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tv   The Evening Edit  FOX Business  October 19, 2020 9:00pm-10:00pm EDT

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♪ ♪ kennedy: thank you so much for watching the show tonight! it is the best hour of your day, and we are back thanks to you. see you tomorrow night with janice dean and brian brenberg! good night. mp now flying to a rally in tucson, arizona. he is actually there now. yes he is. look at that. you're looking at a live shot from the scene there. the president jam packed with rallies every day through election day. "real clear politics." they do an average of nine national polls, showing a dead heat in battleground areas and states. 30 million already voted. the election is just over two weeks away. tonight we welcome white house chief of staff mark meadows, david webb, sol wisenberg. also with us tonight congressman doug collins and filmmaker that
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started out on her new film supporting democrats on the southern border agreeing with democrats but this registered democrat changed her mind when she found out the truth. she now says illegal immigration is wrong. she says it must be stopped. she says it puts illegal immigrants at risk of crimes by human traffickers and drug traffickers and puts americans at risk. votes this week on supreme court nominee amy coney barrett, coronavirus aid and twitter ceo jack dorsey to testify about censorship of conservatives and censorship of negative stories about joe biden. those are the allegations there. we have new growing clashes happening now. fights between antifa protesters who are attacking trump supporters at free speech rallies across the country. people are getting injured. we're on the story. plus congressional gop members demanding answers from the fbi
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over whether the fbi looked at joe biden's son hunter biden's laptop with alleged proof that hunter biden is selling influence overseas. the debate. the reports coming in this is unverified information. that it could be russian information. dni ratcliff says no, it is not. biden is increasingly shutting down reporters. biden is off the campaign trail until the debates thursday night. the critics reported as fact that the fact that opposition research about trump-russia collusion and much more anonymous source stories slamming the white house. that hot debate tonight. i'm elizabeth macdonald. "the evening edit" starts right now. ♪ elizabeth: joining me now mark meadows, look who is here, white house chief of staff for the first time. great to have you on. good to see you.
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>> no, thank you. elizabeth: hey, let's take care of this headline, i hate to hit you hard with this one, reports coming out of d.c., the president is denying that he said he wants to fire you after the election? what is going on down there? >> well let me just tell you, there is all kinds of report the drama gets big. i can tell you the president and i enjoy not only a good relationship but a great relationship. we'll continue to work together. we're going to win this election. more importantly we'll deliver on behalf of the american people. he is on message but he is also over the target in making sure that the american people understand that there is one candidate who has fought for them and will continue to fight for them and that is donald j. trump. elizabeth: did you suggest that the trump campaign should sue twitter over censorship because it suppressed the hunter biden story? is that what you suggested? >> obviously we see that election interference is really more what twitter and facebook
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seems to be about in the last few days than it is about making sure that it's impartial platform that other people can post information on. so the senate is right to go ahead and have some of these people come in and actually testify before the senate and finally confess what we've all known, is listen there, is inherent bias by these social media companies against conservatives. i was one of four congressional conservatives that twitter went after years ago and yet what they're finding now is they're going to have a bipartisan backlash. so whether it's the administration suing them, whether it is fec complaints or whether congressional action i think that we'll all come together. i think a perfect place for that would be in december when we actually look at some additional funding measures. let's go ahead to revoke 230
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proposition there, we don't give them the liability protection that so many of these companies enjoy. time to let the trial attorneys go after them to put them out of business. elizabeth: let's talk about this audio, the trump phone call with campaign staffers that came out today. he is talking about a victory. he really went hard, he went after dr. fauci, slamming the biden's quote criminal enterprise. slamming the media for getting the stories wrong. also this, we're just watching polls coming in, sir, looks like some of the polls, we understand there are questions about who they are sampling but we get that national average of nine polls it is neck-and-neck. reince priebus former trump staffer says it is next and neck. there is concern that the president's rhetoric is too heated, too hot, too vie it up a tiff, pandemic moms, former soccer moms, that the president is worried about the losing the suburban vote. what do you say to that?
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>> i can tell you polls internal and public polls tighten closer we get to the election. amazing how the suppression polls get less, i guess, endings dream in terms of their measuring. everything is tightening. listen this, is all about turnout but i can tell you this, the president has been very consistent. we need to make sure that we have a therapeutic. we need to make sure that the very drugs that he was able to be treated with as the president of the united states are available to everyone. we need to make sure that those emergency use authorizations get actually completed and approved. so that americans have some kind of a result. listen, joe biden doesn't really have a plan for the coronavirus. he thinks that we ought to be locking people down, mandating masks and that is his plan. that is not a plan. that is what he has been doing for the last nine months and it hasn't done anything. so here's the time that we really need to focus on looking
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forward. this president has delivered. he continues to deliver. listen, the president is not a politician. he is a business guy. he gets paid for getting things done. you may not appreciate the style but i certainly love the results. elizabeth: i hear what you're saying. are we going to see a new covid-19 relief bill with nancy pelosi by her deadline that she put up tomorrow? is nancy pelosi moving the goal posts on this covid relief issue on it? >> she has been moving the goalposts for 90 days. in four terms in congress i never had a october 20th deadline for anything. this arbitrary deadline the speaker put forth is something more about her playing politics and trying to blame president trump for not dealing with this covid relief package. let me tell you, he is not only instructed secretary mnuchin and myself to continue to stay at the table and try to go ahead and give concessions we've given
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concessions over and over and over again. there is one person who really hasn't conceded anything over the last 60 days which has been speaker pelosi. at the same time i'm very mopeful that we can get there. the president has shown great flexibility. it is time we get some relief to the american people, those that are hurting through no fault of their own. this pandemic was brought to us via china. it wasn't anything that the american people brought upon themselves. so it is time that we actually get them some relief. elizabeth: well she wants national testing standards. she wants a national standard on masks, on treatment. you know, secretary mnuchin said pelosi and the democrats don't want to give a victory to president trump and you see that rhetoric coming out of nancy pelosi. and then you see the governor of illinois who was criticized for his state's shutdown, the governor of illinois is blaming trump for his state's shutdown. when you see that, those headlines what is your first
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reaction? >> well the governor of illinois couldn't find the facts if it were right there in front of his face. it is like blaming someone being overweight on twinkies. at the same time here is what woe have to make sure of the governor of illinois is a partisan hack. he continues not to represent the people of illinois in a proper manner. anything he talks about is not based on facts. let's circle into it, exactly what the president continues to do. he continues to challenge me as well as others to make sure that the health, safety and welfare of the american people are put first and even in his rallies, he talks about we're going to make america safe again. it is all about safety. he committed us to do that. he called all hands on deck to do that. any, listen any comments from the illinois governor is seen as really comments from the peanut gallery. they're not really thought of in
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a full and respected way here at the white house. elizabeth: i hear what you're saying. what is going to be the price tag on covid-19 relief? because eight million more people have dropped into poverty since the lockdowns began. is it 300 billion, 500 billion? what will it be? senator mitch mcconnell talking about a bill to the floor this wednesday. what price tag are we looking at right now? >> well, leader mcconnell is looking what we believe we have at least 50 republican senators or more that are willing to sign on to as a foundation, as a building block for adding to that. his proposal is in the 500 billion-dollar range but that is not where we end up with. i think the president has been very clear he's been willing to go big and on that, it is all about making sure that the hard-working american taxpayers that are hurting in this pandemic get the relief. and that not some special
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interest group or special project that speaker pelosi has put forth actually ends up being the beneficiary. so the president is real clear, hopefully leader mcconnell has a good foundation that starts at that 500 billion we add to that, we can agree in bipartisan manner. elizabeth: talk about the debates coming thursday night. the biden campaign has called a quote, lid, joe biden will not be coming out on the campaign trail until after the debates thursday night. what is the president's strategy going in? will he go hammer and tong after joe biden? go after hunter biden? will he dial back on interruptions? he interrupt ad lot. what is the strategy? >> it is not a surprise to me, here we are the very first of the week, joe biden is putting lid on everything because he has been putting a lid on what he means by court packing, whether he is for or against it. he also not wanting to answer the critical questions, what he
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knew about hunter biden's alleged corrupt activities, what he knew about the interference. i find it fascinating that some of the moneys that appear to be flowing to the biden family broadly come from romania, from ukraine, from china. the very three countries that joe biden was special envoy to. you know when you start to look at this, you know the comparisons are very troubling. he is going to have a lot of explaining to do the next few days. it is not surprising they say we'll not talk to the press. to answer your question, how will the president prepare for the debates, literally about making sure that the messages he carried to the american people get articulated fully. we also understand that joe biden started the interruptions and the president pressed back. i think what you will see is a whole lot of joe biden being able to try to explain himself to the american people with a
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plan that hasn't worked for 47 years. it is not going to work on that night either. elizabeth: did you mean to say russia and not romania? it is russia, ukraine, china, allegations about that? >> actually, i -- elizabeth: is romania a new country? >> i actually mentioned romania. in the days to come you will see a romanian connection as well. elizabeth: wow, that is news there. mark meadows, debut on "the evening edit." you did great. white house chief of staff, mark meadows. come back soon, okay? >> thank you. take care. elizabeth: sure. coming up fox news contributor david webb on the new and growing clashes and fights. antifa protesters attacking trump supporters in san francisco and boston this weekend. people got injured. cops got injured. this story next. >> this is a choice between strong borders or no borders. between supporting the police or
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metamucil's gelling action also helps to lower cholesterol and slows sugar absorption to promote healthy blood sugar levels. so, start feeling lighter and more energetic... by taking metamucil every day. elizabeth: joining me now is david webb. he is the host of the david webb show. david, great to have you back on. we're seeing violent clashes break out within minutes over
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the weekend at two separate rallies by trump supporters. one in san francisco. the other in boston over the weekend. antifa is showing up to attack trump supporters. what is going on here? >> something i've been warning the american people about. not just since recent rise of violence since covid-19. but prior to this, you enable far left extremists, neomark exist ideas come with an teach i can't, founders of black lives matter, we're seeing openly with nicolas maduro, they will continue to grow and the violence will grow. this is no longer just about black lives matter this is no longer about being quote, as they say, anti-fascist, this is about the true roots and true goals to tear down the american culture and violence unfortunately follow as pattern we saw with antifa in europe. we've seen the violence since the '20s. in modern form with media, emac,
9:19 pm
it has become a greater danger in this cultural battle in america. elizabeth: yeah. antifa and black lives matters protesters in san francisco, they were they fought with trump supporters at a free speech rally, to the point where they punch ad guy in the mouth a trump supporter in the mouth talking about free speech. they were throwing glass bottles and rocks. thee cops got injured in soon from. this is free speech rally. take that on, david. >> it is not about free speech. america, listen carefully. this is changing fabric and culture of our society. if it was about free speech. emac, i led protests of 10 of thousands in this country. i've gone to occupy wall street and covered early marchs by black lives matter in the last five years. but it has changed now. free speech is a debate, even
9:20 pm
open protests, shouting. it is not throwing objections. frozen water bottles, assaulting police. assaulting those you disagree with. this is what we really need to understand. this is the radical left, which have been supported by members of the biden, harris campaign. they raised money to get them out of jail to pay their bail. let's see this for what it is? they're taking over the left-wing of the democrat party. they have, and now they're emboldened they work to defund police, reconstruct police department, create false approaches to law enforcement and safe communities. elizabeth: david webb, thank you so much for joining us. we really appreciate it. come back soon. we'll stay on this developing story in coming shows. next up, former depthty independent counsel sol wise enzerg, on 19 congressional house members, republicans, they're in a big fight with the fbi. they're saying fbi, you have to look into hunter biden's laptop,
9:21 pm
tell us once and for you will if this is russian disinformation. if this is really hunter biden selling influence with his father overseas in places like china, russia, ukraine. now mark meadows says romania. that's news there the story next. >> this is not part of some russian disinformation campaign. the intelligence community has not been involved with hunter biden's laptop. the hunter biden is a u.s. person. he would be subject to any investigation regarding fraud or corruption would be rightfully jurisdiction of the fbi. [ thunder rumbles ] [ engine rumbling ] [ beeping ] [ engine revs ] uh, you know there's a 30-minute limit, right? tell that to the rain. [ beeping ] for those who were born to ride, there's progressive.
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♪. president trump: there is a lot of unfairness going on here. joe biden is a corrupt politician shunned and you people aren't covering that and that's not fair. elizabeth: that was president trump just a short time ago on his way to the rally in tucson, arizona. that the media is unfair not covering the story of pay to pay about joe biden and his trips overseas. sol wisenberg is with us. thanks for joining us again. do you think fbi director
9:26 pm
christopher wray will answer to the deadline that 19 republicans put this thursday of looking into whether or not the hunter biden emails really are on the laptop and it is legit? do you think christopher wray will step up here? >> i don't think he will do that and i'm not sure he should. i'm not sure the fbi should be involved this close to an election in answering a specific question like that but you already had an answer from the director of national intelligence which is very significant development, that is kind of being quasi-censored by the mainstream press where he said there is no indication whatsoever this is russian disinformation. so i'm confused and i'm troubled by the outright censorship going on here. where was the skepticism when the steele dossier came out in 2017? and we heard about for years about that when it was pretty obvious early on that it was ridiculous.
9:27 pm
where is that, you know, where was the skepticism then? it's a real double standard. elizabeth: yeah. you know, even james comey said that that steele dossier was unverified but journalists reported it as fact. so the question is should the media just say, act like a conclusion where the mind comes to rest just undercut this with innuendo? just dismiss it, saying there is no proof of it yet. you're not doing reporting on it. you can say it is unverified. journalists, democrats can say that the intelligence according to the republicans is not being done to get to the bottom of this. the bidens have yet to deny this is his laptop. we have paperwork with hunter biden's signature on it. it is his laptop. that is what fox news is reporting. images, thousands of emails. if this was fabricated stuff that is a serious crime. if this is all legit, appears the bidens lied for years about
9:28 pm
an influence peddling scheme for influence from china, ukraine, russia, romania. hunter biden represented a real estate lawyer, an official in romania, a corrupt land deal. one or the other, right, sol? >> well, yes, you make a really critical point. you know, why not just ask? why doesn't the biden campaign just ask hunter is this your computer? why don't they contact some of the people on these emails like some media outlets are now doing? i mean, again, let's go back to the steele, when the steele dossier came out, people in the trump campaign were scrambling. they knew that the story about the moscow hotel was false but they didn't know about anything else. by the way, byron york pointed this out in a great op-ed today. so they went to michael cohen, you know, trump's lawyer and they grilled him.
9:29 pm
they cross-examined him about going to prague. that was a key part of the, as you recall of the steele memo that he had gone to prague. he convinced them. he went home. he got his visa and showed he had never been to czechoslovakia. why isn't anybody in the biden campaign doing that with hunter so that they can come out and make a statement about this? i think that they're making a tremendous mistake. elizabeth: yeah. >> because the influence peddling by hunter biden, let's face it, i don't know how great the extent of it was, but it is something that unfortunately goes on in washington and has gone on for years among the sons and daughters of powerful politicians. so why not just say, my son made some mistakes. i didn't know about half of the stuff he was doing. i didn't know about any of the stuff he was doing. everybody knows, there is enough that is just unquestioned about hunter biden's role and the money he was making. why not just concede that and,
9:30 pm
then move on? it looks very bad to me that they're refusing to answer any questions about him. it makes him look more guilty. i don't quite understand it. elizabeth: what happens is, you know, by the way the question is, do these countries have compromising information about the bidens? here is the issue. the democrats are saying this is russian disinformation. "new york times," "washington post," saying this is russian disinformation. that the rudy giuliani was targeted with russian kiss -- disinformation. let's to the to the bottom of this. james lankford of homeland security is asking the fbi. senator ron johnson is saying the same thing. listen to senator ron johnson here. >> are they covering up just because hunter biden was engaged in things that should have been investigated or possibly prosecuted? do we have two systems of justice, one for democrats, one for republicans? one for the well-connected one
9:31 pm
for the rest of americans. that is larger issue at play. some of the emails indicate that joe biden was very aware of this, taking a 10% cut or requiring 50% from his family member's salary. this needs to be known before americans go to the polls. elizabeth: so the, you know the question is, why was the vice president getting involved in the local firing after prosecutor in ukraine? you know, joe biden did meet with ukrainian officials. we know that, why is he getting involved at that level? because to your point joe biden is snapping at reporters. not answering questions. called a lid, not doing any campaign events until thursday night after the debate? >> well as you know people in the state department at the time, in obama's state department were very worried about the role of hunter biden given vice president biden's key position in terms of the ukrainian prosecutions and
9:32 pm
investigations going on. i think the real problem here though is that peter strzok is no longer with the fbi because if peter strzok was still with the fbi, and he operated like he did with the trump campaign he would immediately open up a counterintelligence, a counterintelligence investigation of joe biden because of course the ukrainians could have, and russians could have compromises on him, like they thought they had on trump on trump and his people. compramta. the title of his book, compramat will get your mama. if we use the peter strzok, there would be intelligence investigations going on with joe biden but it isn't happening. elizabeth: come promat will get your mama. you should write book covers. sol, always good to have your perspective. come back soon, okay? >> anytime.
9:33 pm
elizabeth: congressman doug collins from house judiciary. we'll stay on this debate. biden is increasingly shutting down reporters. biden is off the campaign trail until after the debate thus night. the story of hunter biden and joe biden and their pay-to-play conflicts of interest, is this russian disinformation? doug collins next. >> i think it is pretty odd quite honestly the biden campaign done to refute or deny any of this. the meeting one ever emails revealed, vice president had with number three in control of stock slices.
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9:38 pm
of disseminating russian disinformation that russia could have hacked emails from ukraine's burisma and targeted giuliani with misinformation, disinformation. where do you come down on this? >> i'm, liz, good to see you again. must be monday. democrats are claiming rudy giuliani or somebody among the president had russian disinformation or russian collusion. amazing they have no other thing to go at. they have a terrible candidate involved in such corruption. we talked about this hunter biden issue. what is talking about bother some to me, talking about christopher wray, i'm upset with the fbi had information in last december, we were in the middle of sham impeachment, they would not put this forward between quid projoe and this was going on. i said all along, christopher wray has to go. elizabeth: we have information that the computer hard drive that hunter biden did sign the paperwork for it at that repair
9:39 pm
shop in delaware. you bring up the democrats during impeachment. adam schiff said do not call in hunter biden in impeachment. he is not a material witness. what is your response to that now? >> well if adam schiff what we experienced over last year-and-a-half of adam schiff's mouth is moving typically his own disinformation because he is -- this is the same man said there was russian collusion in plain sight. adam schiff make it very clear, john ratcliffe the dni said this is not russian disinformation. there is nothing in the intelligence community to flag that. this is with the fbi. adam schiff is trying to deflect this off because they know if the american people understood what joe biden was into, running for president and doing what he is doing right now with his son, there would be no way that they would even consider voting for him because of everything that he has had. think about this. what is donald, jr. or eric trump or ivanka trump had even remotely any kind of implication of doing this, "the new york times" would shut down to run a special edition.
9:40 pm
cnn would to wall-to-wall coverage with clock in the corner. we're talking about it because nobody will talk about. i've been censored on twitter. other social media has been censored. they don't want this information out there. elizabeth: all right, so what is the proof that it is not russian disinformation? what do you think? >> i think, i think you need to read into what dni ratcliff said today. because they're looking at it. they know -- he has access. he was part of the house when we were investigating this. this is something, i mean, where it comes from, the tracing it back to hunter, it starts to add up. when you start looking what we've known about hunter, hunter being put in jobs he had no experience for. being paid obscene amounts of money for stuff he never really did. you start tying it back to what we've seen all along. joe biden shows up in the ukraine and demands prosecutor fired. you always follow a trail. investigations follow a trail. this trail leads back to the corrupt basically underworld of the biden family. elizabeth: you know, we know
9:41 pm
that burisma's pr firm met with state department officials under the obama administration. general flynn was hit with a violation of the farah act working, helping a foreign government. why wouldn't hunter biden registered under the farah act? why isn't there a investigation there? how about looking into joe biden's calendars when he was vice president to check his meetings. they will say it is not on his official calendar that he didn't meet with burisma executives but we're looking at calendars from 2013 that the vice president did meet with hunter biden's private equity fund managers from china. there were chinese officials. they met with him. those hours are left blank on the official calendar. so let's find out, who did you meet with, joe? >> the vice president of the united states does not get to meet anyone not recorded somewhere whether security logs. they will know who does this. i'm calling on bill barr.
9:42 pm
this needs to be investigated. this is something we need to open up right now to begin this process. they're trying to deceive the american people again. they're trying to pull a fast one. look at everything we found out, russian collusion was hillary clinton. hillary clinton was trying to get the department of justice to do her job instead of campaigning in wisconsin. this is the problem they're seeing. they never thought they would get beat by donald trump. somebody they despised. did not like. this president was the anathema when he was elected. he is exposing back the corruption we found in there. it does need ton investigated. i encourage bill barr to investigate it. if they can get away with it, if they get away with money, power influence, what does the average american have? we have no hope. elizabeth: all right. congressman collins, great to have you on again. come back soon. >> always good to see you. take care. elizabeth: okay. coming up, filmmaker who started out on a new film supporting
9:43 pm
democrats. she is a registered democrat. she was agreeing with him about the southern border but then she changed her mind. she changed her mind when she found out the truth. she says illegal immigration is wrong. it is dangerous. it must be stopped. the filmmaker next. >> all over the country, i love the country. i do, love it. i think united states of america is, has let us down. it would be nice if people thought about it for a minute. i can't believe it. what? that our new house is haunted by casper the friendly ghost? hey jill! hey kurt! movies? i'll get snacks! no, i can't believe how easy it was to save hundreds of dollars on our car insurance with geico.
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♪. elizabeth: welcome back. let's welcome to the show, filmmaker, namarata gujral. thanks so much for joining us.
9:48 pm
you started out making what you thought was going to be a documentary, are we right in saying sympathetic to what illegal immigrants go through but after a year looking into it you came to a different conclusion? can you tell us what your thought process is and what happened there? >> hi, elizabeth. hole la, from california. i was actually in india. i was making a completely different picture called, finding match. i read about the story of a six-year-old girl who died on the u.s.-mexico border. the only reason i read about that story because i'm a democrat. i follow politics. i was watching the first democratic primary debate and julian castro from texas talked about a young father and daughter who died crossing the river. i was just trying to get some more information on the little girl. she was a little infant who died at our border. because i had the google location service on, i embarked on this story. i decided to, i think because i
9:49 pm
was there. i had my crew with me. i felt like maybe it was a universe asking me to tell the story of kind of persecution or the kind of poverty some of the folks around the world go through to where they make this trek, this horrific trek through god knows how many countries to get to the u.s. that is how the movie started out. unfortunately i found that the movie that was in my head, that i had sort of believed my entire life, was just simply not the case and there was a point where i, my friends, a lot of folks in my industry asked me to walk away from it. i think a lot more people are cognizant of the reality of it they make you believe. but i decided to go ahead to do this for the united states and tell the story as i saw it. make the film as i was seeing it through my lens t completely changed my stance on illegal immigration. i did an avout pivot. i was someone came from being
9:50 pm
very pro-caravan and going and cheering fora she had today talib when she is crying on television talking about the stuff, to at this point being completely anti-illegal immigration, not to be confused with anti-immigration. elizabeth: were you going to stay with us for the next block. before we go to the break, why do you think illegal immigration should be stopped? >> well -- [inaudible]. why do i think it should illegal immigration should be stopped? elizabeth: yeah. stay right there. we're going to cut to a commercial break. you will answer that question after the break. i think we're having technological difficulties. stick right there. we'll come back to you in the next block. take a quick break. we'll stick with namarata. she will be back with us, why she is staying illegal immigration should be stopped and investigated it for her documentary.
9:51 pm
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♪. elizabeth: back with me is the director of the documentary, america's forgotten, namarata
9:55 pm
gujral. we asked you why you think illegal immigration should be stopped, prior to -- when you started out you agreed with democrats about their border policies. why do you say now that illegal immigration should be stopped? >> elizabeth, so we actually traveled the world showcasing stories of migrants to america coming illegally as well as the impact of illegal immigration on americans and one of the things that is so disturbing there is lives lost on both sides of it. that is not counting the jobs and financial cost of illegal immigration. there are lives lost as a result of people that are migrating coming in and lives lost as a result of illegal immigrants. i think if we're going to be humanitarian as a democratic party, we call ourselves the party of, you know, humane behavior, then what we need to do is truly understand the issue
9:56 pm
and understand that the messaging we're putting out is actually killing people. it is not helping people. we're going to be responsible for being humanitarian than we need to be truly humanitarian. there is just one thing i do want to point out, elizabeth. that everything that president trump has been saying about illegal immigration the past four years, even i, i'm guilty, oh, come on, really? i made this film. i got to tell you, that if you're a moderate democrat out there who is on the fence, please either watch this movie or go do your due diligence before you vote because where the democratic party is right now on illegal immigration is not a good idea. i'm actually going to vote for president trump i never thought i would say this in a million years. elizabeth: i hear what you're, drug and human traffickers are assaulting illegal immigrants. women are being raped. i think you reported that one in three illegal immigrant women are raped along the way. people are getting killed along the way to the u.s. and who exactly is fleeing their
9:57 pm
homes? are they truly -- listen, we're an open country in terms of asylum-seekers. we want to embrace asylum-seekers. who is coming in here? are they fleeing violence or just want to make a good living here in the u.s.? what are you finding? >> right. so the investigation revealed, elizabeth, that over 95% of the asylum-seekers, which by the way asylum versus refugees is another difference that i found but asylum-seekers on the southern border, over 59% of them are actually -- 95 do not qualify under our asylum guidelines. and unfortunately most of the people that are coming in are coming in for what we call in the film, a life-style upgrade. a lot of them spending $75,000 per person, $50,000 per person. these are not people that are poor. the impoverished of these countries are not making it to our borders. in some instances there is
9:58 pm
actually a statistic in the film talks about banks that were set up through u.s. aid in central america which are currently loaning money, this is a "time" magazine article that are currently loaning money to illegal immigrants so they can come over illegally, pay the coyotes, pay the banks back this is part of the u.s. aid program. it is completely unacceptable. elizabeth: you know, so we have been reporting for years now on our show about families who have lost loved ones due to criminal illegal crime. we've been criticized. we've been attacked for our coverage. what did you find about families who lost loved ones to criminal illegal crime? >> i actually feature a couple of those families in the film. i think it is ridiculous. one of the angel mothers in my films sylvia, has been called racist in the past for speaking out against illegal immigration. if you lose a child that is one child too much that is lost.
9:59 pm
and i completely support angel moms and angel dads. i don't think that anyone should lose their child. that is a parents' worst nightmare, should lose their child let alone something potentially could be avoided. our politicians are not willing to go there, do immigration reform needed in this country yesterday. elizabeth: namarata, sew great to have you on. will you join us again and talk about your film, "america's forgotten"? come back see us soon. >> i would love to, thank you very much. elizabeth: sure i'm elizabeth macdonald. you've been watching "the evening edit" on fox business. that does it for us. we hope you have a good evening. join us again tomorrow night.
10:00 pm
see you wednesday on the road. "lou dobbs tonight" starts right now. ♪ ♪ lou: good evening, everybody. president trump in full campaign mode. he continues to crisscross the country, holding seven rallies now in as many days from california to the east coast. just two weeks ago he was leaving walter reed hospital after recovering from the china a virus. president trump is spreading his america first agenda and highlighting the corruption of joe and hunter biden. the president has been hammering biden for corruption as exposed in the new post reports about the e-mails discovered on hunter e biden's laptop.


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