moments away from september retail sales numbers due out 8:30 a.m. eastern, this is expected to show a gain in retail sales 7/10 of one percent up from august, 6/10 of a percent increase better than a year ago, as well, dagen, your expectations for september in terms of retail activity. dagen: i want to say year-over-year number have, because for the month of
8:26 am
august, retail sales in a pandemic shutdown were up 2.6% from one year ago that speaks to the resiliency of the economy and the consumer. maria: i am glad you mentioned that a big number james, part of it, a lot of it was e-commerce. >> yeah amazing when you look at in big markets like new york, new jersey california, how many restrictions there still are, physical activities in the brick-and-mortar world, how we still get these what is coupled to be fifth straight month retail sales increase we will see what it is it tells you the only stimulus i think we need isiful reopening this economy is ready to roll. maria: absolutely, we got a market up going into retail sales number dow industrials up 80 slip in a break, breaking nice after shot break september retail sales on the other ide of this.
8:27 am
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maria: welcome back. good friday morning. thanks for joining us. i am maria bartiromo. friday, october 16, we are at 8:29 a.m. east coast we are in an hour away from the opening bell we are standing by, for breaking news, on retail sales, september retail sales expected to show a rise of 7/10 of a percent we are also expecting more commentary on where the buying has been, in the month of september markets moving up as we get this number about to hit tape 7/10 percent, cheryl casone right now with numbers. cheryl: we've got quite a number here, maria okay. so the estimate for month-over-month, was a gain .7 it came out 1.9 this is very strong number, i can tell you few reasons why let me give you that month-over-month if you strip out autos again strong back to school story estimate for half
8:31 am
a percent jumper came in 1.5% very strong numbers couple of thing here, as cars, parts, sales a gain 3.6%, then if you look at gasoline sales also strong 1 1/2%, for that, building materials food services all again strong, gain 1.4%, you strip out just gasoline component still come in again 1.9% so couple things in september because school reopenings pushed back expectation from economists in as you will see numbers stronger because of that, also, the home improvement category, durable goods, as i send back to you and table for relaxing a couple data points into this explains stronger performance for retail sales, is that auto dealerships a fwooig piece of this 20% last week i saw dedicate points labor statistics of that showed us that car and truck
8:32 am
prices those used cars and trucks that was a sales increase 6.7% price increase excuse me what we're seeing lot of strengthen again that back-to-school story pushed into september, really strong performance. for the retail sales, number fort month september maria, back to you. maria: are all right good number here markets are trading on it dow industrials now highs of the morning up 107 points nasdaq up 78 s&p 500 higher 11 1/4 we see september retail sales much better than expected up one and a half percent versus estimate 7/10 also up 5/10 when you strip out autos joining us president of macro mavens stephen pomboy is here what do you think. >> headlines very impress i have a couple comments number one right away reflects the
8:33 am
chip into suburbs -- flight from cities, where people who lived in new york moved out of the city suddenly -- demand for cars really picking up, at a time when inventories have been pretty constrained, because production was shut down during those months of the lockdown, that is one and speaks to the pricing that cheryl was mentioning, the other thing that i would health that is the headline numbers i think people have this delusion that the government goes out calculate how much retail sales are up click months in for you. that is not what happens they go out gather data what retail sales were up adjust the numbers run through a seasonal adjustment filter that really is meant to take out the distortions associated with holidays back to school
8:34 am
whatnot they have been liberal with adjustments during covid i obviously, don't have numbers from today's report but in august number, that you were talking about before the break, that was up 6/10 month-to-month had they -- normal august seasonal factors number would have been down 2.9% so doing some very heavy handy adjustment on the back end of these numbers again i don't know what the factor was i have to look at it a large grain of salt on some headlines, especially since they donate totally skwhooif with what we are seeing in terms of weekly same store sale data, has picked up kind of really slowed the momentum, running half the pace of the government headline number. maria: yeah -- good number dagen mcdowell jump in. dagen: stephanie so good to
8:35 am
see you talk about people are out there spending with even continuing jobless claims or still at 10 million, for state unemployment benefits but talk about the wealth transfer and the income transfer from the government in the spring ask you package, and the savings reaction and how much disposable money might be out there. >> we -- last time, actually, degree a lot of money was -- used to pay down debt, obviously, saving rate 14% that is still very powerful force. i don't think it is a radical notion that after this once in a lifetime pandemic people actually lost jobs or new people who lost jobs have a real heightened insecurity
8:36 am
about financeslying to repair balance sheets build savings for rainy day or pandemic. so what we've seen, this over one trillion-dollar increase personal savings. at the same time this is really important, vis-a-vis retail sales report today, consumers have been paying down credit card debt, in a fashion we haven't seen before, last -- february since covid shutdown, started, consumers paid down over 100 billion credit card debt twice they paid down debts in global financial crisis so clearly inclined to repair balance sheet for sure we are seeing increase in spending catching up they had several months where sitting at home, and couldn't go out do things we are starting to reopen, i totally agree with james the solution to this is open the economy, got to get things
8:37 am
back going again so people don't feel so insecure about their -- future. . >> yeah, you make a good point because even though, the savings rate i am sorry even though retail sales picking up in september 4.9% in august 2020 personal savings rate in u.s., are amounted to it was as high as 33.7% so you are talking about real opportunities for people to sock away money for that fund, james jump in. >> stephanie you were talking about improving consumer balance sheet i know you are also somewhat -- concerned about the federal balance sheet, seems like even if reasons to doubt headline numbers, this seems like another argument to pause before shoveling a few few
8:38 am
trillion dollars more. >> you are teeing up for me the antigovernment intervention to begin with i indefinitely prefer monetary authorities would sort of pause, and get economy reopened that is really key. but until that happens, i don't know how we can just see any growth absent continued support, i guess when you think about this new normal on part of the consumer inclined to, you know, save more think about it this way unemployment rate is saving rate really track each other so if we're talking about unemployment rate that is going to remain in let's say 70, 80% range -- a permanently higher increase in saving rate if you want to keep same level of growth
8:39 am
going, you therefore need to provide enough income that consumers can both save and spend, so i think right now, the government is taking that role, because the economy hasn't yet opened companies are back to business, so, i struggle when it i am very antigovernment intervention but if you want to get growth and you are not opening the economy, there really isn't an alternative, and the consumer is going to -- new normal repairing balance sheet you also have new normal of policy front where we've got to get used to trillion-dollar deficits, and seven trillion dollars balance sheets, as you know in my view have very negative implications for the dollar, for corporate profits, risk assets why i have been advocating gold for years this year in particular it is -- tramped all the risk -- but if
8:40 am
you look at it since 2000, gold is also been out performer even versus stocks in have in return basis as long as we are going to degrade our federal balance sheet you really want to be looking to preserve capital here and not taking aggressive risks in light of this. >> are you saying ply gold as hedge because you are expecting stock market to sell off. >> i am i think only thing holding stock market up are continued monetary fiscal supports the fed stalled the away credit corporate defaults you are seeing down grades for now made the way bankruptcies same consumer said for givens
8:41 am
forbearance program slowed that had been cares money if they take that away katie bar the door. >> thank you so much great insights as always thank you, stephanie performance bow from macro mavens a rally underway wall street up 121 on the dow. we'll be right back. one that's more than just fast. you need flexibility- to work from anywhere. and manage from everywhere. advanced technology. with serious security. and reliable coverage, nationwide. forward-thinking enterprises, deserve forward-thinking solutions. and that's what we deliver. so bounce forward, with comcast business.
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maria: welcome back fracking flip-flop the presidential nominee joe biden speaking out on fracking at last night's
8:45 am
abc town haul he and running mate kamala harris had conflicting messages on fracking in the past. >> first of all i make it clear i do not propose banning fracking. >> would there be any place for those ill fuels including coal and fracking, in a biden administration? >> well we worked it out would make sure insure limited. >> joe biden will not end fracking has been very clear about that. >> there is no question i am in favor of banning fracking. . >> have joining me right now wyoming senator on energy foreign relations committee john barrasso that was hard to follow there good to have you this morning, tell us, from your i don't standpoint, what you are hearing coming out of the biden team and impact on fracking and on the economy. . >> to me, maria, this is the number one reason we need to reelect donald trump president
8:46 am
of the united states, i listened to joe biden last night, i don't even know if he let me see what his policy is let's be very clear, during the debates, for the democratic primaries he was going to ban fracking said it repeatedly in one rally earlier this year side not just going to ban fracking it is going to be oil coal gas all carbon-based fuels what that would mean to me is that his "green new deal" members in the house and senate are going to hold him to that promise. of the for america, that means loss of over a million jobs good-paying jobs means people will pay double when they go to fill up car with gas, means electricity bills will likely triple, also means we will back being dependent on people in the middle east saudi arabia others not necessarily our friends. president trump has in leisured american energy we've got rid of dependence on foreign oil, we brought back manufacturing, millions of new
8:47 am
jobs, lower energy costs, this to me should be the fundamental argument for this election o come november. . >> yeah very powerful statement that you make, particularly the one million jobs, that are created, you've already seen a lot less dependence on anybody the u.s. is now he the largest producer because of what we've seen in shale, but why does he keep flip-flopping back-and-forth? i know kamala harris in past said she wants to end fracking because she is endorsing the "green new deal" joe biden is trying to backpedal out of it do you think he got religion aides said that is job krith deal or not sure. >> i think joe biden is trying to win election doing a couple things one there is are about 600,000 jobs related to energy, related to fracking in pennsylvania he knows donald
8:48 am
trump won pennsylvania 016 biden is trying to go for those votes now. he knows getting rid of fracking losses pence for him he is flip-flopping on everything doing it on adding new members to the supreme court all years in senate was against it now he is open to it, why? because the liberal dprupz that are running the party groups running party he is be holden to them bernie sanders aoc they're calling the tuna when he is president will continue calling tuna sad situation in with joe biden with democrat party with liberal left why we need to reelect donald trump president. maria: you make an important point here because i know that joe biden has done this manifesto with bernie sanders. so he had to agree to certain policies that bernie has been pushing to get so-called quote/unquote bernie to vote for him, what do you think are
8:49 am
the most important policies out of the biden agenda that we need to we need to health? have okay no fracking is one of them, what else stands out to you from the biden campaign policy as being policy that they will implement should he win versus what donald trump's policies are? >> is it a well, basically look at the fact the democrats and all of them say we are going to raise taxes eliminate the benefits of the trump tax cuts, raise taxes by four trillion dollars, that is what is that going to do it is going to stop economy in its tracks. that is part of it the freedom that we would would loss but they are going to do things the liberal democrats have been looking to do for years eliminate the filibuster, so they can with 51 votes this is what happens if you have chuck schumer in charge of senate, you have nancy pelosi in
8:50 am
house, and joe biden in the white house, you will have th freight train over the cliff expand numbers of supreme court call it packinging court from nine, to 10, 11 members of the court will include districky of columbia include puerto rico as state two new democrat senators higher taxes look at bernie sanders, what he is taking about his so-called one-size-fits-all health care, 160 million americans would lose their insurance that they get at work, where people will pay more, to wait longer for worse care in socialized medical system under far left agenda. >>is fill in china given what we know about biden family
8:51 am
relations with certain chinese companies wild that china was added to the u.n. committee on human rights. human rights committees absolutely absurd china would be on that committee given human rights abuses senator we will keep talking about that good to see you. thanks very much for being here. >> u.n. lost all credibility. >> appears so senator john barrasso thank you, sir. preorder my new book the cost trump china as american revival lay out all issues myself jails freeman wrote this book it is out in two two weeks preorder at the we will be right back. ♪ since pioneering the suv in 1935, the chevy suburban has carried many things.
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maria: top of the morning buzz, what a pumpkin minnesota farmer 2 50 pound pumpkin winning grand prize at california anual pumpkin weighoff taking oem over 16,000 dollars prize money the name? tiger king. dagen: they can do better than that name it fluffy. i feel sad for that pumpkin you are not getting carved up nobody is going to yoos you for say delicious pies muffins going to sit around let him rock i think he is gorgeous. . >> he is. >> good ghord. >> we play music on "mornings with maria" here is one i have been grooving to riding my bike romeo song by steve.
8:56 am
♪ ♪ maybe -- you saying things okay, come on out ♪ ♪ maria: james what do you think my new phase riding my bike. >> very strong selection i like it you know when riding your bike you don't get full experiencing because you can't see what -- while singing in 70s, super bowl, are pumpkin i hope farmers consider standing. . >> good point, all right stay with us everybody more "mornings with maria" live on fox business right after this. what if i sleep hot? ...or cold?
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maria: welcome back 30 minutes away from the opening bell take a look at the morning mover, pfizer up 2%, the company
9:00 am
announced it could apply for u.s. emergency use of the covered 19 vaccine candidate developed with biotech in late november, sooner than expected, stock is doing well, add to that better-than-expected retail sales numbers and a rally of 134 points, thanks to dagen and james, have a good weekend. and have a great weekend everybody, i will see you tonight on wall street and sunday morning feature on sunday. here is stuart with "varney & company". stuart: good morning, everyone. if ever media bias was on display, it was on display last night, nbc hosted a town hall with president trump and right from the start he was interrupted very frequently. no questions for the first 24 minutes, a contentious argument from the moderator savannah guthrie, abc hosted a townhall with joe biden, interruptions were rare, biden's inconclusive answers contain the is expression, well it depends, and there was not a


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